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tv   [untitled]    September 19, 2021 5:00am-5:31am AST

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the one on one east funding, those who refuse to be silent. now says 0 me, i me france phone for the serious crisis and accuses a strayer of mine and after council the submarine contract in favor of a deal with the us. ah, i'm how this is al jazeera life and also coming up i will prove since he is you, the president's critics accuse him of a paragraph of the he suspended parliament and foreign, the prime minister us funds to step up efforts 6 thousands of mostly haitian
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migraines. she's crossed into texas from mexico, in search of a better future. and basics makes us the 1st of all civilian space mission returns to earth after 3 days in office. ah frances, accuse this truly of a breach of trust after its scraps, the submarine contracts are made to deal with the united states. instead under the agreement, estrella will be able to acquire nuclear powered submarines bills with us and push technology. but it comes at the expense of france, which is also a multi $1000000000.00 agreement to sell it submarines or re challenz reports, leaving the embassy for who knows how long france's ambassador to australia stopped
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his car for a few words to reporters. i think this is dina. used to be fake, a very, very bad handling of the partnership. it was not the contract was above the ship thrust bud the ships up supposed to be days on the 1st disbanding and also above the sea bass. infiniti of left wilson is the result of the french then it was to sydney airport for his flight home. empty of its am basset to the french embassy in washington, d. c. this is an unprecedented move by france, the united states oldest allies. you have to go back to the, for the president of the united states as george washington here to find the origins of the alliance between france and the u. s. just 2 years after the u. s. that corporation of independence and 1778, france formally recognize the strange new nation,
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and then back to its war against the british in all of the years since then. this is the 1st time phase for french, for a ministry it ever recall. if i'm back to the, to the us it's proof of how angry france he is right now. and this is why. and so friends offices bought a new enhanced trilateral security partnership between a straight in the united kingdom and the united states. on wednesday, australia, the u. k and the u. s. on vell orcus, it's a defense agreement aimed at countering china in the in the pacific. bought it, cuts france out of a 2016 deal to build diesel power submarines for australia in favor of nuclear power attack from the u. k. and us it li, frank, tens of billions of dollars poorer, and it's being seen by paris as a gross deception by friends and allies. you massage therapy lies there has been
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duplicity. there has been a major break of trust. there's been contempt through. it's not going well between us, not at all. still there are those who think parents is overreacting. i think, you know, it was not necessary. i mean, we have never recalled. previously i went better from washington and it's really very bad manners from the americans to, to was wrong. i mean, really, i met a guy treating my call, the dog and song, but it's only bad manners. and i think that vengeance is a meal that should be served cold after you. k or francis sped london, the sting of pulling home it's ambassador. instead, french ministers have tried something more withering. they suggest it's not worth bothering with junior partners. and that's all the u. k is to the u. s. will reach
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helen's. how does era london have improved her since? unity as capitol in the 1st major demonstration since president k, said caesar par and dismiss parliament in july. some protest is chanted shopped in the qu, hearing then you rights, one of the 20 live in revolution with the most the president has rejected. the accusation indicated he plans to amend the constitution. the protest was accompanied by a heavy police presence. and why will rally buy said supporters setting here soon as a fellow at the cat's sensors, george mason university. he witnessed the processor there and says there's growing frustration about the president. sanction, i mean from work not to lose your who surely supportive off the process are no worried because it's been more than a month and you're much hillary and biggest and there is no government, no prime minister. so i think there's
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a general hearing you soon as you have been taken. however, you did not receive your materials benefit and the future looks and figure feel feel like before for the site, even though it was importantly respect him and he's record for up 1st of whatever. there's also a growing worry that measures are not using actual result partition or reduction in price, which was friday. the goal was to reduce the food prices in bizarre. where were you really a new bridge partners? the did not go their own mom. so i think you are factors contribute to young people and you know they build up the pressure on the ruling every
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science and he's advisors to come up with that. it's really police have captured the last to the 6 palestinian prisoners who escaped from a high security facility for these arrested minarda in the fights and he hum, hum she in janine and the occupied west bank and then a 2 week man hunt long. those who tunnel their way, i have killable a prison was as a carry as a by the high profile figure in foot has arms. wing is really prosecution. i want to add an additional 15 years to each month sentence when charges that they were planning. and you attack boys in afghanistan have returned to secondary school following an order from the taliban. but the film, the words when girls will have back female pupils weren't mentions and findings and incident was in primary have return, have resumes, causes the telephone spokesman says plans on being made to reopen high schools to girls. should girls haven't come for classes yet?
