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tv   [untitled]    September 11, 2021 1:30pm-2:00pm AST

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the who's getting going on saturday, september 11th. here's what you need to know. we've got some big thunderstorms transferring from sardinia right through to sicily and southern italy. we do have red weather warnings in play for just how volatile this bundle of energy could be impacting southern italy next stop or go into turkey and we've got sunshine in the forecast for you and your temperature rate where it should be this time the year with a high of 25 still breezy for the eastern med that garcia will get up to 34 degrees on saturday, iberia toward the northeast of spain. we've got a run of rain, so we'll call it barcelona rate down to valencia with your height of $28.00 phil. unsettled in the west. we've got that cloud cover in rain, so that's pressing down temperatures. but if we look further toward the east sunshine in warsaw with a high of 27 degrees, we'll get into some bursts of rain across scandinavia as well. so also 19, much cooler than what it has been over the last few days when this weather report
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in africa. we've got this really cluster of cells now pushing out toward the atlantic. this was impacting guinea, but south guinea and center goal. but now we look for bursts of rain through beneath toko and into the ivory coast, impacting abby john with a hiv 26 degrees. that's it for me. i'll catch up with you later. the meet the young river traders resume thinking neither read nor right. they know how to code their breathing dangerous again with their he'll do anything just to christine, you know, when else examining the headline, we can have a political,
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the census political difference should not be the reason to kill other human investigative german locations. we've gained access to a training camp run by a boy from different corner. i never see, no american dream in america. you just feel like you're caged animal. things on my child shouldn't go through the program that isn't your i know tennis if you well today on alger o, a hello again. i'm in dire home that remind you about top stories here. the fallon commemorations will begin in the united states in the coming hours to last 20 years
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since the $911.00 attacks. nearly 3000 people with a new time of investigation has reveals the u. s. may have mistakenly target an aid work and a drone strike that killed 10 people. me ask on capitol in the us military has said it was going off, the ice was really forces have arrested for the fix kind of thing and present escape from a maximum security facility on monday, one of them is commanded, the car is ready to present still remain at launch. now more protests are planned in thailand, calling for the prime minister to step down private channel. john has now survived his 3rd verse of no confidence, but his troubles are far from over to hide their reports now from banco. with his political position borne out of a 2014 qu, thailand's prime minister pro 10 or char, is now facing more opposition as he enters the last 18 months of his elected term.
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this discontent, stoked by accusations that his administration bundled the delayed vaccine roll out and failed to contain the country's most severe covered 1900 wave that started in april. the simmering pro reform movement that took root before the pandemic has returned in force. now protesters are more focused on ousting the prime minister earlier this month, pre faced his 3rd no confidence vote. he passed easily, so he's using that. but for the 1st time there are a handful of defectors in his own political party. he realizes that if he doesn't allow more input from others who are actually supporting power, it could become a problem. and this time you could clearly see that he was not that, you know, either, like many said said the base that we had before this time it was really sacred. while the number of defectors within the prime minister's party are small, they still send a signal. but there is no question that the number of protesters is rapidly growing, including some who used to support the prime minister to not ton of kit um the way
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was part of the political movement that led to the qu, that catapulted proved into power 7 years ago. but he's now part of the street protest seeking to kick the pm out of office. he was blinded in one eye during a protest armada, 100 percent certain. that people's will fall. true, democracy has never been stronger. and also just to really serve the people you really have to listen to all the voices law, but with a post kill constitution written to give the former general and his ruling. pauling prop party a strong advantage in parliament. most alleys are confident his rule and majority control will stay in place until the next general election in early 2023 kong. and there was some issue before the recent censor debate. some m p. 's were not happy about the situation, but the lady of the party general put once one mentioned herself, the issue and everyone will follow the parties guidelines law. the pm says he won't
