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tv   [untitled]    September 14, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm AST

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in the final episodes, all hail the algorithm on just, you know, we understand the different cultures, the cost around what moves wilson, the news and current does that matter to you? the. ready news hello, i'm learn tailoring, under the top stories to 0. your 6 states has been subjected to a 2nd day of tough questioning. over the withdrawal of american troops from afghanistan, washington has been heavily criticized for its hasty evacuations. after the taliban took control of the capital and nibbling can says the rapid fall of cargo took us intelligence by surprise. and they'll be looking into why they failed to predict it . we collectively over 20 years invested as coronary amounts in those security forces. and in that government, hundreds of millions of dollars, equipment,
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training advice support and based on that, as well as based on what we were looking at real time. again, we did not see this collapse in a matter of 11 days. the tab on his promise to distribute more than a $1000000000.00 of aid directly to afghans who need it. i've kind of on is heavily reliant on external assistance. and the takeover has compounded fears. if economic collapse, the money was raised as a un donors conference on afghanistan since the group seized power. we assure the international community that we're pleased to hear about the pledge committed to afghanistan. at the same time we promise on our part. but all the relief fate reach those that deserve it. it's our responsibility to hand out the really fade to all africans, all across the country. haiti's promise to accept, to be charged as a suspect in the murder of the president. the country's chief prosecutor has asked
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the judge to indict a halo he and ordered migration services. not to let him leave haiti, president driven n louise was assassinated in july, and court documents say the prime minister was called twice in the hours after his death, by one of the main suspect. the causes around 4 am local time. last and 7 minutes. farmers though he has not commented kim ives, is a journalist with the a t lee best in the paper. he says the investigation is now focusing on this phone calls real and really has a lot to answer for work. the 2 calls he made to joseph felix bag. yo who was apparently the man who gave the order for the columbia mercenaries who had been hired for the hip to kill president job. now my reason is presidential apartment. so
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a lot of people have come to the conclusion that the impact on re was part of it when the prosecutor bedford club asked him to come speak to him about the calls are ellen read sort of back candidates saying it was diversionary tactics. so now, bedford clod is up the game that reputed his hosting to his ally the syrian president, bashar assad for the 1st time in 6 years. but you need to discuss how syrian forces backed by russia will gain control of the country's last rebel held areas who tend to intervene to support aside in the war in 2015. also criticized foreign powers. continue to back the physicians into the new bloom. and that's because the films to the main problem in my view is that the foreign military forces and without the permission of the un and without your sanctioning, are present on some territories of the country which contradicts international law
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. and that does not give you an opportunity to use maxim efforts for the consolidation of the country and to move on the part of its restore ation as fast as you could if the whole territory of the country was controlled by the legal government. and versus in the u. s. state of california. deciding with 8 of governor gavin newsome in a special recall election campaign to asked to democrat, began with a conservative republican group and gain momentum. during the pandemic use. him has been criticized for his handling of the code 19 outbreak along with liberal policies on immigration and crime. if more than 50 percent vote for him to be recalled, he'll be replaced by whichever candidate receives the highest vote. in the 2nd question on the ballot, there is the top stories to stay with us. our 0 world is up. next one you see after that. thanks for watching scene bit. ah
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ah, me. these are lakes is lee and lake to live in the high atlas mountains of morocco. there is a story that they were created by 2 lovers from opposing tribes, and that their waters are cheers off long. the legend has an unhappy ending. and as of the couple threw themselves into the 2
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lakes when they realize that their love could not overcome the conflict between their to try. but in reality, there was a simple but fascinating scientific explanation for the origin of the lake you are to hitter sick at the end of the chef and of the for the day to kind of in natick or colleen and not to miss her machine. this mr. go ahead, music, and how did she know 50 more can observe this and them as i did. oh man, the door could be it was in your screen. kill your sheet for somebody in the house and look at it to come and talk, ha, inadequate, fearful. what does it does that can be? it could be a question of the and now is g, g, c, y, often it's you need,
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is it given, is going when bad bad show shuttle this should have indicated he needs needs that i i mean, you're right, there's a small piece of rock from another planet which survives entering the atmosphere and lands on the surface. meteorites are extremely rare, but they can be found almost anywhere on earth. however, more samples have been found in morocco than most other countries. partly because
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the shiny black rock can be seen more easily on dry mountain landscapes. so the sky interest rate explanation for the tumor, rock and lakes is that around 40000 years ago, a 100 meter wide asteroid was hurtling towards earth. it broke up into several large pieces which landed in the high atlas mountains, causing these massive craters. the nomads in this remote part of morocco have learned to live with unrecognised meteorites remain. these ancient rock carvings show that they witness their impacts thousands of years ago. ah, but far from fearing meteorites, the moroccan nomad, see them as a gift from the sky.
