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tv   [untitled]    September 19, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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talk to al jazeera, we can what gives you hope that is going to be peace because the situation on the ground seems to be pointing. otherwise we listen. we were never on whatever road to off migration. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories on sierra ah the motion appeal from the un is mel nurse children to fill up hospitals across guns. if there was no life at him. at the end of the tunnel, we will not be here. ah,
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this is out there, a life also coming washington steps up efforts to, to thousands of mercy, haitian migrants who crossed into texas for mexico. the prospects of president vladimir putin united russia party is a comp begins in parliamentary ah, ah said. busy we'd be good enough, got this done way. humanitarian crisis is looming, monarch children, and many infected with measles. a filling up hospital wards units have says many of them could die if they don't get access to urgently needed medicine and treatment. how should we have our was not from couple gasping for this child is in critical condition. love is no ventilator of this hospital. in cobb. she's among
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thousands of new born here in a con is done, who desperately need immediate treatment. as i, as you see here, is the time horton they mature and he made a constant supply austin and appropriate temperature in order to survive. and in the absence of resources, wouldn't their vocal incubator in this was poor shape. this shortage of math, love medicine and beta foods. herb italy is the unit seth representative enough gone is, is visiting this hospital to see what are the most urgent needs. delays is raglin to address the ever growing needs of health facilities. enough gone is. and with each passing day, afghan children are dying of disease and man attrition. while there is always life
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at the end of the tunnel. and that's what we do. we do is there was no life again. at the end of the tunnel, we will not be here. the government officials have other priorities. taliban leaders are desperate for international recognition and financial assistance. but the gun is big donors remain skeptical of the taliban. in the meantime, the health system is on the verge of collapse. doctors and nurses brain. they work long hours, but they are short staffed and overwhelmed with the number of children who are treated here every day. and who stuff from measles and bundle,
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tristan. and in many cases, because they don't have the wind equipment, they are troubling to find the right words to tell the parents that their children may not make it tomorrow or the day after. as my hubby is a pity tuition exhausted and helpless, he and his colleague no, that would be a tough time ahead. the what to do because it's hard because people are not in, you will, and food will likely run out soon. if assistance doesn't arrive, there will be no electricity and he is a newborn wart. we return to the same hospital 2 hours after with filmed the child, her bed was empty. she was too weak to battle, an infection that spread through her body touch about about his era. couple in the car had water is the you and hcr director for asia in the pacific. and he says, the humanitarian emergency in afghanistan could become it was in afghanistan,
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the humanitarian needs are overwhelming. right now as we speak, the medical systems as is highlighted, the food and the shelter needs with the impending winter is immense. and i think the key part of the international community is response right now should focus on ramping up the manager and assistance for the millions in need. 4 units, the, we're looking at $3500000.00 internally displaced individuals inside us going to spend half a 1000000 of them just due to the conflict. and right now, these people just like many, many millions of after 12 foot security out there need the support of the international community urgent ramping up of these resources will impact 38000000 africans who are in afghanistan right now with a situation that was deteriorating over the past months and in urgent need of help,
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we did seat humanitarian partners and others ramping up as we speak when i was in couple manager and assistance was coming through pakistan. trucks came in with assistance, but this is just a drop in the bucket. small bucket we need to really increase and wrap it up. if not, of fear is that the with the impending winter lives will be lost and time is of a sense, right now as we speak. the remains unclear when girls in afghanistan will return to secondary school boys were back in the classroom on saturday after an order from the taliban female students. when mentioned to the taliban denouncement, the girls have been able to return to primary schools. taliban spokesman says, plans are being made to reopen high schools to girls, but no date has been given. shall stratford is more often couple still no clarity from the taliban on. exactly when that will happen. the last we heard on the official level at least, was yesterday and a press statement released visor. hula mosher hate the spokesperson. and he said