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resign, and it appears that more protests on the streets and even from his own party will have little impact. it seems the main pressure he's concerned with is from the power where for now, he has the king support. got hyler al jazeera, thank no violent attacks in eastern democratic republic of congo has continued despite the government carrying a state of emergency in a tory and north keep provinces. the un refugee agency estimates more than 1500 people have been killed this year alone. most of them by rebel fighters from the allied democratic forces. catherine, so i has this exclusive report for us from benny in north cube province. some are you by jamie cast, her wreck is in pain. he recently arrived at this government hospital in benny in last couple providence after being attacked by rebels at his village of nobility at the border with uganda. a few bags away. another man is back from theater. his leg
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is infected. doctors hope they won't have to amputate. the hospital currently has about 20 patients, most suffering, gunshot wounds, doctors could not see it. kamala, cutting his leg, he's village was ambushed in me to go to the car. they had talked at night, we just had gunshots and started hunting my nearby. and i are the only ones who got shot. neither could carlindo jeannette foot be saved. i just was going to talk to san diego. we got to get the on the wall from a market, then they got caught in the middle of a road and then they tried to beat them everywhere. other people were injured. several people was killed in
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dozens of armed groups in north kiva. province have been terrorizing villages for yes. there are lights, democratic forces, all adf, is the most viet, it's fighters use, machetes, guns, and other crude weapons. the group is said to have killed nearly $500.00 people this year alone. this is despite a state of emergency declared by the government in north keeble and it, tory provinces, zario is been affected by the sensitive able we are going out. then you have the situation complex situation and millerio. so there's a lot of a lot of problem. i can honor that altogether. can you walk me through my the adf, with roots in uganda, established a base in this part of the d. r. c, about 20 years ago, and has killed thousands of people. they say they're fighting for islamic rights and have been linked to the islamic state. government forces,
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and one of the largest un peacekeeping missions in the world have struggled to contain the violence when you are chasing them, they are minting themselves and they are going everywhere. so which also in terms of tactics is more difficult because then you have to deal with more more nimble, more flexible health workers in this hospital say not much has changed here. they still often treat the victims of armed groups in water, appears to be an ending cycle of sphere and balance. katherine's lawyer, all the 0 north q will province in the eastern democratic republic of congo. america has a new prime minister, the billionaire fuel fuel tycoon. this afternoon, he was appointed by the king on friday, 2 days off to his party,
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one parliamentary elections. a canoe says, a former agriculture minister and also one of the countries in the chest people, his liberal in our party, won the highest number of parliamentary seats. and when faith poll, how can huge replaces sounded in out of money from the justice and development party. nicaragua, the government has ordered the arrest of a prominent award winning novelist, former vice president. so he'll run. ramirez is the latest target in the administration's pre election crackdown, and he joined the list of people who've been detained or forced to exile over the past 2 months. our latin america editor, lucy newman, has been with dozens of former revolutionary allies and even presidential hopefuls already in prison, an arrest warrant issued against nicaragua, the most prestigious living poet and novelist shouldn't have come as a surprise, yet it did 79 year old. so if you read me this was president daniel paid us right
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hand man and vice president in the 1900 davies after the triumph of the sundays to revolution. but like many of ortega's former comrades, medius accused him of having turned into a dictator. medius responded to charges of instigating hatred and money laundering to divert funds from the stabilizing nicaragua, on a video on his twitter account. isn't the money that's young dictatorship lack imagination. they repeat their lines, their hatred, their women's, they are the same delusions, the blind stubbornness for power and the mediocrity of those who have the instruments of repression in their hands, and have stripped themselves of all scruples. while he is an outspoken critic of ortega, he has not been a key political player against him. telling al jazeera the changes should be led by nicaragua, younger generation. that's why men, he thought he would not be included in the government's current crackdown. daniel ortega and his wife recited moody, who is the vice president,
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are running for another term, almost unopposed in november's upcoming presidential elections? the most competitive opponents have been jailed or disqualified. it will be tedious for consecutive term if he wins. the presidential couple accused harris and united states. i'm trying to destabilize nicaragua, central america's poorest country noisy, med ordering. this isn't the 1st time this happened to me in 1977. the somoza family accuse me of the same things. when i was fighting against that dictatorship, your takers have been the target of widespread international criticism after the recent wave of arrests enforced exiles. me, this is likely to remain abroad to escape arrest. he says that his only weapons are his pin and his words, and that they will not be silent not to see in human, out to 0 me
