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ish, the aim is to preserve fish stocks and increase the country's self sufficiency. environmentalists say more projects like this will be needed in the future. with the next century, we are expecting 2000000000 more people on the planet. and with the increase in the consumer behavior towards the sea for this is a big challenge in terms of how we can increase the production in terms of not affecting or harming the environment. while initiatives like this may seem like a drop in the ocean on a global scale here in the gulf, it's providing a positive step toward addressing one of the most pressing issues of our time, joy wolf, al jazeera, doha, ah, that's good to have with us. hello, adrian, trying to get here in the headlines on i was here, a france is recalling its ambassadors to the us, and it's really up to what it called
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a step in the back france. his angry al trustworthy cancelled a multi $1000000000.00 submarine contract to enter a military alliance with the u. s. and u. k. the deal between the u. k. u. s. in austria is widely seen as an effort to count of china's influence in the region. recalling ambassadors in the carefully coded language of diplomatic relations is, is a pretty serious move. it's not the breaking off of diplomatic relations, but it's what you do, what you want to show to a country that you really are not happy with the way it's behave. and let's not forget that france is the united states oldest allies, allies, a relationship that goes back to 1778. when france recognized the independence of these breakaway colonial states. and help them in that war of independence against the british b, u. s. military, as i mentioned, a drone strike and i've kinda sounds capital last month, kill civilians of not isolate sciences. 10 people including 7 children,
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died in the attack. in cobble top us commander has apologized guineas. military leaders say that they will not bow to international pressure to let detained president of a condo fly into exile. the west african regional block echo was expelled guinea after candy was overthrown during a military takeover. earlier this month, the presidents of ivory coast and ghana asked the conduct release during a one day trip to con creek. on friday the us media report say the biden administration is planning the mass deportation of thousands of haitian migrants from a border town in texas. most of the migrant staying at a makeshift camp under a bridge in del rio. at algeria as longest serving president abilities beautifully, car has died of the age of 84. he struggled with health issues for years after suffering a stroke of those had lives more news here now to sierra off the inside story
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coming up. next news, news, news, news us this strategy and the u. k. have announced a major defense agreement in the asia pacific, many said as an attempt by the west to contain china's influence in the region. but will it work and exist in echo of the cold war? this is inside story. ah, ah, ah. hello and welcome to the program. i'm emily anglin. it's a new military lines that's got reaction from around the world. china has strongly
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criticized the u. s. a strongly a. m b u. k. after they nouns to new deal that we'll see, camera get nuclear powered submarines, but the alliance is pushing back against by jing the us, secretary of state and defense, have met a strongly and officials and accuse china of making expansive and illegal maritime claims. many see the new alliance in the asia pacific as another attempt to contain china's influence in the region by ging has accused the 3 powers of having a cold war mentality a strongly will become the 7th nation in the world to operate nuclear power submarines will bring it out, guess in a moment, but 1st rosalind jordan fall, this report from washington. the u. s. u. k and australia reportedly agreed to form a new defense alliance on the sidelines of this year's g. 7 summit in england, washington in london, will help it by a fleet of nuclear powered submarines. the main reason for the alliance containing
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china we spoke in detail about china's di stabilizing activities in beijing efforts to course and intimidate other countries. contrary to establish rules and norms, we will remain clear eyed and review a beijing's efforts to undermine the established international order. we discussed the competition of china at a number of levels that requires us to respond and to increase resilience. this does not mean that there are not constructive areas for engagement with china straight. it continues to sake dialogue with china without pre conditions. not surprisingly, beijing condemned both the alliance and the submarine deals war war. lee, who attended the exports of highly sensitive nuclear power, sibling technology by the united states and britain to australia,
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once again proves that they are using nuclear exports as a tool of geopolitical games. on adopting double standards, which is extremely irresponsible which entities in washington journalists, pummeled the ministers with questions about the security pack. is check in china's efforts worth offending it or offending long standing partners. this is about enhancing our, our cooperation, our work together. ultimately, about enhancing security stability in the pacific. it is not aimed at any country. it's certainly not aimed at holding anyone back. the announcement of this new alliance could signal that the u. s. president joe biden is actively reshaping american foreign policy, bolstering new ties to deal with new threats. while telling old partners that change is not a diplomatic death knell. rosalyn jordan for inside story,
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the. let's bring it out. guess now in los angeles, we have paid a matthews, a professor of political science and international relations at cyprus college in cambra, michael, she bridge the director of the defense strategy and national security program at be a strategy and strategic policy institute. and in beijing we have on its hanging a china political and economic affairs commentary, specializing in by jing gentleman, thank you so much for joining us. i'm going to start with you paid. as we heard in rosalind package, the us secretary of state says this move isn't aimed at any particular country, but clearly this is in response to beijing and it's moves in the south china saying issues with taiwan. what's your reaction to those comments by the secretary of stage? everyone knows that there's been a tension about the south trying to see, see with the states in beijing and the country, the neighboring area. and this time to get australian law with nuclear power. it
