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the opening the window into another light and challenging perception and personal endeavours in epic struggle with the colossal sacrifices in individual journey witness showcase it in firing documentaries. the change the word on al jazeera ah gobbled airport back up and running the 1st commercial flights take off, allowing vital a deliveries to start again. and taliban special forces move in using gas to break up the latest purchase, much by women in the african capital. ah, caleb says alger, their life in london was coming up. as lebanon,
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economic crushes pushes more people into poverty. neighboring syria offers to help with its energy shortages. and a new red list puts committed dragons and some shocks and rays at risk of extinction. session use on tooth numbers. ah, the civilian commercial flights have taken off from the african capital for the 1st time since cobble fell to the taliban. the airport hadn't been operational since the last us troops withdrew last week. but it's not been repaired with a help or technical team from tech, a cutter, and a painful of aid as a ride from cut out in the past few hours. to or again, be report african food in atlanta cobble international airport bound for the northern city of missouri. sharif technical teams have been working for days to
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repair the badly damaged runway and radar system. and on saturday, the efforts paid off. this is the 1st domestic flight from cobble since it fell to taliban forces last month. and apple staff say they're looking forward to more in the coming days. tires were very happy because the internal flights have started. and now we're taking our wages and everything is going according to plan on. the reopening should soon allow afghan a stand to reconnect with the outside world and vital a to get in. but the taliban says more what needs to be done before the apple is fully operational. again, got them on and as you know, the it was destroyed by the americans. they burned down every possibility. therefore we needed time to repair it. we predict that within a few days, international fly be in progress. asian experts say international airlines are unlikely to resume flights to cobble until airport security is guaranteed. it's
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going to take a lot of convincing and reassurance to have a foreign airline fly. not just over a gun, it's done because over flight is off limits now to but to afghanistan we're talking about across that are insured by 3rd party companies and leasing companies that will say, no airline. you are not able to take that that cross there because we can't guarantee that it will get out in the state that we required. and so on. thousands of people still want to leave cobble, and the taliban leaders have promised they will be allowed. some will see the gradual reopening of the airport as a sign that keeping their word victoria gates and be al jazeera fighting is continuing in the last pocket of resistance against taliban control. despite the group claiming victory and the regional friday, the pantry valley which is walled off by mountains held off the soviet occupation and the previous taliban government in the 1990s, the national resistance front, which is made up of militias and former africa and security force members says it's
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successfully pushed back the taliban attempt at taking the territory of the taliban maintains it now controls all of afghanistan, former africa, vice president emsella. sally released this video on friday saying he was in the pantry valley and continuing to resist the taliban. pushed for control to move in jamaica. there is no doubt that the circumstances we face that difficult. we face attacks by our call to terrorists and the taliban who are backed by park is stone. but we are defending our homeland and the resistance continues. the enemy has suffered casualties. we've also taken casualties. today we faced the tax by the enemy, but we remain in complete control of the situation on members of the taliban. the special forces have broken up women's rights march in the capital campbell video posted on social media appears to show women coughing after being tear gas. demonstration was the 2nd of its kind in 2 days, but ended abruptly. after taliban forces far their weapons into the air,
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5 coons, but we wanted to go near the former government office to protest before we got there, the taliban, him women with electric tases. and they used he guessed against women. they also hit women on the head with a gun magazine and the women became bloody. it was no one to ask why. doctors nurses say the african health care system is close to collapse with many of them now going months without a salary. part of the problem is that the aid hospitals rely on has been frozen since the taliban took over. but it's charles strapped to report some couple systemic issues were there before on the czar had to travel 12 hours with his sick mother to this cobble hospital to get the life saving diana's his treatment she needs if she isn't treated every couple of days, doctor saying she could die within 2 weeks, among the facts and they gave them several people are living in poverty. the
