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36 years on a family's quest for justice reveal systemic resistance to prosecution and must all be convicted for taking my father away from me and exposes the influence. the former part i just stablished, still wielded in the new south africa. my father died for this of people empower investigation on al jazeera ah . the 1st batch of international aid arrives in afghanistan as cobble airport reopened for commercial flight. on the brink of collapse, afghan, as far as health care system under stress, from a severe cache crony. ah, and have him speak of this is alive from the also coming up, assessing the damage from harken, ida, the loss of life and property,
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put the spotlight on housing and infrastructure in the us and a new red list puts komodo dragons and some sharks at risk of an extinction, but to not bounces back me a couple. sam ford is back up and running civilian commercial flights in afghanistan. i've taken off for the 1st time since the capital fell to the taliban . the airport hadn't been running since the last us troops left last week, but it's now been repaired with the help of technical teams from turkey and cut off a plane full of aid has arrived from the high in the past few hours. victoria gate can be reports african food and airplane at cobble international, airport bound for the northern city of mazar. e sharif. technical teams have been working for days to repair the badly damaged runway and radar system. and on
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saturday, their efforts paid off. this is the 1st domestic flight from cobble since it fell to taliban forces last month. and apple staff say they're looking forward to more in the coming days. tires were very happy because the internal flats have started and now we're taking our wages and everything is going according to plan. the reopening should soon allow afghan a stand to reconnect with the outside world and vital a to get in. the chat about says more, what needs to be done before the apple is fully operational. again, come on and as you know, the it was destroyed by the americans. they burned down every possibility. therefore we need a time to repair it. we predict that within a few days, international flights will be in progress. asian experts say international airlines are unlikely to resume flights to cobble until airport security is guaranteed. it's going to take a lot of convincing and reassurance to have a foreign airline fly,
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not just over afghanistan, because over flight is off limits now to, but to afghanistan, we're talking about across that are insured by 3rd party companies and leasing companies that will say no airline you are not able to take that cross there because we can't guarantee that it will get out in the state that we required. and so on. thousands of people still want to leave cobble, and the taliban leaders have promised they will be allowed. some will see the gradual reopening of the airport as a sign that keeping their word victoria gates and be al jazeera archer, kieran donnelly is senior vice president for crisis response recovery and development at the international rescue committee. he says more needs to be done to get aid beyond cobble in into regions where the need is highest. getting flights in getting supplies in is critical. it's not clear at this point how long it will be before the airport resumes full operational functionality. but even when it does,
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that's only 11 of the pieces that's needed to get services operational health services, working at the economy, running in the country as a lot still needs to be done. most immediate needs are for people who have been displaced, especially those who have been recently displaced in chicago and other major cities . afghanistan has over 3000000 people displaced over half a 1000000 of those are displaced this year alone. and those who have been very recently displaced are in urgent need of shelter, of food, of water and health care support. those are the most immediate need, but it's important that we remember $18000000.00 people in afghanistan or a native humanitarian assistance that's about half of the total population. the country has suffered from years of drought and conflict. the health services, despite the gains that have been made in the recent years, are very fragile and precarious situation. i think it's really important as soon as possible to restore the airport to full functionality. but without access into the
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districts in the country, which are far from the term, i can carve a couple airport where the needs are greatest without the ability to access those districts without the ability for people to be able to provide for themselves. we opening the airport is only going to be small part of the solution. a doctors and nurses say the ask n health care system is close to collapse. many haven't been paid for the last 3 months. cha, stradford reports from com along the czar, had to travel 12 hours with his sick mother to this cobble hospital to get the life saving dialysis treatment she needs if she isn't treated every couple of days, doctor saying she could die within 2 weeks. among the facts and they gave them, several people are living in poverty. the situation is bad. patients need dialysis and treatment if they don't get it on the foreign aid stop. and if people can't afford the treatment,
