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dates a grip, this d is an all new to the, to the people of taking a community. we have encountered different kind of terrible ation. we have encountered different kind of input, sleepless, light, sleepless night. and a days with hunger that we can look at and it's him because we, i think in the fall, children, the gun used to kill us outlaw billy. the kid has been sold at auction for $6000000.00. it's the highest amount ever paid for a fight on believe the kid killed 8 men and was pursued for months until he was shot dead in new mexico in 18. 81. the 21 year old store has been told many times in u. s. pop culture, including several films. ah, this is all. these are the top stories, the us is carried out, joan,
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it strikes against iso following foes is attack outside cobble airport. that killed at least 175 people. it happened in the eastern non ha, province of afghanistan. alexander has more from washington d. c. was an unmanned air strike against what the u. s. military is calling a, an eyesore k planner planner being singular. so it appears that it was against one person, the u. s military is saying that they believe that the strike was successful and that the target of the strike was killed. also saying that the best of the knowledge of the us military so far, no civilian casualties, to report the u. s. embassy in afghanistan has put out another alarm for all american citizens to leave campbell airport immediately. but a warnings that another attack is likely and the next few days could be the most dangerous. the year ends, refugee agency says, up to half
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a 1000000 people could flee the crisis by the end of the year. it's appealed to all neighboring countries to keep borders open. opposition. protestors have scuffled with police in peru after president petro. christy is government one vote of confidence in congress. the opposition is promising to challenge the members of 50 is left where the cabinet, one by one supporters of the government also turned out to back the president's radical social policies. the man convicted of the assassination of us senator robert f. kennedy has been granted parole up to seeking it for the 16th time 77 year old hands. sir hon herself 53 years for shooting kennedy at a campaign event of the ambassador hotel in los angeles, in 1968 museums reporting $82.00 new cases of corona virus with no sign yet that its outbreak is slowing. but 429 cases, but only one is regarded as critical coming up next, it's talk to,
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i'll just go by how many nukes has too many new america has in many ways driven the arms race parties are much more like the british parties. there are fewer regulation to own a tiger than there are to own a dog. how can this be happening? you know, we take on us politics and, and that's the bottom line. with the the cobra, 1900 pandemic has had a devastating impact around the world from putting enormous pressure on health care systems, in many cases, to breaking point, to putting the world economy on track to a possible recession. but the pandemic has also made clear another problem of our time. global inequality. as wealthy countries stockpile cove in 1900 vaccine, 50 percent of adults in europe, us and the u. k. have now been fully vaccinated. vaccination rates remain extremely
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low in countries across africa, but few of the 2 percent of the continents people have been fully vaccinated. the african union and the world health organization has played a central role in the vaccination at but across the continent. but $47.00 of africa's $54.00 countries are expected to miss september's target of vaccinating 10 percent of the citizens. so how can we bridge the vaccine gap, threatening the african continent? but what plans are in place to increase the number of vaccines heading to the region? the director of the africa centers for disease control and prevention. doctor john king of phone talks to al jazeera. ah, the john and candace all director of africa center for disease control and prevention. thank you for talking to us on al jazeera, who just begin with your overall assessment of the code 19 vaccine rollout across
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the continent. what are your initial impressions? they roll out. busy of the cupboard 19 vaccine under continental has been churches appointment as we speak today. less than 2 percent of the eligible population in africa have been a fully vast net, which is very unfortunate. if you recognize that we have to ease immunize up to about 70 percent of our population, and we are less than 2 percent. that tells you that we have an incredibly long journey to go to get to where we have to be. so it has been a total. ready disappointment haven't set that is because, you know, the african bucks in a position test team has now signed a contract of about $400000000.00 of johnson and johnson. vaccines will delivery it about 2 weeks ago. so where we remain optimistic that to challenges in numbers,
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we are making some progress in broad brush strikes. why has it been so bad for africa? was we've seen europe do incredibly well. it has been challenging to africa because we did not produce vaccines. we were hoping and relying on the cove us facility, which is the mechanism that was set up by gobby. we're had organization and their coalition for epidemic preparedness, innovation to have about sins, distribute them in a timely fashion and the country, and how many countries that actually contribute money into their covert facility and are buying most vaccines. so it became a very challenging situation for the continent. was the co scheme under sort of the un auspices a disappointment or a failure because it hasn't really helped africa and the way it should house. i