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certainly is the 1st time is a very serious attempt to push back and balance power. so balance of power principle, the us felt that the chinese were going to far and taking care of the islands and expanding some around, trying to control that area. and they wanted to make sure that the ceiling will be left open and it's a very important seminal action. so i think what are the major impact in the whole region also globally, it's going back to the balance of our principal. basically, i know from a chinese perspective, this partnership is a why to counter beijing's grow and influence in the asia pacific region a is this orcus likely to change beijing behavior at all? this is just going back to the colonial area era gunboat diploma with a little cold war for era. soviet type of sauce put on top of it. you know, the real issue here is, i wonder how, you know, the people in different countries. there are viewing this earlier in your, your piece,
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you talked about the u. s. representative said the china was violating the international norms and posing as well on people. you know, it's kind of ironic is the us and great britain talking about this after what's happened and i've got a son and in the middle east, i think as far as beijing concern that age of hypocrisy, self righteous hypocrisy. and it's not going to change the behavior, they're going to continue to do what they do. and it's going to be more in trade and less in tribes in terms of trying to match up with this kind of war games mentality. i do want to get to the timing of the of this pat shortly. but michael, what's your reaction to what i said, and does this pack make strategic sense for a strongly well, i think a lot of what we heard it's really distraction. that's like magic is all about mr. action. aging has been the master of saying, is everybody else's actions?
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not aus that are causing the environment. but it's quite clear that asians coercive uses suspend, retrain as maritime militia. and it's growing military power has led to this reaction and this powerful response that's creating incredible deterrents. so let's get away from distractions about is this some kind of glenda makes those other soviet approach and imperialism and see it is a real hard power response to beijing use of hot power. that's what this is about and it does reset the military balance, not in beijing favor. and i think that's why we're hearing these strange, angry reactions from beijing come on. i mean, us have suddenly to nuclear power attack submarines. china has 6 there now and listening australia at the tune of about $3400000000.00,
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a piece for virginia tax submarine with all the goodies. and that doesn't even begin to and in clued what it's going to cost. and by the end of 10 years, plan and get more than a few of them, given that your military budget is about $35000000000.00 a year, you're going to be committing a tremendous amount into that. you know this, this, this thing that somehow it's all self righteous. nonsense. i mean, what it, why would trying to close down the she legs, get 80 percent of their oil, 40 percent. it goes through the c length. how would that actually work would be pure suicide. so all this stuff about balancing and marbles in your mouth about, you know, this isn't, you know, this is a credible and their church is nonsense. this is an economic war. australia doesn't have a foreign policy of its own and is just relying on the u. s, which is only concur her concert with being king of the hill,
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making sure that it has the jeremy and keeping china away. ironically, china is an interest in that a german power that everyone says that it once paid out. i'll bring you in here, your reaction to ana. let's keep in mind that china has been very successful economically and growing its economy and reaching out to the belt and road program to other countries. and this is concerning the u. s, which i don't think it really should because the us should be working with china to help develop other economies and focusing on the civilian development of human beings as opposed to just escalating a possible new cold war as well. there is a danger there still is and don't forget the us and trying to have about $700000000000.00 in trade, which could be enhanced if they would. so as long as president biden doesn't, it makes it clear. this is not just an offense. position is strictly defense, but it appears to china other countries that could be seen offensively. it's nuclear power submarines for the 1st time. in the case of australia, you only the country that used to do that is britain. us in britain have nuclear
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power join submarine activity, but this is really serious estimate on the situation. i think with me very careful that we don't start a new cold war with china and making purely defensive situation. i think both sides, both the germans, the people talking minute ago had both really good points from different perspectives. of course, michael, how important is it for a strongly a to clarify its national interest in all of this? well, i think that's pretty clear right now. as we speak, fishing is actively by central policy direction. coercing is strategy and through tried around $20000000000.00 of annual trade as direct coercive decision making from the machine. and the other big problem, the aging has a whilst trust globally as collapsing is this enormous gap between its words and actions. so we hear why on earth, the beijing want to constrain maritime passage through the south china sea. right,
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at the time when the china has empowered, it's heavily on the coast guard to use lethal force where every claims jurisdiction, which is a great expense of the south china sea. and where it's now requesting information from vessels transiting us for regions that aren't. it's so this would action gap has led to this collapse and trust. and really this strengthening of military to terrance in the region is welcomed quietly. i'm much of the region at no. i think i know how likely is china going to use this alliance to justify expanding its own military? well, i, i don't see that china is going to be putting more effort than it already is into its military budget. there could be a call from yes i can, i, there might be calls from the war ox to try and have budget happen. 800 juncture
