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just the us, a call was of interest to people around the world. this is been going on for a number of reports. so he's going into national perspective. we try to claim your global audience, how's it could impact the life? this is an important part of the world and it's very good at bringing the news to the world from here. ah, me. harrigan, i'm fully battery boy. doha, with a headlines on al jazeera, the 1st civilian commercial flight since cobble found to the taliban last month has taken off from the afghan capital airport. it follows repairs to the runway and redraw with the help of technical teams from katara and turkey. cha, stratford has moved from campbell, dozens of members, technical teams from casa san turkey, as well that it be busy over the last few days,
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getting some of the fundamentals of equipment and the radar system, repairing the wrong way. ready for this? yes, not insignificant moment that 1st domestic flight to the northern town of mas sharif wheel. so know that cut up sent, or there was an a flight in, from concert today, the 1st in from college. i was wanting from the you a yes today, but according to the country, ambassador, he's very hopeful country ambassador, who is speaking on the tarmac just before that flight took off very hopeful that today signifies yet a bit of a bit of a watershed. meanwhile, more fighting has taken place in the last pocket of resistance against the taliban in afghanistan, fun sheer valley italy band says the whole country is now under its control, but the national resistance fund denies the region has fallen. the women's protest in afghanistan, capital hester,
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and violent to the taliban prevented them from marching to the presidential palace, their calling on the taliban leadership to protect women's rights for 2nd day in a row. now they use the u. s. government because soon release classified documents related to the september 11th attacks, president joe biden has ordered a fully view days before the 20th anniversary. families of victims say the papers full found your ravia held the al qaeda, attackers, timelines, prime minister by huge channel char, has won a conference vote in parliament. it's the boost for his embattled government, which has been accused of mishandling v corona via span demik and it's taken amik fall out. you zealand has reported its 1st death in the current covered 19 outbreak . the woman who died was in her nineties and had underlying health conditions. the country's been struggling to contain the spread of the highly infectious delta variant. since last month. those are the headlines. i'll have the algebra and use our for you after all hail the algorithm
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around the world. a powerful entities are working to manipulate an influence. i've you've heard about it trolls but fake news. there are algorithms that work behind each of these algorithms that have been developed and designed to push specific types of content to us. content that says click me, the mexico is probably not the 1st place that comes to mind when you think of online manipulation. sure, it's happening everywhere, but the countries we often hear the most about the usa and russia. mexico, however,
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has been a testing ground, some of the most insidious online tactics we've seen, on least around the world. there's a blogger turned activist called alberto a school. here in mexico city who am on my way to meet now. oh buddha has been deeply involved in investigating political bought trolls, an artificial trends in mexico since 2010. he's received significant flow back because of his work. death threats had forced him to leave the country 5 times. we important to me, he got a lot more spurious bus. russo was sending vietnam into your password. yes. and which is fine. it's joe. look at those to them. we're going to and there must do me on the quinta, derek. i'm in the facebook, and instagram can thought of the f, a dollar,
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a lot of dealers. i don't have the money, but it's useful them into this when they lose together. and then i'm which of the natal it and then i'm trying fluency one of the most effective and powerful tools for those who want to push an agenda on line is the not. now books are essentially just pieces of software algorithms that run whatever tasks you set them. and a lot of the internet runs. however, they've also become synonymous with fake social media accounts. pushing political agendas will generating artificial lax shares or follow with the date of these fully automated spam bots. and mostly all their actions were simply too obvious. making them easy to detect, which meant they got purged and easy to what by uses, which meant they go to no. so now literally armies of people are paid to act like books. they're also called trolls or dicks. so lando do not mean to me, look into me, but if you could handle the victim in there, and this was
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a critic of what's going on, this doesn't the unit to look at it can be achieved al, telephone, keep welcome. people can see and we'll see how to squint us, the twitter they are offering you a dick's and this is the number of guns that you can buy or. and in one word you can be able to pick a quantity of gums. dec saw the secret tools used by marketing agencies, publicity manages political parties and governments to base topics and people online ought to divert and distract from unfavorable attention. the advantage of having nice human box is that while they behave more human online, so the chances of them being eliminated or dismiss alone. however, alliterative bought activity, even if done by humans, has an admissible characteristic and process as c u the, what's kinda new to me off ticket rate is being is going to the commissioner
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convert assume rate is comalla races not from us are going to go to contest on the contest, we're going to start to compare the most most. no, you're not going to handle that and they don't put a lot about what i'm asked about sort of throws what a muscular intent. and the said it's continuous look way similar. it's just going to just, i mean i can then on the form us whether the way compact analysis or there is a good telephone movie. and then there's a gap because to me and just to let us down. and though i meant to do was come with a new policy and deliver no, but i have let me so and those over from elections to big news events to political debates, decks pylon and dr. online chat. and they're alarmingly successfully skewing conversations and whooping narrative. a study by the oxford internet institute
