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sunset with its jovial crew exiting the craft less than an hour later. what's being called the 2nd space age is now underway. alex here brian l. jazeera fangs. daredevil. has wild crowds in paris as he walked 600 meters in a tightrope between the eiffel tower. and it's theatre nearby square. nathan, pull out relied on a narrow strip of rope as he walked 70 meters above the ground and over the sand. i this is our disease. these are the top stories. unicef is appealing for help as much as children and many infected with measles. philip hospitals, across afghan. stan, it's warning that many of them could die if they don't get urgently needed. health supplies. there's still no word on why the girls will return to secondary school and kind of stand boys of
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a back in the classroom on saturday. after an order from the taliban girls have only been able to return to primary schools at this stage. is there any, please have detained the last 2 of 6, palestinian prisoners who escaped from a high security facility police arrested. i am come on z and wanted to let you know that in janine in the occupied west find ending a 2 week search. how the faucet has this update from jeanine. there are 2 concerns . i think one, the immediate one being that how this might all and that if there was some kind of major firefight with the death of either or both of the escape prisoners potentially wider bloodshed that that could have triggered a much bigger round of violence. both in the occupied was bank and potentially with gaza as well because 5 of the 6 escapees. both of those arrested overnight from islamic jihad palestinians. i mean you had and they've been, there been rockets fight out of gaza after the previous 2 rounds of arrests that didn't happen so far. so i think that would be assigned relief on that front. the u
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. s. is preparing to deport thousands of undocumented haitian migraines, who cross the border from mexico and estimated 13000 people are staying at a make shift camp in the texas time of delivery on fed up in boxing icon money. patio says he won for president and the 2022 election pack. it was now a senator. it was nominated by a faction of the ruling party. it comes after a viable faction named a senator long time aid of president rodrigo totality, as a choice also named natasha as a vice president nominee pose who started to close on the 3rd and final day of voting in russia and parliamentary elections. $450.00 seats of up for grabs, united russia, which banks president vladimir putin, is expected to retain its majority. most kremlin critics were barred from running after a year of crackdowns. those are the headlines. the news continues here a lot easier after the listening post. goodbye.
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this thing has become a dangerous business. one or one of those who refuse to be silent. now says there hello. come model. new cars you mentioned. you got to do the crackdowns worth playing into an obvious restructuring of both my social and home life. hello. i mean actually that the and you're at the listening post. this is where we discuss the way the media work. what gets covered and why it's covered that way? here to the story is we're looking at the speak. basic wants to control what it calls badly behave superstars out of control, super fans. i monopolistic, big tech. indigenous colombians have been toppling statues of european colonizers,
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challenging how the country's history is. remembered. media shut down and misinformation a month of tal. a bundle is leaving, it's mark on of kind of stands news industry. and the taliban has been dictating terms on what african women can wear, triggering some serious pushback online. do not touch my clothes, shows off, can women in their true color? the indications have been there for months in speeches, policy, proposals, and party propaganda. but in the past week or so, it's become clear that season things china has embarked on a campaign that could transform the country's tech, entertainment and media industries. much of the parties current focus has been on regulating china's tech giants that have grown at warp speed. establishing monopolies and abusing consumer data. officials are also asserting control over the rocket and often toxic world of celebrity and pop culture. the communist party has
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advocated for stars who quote, uphold political literacy, modern conduct, and artistic standards. it has criticized a feminine men on screen and have thought to curb an obsessive fan culture. all the decrees have been presented as being aimed at the moral well being of citizens. critics are calling them an overreach of a paternalistic state. a starting point this week is the cult of celebrity in china the thinking like, you know, you took him to william to some point, but he's a good evening she can do without him. hopefully to get those weight out. hopefully, showing this story almost reads like the screenplay for the t. v. drama. except that it is in fact
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very soon. and it's playing out across china. on one side you have some of the countries, most popular young celebrities. actors musicians online influences with fan followings in the hundreds of millions on the other side, a serious set of policymakers, men in sou, looking to instill some discipline and propriety on an industry that many would have thought to frivolous, to attract much of agents attention. for the chinese communist party and for the chinese government, it has always been crucial to occupy what they call the commanding height of ideological background. so in that regard, the regulation targeting celebrities, our cher and time and media, i'm not exactly privilege because there are political implications of payments media and celebrity boucher. we're starting to see more specific
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guidelines. and in some cases like training resources. being released for these celebrities and influencers, not just in terms of like political correctness, but also in terms of you know, how they dress, how they sort of conduct themselves. it's interesting, it's not just the conduct of celebrity themselves and craft down on, but also the conduct of their fans as well. my goal is to ensure that can be very active. even raven seen it is developed into a subculture that is very vivid, very lively. you look at some of these websites and chat groups, it's in a language and media and that frightens people who like order and control like the chinese come, his tidy 2021