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chance. not in return to this, but recently that is going to try to draw join the a former t p. p so i think china is response is going to be economic in terms of australia, this idea that australia is being constrained. actually it's, it's a monetary account is better than ever due to iron or exports to china. there are other areas that have been in fact and then we'll gentlemen, do you have any response to what he said, this should not ask into a total new cold war or even a shooting match, which would be devastating in that part of the world. if there is any kind of attempts with taiwan where china has already established sovereignty over territories around those areas, and they work out with hong kong, for example. then if us intervened, militarily, australia will be obligated to get involved material because of this deal nuclear submarines. so we could get a very dangerous position. i think all side should keep cool had this and really work things to come out as much as possible. i think the res,
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real room to clarify the understanding that we have a bache other because there is a tendency talking past each other here and some of that can be improved by a little more self reflection. i think certainly of bashing knows it's breaking world trade organization rules with it's towards if i can only if you are against a failure. and we've heard the motivations and things like the fact the destroyer you would like to know. our global pandemic started so that we can prevent future ones. so this is all public knowledge, directly tries back to beijing statements and actions. and a little bit of acknowledgment of the gap between words and actions would be a starting point to dialogue. ok, let's put the politics to aside. now i want to talk to gentlemen about the nuclear power submarines themselves. and specifically, michael, i want to talk to you about some of the concerns around that. scott morrison,
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the prime minister said a stroller is not seeking to acquire nuclear weapons or establish a civil nuclear capability. i read how dangerous is this going forward and what are some of the ramifications of establishing nuclear powered submarines why this is going to be done in close partnership with the us and u. k. ensures that the us in your cable keep making their obligations around not proliferating nuclear weapons. and it's certainly not as fairly as intent as a prime minister said to nuclear weapons, nuclear powered submarines and extremely powerful military technology. and they do add to the deterrent power in the in the pacific, which is a positive regional security. the safety and environmental aspects of
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having nuclear submarines will be carefully managed, building on his trail use capacity to have visits of nuclear war ships and submarines already. and with the close technical corporation with us and new partners. so i think the nuclear power aspects of these are entirely manageable within the framework of international obligations and will be really made effective by the powerful partnership the u. k. and us, i know i noticed you were shaking your head there, the chinese foreign ministry spokes person said that to export highly sensitive nuclear power submarine technology to strategy is extremely irresponsible. double standards. do you agree? well, i have a slightly different take. i mean, the vision is saying that they don't like this. obviously it's going to take 10 years to deliver the one of the subs. they're going to have
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a leader could take more. and quite frankly, during that time, i think drones will proliferate and become more sophisticated. so for the price. so what did i say? $3400000000.00 per se. you could probably create a fleet for a couple 100000 submersible drones. i could literally wait outside harper's identify any passing submarine. it's not linked to them. there. it would be, it would be laughable. and in 10 years, quite frankly, from a technology perspective, to have these behemoths wandering around the virtual dinosaurs. but the issue for china's perspective beijing perspective is i see this as a entree into the cold war as a kind of world war one scenario where the u. s. is creating packs and obliging itself to get it built. and the danger of yours that you said $11.00 tinder sets
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off a world war 3, which is what nobody wants. and i would agree with my other counterpart on that and you'd be talk, but you can't talk about saying, oh don't, we're not starting a cold war when obviously you are peter, what's your take on what i said? and also i just want your thoughts on the fact that, you know, the, you can, you, us have previously only shed stories about then nuclear defense technology with each other. and now there's the shift. how significant does that. this is a huge step up. you can say because now for the 1st time, a 3rd country, australia has been sharing a chinese technology. and it is, it can be seen certainly by china as being something that's a little dangerous for them. because china is not a strong on nuclear or anti submarine nuclear submarine technology. and in a nuclear submarine oriented will be a real problem for china. and i think this is where i think the australian person said that it's important to turn the tone down the rhetoric and to have not talk
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past each other, both sides but said talk to each other about this and then restrain themselves. they don't want to new arms rates like we had within the us and the soviet union which had to be brought under control with a lot of effort. you don't want to have that again here and also forget wars can start to miscalculation while war one is barbara tuchman said the story, and we start to miscalculation misjudgment. and this can happen as a tinderbox situation could arise here. so i do believe that it's important that we to make sure that both sides and the leadership of the diplomats work hard on this to ensure that this does not get out of control or spark something that we would never be able to bring back to control on that, michael, is there an expectation that if there is some sort of major conflict over taiwan or the south trying to say that these units would be deployed in the midst of that think does any doubt, really, if of aging, acted to use force to try and change the status of a warm that america and partners and allies, including his travel,
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you would become involved. and that's a matter of national interest and regional security. and i hope that's understood in beijing. in fact, it's these kinds of scenarios that are leading to this unfortunate made to increase military, terence, but i wanted to mention one point about the idea that firstly nuclear submarines is somehow going to be guided technology. i think that's a scenario, but there's no real evidence to show that's the case at this partnership. the failure you as you can, partnership has near term capability. benefits to including in the under see domain which is in error is advantage for pricing. so in the interest of not having miscalculations, i wouldn't on aging thinking that near term additions to take
