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tv   [untitled]    September 19, 2021 12:00am-12:30am AST

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a police fin here, guys, i empower in pasha. we tell your story. we are your voice. you knew your net back out here. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello i mariam demising. welcome to the news our life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes, the thousands raleigh against teenagers, president in the 1st major protest in his power grub in july. back to school and afghan is done, but there's still no word on where the older girls will be allowed to return to high school. france accusing australia in the united states lying over the
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submarine deal, which prompted paris to recall. it sounds bass, it is syrup in life. there has been duplicity. there has been a major break of trust. there's been contempt. it's not going well between us, not at all. and thought liverpool at the new premier league leaders with study. i'm on a green 100 golf club in the reno when over crystal. ah, me, hello, welcome to the program. we begin in tunisia. thousands of people have been protesting in the capitol in the 1st major demonstration since july. when the president ty site sees governing powers and dismissed the parliament, he's now indicated that you pines to amend the constitution. but opponents of calling sides move and organized qu, dosage bari has more on the story now. the array show of
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public dissent against president case. in the twenty's, in capital, thousands of people rallied in the center of tunis on saturday, chanting shut down the coo and we want to return to legitimacy. we follow the path of the revolution with its negatives and positives for 10 years. but what happened on july 25, took us back 50 years to talk, proceed, which we tried with dba and benignly, but the policy is what a failure. and we couldn't advance on july 25th president's dismiss prime minister, his sham, she, she froze parliament and these traditional power insisting it was not a qu, but others called it a threat to the region. few democracies. so supporters held accounted, demonstration chanting. the people want to dissolve parliament the that the opposite side took advantage of the chaos following the schism and conflict between state agencies. they are the ones that went out to demonstrate today. on the other
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hand, we are the ones who consider ourselves supportive of the july 25th decisions and therefore support place. we came to preserve the state president st, called the move to seize executive power and exceptional measure, a response to an economic and political crisis. the former constitutional law professor justified his decision by citing emergency measures in the constitution that his critics, and many legal scholars said, did not support his intervention. political leaders have complained about the constitution since it was agreed in 2014. they want it to be changed to either a more directly presidential or a more directly parliamentary system. the president said, says he plans amended, but a powerful union and teenagers largest party have objected to changing the constitution . so it is still to appoint a new prime minister while millions struggle under economic and political
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stagnation. dorset bart, i'll just 0. there's already a live via skype from to necessarily yes, sooner. a fellow at the mechanic center of georgia macy university. who witnessed those protests earlier, and this is very interesting, isn't it? because the initial reaction to the actions of president chi side was celebration and jubilation. how do you explain the way in which has now changed career grades? we had people going up the street to 3rd grade, but perhaps we had to make it to you who are hong, you know, they're reading the news anxiously. we did about them because the new focus on only dos who went off the streets right now. we are focusing and other side of the news, you know, was worried about the move and who,
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who preserve their fax, the opening to the opening of the parliament. also, i think some for some users who are usually supportive off the process are know hoary because it's been more than a month. and the roadmap still remains very ambiguous. and there is no government, no prime minister. so i think are new people also added another dimension to dynamic you are a protest on, i mean, obviously, ovarian, the country who is, who are the, who is this new group of people who is participating in the protest today. and what are they calling for? robert, by new group of people i have in mind individuals who did not during the process
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loudly but who are at the sidelines watching both groups, you know, those who are support will say an old school or for critical phase actions. so i think there's a general feeling in 2 steps have been taken whenever they did not really producing material benefits and the future looks and figure still this silly vide support for prison sites. even though it was important to respect him and say that he's record core up. first of all, there's also growing worried that these measures are not producing actual results, such as a reduction in full price, which was $5.00 gold plus or reduced full price. in bizarre, however, these look really achieve financial partners does not go down months. so
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i think you are factors contribute to anxiety among people. and you know, they build up the pressure on the ruling every side. he's advisors that mean, does that mean you say, if i mean, obviously they've made this bold move, they've overthrown the, the parliament and the executive without having a clear roadmap. but of course, this comes at a time when the countries in economic crisis and it's been hit by the health crisis by coven 19. if he doesn't come up with a roadmap soon, what could that? what could that mean for the country and for people's living conditions? ro, erm going to come up with a roadmap. i'm not sure what the direction of this roadmap will be. he's probably go primary discussion revolves around, pardon corruption and ending monopoly into these right now,
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where we're prison. i have not been very clear about how he's going to achieve the go button methods he's going to pursue so or you know, even if you may have returned back to the opening departments or he may call for reelection. so the parliament, i think it's a vital decision to come up with a plan to fight against the people or monopoly to leisure raising the country, you know, has some problem shared with other leg industrialized countries. it also has stock problems specific to the self. but if you just trade deficits and i'm not sure whether moving to a professional system would be able to solve this problem. i think their solution to striker, if you this year,
