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tv   [untitled]    September 4, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm AST

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ida barrel through the northeastern united states. many parts of new jersey are still under water. but in elizabeth, where the floods retreated, it leaped cars, flooded homes and death in its wake. the water rose so quickly at this new jersey apartment complex. it caught many people off guard, it's merged vehicles, and pushed up against the doorways trapping for people inside. people who lived on the 2nd floor got calls from neighbors below. the lady over you, she call my mom. she was like, oh, you know you over a little, we couldn't open the door because the water was like so high. 6000 here have now been evacuated after the fact. nearly 12000 or without power, with water when it came up here. the water got as high as many cabals, front porch emerging, the lower levels, 6.3, feel water. by the time he got the flash fled alert, the water was already rising. he's lived here 20 years. we've had
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a little bit of flooded but like anywhere else. but this was extreme, like never in my while the streams are trying to support stuff. you've seen the movie stuff that's going on down south in new orleans. i got that. we're by bodies of water, but not here. we're in the middle. a city, new jersey governor still murphy says it's clear where the blame lies as we continue to contend with the reality of climate change. it is no surprise that these storms are happening with greater frequency, greater intensity. this conversation is one that we will continue having probably for the rest of our lives in the state of louisiana, where i'd 1st made landfall on sunday. the death toll was lower, but hundreds of thousands of people across the state remain without power. i'm had no air, no power, no generator. because the, the power line is than i can get out of my car, to my car, to do anything. and everything, no gas, no meth,
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and i want to cry. on friday us president joe biden came to see for himself some of the worst effected areas. and he had knowledge the need to harden us infrastructure to future storms coming in, seen, all pulls down. well, you know, i mean we build back better. i mean, you know, we know if it's under ground to help car, lot more money. but guess what? it says have on more money, long term damages from ida are still being assessed, but expected to be in the billions of dollars. kristen salumi al jazeera elizabeth new jersey, brazil's worst drought in nearly a century is drawing up reservoirs on threatening its energy supply. water levels in many hydro electric dams have dropped to record lows. the government says it may have to start rationing electricity. emily's to reports. this is the furnace reservoir, next to one of the main hydro electric dams in the brazilian state meanest arise
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water levels. there have dropped 15 meters since last year caused by the worst route. brazil has seen and more than 90 years. resident say there's barely enough water for boats to operate. that was marshall by the water level has gone down a lot. several send things like these and detention, so there is no space for the boats to maneuver. when one boat enters, the tourist will take a picture and leave. so the next boat can enter, because there is no space for all the boats to enter together. for record low rainfall is also affecting fish farms in the region. beg looking to be used to catch $1520.00 fisher day now it's been reduced to 5 or 6 and now the drought is squeezing energy supplies in a country that relies on hydro power plants for 2 thirds of its electricity. the government has warned that rationing could be next problem. i said, the problem is serious. i appeal to you at home. i'm sure that you can turn off
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a light now. turning off one light helps, it saves energy and water for hydro electric plants, the water levels are at 10 to 15 percent. and most of these hydroelectric plants were at the limit. some will stop working. if this water crisis continues. consumers already feeling the impact power bills are going up, as well as the prices of basic goods such as grains and meet him, but put his little buggy in december. my electricity bill was a 164 dollars this month. it's $235.00 using the same number of phrases without changing anything for the price has gone up a lot. it's hard to work like this. the drought also devastating coffee crops, brazil is the world's biggest exporter. production is expected to fall by quarter. this season, a situation made worse by cold snap in july. experts say amazon deforestation which has accelerated under the bowl, so narrow government has played a role in causing the crisis. and with more dry weather expected throughout
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september, life could get more difficult for brazilians. and the $20.00 i to our top story now and the situation in afghanistan, doctors and nurses say the afghan health care system is close to collapse. many haven't been paid for 4 months. cho, stratford reports from couple along the czar had to travel 12 hours with his sick mother to this cobble hospital to get the life saving dialysis treatment she needs if she isn't treated every couple of days, doctor saying she could die within 2 weeks. among the facts and they gave them, several people are living in poverty. the situation is bad. patients need dialysis and treatment if they don't get it on the foreign aid stops. and if people can't afford the treatment, it's going to be very difficult. this is the largest public hospital in afghanistan . the dialysis department is mainly funded by the world bank along with money from