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shows that between 20172018, the number of countries where organized social media manipulation occurs increased from 28 to 48. the biggest drivers of organized online manipulation around the world. political parties, the realization many of them at the head is that instead of trying to sense the social media platforms, it's much more effective to simply flood them with bots, junk news, and different nation. samantha bradshaw was one of the researchers who worked on the report that advertisers have used these platforms to reach new audience as a new markets. but now we're seeing political parties learn that these platforms can also be used to way public opinion. and so instead of selling us the goods there, they're selling us world leaders or political ideologies by using the advertising infrastructure and the algorithms to slowly start nudging perspectives and nudging
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opinions about politics. we're seeing the shift away from purely automated accounts to more human operators for finding actual real people for hire, to work on political campaigns, to work with more repressive government to target people on line with the kind of each to ultimately suppress their participation in politics and in public discussion and i lot of people don't necessarily participate in political discussions online anymore. i even find myself withdrawing a little bit from commenting on politics just because of the enormous reaction that you can get. and it's hard to know whether or not these are real people that genuinely have these views or whether they're just a paid troll, sitting far off country somewhere, just designed to make me feel this way and to make me withdraw from participating
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in these discussions online for dixon, me this, do say well, because cliques have become the defect of the online world with all become accustomed to the fact that for years the algorithms behind facebook, twitter, instagram and the others have rewarded big numbers. most comments, more shares and more views. the rewards of growth and the lack of regulation. i've meant that if you want to have an impact, click on what you need to go off the drive. the clicks isn't restricted to the government's political movements or marketing agency. they're in it to shake perceptions. many others renette for the money. but how do you make money on line engagement? the art and science of keeping people? it's what keeps the online money machine turning. and so algorithm have been programmed to push content that gets hi engagement algorithm don't necessarily
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determine the veracity of content. they're often more concerned with the reality of it. so if more people are engaging with a certain topic, the algorithms might say like, this might matter to us. well that could be, you know, the new vendor as movie. it could be a new viral video about that. but it could also be something of importance, such as, you know, a new breaking news story. and this is where we see bad actors trying to manipulate the popularity metric. and it's why we get this information stories spreading like wildfire. because if there are a bunch of fake accounts online, engaging with a fake breaking news story, then that might get pushed into the news feeds of real use whereas, and then real people will start interacting and sharing these disinformation stories further and further. i'm on my way now to cut learn in central mexico in august 2018 to min. ricardo and
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flores were beaten and burned to death because people thought that they would child snatches, warnings on facebook, twitter, and what's up had gone viral with the news that gangs of kidnappers had been picking up children and selling the old and the news wasn't true. but the stereo whipped up, led to the most brutal form of more. you know more they're less, but it's not necessarily. i mean, yes, we will give us lots of those that got us. it brought must go. it us in control. going not various. ellis is sort of the local facebook, you know, speaking yes, come on the earth. wireless a is federal motor, saturday we will ban. so yeah, this is like, i mean literally when i say the thing is we're going to get into the month of the get out. also spit your so they could get a put a. so next time you can use wireless be what specialists are. morgan,
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you want your singles, mccune, and content and he can the on the day of the attack 22 year old ricardo, when he's 43 year old uncle birds were traveling together. they made a pit stop to buy a drink. it happened to be near school and with suspicion of child kidnapping rice in the area. they became fatal targets to a mob galvanized by online rooms. i met with rosario rodriguez, ricardo's mother and sister in law. dennis, i am in the far right. well, i probably want to get a persona guess it was a but no luck on the work. but i mean on the same as, as he, he woke up and say get me hold off what i'm saturdays,
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meconium for nicholas alice cup and see what was going on. he said not to go look. ready for 5. good morning, cathy on this for false s privacy honest, handling, offensive bible or 2nd noise. possibly even more shocking than the impact of this fake news is the motivation for it. often ideology only plays a small part in a scam that's really all about money. the money we're talking isn't small change in mexico, a website can and around a $1000.00 us dollars for every 1000000 page views. every time a person lands on a page, the advertising algorithm kicks in and the websites start creating
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a website isn't difficult. and most times a single group of administrators will have several weeks ago in one generating around $2.00 to $5000.00 a month. it doesn't matter if the content is real or not, as long as readers flocked to the site, then making a buck. how do you get people to your website? well, that's where the facebook comes in. with the 2000000000 users, it's one of the most powerful distribution tools for sharing content. yes into you can go look at it. but of course she did little element. lucas and i said news because porton sharon was sent to us in ranch. i mean, if that are my 6, mr. gus. so you said that i'm the middle goodness, mickey. quite let me, let me look into speaking of the facebook get a pollution in. this is read our list on campus, but it's over at the local mental levine channels in this. so you learn a little better, a little more of excel, but it's in the way it's a computer problem. i'm not sure. but what i meant origin mental simply
