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tv   [untitled]    August 29, 2021 6:00am-6:31am AST

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the me ah, me keep away from cobbled apple, the u. s. wanting to americans after what it calls a credible threat. but you can laugh military flights, lead combo offer, taking up maybe 15000 bath guns, but hundreds left behind. ah . hello, i'm down, jordan, this is out there a lie or from coming up getting out of the way of a hurricane. us state of louisiana. braces with devastation on the 16th anniversary
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of katrina. and the push to arrange reduced hunting of brown bears in romania after a flurry of attack. some people ah, americans are being urged to stay clear of a gun histones main airport because of a specific credible threat. president joe biden has already warned. another attack on campbell airport is highly unlikely within 36 hours. and he's vowed further strikes against iso following thursday, suicide bombing, which killed at least a 175 people. gabriel is under reports from washington. d. c. fridays, drones. strike big killed 2 i. so k members and wounded another was the 1st retaliatory strike against the group. but according to president joe biden, it won't be the last. it's unclear if those killed had a direct role and thursdays airport attack the killed over
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a $150.00 afghans and over a dozen us military personnel. the pentagon won't release the names of the ice or k members. they killed only thing they were planning future attacks. i am not going to talk about specific capabilities isis may have lost, and in the strike they lost a planner and they lost a facilitator and they've got one wanted and the fact that 2 of these individuals are no longer longer walking on the face of the earth, that's a good thing. a good thing for the people who can stand. it's a good thing for our troops in our forces at that airfield and i think i'm just going to leave it there for the u. s. and the taliban are coordinating on airport security. that cooperation did not extend to the drone strike. a taliban spokesperson told reuters news agency they should have been informed before the air strike took place in a statement saturday afternoon. biden said the chance of another terrorist attack
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in the next 24 to 36 hours is very high. it's believed round. $4000.00 us troops are still at the airport. and cobble and commanders say, despite the risks, the mission continues in till the august 31st deadline biden has put in place threats to our forces and to this operation remain real and significant. i'm sure you can appreciate that. and now with a military mission trip begin to ending to bull. thousands of service members are working across the globe and within the united states to complete this incredibly important mission. caught in the middle innocent afghan civilians at an airport near washington on saturday. afghan evacuation continued to arrive in america after an arduous journey. well, i would say the last 6 or 7 days have been the toughest days of my life. honestly, i don't want to lie, or i don't want to. but how things are really bad all around the airport,
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all the entrances. and we kind of feel lucky if you can get just through that. those gate over the weekend, america was learning more of the u. s. service members killed the suicide attack mac. soviet a navy merrick was one of them. he was only 2 years old when the us invaded afghanistan in 2001 friends and family back in his hometown of ohio are grieving his death. he was just a really good kid that everybody liked. everybody loves the family very well respected. the u. s. military pull out from afghanistan was measured in months and then weeks. and now it's down to days. and it could be the most unpredictable and dangerous phase of all. with president biden's simultaneously
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warning americans that there could be more attacks against us troops in capital. while also more strikes against those, the us says his responsible gabriel is ando. ouch is eda washington. meanwhile, the taliban says campbell airport will be under its control very soon as it bolts to security. following thursday's attack, the sound of gunfire rang out near the international airport. earlier witnesses say the taliban was firing to disperse people trying to get on evacuation flights. crowds outside the fort, reportedly thin. after an increasing telephone checkpoints nearby, the group is now escorting a limited number of gums inside robert brian as more now from africa and capital. cobble international apple. it's a real sense that we're now getting into the end game of this very long and often chaotic and traumatic evacuation process. the sure side of that has come with the
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taliban now taking over some of the guarding duties from the u. s. military, they reduce that perimeter in preparation for their final departure for the final american boots to be off the ground. we have seen the taliban fighters take over god post on the perimeter and actually inside the airport itself. the imminent end of this evacuation though, has not stopped. still crowds of people around the perimeter trying to get on some of the last flights you do get a feeling that a lot of people will have given up hope by now. i'd have not going back to the airport, especially with warnings of possibly more attacks. for others, though, at the imminent ending of this whole process that's probably made it added to the desperation of trying to get on one of the last remaining flights. but there are relatively few left now as we see, few of flights arriving and taking off. meanwhile, in the city of cobble itself, there is a mixed picture here. as the city goes back to work after what for many has been
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the weekend here in afghanistan, businesses have largely reopened. some ministries have reopened as they did last week, but other ministries have remained close. and crucially for many p, well here again, the banks are close. the banking sector here has been a real problem ever since the fall of the government and the take over by the taliban. they some financial services opened briefly just over a week ago you could the cash machines open, but with very tight limits, all the amount of money people could take out. finally, they opened a few days ago, but now they were meant to reopen saturday, but they have remained closed. and so people have not been able to get access to their funds, access to salaries. in some cases, people are complaining, they haven't been paid for months. it has led to angry scenes outside many banks, protests and it is a bad, bad sign of for the country. and this new taliban governments moving forward.