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the i, international rock and mineral dealers can sometimes pay good money for meteorites, fine, and that can be valuable, extra income for mountain herders, like a moroccan. no man. i will have one n as no good not to be there when they can open them either by fans or what are some of your mac. i'm in a hammock, i will let them know what he does. so i can assure you i'm almost nowhere to have. so where are you in this? when i knew most of kind of thing was the bottom of the and i was sick because she was we can come out of head. but in for food i can some and know,
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shall love and finacialow and the religion that we had linda who are in america the seems to be a liberal like knock on the surface and to check the letter the sucker did nozik and had been sad. the lid of the lin will leak and she push in is the la customer. and as the la and the she had an, an action is going to how to come to us look and see said gladly and the way it does and why have said that it was said leo, as he said, he tried to me then draw confounded motion and the 20,
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i mean, i'm sorry, as a fisherman turn professional meet you're right hunter. oh, i this nancy, sam yup. was saying can to pump into my, the ensemble of enough to see what kind of male and so that's the only english doki similar to what you really, really know. how those who gave you know, how they thought the solar unless human tucker to monet. smith. ok, so we'll need to quickly met him and to ma owsley and i can get to miss not
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the tonal images home. we lay in a tunnel. emily homes, you to look into? i will hand it had to hustle keisha, fully or had can level melinda. she turned with the with the can easy the yeah sure. yeah. no fema cricket off one day. i think it doesn't and there's a clear liking. she thought i had the color last about an issue. subway seedless cleaning of a machine was can i live? i live in salazar condo and an extra house stormed excite capital for me. under the she will shift and living distributor show the lazy so deeper this lou can in that if any new window i've seen luly can okay,
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you should do what can you hear a little home? i can ok hope your message will be, but he had had, he will be able to help you with it because it looks like it canceled my cyclical as you been with him at the unit 11. and also leveling the things that you need to get updated for us because the oxygen over the summer when we came onto me to make it as a well of for when do measure lead to do it to me, anybody can stick to any. and those are stock i can look kind of with some authority for some kind of our day and walk doing it now and the construction it would be well, i think that could loan cologne. think the like to an end to keep it up. people other service,
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even the domain. let me enter the salem is, if i choose a couple associated with your employer, mckinley will will suck to the music. he then that american can look up. she has it could build and not them soccer team. she has, it has been in the socket that amazing, ah, gary cones, the desert for me to write fragments himself,
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but also talks to local people about where the best findings might be in the middle. i think mclension did look good when i don't to him us goods machine the next had to go. so come here lola. that's all end of the handle. handle ballasa . lower case and gaining any case federal m. okay. can furthermore kevin, that so we'll do this alicia, for humility in washington. and she has, i know she has, she will look at what homer for her. some of the land is in any plan, but we only use him, but you know that he started so i think the little matter,
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the size of the shop i went that was in the middle of the bus was just got your cellphone. most of the forgot to leave and whether that was the question because of the season, it's a minimum of a $160.00 or so you some lim, not in the can. these are the benefits, which we know when all of those are not inducing the level of detail. deep
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turning comes landers, and usually we can surely the doctor, man, if he is a leading moroccan authority on meteorites, he teaches at university and i get here on the atlantic coast. he began studying meteorites in 2002 and has built up a network of contacts for sourcing and studying. these extremely rare ross as he norwalk has his own is when o forgot his name of any of the she 1st he live up in our lane. i'm not going to move them, cannot, cannot read it because you need
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a nice couple of where you can sure you when she for what's going to listen to this and you know, back in the middle, i feel right for the stuff you know can do the know had a mere cash deal in below. that's what me as gina was in florida, michel scope when she, when it came, i looked the key been tested for leaners. i will talk a call back in the bed. i let when you look in the order for a miracle on a clear story night in july 2011, the villagers and cheese didn't in southeastern morocco, saw a fireball shooting across the sky than falling to the ground. the cheese in meteorites as it's now known, turned out to have an unusual back story. a larger meteor had hit the planet mars and knocked off a large chunk of martian rock. that fragment had then remarkably made its way to