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that girls schools will be open soon. he said that officials are currently working on a procedure and how to separate the classes and the division of teachers in girls schools where we also understand that there are concerns amongst the tyler by an officials on the potential for or trying to avoid that is male teachers teaching female students and female teachers teaching male students. so as i say still no clarity on that. we have spoken to a number of the public universities in cobble today. they're saying stay that they are not open yet, but we've also spoken of private universities. one of which said that they were open and they were segregating book male from female students. and they said that they were operating with the blessing of the taliban. of course, what, why this is so important is because so much hinges on this, in the eyes of the international community with respect to the and freezing of
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billions of dollars in afghan assets and funding from international organizations who say they want proof from the taliban. that sticks to its commitments with respect to the education of girls and women's rights. thousands of undocumented haitian migrants who crossed into the united states to be deported and estimated. 13000 people are staying at a make shift. camp in the texas bought a ton of dell rear and as john holt reports thousands more waiting to enter the u. s. from mexico, from the mexican side right now of the rio grande, a, that's the river that separates this country from the united states. and we here because more than 10000 people, most of them haitian, crossed the river to get to the united states and establish a sort of mate ship, have one thing to be given asylum and to be able to stay in the united states. many of them travel through south and central america to get to this point. they flee poverty and years of political turmoil and natural disasters. back home,
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i did. i thought that remote or not, i'm really scared, you know why haiti had enough quick. we were left with nothing, no home, no food, nothing, almost all my family died. and if we don't go across where we go to go, we don't have a home. that's why with searching for a better future. the flow of patients crossing to the united states at this point suddenly turn into a torrent of the last week or 2. but now it's slow. again. people have heard the plans from the u. s. government to fly many in the come back home. so got them on yet. we scared that if we cross don't just report a specter haiti and it will be west for us. those we did see crossing the river. when made me bring food water to those on the other side, i asked this man how people were doing on the other side. my son was up with somebody and there. okay. but sad because maybe tomorrow they'll be deported. conditions in the camp, reportedly tough with not enough food, toilets, or water,
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but we couldn't verify that. earlier in the day we tried to enter the camp by the front door in texas. we just tried to get into the camp by the us century and we would deny that we now just crossed the river and tried to get in through this century. and we'd just been denied by the food of trauma and that you can see behind me to say that we're not allowed in other journals, said the same. the us authorities a blocking the media from talking to those inside. meanwhile, they're faced with the problem that we're test. any administration may shift shantytown, suddenly springing up on their border with thousands, desperate to stay. john home, and i'll just say the mexico. what mexico's president has called for the creation of a latin american caribbean, a regional block, excluding the united states. he made the proposal during a summit, this taking place in his country and repelling reports now from mexico city. made us young saturday more. the 4th summit of the community of latin american in
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caribbean states or cell. and this years international dialogue held in mexico city was full of surprises. when you are starting with the unexpected appearance of venezuela, nicholas my ludo, who arrived unannounced overnight. the last one i want to show, i know the visit place mother was across the table from other left. his leaders had a summit that excludes the participation of the united states, then that emma. so if you can't get it out, if we have enough stones to throw out some of you and we didn't come here across, don't we came to extend a hand and want to hear you. not everyone at the 2021 select some, it was welcoming of the venezuelan delegation. me but ascension at that number to my breton said the summit in no way represents a recognition of the government of mister nicholas was in town. my government has not changed its position and i believe it is between gentlemen to say this face to face. drawn out why and she another unexpected appearance was chinese president.