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a mechanism to to further their core of morocco lease. however, i'm not sure whether the presidential system is the right way to do it because it's mine the program in between direct democracy hybrid system is the direct democracy. i'm pretty much, sally. as soon it was really interesting to get your thoughts on those protests that have taken place in tune as today. thank you very much for explaining that the political ramifications of what's happening now. now at least 7 people have been killed in about 30 wounded in a series of laws in the afghan city of july, the bad holiday members are reportedly among the casualties shit about is the capital of non gaap province and is known as an iso stronghold has a strong eye, so presence that meanwhile, several people have suffered minor injuries. after a bomb went off in campbell, a local resident said he noticed the bomb under his car as he prepared to clean it
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. and it went off as he called the police. and then following an order from the taliban boys have returned to secondary school in afghanistan. but still no word of when girls can do the same. female pupils would not mention in friday's announcement to re open high schools a month after the group swept to power. girls have been able to return to primary schools as well as boys, but secondary education for girls, which is largely segregated, is uncertain. taliban spokespersons has plans of being made to reopen high schools to girls, but no date has been given more. how much should girls haven't come for classes yet? this spirit is down and then waiting for the government's pronouncement, so they can resume studying the death of the education of girls is fixing a generation so that the education boys may affect the family. education of girl affects society. we are closely following the matter. so the girls can complete the
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study. a while bank staff have been escorted out of the building that used to be the women's affairs ministry and cobble and i was, comes a day off, the taliban said it would now be used to house the ministry for the propagation of you and the prevention of vice seen as yet another sign and the taliban restriction, restricting women's rights a month after seizing control of the capital capital as now speak to dr. happy birth robbie: a former afghan minister of women's affairs, and the 1st female governor of a province. she was also a member of the african governments peace negotiation team in doha, she's in is mere in turkey. so the ministry that was one's dedicated to safeguarding the rights of women and girls, is now going to be replaced by a department that does the reverse that will restrict the rights. what is your understanding of the taliban? the vision for the country and the prospects for women and girls under that rule.
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thank you very much for having me. actually chose the telephone mentality for the woman's rights. unfortunately, on never shows any and for women, women's rights. this is something that, of course, we know from even when we have this negotiation and title one always we're putting to show you a lot of course on the chevy in islamic islamic care, or do you know any doubt for women education? so even for each occasion system they don't allowed, allow, got is going for the 2nd to the and high school. so this is something that totally on always showing something against a woman drives a, but even before the color. but there were some people i'm the government and the
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public islamic the public up on sunday were not very favor of having dinner still home. and then i mean enough on the song had a struggle and 5 and a lot for having demons. still women for put a take thing and making policy for women right now, they are totally against that. that, that's interesting what you say, because you seem to suggest that the customs and sort of cultural norms have held more sway in parts of the country than educational policy under the previous government. so even if a woman was. busy allowed to have education up to a certain point, she probably wouldn't be able to, in some cases, progress to secondary or further education university. and the family might prefer to to be married earlier on instead. does that mean we would like to see much push
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back then? from women, or perhaps even the fathers and brothers should further education be denied at the moment it's radio pushback, but on a sun within 20 years, we have we have gained a lot of course that there were people who run a deal, especially the people who are under control off of them, they will not have people go to google. ready for each occasion, but the number of guns attending to the school is gradually increased and from, for example, 2001 after 2020 and the number of the person, the number and also percentage of attending to the school were good. actually a boy were increasing and we had so many young, talented god that they were even had the highest could be. and for them to
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be in the summer, some of them even got the ph. d. so we had a big number of got us. they were highly educated, the kid for it, they went abroad, what is occasion enough? god. and they were busy with the action that sec toward the government, the private sector, and also for the angels and others in the situation. they were busy and a big number of women. they were there because they were educated. they have got the knowledge and different fee that they will be see with the different sectors and to work. and during previous taliban rule in afghanistan, i believe you fled with your children to pakistan, where you worked as an underground teacher at women and girls in refugee camps. now, how might further education be managed? of these current circumstances don't change. i am pretty sure that
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women in afghanistan as soon as they have the wife and day you have been the witness in all the world. we're the witness that how women insight up on a sunday, what is handled for and dropped off ton of on the rights of themselves and for the price of their children. and i'm, i'm pretty sure that they will continue to set this up. i think to get to the right, but of course for the people and especially guns that they have been educated, they have been started up to 2nd grade. it will be very tough to stay at home, do nothing. but i just very quickly ask you briefly, your worst fears for the country coming true part of them. can you worst are your
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worst fears for the country coming true with a materializing? do you worry about that? if things can be continued like this, it says to me, everyone, everyone worried about that everyone worried about that because it's very tough for their half of the population to stay at home and do nothing and not be a part of this society. so that this is really a shame for, for, for the time to bond and for everyone that the not supporting absolute women and one guy for education and from the other side that they, they buy and go to the school or separately we had the why just couldn't and guys in school, it was not that kind of quoted you occasion. so that's why why taught wonder, not allowed him. and if you can from day religious content, there's not any bound to be for gas education in islam and show why they are not allowing god going to school to have the best that. i'll be thank you very much.