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has been a mentor for the chinese communist party. the ccp in july, it marked its intensity at the home of the 500 m. the country is president feagins being in his 9 years in office. he has not been shy about his desire to stay longer in his post. even orchestrating the removal of term limits on the presidency so that he can remake the chinese state in accordance with his vision. over many months, she has been reiterating his blueprint for the next phase of china's development. in the chem shantee there mean? hopefully, she does conway me, jim. ah, the flu of new regulations on the tech industry and on the entertainment sector are part of what she calls the common prosperity plan. policies to narrow the growing
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wealth gap in the country, the furtive move, but the party, i'm the president seem confident now is there time shooting pin has banks a lot of not just regime supports, but political capital that is in part or result of china's relatively good handling of the crew virus up demick. he believes that he is now able to do some pretty bold things to really fundamentally reshape, becoming decades through technology and through the communist parties. hold on culture through, you know, it's increasing involvement in the economy of the state. we have seen for some time that she's being wants to instill a new sense of purpose and discipline and orthodoxy on chinese culture. but i think it really began with chinese canadian singer actor general celebrity
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called chris who, who has been accused of sexually assaulting some of his fans, rate accusations against a pop star has pushed china's me to movement back into the spotlight. i think that particular scandal, perhaps escalated attention to this issue in chinese society, but also the chinese policy making and leadership as well. ah, the curriculum can be broke in july, this year, unleashing a torrent of vicious online attacks from his followers against some of his alleged victims. it wasn't the 1st time overzealous times had created headlines in china, which i think on the top of your highest it's, i thought all you would should have gotten to the shouting was a competitive fandom. dr. online engagement and revenue for many of the agencies
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and studios that back china top celebrities. however, it led to newness instances of obsessive stocking, persistent trolling, as well as uncheck spending by young fans on products their idols endorse the keyboard until blend down to the door. yakking dash bunk champion height 20. so again, g 2 junction band factory at the same time as all this have been a dizzying idea of new regulations, but china's online space, the effect, thousands of businesses from taxi healing companies like dd to multimedia and kick conglomerates like 10 cent and social media behemoths like bite dance that only app picked up on the regulators radar. our data privacy, tech monopolies, and predictive algorithms. ah, so they are actually issues that western government and the regulators
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wrapping with facing the astronomical growth digital platforms. these are companies that are really abusing their, our, because they have a 2 giant digital platforms. and they often almost as the structure of many other daily public studies in china. users are being more and more concerned with how corporations are able to access and use their data, especially tense. alibaba which, you know, given the portfolio of companies within these 2 friends, they can make quite detailed profiles of, you know, people shopping spending, health data. so on and so forth. so it's a thing that a lot of people in china say it's long overdue part apart from a concern to customers, which i don't think was entirely fine by any means. i think there's also plenty
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wedge, their sense that these companies are getting away with this because they think they're getting a bit to politically after the as well. and therefore, we need to put them in line and remind them that as they go low making profit, they will have to remember what the political bottom line is in china. the chinese government regulators pre has stood debate amongst citizens, investors and international media. some are calling it a new cultural revolution. is this the 2nd, the cultural revolution? comparisons with mouth cultural revolution back in the late 1900 sixties and seventies have abounded. but there's been off the marked. so there's a lot of people make comparison between what's happening to the cultural revolution, just out of abject ignorance than the appeal of using such a comparison is because that is the only sort of political that the mass campaign
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that they are aware of. the cultural revolution actually was effort by mouth kind of do an end run around of the party itself. and to attack the party using sort of, you know, the mobile ization of young people from it's flags. the main victim of the cultural revolution was the communist party itself. and so that is clearly not what is happening right now. this is the party itself being more assertive. it is something that she has kind of articulated all along the vision of power and prosperity for a china led by the chinese hobbies party. mm. this week mark a month of taliban roland, of kind of stuff and it's becoming increasingly clear what the takeover means for
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the countries media. johanna who have been following developments. jo, what's the latest? well, earlier this week, colo news, which is of kind of stands most widely watched a television news network report that at least 153 of gun media organizations have seized operation since august 15th, which is the day that the form of government fell to the taliban, these outlets include newspapers, radio stations, television channels, and at least 20 provinces. and media workers at these organizations have cited new restrictions under the taliban as well as economic hardship and the main reasons for terminating their activities. now the taliban has repeatedly claimed that is committed to providing a safe environment for journalists to operate in. but these new numbers of these now defunct media organizations really tell a quite different story. the taliban has also been accused of body media access to the punchy valley. that's the area in the northeast of the country,