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a little more to see dentist. but if i don't ask if we can figure that out at least. but i can, you know, the way in which social media platforms distribute all kinds of fake news or disinformation about politics or conspiracy theories about politics or any, any other aspects of life. it's really, really important because most people today use these platform to find new information and it's up in a trusted source of news and information, not as much as traditional tv or mainstream media. but instructed in the sense that it's our friends and our family who are sharing this content. and we tend to trust information that comes from people who are like minded. there's all kinds of research from the field of psychology that talks about confirmation bias. and that's why facebook can be such
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a powerful platform for spreading falsehoods about politics, because we do inherently trust this information a little bit more than, than other kinds of information. getting facebook on the record isn't easy. the company is battling a lot of justifiably bad press. around the world, but louis de reality strategic manager knew that facebook, mexico did agree to meet him of the star, was handling the fearless, important spectacle on the thoughts. daniel suddenly, holiday to people, the devil sent the form up. okay. so when i was social dental and the form i can look at and then i saw them, we don't have a single same table that, that, that okay, most of the, those i was so a to set up that went aside for government job in a combat the contacts de la quinta file for the facebook. i lost my last i thought it was scandal. simply
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a to get in to stem interested in the status for somebody that s what a level a data company open of what a lot of samples campbell's my society use him and we're starting to sort of normal school when he thought, yes, mr. thing little here, yet probably a little bit more, but out of the current status is, luis is facebook. if it's a pang, he gave us lots of numbers, millions of take accounts taken down and thousands of millions of span post cleaned up the site by artificial intelligence algorithm sweeping the platform. but training algorithms to recognize misinformation is incredibly complicated. no algorithm can easily determine what's true or false. after all, there are cases where even humans don't agree. so in an effort to curb the spread of misinformation, the company has begun to collaborate with external fact checkers. and you know, sort of been able to get more support. i'm other than if you've got all the steps or, you know, one experiment if you've got or if you could, maybe consider gusio if you another company or dental that up up, up, up,
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up on my facebook. an item maybe flagged in your news feed. if it has been disputed by an independent 3rd party fact checker, outside of facebook. yes sir, you'll see that got the needle file, so it will not seem for months. most more receival of going to companies will pay. you look at the telecom will 5 support list for place that he can see that you see he let me look here and we'll get a thick that continue to put those element they take that puts up or yellow in for him flow report this little propitious why yes, when use if that if they report a battle sticker and your company was 5, so all i see and on analyses in a school mentality and you can comment that is that the family can think of that. and they say the company will instances say last, families receive
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a loss of fact checkers not. most of the responses that we've seen from the platforms thus far have gone to tweaking their algorithms to help downgrades and certain kinds of this information from being shared online. we're seeing companies like facebook or google work, with fact checkers or invest in media literacy program so that citizens can be a little bit more educated about how to find and challenge information that they find and discover online. i don't think a lot of the changes have really addressed the heart of that issue in the real nuts and bolts of wire. disinformation goes viral in the 1st place, going back to their business models and going back to the algorithms and the way that they still incentivize certain kinds of content to go viral host. either. there is real systemic challenges in the way that these platforms are governed and
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operate operated. and there hasn't been enough attention or rethinking about how these bigger structures actually are contributing to the problem. facebook says avoiding misuse of its services is a big priority. i contacted twitter in mexico as well and they said the same thing . but for someone who is not just seen, the misinformation was online, but actually for them, these efforts by the social media platforms a little more than window dressing. let the former assistant us in the lesson this weekend, so not to the content in, in the jump, but assume the lesson meadows. you're going to consume the sellers. but like i say, we'll look at what other soon is that the one? no, no, no median. yes, we important leprosy on the left hand, but so let's come all your to do is almost come with a bunch of stuff,
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but it's your number. but it's a book and because i mean with them which will be your general killer cetera, which will put us in a letter for you to put us young with billions of pieces of content being uploaded to the internet every single day. it's no surprise that tackling online manipulation is such a challenge. digital detection is now a global game. so no matter how many pages of tweaks to the algorithm that might happen, nothing's going to actually change until i click a scene. it's more than just influenced and revenue generated in an internet environment where engagement and clicks and by reality is what drives the spread of content. i don't think it's fair to cut users off the hook in this problem because democracy is something that's hard work. it's something that we as citizens have to work towards and invest time and to find accurate information. it's not something
