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tv   [untitled]    September 18, 2021 8:30am-9:00am AST

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or harming the environment. while initiatives like this may seem like a drop in the ocean on a global scale here in the gulf. it's providing a positive step toward addressing one of the most pressing issues over time, gillian wolf, al jazeera, doha, ah, hello again. i'm fully battle with the headlines on our jazeera frances re calling it some bastards from the u. s. in australia as a diplomatic ra, over a new security patch escalades under the de las trailer will be allowed to will be able rather to acquire nuclear power submarines. but it means the multi $1000000000.00 agreement to buy submarines from france is being canceled. washington is hoping to discuss the dispute or the un general assembly next week. the us military has admitted a drone strike and gone and found capital last month mistakenly killed civilians instead of ice. will fight is an investigation found that an aide work died along
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with 9 members of a family. i am now convinced that as many as 10 civilians, including up to 7 children, were tragically killed in that strike. moreover, we now assess that it is unlikely that the vehicle and those who died were associated with k or were a direct threat to us forces. i offer my profound condolences to the family and friends of those who were killed. this strike was taken in the earnest belief that it would prevent an imminent threat to our forces and the evacuees at the airport. but it was a mistake and i offer my sincere apology as the combatant commander. i am fully responsible for the strike in his tragic outcome. us media report say the biden administration is planning the mass deportation of thousands of haitian migrants from a border town in texas. most of the migrant saying that a makeshift camp under bridge in del rio order agents have temporarily closed the
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crossing with mexico. the u. s. is threatening more sanctions against the warring sides in ethiopia to drive region 10 months of fighting has left thousands of people dead and hundreds of thousands living in farming like conditions. guineas military leaders say they will not give into pressure from the west african economic block class to allow the post president african day to leave the country. a delegation from the blank is in con creek and met with military leaders on friday . it's already imposed sanctions and demanded elections. we have within 6 months and out very as long as setting president abdul aziz put their flicker has died at the age of $84.00. he stepped on more than 2 years ago. following mass protests rejecting his plan to seek or 5th turn. those are the headlines coming up next on al jazeera, it's a documentary the forbidden bail. we town the untold stories. ah,
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we speak when others don't. ah, we cover all sides. no matter where it takes a police finn, if you guys are my i empower in passion. we tell your story. we are your voice, your new your neck out here. i lose many aspects of afghan coach had been systematically destroyed or forgotten. the afghan films archive has been largely preserved through
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all of these years. when so much else was looted or blown up, a small group of people risked their lives to save the national archives. they managed to preserve the films and these records of all of the afghanistan that exist in saving decades of history. they believe these films have something to give to the present moment. in the 1900 sixty's african cinema was born filmmakers. one aware of the dangerous to come i
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was taken, i mean, why did it, but i was much wobbling data, me data, data meetings, moving by you know what she can, what you can even more of my job done for more data done. ah she once you're here, you're like, you know, i gotta tell you because my guess is again to me from boy. i mean mother,
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she gave the usual, bought a new dot or you're welcome to get to work on it. i got enough home. it can be a game with i just mentioned at home can bear with me one moment for me was i thought of all my mobile, what your mobile phone could dodge from joy cause i saw that you could send me a call. sure. i got yeah, bye bye. was young got off the need that was young. got us. was that the he, they got that was a land mo, you often you bubble for them to put all of fillmore to talk. i didn't do that again. the funds to the book monday. please give cornish all what they mean. you just got a body just awesome.