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the previous government. but hospital staff say they haven't seen any cash for 3 months. they come by vital equipment and medicine and they lost received their salaries in may, the doctors say the situation is critical and it could potentially get worse because soon after the taliban retook power, the world bank said it was freezing. hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for i've gone to stone like other western institutions and governments. it said it wants proof the tale barney's keeping its promises to protect rights. before money is released among the boys amongst up, we used to be given money for the project and patient's medicine. now all the material is finished. we have nothing in 6 months like this. these problems did not start until about. if the world bank stops helping, especially in the health sector, and god forbid, some of the hospitals, most basic facilities are in need to prepare. the lift is broken, and elderly and infirm. patients have declined flights of stairs. those in
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a critical condition, a carried up on stretches. there are 86 female staff members at the hospital despite fears the taliban would tell them to go home when they took control of cobble. they say it's all about actively encouraged their to continue their work. more work thinking whether hey job and i come and go with ease. i want them to let me wet because i study todd for this job. they shouldn't ignore my education. my wish is that they left me to work and help society. experts say i've got a sense health sector would collapse if it wasn't the international aid and their big concerns about billions of dollars of afghan cash that he's being frozen by western governments and institutions. staff at this hospital say their biggest fear is whether the taliban can better manage a system that has been close to breaking point for years. this is the hospitals, oncology department used to be funded by the previous government. doctors tell us,
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many of the cancer patients here won't survive because they started getting treatment too late. none of the staff in this department have been paid for 3 months either, and millions of dollars that the previous administration signed off on for this year. he's now in limbo because of the sudden change of power. fortunately, it is on which it's projects, it's not depend to the any international donors as the mental budgets. so take a little bit of time, but should approve this with no indication as to when the taliban will announce a new government, a no definitive timeline for international funds to be released. he's probably gonna start sick and vulnerable will suffer. most, johnson offered al jazeera cobble. miss eland has reported the 1st death and its current cove in 1900 outbreak. the woman who died was in her nineties and had underlying health conditions. the country has struggled to contain the highly infection delta variance in last month. the number of cases is dropping with 20 new
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infections reported on saturday. the current of iris outbreak in australia's most popular state of new south wales was showing no signs of slowing with another record day. if infections, at least 1500 cases were reported on saturday by more than 100 on the previous day . more than a 1000 people are in our hospital. the outbreak began in mid june and as being fueled by the more contagious delta vary and french polynesia has covered 1900 outbreak has escalated to the point where it stopped counting new infections. its redeployed medical staff to focus on patient care and vaccination, instead of testing, lockdown and curfew measures have been extended until at least september the 20th. the south pacific islands don't have enough oxygen intensive care beds or even more spaces, most of the pandemic. that's more than $460.00 now happened over the past month alone. to see that the, i know, as you are,
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was for the south for your loved ones in that everyone is following the consent. even lucian, of the pandemic feed does in our territory, you know that the number of contact jones increase considerably last week and, but our case such as a maximum capacity. they are even beyond that, the already called capacity to france. now were hundreds of protesters have returned to the strength of the capital pair is to denounce a code 1900 health pass. it allows people who are fully vaccinated and those who have recently tested negative to visit restaurants, fars and other public venues for testers say to move, restrict their freedoms. cuba has launched the national campaign to vaccinate children age between 2 and 18 against over 19. they will be the 1st to receive one of the 2 domestically produced jobs. the government has said it plans to reopen schools gradually in october, after the vaccine rollout is completed. dozens of pro democracy activists to flood