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she jin ping who sent a pre recorded message promising more cooperation between china and latin america. don't like going to ties between china and lots in america. have entered a new era, characterized by quality, mutual benefit, innovation, and well being of the people are nearly 20 heads of state participated in the summit, including cuba begin the s can in the cuban leader called for an end to us sanctions . and was among many who criticize the organization of american states and calling the o. s. a tool of us interest in that area. it is the o. s at the service of the united states that a supported attempts to isolate cuba, military interventions in latin america and the caribbean, government overthrows and military dictatorship. in this deal, host mexican president, i'm british manuel lopez over the lord went further saying latin american and caribbean nations should aspire to form
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a regional blog. similar to the european union in these times see like, can become the principal instrument to consolidate relations between our latin american car to be a nation to mental unity was put into it. but why? despite moments of contention, there was also agreement among select members, including building on a regional strategy to face the challenges of the corona virus pandemic. at a minus at a minus and establishing a regional fund to serve as relief during natural disasters linked to climate change. the 2021 fella conference as seen by many as an opportunity for mexico to position itself as a power player and a regional mediator working toward restoring multilateralism and ending the diplomatic riff that exists between the united states and leftist latin american countries like cuba and venezuela monroe drop a little al jazeera mexico city. so they had here and i was taken back into the custody. israel detained the last 2 of 6 palestinian offices who made
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a spectacular escape last week. the basic splash, the 1st of all civilian space, which would turn to us also 3 days. i the who's hello, here's your weather report for the middle east. them. we've got plenty of 40 degree temperatures to go round here. let me show you. we're talking about q weights at $41.00 degrees. though we've got you in for 40. there is some whether it's to be found. so we go toward yemen and look at this popping up towards the higher ground here. may spill into the heat as mountains in saudi on monday. and then an onshore breeze is going to keep things about 35 degrees for moscow. next up, we're going to pockets down, looking to stay dry in the south karachi at $35.00 degrees. but some what weather
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could leak in said the hor and islam about right up against the foothills of the himalayas. pretty calm story. no cross turkey, nothing out of the ordinary here is stumble however. temperature is above average with a high of 29 degrees. going through the tropics of africa right now, and we've got a pretty good line of storms for the western portion of the democratic republic of congo rate along the congo river there for their toward the south. were going to dial up temperatures for cape town. i'll show that in effect, but breezy conditions on monday. what weather for the sue to can also be expected? same goes for durbin with a high of $22.00 degrees, as promised. here's the warm up in cape town. it will happen on wednesday with a high of $24.00 degrees. that's it for me. see us in the frank assessments by way. it is again freedom, suppress informed opinions. what you saw happening is come on to the $140.00 to the
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one, which is the critical debate here. it's not between kula and any other conference here for 6 years. rather than to give them people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera o. a. again, you're watching out there remind about some stories. this are a new dis, f is appealing for help as mel nurse children and many in fact with measles. phillip hospitals across that kind of stuff. it's morning that many of them could die if they didn't get me made it still no word. when girls will return to
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secondary school enough, kennestone boys were back in the classroom saturday to order from the taliban girls have only been able to return to private schools. united states preparing to deport thousands of undocumented patient migrants who cross the border from mexico and estimated 13000 people the day that makes you camp and takes a ton of del rio is ready. police have not attained all the palestinian prisoners who recently escaped from a high security facility last to move until infuse and m command g were arrested in june in the occupied with bank ending the 2 week search. prosecutors wanted to add an additional 15 years to each man sentence on charges. they were planning a new attack. i faucet reports from the occupied any 2 weeks on the run. the final 2 palestinian prisoners were caught over night. israel said to other people who had helped them, also detained from a house in jeanine, elsewhere in the palestinian town confrontations after
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a separate israeli incursion, apparently designed as a decoy allies. tonight we have closure. the last 2 terrorists who escaped billboard prison, 2 weeks ago, were arrested when a down the fat and i am come. angie. both members of palestinian islamic jihad gave themselves up after is ready, forces surrounded the house. they were hiding in communities. father says his son called him 1st saying he was surrendering to prevent harm to anyone else. why and the 2 weeks have passed and i had expected him to call me from god's our lebanon, or some safe place. behold, israel patient force is fully responsible for his life, for safety and well being. for some days that had been as ready reports that the net was closing in on jeanine, the final target, the home of ultimate, i would offer. his son was one of those arrested on suspicion of helping the escapees get enter. i was here when i had gone short. i didn't know where they came from. i went inside and closed the bill later i had soldiers on last,
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pizza thing. 10 or selves in all we demolished the house. there were concerns that a shootout in which either or both prisoners were killed could have triggered a wider round of violence events in the early hours of sunday morning here at this house brought to an end, an enormous scale israeli man hunt without the kind of violence that many had feared. nonetheless, this entire chapter has been a major embarrassment to these ready security operations. the prisoners had told their lawyers that they were able to dig steadily for months through their cell floor into void space under the high security gilbert facility. despite the fact that a previous such attempt had been discovered and security tightened, i guess the escape itself was a serious mistake, intelligence operational and systematic wise. but from the moment, those a malfunction. first of all, banded together together in the 1st stage against the enemy. in order to restore deterrents and then to fix internally what was needed and there are things to fix.
