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tv   [untitled]    September 11, 2021 3:30am-4:00am AST

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huge cut of the carpet so we can be making, we want to say, well, we'll get to the system. is that what that better value for our uses and we will take that as well. but do you have any allowed to do that? not hasn't changed? now, it does mean that if they do wish to offer cetera, they can be redirected to a separate website that you, as a lab reflects to the user, which means it's unclear, but it's unlikely that everyone's going to instantly jump to a new web, hang on it says edges, these are the top stories, telecom, billionaire, naji, mccarthy has become lebanon's, new prime minister. the previous government resigned after the massive port explosions, 13 months ago. mccarthy's cabinet faces an economic meltdown with few shortages and power cuts. israeli police say they've caught 2 of palestinian prisoners who
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escaped from a maximum security jail in northern israel. on monday. their escape prompted a man hon by israeli law enforcement and the army in garza and the occupied west bank that been protest to show solidarity for the escape fees and all palestinian prisoners. the red cross accuses israeli authorities of not allowing families to visit inmates and voice from the west african alliance echoes of hell talks with guineas, new military rulers in the capital can accurate. they've also met deposed president alpha con day and are demanding his release. the world food program is warning that nearly all afghan families are going hungry with many going to extreme measures to survive. the un says the country is less than a year away from a 98 percent poverty rate. what we have found is the number of portion of families resorting to extreme coping mechanisms. those are
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things like stripping meal or preferring to get food to children instead of adults or limiting portion sizes to make food last longer have almost doubled. so now there are 3 out of 4 african families employing at least one, if not more of those approaches. an appeals court in the u. s. state of florida says schools can't for students and staff to wear masks. it's a victory for the state republican governor who issued an executive order against mosque mandates in july. the latest ruling allows the state to continue punishing school districts which defy the order. those are the headlines, sir, up to date. we're backing off when our his insight story me ah
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ah, the conservative justice development party is kicked out of all fish by voters in morocco's election. a party whose leader is close to the king when the most c. i will had a new government as morocco, close the chapter on its own arab spring, 10 years after nationwide protests calling for change. this is in title. ah, ah. hello and welcome to a 2nd inside story from the moroccan capital robot. i'm bernard smith, but justice and development party is headed the government here for a decade,
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the dominant party into parliament. but in wednesdays elections, it was almost wiped out. losing 113 of the 125 seats held a result seen as a rejection of a party, but had adopted unpopular policies that alienated many voters including its own banks. now morocco will be run by a party, seed is having the support of a polish. so will that lead to any change in this north african country? we'll talk to, i guess in a minute. but 1st, this report from jamal sheil, the business tycoon as ease of news, the man expected to be morocco's new prime minister addressed his party. supporters on thursday, who josefina, we will look to build a strong coalition that is capable of executing the ground guidance and large scale projects of his highness, the king, and a government that is capable to continue the path of development, which his majesty has laid out. just by gaining the most seats in parliament,
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nauseous, national value of independence will not be able to govern alone. there are are only got $97.00 of the $395.00 seats, which means it will have to form a coalition. governments with other liberal parties like the 2nd placed authenticity and modernity party. both these political forces are seen to be close to the royal palace and morocco, where the king still retains the vast majority of power. but the biggest headline of thursday's results is the resulting defeat suffered by the justice and development party, which had won the last 2 elections in 20112015. the p j. d. so it's parliamentary, shared, diminished from $125.00 seats to a mere 12 with its leader, american prime minister sided the north money failing to be elected within hours of the results of the money. and the entire leadership of the party announced their resignations. the hands of the general secretariat takes full responsibility for
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the party failure. and based on this, the entire secretariat headed and led by sod, a dean of money announced their resignation. effective immediately when these volt was the 1st time and you electra law was implemented from the outset. the party had complained that the law was unfair, claiming it was only introduced to reduce its candidates chances of winning the p. j. d has also filed complaints of voting irregularities in several districts across the country. not refunding many analysts point to a large protest vote as the main reason for the parties lack of success. they were defeated because 1st of all, they did not deliver their promises and people or fed up where their code of conduct and their moral duties, etc. so that's number one. people don't have jobs, especially after the friend to make and have not been able to create any jobs or to create the well, that will create that kind of jobs. so on, you may come from