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meanwhile, hundreds of afghans that protested outside banks and combo, while others formed long lines of cash machines. government employees were among those marching, demanding their salaries. they say they have not been paid for 6 months and can withdraw that a t. m been limited to about $200.00 every 24 hours. unless it's almost 10 days that i've been waiting here to get my salary. i am an employee of the government. we have a patient at home. we have problems, we cannot take our salary is out. a few days ago, the banks reopened, but closed again. give us our salaries so that we can be able to solve problems. well, micro cooperman is a senior associate for south asia. the wilson center, he says, i've got the stones, the economy was facing several challenges before the taliban take over. i have been experiencing a major economic crisis even before the one over the last fiscal year. gd teeth
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attracted by nearly 2 percent inflation rose by here with 3 percent and the world report the world food program is saying back in april that there are more people experiencing acute food insecurity than any other country in the world. other than the democrat and republican congo, and clearly what we're seeing with these sanctions from the international community and trying to cut off on reserves. certainly that's going to make the challenges even greater. and i think our bond there is a lot of pressure because this is the group that does not have it here, ends with governance when it comes to economic policy. when it's our bond within control, back in the ninety's governance with all about switch strict forms of justice. it was not about careful consideration the fiscal policy. so and the taliban tries to gain legitimacy among afghan. it's really going to struggle because if it's not in the position to bring economic release soon, you know these, these protests that we're seeing now could cree intensify. and also if you continue
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to have terrorist attacks like the one that happened the other day, that will put even more pressure on how about it could make it difficult for to consolidate the power. now the last, british military flight has left cobble, taking the u. k. is remaining diplomats and troops out of afghanistan. it marked the end of nearly 20 years of british military presence. the final flight carrying afghans civilians left earlier on saturday, but hundreds of people entitled to resettlement in the u. k. have been left behind . i mean, barbara report her name is however, even english, and she's just entered a world full of hope and uncertainty. her afghan parents were evacuated from couple to dubai where they caught a turkish airlines flight to the u. k. helped by the cabin crew, her mom so man had to give birth on board as have arrived, the british military confirmed it was ending its flights carrying civilians. frances, on the same, shakira, an afghan actress living in france managed to get her mother and brother out of
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afghanistan at the last minute. as in so many cases it involved days of frantic phone calls to people on the ground at the airport. it would devil my 7 in demand of re discovered the smell of my mother, and it's something that i'd forgotten. my mother's tears reminded me of the tea she shed when i left half chemist on. it was really moving. a lot of emotions today. shabby or an afghan journalist filmed himself as he and 9 close relatives waited to get onto one of the final evacuation flights. he's now in spain, spending a night and day in the airport. and again, was one of the worst experiences i have ever had. i never was forced to spend the night with my family and in an open place like that to thousands of people, not in depth, what they thought for fun on shapiro and his family, and now seeking asylum. but the british government admits up to 1100 afghans,
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eligible to be re settled in the u. k. mainly because they worked with british troops being left behind. the head of the u. k. armed forces said it's heartbreaking. personally, i've probably had over a 100 messages from different afghans who i know in my long association with the country. and many of those friends of mine would make it out there at this small organization near london, this grumbling to help people still trying to get out of afghanistan. they found it says it's clear, there are many still in danger. be government should not be needed in order to save the life. of all other people been working for the past 20 supporting they need to mission. as these afghan civilians arrived in rome, a nato representative said, his team had done everything they could,