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while there's really celebrate the recapture of all 6 escapees, palestinians remain focused on the escape. seen as a rare is fleeting victory for population, among whom solidarity with prisoners is near consensus issue. how you force it, how just euro janine and the occupied west bank. the more fall out from australia, cancellation of a multi $1000000000.00 submarine contract with france. president manuel macro is due to speak by phone to us president joe biden. soon, macro is expected to demand clarification about the new defense packed in the pacific, which resulted in australia, scrapping of the deal. frances, left out of the new alliance between the united states was trailer and the u. k. please, you know, by then i don't on the, on the president biden asked to speak with the president of the republic, and there will be a telephone discussion in the next few days between them to move forward. because what's at stake with this issue with this crisis, as you said, is a strategic one more than a commercial one. what's at stake here is the presence of forces. the balance in
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the, in the pacific region. we're part of our future relations with china is at stake. polls of close across much of russia, after 3rd and final day, parliamentary elections votes being counted in the east of the country. 450 seats are up for grabs. more than 100000000 people are eligible to vote. united russia, which banks president vladimir putin, is expected to retain its majority. most criminal critics were borrowed from running after a year of crackdowns. but as smith is more for polling station in moscow, now goal us, which is a main russian opposite election observation, organisation says it's reported here in a court of widespread attempts to interfere with a boat with a boat. whether that is violet stuffing or leaving boxes unlocked overnight and turning off the video cameras were supposed to monitoring boxes. they've seen people stuffing ballot boxes with papers with the videos of that and the cues that were seen on friday. we saw some long, long queues outside polling stations. girl says very clearly demonstrates
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a level of administrative coercion. i, state employers making their employees go to vote. it's not unusual in russian elections that there are allegations of irregularities around the country. what we call a says this time, it's on a scale unprecedented. hong kong politically have been voting for a powerful committee that will choose the cities next leader in half of his legislature. a few than $5000.00 people are included or eligible voters come from so called patch realty, pro, waging circled. it's the territories, 1st pulse and china over hold its electoral system and imposed the national security law. for the pin books or incentives, there are many pack. he says he will run for president. next year's election was nominated by a fraction of the governing party. this comes after a rival passion name to sen, long time aid of president rodrigo to 30 as its choice. they also named this as a, as a vice presidential nominee. we need progress. we need to win against poverty. we
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need government to serve our people within the grid. compassion and transparency. the time is now, we are rated to rise. the challenge of leadership criselda yada, is a writer and journalist space in manila and she says that president rodriguez tirty has not given up on holding on to power. he wanted a run for president more like a proxy presidential candidate and he wants for vice president and there's the daughter, whoops. which is running ahead of the boat but was upset that the aid was going to run as a vice president. and then you also have money, you know, wants to be the president, and he could probably do it just because he's a nice one, very popular, lots of money. but if it really comes to real governance and running democratic
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institution, i'm not sure he's up to that. what just to give you a background in the philippines, you're only allowed to have one term 6 years. and i think there's a, it's trying to find the hole in the constitution where he could still stay as president by having a proxy candidate take his place. and he running a vice president. and when that happens, if this broke, the candidate wins, that candidate might be willing to step aside and he takes the place as precedent. so we're seeing that scenario. that's one scenario. and we don't know how we are now. it's because there is something about that becomes messy and unpredictable and we're all on our tunes. we're moving on breast. we don't know how things will be the finding of the candidacy will be around the 1st week of october. and it's only then that we can have