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would say that the principal behind callbacks that is to acquire vaccines their basket and then made it available to result. ready limited such in a timely fashion, the principal, under values, the values of corporation, their values of solidity were phone bet. it wasn't the implementation, didn't really follow through it because of what i just explained earlier that there countries that mit pledges committed to supporting cobra ended up buying most of the vaccines. so it became very challenging for callback to get the situation in india. and that was caused by the baby and that emerged, it made it so that the government of india impose on the export of vaccines, especially to after then a couple options from india, so that mit application very complex, it does raise the question, doesn't as a sort of vaccine equity, because that's been
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a huge talking point. this last for 18 months of the pandemic for global leaders, you know, in the west and developed world, one might say they failed africa because one has to get african leaders to push. you might say the developed world and politicians to listen to africa to help africa, and to make sure that their voices heard in terms of getting the vaccine. and africa has been failed when he, by those promises that haven't been fulfilled by developed countries. absolutely. i think it's as simple or should that picture has been poorly as to what a core, international cooperation, unfinished, necessarily when despite be said that we set order right things the right things. we're that we need, we need it time. the f says, a pretty good distribution of actions, but when the about since we have been over, which in my view in my or more than 3 tickets in probably heard beverages
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cents was incredibly fast in producing vaccines. and haven't set that africa as you left behind behind significantly. so i think that the spirit of international cooperation and so that r t, i feared africa as significant. well, let's just focus it now on the continent. and recent w 8 tries to, to 6 suggest there is a north south divide in terms of infection rate. 64 percent increase in the south. 24 percent increase in the north. both areas account for 88 percent of the continents death toll algeria, botswana, d r. c. as with teeny, the sue to malawi, retainer, there is a big rwanda, senegal, south africa's in barbara, libya, tennessee, and morocco. seeing huge, delta variant increases. how concerned to you about the delta variant across the continent? i'm concerned about their top area and spread across the country in,
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but not surprise. this is a battery that has an increase sounds, mr. ability rate of more than 40 to 50 percent compared to the wire type. batteries that we initially were dealing with. it has not ratio which is the rate of production of more than it, which means that is press and in fact had had the chance of impacting it. more people are accepting that is very concerned and i'm very concerned from 2 perspective. one is that because of the rapid spread of the database and we have seen her facilities across the continent that fully over whim. and this is a scenario that mirrors what we saw. ready in india, in april, may a timeline because of this situation as well as the baby and the database. we are seeing that the best missions process would be for challenge is very
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concerned. and what is even more confident is that we don't know what we don't know . we don't know that the variance, we emerge that actually be even more aggressive and more transmissible, more challenging to dive. i've seen that we are using that i'm the desktop area. and so i think the best way to avoid that in my view, would be to increase ability to, for vast mission update on the continent. because we now know that the barrier is challenging people that are already been investigated. we've seen up search in this new number new cases across the world, not just in africa, in terms of dealing with the pandemic and dealing with whether it's delta variance or any of the other variance. in your opinion, are there any countries across africa that are, you might see dealing with the situation in terms of the infrastructure in terms of hospitalization or the medical facilities that are available?
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or is it just to unfair to say, you know, africa, the last calls? no country is actually dealing with this properly because they just don't have the facilities and the just to pull. no, absolutely. best distribution. i mean, africa of our or has been dealing with multiple waves of all of these funding make much of phases. as you recall, as we speak about 32 countries in africa, i've been to a ted with about 4 or 5 again to put on that. but what is remarkable is that in most countries that would affect me if they brought it down. then of course, the ease, the locked down situations was picked up and they have to deal with a 2nd week. and then they would suggest to everybody is that after get in many countries in africa actually know how to implement public majors because we don't
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have boxing. and the tools that we have in our disposition now probably had majors because they're locked down. and what is also a bit and is that you probably had made us alone, were not enable us to avoid subsequent ways. i think we need massive phoenicians to enable us to prevent this. read him of love bounds and then you have another wave. and then you locked down, so i think that he's not going to have me and have have systems if we continue to do that, we just need to, again focus on getting back here. so about all many countries in africa, extremely, we're in trying to maintain the spread of their barrows at levels that they can at least play with downs and then probably had majors and why waiting for the offense to arrive, but confounding the problem for those of us on the outside, looking at what's going on across africa is what we hear news that countries like the democratic republic of congo below your south sudan have destroyed vaccines