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that easy. you know, the real power in the internet is that it can bring us together and we, we've seen not time and time again. so going back to that more optimistic view of what the internet can and could be for democratic society and political participation. and i think it's something we need to remind ourselves of and work towards as individuals. so i was going to go home today and thinking about some of these big questions around social media and democracy and what it means to be not only a user of technology, but it could isn't in our digital public sphere at the 1st thing i would do is request all of the data about me from the big social media platforms from facebook, from twitter, from google. it's really important that we have an insight into actually how vast
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this data collection system is, and how intricate and how detailed this kind of information can actually be about us. and i think that's one of the 1st real eyeopening things that users are shocked by. the fact that these platforms might have conversations of your private messages, the fact that they might have even access the phone number on your phone if you installed the facebook. these are, these are really big questions and underlying all of these big questions around social media, democracy is our, our right to privacy and what that actually means in the digital age. i'm in the deeps, kick it ok with that when he says he is getting a soap, it'll simply say most but with animals that level of focus he the meaning console by that no sort of a p c pace. basically we endless day continue process, move,
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fussiness, move the kid, the needle, good thing or not. they must seattle, your secrecy. them a seattle when that a extra set us get a 100 level that recess. he both those maybe you'll get to corner and maybe a little seals into money that just in your penalty maybe cells where they this time, which us packing of my feel suffocated up and they will never late, but i feel i'll they will not be me. and i want to see the cut that the enemy, so he, you look at them in we importantly anti level that no competition analysis. those mika doors say, look for an thomas on the courtesy to this have been taking a lot more random sample of best sellers. analysis which you're going to use the story. emerson again going just going circles. the principle is on
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not select sort of throws all of them. you could have done that, but let's go into that them. but you know, again, go now potentially important. it can cut them in circles in minutes and then was out of us on that. but i guess yes, unless i can send the referral to what to look at. so let's go to the dining room was without internet. it's not something that's going to extend us the most elegant, even with much votes for months drone is getting cement and the letter from the pretty, by the look of i've never seen it. i can look my phone with my face. you can access your bank account with your voice unique algorithmic measurements of us that are revolutionizing the process of identification. biometrics,
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a far from perfect for convenience and seeming infallibility, comes at most crucially, our privacy. in the 4th of a 5 part series, re addresses the appropriation of our most personal characteristics. all hail the algorithm on jazz. ah, ah, ah, it's time for the journey. the winter sponsored by cut on airways. i got notes to see you. here's what we're tracking for the americas. we may have something cooking up in the bay of can pet. she's starting to see some circulation check back with us on this one. we have incessant rains falling across the pacific
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coast of mexico affecting acapulco with a hive. 29 degrees and jolts and bolts across cuba. thunderstorms, in the forecast for havana with a high of 30 desert southwest, were dialing up the heat. we've got 40 degrees in phoenix also for so cow los angeles at $33.00 western candidates. what for the central and northern coast, a, b, c, through the fraser valley. trying to see if that brain will get across the other side of the rockies into alberta, eastern sections of candidates, unsettled for the great lakes. and we've got a run of rain for the northeast in the forecast on sunday. next, we're going to the top end of south america, and we've got our tropical moisture fallen where it should. we're also keeping tabs on hurricane larry. expected to become a cat for this weekend, and we'll see if there's an impact to bermuda. further for the south temperatures have fallen in a salty on. we had that rain move through so cool g r bit. you're now it's 30 degrees. also, temperatures have dropped in porto a laker with a high of 22 degrees on sunday. months of the day we've got you in for 14 on sunday
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. that's it for me. sponsored pay cut on airways. talk to al jazeera, we what gives you hope that it is going to be because of the situation on the ground seems to be pointing otherwise we listened. we were never on. 3 whatever road to off migration we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories on sierra cut down one of the fastest growing nations in the world. i needed to open and develop it into national shipping company to become a team, middle east, and trade and money skillfully enough out 3 key areas up to about filling a promise of connecting the work connected to the future on a cut cut to gateway to whoa trade that's morocco wrestles with the impact
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of cobra. 19 the country will help. carla ment. reelections double shapes feature, but how will unemployment are struggling health care system and a new election law? i think the focus on september the special coverage of the morocco parliamentary elections are now just sarah. oh i this is al jazeera ah, this is a news hour on al jazeera, fully by people live in. coming up in the next 60 minutes, campbell air force reopened. the 1st commercial flight takes all factor repairs are made to the runway and communication systems. not backing down more protesting time .


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