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tv   [untitled]    August 29, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm AST

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downpours in italy, bulgaria romania may catch a lot of rain. torrential downpours here about 90 millimeters in a short span. it's all plugged into this luggage disturbance moving across central parts of europe, slinging down wet and at times windy weather. so we see those winds through the baltic sea, the north sea impacting the low countries and now yeah, germany, right through to switzerland. we've got some heavy falls, mostly smooth sailing across iberia. except check this out towards valencia. we've got some pulses of heavy rain looking to pick up. we'll call it 30 millimeters of rain within a single hour. temperature is above average in turkey. cloudy for is stumble, but the sun will dominate. and over the next 3 days, and it's stumble, you may catch a thunderstorm on monday, but your temperature is well above that september average. now could do is for beneath picking up more range for the north of the country. and we have seen flooding right across the country, but that rain backs off as we hit toward sunday heavy as falls reserved for nigeria as we heads were the ivory coast and guinea on sunday. that sure weather season
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the when freedom of the press is under threat in oh, you just cause thought genuinely about your thought toward the bacon government step outside the mainstream. there has been a implement here some of the court to shift the focus. the panoramic that's turned out to be a handy little pretext for the prime minister to clamp down on the press covering the waves. the news is covered for listening post on just a story of live deception life and death, an israeli spelling operating on the deep cover in series. knowing that discovery would mean and al jazeera well health gripping story markets by l. e. calling operated on the cover in syria,
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in the $960.00 notation career that ended in public execution. eli cohen, most of agents 18 on al jazeera. oh, a. again, you're watching. i just get a reminder of our top stories this out. the u. s. evacuation mission from cobble is in its final phases of a deadline. on tuesday, the taliban is taken over part of the airport and says it is ready for a swift hand over us is wanting another attack on combo airport is highly likely on thursday to suicide bombs. killed more than 180 people i saw k claimed
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responsibility. hearken, ida is hours away from making land full on the u. s. gulf coast. tens of thousands have been forced to leave their homes. the category for storm is expected to hit new orleans. decades of conflict, severe droughts and the corona virus pandemic, already make life challenging in afghanistan, the un is urging the new lead is to act urgently to prevent millions of afghans from starvation. us where he's described, afghan astounds humanitarian situation is catastrophic. it's estimating at least a 3rd of people will be facing hunger, prompting many to look for a better future. elsewhere. up to half a 1000000 more afghan refugees are expected by the end of the year. thousands of already been pouring through the land borders into iran and pakistan. some have made it out of the country on evacuation flights. as we've been reporting they're being taken in by does more than a dozen countries,
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several of them in europe. one of them is the united kingdom. the dean bama is live for us in london with more on that sort of dean. how has the u. k been handling this well, has him. the u. k. government has already admitted in the last few days, despite evacuating around $15000.00 afghan civilians from out out of the country. they will be leaving behind the embarrassment surround, or up to 1100 africans who are on official lists of people eligible to come here because they worked with british forces for the main part. some people think the figure is much higher. there are reports in the sunday press that thousands of e mails from members of parliament and charities to the foreign office detailing cases urgent cases of people who needed to be evacuated, went on and said, well, whatever the case, the case pledging to bring in to allow 5000 afghans into the u. k. over the next
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year on the rich resettlement program, and it's just an ounce. what it's calling operation was welcome. there's a new minister for resettlement. but in the short term, with these hundreds of people who already arrived around the country, the government saying it's working hard to work with charities, who's been going physically to airports, taking aid, taken clothing, taking sanitary products, and so on. because there are hundreds of africans who are in quarantine now as there are in fact in countries such as italy, which has taken in almost 5000 afghan civilians. and many of them have gone to a red cross sent a camp in the center of italy. so around the continent, really, many afghans now waiting to leave currency and to find out what the future holds for them. and for relatives who you've had to leave behind
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her name is however, even english, and she's just entered a world full of hope and uncertainty. her afghan parents were evacuated from kabul to dubai, where they caught a turkish airlines flight to the u. k helped by the cabin crew, her mom, so man had to give birth on boards as have arrived, the british military confirmed it was ending its flights carrying civilians. frances, on the same, shakira and afghan actress living in france, managed to get her mother and brother out of afghanistan at the last minute. as in so many cases it involved days of frantic phone calls to people on the ground at the airport. there was a double my 7 in demand of re discovered the smell of my mother, and it's something that i'd forgotten. my mother's tears reminded me of the tea she shed when i left half dentist on. it was really moving a lot of emotions today. shabbier and afghan journalist filmed himself as he annoyed close relatives waited to get onto one of the final evacuation flights.