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situation is bad. patients need dialysis and treatment. if they don't get it on the foreign aid stops. and if people can't afford the treatment, it's going to be very difficult. this is the largest public hospital in afghanistan . the dialysis department is mainly funded by the world bank, along with money from the previous government. but hospital staff say they haven't seen any cash for 3 months. they can buy vital equipment and medicine and they lost received their salaries in may. doctors say the situation is critical and it could potentially get worse because soon after the taliban retook power, the world bank said it was freezing. hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for us gone, installed like other western institutions and governments. it said it wants proof. the tale barney's keeping its promises to protect rights before money is released among the doors amongst up, we used to be given money for the project and patient's medicine. now all the material is finished. we have nothing in 6 months like this. these problems did not
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start the telephone if the world bank stops helping, especially in the health sector. and god forbid, some of the hospitals, most basic facilities are in need of repair. the lift is broken, and elderly and infirm. patients have decline flights of stairs. those in a critical condition, a carried up on stretches. there are 86 female staff members at the hospital despite fears the taliban would tell them to go home when they took control of cobble. they say it's all about actively encouraged them to continue their work. more where they can i whether, hey, job and i come and go with ease. i want them to let me wet because i study taught for this job. they shouldn't ignore my education. my wishes that they left me to work and help society. experts say i've got a sense health sector would collapse if it wasn't the international aid. and there are big concerns about billions of dollars of afghan cash that he's being frozen by
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western governments and institutions. staff at this hospital say their biggest fear is whether the taliban can better manage a system that has been close to breaking point for years. this is the hospitals, oncology department used to be funded by the previous government. doctors tell us, many of the cancer patients here won't survive because they started getting treatment too late. none of the staff in this department have been paid for 3 months either, and millions of dollars that the previous administration signed off on for this year is now in limbo because of the sudden change of power. fortunately, it is on which its projects, its not depend to the any international donors as the mental budgets. so a lot of times should approve this with no indication as to when the taliban will announce a new government, a no definitive timeline for international funds to be released. he's probably gonna stand sick and vulnerable will suffer the most char stafford jazeera cobble.
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ah, lebanon's deepening economic crisis has led to a sewing of relations with syria over a few and port deal. highest level official lebanese visit since syria civil war began 10 years ago. has led to deal to import power. egyptian gas will be imported to jordan and used to make electricity, which will then flow through the syrian grid to lebanon. food and fuel shortage is a crippling lebanon economy. the u. s. box this plan, despite it, sanctions against serious government. and then you have a nice party also help from syria for 11 to pass the gyptian gas and jordan in electricity through syria. the syrian sorry, welcome to request and assured us it was ready to oblige. both parties agree to follow up on the detailed technical issues via jones technical team. you can call
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me at crisis and lebanon is pushing many people further into poverty. fuel and medicine are in short supply, and nearly one in for doesn't have enough food. so higher out reports from the deprived northern region of a car where people become increasingly desperate. they've queued up for hours trying to get hold of the cheapest food they can buy. nearly a of lebanon is living below the poverty line. as it experiences the worst economic crisis in decades. people are called the poorest region in the country are feeling it the most. the government has the highest food insecurity in lebanon. well, i used to buy meat chicken, investable. now we can see that sometimes we don't have enough money to even buy bread food as an affordable. you can play at the live. you know? i called was devastated further last month when a fuel tanker exploded, killing at least 30 people soldiers, these petro from the black markets,
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and they were handing it out to locals. well, it says is injuries a testament to the desperate state people are in because of fuel medical and food shortages guzman, the dollar. dad, they got a newborn, had a temperature. i need a petrol to run the car to get her medication. so i went to get some of the free hand out, but even that cost us our lives, nothing is for free. agencies are now receiving hundreds of calls a day off for food handouts. we are able to distribute at 302400 per month, which is only last thing 10 days for the family. at the worst case currently. since 2 years, people are only thing bread with the teeth. the impoverished area has had the highest job losses during the pandemic. now this is some of the food a that's right for the most vulnerable families here in our cars. and they'll receive a box like this. it has the most basic types and you've got powdered milk. they, you have cooking oil and even lentils and beans. but none of this is enough for