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to the pandemic. thou and an appeals court in the us state of florida. his schools cannot for students and staff to wear masks. it's a victory for the states republican governor who also issued an executive order against mass mandates in july. this latest ruling allows the state to continue punishing school districts which defy the order. several conservative u. s. government say, mandating covered $900.00 precautions violates personal liberty. while meanwhile, republican party leaders say they are planning legal action against the biden administration. it's in response to a new mandate for curb at 1900 vaccination, so federal employees, contractors, and businesses. president biden has been visiting a school in washington and urging parents to get children age 12 and over vaccinated. and los angeles has become the 1st major us school district to make vaccinations mandatory for students. i am so
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disappointed that particularly summer republican governors have been so cavalier with the health of these kids. so cavalier, the health of the communities. this is what we're playing for real here. this isn't a game. and i don't know of any scientists out there in this field, but doesn't think it makes us considerable sense to do. the 6 things i've suggested astray live most popular states has reported its biggest daily increase in cove at 19 infections. nearly 1600 and still hundreds of packed beaches and sydney. as you can see, some parts of new south wales east lockdown restrictions, the city has now been under strict stage home orders for nearly 3 months. hundreds of thousands of students are missing out on school and fell africa because of its continuing battle with curve and 19. it's feared the disruption to children's
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education will be felt for years to come. to me, the miller has this report. you allows him up more law has spent much of the school year at home, inquisitive, babysitting, younger children, micah, who are not at school. the pandemic is for thousands of public schools in south africa to shut or alternate school days to reduce the numbers of pupils on site. sometimes go to school one week, or maybe even one day a week. and really, the thing hurts me a lot. because i love my schoolwork, and this calling the virus is just so bad for what time, according to a government survey on the impact of the corona virus on household, one in 10 family say at least one child in their household does not return to school. some family members say they've lost a job. some can't afford school fees. other say the children are not motivated to return to school. before the pandemic between 12150000 children in south
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africa were not in school. that's estimated to have gone up to possibly half a 1000000 since the beginning of the pen. they make more than 6000 school children and thousands of teachers and was natal, have been infected by colored 19. and that's often led to class as being disrupted at school clothes. it's estimated some children may have missed out on up to 80 percent of the course work well with and cut each teacher. and most of them are doing in the poor school. those who are not attending one particular day because the school cannot accommodate all of them. and if they be there must be given work to do at home. the department of education says it's providing assistance like online learning, but many poor families don't have access to the internet, can't afford it. there were actually substantial gains in reading and university of science and so back because since the early 2000. so actually these games were
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quite fast, even for developing context. we also know that attendance with the rob 98 percent and with the code, the 1900. what we've seen is attendance currency folding to pre 2002 levels. so attendance is now currently below 95, and the number of children who graduated from high school in 2020 and was really natal, was down by 4 percent compared to the year before. and many are concerned that even once the pandemic ends, the impact on high school graduation rates in south africa may be felt for up to a decade. for me to mila al jazeera was going to tell south africa still ahead here on out of their tennis actions in the us open, including the only man who can stop job, which from achieving the calendar that's coming up. unfortunately.
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ah, how many nukes has too many new america has in many ways driven the arms race parties are much more like the british parties. now, there are fewer regulation to own a tiger than their, our own a dog. how can this be happening? you know, we take on us politics and society and that's the bottom line. it was meant to be that day. you hear the cameras going quickly, but a project attack stunned the world and the u. s. president, a guy came in and whispered something into the prejudiced ear. what did he say to for the school children present? the events of september, the 11th, defined the world. they grew up in just a huge moment. these are their stories. 911 witness on al jazeera.