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he's now in spain, spending the night and day in the airport. and the good was one of the worst experiences i have ever had. i never was forced to spend the night with my family and in an open place like that to thousands of people, not in depth, what they suffer on on shapiro and his family, and now seeking asylum. but the british government admits up to 1100 afghans, eligible to be re settled in the u. k. mainly because they worked with british troops being left behind. the head of the u. k. armed forces said it's heartbreaking. personally, i've probably had over a 100 messages from different afghans who i know in my long association with the country. and many of those friends of mine would make it out there at the small organization near london. this grumbling to help people still trying to get out of afghanistan. they found it says it's clear,
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there are many still in danger. be government should not be immediately in order to save their life problems. all other people been working for the past 20 supporting they need to mission. as these afghan civilians arrived in rome, a nato representative said, his team had done everything they could, unsatisfied because we have left the fuel behind which we are not abandoning but which we will strive our best to take back home as the sun sets on the military evacuations. the question now is how many more people who fear for their lives will be able to leave afghanistan? and how nadine baba al jazeera now it's been more than 6 decades since cold war rivalries fuel the space race between the 2 superpowers. the
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u. s. and the soviet union, these days a space has opened up and it's much less ideological, more than 70 countries. now have space programs and increasingly private companies are doing lots of the heavy lifting. re challenge reports from cornwall in the u. k . in a modest hanger on the scruffy edge of a regional u. k. airport lies a new chapter in space. exploration. this is virgin orbit launch, a one, a rocket deployed from a plane that will take satellites to space and space for cornwall. the new key airport expects this to happen for the 1st time. next june. getting here hasn't been easy. it's been a long journey. lots of up and down. we've had funding issues. we had breakfast, we've had changes in administration. we've had a panoramic. we've had this airport almost having to be shot because of the pandemic. we've had a lot of challenges, but we've overcome all of them to get to the point where we're so close to launch. for the 1st of these virgin orbit will use space for cornwall as little more than
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a runway to take off from that construction is underway to build a facility for loading the satellites. next will be a hanger for the specialized plane. even when this is all finished, that would actually be that much more to see here. certainly nothing to rival the kennedy space center in florida, the united states. but that small footprint is a defining feature of new spaces. the inside is call it nasa the giant is stepping aside. small project conscious commercial operators are a big part of the future. the u. k is trying to position itself as one of the main players in commercial space like the government's considering license applications from several contenders. besides spaceport como, they include space hub sutherland, a vertical rocket launch site on the northern tip of scotland. the shetland space center on the scott on an events and spaceports, no donia in wales, the past decade or so. as soon as the explosion in the desire to have access to
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space, and that means that having launch access, having the ability to actually support launches is a very potentially lucrative endeavor for any country to be taking part in. have a state sought in the u. k. does make a lot of sense because we want to be a part of the streaming space sector. there are other motivations. breakfast britain wants to be the hugh and become the 1st european country to launch a space rocket from its own side on the continent. although the coming commercial space era will be much less geopolitical than the 1st space race, last century, international rivalries do still feature rory talents out as era campbell talk more about this now with se pearson space journalist. she joins us via skype now from bristol, in the u. k. thanks for being with us. so let me ask you, 1st of all, what was the motivation for all this beyond just kind of national pride and, and bragging. right? so there are, there are other tangible,
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long term benefits to this. absolutely. space is a 1000000000 trillion dollar industry. that's so much money that change of time when it comes to space. it's part of the you case. this is a part of the case effort to, to get a bigger piece of that pi basically and get more space than the industry into the u . k. view case that, that it wanted to have 10 percent of, of global space industry by 2030. and so by offering launches currently the u. k is very good at building satellites, but actually if you could launch them into space that would really help improve space industry within the u. k. so that definitely they're starting much financial motive behind this. there will be those people who will, who will look at this and say, why we spend the always money on sending people up into space when they got big problems down here that they should, they should not be a priority. how do they, how do they count to that? well, in this specific case,
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it's not sending people up into space. so the, this, the, you k very much focused on funding small satellites, specifically the ones that would be launched from u. k soil. they would be monitoring satellites that go into something called polar or something cronyn orbit, which means that they always pulse over the same place at the same time every day. so that's very good for monitoring, monitoring things like whether the climate agriculture. so all of these things that help us monitor and improve a lot of those problems that people criticize the space program, exacerbating that reads some talks, the u. k. might develop a, a tourist flight launch station that one is a bit tricky to justify. but the hope is with that, if you get more people going up into space and being able to look down on us from above, it will hopefully give them a bit more perspective. but certainly when it comes to small satellite launches,