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a better picture of who the candidates will be and what the chances are embattled chinese property developer. every grant has offered to pay bank. so if it's invested with real estate, the company has been struggling to raise funds to pay debts estimated at $300000000000.00. there being protests outside its headquarters and sions in with angry demonstrators storming the building. property developer has been facing unprecedented difficulties, but it disputes reports is on the brink of bankruptcy. every grant has become the world's most indebted real estate company, and struggles have raised concerns across market globally. tread along is found and partner plenum, an independent research consultancy. he says 2000000 households could be affected if ever ground doesn't raise the funds, it needs well know, the worth to narrowly is ever grant goes bankrupt and it couldn't build all the apartment. the a lot of the home buyers have per day. so that will be the worst scenario, because about $600000.00 units of apartments already prepaid by home
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buyers and they are waiting for ever grand construction companies to finish these protests and divert the homes. whatever gwen has done over the past 10 years, it's been snowballing, is balance sheet, right, is borrowed from the bank and find out from local governments and been viewed. and the one that builds, you know, they start setting these apartments about 2 years before they deliver. so they've got more funds and then the buy board. and so it's like the snowboarding, i think the last year that they can sell this snowball has become a little bit will be. so he wanted to receive basketball from getting a fever. but of course, the downside of that policy is that, you know, that kind of triggered the problem within 12 months. i think the government still has a lot of things they can do. and the number one for our people government is that they have to make sure these 600000 new apartment build on time. otherwise,
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you could this could affect as many as 2000000 households. and if they couldn't get the department they paid for, you know, they could demonstrate. and then also there are a 1000 construction companies and the other suppliers working closely with ever grant. and they haven't get paid either and ever going on a total of $900000000000.00 r b as something like $120000000000.00 to them. a 1000 people have been evacuated entre volcano erupted on the la palmer in the canary islands. it follows a week long build up of seismic activity, a company which last up to 50 years ago, the canary islands, vulcan ology institute, said that lava had been accumulating below the surface for days, accompanied by small earthquakes. first all civilians space flight has splashed down off of florida coast. the space ex croft spent 3 days in orbit carrying a billionaire entrepreneur and his 3 guests except broad as splashing down on the florida coast,
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the trailblazing cap shield carrying the 1st 2000000000 crews to ever get the inspiration for on behalf of space ex. well, the hope the planet are much the same. right. that's the voice of the missions commander billionaire, jared isaacson, he paid an undisclosed thumb, said to be about $200000000.00 for the flight and his 3 gave blasting off from cape canaveral on wednesday. the spacecraft billed and launched by entrepreneur isla musk company space 6 was fully autonomous and operated by teams on the ground. old journey uphill was only about 12 minutes before we knew it were hanging our shops and floating. and then we were like, what do we do next? the capture will soon reached an altitude of about 585 kilometers above the earth, the fathers to any human it's flown from our planet. since 1972 is the largest window ever phone and space,
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we can put our head in and say multiple crew members and to see the entire perimeter of the earth. and the views i have to say are out of the world. even mosque has reportedly said he's more interested in building the infrastructure of a private space. travel then taking off himself. this space odyssey was far higher, faster and longer than the recent flies by musk space, rivals and fellow billionaires richard branson and g phase off. they didn't all but the earth and lasted be a minute. but to give us the 3 outings has launched a new era and space tourism. i think it brings excitement and it actually gets more people interested in space. and not only that, but this particular flight was part of a fundraising effort for st. jude children's research hospital. so it's, it's done a lot of good. it's return invest a plunge to earth atmosphere, st. temperatures outside the capture, soaring to 1900 degrees celsius. that's just
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a cool shot of dragon coming back down to earth. in parachute down into the atlantic, shortly before sunset, with its jovial crew exiting the craft less than an hour later. what's being called the 2nd phase age is now underway. alex here brian al jazeera. ah, dogs are, these are the top stories and eunice f as appealing for help is malnourished children. and many in fact with measles fill up hospitals across half canister on its morning that many of them could die if they don't get urgently needed help supplies. there's still no word on when girls will return to secondary school enough going to stun boys were back in the classroom on saturday after an order from the taliban girls have only been able to return to primary school to the stage
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. the u. s. is preparing to the port thousands of undocumented haitian migrants across the border from mexico and estimated 13000 people are staying at a makeshift.


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