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ah, holding the powerful to account. as we examined the us rule in the world on al jazeera o r g back, it's now times of history. mr. c. a. thank you very much. novick joker, which is through the us open final. it means he's just one went away from achieving the 1st calendar slime in 52 years and supporting roger federer and raphael del to become the 1st man to reach 21 major titles. david stokes has the action. no joke of it. she's on the verge of something special. he's already won the australian open french open and wimbledon this year. and now he's just one match away from
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completing the set at the us open. getting to the final was tough. those he was up against alexander belle grove in the semi the man massive the tech here will lympics. and it was very when the opening said 6 games, the whole joke of which recovered in typical fashion. no winning the next 2 sets to lead the match very refuse to fade. he was going to 16 much winning street in 10 years younger than joke of ich chasing his 1st slam. and he managed to force it into a starting fit set. but as he's done so many times before, just which came up with a good big point, he's dominated the closing stages. 2 in the sense 6 to securing his 27 straight victory and flam. this year. 3 sets away from doing something that was way back
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in 69. there's only one much less exactly. all in all isn't okay, let's do it. i'm going to put my heart, my soul and my body. and my head into that one. i'm going to treat the next match like it or the like it is the last minute my career. in the final he'll be up against rushes will number to tunnel met the death he dominated, his semi final beating felix. those yet seem in straight sets. it will be made for that 3rd major final having lost the previous to the joke of which at the australian open and rough and dial that the us opened back in 20. 19, the more you lose something, the more you want to. we need to the more you want to gain it and take it. i lost 2 finals. i want to win the 3rd one. that status we have 2 players, only one going to win. you never know what's going to happen, but i'm going to try even more than i did the 1st time. so it'll either be
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a 1st major title to met with that, or a groundbreaking victory for ciocca bitch. one which would put him ahead of midtown and federer out on his own with $21.00 grand slams. david stokes al jazeera attention now turns to the women's final, the last time 2 teenagers who competed to the title of the us opened did. so in 1999, when serena williams defeated martina hingis false for 22 years and canadian layla fernandez, opens m a. roger conner will become a grand slam champion. later on saturday. i have my dad, my code sent me and tells me no where everything's going to be fine. god, go out there, have fun, enjoy every moment of it. enjoy the crowd, especially because they're going to be on your side now. so that's a, that's what i've been doing and that's what i've been trying to achieve. and every, every point, and the longer the matches, the more comfortable i feel and the more excited i am to be on court. i think it's great for the sports to have 2 teenagers in the final bustling it out. it's
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obviously going to be a tough match. layla's in great form, but i'm also in good form. so yeah, i'm excited to get out there. and again, i'm the qualifier. so lucy will be the 1st time they meet at senior level, right? economy is the 1st qualified to each grand slam. final fernandez has one w t, a title that came this year in mexico. and apart from the ranking, the big change in their career will be prize money. the winner of the us open takes home $2500000.00 hall thought for the runner up, where you heard earlier, layla fernandez speaking about her father's support, but he won't be caught side later. and his wife, extremely superstitious. and my daughter's as well, you know, we've like, look, i've been using the same shampooing game there and i've been using the same gene. and i think the same socks and underwear when we figured out what's working we don't, we don't mess with it last time. it showed up to find out there was,
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she made it to the final and she lost it. so i was hating myself for a good 2 months afterwards. man, he nighted fans. i eagerly awaiting the return of christiana, rinaldo, who's expected to begin his 2nd spell with the club on sack. today, it's newcastle. the portuguese star will play, but his manager won't reveal. if you'll start. rinaldo had a pre season that you've anticipate the full 19 minutes in port schools when against island last week. he's been training at united since tuesday, and ali gunner so scarce as his arrival has raised expectation levels at the club. christiano coming back in with his just the way he conducted himself this week as well. he's come in, and of course we know what is achieved in his career, but he's, he's common here to achieve more. don't play to hide when he got winners like them . there's no you can't go into training and give 95 percent are not being focused and that's what he demands of himself of everyone else. so that's,