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a record parliaments where the liberal party is now occupying the majority of seats voters seem to have punished. the former prime minister for his party is failure. in improving living conditions. will a new government be able to deliver the economic reform and change so many people have been asking for, and he's not even possible in a system where all power ultimately lies with the king jamal i show you, i'll just rub off the let's bring in august lashing hot out as a former minister of tourism and a political analyst. just brohannon is a columnist at morocco, world news, and our 3rd guest mohammed, our show me is a senior research fellow at the center studies and research in social science. welcome to all mohammed. if i can start with you i, we gone back to before the arab spring with moroccan politics. certainly this
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justice and development party, how to last all is nearly seats. i think the best way to describe what happens is, i think it's a situation that are part of the circle situation. i would like to describe it as kind of an expected surprise. it was expected because in the moroccan political system, given the nature of the political system and the government cannot really have the opportunity to implement its program. so it is very, very difficult to attribute all the good things that happened during the last 10 years to the government. so it's kind of a busy follow system, but in which the last se belongs to the king. the 2nd reason why it was expected is that there was some kind of very serious internal divisions that the early in 2016 for low in the removal of the 11 kit and
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from the previous from actually. so this has actually hit the unity of the did the party and it is continued to impact the very but impact on the unity of the political, the visually party. i think the other reason why this is expected is that the general atmosphere and men are asian, pos, 2011 cannot really is not in favor of the low in. and if i miss political party to, to win elections for a 3rd time, it was a surprise in my opinion, because it was not a defeat. it was free 5. it is very, very astonishing the number of states one by because you the from 125 to 13. it's really something are incredible adjuster. do you see the same thing as morocco gone back to how it was before the arab spring,
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the just in dell and party back to where it was? certainly. well, i definitely think that the, the main winners of the election have been is a choice for alignment with the palace instead of a more reform mr. combative attitude, but at the same time, i think this is also introduced a new era in american politics where social media technology spending and having social media savvy young candidates as with the bum party is becoming as a global trend. this is becoming much more reported in political life. ok, lawson that the part of that one is seen as being closer to the palace. the other 2 parties also royalist you, you can say what the king be tempted to roll back the democratic reforms, the bean and in morocco, novels that are more favorable parties in power. i have seen reports of saying that the parties are closer to the palace, but i think that's a theory that's probably not relevant morocco in the sense that order pushes out,
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in the sense, close to the palace and also close to the monarchy. so i don't think that that is it's used before 2011. like there was somebody very close to the part to the palace who is trying to engineer the elections. i think these parties are, have worked more or less independently, but i don't think that there are not not reform responses. them just for said for exam d. c. parties, reform is spotty, the socialist party easily for ms parts. even the bomb made self, which is the party of the dentist and he's a reformist party. so i don't think that he, this kind of problem with the reform is that he's not. and then also he's close to the palace and he's not. but i mean, at the same time, i think all of them go with specific kind of agenda of the state that the, it's better to move on to move beyond the slimy spirit in the sense that the psalmist had appointed. i mean like grandly, in terms of like,
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we'd like delivering to the population delivered in their promises. so i think there is that kind of sense. but, but to go back to what has been said them, if you got to why the page a day, let me like it's, it's, it's, it's internal divisions within the cell. but also i think the patient day has run out of any kind of legitimizing discourse because in 2011 it's just like the deep states and also corruption of that 2016. and also gave, there was forces that, that prevented the thomas from, from the window work, but i'm in 2021. there is no rallying cry. but at the same time, they have also like legitimacy kind of a problem in that, in the sense that they did not deliver on all of their promises over 10 years. mama, lashan lessons use this word used. if you use this word islamic to describe the justice and development part, it means so many different things to different people. and this part is very far from any sort of having any religious influence pops these days on these policies.