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the spirits down and they're waiting for the government pronouncement so they can resume studying with the education of girls is fixing a generation so that the education of boys may affect the family to see education of girl effects society. we are closely following the method so that girl can complete the study. the humanitarian situation in afghanistan will worsen because of severe drought, as according to the un agency for children, farmers and agricultural regions. that once produced nearly 50 percent of the country's g, d, p. and i was struggling to find water, come all hyder reports weird and nodded. and dob, riley widgets, famous forage fresh fruits and register bows such as palmer, greenwich and grapes. now agriculture constitute almost 25 percent of the country g,
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d p. and the 1970s agricultural produce are almost 48 percent of the revenue and discount re oregon dog, one cash flowing river. but now people are digging deeper and deeper to find gum water and add to dag et problem. that is compounding mad case. the fact that the water act before dr. we've talked to the old farmers hare. ok. i've never been this bad guy from that, that there was, that was not us. although we had a few good years of rain the past 2 years have been terrible. as you can see, there is no water running through the channels. the river has dried up and now you can see with your own eyes, we're pulling ground water through water pumps. if the international community is serious to try to help the people it might bring and help by offering better quality and go ahead and farmers to be able to increase their per create
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g international community will after take note of that because the country had now limping back to no malady and the people had a what it, that a prolong drought means that they have to now dig deeper and deeper to find ground water. the act before of course, are drying up and did it a huge worry that most of these orchards could be turned into waste line. the 1st all civilian space flights a splash stone of the florida coast after 3 days in orbit. the inspiration for on behalf of space ex waterhope, the planet or much you can ride for the space ex caps, you'll reached around 585 kilometers above the earth, the farthest any human has flown from our planets since 900. 72000000000. who pays
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for the flights? jardine, oakland, 2 or 3 others with him. i spent 6 months training aboard the automated capture before it's launched on wednesday. we'll amy thompson as a vice, if a space dot com. she says the mission has raised awareness about space. dragon is designed to be automated, but engineers in space factors headquarters and hawthorne can also operated if they need to. and then there are some certain command that the crew inside the dragon can carry out as well. when they were landing, they have to punch a few little buttons and get everything set up so that they're right on course. i think it brings excitement and it actually get more people interested in space. and not only that, but this particular flight was part of a fundraising effort for st. jude children's research hospital. so it's, it's done a lot of good. one of the passengers. haley arsenault was
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a childhood cancer survivor, who now works for st. jude. and now she has gone into space. so it's kind of taking an inspirational message as well as just sort of reaching out to people about the planet and seeing the planet from space is sort of changing. so it's helping inspire people to be better stewards of the earth fella heads on al jazeera, prepared for trouble. heavy police presence in washington dc as hundreds of full trump protests, gather the capital building and libya begins the building. after a decade of conflict, he says that the militarized films for look at how they're being transformed for the residents of tripoli. ah! it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle
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airways booted world's best airline of 2021. hello, good to see you. here's your update on the monsoons across the subcontinent. 3 problem spots. we're going to focus on sri lanka toward the east and also the northwest. so 1st sri lanka, and northern parts of the country picking up a $126.00 millimeters of rain around the bank. all we had a disturbance, it's now shuffled toward the west. so heavy rain for westbank all into o disha on sunday. then there was that disturbance. it was over the pradesh. it's now sliding toward the south, the southwest. so it's over. roger. stan and gutierrez, in fact, goudrow over the past 24 hours scooping up about 50 to 60 millimeters of rain. and i think we'll see much of the same on sunday, off the se, asia, and we have driving rain in the forecast for central and southern parts of vietnam . also pretty good batch of rain through central areas of the philippines. another area we're going to be watching closely is from the yellow river valley down toward
