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tv   [untitled]    September 17, 2021 4:00am-4:31am AST

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nazi concentration camps and how these mediation skills put him at the vanguard in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the count on algebra. ah, and alamo, he didn't do her with the headlines on al jazeera, the u. s. the u. k. and australia have defended their new strategic alliance after it came under attack from china on to the agreements. the strictly and governments will get you clear parts of marines. it's seen as an efforts to come to pages influence in the pacific region with china says it will only intensify an arms race . was when jordan reports in washington dc. the u. s. u. k and australia reportedly agreed to form a new defense alliance on the sidelines of this year's g. 7 summit in england,
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washington and london will help it by a fleet of nuclear powered submarines. the main reason for the alliance containing china, we spoke in detail about china as the stabilizing activities in beijing efforts to course and intimidate other countries. contrary to establish rules and norms, we will remain clear eyed and review a beijing's efforts to undermine the established international order. we discussed the competition of china at a number of levels that requires us to respond and to increase resilience. this does not mean that there are not constructive areas for engagement with china straight. it continues to seek dialogue with china without pre conditions. not surprisingly, beijing condemned both the alliance and the submarine deals war war,
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leon kaden, who attended the export of highly sensitive nuclear power. simmering technology by the united states and britain to australia once again proves that they are using nuclear exports as a tool of geopolitical games on adopting double standards, which is extremely irresponsible. attending in washington journalist pummeled the ministers with questions about the security path. is check in china's efforts worth offending it or offending long standing partners. this is about enhancing our, our cooperation, our work together, ultimately about enhancing security stability in the pacific. it is not aimed at any country. it's certainly not aimed at holding anyone back. the announcement of this new alliance could signal that the us president joe biden has decided to reshape american foreign policy, bolstering new alliances to deal with new threats. while telling old partners that
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change is not a diplomatic death knell. rosalind jordan al jazeera, the state department, the taliban insistence more united than ever after report that its leaders are in a major power struggle. the good sense the claims are aimed at the stabilizing the country just weeks after it took control. leaders from the west, africa and economic blog echo was have impose sanctions on guineas military rulers . they're demanding elections be held within 6 months. and he was suspended from echo on last week, after a military coup removed, president of the kobe from par fighters in nigeria have killed at least 18 government soldiers in an ambush. in ne, in both states, a west african iso affiliate says it carried out the attack. the area has been at the heart of the 12 year. conflicts was killed with 40000 people and displaced on
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2000000. francis suspended around $3000.00 health care workers for failing to comply with cove with 19 vaccination orders. inoculation was made compulsory for health workers in july with the deadline of september. 15th measure is one of several and boosting vaccination numbers, including the light of a covert health pass to access leisure venues, italian government, taking things even further, making its covered passports mandatory for all workers from october 15th employees and both the public and private sectors will need to show proof of vaccination and negative test or recent recovery from infection, lavinia and greece have adult said similar measures. and those are the headlines. the stay with us here on al jazeera witness is up next. ah
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engine with any more logical person? no. no, no, no, no no, no not mission us. india projected in again on a job as well. what a bushy this is the pollution days in southern afghanistan, airports, cargo planes need to use the old 19 fifties airport to bring in the vital weapons and supplies. it's a lifeline for other local soldiers. and for thousands of coalition troops whining the war on terror. the 1st sides of anti americanism are surfacing and that it's clear there are powerful courses here with the best interest in approval, king violent opposition, we would simply say to the people of afghanistan today that we have given
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commitments. we will honor those commitments both on the humanitarian side on terms of rebuilding up kind of stuff. one of the most reading and repressive regimes ever that down a band is now out of business. the oh the me the can you please you believe you the digital google supers to do get on to
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create the more did you did the party? we are great. i was now in the war on terror. we look forward to a better future for the people and to many, many years. love african american friendship. thank you. the ah mila medication database. yup. so what it does, is it all that good. ah, ah, the you can do it
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from terrorism, from oppression from occupation into a country that is now moving towards prosperity whenever you saw it. on the case, i don't see that it would just get to play on, but i said this isn't the gas like those of us can under say, taliban insurgents here are copying the tactics used to fight the us in around me. i
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a deal that i need to get to do. yeah. now we're going to need to do that. i want to know how to do to go to the silent classes between the taliban and nato forces left him french soldiers dead with violence that to be up 50 percent. in spite of the growing number of troops now serving under joint nato, us command kind of when a visual kind of shied on a boots up victim, it's, i don't if i did send to them at the mention of god,
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the son of the leash leven couldn't duffy and i am star shide also. we must all try the intellectual community and get us up together to enable the further the abilities of the forces and numbers in tune and an equipment that downs the the man doing nevada to push mamma to go on. the con the says are headed in
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the good, i'm going to, i'm going to drop it off. good. you know, being in time. gosh, i didn't use ella moore. well, actually they don't look at home on the hill. okay. so, so there's, you know, meteor small natural rocks from outer space that survive the jones down to us and have high market value for rock and minimal collectors. alders either world's joins the moroccan nomads in their desert such with these gifts for adults.
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yeah, i can tell that it's a meter, right? had it is it is i me to roy morocco's meet you write hunter's on or disease. i care about how the u. s. engages with the rest of the world. i cover foreign policy, national security. this is very much a political impact here. the conflict, how the wheel is graded? are we telling the good story? will people get what we're trying to do here? they're living outside and make sure this is not the way any family wants to raise their children. we're really interested in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise. and to actually feel as if you were there. ready too often of kind of stone as portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many kind of stuff thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film archive standing for decade reveals the forgotten truth of the countries modern history. the forbidden
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real part one the birth of afghan cinema on a j. o . a i'm how am i he did in dough? how would the headlines on al jazeera, the u. s. the u. k. under strictly have defended their new security alliance. it'll allow the assure the government to acquire nuclear power submarines. it's seen as an effort to cancer china's influence in the pacific. i want to, besides that there is no regional divide, separating the interests of our atlantic and our pacific partners. this partnership with australian, the united kingdom, is a signal that we're committed to working with our allies and partners, including in europe to ensure a.


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