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unsatisfied because we have left the fuel behind which we are not abandoning but which we will strive our best to take back home as the sun sets on the military evacuations. the question now is how many more people who fear for their lives will be able to leave afghanistan? and how nadine baba al jazeera time for short break here. and i'll just say are when we come back the march through washington dc against efforts by some states to make it harder to events and hoping to ease tensions in the middle east. iraq host the regional summit with founder labor and iran high on the agenda. moreland, ah
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hello there, we're watching 2 hurricanes that are affecting central america and the caribbean. and now north america, one of those hurricanes, has developed into an extremely dangerous and life threatening hurricane as it moved to the u. s. gulf coast. the other one is working its way up, the west of the, of mexico. it isn't making land full, but it is bringing with it the very wet and windy weather to those coastal areas. it's working its way north up the gulf of california is going to bring some heavy range to the baja california peninsula. we're talking up to $200.00 millimeters. we are expecting to see flooding and on monday will work its way up the north western states as it heads towards the us where we are likely to see some flooding later in the week. but next have a look at i day is to rent any it has strengthened from a category one to a category full hurricane in it is expected to hit where katrina hit 16 years ago, but it was a category 3. so this one is expected to be stronger,
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we're seeing winds of up to 225 kilometers per hour. so a lot of damage expected, and it's got a catastrophic storm said we are likely to see some very severe flooding here. and we'll keep an eye on these systems that should weather, update. the county, the cause type of missiles and the world of new alms rates as russia takes the lead and misses that can fly up to 20 times the speed of sound. rewind and for this help, clear up motion beats militant insurgency will oil johnson migrant workers for to come to the cost on i'll just there are bold and i'm told stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera. oh,
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a welcome back to your mind about top stories here at this hour. the u. s. is warning of a specific credible threat. now. campbell, airport earlier president joe biden said another attack within 24236000 is highly likely. biden has promised further strikes against ices. alas, british military flight doesn't have combo carrying the u. k is remaining diplomats and troops out of the dentist on the final flight carrying guns to williams met earlier on saturday. but hundreds of our guns eligible for resettlement have been left behind. and afghans have been protesting outside several banks in calm while others formed long lines of cash machines. government employees say that not been paid for 6 months or can. ida is gathering strength heads towards the u. s.
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city of new orleans. it's expected to make landfall on the us gulf coast late on sunday, as a dangerous category for hurricane louisiana has now declared a state of emergency. many residents rushed to gas stations to fill up, while others boarded up buildings. president biden has issued an emergency order l . c. food, water supplies sent to the states. we decide to take all. yeah. because just like we heard, katrina will not be here for the disaster. so we are taking a chance leave it. yeah. well awesome bat and everything down, i have a camp down, a bar, put everything inside of a building, put everything inside to build, locked everything down, moved everything that could boy filled up, all the vehicles, put everything in a freezer, have everything ready to go. case way without power a few days because it looks like it's coming right at us. well, i'd brought strong winds and flooding rains to cuba,
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causing widespread damage that julian wolf reports. the fierce winds batter cuba coast as the streets of the capitol, havana light, empty. hurricane ida hit the caribbean islands south west toppling trees and tearing roofs of homes where the throng winds have been weeping all over. it took a roof there. winds of nearly a 130 kilometers an hour force people to take cover, but many felt relief saying it could have been worse. the category one hurricane is now heading for the united states, but expected to make landfall as a category for. we do have a major storm heading far away. we are activating every single resource at our disposal so that we are prepared to respond from mississippi to florida state are on high alert with the us national hurricane center warning of catastrophic danger. winds are expected to reach up to 225 kilometers an
