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from being reality, some developers are going one step further with technology that can charge vehicles wirelessly at home, or on the move along special road to allow charging walls driving. with fast approaching a tipping point, where the mass adoption of electric car seems unavoidable. battery costs are falling, cause it getting cheaper and governments around the world setting ambitious targets to cut carbon emissions. but there are still technological bumps in the road from infrastructure to performance. that engineer is an l. racing to overcome. you fall out to 0, london. ah . hello, you're watching, i was there, and these are the top stories, this alum 1000, to take you to the straits of 2 new jersey is capital. and the 1st major demonstration after president car said they power and dismiss parliament in july to
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news is powerful labor union and the biggest party our opposed the president plans to amend the constitution. 50 days after the tumble of the government, there's no government for no world map and now for the future of the country, that's why tunisians gather from this morning you know, the couple of capital in tunis to protest against prison. i have a decision and now they are describing his decision. a violation of the constitution in the lucian street in the brigade a venue demonstrate. there's no shunting slogan that's such a down the coo and we want the return of the legitimacy. frances were calling its ambassadors to the us in australia up to what it's calling a stab in the back. frances angry after estrella cancelled a multi $1000000000.00 submarine contract to enter a military line for the us and
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u. k. a deal between the u. k. u. s. and a strongly or is widely seen as an effort to counter china's influence in the region. an expert panel in the us has rejected government plans to roll out cove and 19 a booster shots to all americans age 16 and older. it cited a lack of safety data on extra doses and doubts about the value of mass boosters bought in doors to extra 5 by and take shots. people above the age of $65.00, hundreds of police officers deployed around the us capital for of rally by far right groups organizes of the justice, the j 6 rally showing support to those arrested for taking part in the capital riots in january. hundreds of people breach the building and it be to overturn the former president donald trump's election to fate. those are the headlines. stay tuned for inside story. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news. bye for now. news.
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news. news. news. and the conflict of face and you sanction us surge is all sides. and he is he great region for negotiate? peace, but will the threats be enough to stop many a year of fighting that isn't a hello walk into the program. i'm ron con us present. joe biden is adding pressure on all sides to end the fighting needs of his northern region. he signed an executive order threatening new sanctions against the ethiopian and era trained government leaders of if yo p, m,
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our region and the t great people's liberation front biden says if he is delaying aid to people displaced by the conflict, while she grain rebels, welcome the announcement in europe is prime minister accuse the u. s. i'm the west of chastising his government i b m. it says the international community is not doing enough to hold c grain rebels. accountable will bring in august in just a moment. but 1st, this report from she hubbard, tennessee, in washington. this is not the imposition of sanctions, but another threats of sanctions. president biden's, executive order empowered the state department of treasury to be able to sanction those seen in the future to be standing in the way of a negotiated piece in the future on all sides. but no deadline has been announced if the government of ethiopia in the to great people's liberation front, take meaningful steps to enter into talks with out preconditions and allow unhindered humanitarian assistance. the united states is prepared to mobilize
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assistance for the opium, to recover and revitalize its, its economy, and build a future for its people. state department officials say they fear prime minister. i'll be on want to declare a victory over the to crow and peoples with a ration from when he sworn into office on october the 4th. they also fed the t p. i will do all it can to prevent that. the u. s. does have a great deal of leverage over the future and government that so far it hasn't used much of a fuel success in the us has been in terms of trade. it's industrial parks are occupied by america, not multinational. it's benefiting from this tax benefit. those that introduced 2 decades ago, and there was a fear that would be withdrawn, but that did not happen. and there is a relief in the sub a despite the presence in the administration of those 9 to be open to us interventions that are samantha power, u. s. id. it hasn't imposed punishing sanctions on the if you can government. and let's say there are multiple reasons for washington's caution. ethiopia is the us
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as main ally in the strategically important horn of africa and key to its projection of power across the region. ethiopia is also important to us as warren tara, an important component against our bob in somalia. and now that us troops officially withdrawn permanence abbey, i'm. it is also deregulating and privatizing ethiopian economy. after decades of central planning, which is beneficial for us multi nationals, and perhaps most importantly, even as if you're pure receives hundreds of, of dollars from the u. s. if the key trading partner and investment destination for china, and as the biden administration is clearly demonstrated, this is not a white house that will take a further integration of addis ababa and beijing. well, she, every time see al jazeera washington. let's take a closer look at the conflict n t gray, which is now in its 11th month. the t great people's liberation front had dominated ethiopia, politics, but any 30 years until prime minister abbey, on it came to power in 2018. last november. we ordered a military operation against the group, which had retreated, fatigue,