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yeah, going bud. top films? yes. i've any bus so she just had a more coach. got a quick check. i should have been in the young gotta talk to another child another . she's not, you know, the civilian again, you know, getting me to welcome my mission. you're trying to keep month based on the polity of wanted to follow which you may have close ski, joy kid than the john you russia, but a foot longer job. any one can more out
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i'll be happy about it because a lot of money money come south commack your gun. those 2 motors mission. i don't because we offer somebody get him paid on i'm always interested in archives as an artist, as a filmmaker, and as a teacher. and i've been making work in, in about a scanner and for a number of years. and for me, it was really exciting to find out that i've kind of and had this incredibly rich and deep cinematic history of which i was totally unaware. and then to realize that most other people were also totally unaware of it. it was like finding
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a hidden treasure and then thinking, here's something i can actually do to start bringing some of those histories back into circulation. the what is really extraordinary about looking at these films is that they all tell us something really important about as gun son as a nation. and how in vision itself, at the moment that there are some for me, the news
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a call when you make it hello. be noticed by that m offset police would, would i call my saw to make them have them at us. you know what, what, how rosa juma sought to do when i'm able to see my on the, on off. you feel my little boy's, you're that much for the left. why we agree. like, mom we ship them to. do you enjoy me guess you can talk. i was just, you know, i was but a hold him. the office is not all of them. are there i can we stuff it's your stuff like motion to cut all that ah, cookers him with yes. yes. we have more she was and you want to can fill them and they walk. and boy, you must get
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a horse thomas, by the time that was off it can, we can get any more. she know what the hold up. you're gonna love this awesome. well, she's a give us a call, but i'm a johnny with chuck. just submitted a 50 voters for them. she wouldn't meet on a yard. i'm all up isn't what the additional key e i c c i want to hold technology. nice to meet me is when you get to see the show more him the gas hollow yacht, tough quarter, and the shop. they guess, you know, when that us ah, i, when i 1st went to the african films archive, the physical plan of the building was really deteriorating. so they had actual leaks in the archive. and you were really out of luck in trying to figure out what with available to feed
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the what they're going to be doing a lot better mortgage would be no good actually caught him off key for more that the one where doors or the new as a filament must another one, utility or the mobile kind of touch on the junk the product. because i know that a lot actually didn't buy me. fill out a massage in any film are in the film as in all my you need don't cut mid that care. a need more or more than a voicemail, so we'll say mike at cumberland event will also be brought up with that marie fillmore because i'm a show me that you could pass on. why didn't you buddy? bye me raise my arm lot. mama. charlotte again,
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was low. oh that one is done and it was done by him and i can send him out if the other person stood at them. okay, but i could just give me a minute when i do all come in the home come visit. however, he comes to me so he must have been now you don't get them negative doors definite under saturday should get im sorry for may subway his her boss her mamma is pretty mcgroon. offer me her mother. he sops fer mer just a moment and look at them. yeah. oh okay. thats in columbus long should be oh cognitive continues any kind of calendar. so could you tell me when you live on hook,
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if you come down, if you think that much pressure that would be when he comes in, which would be to keep my number in case you didn't want to look at as you come for me for me the for me to hold him up my tongue. custom defense. it was the same. it's a has also the media number the way i was just one of them coming to that a come to me. ah, hey, i'm kind of the engineer is the most prolific gas gun director. probably the most beloved one as well among his peers and making calls from the younger generation
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because he's made films that are such like love. and because the need at least one film a year for so many years when he can tell no more to him, my car not sure but flip the can you meet that center on behalf of the mac, right? issue kind of the i just got to see on this one will probably be testing the one to the camera and i believe it is just a moment. oh, i can sony behind those i showed you have on 10 most of them can my throne. yeah. them assume my nose, my city politics because don't why my yeah, gonna me
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a loan soft team will trust me mac. i had already come about the room young don't. they said you could have one son as low as you have on famous kid. lots of teach to tony sticky. they're busy the right, but i but i did. they did. they should get to come. no don't fell me is to hold them a soft hope you're not talking but i want to involve this moved on by. so i thought it may well on the dos. funny. so remember just a moment and then the audio not, not the net. amanda table. johnny boy because i couldn't walk. and what it was in a minute,
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maggie. i mean, it was i think it's important for the soon to be more widely available and i've got to send and a want to help a friend to digitize the entire archive. and of course, the 1st stage of doing anything like digitalization is to try to understand what you actually have been some couple of you did in the culture. news, i'm not, i'm on the slide, those in front of me.
