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tv   [untitled]    September 15, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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state red, rob reynolds al jazeera beverly hills, california. the world anti doping agency will review where the cannabis should remain a banned substance. us sprint to chicago richardson, mister tokyo olympics after testing positive for the drug and spot a backlash, particularly in richardson's home country, was agreed to keep the bounded place. the next here, want to scientific review, is carried out. ah, good to have you with us. hello, adrian. sort of hearing how the headlines on i was 0. the united states has condemned the latest ballistic missile launch from north korea, calling for a de escalation of tension on the peninsula. but in a surprise, move the south flex its military. my, my successfully testing this are launched from the water rub mcbride reports. this comes on what has been a busy day of missile activity on both sides of the d. m. z. first of all,
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south career is claiming something of a 1st with the launch of this s l b m. now this is a submarine launch, ballistic missile, which is something of a technological achievement, to launch a missile from a submarine submerge below the surface. it breaks free and then its main rocket 5 and away it goes. in fact, south korea becomes only the 7th country in the world to have mastered this technology. this know how it says earlier, wednesday, it had the successful launch office. as of it's coast us, olympic gymnast told us senators that they feel betrayed by the f. b. i failing to seriously investigate disgrace team. don't allow enough for athletes to suffer sexual abuse by nasa. testified at a senate hearing into the f. b. i's mishandling of the case. nasa assaulted hundreds of women and girls. and my to be clear, i believe are enough heard. and i also blame an entire system
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that enabled and perpetrated his abuse. yet while i was a member of the 2016 us olympic team, neither u. s. a g u s o p c, nor the f b i ever contacted me or my parents, while others had been informed and investigations were ongoing. i had been left to wonder why i was not taught until after the rio games its been on since the telephone seized afghanistan's capital cobble and took control of the government after its military success. it's now facing the challenge of creating a durable administration. the country's economy is in ruins and according to the world food program, up to 14000000 people are on the brink of starvation. and those are the headlines bonnie: ski here and i'll just era. after risking it all next news
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news. news. the the touch power river in amazon yet northern brazil. jessie, aged 14 and 11, a trying to grab hold of the boats. this is not a game. it's worse than not the only ones working the river traffic. other kids catch
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a ride to the passenger areas. just below them, the fairies, propeller, the risk and death just to make a few pennies. selling james and sweet morgan
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in or you are the level of the products in the sort of commerce is unique to this stretch of the river. me here. the touch up for is that it's narrowest and the boat's probably close to the shore. it's the best place for the little canoes to do business. about a dozen canoes have fastened onto the bomb. jazz was the ship's captain, maintain speed. he has a schedule to capture on in the
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main to work. go ahead and go to lunch and get you to bonnie cuz i do get you the jessie and his friends know all the large boats they make their living is from . and that crew on board the bomb juice. there's always some food put aside for the river kids. some of the kids who climbed on board are very young indeed. something that worries captain sent us no day for you. i feel this was. busy
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more dilemma, more uniform people if they're dealing with a lot and that would be a little bit different even if you're allowed to be in law guy, he might annoy him. i got him. i don't know if you my under brazilian law, the river captain is responsible in case that makes it a lot higher than i can hear
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you. so if you only just continue. my boys are the i don't mind you. why do you for me, please finish porch. he can either read nor write, but jesse knows how to count his profits. about 3 and a half dollars, a small contribution to his family's income. jesse is the youngest of 12 children. his mother been addicted, who's almost 60, wakes in each morning. jesse's lived in his house. i'm fills all his life. it's a life that revolves entirely around the river. i saw some of
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those in there. if you think about $135.00 a month or $31.00, no one is just completely lot of on them. off was working with us going on in the amazonian basin. the rivers are the main arteries for virtually everything. the ship from new zealand has come to pick up a consignment of tree trunks, the waterways, a constant and flow of people and trade. please barges are the public transport system. bus, train and tramp all rolled into one. the
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the hottest trips to get onto the passenger fairies. $1500.00 tons of islands field traveling at 30 kilometers an hour. jessie knows the safest place to board his in the bow, far from the dangerous eddies at the stern. at the back, the last canoe is in trouble. it slowly filling up the. the father paddled furiously as a son, desperately tries to scoop out the water. in the end, they dive out to prevent the canoe from thinking the
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the we know feeding. as the monday to take, i will go back to normal corps, get sick lives, go ms. young, somebody called my lease expires. so going to get rid of them. i did look them up as
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the new doors and i need to get back with a bad manual sanders, his son and the rest of his family. hope the next day will be better and that they will be something to eat on his boat. however, jeff is still doing deal for some of the passengers, despite being fully aware of the risks,
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kids like jesse take, still try and haggle over the price and what's going on the can therefore the river trade. jesse has been doing every day of the week since he was 10 years old. in all his only ever attended school for a month. it's an hour away by canoe.