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the gang, see as young jo, to will look at $135.00 degrees, but with the heat index. feeling about 43. so a lot of humidity, a lot of moisture to spark some very serious storms here. tropical storm sean to move out toward the pacific on sunday. so we're left with a lot of sunshine tokyo, 27 degrees. so saca will also be dry on sunday. the weather, sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best airline of 2020. it's one of the world's most powerful and dangerous criminal enterprises. central to the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people. and behind the death of many more exceptional access to some of its key players reveals the inner workings of an organisation telling the known to many as the blood alliance. inside the sin, a la carte house part 2 of a 2 part investigation. people and power on al jazeera. ah,
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ah, the me. this is al jazeera, quick reminder of the top stories. this are francis accused the story of the city and a breach of trust. after its scrap, the submarine contract signed an agreement with the united states. instead, cancellation of the security do means frances is a multi $1000000000.00 deal to sell it submarines. the camera has to be held for and against present case studies in choosing capital, the 1st major demonstrations and ccs power and dismissed on july critics. houston was the 1st old civilian space for a splash of the, for the course. reading in the face iris capture which the father,
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any human has learned from our planet. 970000000000 who paid for flight carriage. i spent 3 others with him on board. thousands of migrants who crossed into the us and are in the texas border turn of del rio will be deported. us pounds to step up their expulsion estimated more than 13000 people. most of them from hasty stated to make shift camp under the bridge traffic as close to vehicles and pedestrians the only border crossing in the city. sylvia's mayor has declared a state of emergency describing the situation as unprecedented answer real. well, don't holeman isn't a corner mexico and says it's hard to know what the conditions are like inside the camp home when we got off the river by american border patrol was that he couldn't go into the camp and we couldn't speak to people. we also tried to get him from the united states side a bit earlier in the day,
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and we were told the same thing we've just been speaking to other journey. so you got the same metrics, this 10000 people there from haiti. and we've done this at the moment of being allowed access to basically what the conditions are right now in that camp. we knew that beforehand, there was a lack of luck with running water impacts and for drinking water. these people, they had to come back approximate that we didn't keep coming back and food to try and bring food from this side. because the reasons that in the camp, the conditions right now and they're going to be a little bit of a mystery. what we've got from people on this side that we've been speaking to here on this. like they said, i'm frightened now go across the united states because i've heard about the different patient. like you mentioned, i don't want that to happen to me just the woman, his wife and his daughter were in the camp. we didn't have a phone call that he's here and he still wondering what to do right now. so it's sort of an iteration of developing and obviously the u. s. government is really trying to control what happens. most of the people that walk in how we can put to
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the grease is opens and you migrant center on the island assembles to replace refugee camps. the building has bond wire guards, electronic doors, and cctv security cameras. visual, say the facility will provide better protection for migrant. c face violence and sexual assaults in the camps, but agencies have likened it to prison. what else is a jail? it's a declination of hurtful policies that are preferred by you leaders rather than the care induction and then sure of asylum. this bundle defenses that you see behind me gender will play under them. our patients will be there and they will be the thing . that's the truth, that's the reality. and this is a dollar, not the dollar aided by europe choices. and this is supported by you ladies. have this up. there's been a heavy police presence in washington, d. c. for
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a rally supporting people arrested during the storming of capital in january, police were taking the chances of a repeat of the events on january 6 and said their intelligence has supported some threats of violence. phil laval reports from washington dc. here's what a show of force looks like. this is water authority is fair to repeat all this is what they go crazy. on september 18th, not another january sick, no storming of the capital has no chance of even getting close. so it's kind of one time when you say how concerned right, well, we're always concerned, but again, we're prepare for today. so that's an important thing that we prepare for training . we've done the things that we need to do to make sure that our capital secure this rally the 1st since the insurrection. see it on this countries collective mind, not a pro trouble demo. it's not about president trump, but plenty of his supporters. if we had intended to capture this building,