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you're welcome. it's a pleasure. well, and other developments following a man who lost 10 members of his family to us to a us drone strike in cobble is demanding compensation and relocation from afghanistan. washington is admitted that the attack which was intended to target iso, actually killed civilians and called it a tragic mistake. but as some of java reports now from campbell, the survivors say an apology is simply not good enough. to charge remains of what some of the children were wearing when the us grown hit their house, some of them, but inside a displaying outside, near the parked car. some of the 10 people killed them goblin. august the 29th for 2 year old. so my and i, along with 3 year old monica 7 year old are when was playing near the car, 20 year olds, amir 6 year old. when you mean an 11 year old for that and find 16 year old face
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and was learning to reverse the car with his father's demeanor, i nothing was preparing for prayer. neighbors rushed with buckets to put out fire. they were too late. my daughter, my love for the family which lost everything. the u. s. admission of killing civilians springs. no closure. aim of once compensation for and is demanding the u . s. government, relocate his family from understand that they should investigate after that they should target the on listen, people don't do it. any mistake right now i heard that america accept the mistake. yeah. my last member of the family will not just tie, so you say for high that are going to the hall over the world before the acknowledgement of the u. s. stone strike which killed civilians. taliban leader. and connie told the era that us john started innocent people in cobble, he says isis, k controls know base in a plan is done. and it cannot be used as
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a pretext to strike against the people. and he says it's in breach of the agreement signed with the u. s. last year in the hub through that we went to the agreement. it's like inviting war. this doesn't help with peace and prosperity. it is misusing piece in a wrong way. now piece has come to this conference, or if they continue to behave like this, the well should understand, but they weren't wor, no piece that you can. base bureau of investigative journalism says more than 10000 people have been killed in an estimated 13000 drawn strike and have gone to spawn. and so far, no one has been held accountable. the family lawyer called it a war crime. this was the last strike carried out by us forces in abundance on a reminder, for many off guns of the initial days where my addresses students were being killed, enjoined strikes and for many here a legacy of us presence for 20 years in this country. so i'm a bon jovi out there, a couple flag for you on this news out from london. i have
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a police presence around capitol hill. it's a rally supporting people who stole the building on january 6th. the us is saying it will deport thousands of migrants who set up camp under a texas bridge back to haiti. and it's never a good idea to tell arrest for you crazy. we'll have more on this incident. is pain of it later in the news . french on basset to australia has left the country after franz recalled him and its end voids the united states and dispute over a new security agreement in the pacific. under the deal, australia will be able to acquire nuclear power at submarines built with us and british technology. please come on the direct ex but expensive front, which says there's now a serious crisis between the allies. or we challenge reports leaving the embassy
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for who knows how long france's ambassador to australia stopped his car for a few words to reporters. i think we fake a very, very bad handling of the partnership. it was not the contract was above the ship, but the ship's up supposed to be days on the 1st disbanding and also above the sea bass infinity of f. wilson is the result of the french. then it was to sydney airport, but his flight home empty sam baset at 2 is the french embassy in washington, d. c. this is an unprecedented move by france, the united states oldest allies. you have to go back to before the president of the united states, as george washington here to find the origins of alliance between france and the u . s. just 2 years after the u. s. declaration of independence and 1778. france
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formerly recognize the strange new nation, and in fact it and it's war against the british in all of the years since then. this is the 1st time phase for french, for a ministry ever recall. it's, i'm back to the, to the us. it's proof of how angry francy is right now, and this is why and so friends, august is bowl a new enhanced trilateral security partnership between a strider, the united kingdom and the united states. on wednesday, australia the u. k and the us on vail orcus, it's a defense agreement aimed at countering china in the in the pacific path. it cuts france out of a 2016 deal to build diesel power submarines for australia in favor of nuclear power attack from the u. k. and the us at lee france, tens of billions of dollars poorer and its being seen by paris as a gross deception by friends and allies. massage therapy lies. there's been
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a city, there has been a major break of trust and there's been contempt. so it's not going well between us, do not at all to me. still, there are those who think parents is overreacting last year. i think, you know, it was not necessary. i mean, we have never recalled previous care one better from washington. and it's really very bad manners from the americans to to was wrong. i mean, really, i medic, treating my call the dog and song, but it's only bad manners. and i think that vengeance is a meal that should be served cold after you. k row francis sped london, the sting of pulling home at sam baset. instead, french ministers have tried something more withering. they suggest it's not worth bothering with junior partners. and that's all the u. k is to the u. s. reach
