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tv   [untitled]    September 4, 2021 8:30am-9:01am AST

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a car is the center of poverty. my son died for just 5 liters of fuel and they don't care about a car. we lost our children, and none of those response will ask about us. the united nation says lebanon is facing an urgent humanitarian crisis off to use a systematic corruption. the majority of the population is skipping meals, and as they feel increasing, neglected, they can only but take life one day. at a time thought a higher al jazeera, northern lebanon. ah, this is all. these are the top stories. fighting is escalated between the taliban and a resistance group and the punchy of valley and afghan. this time, the mountainous enclave is about 150 kilometers north of the capital couple. the region has been the only province to hold out against taliban rule. and the us
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secretary of state will visit cut out on sunday for talks of kindness. don antony blanket says the taliban must stick to its promises in order for sanctions to be eased. president joe biden says the us must do more to prepare for future storms. he's been in louisiana, one of the states hit by how to can ida. he said, investing in infrastructure would save lives and money in the long run. the storms killed 63 people across 8 states. i left hundreds of thousands of people without alec tricity. i know you all are frustrated about how long it takes to restore power. dangerous work. 25000 alignment from around the country have come here to louisiana to help cruise from 32 different states, right? and 2 of them lost their lives in the process of trying to get power back up. and we're gonna work in 247. the us government may release classified files from the
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september 11th attacks. president joe biden has ordered a full review of the documents days before the 20th anniversary of the day. new york's twin towers were heads papers to be made public within 6 months. last month, families of victims accused us of deliberately keeping documents secret. the corona virus are breaking sally as most populous state of new south wales shows no signs of slowing with another reco day of infections. at least 1500 cases were reported on saturday. that's up more than a 100 on the previous day. there are no more than a 1000 people in hospital democratic republic of congo says at once compensation after a leak at a diamond, mine killed at least 12 people, a spell in late july's thought to have come from a wastewater dime. the diamond is ivan neighbouring angola. the officials say it's polluted, a tributary of the congo river, making thousands of people ill. those are the headlines coming up next. why i my
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niger area. goodbye. on accounting, the cost china is designs on making n o should be james, investing billions in for the last 3 months in august on can india account to china? geo political and economic might last a referendum in berlin to strip a landlord of tens of thousands of whole counting the cost on al jazeera. o, o, o, o, my name is soft. my name is development manager, that is excellent. this is my, my junior i was, you know, they,
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me been with my name is bob coach. i'm a pastor and have an academic known as the name of academic job. we are very much on sunday if i know much and there need to prepare publicly that much. i get the boss out there. i live, get ready for boiling nadia. it's like a religion guys. i do not know any religion that is followed in nature like football, real quick. you get the ball, give all the good news, news, news. the
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majority of them want to give us a proficient or to play for the national one of the example this drop on the 17 national, you know go keep off for the national news is ironically, my son is being played football from the body of 3 and when the academic started turned in my junior life, you see beat hot or do use and football is one of the ways that kind of rice my like me is in the battle. i've got yet 22. yes he what brought me here is custody.
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i have shown a young people or develop a big guy on the night. i'm in local mon dream. i look within in my look where yeah. i knew yeah. in the federal federal is internet more in the state of nigeria law. i'm the beverly one of the 5, but if not, if not on my sense of the voice i've been on. i'm bred mom. we are making people. yeah. does it does. the visual
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vision is to make people i'm making, i'm making, i'm making an effort is by degrees. and i surely get any of this he out and put you onto their knee. and board them for the, for both to i was i was going to be don't to young organization. you file could day me business. please look, you know, boy no, on the, on me for this is shanice life. and what's the future? mostly a minute saying the george what's the me those as
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a very big room on nigeria and you especially this is where most of them are in 2 different jobs. it's not legal. so to see what to do for both because personally my 7 boys lead us, we have even call out of cookies. so much for be so much dumbly who have future disappointment of football and true the the lead to see and the willing to actually in return to school and new point. she's been doing all depends on why she she is to what is too much. yes, the wife went down what she has to do, my son bowie, the school nie fits companion jimmy, do monthly, a little my day and june.
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my son, sam. as a very, very, this rejoiced, already invited you to do that. yeah. and that's similar to national beyond that is a cool guy. if dogs is humorous but level headed highly disciplined in their son. so i have a hope that she's going to make it speak. remember we have a much on sunday, a very much under which you need to prepare for that game because we just wasn't mean that game exactly what we thought should we say, well, more if the ball and on the ball does on the ball back on the ball is a phone game board to everything you need to do while what me know is involved. so it's like doing your job. why making fun your most of your them on your board much
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. no, thought jim. you must know john mean addicted to development of teach. if you want to see the best of in the child through a boy to him at any age. if your child is crying a junior for anything, the 3 boys to him, it will stop crying and embraced the ball, the duchess football one as if by showing number to those who are we thaws already have high hopes. one of the reasons for their high hope is fine because they see him make each the feel i can make you too much vision as like maybe what i saw on my parents. we don't have any, any money or do i have any into understand boys or course on there that was pushing
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me i to i was struggling when you thought of which was considered august. well look up new call, but when you get tell you what i want to see. you got your book where you got your boss released. the book, this wookey boss dinner is also form. yeah. was late in the leak on my way to do you want that gun just be and i don't know. i don't, i don't i was not on the plane on sundays, like the modem i showed in h. r. jimmy's for development. done. bought the doors so to see
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some of the players, i bought it, they yes, 5 years old. that too much is new. new jersey in the municipal and b would you force additional competition? i'm not into any but we need to get in. i don't want to be in the i to team. well, no i said to my dad was not in the one we now need, you know, one to your, to know the i me in the find much sunday.