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can you help people understand what the p j. d. 's philosophy was when it 1st? when one those 1st post are spring election? yes, i think the problem of the busy, the maybe i can comment on what was said, the professor had that is that he lost his started losing legitimacy since 2011 because he has been forced in one way or another to endorse policies against which he belt his philosophy or his political discourse, like for example, fighting against corruption and displacement. this was the slogan of 25 believe movements. he found himself obliged to sign the treat you publish. and that was because of the balance of power in the moroccan political system. as i said before, the last se belongs to the king and the big political and economic orientation
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are defined by the by last, the rule of the government in american constitute, and local political system. i mean, in practice, not according to the constitution is 22 things. the 1st one is to help the king implement his orientation economically, politically and in terms of public policies. the 2nd one is to take the responsibility of the failures in case of failure. it is the government that and you have been witnessing how a big part of the moroccan press have been severely criticize in the government and not do the whole government of the whole structure. but the p g d, and it is very, very part of the circle that the loser is the head of the government or the party over the head of government and do when is one of the parties that has been in
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power over the last 10 years. so this is really interesting to lawson, is that why the p j d last support is it didn't do what they wanted it. it was opposed to normalization of ties with israel, but was forced to go ahead with it. it legalized cannabis cultivation for medical use. these sort of policies is that why they lost their support? i think that's partly by the last this both, but also i think they did not deliver and they don't, didn't have like the competencies to deliver on some of the things that they want to deliver. but the other thing also is that the, the, the national part to which one the election is deliberate, to which one the lessons was in the polish. but it used the communication strategy whereby all the government owned, what is all the failures of the government said this is part of the pigeon. it's very smart movement that they made them when. but at the same time, i don't think the patient has a way to defend its own,
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its own agenda and its own achievements. on the other hand, i think the, the busy, the, came on 3 things. one of them is like we're morally honest, we're not going to stealing all of that. so that's one thing. the 2nd one, we're going to fight against reps and we're going to read jobs and we're going to move the economy forward. and the 3rd one, we're going to have a better governance in morocco. lot of more out of disappointing because they don't see those things happening on the grounds. so if you, if you go and see like middle class and a lot of them are hurting a lot of them, i mean like have kids who don't, don't have jobs, there are all kinds of problems with that. and then that with, with corruption, they didn't fight perhaps, i mean the index, some transparency, it's about 80 something. so that's the way they found it when they came in in 2012 . so they did not deliver. and i think part of the, of the passage to deliver is if i don't have a lot of experience in running govern, just but is this a blow for democracy? if you're looking for a democratic reform and morocco when you go?
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well, i think at the, at the current, the current situation, the way that the government is operating these are the, the power in the palace is the way that the constitution outlines it. this is the way that democracy in the, in its current state and morocco is supposed to work. this is not theory, our egypt, where we have a mock election for our leader. we have a real election for the parliament. and of course, the power of the parliament this to a large extent, i'm strong by at the palace. but at the same time for democracy, you need a young engage people. and that's what happened this time with a massive get out to vote. and to turn out was an encouraging result. so now i don't, i think more alignment with the palace does not necessarily mean a disavowal of democracy, i think mannered. we often hear talk of a, of a deep state in morocco. just says that these are not, the actions are not like the one you have in egypt for example, but is there, can you attach any store to that is not
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a fair argument to make affecting the just as development parties of latino to succeed before i answer this question, if a may go to bite to the question you ask the, to my colleague, i think about the bankruptcy yet above democracy. i think it depends on what we mean by democracy in terms of advancing political reform. i think these results might result in slowing down somehow the process. but if we mean by democracy, the other aspect, economic and social aspects, i think there is a very ambitious project which is the new model of development. and they think the main task of this government and the next may be government to be elected within 5 years is to implement the new development model. so this will help in improving the quality of life for people in morocco and a decatur in poverty and improving some human development indicators back to the
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question about the deep state. i think this is a very, very difficult question to answer. as a political scientist, i think it is it's, it's, it's not a scientific actually a concept deep states may be, refers to some kind of an economy and may be mainly economic interest in moral a. i think it's very difficult to compare between the mark in case and the case of egypt. for example, or tunisia. morocco has always been able to have its own way to do what they do, but in a very different way. in morocco. the way we dealt with the islamist was completely different instead of completely eliminating them from the or in egypt or play in to
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give them some kind of for you to power engineers yell the, the moroccan strategy consisted in simply allowing them to be included in great and integrated institutions as a way to take them. and then they will realize that what they were promising people is not really easy to achieve in practice. ok, often national relative independence is now when the bulk of seats, as e dot com slash it's late, a 1000000000 businessmen, agra form agriculture minister, mama talked about this need to move forward with the kings agenda. this economic development project with those part is in power. is there a good chance that morocco can move forward with a king's agenda? willows party want to implemented? can just fix it, the question of the states and also the congress just for i think we have