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helen's how to 0 london. now there's been a heavy police presence in washington, d. c, for riley supporting those who are arrested during the storming of the capital in january. police were taking no chances of a piece of those events on january 6 saying their intelligence reports of some threats of violence. but the event passed off peacefully from the val, with their organizers, were expecting anywhere in the region of $500.00 to $700.00 demonstrators. to sign up to this, the organizer said that site had up site, but it obligations on the website, the police and the taurus, he said the 700 people apply for permits. in the end, the number was probably much lower than that. it's time to see much more journalists protested, i'm mix of protested as well. this wasn't just close here, but that course i was on the stage over there. that was the protest, his hair from black lives matter. others who were demanding that said donald trump,
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and indeed some authorities to come here to support the cause for justice. but those who are incarcerated should also be in prison. or the organizer was very clear. he said this was about securing justice. but those who are in prison, awaiting trial for that roles or the alleged roles at the january, 16 costs in a conservation. this was not a pro donald trump protest. and in fact we didn't hear any real mention of donald trump. this is solely about those people who are on trial or who have been awaiting trial or who have been convicted. in fact, donald trump, himself hasn't really been involved with as such because tweets for obvious reasons . he compet any messages on facebook. he did really to statement and the last few days in which he talked about how it was wrong and it was unjust, that those people were being persecuted. remember also he is no longer presidents. so he is not protected by the trappings like surroundings of that office. he would be open to civil proceedings. i'm criminal proceedings if he were to be seen to be inciting any violence. so now this protest wrapping up, it has been
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a largely paced sofa that has been lots and lots of device. there are lots of police to me, there was what offices over there. they're all layers and layers of security officers from local, local authorities, or offices from the capital police, a national guard where they were taking absolutely no chances here at the capital and making sure there was not anywhere near a repeat of january 6th. well, the u. s. is preparing to fly thousands of haitians who gathered a texas boarded town back to their homeland with as many as a flight day. estimated that moving 13000 people, most of them from haiti, a stand going to make sure come on the bridge and del rio to find an administration is finalizing time to begin the deportations on sunday. us authorities close traffic to vehicles on pedestrians in both directions. the only border crossing in the city off the chaos on friday, del rios mayor is declared a state of emergency describing the situation is unprecedented and surreal. out
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there is john holman, is in del rio and texas. we have now just right next, really to the camp where more than $10000.00 haitians all we just seeing now that it's being close us army personnel that are outside of the gate to be encouraged to the time. now on the other side of it, all, lots of people from haiti that have traveled up from many of them from south america through central america to get this fall. a lot of them would have left quite a long time ago from hate to be able to get off that roof and pandemic troubles in the country that they were in chile, brazil. ecuador would have caused them to try to get the united states, the really dangerous group, especially at erica, the study in gap, which is jungle between columbia and panama, where there's a lot of right, a lot of murder. so these people have really suffered a lot of them to get this fall to try and get united states. and now where
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information in the united states is going to be doing flights to send them back to haiti to deport them starting from tomorrow. so for many of them, this is going to be the end of the line. greece has opened a new fence in my grand central on the island of family to replace refugee camps. the new building has bob's wire gods, electronic doors in cctv security cameras. official say the facility will provide better protection for migrants who have faced violence and sexual assault in the camps. but aid organizations of likened to a prison for us is a jail. it's a declination of hurtful policies that are preferred by you leaders rather than the care duction. and then sure side of this bundle fences that you see behind me in there will play under them. our patients will be there and they will be the thing. that's the truth, that's the reality. and this is a $1.90 tolerated by your choices. and this is supported by you leaders. this up
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that i had for you on this news out from london restore, restoring karl reese from the impact of climate change, how experts of protecting the marine life off the coast of car before it's too late . with government seeking a slash carbon emissions engineers race to overcome the challenges still facing electric cars and, and sprinting bounce back from disappointment as a tow lympics around the fastest time. ah hi there, hope your weekends go and.


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