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and as for to check the players what, how much i must take my players to the my time. so whatever i can do to get federal, i'm going to do it to get no data to them anymore. she she, this isn't going to me. yeah. 11 more do i didn't, you know, that's and you know, a lot to know sometimes when you go to those books to moses was that we, it's energy normal. you can find the scheme of mr in my he with them in a new kind of new words or manage it. no, we don't go by today, but if i didn't bother
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the same thing the be means the jim dandy good to do. i have high hopes because of what he has you come by fan lanes. he's naturally gifted as since he has cut up the discipline. i know this guy is the beginning, not dealing with i
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me i used to, i had coach blair. i know most also create time to recreate all my head. ah every boy him of what i couldn't me is my song. so i made sure i've got beds, talk to them one know on. i want to visit who does variance, and discuss with them about the call me and ask ivy mingo again this i've congratulations by a done deal and i 17 now and i want to see god bless and with that. and so i just one
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advice, you know, grew c d i c d, and that's good it talk to where we're let me show you the good to go up, go up, go up to me now. supposed to walk out very well. well man said the priest where the father with the mother who knowledge, the sy, which is the and god bless. god bless me. my my son. these, you know, some put, not much more people were deal of their, their stuff from somewhere else and be, go, come very soon and go back as we're making walcott look ahead, making will cut so that when they reach can begin ingleby number one and min objectives and we,
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since if we on pres me makers and life as in cali to, to us soon to be alone from if you do that we by greece, by them are welcome. good tim, my friend nero was saying provisional contracts and it was monday. i'll michelle michelle. we we are print me, corny but only going to be we are the main indies for this in this environment for law gives hope to use john. have to develop desperate man. so we are developing the to, to man the man and the outward man. so of the privilege of
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developing that in mind and through football of job opportunity of giving them it. hope. if you jo. oh the to the the i i say the low you want to go back home difference. you don't want to go back with the same thing. oh my god god we
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call you in the beginning it was in the beginning was there what was we do? yeah. yeah, we have a much more a month we much because you save by not game want to express. i says as best as we can in the gave us that we don't just want to play want to play with no. so mean
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me much tomorrow those guys are all done. you so we are players. not that be good on. ours is no reason why we should know in your trophy if we do what we're supposed to do, what i was supposed to do is keep the ball. i buy them as much as you could. they have to change the ball to the game. so you must keep the ball please. the arrows must be as minimal as possible. oh, it says d t goes, you know, small group with them. so if you can do the nodes very good and we just didn't coped. so if you need to move me
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my wife prevents, she's fantasy and jane you behind that is it does show your balance when the mother brings the children, give it behind. and in more time it can cook the me going to went through much problem.
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no. i wouldn't do that. yeah. i've got notes and deal when i see them under jeffrey over
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the they want to when i thought they are living the reason why they should be my boys again the the the, the, the the with
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the, with the you know, the going to do with the war about the. 6 federal yeah, i did, i got the the
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the, the i'm on my mind. what we're study, where do i not much body in the shop. we're not sure. why. sure. sure. no way that one would be about any choice would i be judge or? no, i don't know. you're not son. so very polite,
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gave me the me the the me when me in the news you've gone jordan me
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through life without falling it's not possible experience. you can gain experience. i told you again as res on the job on there anybody was there by midday me. see got no see i have a serious problem. i have a passion for football. i can't do any thing outside football. i it does my mother without food to eat or not? does no month, how would i make money or not? if i mean football environment i enjoy what i do,
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i'm happy to meet you. my name is developmental. do use my name? yes. okay. my name is x in this is my, my junior i love my new son. i'm the fulsome in the county junior refund shoes. if you bought for the lead in the conic workshop, you will see that you said you're gone after baby. i might not do that. is it possible? just assume it's on the to nothing mine i do, they are women are strong with my, my dear on i'll do there. ah,
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journalist and government panic. they didn't have the infrastructure they needed. they promised results in 5 days, but it's been a year examining the headline. this is another potential flashpoint for conflicts voices from different corner. every house here has someone who has made it to the top of ever. it's not the one but several time program that has been your i to tennessee view of the world today on algiers, near. ah, they wanted 43000000 pounds worth of weaponry. that was 6000000 pounds in commission. there was no hope of any more because there's always a small car. most people for really, really good live in athens. we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function war shadow on al jazeera. we understand the differences,
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minorities of conscience across the world. are you taking out era or bringing the news and current affairs? ah, ah me i'm not madison and don't have the top stories on our jazeera fighting is escalated to between the taliban and a resistance group. and upon sheer valley in afghanistan, the maintenance enclave is about 150 kilometers north of the capital capital. the region has been the only province to hold out against taliban rules. the secretary of state will visit, cut out on sunday for talks of kindness time and to be blinking as the taliban must stick to its promises. in order for sanctions to be the thought of encore find out
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more of the honey about adar is likely to lead the new afghan government which is expected to be.


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