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it's been great to have in me more english primarily clubs have been given the green light to play the south american plays off to the home country dropped to complaint they lodged a fee for brazil, chilly mexico paraguay try to enforce a 5 day band on those plays who refused to travel for international duty because of a current of virus restrictions. it means man city will be able to field edison and gabrielle j. seuss against plasticity. brazil's football hero pele remains in intensive care, but says he's feeling better every day. after surgery, to remove a cima from his colon, the a 2 year old who won 3 well cops as being treated at the albert einstein hospital in south palo. dealt to say that he is conscious and engaging actively in conversation. they expect him to move to a regular room on tuesday. well, just days after announcing he'll leave mercedes foul tree bought us thought saturdays sprint race at the italian chrome prey the front of the grid. the fin, when fastest on the final left qualifying to be team might lose hamilton to top,
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thought the rice will determine the grid positions and the main right from sunday, regardless of what that does. later, he'll do something great at the growing pre from the back to the mom's grades, to taking penalties, engine changes as the championship lead max and stop and he was 3rd quickest in friday session are really good this week and i thought i should've got to read bullets all so it's been maybe stronger than we expected so far this week and hopefully a little bit of time in the rest as about you did have a great job right. the not the best. the qualifying to me, the one was really good. whatever reason, just struggled in the 2nd thought is good. i was actually quite happy when i heard that i was in inter because and that's the one we're struggling with balance, but i think we recovered quite well. and i mean, it would have been unrealistic to hope for more and a vendor holyfield and bits about foot have weighed in ahead of the fight in
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florida. later holyfield who's $58.00, the scales weighing 8 and a half kilos more than his rival. who's a former us he champion holyfield haven't fought since 2011 book was a late replacement for oscar delaware. who caught cove it the 8 round fight had to be moved to florida off to the california state athletic commission, refused to approve it because of how he feels age. all right, that's just for now. they'll be more later to stop in. thanks so much. well, let's take you to some live pictures that we're getting in from new york right now . as you can see, that's one of the 2 large reflecting pools there in the foundations of what used to be the twin towers before 911. this is just after sunrise on the morning of the 20th anniversary of 911. we do expect president biden, his wife, jo, potentially president obama, and a large memorial service to take place later today will bring you that specially live here on algebra. and let's show you arlington, where they unfold. the american flag at the pentagon area this morning,
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special coverage continues here of the $911.00 anniversary. here on out here at 12 me. ah ah, i can look my phone with my face. you can access your bank account with your voice unique algorithmic measurements of us that are revolutionizing the process of identification. biometrics a fall from person for their convenience and see me. infallibility comes across. most crucially, our privacy. in the 4th of a 5 part series id, re addresses the appropriation of our most personal characteristics,
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all hail the algorithm on our award winning documentary from around the world. ah, jazeera al jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of count full cabana dot. the 1st you and envoy trying to bring peace to the middle east. how is negotiations with himmler help save jews from nazi concentration camps and how these mediation skills put him at the vanguard in the quest for peace in the middle east? killing the count on algebra 0 here to report on the people often ignored but who must be hurt. how many other channels can you say will take the time and put extensive thought into reporting from under reported areas. of course we cover major global offend that are passionate lives and making sure that you're hearing the stories from people in places like how was
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fine libya and her region. and so many other we go to them, you make the effort. we care. ah! we learn that unit is a one thing that must never break. a call for unity as us pauses to mock 20 years since the september 11th attacks that killed nearly 3000 people burying the scholars of the us trade war in afghanistan. we hear from afghans who live change forever following the at the.


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