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beller roofs to georgia to escape a government crackdown, fear they may be deported. their concern that a cooperation agreement between the 2 countries, security services could allow bella russian authorities to target them. robin for us to walk a report from typically better russian pro democracy activists regularly meet in sibley see to condemn president lucas shank. and draw attention to that course. this month, a 2016 cooperation agreement between georgia state security and the better russian k g b became active. their sense of security in georgia has been shaken. i tried to believe that this is quite the same that georgia will not use this law against people for their future daughters from government. because if i work,
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a lot of people who are absolutely didn't make anderson better, go to the reason the disaster since last year's elections, the better russian k g b has ruthlessly pursued luca shank, his opponents, even hijacking a ryan air flight to arrest journalist roman protest savage, the subsequent flight embargo of better roost by the e. u made georgia, a popular alternative refuge. the emigres bella. ruth will look the ways to catch them. said this activists who are not to be identified only me. they will tell the georgia government, the people who are here that drug dealers, or they have a konami crime or they do something really, really bad cuz kind of organized crime. so that, that georgia will thing that this is actually very threatening for georgia, and there was some people that georgia prime minister has denied the agreement will target the russians bailable this agreement will not be used against citizens. this
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is a usual framework agreement within the framework of which the security services conclude an agreement to cooperation in the context of translational crimes, terrorism, etc. i repeat, this is not directed us citizens. this agreement was actually signed back in 2016, but the decision not to revoke it has come as a big disappointment. not only for the bell russian community here in debris seat, but george his west and allied president, michelle. they have expressed alarm and recent events in georgia home and the government abandoning a promise to introduce reforms. oh god, it's reluctance to condemn far right violence. and now the deal with beller is walking away from the west and walking towards a bloody regime, the worst human rights abuse. you're an instrument of that the dealer receive k g b. this is very disturbing. many better russians thought georgia with an island of
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freedom. he's the you that perception look increasingly distorted. robin, 1st the walker, al jazeera debility, parents and columbia are demanding justice for missing sons who vanish during the civil war. they say government soldiers killed them and what's known as the false positive scandal. poor and mentally disabled men were targeted in extra judicial killings. so the military could wrong, the claim they had eliminated for rebels. i'll just 0 met one mother this week whose son disappeared more than a decade ago. but mario, my name is mario. yas, if that is, i have been moving for my son, qualified for the last 4 years. he was 6 years old and he travelled to go from there. he was taking away. so do i don't need that level of funds for
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cities was i'm ready to use them anytime to move up in the range or nearly thought it says he not been able for example, they came 5 or 6 boys and they passed them off shadows kinda and then there was and said that they were, we were just gonna give, what were they talking about if they were just innocent boy, muslim or no. they said that we were crazy layers and that we were them into reputation in san lucas on until the special is for bes recognized that in this case, there were 6400 and me and that number is going to are, you know, so it's almost all we started looking for our sons and realize what actually happened is it was atrocious. land knows when the old oh lord, who are rounded by the pain and sadness. we started to realize that we were living
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for the same thing. and i say that thing with united us and we transformed it into action and certainly important. it was very important to know the truth in order to find them and give them a proper maria. so our hearts can rest on me. lou jo, my fake convenience, as long as i have the strength, i will always be there looking for them and making this miserable so it does not remain in impunity. that climate change loss of habitat and over fishing or damaging marine life around the world. that's according to the international union for conservation of nature that's released a red list of threatened species more than a 3rd of all sharks on res could become extinct. over fishing is the main cause. although habitat, los effects, 31 percent of those species, the largest living lizard, the commode dragon, has moved from vulnerable to endangered, but enforcement efficient quotas has seen for tuna species start to recover. craig
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hilton taylor's head of the red las unit at the international union for conservation of nature. he says conservation programs have been successful in saving some species from dying out. with the tune is showing that the putting in place coaches and having good regulation frameworks and having countries arrange countries implementers coaches and work very closely with the fisheries industries . there's been a good partnership there. we don't see the same partnership happening yet with the sharks. there are various legal instruments around the world, but only $45.00 pm i. she really protected from, from fishing at the moment. so there's a lot more if it needs to go into something and limiting shock catches around the world. but also the look at the market who's consuming shock products and how do we change social attitude around consumption of shock products. we have to bring a new regulation frame. it's very similar to what you know,