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ah, you are done outside of phil monolithic and i think the earlier grandsons that existed africa and intellectual isn't left on modernism. african left ism, all of these other histories are actually present in this archive. and to see them acted out on film, it really changes the way that people think about a fantasy we've been seeing, especially in the past few years, these incidents are really extreme violence. and it's important to be reminded that there were decades when it was not a place where violence was normal, the
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same i don't i bet you me up on me. these guys came out in time with that i taught was actually that, that's all i got on the marker. i like the how the
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2nd metabolic de shot amazon cities homeland novel then base. and although the shut off ticket opened and put us on our him and race configure, go back to the thing that will make them go go. he left the film on me the don't does in and megan, i'm a, i'm a 3. i feel show me me, why am i pine out him to non dummy holy le dummy metacity boot here. i told by my dad. but the musket makes us my, my mom had was really more in the stomach and i'm going to say by that and i will stomach, i'm k y, my mac pebble, and i'm act up on a w, a mac that by the, by the more s on the miss holsome ki i furniture k motor forward. bush i'm. i've
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got all why i called them abortion k by now. have a mighty book on them, but a my don't while my son but that isn't too much asked on our do you need to get that hot for that matter with and ah ah ah, they got me on that. me and my mom can make and i got a lot going on and him for that. does he lot them me more not i'm not going on. i don't much talking to me home, but now more got on a while marshal. i cannot do mug of them. i got a man or do 30 me label my as the words in my, in it costs order them me and then we'll go bush them or to rosie se,
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or them go scale mobile, quantitatively qualified. and i don't, i would gain jaron hall say, you know, that martin, by the way to them sort of the hotel are older than either of perhaps the day yet that it was or more. no, that's why i was the wireless host. and i need to get my blood cobra dad. c i bought a son who's alone, but i'm not sure she doesn't key. kim shaw, husky dog. he was, he just gave me a horse buzz. you could up his book with all his muscular movies in the game, but would it could, could all film and now it was not the as you will have with your cache if you want to you bob, bob or the sonya from soft, know what your film a, b, b, the last one for both of you to so what
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about my host of dr. show with them johnny with this last monday and as you, she's, i asked monica so i ask it be hard to get out of the field. so i'm sure this month, but also georgia. well, they might know that another one functional gene and joe died of waiting around like somebody say like ah, what are always the voice or whatever the case is also in the cottage of this year when they started in the hospital to hosp,
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what have to come to the can get the most cockburn wrong was taken was killed by the most of them roughly come door on. i mean the joke should to get i would appreciate it. mike should have was an issue on doing that over the financial that you know, want them or just want to know what those fatty minish my put him about if he doesn't care. i but i mark it as though those thought you were not as much more besought as the box that i was doing but as you want to be there, but she gave some will do to see if that child i saw last before bought after monday. you are not the oldest, you know, will be higher up, isn't it? can that should not be so you would use a clear yes. do you want to go over that with you?
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i won't even chose you never know economy much about just the force of the community to show them better on us. rages have $94.00 special as you just have that if you don't use all of them on it's not a bomb. do so 70 we shouldn't get into solve. they get the whole thing and others why doctor? i don't know if i'm sure, but a mac mac, my god, god yeah, i hear my appointed son about wanting to pour the firm so he knows he pocket a school kid 10 enough as not mandel in your book because this didn't either solely yet fed and we all decide about your fellow has a mission. it's often it's, you know more here. if you're caught this one, but i guess that
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a film is her theme. i get that a form but it's you know, most often they gimme a cali. multiply a he chip, a see no more, you know, on recall li. net. you don't need no, lou poly, nothing. the book, buddy my buddy d. moda as needed yet upon medium, at db. hanging with todd or the mom, you know, fitting the mall. i'm not sure if it was saw what it could let him over that. been into his makeup on she could be a part of that mix. huh. i have the in the next episode of the civilian real, communist coo and a golden age of african cinema. i my don't our e probably. i got
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a job. i got bought a kid john year. miss terry jenny putnam was a bubble wagon for george because they would talk about johnny legitimate. it's make the humble all of them that have gone to they can shut up while it but the high dish because of good. she watched such the from the surveillance of correct. so the battle fields around most of our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. it was meant to be that day you, here's a car was going quick. i could put a project attack stunned the world and the u. s. president, a guy came in and whispered something into the prejudiced ear. what did he tell fatal for the school children present?
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the events of september, the 11th defined the world. they grew up in just a huge moment. these are their stories. $911.00, witness on al jazeera, the news. hello, i'm fully back the boy in doha with a look at the headlines on al jazeera, frances recalling its ambassadors from the us and australia as a diplomatic dispute over a new security packed escalades. under the deal, australia will be able to acquire nuclear power submarines. but it means a multi $1000000000.00 agreement to buy submarines from france is being canceled. washington he's hoping to discuss the.


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