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a family of 4 or 5 people. and that will definitely not last them even half a month. no more than 20000 families in the region are on a waiting list for assistance. got that hired on looking at love were grateful for agencies helping only a temporary solution. we need to revive by industries again and fix our broken infrastructure. we've broken how people feel, attending the funeral to, to family members that died in the fuel tank of last, gar, a car is the center of poverty. my son died for just 5 liters of fuel and they don't care about a car. we lost our children, and none of those response will ask about us. the united nation says lebanon is facing an urgent humanitarian crisis off to use a systematic corruption. the majority of the population is skipping meals, and as they feel increasing, neglected, they can only but take life one day. at
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a time, thought a height of al jazeera caught northern levin on the sandy led coalition fighting the hoof rebels. and yemen says it's intercepted 3 missile attacks. i talk to them . i'm in the oil rich eastern region of saudi arabia, as well as jews on another run close to the border with yemen in the south. still to come this off, our flood water from her can either pause into basement homes in new york, shining and light on potentially deadly cellar conversions. the projected demand, the time prime minister's resignation, he surmised the confidence voted parliament. ah hello. good to be with you quite at soaking. we've had to ward harris team,
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our prefecture scooping up about 80 millimeters of rain over the past 24 hours. but the bulk of that activity now out toward the pacific, but a half course. right. our next batch of weather waiting in the wings. so let me press play on this. here we go on monday and by tuesday this lands into the korean peninsula, the darker the color, the more intense the rain is. and in fact, young yang could see rainfall amounts. of up to about 16 millimeters of rain on to stay quite a wide spread of rain from northern areas of china rate down to the games the river valley just west of watch on. on monday, on kong strive though with a high of 32 degrees rounds of rain across indo china can be expected in flood watches. just north of manila, as we have some solid bands of rain, setting up dry spots can be found through the malay peninsula, parts of java and borneo. on sunday. down under we go and we're talking about heat in se asia, but look at this sub 0. temperature is making it its lowest temperature in 2 years
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. nice during the day. perfect. 22, but it is unsettled toward the east and for new zealand we've got what, whether moving in toward the southern else both islands will be enveloped by tuesday, but the system scoots out on wednesday. the one 3rd of all the food produce is the way to with tens of thousands of put outlets fall in south korea has been transformed from west to offender is the bill the leader in foot recycling either reporting on how your technology is making. it's possible in kenya, i mean the form of uncertainty. what he did, the oil life depended, was life afraid or just oh the
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the amount of the top stories for the 1st flights of left cobbled airports and the taliban took over afghanistan. repairs were carried out with the help of cutter and turkey, and the 1st note of aid is now arrived. fighting is continuing in the pantry valley . the last area, not under taliban control. a national resistance front says it pushed taliban bag and the women's rights march and cobbled has been broken up by taliban special forces. using 2 cases. demonstration was the 2nd of its kind in 2 days. the government in democratic republic of congo is extending a state of emergency in the east of the country. hundreds of people have been killed in the 2 re province, with reports of another 18 killed by the adf rebel group. earlier on the border of
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tori and north key bu, half a 1000000 people have been forced from their homes. catherine sawyer reports from next monday, but people are beginning to return home after the military pushed rebels out of the area. most of this people in this town, since our economies, they have comebacks from id come in. areas like a borneo with camacho, capital of providence. we have been rocked by conflict with different rebel good fighting against government forces. so the people here are basically receiving some cash vouchers from and yields where they get to buy mattresses and load and food. they left with nothing but the clothes on their back. they said that things that they left in their homes have also been lose, had their homes have been born so that trying also to figure out how they're going
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to rebuild their homes and you know, just leave in safety. marino bible has just come back home. she left her village in coon, day in may, during fighting between government forces and a rebel group called s p. c. when they went back, yes ma'am, that she knew the fight was too much, that will lead to everywhere we were lying on the ground in the house. luckily, we all came out safely, but in many other areas in this province, a people are still living in fear. we have many id peas in different parts of the province. people saying they're still afraid to go back to their homes. these are the lucky ones. many of those that we have talked to saying that they're waiting out to see how the situation is because it feel those suited. indeed. if you refuse, governance has more than 150 trucks carrying aid vented to cry of the past. 2 days comes after the united nations reported that since july few than 10 percent of