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there is very much a lot of work goods that they can do here, back on a good to speak with you as the piece. and thanks so much be was despite the blockade and the israeli bombings during the 11 day conflict in may, artists have finally returned to give some glimmer of hope and cheer to people. in garza, the united said reports the events like these haven't been seen in because district for years because still in clave had suffered during decades. separate pizza drowns if conflict with israel and 15 years. zip located. and along with the poor economy and the pen to make people's lives have deteriorated. but now many are again filling hotels and gift phase, offering the summer of are to stick is then we'll have you have these artistic
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concepts even if only a few entertain the people of the besieged gaza strip. and therefore, they reflect the side that is full of love, of life and peace, enjoy and characterize the people of godhood. despite all the tragedies that are exposed to the despite being home to some of the world's oldest musical traditions, like the depth, eric folk dance, palestinian musicians from classical to wrappers has struggled for years to have their voices heard. be on this trip. me also b. c. holds a degree in multimedia, but chose a career in music, his refining his talent for singing, and has learned to play the piano guitar and for now his singing is a welcome relief for many hearing gods. i isn't that we like to attend such musical events because they bring us joy and relaxation despite all the wars we've lived in
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and all the problems that we live with. we still deserve to be happy and enjoy life . o. u to travel restrictions, b. c has been unable to take part in several international music festivals, but he's now performing at weddings and birthday parties in local hotels and is hoping to one day go on to her approach and softly because i'm on the i said i was accepted and several famous syndic competitions, but i never made it to the auditions because of the blockade and the closure of the crossing leaf which prevented me from making my dreams come through the mob. the piano to patel has come to see our district evening as any kind of make lifeline people. the guards are trying to get their minds up, their daily struggle through some of the summer events. but if the really
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diction every aspect of life here, there is always to be afraid that enjoying the c l should be around god. for 2 months, a year, tens of thousands of visitors flocked to see the forests of the scala and central mexico where fireflies put on an epic display. but the visitors and the tourism industry might be putting the luminous bugs they've come to watch under fred, john, home and reports a symphony of light in the force of plus gala central mexico. please 5 flight posts and seats in unison. great groups participating in a joint courtship ritual that coordinated displays. what makes this species 14 as plus your c special and in the last few years, they've had never increasing audience. this is a present for guy l from his girlfriend, erica. they've come all the way from france. they felt that it was
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a nice idea for his where they already know adf and different. it was a surprise into today. so i'm here for the state authorities say the number of visitors to see the 5 flies doubled in the 6 years before the pandemic level. and that's a cool celebration. but also worry the scientists like carlos called that fil, as almost have it in a moment or relevant to critical. this was me, we're going to see them in a critical moment in their lives. and we disturbed that we disturbed the relationship between them and therefore their reproduction in torchlight phones both distract them sound too if tour is straight from the path. they can also trample the females who can't fly on. the concern is that if tourism operators here don't take care, they might lose what attracts their clients in the 1st place. we had an up to see the fall flies right now, right? she was quite smooth tool group and each tour operator has
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a number of people that they're allowed to take up to see the 5 flies each night. we're being told is that the problem can be, is that to operate, to sometimes exceed that number for people that haven't got a license to just take people up anyway and plan to sign tools. it's a problem in a region with a law of economic necessity. 92 months a year to make money from the luminous beetle. but many are aware of regulating themselves in quanta lucas in columbus like i like and a lot of the education we give to people is about what not to bring repellant white clothing to be silent for a waiver to begin. let's just begun. hopefully go. i'm paying recycling local materials to reduce the environmental impact on the mass. so on the, on the some names of these platforms are from an industrial part of tough, scala. there is wood not only for the platform,
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but also for the bed bases. we use this wood that was in place for these quite rustic tape. all the while he's trying to reuse would others, the chopping down trees all over the forest? it's perhaps the biggest threat for the fireflies logging which squeezes their living space. the now every june to august, the visual symphony continues. the challenge for the future is to keep the lights from going out. john holman out, is it a plus gala mix code? less than a head on edge? is it all a sport? it's a massive day for a french club, pi, sasha, mass. all the details coming up next. ah, they wanted 43000000 pounds worth of weapon. that was 6000000 pounds in commission. there was no hope of ending war because there's always
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a small cobble of people for really, really good lives. in athens, we, in the united states, have privatized the ultimate public function war shadow on al jazeera. i was going to have it on working in asia and africa. there'd be days where i'd be choosing and editing my own stories and a refugee camp with no electricity. and right now where confronting some of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever faced. and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and compromise. because that's the only way we can try to solve any of the problem is together, that are so important. we make those connections. how? oh,