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it's going to be very difficult. this is the largest public hospital and i've gone east on the dialysis department is mainly funded by the world bank along with money from the previous government. but hospital staff say they haven't seen any cash for 3 months. they can buy vital equipment and medicine and they lost received their salaries in may. doctors say the situation is critical and it could potentially get worse because soon after the taliban retook power, the world bank said it was freezing. hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for african stone, like other western institutions and governments, it said it once, proof the tale bonnie's keeping its promises to protect rights before money is released among the monks up. and we used to be given money for the project and patient's medicine. now all the material is finished. we have nothing in 6 months like this. these problems did not start the telephone. if the world bank stops helping, especially in the health sector. and god forbid, some of the hospitals,
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most basic facilities are in need of repair. the lift is broken, an elderly and infirm patients have decline flights of stairs. those in a critical condition, a carried up on stretches their 86 female staff members at the hospital. despite fears, the taliban would tell them to go home when they took control of cobble, they say it's all about actively encouraged their to continue their work more where they can let where they have job and i come and go with ease. i want them to let me wet because i study taught for this job. they shouldn't ignore my education. my wish is that they left me to work and help society. experts say i've got a sense health sector would collapse if it wasn't the international aid and their big concerns about billions of dollars of afghan cash that he's being frozen by western governments and institutions. staff at this hospital say their biggest fear is whether the taliban can better manage a system that has been close to breaking point for years. this is the hospitals,
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oncology department. we used to be funded by the previous government. doctors tell us, many of the cancer patients here won't survive because they started getting treatment too late. none of the staff in this department have been paid for 3 months either, and millions of dollars that the previous administration signed off on for this year. he's now in limbo because of the sudden change of power. fortunately, it is on which it's projects, it's not depend to the any international donors in the mental budgets. so take a lot of time, but should approve this with no indication as to when the taliban will announce a new government, a no definitive timeline for international funds to be released. he's probably gonna stand sick and vulnerable will suffer the most char stafford al jazeera, cobble. a fighting continues in the last pocket of resistance against tyler bond
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control with both sides, claiming advances. the pantry valley, which has walled off by mountains held off both soviet occupation and the previous parliament, tawan government. in the 1900 ninety's. the national resistance front made up of militias and form african security force. members says it pushed back the taller bonds attempt at taking the territory. another news syrian government forces have shelby southern rebel held and claim of the ballad injuring civilians for the 3 day cease fire, which so russian military petrol, the rebels stronghold. but people in that i say the government did not allow aid in and accused the syrian government forces of tried to take control of the area. saudi led coalition fighting the who the rebels in yemen says it has intercepted 3 miss all attacks. they targeted de, ma'am, in the oil rich eastern region of saudi arabia, as well as jews and nurtured and close to the border with yemen in the south. the u
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. s. president will visit storm ravaged, passive new jersey and new york next week to assess the damage from harkin item. dozens of people were killed after the storm. hit louisiana and left torrence of rain along the east coast. but the clean up has been hampered by problems with infrastructure and housing. gabriel elizondo reports from washington security cameras record the moment a basement in a home starts to fill up with the rainwater. and then water pressure from hurricane it is too much to bear. and the walls give in the family was able to escape. they were lucky. in new york city, many were not 13 people were killed. after being trapped inside basement apartments, they ranged in age from an 86 year old woman to a 2 year old boy and both his parents all found dead and flooded basement apartment . they were unable to escape housing experts say up to 300000 illegal basement dwellings in new york city may not conform to safety codes and don't have proper