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what ones do. but have those operate across many more range countries for the shocks and raise. but we need to do social studies look at consumption patterns of shock products in asian countries and to see what can be done to get them to switch to alternative products, not to have this kind of impact on shocks. well, how do we make the consumption more sustainable? we had a paper published 2 years ago or a year ago when we looked at species on the read us, that would, they have gone and things will not. and, and we certainly can show that tens of 100 the species have been saved from extinction because of the red us alerting people to the fact that they are close to extinction. i've been working with governments and local authorities and other conservation organizations putting into place effective conservation measures to then turn things around and bring species back from the brink of extinction. and so because of the beta said, raising the local and then getting the action in on the ground happening,
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we've been able to say species from extinction. but you know, the cities are right on the brink, many, many thousands of them. and so, you know, we really have to ramp archive. it's around the world to stop extraction from happening still ahead on the, on the renew our fee for the president visit refugee. see we're making a new life to help us next years. world cup of a, around the world powerful entities are working to manipulate and influencing controls. taking algorithms that are being developed in designed to push the content that says quick me. every click we make is value them so often what, what ends in the 3rd of a 5 last series of raise in mexico examining how the propaganda and shape content, wholesale, the algorithm on just a
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showcase of the best documentary films from across the network on al jazeera and talked to al jazeera, we what gives you hope that is going to be peace because the situation on the ground seems to be pointing, otherwise we listen. we were never on the whatever road to off migration. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories on sierra all the the church jo during thank you. well there regarding calls on footballs,
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world and european governing bodies to take a hard line on races to abuse. favors open investigation of the english players were abused during their well qualified and hungry on thursday, and belgium strike remotely. lucas says it's time to force a change. i think now it's the time that you know, something has to happen because, you know, we are 2021. i think a lot of teams, you know, have a lot of pleasure, different any initiatives, religious and, and such a. and i think now i think the find the u. f. a has to step in because enough is enough. meanwhile, thinks as president jenny and patina has paid a visit to african refugees in cuppa next year as well. hosts have helped to house around 600 refugees in a complex built as official accommodation for the 2022 football tournament of chemist, pearlin peons of tall, louder they are. they are seeking refugee status in australia and france of just gaping cobble to compete. epic games in tokyo, ticonda athletes care could his daddy and printer, his st. sunni,
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were flown out with the help of several governments and humanitarian organizations . both are hoping to continue competing and want to help the disabled compatriots to non functional, to all the countries the way involved in the equation to make sure we got here safely, such as i was trailer u, k. american and particular france because of the problems, lack of training and preparation for tokyo. i did manage to get to by now the plan is to prepare for paris 2024. we show at, fortunately, going back to f. galveston is not an option. now that the taliban has taken over, it's extremely difficult to go back. it's not my wish to go back. i want to settle down in one of the european countries and prepare for paris 2024. i don't think the taliban will ever respect and value the parent and pins or facilitate or support parent pins in any shape or form. i don't think the future is going to look good for parent and parents in galveston that we have seen from the past. how the taliban have treated women sports,
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they have no respect value for women in sports. now my wishes to help the 1000 of disabled people in africanist on, especially the pearl empties to bring them to safety. i would like to start foundation to help i receive support from the international community. it will enable me to help other per lincolnton. i've got his don and he will enable them to compete with international level. well christian is continuing under the taliban earlier in the week it agreed to send the african team to play australia and one of tests in hobo test my dea. yeah. and on friday, thousands gathered in cobble for the 1st cricket match this since the telecom take over last month. some of the plays taking part in the game were expected to play in the t 20 world cup in the u. a and a mon. in october. i still have support from valuable side also because i meet the leader of the band with positive things about ticket time. so we still