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a good spot and i hit center. thank you very much. has him was in time football style in messy is expected to make his debbie for calling san joe mont. later on sunday, the search for a year old that didn't feature in p s u. the 1st 3 games of the season haven't been given that time to settle following his move from barcelona while he has been included in mauricio, which is senior squad, the a for the away trip. 2 of them. now mom is also included and could also make his 1st appearance of the season after extended the summer holiday following international duty mingling through a garden gloom. leo is very motivate. when we sign a player, i don't have high expectations. i tried to work out the play on a daily basis and within a new content, we are discovering
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a great professional and met with adapting very quickly to his new teammates and his new club for summer. he has a great layer leak. one can be a bit more open in transition for him and more physical, but he has the ability to adapt with them. we like to have possession and said he understands that type of games. while manchester united to play the 1st game at late on sunday since confirming that they've agreed to deal to resign at christian . or now though, the red devils that take on wolf away in english premier league, they're looking to bounce back off dropping points in their last game. 11 draw against south i'm since are and i'll do is expected to join his new teammates following international duty with portugal to my to say nice. his type rival went head to head on saturday. chelsea when the coin gets liverpool. thanks to fabulous heather from a car or late in the 1st half liverpool were given a penalty until to defend james's stopped to go with his arm. then much the
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surprise of many james was sent off. mohammed saw that converted the spot pick a much finished one. i don't like these early read cards. of course not that live when we play, but in general it's, it's for me a bit to spoil of the game. nobody, i think once wants to see that for 45 minutes, they want to see a high level game. and then even me, when i'm in front of tv, i don't like it i, i have no solution now for it and no, no better idea in the moment. but in general, it is a spoiler. if somebody ever listen to me about rude changes or roles, then a lot of things would look completely different, but they still look like i was really waste of time to talk about it. yeah, absolutely. so was again, yeah, probably was law had a terrible day away to manchester city would source with kill and captain granted the sucker sent off in the 1st half by then the city were leaving by 2 goals. it
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was 3 now at half time. and the 4th came soon after the break. when we caught his 2nd set of spaniards found toys also grabbed the double hospital, failing to school in the opening, 3 matches of the season for the 1st time in the 100 and 28th year history of english football saw contrast. men city who won the opening to the home game of the season. 5 mill. so we had to stadium with this lovely day with these amazing, most fear. you know, with a true neil's renewals, lieutenant and 11 is easier for us to offer for the opening. around the jury lead the way in spain top division legal saturday, the secure the one they'll win over pretty was the bestest side, tiny cars harlow got them the winner just off the mark. so we thought means we'll have 7 points off to the game. what alone we controlled the game well that we were missing
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a bit of the defensive intensity in the 1st half. in the 2nd half, we had more of the ball. we were precise, we had more opportunities and the intensity was higher than formula one and rain cause the few issues and qualifying for the belgian goal. please mclaren landowner if it crushed heavily in the work conditions he was able to get out of the call without assistance. the bus was late to take him to hospital for an x ray on his elbow. max very stop and not only grab pull position ahead of george russell gave williams a spot on the front row of the grid for the 1st time since 2017. it was hamilton. will start from been a really tricky call. fine. you know, it's hard to keep the contract switching the tires on the other. i fine. so i don't see, you know, the long break thing to do and to train them to learn the trick conditions again. but at the end, you know, we, we were 1st, i don't really know what happened with without 3, but unfortunate because the,
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i think they have to level the far away. so that make it a little bit harder instead of the strategy. but because i think there's a penalty, so that will do everything we can and that more than other day i hope that it's not crazy. very light did bryce and the sambal had a roller coaster day at bmw w tab to ship. just as the big hitting american threatened to run away from the field and the 3rd run. his 2nd shot. at the pop, 512 hole landed in the water resulting in a bogey. and he did it again with his t shirts and the par, 330 pulled for a double bogey. and that's all he bought for me and you back to husband. thanks very much. santa and that is it for me, hasn't seek out for this usa i had, i'm here, dean is here in a moment with more of the day's news. and as always, there's lots more on our website dot com. get the latest on all the stories with
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falling plenty of news and analysis for you. ah, i lose frank assessments, by way, it was a game freedom, surprising informed opinions what you saw happening. get some mark. it was $42.00. there was petune is the critical debate that we are here. it's not between any other than we have competed here between 34 years. re running that even
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people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story. on our jazeera, the taliban has taken control scanner. for 20 years also, it was the whole from power the country. now faith is a new reality. how will that impact people on fall in the world react? stay with us. the latest news and analysis format with the cushion sit to ride on the cookie, paralympic one. i want you to investigate japan. problem history of caring for people with disabilities on i'll do 0. i
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al jazeera as a human ah . the taliban takes over parts of campbell, therefore submit warnings that another attack could be imminent. and us forces are in the final phase. older evacuations from the capital ending 20 years of military presence. ah, i'm hold on. no, he didn't.


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