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drainage or escape routes. many of the people who live in them are on low incomes and often immigrants who can't afford to live anywhere else. the city doesn't have exact numbers of illegal basement dwellings, but the governor said floods are the new normal. so they need to find answers with the higher elevations now where the flash floods which were unknown before this is the 1st time we've had a flush, a flash flood event of this proportion in the city of new york. and in the outlying areas, we haven't experienced this before, but we should expect it. the next time in louisiana recovery efforts are hampered by power outages and continued flooding. residents of a senior living community were evacuated after living without power for several days. the staff had all evacuated days before leaving residence alone and in the dark. no, nobody showed up. no body, not one person showed up to come check on. all 8 electricity transmission lines
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feeding southwest louisiana were knocked offline by ida officials say power won't be completely restored to many areas until the middle of this week and the hardest to areas until september 29th. it's clear after hurricane items something needs to be done. and, and joe biden is looking towards congress to take more action on his multi trillion dollar infrastructure plan. that he says will make the us better prepared for extreme weather. and climate change. biden is planning to tour the hardest to areas in new jersey and new york on tuesday. gabriel, it's just either washington, a phil ahead on i just, you know, they fled to georgia, fearing for their lives. now a 5 year old security agreement. it's got the fellow rushing, president's opponents worried. they'll be sent back. i protested in montenegro block roads trying to stop sunday's inauguration of the new
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head of the serbian orthodox church. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello, nice to see you. hope your weekends going well. come with me. let's pinpoint where i think our heaviest seasonal rains will be across india through the west coast. also as we had sworn disha, entrepreneur dash and also taylor gonna, and we still got that firehose of rain extending from one end of the b. been gone great through to the other, but it is dry and tamela do so tonight it's got a high of 33 degrees. also seen the sun poke out across areas of them lay peninsula haven't been able to say for a while through large areas of sumatra. same goes for java mix of sun and cloud in jakarta with a high 30 degrees for the philippines flood,
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watch north of manila and we've got some solid bands of rain setting up here on sunday in and around manila aphasia, pacific harrow, she me are prefix sure scooped up about 80 millimeters of rain over the past 24 hours, but most of that action has now pushed out towards pacific. but ha, are next stage waiting in the wings over the yellow sea. let's press play, see where this goes. so here we go. monday and tuesday, there it is slamming into the korean peninsula, but this is going to have a big impact on north korea that then we see it go through the sea of japan. so watch to see once again, if it does have an impact on japan, but for now tokyo, $26.00 degrees on tuesday. see a later sponsor, cut on airways. how many nukes has too many new america has in many ways driven the arms rate parties are much more like the british parties. now there are fewer regulations who own a tiger than there are to own a dog. how can this be happening?
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you know, we take on us politics and society and that's the bottom line. i've been covering all of latin america for most of my career, but mil country is alike and it's my job to shed light on how and why me the me again, you're watching. i just, you know, reminder of our top stores, the 1st civilian flight, left cobbles, airports is tolerable, took over afghanistan. it hadn't been running since the last us troops left last week. has have been carried out with the help of katara and humanitarian a from cut out as a rived into cobble united nations. as warned afghan,
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it's done is on the verge of a food crisis. tyler bond still trying to form and you come the syrian government forces have shelby southern rebel held anc label that i a balance injuring civilians. fall is a 3 day see spot of people and i say the government did not allow aid in ron's president says his country is ready to revive talks on the 2015 nuclear deal, but not under western pressure. talks have been paused since june. francis called for an immediate return to the negotiating table after a un nuclear watchdog report confirmed increasing atomic activity and then the long carry them to more hot man. i've said previously that we will definitely have negotiations, you know, order of business, but not with the pressure that the other parties are pursuing. this pressure has failed before the americans in european to experience multiple times that these negotiations along with pressure do not work. what we are pursuing in these talks is the listing of the cool sanction. a democratic republic of congo has just