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because the expiry date was very close to the potential for the using them. so whose fault is it, is the distribution issue, is a lack of coordination in, in respective national countries that they have to get the vaccine out and into the arms of those that need it. no, say you say that the vaccine is available, but in the same breath, we're now seeing physical evidence that the vaccines having to be destroyed. and that's incredibly disheartening for global population, who, somewhere in the world would say, you know what, i'd have taken that vaccine even it was near as expiry date. any vaccine that is destroyed on the continent is a terribly unfortunate. we just see to see an african union very clear about that. we are doing something with that. we have, we have teams in the, in several countries that are supporting countries to make sure that those are the options that are available actually used,
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especially as it is. but we have to put all these extra dance in context. i think this is the 1st time that it comes, then the continent of africa will be rough, niche and adores upscale. and we also have to put out in the context that there was a lot of disruption investigation programs way in the shop. since we had delivered the top and people were eager to take about scenes, then they didn't know where to take the 2nd dose of the about seen. and there was a lot of misinformation and miscommunication down generated by social media across the world. not just enough, johnny created a lot of a bit early on misunderstanding, mishaps approaches to would people should go get your students or not. but if you look at this edition now you, that's significantly wrong. i mean, i'm just about 4 morocco last week where you saw lines lines, people in sport stadium waiting to receive the vaccines. you also seen similar
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scenarios in rwanda and in kenya, where the along lines of people out there waiting to be to be about knit included, india or c. okay. i major. yeah. now you have use up about 99 percent of vaccines, which for about 2 or 3 days and in the mission. and now we see especially with a few of the 3rd wave where people actually saw last and people die. and i think dissertation is changing a lot now what we need is access to about since i don't think that i'm so much concerned with bucks in his fancy at this point or 2 things actually because both the us and the w h o r were encouraging and hoping that the 30 percent vaccination level of the population of the content would be reached by the end of the year. and then you also have the added problem if i can also suggest which is something that you've touched upon, is the way the vaccines are produced, or they're being produced obviously in south africa. but it took several rather poser to actually step in and say, no, the vaccines that are produced in south africa should be for the continent and not
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exported beyond the content that you have these 2 scenarios at the moment when you get 30 percent of the population vaccinated, and will you keep vaccines produced on the continent in the continent, in touch on a very important point to the political leadership of the continent in fighting discipline. and may have been extraordinary. and really exceptional and sharp pricing. infection that is on the continent. leadership expressed by president, oppose that as in east capacity previously as a job, the african union. and now there could be jumped on has been remarkable. and the stance to use integration, personal commitment and intervention that some of those vaccines that were produced in south africa as ship outside of the continent were actually taught it. and a whole arrangement was made. so that africa, i should have its own bath seems produced in south africa,
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and that's how the african vaccine, that position testing that is coordinated by mr. strive my few are actually begin to get about. since i think that is a credit has to go to, to the president and i put the african union commission to jefferson with stuff like demonstrative, extraordinary. ready commitment to support in africa, c, d. c, to engaging with different putting up their continents should have at about seen. so that is a scenario that we are learning from it and building on it as well. so we really hope that going forward as a south africa send, they go morocco, egypt begins to produce back to those that seems to be used on the continent and not export that outside of the continent, the world health organization. and i'm quoting, the facts that we can get from these organizations predicts that 47 of the 54 countries that they've looked at in africa will miss out on the very modest sort of
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september target a vaccinating at least 10 percent of the population is. am i correct in thinking burundi? it's still one country that hasn't administered a single vaccine and the poses the next question about the vaccine hesitancy in some african countries. i mean a tribal and religious issue sometimes get in the way of sheer fact in science. i remain hopeful that out about fin access situation will improve in the next coming months without it actually enable us to get to the target that we hope we hope to achieve that is that target up immunize in 25 to 30 percent of our population by the end of the year remains a question, but i think with effort from the african vaccine that position testing, we did donations that we are seeing increasingly made available by putting us the
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united states from. and we really hope that those efforts to enable us to at least to get to the appropriate tag if they would talk to jump in that doctor. i would appreciate yes that you're saying that you'd want to reach those targets with your relevant agency. what i'm talking about is the cultural differences across africa and the tribal beliefs of traditional medicine against somebody who's a complete stranger, who comes into your village or town. as i'm a scientist, what i put in your arm is much better than what you've been dealing with on a tribal social level for decades. for any campaign to be successful against infectious diseases, you have to factor in. but until you can answer your competence that to fight, did you have to do with your under trust copy that you'd be with the community? we saw this in the outbreak in west africa. we saw this in our see