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which was the sight of an armed rebellion, which supposedly fell to the taliban just last week. there are also reports of taliban killing civilians in the area, but it's very difficult to corroborate what's happening on the ground there. right . yes. and that is because the taliban has imposed a complete communications blackout jamming both phone and internet connections. now they have also close the main axis wrote into this region, meaning that is extremely difficult to verify any reports of the killing of civilians. but even the taliban claim that has taken full control over the region. now the taliban is justified this communications blackout by saying that it was needed to dissuade quote, those who wanted to turn punchier into a bed of sedition. ok, so it might not be a hotbed of sedition, but it's definitely a hot bed of misinformation now. absolutely take for example, this a grainy video that circulated on twitter was posted by a pro resistance movement account and it shelley's heavy fighting and
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a mountainous area, allegedly, from recent battles in punch here. but it later emerged that that video was actually shot years ago. most likely in yemen and the dissemination of these kind of fake videos definitely makes it a lot easier for the taliban to discredit any report than to make it out of the region, including those of the killings of civilians. now the taliban has told the international community to quote, take a closer look at the area to find out for themselves. that would be difficult because that's the idea. they've closed off right? exactly. ok, thanks joe. statues are among the oldest forms of visual media for millennia. they've been used to send implicit messages about the kinds of people and values we should look up to quite literally. when people ted icons down. it's most often in rejection of what they stand for. i mean the 2020s, it's a tactic that the on trend since the killing of the african american george floyd
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in may last year. i'm te basis on both sides of the atlantic have toppled hundreds of historical monuments from slave traders to european monarchs. but few protest groups have made as much of a tangible impact as columbia, as indigenous miss a community of core players and anti government protests. over the past year, nissan leaders and their allies have topic numerous statues of european colonizers . in doing so, they have ignited a debate about the country's history and the place of indigenous communities in it . the listening posts, daniel tutti now on columbia fallen statues, and the legacy they're leaving behind the much of the well deserted cities have been defining images of the pandemic era. but not in columbia 1000000 to fill the streets in successive waves, that strikes and protests. what began as a movement against economic reforms, as mushrooms into a matter pricing, again,
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inequality corruption and police brutality. protesters had targeted the status quo itself and some of its most foundational likely owners, like barely while i'm on the bottom, i thought was the last at 10, but demonstrated from the digital. nissan community began knocking conquistadores spanish colonizers, off the pedestals. they handle stuff for a young city. why don't i spell the 1st a full busby cars in the city. he founded papa. yeah. and then the assumed it was someone who dispossessed and annihilate our people and we see him as a rapist, enough merger, and the land, the community decided to carry out. this was done most i took the call in my
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station and nobody met. okay. first thing i did when i saw the statue falling was to run and hug a guy, another community leader. because there was a feeling of the register. why don't we remember the struggle of our ancestors and felt the conviction of being part of a historical jonathan law. he did a study guy. what columbia government called an act of vandalism, was merely a warning shot in april, protested in the city of cali, hold down the last remaining monument of dela cars a month later in the capital. bobo, top me sak demonstrators, perform the traditional burial for another conquistador gonzalo, he minister. the 2 men were among the mercenaries who lead the spanish conquest of the americans. they landed in the 16th century, conquered much of what is now columbia, and the slave don't massacred indigenous people who stood in their way off the columbia became independent in the 1900 century. the descendants of european
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settlers remained in charge and they told their version of columbia as history in the statues they built. a visual medium that all colombians, literate, or not, could understand so young as i in columbia at the time this touches me. we are trying to build a nation and we build that nation on the shoulders of the conquistadores and also our independence here. so the statues were about reaffirming us and his roots were reaffirming that the conquest was a valuable and praiseworthy endeavour re cellphone. i had thought by yourself and be only mean it's meant to think almost these monuments also create an image of power because they're made of bronze and so imply authority. but they're controversial because they symbolize the conquest and the genocide, the imposition of religion and the new political structures that came with it. so the statues represent severe repression for many social groups by the group associate. indigenous people have been at the forefront to columbia as protest