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a hybrid in the sense that an executive kind of market but also highlight present to kind of governments. so we've hybrid between exec, too and also the product. but i think that's what the moroccans voted for in 2011. that's what we need. and i happen to also say that that's what we need, the, the, what we need those kinds, hybrid regimes. because we need to have some sorts of contin, which is ability. you'll still involved in politics is fat to say. but we felt the deep state than whatever. but i think if you mean by the deep states that there is a consider which of the states and its apparent taxes and they have, they are watching over strategic like geopolitical and political interest of the country. yes, of course it exists as it exists. the name of the country, but i think there is also the fact that there is like the elections have been very free. so i don't think it's really low to democracy. but i would like with, with the coalition. i think that he's now very, which is the brokers have spoken and they have given the mandate to 3 parties. the 3 biggest parties in morocco now she's the national independence body and also the
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kansas city and mother. it's autumn, this a lot of party. so those are the 3 major parties that they have some affinity with them. so that will, will go beyond the fact that that is not to be some sort of, of unity within the government within the government that is going out. now i think they are more liberal leaning with some social agenda, so i think they will be able to work together. and i think they have a comfortable majority because they, it's 254. so they will be able to govern all 3 of them. and i think this is a very rare chance. in morocco you have a correlation of only 3 parties because beforehand you sound like 6 to 5 parties for parties. and it's very difficult to create some homogeneity within this kind of coalition. so i think there is a good chance that this is a quality that will happen. may think it's good for rockets, for the big reforms that are more up is in the, in the taking the pressure is going to be on this coalition though that isn't my normal pressure. and expectation expectations are very high. and i think also that
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putting down the reforms, especially with services, so it's your, it's in terms of employment in terms of regional kind of dynamic ation of the economy. all of these kinds of things like really reinforcing the role of the middle class. those are very high expectations and i think, but i think this governments with demand the political mandate and also with the people who are within these parties, i think they will be able to deliver just but you think these parties will be able to deliver and get the mandate from the king to, to deliver well the ladder. i think that this part of the coalition building, but at the same time, i say, i do not envy our prime minister to be, to be honest because the task that is set for them is erica. lee and they have their own party program. they're really focused on job creation, boosting the, the economy, taken care of the elderly. but at the same time, they have the national projects going on to fastly, expand health care,
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vast the expand pensions. and this has all been done ahead of the election as a national project, which has deadlines within their the 5 years that they will be in power. there is also of course, the legal sation of medical cannabis mostly for exports the way it's structured right now. which is going to create a giant agency through through which billions might flow and whether this could become an example of a modern morocco, that where corruption can be kept at bay, even when in such a centralized place where so much money goes on. but there are also, of course, plenty of pitfalls with that because making all these things come true, especially as a 1000000000 our prime minister, it could become either f d r o delivers a new deal, or it could become trump, who is seen as a self serving person who is there, so i think the risk reward is scratched into situations. muhammad willis. new government, however, is made up. we've got
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a good idea to be these 3 dominant parties. will it be able to deliver huge challenges? youth unemployment over 30 percent, challenges crony capitalism because there's not enough you get the business because of who, you know, the sort of challenges will list, will be able to meet these challenges actually, and nobody can answer this question. no, but what i am sure about is that this government will not face the same constraint . the same challenges the p. c. d will face a 2 because i am confident that the political atmosphere will change completely in morocco. once the new government is appointed by the king, it will be 100 percent and it will have the mandate of the king for sure. and it will also take advantage from the fact that it is politically homogeneous. government stone coalition. but the main challenge, in my opinion, is in addition to the high expectations from the government in terms of improve in
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the human development and dictators, advocates in poverty and improving the quality of have system. and education is the fact that with the exception of strickland no one of this part is a has some kind of social lear routed constituencies. they consist mainly in off not double who can win the election, but they cannot really control the population. i think we need to distinguish between 2 kinds or 2 types of legitimacy. they enjoy very strong electron legitimacy. given the number of sits, the one. but they have a big problem in my opinion, of popular or political alicia, to me. because it's, it's not enough to win election in order to have a kind of political in the sense of legitimacy.
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gentlemen, unfortunately, thomas got the better oft. but thanks to all against the lash and how to jasper her mom, and tell me how much l. a she, me, i'm thank you to for watching. you can see the program again anytime by visiting our website, outages, era dot com and motivate, go to our facebook page about facebook dot com forward slash a j inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter. we are at a inside story from me, bernard smith and the whole team here in morocco. thanks for watching news. news. news.
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we're bringing the news and current affairs. ah, ah . hello, i had them speaker in the hall, the top stories on age 0, lebanon has a new government off the 13 months, a political gridlock, billionaire, businessman and g mccarty will now need a country that has been without a functioning administration since last year's beirut port explosion. that plans the country deeper into an economic crisis then a harder has more from bay route. it's been more than a year.


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