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we would have been down here with rifles here to demand fairness. this is about justice and disparate treatment for what they call political prisoners. those accused or convicted of violence and insurrection, their right to have as corpus has been violated. you have the right to a speedy trial in the united states. it's in our constitution. the security operation here is huge. you got officers from multiple courses, the national guard here by the washington monument. you've got a line of trucks possible to solving any body leaving a vehicle that are coming through in the road vehicle. when you walk around towards the capital, there are 3 levels of security, 3 layers, you've got to space to talk levels of fences. they all not, you've got the high fences with rates. why? and then be all not inside the capitol, the police looking out the january sick. they are not taking any chances today on the lawn. lots of differences, lots of passion, not a danger. they were described by stomach domestic terrorism. but you would say
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they're not. they're not to mr. jervis. i was here on january. it was mostly peaceful demonstration, but there were some people violated the law. you'd be prosecuted between 5 and 700 testers were expected police putting the eventual number of people here between 40450 for 4 months, including a man who knows what it's like to crash the capital duck hughes land that a gyroscopes there in 2015, a major security breach which led to jail time, giving him a unique viewpoint here. reason that a person is okay. them just as there's no right to do the application to keep them income. well, the $600.00 people have been charged so far, the former president trump, who has impeached then acquitted for incitement, issuing this statement,
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saying hearts and minds with the people being persecuted so unfairly being held successively with mid terms and a possible trump rerun in 2024, this is unlikely to be the last protest here. philip l al jazeera washington. russians heads the pole for the last day of voting in parliamentary elections. the ruling united russia party expected when after a crack, then on the opposition. many candidates have not been allowed to stand the elections already seen allegations of widespread frauds. just before pools opened on friday tech joins apple and google removed an anti government tactical voting after official threatened fines, and criminal prosecution. mexico was president of called for a regional economic community similar to the european union. he made the proposal during the summer of latin american and carrying states this taking place in his
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country. representatives of the 33 member alliance known as c. like our meeting to discuss the range of topics separation from u. s. influence top of the agenda bessie on saturday more the 4th summit of the community of latin american in caribbean states or cell. and this years international dialogue held in mexico city was full of surprises when you actually are starting with the unexpected appearance of venezuela, nicholas my ludo, who arrived unannounced overnight. the last one i want to show you what you know, the visit place mother would across the table from other left us leaders had a summit that excludes the participation of the united states that emma. so if you can't get it out, if we have enough stones to throw out some of you and we didn't come here to grow stone, we came to extend a hand and want to hear you. not everyone at the 2021 select some, it was welcoming of the venezuelan delegation center net that my presence at the
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summit and in no way represents a recognition of the government of mister nicholas was in. my government has not changed its position. and i believe it is between gentlemen to say this face to face, drawn out why and she another unexpected appearance was chinese president. she jin ping who sent a pre recorded message promising more cooperation between china and latin america. don't log on to ties between china and latin. america have entered a new era characterized by quality, mutual benefit, innovation, and well being of the people are nearly 20 heads of state participated in the summit, including cuba. miguel the s can in the cuban leader called for an end to us sanctions and was among many who criticize the organization of american states and calling the o. s. a tool of us interest is our yeah, it is the o. s, at the service of the united states that has supported attempts to isolate cuba, military interventions in latin america, and the caribbean,