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extended a state of emergency in the east. rival groups have been fighting in 2 province, leaving hundreds dead and forcing half a 1000000 others from their homes. catherine saw reports from new york one day where hundreds are beginning to return home after the military pushed rebels out. most of this people in this town, since our, our economies, they have come back from i d, t come in areas like borneo with marshall copies. all of it will re proven. we have been rocked by conflict with different rebel good fighting against government forces. so the people here are basically receiving some cash vouchers from and yields where they get to buy mattresses and float and food. they left with nothing but the clothes on their back. they said that things that they left in their homes have also been looted the homes have been born so that trying also to
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figure out how they're going to rebuild their homes and you know, just me in safety. marino bible has just come back home. she left her village in coon, day in may, during fighting between government forces and a rebel group called s p c point. and then, what about the mas, let you, but the fight was too much, that will lead to everywhere we were lying on the ground in the house. luckily, we all came out safely, but in many other areas in this province, a people are still living in fear. we have many id peas in different parts of the province. people saying they're still afraid to go back to their homes. these are the lucky ones. many of those that we have talked to the saying that they're waiting out to see how the situation is because it feel those suited ended flooding in sudan has destroyed more than
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a 1000 homes in ages iraq stretch states. south of cartoon. families have been forced from their homes and they're asking the government for food, clean water, and medication. flood waters destroyed crops and roads. and people fear the stagnant water will be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which could spread diseases. in the u. s. doctors, a warning people not to use livestock medication to treat coded 19 of the poison control centers reported a spike in court. hospitals in oklahoma say they are inundated with patients who've overdosed on. i've met him. it's normally used to kill parasites in animals and sometimes prescribed to humans, but in far smaller doses. for the 8th weekend in a row, tens of thousands of people in france has demonstrated against the country's newly introduced help. it allows people who are fully vaccinated and those who recently tested negative corona virus to visit restaurants, bars, and other public venues. to say the move,
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restrict their freedom of parents in columbia, demanding justice for missing sons who vanished during the civil war. they say government soldiers killed them in what's known as the false positive scandal. poor and mentally disabled men were targeted in extra judicial killings. so the military could wrongly claim that they had eliminated fock rebels. and 0 met one mother this week whose son disappeared more than a decade ago. me numbers, maria. my name is mario yaz. if that is, i have been moving for my son, qualified for the last 4 years. he was 36 years old and he travelled to go from there, he was taking away. so do i need to know the funds for cds was i'm ready to use them any time to move up the range or nearly thought it says a $45.00 or 6 boys and they pass them off to skinny and then
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the water and my mouth and said that they were winning the war. no, just i'm gonna give them. what were they talking about? if they were just the innocent boy? muslim on this, they said that we were crazy layers and that we were them into the media reputation in san lucas on until the specialist is for piece. recognize that in this case there were 6400 and so the team and that number is going to are, you know, so it's almost how was started looking for our sons and realizing what actually happened is it was atrocious. land knows when the old all or who are rounded by the pain and sadness. we started to realize that we were all living for the same thing . and i said that thing with united us and we transformed it into action. this is certainly important. so it,
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it was very important to know the truth to find them and give them a proper maria. so our hearts can rest on me lose my faith convenience. as long as i have the strength, i will always be there looking for them and making this miserable. so it does not remain in impunity van to say to dozens of bella, russian pro democracy activists who fled to georgia to escape a government crackdown fear they may now be deported. they wired about a cooperation agreement between the 2 countries, security services, robin for us, the walker reports from tbilisi better russian pro democracy activists regularly meet in sibley see to condemn president lucas shank and draw attention to their course this month. a 2016 cooperation agreement between georgia state security and the beller, russian k g be became active. their sense of security in georgia has been shaken.