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re accusing it of attacking a federal military base and killing soldiers. since then, the conflicts have killed thousands of people and left nearly a 1000000 in famine like conditions. the un says more than 2000000 people have been displaced. now in june at the african union, launched an independent inquiry into the reports of human rights violations, eritrea and forces who are sent to t great when the conflict 1st began. i've also been accused of rights abuses. ah, let's bring in our guest. joining us from erissa intends and is allow them, lucas. and if you open international lawyers in roby william davidson. if you're a senior analyst at the international crisis group, and in washington dc, david sent a former us ambassador to if you're a warm welcome to all of you. let's begin in washington dc. first with david chen, david, is this the threat of sanctions in order to pay like the u. s. is doing something
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or is an actual real threat? i think this is an actual real track. it is important to underscore that these are not sanctions or say, this is the laying of the legal ground work to permit sanctions at some point in the future against all parties, or either out holding up a negotiated settlement on the one hand or, or somehow interfering with the resolution of the managerial crisis in northern ethiopia. but it's for real. this is, this is not a unless it is fun, but what's driving it, david then why now? well, it's really a continuation of ongoing activity by the united states. under the buys administration, they haven't quite active and trying to just some kind of end point. she's fire if you well and to open up the managerial orders or
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the different aid roach. this is going on every sunday, almost the an observation of, of joe biden. so i would suggest that this is new at all on the mortgage in russia. how much of this leave the open government actually going to pay attention to? if you use a key trading partner, it's a key ally. they say this is just a simple threaten, won't take it that seriously perhaps was i think it's important not that it didn't come. i did indeed everyone was waiting for it, including the government for quite some time to get it that we know the content. they just called jeff yesterday for many, if you're going to be the government, the executive order is another indication, or, and then the other end of the un guided party,
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he wanted to kill him many europeans. and they said including the government, they believe that the executive order is grounded not ineffective, but it informed me that by lobbying did and to get into the airport for the government. this executive order is going to it doesn't take into account effects when did wrong. and if they don't get function been for the cubans, it's like, it's like treating kind of like the cleaning. so i don't think the government even if you think if you're, if the, i don't think the government will please event from doing what, what is it correct. so i think that i might not bring it up and see if we can,
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they could order it came back to where the government, mobilizing hundreds of dollars later put your full david guest and a rooster that has said the policies misguided. what do you make up? our friend and russia is simply pointing out why many in the government of ethiopia are saying, and what many of in dash barra are saying? i have no idea whether he personally believes that or not. but if, if he personally believes that, i think that there is a misunderstanding in terms of what the united states is doing. i think the united states does have access to the independent information on what is happening. and it's making its determination based on what it sees as facts on the ground and
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interpret those different lay and different ways depending upon or you shit where you stand. but i don't think it's, i don't think the u. s. position is based upon bad information from misguided individuals. i think it's based on some actual facts. william davidson in nairobi. sanctions like the threat of sanctions when it comes to a key line of the us, like if yoke here. what is the purpose of sanctions? is it simply a slap on the rest or is it something like david shin says much more serious? and i think the purpose of the sanctions is, or the potential sanctions is pretty clearly articulated and the executive order. and they are because of, and let's just say various human rights concerns about the conflict,
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and that's directed it at all. the main part is there a trend? government, the government will, so i'm har, as governments and then the main opponents, the t p. last or you know, to grace former government. and the ambition from the united states and, or the concern is that all parties are still doing a military solution, new united states, along with other international actors and voices included, including my organization international crisis group. we believe that the main priority here should be a cessation of hostilities and then for all parties to focus on the humanitarian crisis which is afflicting to gray and has been affecting the grade for many months . but it also now afflicting ne bring regions to gray. and i'm hora after the 2 great forces went on an offensive in july. in addition to a cease fire, people want to see if your peers political parties and who are at war at
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a civil war. they want them to try and go back to peaceful politics, to return to the negotiating table. the try and come to some source of resolution on the political issues, the electoral constitutional disagreement that led to this war and also the broader political problems. now the is, is the us going to be successful with the threat of sanctions, or the actual application of sanctions on individual was connected to this civil war to convince them to change their stances. and whilst that international crisis group, we are very hopeful that association of hostilities is pursued both by the 2 great leadership, also by the federal leadership. at the moment it does tragically look like continuing warfare is the option. i think the intentions are clear here of the, of the us and the reasons for that action. a clear what is not a tool clear is whether they are going to be successful in getting the passes off