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government overthrows and military dictatorship. in this deal, host mexican president, i'm british. manuel lopez over the old went further saying latin american and caribbean nations should aspire to form a regional blog similar to the european union in these times see like, can become the principal instrument to consolidate relations between our latin american and car to be a nation. please put into it, but why? despite moments of contention, there was also agreement among select members, including building on a regional strategy to face the challenges of the corona virus pandemic. at a minor at a man and establishing a regional fund to serve as relief during natural disasters linked to climate change. the 2021 fella conference is seen by many as an opportunity for mexico to position itself as the power player and a regional mediator working toward restoring multilateralism and ending the
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diplomatic riff that exists between the united states and left us latin american countries like cuba and venezuela, monroe drop a little algebra era, mexico city, hundreds of people in paris that protested against compulsory corporate vaccinations and a mandatory health pass for the 10th consecutive weekend, demonstrators say the policies infringe on their personal freedoms. on friday, the french government suspended 3000 health care workers for failing to get the job ahead of a september 15th deadline. the government now requires all health and emergency workers to be vaccinated by law, really not affects millions of people in france. and in a strain the police arrested more than 200 people as an anti lock. so in protest, so far, pepper spray at the rally in melbourne. several 100 people disobeyed. stay at home . rules to protest. city is in it. 6 long thing. since the pandemic began, libby as capital is revamping its image as one of the most beautiful cities along
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the bed. it's raining, see in some governments as building new parks and recreational areas for residents traumatized by more than a decade of conflict. i think trina reports from tripoli. the city of tripoli is also known as the bright of the sea for its beauty and location on the southern shores of the mediterranean sea. but years of conflict since the 2011 uprising against a ruler. and while marguerite duffy have left libya as capital neglected, now that starting to change mohammed his mail is an engineer and runs tripoli as public service company. he's supervising a governmental campaign to renovate the cities parks and recreational areas. in 10 years of political divisions in libya, have resulted. the negligence and the public sector. life stopped the grass, dried roads, and infrastructure destroyed. the people are tired of the fighting. no, thanks to god, we have started the campaign to renew life in the city. we are renovating all the
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parks and fixing roads. so people have a place to go and enjoy time with their families. with the capital, seeing relative calm and work underway, the mood among people here has changed. well, but we want to live like the rest of the world. we're tired of war. i want to go to work and in my free time have places to take my kids to play before this was a military zone with big walls. no one could enter. but now things are better. as you can see, it's safe and clean. this new park in the heart of tripoli was previously a military base. it was torn down. it's only remaining structure. is that watch tower over there. now, it's filled with families enjoying the reviews together, children, plane meals being share. liliana is a medical student. she says there's been a visible change in tripoli landscape in recent months that you need to run by all the fighting and problems in be in the past. i'm optimistic because we're seeing good things happening now like new parks opening rather than military bases.
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children playing everywhere, satisfying to see and gives us hope in the future. in march, a political settlement was reached between the un recognize government and tripoli and rival authorities based in the east of libya to end hostilities that lead to a unity government taken power, allowing local authorities to begin work and breathe new life into the capital. elections are due in december, but could be postponed due to political divisions and thus left them any here, hoping libby as hard. one piece won't be short lived. malik traina al jazeera tripoli. cooler weather is helping california firefighters protect giant ancient support. his crews have wrought far as the materials around the giants, like the general sherman's acoya tree, the world's largest buy volume, with an 11 meter diameter and height of you know, the 84 meters, sherman and other trees like it or estimated to be at least 2300 years old. of our
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last year knew the schools destroyed thousands of squares. it's the world clean up. see an initiative that's aimed at reading the planets of the rubbish. putting seas, rivers, forests, and streets will divers in the philippines held knowledgeable to clean up to mark the events. they picked up nappies bottles, fishing nets and plastic bags which are stuck on coral in batangas province is estimated. the majority of ocean plastics originate from rivers and coastlines. the one percent from asia, that's a 3rd, is from the philippines alone. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the headlines. francis accused the strictly of a breach of trust. after scrap the submarine.


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