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hour before ida makes landfall along the gulf coast late on sunday. life threatening storm surges are predicted to hit coastal communities. full stories are urging people to seek higher ground. this will be a life altering storm for those who aren't prepared. but time is running out with people rushing to stores for sandbags and supplies. oil fields in the region that supply nearly a 5th of the nation's oil have halted operation. louisiana has declared a state of emergency and told tens of thousands of people to batten down or evacuate immediately. hurricane ida is a 9th named storm of the atlantic hurricane season and is expected to make land for 16 years to the day that hearken. katrina struck a day no one wants to relive julian wolf al jazeera right away. thousands of
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protests in the us capital washington, d. c. have been demanding an end to what they call vote to suppression states like georgia and texas of inactive laws. that many c as restricting rights demonstrators are also calling on elected officials. the better access to the ballot, and the polls robin has more from the running washington d. c. thousands of people have gathered once again on the washington mall to demand the voting rights. they are here to call for the passage of a voting piece of legislation named after the former a late congressman. john lewis was a hero of the 19th sixty's, the civil rights movement. the bill was make it easier for people to vote and enshrine certain rights to vote, such as voting on sundays and things like that. now, to date, there are 18 states which have have
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a restrictive legislation that would make it harder for people to vote. those are republican dominated states. they pass these laws to in response to president x president trump claims of a fraudulent election claims which have been proven false and have no basis in reality. but yet, these states are passing these restrictive legislations, and many people here say the burden will fall on voters of color. unfortunately, the de generation, they not aware of the struggles that our forefathers, i went through all back and, you know, they had a quite a bit of calendars fight the road. right to go to school. so re here to make sure that we don't go back 150 years, even 20 years, even 50 years, recognized as a poor and maintain what are or i asked to have provided for the john lewis
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voting rights act has passed the house of representative which is dominated by the democratic party, but it has not yet passed the senate and republicans in the senate, which is divided 5050 between republicans and democrats, with the vice president commonly harris's having the hybrid vote. they want to block this legislation using a parliamentary maneuver called the filibuster and hundreds of palestinians have demonstrated in the southern gaza strip. and what they say is the 1st and a series of nighttime protests along the israeli buddha, that calling on israel to ease its blockade on garza, israeli military stands, it responded to the protest of throwing explosives by firing live lounge. israel and egypt have enforced a blockades and how master power garza in 2007 appellate indian boy who was shot in the head during protest that god, a border last week has died. the 12 year old was hit by a rubber coated steel bullet fired by ready forces. another palestinian man died
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from his wounds on the wednesday. more than 40 other palestinians and one israeli soldier wounded. now iraq has been hosting a regional summit aimed at promoting peace and reconciliation in the middle east. the aim is to improve ties between saudi arabia and iran, were among the countries taking part as well as france, egypt, the u. a. and cut off. what the, why reports now from baghdad, nissan we don't. iraq stability is key to this debility of the whole region. this is how regional leaders participating in that conference for corporation and partnership concluded it on saturday. the summer twitch discussed economic integration and investment projects between the participants also addressed political and security challenges facing iraq, including the possible resurgence of iso iraqi officials. say it's an opportunity
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to use tension in the middle east. s o d and rain. you know, officials held talks on the sidelines of the summit. the fact that we managed to bring private countries together on the same table and initiate dialogue between them is not only important to them in us, but the whole region. the meeting which was cor denies to by france also address the water crisis. what she did the war in yemen, and the devastating economic and political situation in lebanon. when milan, when i was, i think it's promising because it's laid the foundation to involving iraq in more bilateral meetings with the participant countries in the future. the presence of france and the international organizations gives credit to this summit, international and regional. some, it's have been held to discuss in a stability in iraq, for decades. now it's hosting this one to show it's ready to regain a rule in the region and says it will be neutral in ongoing conflicts.