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the part of the company. let them in a russo, if you pieces foreign nation, why should the us be involved? i think they should be involved in the process because it's a long time in your life and us our commission and i don't think it's happening. so i think there is no question about the need for us if you want them and the way is how they like, how should they maintain impact the company, the company didn't know did not get to touch on part of november. but for many europeans, they went to see you taking the company that they've started on for the day. but i
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think it didn't happen any context, many job. they are saying that he clearly was in power for 27 years. and in that country dictatorship and everybody knows that it's a very well known devil is not just unknown devil. so what they're saying is that then you went to the context to make the company a lot of the context is this thousands of people have been killed yet a 1000000 been left in nearly famine like conditions. and the un says that more than 2000000 have been displaced. that's a bit more than just a form of government. this is a crisis and it needs action now was mapping. yeah, but i think we should understand that the content includes not only that you might get a crisis, but also the water and the background of the war. what do you think if you went to
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the in understanding the background information, what made the war? why do you know what day you went the wasn't than we should under? so we should question. why did they, what was the reason why if your can be more and more quality, you'll get. i think that you, that you see that people in the 50 bottom and should consider and on it to the output, of course, that he made but documented humanitarian is, there is up of the war and the what is the content. so there is a chain chain of factors and we cannot keep them on november, the fall, and any party toward the yoke. yes, sure. going through the background information and that's what the government pays, and i think they have them to the their, davidson. i mean, it is obviously
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a very clear and key ally to the united states. this is a way of putting pressure on all parties, not just the government, the returning of them on the left, but all parties to try and come to as william davidson says, a c sation of hostilities. that's really the beginning point of any negotiation. do you think the u. s. david is going about this the right way? i think it's going about it the only way realistic play. no one can at the moment. i don't think united states alone can determine the outcome of what happens. yeah, it's going to require the effort so many outside players plus certain willingness by all the parties, any p o p at a compromise, which comes very hard for so i think tonight and stage is doing what is often not always, but often does in an effort to try to encourage
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a negotiated solution to the problem. in addition to dealing with even managerial prices, and i can't under state the concern that the u. s. has about the amount of terry and prices. the u. s. is the largest donor of humanitarian assistance today. and it has traditionally been the largest donor or many decades. this is important to the united states and it does not like to see this effort basically result in a worse situation than it has been dealing with for decades. on the issue, i want to say one comment on the issue of context. i agree that united states needs to put all of this in context, but i would disagree that it is picking it up from november for last year. we know what happened in ethiopia since 991. and even before that, it's also part of the context that the t p l last was the leading layer. and the
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people's revolutionary democratic from 1991 to 2018. and that's a fact. and we had to deal with that government for all of those years. so that's context to william davidson. one of the things, i guess the resa is saying is that this isn't a unpopular policy almost across the board with if he opens you hearing the you finding the this executive order, this threat of sanctions is actually an unpopular policy. and i think that's probably some sort of reasonable assessment. we get them public opinion, but it is very hard to tell. i'm in any opinion polls, for example, in the matter that very few and far between in many. yeah. and what we should note is just how polarized ethiopian political scene is, and of course, like many other countries. but suffice to say, there are those who support this war and those who don't. and the support to the
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sanctions will break down roughly along those lines. and i think, you know, for the people in grey who, i mean the church, the sanctions is going to be different for the different parties of the war for different reasons. but they will all oppose it. so there's the potential to them all to be sanctioned. but across europe is political landscape, there are those constituencies which are more inclined to support the war. i think in horror region we see quite strong support. busy the war, very strong opposition for the t p l f. that's sort of positioning, and i'm har. region is matched in urban areas such as i did saba, also amongst waves of the tspra, i think as we go into or mia and whether it's fairly large opposition support. we believe the have concerns about the war. they already have their own concerns and reasons for opposing comments, government that does not mean they support a t p,
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but they may be but they may be less supportive of the war. and therefore, you're less concerned about this sort of us potential action including against federal officials. so i think it's clear why a lot would take that stance. it's also clear that there is plenty of very strong opposition. this type of us action as the would be anywhere this type of us action, but he is polarized. that means that there are lots of different opinions across the country as well. i'm going to come to you and just one second, but i want to go to davidson 1st in washington, d. c. when we talk about sanctions, we talk about threat a sanctions. this doesn't happen in a vacuum. this will be part of the state department overall strategy in ethiopia. they'll be conversations going on with as many parties as the u. s. can try and reach out to do you think that's actually happening in happening in tandem with this executive order? is the us speaking to as many people as possible?