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a convoy i've been getting through to the conflict hit northern region. it warned the potential humanitarian catastrophe. the army has been fighting regional government forces integration for the past 10 months. the us president will visit storm ravaged parts of new jersey and new york next week to assess the damage from hurricane ida. dozens of people were killed after the storm hit louisiana and left a trail of destruction along the east coast. the keynote was be hampered by lingering issues. with infrastructure and housing. neighborhood is under force from washington d. c. security cameras. record the moment a basement in a home starts to fill up with the rainwater. and then water pressure from hurricane ida is too much to bear and the walls give in the family was able to escape. they were lucky. in new york city, many were not 13 people were killed. after being trapped inside the basement apartments, they ranged in age from an 86 year old woman to
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a 2 year old boy and both his parents all found dead and flooded basement apartment . they were unable to escape. housing experts say up 230-0000 illegal basement dwellings in new york city may not conform to safety codes and don't have proper drainage or escape routes. many of the people who live in them are on low incomes and often immigrants who can't afford to live anywhere else. the city doesn't have exact numbers of illegal basement dwellings, but the governor said floods are the new normal. so they need to find answers with the higher elevations now, where the flash floods which were unknown before this is the 1st time we've had a flush, a flash flood event of this proportion in the city of new york. and in the outlying areas, we have an experience as before, but we should expect it. the next time in louisiana recovery efforts are hampered by power outages and continued flooding. residents of a senior living community were evacuated after living without power for several
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days. the staff had all evacuated days before leaving residence alone and in the dark. nobody showed up. no body, not one person showed up to come check. all 8 electricity transmission lines feeding southwest louisiana were knocked offline by ida official say power won't be completely restored to many areas until the middle of this week, and the hardest in areas until september 29th. it's clear after hurricane item something needs to be done. and president joe biden is looking towards congress to take more action on his multi trillion dollar infrastructure plan that he says will make the us better prepared for extreme weather and climate change. biden, explaining to, to are the hardest hit areas in new jersey and new york on tuesday. gabriel, joe, i'll just either washington, just in thailand, her once again rallied in bangkok,
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demanding the resignation of the prime minister. they accuse prayer cannot change his government to corruption and mishandling the current of ours response approaches which are banned under covered 19 restrictions have gained momentum recently and at times turned violent demonstrations broke out hours after prayer and 5 cabinet ministers won a confidence version parliament by a comfortable margin. it's a sad mission. the prime minister has survived it since the 2019 general election in the u. s. doctors, a warning people not to use livestock medication to treat covered 19 after poison control centers reported to spike in cause. hospitals in oklahoma have reportedly been inundated with patients who have overdosed on either mac. tin is normally used to kill parasites in animals and sometimes prescribed to humans. but in far more doses. earlier this week podcasts are and comedian jo reuben reveal that he was
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taking of a mix and to try to treat his own current of virus infection. a man who carried out a knife attack in new zealand on friday had only recently been released from prison despite fears that he still posed a threat. 7 people were injured in an auction supermarket when 1st year old i met some sou dean grabbed a knife and stabbed several customers. he was shot dead by police. i minister just and then says offices had been closely monitoring the sri lankan. it was inspired by iso, he was jailed in 2018, possessing a hunting knife and extremist videos, but was released in july despite efforts to keep him behind. bars. agencies used every tool available to them to protect innocent people from this individual. every legal avenue was tried, but we ought to everyone have other people look at the facts of this case to, to analyze them, to see what was done and what more could have possibly been done. the i, b, c,
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i in the corner will be an important part of this work. but we must also look forward is we have always done when we are willing to make the changes that we know may not necessarily have changed history, but could change the future parents in colombia, demanding justice for their missing sons, who vanished during the civil war. i think government soldiers killed them and what's now known as the false positive scandal. poor and mentally disabled men were targeted. so the military could claim to have eliminated for rebels. out of the room at one mother this week whose son is one of those who disappeared. number mario, my name is mario diaz. if that is, i have been moving for my son to 14 years, 6 years old and he travelled to go from there, he was taking away hello. do i need the last 4 of the funds? cds was used by them to move up the range and really thought it