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i tried to believe that this is quite the same that georgia will not use this law against people for under $30.00 money. because if i work a lot of people who are absolutely didn't make anderson bateau go to the reason. the disaster since last year's elections, the better russian k g b has ruthlessly pursued lucas shank codes opponents. even hijacking a ryan at flight to arrest journalist roman pro to say that the subsequent flight embargoed of bella. ruth, by the you made georgia a popular alternative refuge. the emigres bearers will look the ways to catch them, said this activist who are not to be identified in the me. they will tell the judge and government, the people who are here that drug dealers, or they have
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a common crime or they do something really, really bad, kind of organized crime. so the georgia will thing that this is extremely, very threatening for georgia. there was some people that georgia prime minister has denied the agreement will target the russians, bailable disagreement will not be used against citizens. this is a usual framework agreement with the framework of which the security services conclude an agreement to cooperation in the context of trans national crimes, terrorism, etc. i repeat, this is not drifted designs. this agreement was actually signed back in 2016, but the decision not to revoke it has come as a big disappointment, not only for the better russian community here in debris seat. but georgia is western allied president, michelle. they have expressed alarm and recent events in georgia home and the government abandoning a promise to introduce reforms. oh god, it's reluctant to condemn far right violence. and now the deal with beller is
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walking away from the west and walking towards a bloody regime, the worst human rights abuse or any instrument of that the dealer receives k g b. this is very disturbing. many better russians thought georgia with an island of freedom. he's the you. that perception look increasingly distorted. robin 1st the walker, al jazeera debility, a 1000 protesters, montenegro have blocked roads in a bid to stop the inauguration of a new head of the serbian orthodox church. demonstrate this class with police in the southwestern town of 15 years where the ceremony will take place on sunday. the opponent see the church as a symbol of serbian influence over montenegro. 15 years after independence. the nation is deeply divided over time with you. but we are a phillip oh, which is a montenegrin political analyst and consultant. he says the protests have been
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building up for years. the violence it's you've seemed to day to been chair social that percent. twitter mostly is the culmination of her 2 years process. 2 years campaign by the serbian or the church. after the day long, the religious freedom controversial law really religious freedoms passed parliament . 2019 the serious religious mass procession process in montenegro took place was followed by a hate campaign. he produced huge into that the tensions in montenegro and biscuit. painless supported greatly by serbia. and russia was using survey also as its proxy. and it has been perceived as of the kinds of hybrid warfare has been using montenegrin, but as it's break wrong. so if you, you may recall in 2016, we had who attend montenegro and last year we had
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a change of government the government that the whose members, including prime minister and head of national security are and pick by the serbian church. so sir, be out of the church is now using its implants over a month and again in politics to pass policies that are important for them. a global organization. the measures bio diversity has updated its red list of endangered species. the international union for the conservation of nature says, climate change, loss of habitat and over fishing are damaging marine life around the world. but it's not all bad news. re challenge reports one of the most prized and over fish, bounties of the see. here it is examined tuna in a tokyo fish market. but better management of fishing means things are actually looking up for 14, a species that had been heading towards extinction, albacore, yellow, finn,
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and atlantic blue fin moved from endangers to lease concern on the i. you see ends read list, southern blue fin move from critically endangered to endangered. the radius exciting news is chosen for marine spaces if we really are record and work with within the or frameworks work with the fisheries. industries. we can have several harvesting and make for 3, a sustainable adventure. that's the good news, but father marine animals, the international union for the conservation of nature is less optimistic. it's especially concern for res and sharks. over fishing, habitat degradation, and climate change or taking a heavy toll on many species, very refined, 57 percent of the extinction and the primary threat to shocks and res is exploitation every use of the shocks on land to humanities, impact on nature is threatening the survival of new species,
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the r u. c ends read list update moves, the world's largest lizard komodo dragons into the endangered category. climate change means much of their habitat. on an indonesian islands could soon be under water. come on everybody. let's get to work. the r u c. as well, conservation congress is underway in mar, say france, act a harrison ford brought some star power. it's hard to read. the headlines, floods fires, families, plagues, and tell your children that everything is all right. it's not all right. and frances presidents manual micron appeal to unity and human ingenuity. just looking manual, somebody's just people my ex hauled, you know, i would like to fight this battle together. and for my part on extraordinary confidence, the situation, the serious hotel will, is great. the capacity of the human species to innovate is enormous, which is going to hold. once more we're reminded that it is humanity that's by
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diversity is biggest threat, rory, talents out is there. a sun parlor from italy has proved the tunnels aren't just the trains and cars. daddy. acosta has become the 1st person in the world to fly a plane. and 2 tunnels, incredible feet took place in turkey, flew through the 2nd tunnel at an average speed of 245 kilometers and the whole flight. last things stand up 44 seconds. ah, get around up. the headlines on edge of the 1st civilian flight has left cobbled airport since the taliban took over afghanistan. the airport hadn't been running since the last us troops left last week. repairs had been carried out with the help of katara and turkey. humanitarian aid from cottages arrived into cobble airport,
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the united nations warning afghanistan is on the verge of a food crisis while the tunnel.


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