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have support. we still have cloud, you know, you can see all of them and as a piece embittered us for the country, we played for the country and we carry on playing for the countries on the formula one day one max us stop in is taken poll position for his home growing pre in front of 70000 staunch funds. the red bull driver was foster around the volt circuit in qualifying earlier. it's the 1st time the races being held in 36 years. the stepping was faster than they do, or louis hamilton, and fell triple tasks. just 3 points separately to hamilton, and the sap and in the drive is standing. before my phone will jump in kimmy, where i can admit qualifying of to testing positive. coven, 1941. you will finish showing no symptoms is alpha mayor. teen replaced him with polish. dr. robert could be been quite weak for i can and who announced he's going to retire at the end of the season, having reached in for me one for more than 20 years near me. a socket says she's taking another break from tennis after breaking down and tease again in
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a press conference following her defeat at the us open. the one, the 3 was the defending champion in new york, but she was knocked out in the 3rd round by 18 year old canadian layla fernandez. a soccer withdrew from the she is french open and miss wimbleton to focus on her mental health. before returning to compete at the olympic, the $23.00 old is now planning to take more time out. like when i, when i don't feel happy, i feel more like a relief. and then when i lose, i feel very sad. and i don't i don't mean normal honestly, i don't know when i'm going to put my next to the search. okay . yeah. i think i'm gonna take a break from playing for a while there was
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a big shock and men stroll with 3rd seed. stefan said to pass knocked out by a teenager from spain, 18 year old call us al qaeda is playing in the tournament for the 1st time. and this is the moment the under the one, the 3rd set to take the see one lead. not the 1st time this tournament since about then took a controversial bathroom break up leaving a set. i mean by the crown he came back when the full set to level up the match. but it was us who took the decider on tie, break the well number, 55 is the youngest mayo player to reach the last 16 of the major since 1992. and i just don't know why the hub and the day in court. so i can believe i be the fastest bus and i be march. so for me, i didn't come through look, i'm not pretending that everyone loves me. i don't want to be my intention or not
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to be loved by everyone. every person can choose their favorite player. i know these things have been against me for no reason to wait till it break as a normal athlete, might have taken a bit longer than other feats. all these accusations have been completely false, and the cricket has have edged ahead in the 4th test against england at the oval. india began this 2nd innings. 99 runs behind england, but they've only lost one wicket for his chalmers still there on 62 in india to 38 to a lead of 100. $39.00 runs the series is tied at $11.00, and patrick county continues to leave the race for $15000000.00 at golf tor championship. the americans started the tournament with a full shot advantage because he was top of the fedex cut something's going in. he but he does off to home to keep his nose in front on 17 under. well, the one john rom has closed out just one with 2 rounds left to play. alright,
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that's just for move gemma later. sorry, and thank you so much joe. and thanks for watching the news, our on al jazeera, we're back in just a moment while much more of the daisy and all the latest headlines coming up in just 2 minutes or so. ah ah ah, ah ah, in 1985 for young anti apartheid activists were murdered by south african security forces. if you gone solve the problem by removing the guy, then you would keep that 36 years on a family's for justice, reveal systemic resistance to prosecution. must all be convicted for taking my
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father away from me and exposes the influence. the former part i just stablished, still wielded in the new south africa. my father died for this. a people empower investigation on al jazeera to know where the fires are and where they are going. greeks look to the skies worrying sign helicopters have been getting close to major towns and cities. this one is just arrested and become much bigger. and if you can see by the train tracks the fires, climbing up the hill just behind us on the ground, this is what the business of fighting fires looks like. holding back, the inevitability of mother nature's fury is dangerous and exhausting. we're down to give whatever we hope is the fire will stop when it runs out of fuel. but for the moment, the fuel is everything inside my new fund. i'm the foster. i'm in the can refund.
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if you bought for the lead mechanic was shop, you will see that you said you're gone after baby. i might not do that. is it possible for you specially missed on the to nothing. my nigeria, women are strong with my my dear on i do there. ah, ah, cobble airport, reopen the 1st commercial flights take off off to repairs are made to the runway and communication system. ah, you're watching, i'll just 0. like from i headquarters in delphi, daddy, you navigate also ahead. rilling from food and fuel shortages loving on purses a us.


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