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earth and crashed into the moroccan desert nomad discovered the rock and sold it to dealers who then cut it into smaller pieces. some of these remained in morocco, while others were sold abroad, including the largest weighing over 1.2 kilos. an anonymous donor gave this to the natural history museum in london. its exact value is unknown, but meteorites from mars can attract up to a 1000 us dollars per gram action. but the nomads who found the cheese into media right and another called the black beauty only received a fraction of their value while dealers in north africa, europe and the u. s. took their own cuts. there is no legal framework governing these discoveries and morocco. so prices are negotiated according to how much wealthy collectors will pay bakovich gym. and as with the woman,
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melissa tim, indiana asked him and his, you know what your, what, i don't know what have the when, when, when he me didn't and for math going to be and then met, go a little bit, nicole volcano and musto look and feel mocked you all but who much green bocce german. oh will nice and now coming near you can ok human mom will come up on my real quick you bet belgium and when these exhibit or 30 rescue look after no, he did. the smile so far had music either. we meet then and you can then goodman's dish that have been enough, cocoa bought it, who will cook of give me who i should be. should i did? she didn't know how we're in. so my discovery, she led coca head oh
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the in dr. piece laboratory and i guess it's quite well equipped for media right analysis, but lacks the technology. if you're repeating and american labs, which can truck incoming meteorites approaching earth in morocco, the eyes and ears of local people do that job for doing to keep america to other when it can. it couldn't is it could be a little more because if you didn't come in that community and come in a hustle, which i'm sure for dokie to control the duty item. it's a bird. you had to nick buck and fucking come in to dinner instead. oh who marking pen gloom was come in or too low moderately rather than to be the
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can give me for the no mags in the rocking deserts. and the high atlas mountains finding meets your right fragments is a way of generating some extra income. they've been treating meteorites with dealers and researchers for over 20 years now. and so many have become experts in identifying the rocks, geological properties. and then as you said, that i had had made back in my case, let's see how can, how i don't know and she has of the day and they can. so can
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helen and look to like she, she knows better than the code had it. she would feel versus usually a little less likely me who didn't have enough. ah ah, with me re issue with the for the which is
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a could be good. all right. then other pieces we sort of like when? when is a push we didn't know if i ah ah yeah, yeah. like i said in like i say we minutes? yes. in the oh, when you said well enough
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human novitiate or not i should not love you with what you know later what. busy does this report to do with the school? yeah, well you said if kids are for new because as of this month sheesh,
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we're good with that. and then there's a reason that we m as well and dish as well about the land, and that could be their home and get their locals. she had that had less yes. hello to decal where they could vertical in allows you to do this is, you know, because i need to get whatever answer for could you see me and this is just a minute that she has a now, but i can get a little bit of going to get into place yet that does it, does that mean the wish would as soon as that's, as you said,
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to me doesn't mean this if it had me do said the look a deal for stuck to my station to my name is nanette from aetna and we're going to do any more on the road and this gives you a little lisman when he of me. so that's one of the school and then it will know, learn, know, then what kind of will you can do to sort of in to send them in or let us let them should i have to do it today, but i'm sure let me liomas'. yes i am i have and that's actually a look at look, children level mission. and if she need, you know, she would have to push. i love to share that with you
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because it was kind of yes, this is in coming up morocco's meet, you write hunter's head to a remote desk location. ah. will they find any elusive extra terrestrial rocks or will they return empty handed? ah, the the, the meat, the young river traders of resume they can neither read nor run. they know how to cover their reading seizures. again with their
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he'll do anything. just freaking out coverage of africa is what i'm most proud of. every time i travel, whether it be still west africa, people stop me and tell me how much they appreciate coverage. and our focus is not just on their offering, but also on the more realistic and inspiring story. people trust to tell them what's happening in their communities at clear and i'm biased and that's an african . i couldn't be more proud to be autumn. i'm russell bid in southern england, where to farmers turn safari park pioneers, a bits the attractive nature in the driving seat. i was just absolutely astonishing the life, the poor back even the very 1st life. and i miguel sophie, i santiago when one by in the room companies revolutionizing the system using fund
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an artificial intelligence hearing site. you have science, you have the right phone, just 0. me ah hello, lauren taylor number the top stories on how to 0. the 6 your state is being subjected to a 2nd day of tough questioning over the withdrew of american troops from afghanistan . washington has been heavily criticized for its hasty evacuations. after the taliban took control of the capital, antony blinking as the rapid fall of cargo took us intelligence by surprise. and they'll be looking into why they fail to predict it.


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