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the fuzzy black dot noways are expected to be graded either before they will live in in is this. you might, could either want to get you in the fall and, you know, getting someone to connect you come to wish seek one is in for my sons can help us out of bush by the 5th all at the office. yano van. forget, think i got home that you meant that of it's gonna save you a whole bunch i, you know, being i score like i'm glad you me and my view, all the jim, where do you find out those today? just going to find out schuman think, big huge to him on trouble. catherine, read this to the app,
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the author over 3500 view. you might have in the least in the morning this, i mean if i was there, my name gosh, you instead, jesse school is the river and the jungle. jesse's family has always preferred live along the river. living off the river, trade and hunting. you
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may or may not come because i'm not going to call us more than more you will dish. why the hell out here and my muscles are still on the more you know a lot. 2 along with god the have you seen on the call from moon, the dark in the moon? just move kind of the moon rather lazy with
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a v. as in you can bridge or body line please. you can apply daniel 5 line there's me you to listen to the me back on the touch, a poorer river and the young canoeing the short distance from jesse's house. a group of beggars has shown up most of the kids, many less than 5 years old. that too small to get on board the passing ships, so to attract their attention, they shout louder. what might be
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that you talk to me further down the young river traders are as numerous as ever come on the about a dozen canoes have fasting themselves to the fairy. but oddly, jesse is absent. it's unlike him to miss the opportunity to make a few rounds. something's changed on the river. the fairies still allow the kids to climb aboard. the crewmen
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on the merchant ships and barges have become less accommodating. these kids will soon find out for themselves. on the barge, they're not welcome. no chance of selling anything here. and for some of the crew, the kids don't cost off quickly enough. one man even threatens to cut the ropes, but tether the canoes vanished. what does it matter? get you in. okay. what's like worked, man it's going to put him in the
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middle of the bar above the shop or you must know boucher frank praise is i'm thank god i was there anything you might not cheat? i'm not cheated to be able to have the crews, however, have good reason to be cautious. over reason, month incidents of piracy have increased the river bandits who held up the merchant votes at gunpoint during the night. use the same type of canoes as the kids on the badges. everyone is on edge lloyd, you know more about any game or anyone going to see, he will give you credit to the tv. i got to speak about, you know,
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what i can to make this even like when me, when i look to see how much i will use. okay. she wouldn't do you think? i think it was the, the banks of the touch of poorer jesse family as in mourning. the youngster was shot and killed a few weeks earlier by the captain of a river badge for jessie had turned to crime and become a pirate himself. he was killed trying to hold up a barge at gunpoint. the claudio, one of jesse's old brothers, also took part in the robbery attempt, but could do nothing to save his brother, her mother, and i think the miller yamaha left her a limb for her. do you really like basic for
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2nd id follows of them anymore, but i missed the do the mileage, you know, we're not gonna go into the fema washington. they work, you know, going to need to go to pay them. i see the policy is what about your call? he will allow i wanted to follow up with you all this all. busy i fall out of your current unit, you know, they will not bother me . i know his family knew that jesse had become a criminal, but his mother always felt the things when these are the deal. he, the officer said you're going to say and almost done here. and i'm not allowed to do it. you deal here for my glasses,
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i need to go for model. for the visual work, you know me up or that will your label for sound or work or song your story to be in his. they saw him on the work. god, you remember get your past due? she did, leaving everyone on the river was marked by jesse the desk. the youngsters made a habit of visiting jesse's grave in the riverside cemetery. 13 was jesse's favorite nephew. he's taken over now along with his brother, sam. yo and his cousin claudio both age 12 and mark senningson the most
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calling me to move for her. hi, murphy. are you? i'm remembering got 30 or yes you who plenty in a garage employee with all of them it will go to go. i will start with this by the incident. life and trade on the river must go on for the children of the rio. there's no alternative the best selling item, this is the ingots. a jungle fruit that's only found around this stretch of the river and which is much more where the passengers on the fire is ms. i cloud you and see me. oh, no way to find them. but so the dangerous harvest the fruit is found only at the
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top of some trees of more than 30 meters above ground. for ingles sell for one rail. barely $0.25. the the man now it's very is time the the kids have to rush because the boat is fast. with each passing minute they are swept further and further from her. the
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the dogs good to get us in half an hour the kids have made barely for dollars that yeah, i mean even the more the kids followed the ferry for 15 kilometers down river to avoid having to paddle all the way back and the other hitch a ride alongside a barge heading up river. mm mm.
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with my know my number. i got a bag and when you make me let me just you know i just got billed off going goes down the line up with my dental with the mama line
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me. ready use is health issues where the slightest error means a one way ticket over the edge. we have that we may not come back to homes, may not meet children breathing tough condition facing death every time they'll gamble with their life just to uninstall risk and it's all on our ah ah
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ah, on air will online be posted to debate or pacific people the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the when know how big it off the table? it says shoot inside atmosphere. people are demoralized. they're exhausted and many health care workers are experiencing p t f. d like symptom. jump into this dream and julian global community. if you're online on youtube right now, you can be part of this conversation as well. this stream announces era. china has been very strategic in the way to finding a sweet indian ocean. what is it? and we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in without the international aid. what do you think is going to happen? the afghan economy? counting the coast on al jazeera ah
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al jazeera, when ever ah, all. the news of north korea and south korea test those ballistic missiles, ours, apart from each other. ah, hello, i'm adrian. this is alex here, a live from doha. also coming out. us olympians who suffered sexual abuse appear before the senate hearing examining why the f b. i didn't investigate a disgraced team doctor sooner. i believe her. and i also believe.


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