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movement, demanding the return of ancestral land and justice. but the killing of community leaders. according to the un, 69 indigenous human rights defenders have been murdered in the past 5 years alone. activate, see these injustices as legacies of european domination. legacy is embodied by colonial statues, but it was the black lives matter movement to the united states. protesters are carrying down and damaging memorial that 1st demonstrated the power of toppling monuments as an active protest. atlanta by the nation of the african american, george floyd, and all the reactions to it was a very important for us struggling up in america. tedae america, latino included him in 2 important things because just and columbia is about to stop or struggle for territory and struggle over demolishing
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the statues. symbols re victimized part of the fight for member. it's a form of colonial education now for 2 months, but i will hear on the call. oh yeah. it's a continent wide movement, but in this country it's also part of the new awakening among the socially excluded . it's about questioning symbols that represent the power of certain social, which is a big shag, toppling the symbols is powerful because it shows that there isn't just one version of history. there are many that been altered. silence can c o 2, or you can still see those yet, most this indian privilege premier agent is colombians, a resent defeat in the conquest and the fact that the dominant ideology trying to cover towns squares across colombia and the world. that's what dominant ideology is
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due. the conquistadores where people acting according to the ethical standard of their time. we can't judge what they did, even though in some cases i was horrible based on the standards today. the euro centric version of the colonial past is the one that still dominates colombia, public spaces from statues to school textbooks to st. names. dissenting perspectives have long been confined to the fringes among indigenous colombians and on the political left. but the protest of the past year has amplified those voices, and the spectacle of falling monuments has forced the mainstream to pay attention. as media outlets cover the pros and cons of the quest, the doors indigenous leaders to use the exposure to explain the motive way. study gum in the, in my good i'm there much. i don't even know because the government has also changed time consulting with me. stock leaders pledging to
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review the presence of monuments. but the protesters, whether indigenous or not, fema bits in june demonstrated in the city of baron kia, told down a statue of christopher columbus. the stunts could scarcely have been more symbolic or provocative. this is with that figure because the very name of the country stems from his name and his involvement in the discovery of america. even though we know that they were actually early a european settlers on the american continent. but for intention as people, he represents the conquest and colonization. and that's why we've seen columbus stat. she's knocked down all over the world over the last few years on in the 1500 for us. but you would come tonight as he was a great marina who discovered the new word. and that's why such as a famous bid just from a nautical standpoint to deserve the monument. the economy does sympathize with the
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mesa protests, but we believe that no one has the right to knock down what's already there because they're part of our history. part of who we are. it's that simple as he hasn't seen her, then. if we hadn't taken me, the government would not be doing anything about it, whether it be reviewing the presence of statues or something, we citizens only about the government. we're asking what all institutions to recent, how they operate, and allow indigenous people to participate can just be instruments of doors and seems all that we are leaving people. the people who are demanding territory, demand life democracy, stories for lima glass. eli memoria, the toppling of colonial statues, has triggered a debate about columbia history and identity that is now playing out in the country, public spaces. the culture ministry says it plans to replace the fallen monument.
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however, its latest move has been to take down other nice act targets in the capital. in the meantime, protesters in cali puts up a statue of their own, the monument to the resistance colombians and watching these spaces to see where the story of what columbia is goes from here. we're going back to a story from afghanistan now, for many african women, especially those in the big cities, the return of taliban rule has meant in position of stringent limits and personal freedoms, restrictions on what professions women can pursue, whether they can study and what the, where the full body, vail known as the cha doors, often blue or black in color, is what the taliban have mandated claiming it to be islamic dress. it has spurred protest by african women across the country, and they've been joined online by a campaign with the hash tag. do not touch my clothes. it was started by doctor
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behaviorally, an african historian, and it has triggered a flood of images from professional women, academics, journalists, both inside and outside the country, reading a range of colorful off concludes. here are some of those images and tweets. we'll see you next time here to the listening post. ah,
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ah, ah. an astonishing bill? documenting 2 decades in one of the most embattled corners of the globe, the child down to 20 years of war, follow me from boyhood to manhood. a life that has no no p shaped by hardship, resilience and adventure. the unique film that captures the conflict in a way it has never been seen before. witness on there. this
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is held through morse issues where the slightest error means a one way ticket over the edge we have for the remainder come back to or homes may not meet on children breathing tough condition facing death at every time. what does that kid gamble with their life just to an indifferent risking? it's all on our desert. oh, this is al jazeera. ah, i don't mean o'clock. this is a new life. and oh, how coming up the next 60 minutes? an emotional appeal from the un is mel nurse children fill up hospitals across afghanistan if there was no life again at the end of the tunnel.


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