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back in june, iraq has a trilateral summit to establish trade integration and development projects with egypt and jordan. saturday summit is another step in sending a message of solidity with a rock of 30 years of isolation. withdrew or had al jazeera, but that tens of thousands of people in the eastern democratic republic of congo was still homeless. more than 3 months after the erection of a volcano near the eastern city of goma, families who lost everything of use plastic and sticks to put up tents. the government and charities are building temper shelters. it's feared the rainy season could worse than the humanitarian crisis. really a problem. there is always the problem of rain. the rain with this population brings the risk as many diseases because we're in an area where there is always rain even during the dry season. so they will always be the problem of waterborne
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diseases. this is what should concern the congolese government. at least 19 villages have been killed by a rebel group in democratic republic of congo. and happened in benny that's in the province of north keybo. now group has yet claim responsibility for the attack. but the iso linked allied democratic forces have been active in the area. australia is most popular, state new south wales is reporting a record of more than 1200 new current of virus infections in the past 24 hours. there's no sign yet that the outbreak that started in mid june is flowing. more than half the australian population has been under locked down for weeks. as the country's biggest cities struggled to control the virus, australia's rushing to inoculate his population and hopes to have 80 percent vaccinated by mid november. and new zealand corona virus outbreak continues to grow with another 83 cases reported. a number of infections now stands at 511,
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with 2 people in critical condition. been ta countries and locked down until tuesday, new zealand, largest city, oakland is the epicenter of the outbreak, and we'll stay locked down an extra 2 weeks. now the brown bear is a protected species in romania, but there's growing pressure to reintroduce hunting has been fueled by a rise and bear attacks at a time when the government's trying to encourage taurus to return to national parks to zeros. andrew simmons reports now from our menace in the copy and mountains. it's a wilderness like few others in europe. the copy of mountains, primeval forests, absorbing the poisons of modern life greenhouse gases. but there endangered, just like the wildlife with romania as rangers are aware that illegal logging isn't the only threat. here we have 2 or 3 conflicts. laureen alice one's mind is firmly
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set on animal welfare. and are we welding project he's working on? but he can't ignore a new issue. there are 2. it's a small one. he finds footprints of 2 brown bears the wild animal. and he already feel us. if it's around here, he run a long time ago. more than 300 kilometers to the east, the bad population is higher and there has been 137 attacks on people in the past 2 years. some of them fatal fear has spread with social media posts of attacks. here a bare has been disturbed by a wild boar hunt. the hunter, assuming this survive the attack. in 2016, the brown bird became a protected species in romania. but because of the attacks, the government planning a population census, if the numbers are deemed too high,
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it isn't rolling out a return to hunting venture out there. for me, if the density is low, we will not bring hunting back in italy. we have a number of options to protect the funds, the villages, the people. but i'm not prepared to say whether we will bring back hunting in one area, the scene some attacks. there's a political determination for hunting to return. and so the future for the bad population him may well be in doubt. but for another wild animal, the european bison, hunted down more than a 100 years ago when lost from this vast wilderness, its future is assured. these are the latest arrivals set free here 3 months ago. there are now more than a 100 bison, roaming wild, finding their own food and ranger florine. how long is monitoring them for a we wilding program, tracking them by gps and radio links, the buys and marcia, before 100 years ago. here they have they own roles. it's
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a chain for this. we said we need 1015 years from now to demonstrate today, own roles in the forest in bio diversity incorporated in the area and the bison. already breeding, born into the wild, one of the cars is seen here. this. we wilding program does look successful. the face of the bears, though, is causing constant ation hunting lobby on one side. conservation is on the other. andrew simmons al jazeera in the copy, the mountains of romania ah . type a quick check of the headline 0 now to 0. the us is warning of a specific credible threatened the accomplish airport. earlier president joe biden said another attack within the next 24 to 36 hours is highly likely. biden has also promised for the strikes again, iso gabriel is under has more now from washington dc. what we're hearing is,
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is that from the white house and from the pentagon, is that they're keeping all options open on a potential. another strike against iso k.


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