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i believe they are it's, it's also a process. the very much involves the treasury department because these are targeted sanctions against largely against individuals. or at least that seems to be the basis for the executive order. they're also sanctions that involve series of, of economic issues such as trade blanks, bank accounts, in united states by any of the individuals in ethiopia who are deemed to be violating the sanctions. some of it concern his visa policy, which persons will be allowed to enter the united states if they are deemed to be violating sanction. so it's involves a lot of activity in both the treasury department and the state department where you can be. ready assured there's an ongoing conversation there, but i suspect there's a great deal of conversation involving the intelligence agencies and any other
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element of the u. s. government on the ground and that has an understanding of the situation. there was a lot of them you think of the u. s. doesn't have an understanding of the situation on the ground in ethiopia that it's actually thinking short term. is that right? yes. are going to be in my purse? do i think that the weather does not and it's my understanding actually, but does not fully understand contacted and the fact that on big and it has been treating each way she was like sometimes they when they felt again it's violating. right. which is okay. but on any way they happening right. or when they are way when, when they're about, how can i get in so many different things they with what i mean when monica be mean, betty. they have been just even like 2 weeks they go, pondered people were killed in the village. no. but nobody. i
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get into the fire and try and they, when i'm invited, i'm our region matter. and they don't they inventing fundraising so they thing to be done doesn't really understand what's going on. if it's no longer a graduation, it is then if you're facing not only but also other people and who so i see, i really think that they was intriguing. the situation very cause many people who might decide because they and but sometimes even if we have the fact that when we ask them maybe different and we might have a different outcome. so i truly believe that there is a problem there they went, should try, my son. why, for example,
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just that after they keep order that you can live? well, we are wanting to william davidson in nairobi. williams. one of the things you said earlier was about the sensation of hostilities. that's the priority. get everybody to stop fighting, having heard other to guess. do you think that's going to happen in the short term? well, we hope so, but it does need a significant rethink from the, the key actors here. and i think if you look at the, the offensive from the take re ported into on a far. and they say this is to, to break the seeds that they say the federal government has inflicted upon them. they also say they are trying to retake territory in west integrate that i'm, our region is now administering, backed up by ethiopian and era try and troops. and so these are the objectives of the grand leadership and that is needing to this very strong mobilization that you
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know, a lot of has referred to. so i think what we need to happen here alternately is if there was some action on the humanitarian situation. so the federal government allowing unhindered access, restoring some vital services to take gray telecoms and electricity banking cars. they take great forces then agree to pause the offensive and to begin to withdraw their forces into great itself. that could be the sort of bargain that we need to kick up the beginnings of the peace process. get a sensation of possibilities and allow the monetary situation to be prioritized that would still leave very difficult political security issues such as wes, than pig right. where there was no easy resolution, but i think if the federal government find the ability to prioritize the fair and situation and to great give up on the concerns that humanitarian
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actors and supplies may be boosting of rebellion. prioritize to 1000000000 lies that could we get a positive response from the pay grade leadership needing to association of possibilities and then a more sustained piece process. i want to thank all our guess, zelan morgan and russia. william davidson in nairobi. and in washington, d. c. david shell, and i want to thank you to for watching. you can see the program again anytime by this thing website out, is there a dot com and for further discussion, go to our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash ha inside story. and you can also join the conversation on twitter. we are at age 8 inside story for me, iran con. and the entire team hit by for now the i
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lose. ah, when the freedom of the press is under threat in oh, you just because i thought july, when about your thought toward the making government step outside the mainstream. there has been a implement here some of access points that shift the focus, the pandemic that's turned out to be a handy little pretext. the prime minister clamped down on the press covering the waves. the news discovered the listening post on the meteor ice small natural rocks from outer space that survived the journey down to wash and have high market value for rock and minimal collectors. also as a world's joins the moroccan nomads in their desert such with these gifts for scar
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