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a guilty on happening on these topics should they will michael just on the discussion around time lines for my prime minister, kevin rod says, and i quote, a strongly or is a left strategically naked for 20 years because some is suggesting that the submarine program may not be available until until 2040. do you agree with the sentiment that will will be left strategically naked for 20 years? no, i don't. and i think the sooner these submarines content data, but as i say there will be a series of other important capability improvements. well, before that time frame, including in the under c, j mind, i would be shocked not to say affective on may not in the c capability shared between these important partners. and indeed also i would expect to see them in the, on partnership and an important trial actually like us and one and of course with
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south korea. so there's a growing range of capabilities, the enter, the deterrent picture and region. and that's well before the 1st the submarines turns up. i know china has told the lines to abandon it's cold war mentality or race coming. it's loon interests. is that a direct threat? no, i mean they see it is a cold war. other going to be a response is probably going to be in trade, but i think what it means is that trying to pursue its economics more regionally, and that will have an effect. remember, it's the largest market out there. australia depends on it. the u. s. needs europe, needs it, great britain needs it or that you think they did, but i mean, politics has played a role here. you know, obviously australia's prime minister is, is reeling from this, with scandal involving one of his ministers and some mysterious money that showed
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up for his legal funds. boris is re shuffled his cabinet. biden is under attack because of the handling of the afghan war. so, and you know, things, but there's one other aspect that i want to mention here. i mean, pores johnson made this thing about 3 english speaking nations getting together. i don't know that that's going to sit well, not only with china, but with the rest of us on this idea that somehow english speaking people, i have a, you know, some sort of superiority and should be taking on the world and teaching everybody. smacks of colonialism and racism while we only have one minute to go off the program. so i just wanted to get some final thoughts quickly paid out your response to honor and perhaps a solution going forward. absolutely, we need to avoid that impression and i think was john to statement was not that
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well taken. and instead there should be cooperation, diplomacy and a handle on not talking passed. he mentioned before, but talking with each other, both sides and to ensure there's no miscalculation. and this is a very serious stepped forward that went and it has to be brought under control. so i was really look forward to that. well, we appreciate all of your insights in this robust discussion as always. thank you very much to our guests. we have paid matthews, michael shoe bridge and i'm a tang and them and thank you to for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com, and for further discussion, go to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash a j inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter. handle is a j inside story from main, emily angland and the entire change the class in the news
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news, news, news, news, news, i each and every one of us has got a responsibility to change our personal space for them in the we or we could do this experiment many of us could increase just a little bit that wouldn't be worth doing, but he had any idea that it would become a magnet who is incredibly rest asking women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly here in getting this pick up to collect the segregate to say the reason this is extremely important service that they
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provide to the city we are we need to take america to try to bring people together trying to deal with people who left behind the government support, swindling versus parliamentary elections. take place in september, but as this leader electing valley remains in prison and to finalize a band from taking part, could the due to the criminal and be wide open for another clean sweep. supporting special coverage on al jazeera. to know where the fires are and where they are going greeks up to the skies worrying sign helicopters have been getting closer to major towns and cities. this one has just arrested and become much bigger. and if you can see by the train tracks the fires, climbing up the hill just behind on the ground,
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this is what the business of fighting fires looks like. holding back inevitably of mother nature's fury is dangerous and exhausting work to give whatever the hope is, the fire will stop when it runs out of fuel. but for the moment, the fuel is everything inside there is a huge group of people at work behind our screens and the power they have is massive. that urge to keep swiping through your twitter feed design. the way we all click, i agree to the terms and conditions that's designed, and most of us never even give it a 2nd. and actually that design is what ali riggs, blue is, how designers are manipulating behavior in the final episode. all hail the algorithm on a job when freedom of the press is under threat in, oh, you just cause thought genuinely about your thoughts towards that they can
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government step outside the mainstream. there has been a implement here just some of access port shift the focus, the panoramic that's turned out to be a handy little prefect. the prime minister clamped down on the press covering the waves. the news discovered the listening post on jessie. ah, i'm about to sit and do the job stories on other 0, frances recalling it's a basset is to the us and a straight up after what it's calling a stab in the back. france is angry after most really. i cancelled a multi 1000000000 dollar submarine trunk trying to enter a military alliance with the u. s. and the u. k. rory challenge has more from london recalling ambassadors in the carefully coded language of diplomatic
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relations is, is a pretty serious move. it's not the breaking off of diplomatic relations, but it's what you do, what you want to show.


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