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says he not been able for example, they came 5 or 6 boys and they passed them all. shadows came and then they will come out and said that they were winning the war. you know, just, i'm gonna give them what were they talking about if they were just innocent? muslim, i know this the, they said that gracie layers and that we were them into reputation. vince san lucas on until the specialist for peace. i sat in this case, there were 6400 and some be me. and that number is going to be, you know, so it's almost how we started looking for our sons and relation. what actually happened is it was a closest land knows when the old oh lord, who are bonded by the pain and sadness. we started to realize that we were all leaving for the same thing. and i say that thing with united us and we
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transformed it into action to be this certainly important, it was very important to know the truth to find them and give them a proper maria. so our hearts can rest on me. lou jo, my fake continues as long as i have the strength, i will always be there looking for them and making this miserable so it does not remain in impunity than the protest is in montenegro have blocked roads in attempt to stop the new head of the serbian orthodox church from being installed demonstrators clashed with police in the southwestern town or city knew where the ceremony take place on sunday opponent. see the church as a symbol of influence over montenegro. 15 years after independence nation is deeply divided over time with climate change and over fishing are leading to a 2 pronged assault on the world's marine life. more than $1.00 and $3.00 shark and
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re species are now threatened with extinction. international union for the conservation of nature says over fishing is the main reason. but a 3rd of species has simply lost the habitat situation of the world's largest lizard commode. a dragon has worsened to the point that it's now endangered. and rising temperatures and sea levels are set to reduce its habitat by a 3rd over the next 4 decades. but in sign of hope for species of tuna, including the atlantic briefing on the road to recovery through a trans explains one of the most prized and over fish, bounties of the see. here it is examined tuna in a tokyo fish market. but better management of fishing means things are actually looking up. a 14, a species that had been heading towards extinction, albacore, yellow, finn, and atlantic blue fin moved from endangers to lease concern on the you see ends read list. southern blue fin moves from critically endangered to endangers. that
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really is. ready exciting news is chosen for marine species if we really are, we're cod and work with within the or frame expert with the fisheries industries. we can have several harvesting and make for 3, a sustainable adventure. that's the good news. but father marine animals, the international union for the conservation of nature is less optimistic. it's especially concern for race and sharks. over fishing, habitat degradation and climate change or taking a heavy toll on many species. very refined, 37 percent of the extinction. and the primary threat to shocks and res is exploitation every use of the shocks. on land to humanities, impacts on nature is threatening the survival of new species. the r u. c. ends read list, update moves the world's largest visit camacho dragons into the endangered category . climate change means much of their habitat. on an indonesian island could soon be
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under water. come on everybody. let's get to work. the r u c. n's well conservation. congress is underway in my say, france act, harrison ford brought him star power. it's hard to read. the headlines, floods fires, families, plagues, and tell your children that everything is all right. it's not. all right, i'm frances presidents, manual micron, appeal to unity and human ingenuity menu, or somebody just people not explore the normal i would like for is to fight this battle together. and for my part, i'm extraordinarily confident the situation is serious, but how will is greater? this is the capacity of the human species to innovate is norma's or sylvia. once more, we are reminded that it is humanity by diversity is big enough to reach helen's to 0. i stumped pilot from italy,
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has proved that tunnels aren't just for trains and cars casa, become the 1st 1st in the world to fly a plane through 2 tunnels. incredible feet took place in turkey, taking off for the 1st tunnel through the 2nd is an average speed of 245 kilometers per hour. hope flight last thing, just on the 44 seconds. and a quick minute catch up any time with our website out 0 dot com ah top stories on under 0. the 1st civilian flights of left cobbled efforts since the taliban took over afghanistan. the runways haven't been operational since the last us troops withdrew last week. but repairs have now been carried out for the help of technical teams from cutter and turkey. and the 1st aid flight from.


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