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where our students, again, we are available us extremely difficult to, i mean, you stopped us about scenes on to unless we use the local community to in doing that. so this is not new. i mean that use the concept. ready up and making sure that community, they look at community place a center or in expanding the administration of any rock scenes or even treatment program is known. i think probably heard is, is go by, but implementation is look, i think that is true for disease is also true for this is not unique for corporate, we saw it is didn't pull your campaigns and we see it is also in other muslim mission campaigns when at the different communities are actually resist step of vaccines that are available. indeed, where we come to sort of vaccine availability and you'll hope that you can get the continent vaccinated. the former british prime minister gordon brown has been very
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vocal in support of africa and criticized western powers, a big farmer over the attitude and promised to supply africa in a national british newspaper back in mid august. he said that we did not just western governments, but big farmers have failed africa. where do you expect to get your supplies when you have a country like germany, reluctant to allow local pharmaceutical companies in africa to produce coven 19 vaccine? i think as i said earlier, that is improving the african vaccine position test team are secured for 100000000 doses of bucks ins. and that is the reality. and the distribution started. you know, now i know that 5 sign agreements with the about from us that you got companies in south africa. and i think that is very encouraging. you know that,
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that partnership developing we've sent in the past day institute incentive got to give it up backs. and so we have a very encouraged bet that may not be timely enough to address the challenge and the urgency that we have on hand. so you're absolutely right that we may be challenged tv challenge for a couple of months before we really see the appropriate inflow of scenes on the continent. do you think you'll be challenged even more europe heads towards winter and be those some countries talking about booster shots when many people across africa haven't even had one shot that is pushing sufficient and fully agreed with. there were head organization where dr. general has asked for a suspension in administering both on to most of the work. ready is that i think that is asking us in this hands. yeah. that i use for this
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boston or need for both. i think we had not seen that if anyone sees that i'm not, i'll be happy to to read that. i think it will be unfortunate that the vast majority of the world continues to lack behind in vaccines and then people are talking about doing that. if it will be a tread for everybody. because by doing what we kind of behavior will only provoke encourage the emergence of new variance that who knows mich a challenge even exist in vaccines, that variable in our to keep, to fight cobra. to work africa has many eminent scientists. it has many entrepreneurs, among wonders why africa hasn't found its own vaccine when countries like iran, cuba managed to develop their own and are managing to inoculate the publics as much
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as they possibly can mean that that is of a question. i think it is fair to say that africa has neglected the competence of her system and completely we import as we speak today and port or important 99 percent of our backs in the only manufacture one percent of our boxes. and at the same time, the country and consumes about 25 percent of a global supply soon haven't set that. i think there's always time to begin. many countries in africa have now mobilized, they've taken the journey of producing vaccines like nigeria, synagogue, rwanda, south africa, egypt, broker. so i remain optimistic that you're absolutely right that, that they've been neglected. shouldn't have been neglected. they are 3. it's has
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security commodities that if people must have, in order to guarantee and they've got security, they include the ability to produce diagnostics and the ability to produce, to protect and ability to produce vaccine. so africa has to engage in all 3 pathways to guarantee to have security response ation green for that's what we are calling in new probably had order for the continent in newport. we had ordered that we need to take all of our future and produce about 60 percent of the scenes that we need. but in the next 20 years, china has gone down better out thailand and many other countries. there's absolutely no reason why africa she didn't go down that route and the africa see to see, and the african union has developed that way and that vision for the continental embrace and walk that journey. and just finally, i think doctor, you certainly have a great deal of hope for the continent, 10 for its potential. the g 7 are meeting later in september to discuss where cov,
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it stands right now, globally, with a pandemic, is and what they can do to try and curtail it. what sort of this will africa habit that g 7 meeting these countries that you mentioned, the united states, france gemini, at, or countries that africa has, has enjoyed good relationships with. and this should serve as a voice to echoed africa. what do we need to in the next 5 years? we need about $30000000000.00 to fully vaccinate their country and we are not going to get rid of this covered $9000.00 in the next next year. we're not going to get rid of that at a pace. we have been in 2023. so we need to actually sit down and develop it 5 years. probe a 4 to 5 year program that in my view because at least 30 below and that's what that g 7 you'd be looking at. how do we structure funding that would release about $30000000000.00 over the next 5 years to that effort that can get rid of this could
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be from the country to let's see if they do that, dr. john and kang, his own director for the african center for disease control and prevention. thank you for talking to al jazeera. thank you. was the plato ah in 2009, a torture victim of the brutal argent time vandella regime confronted his interrogator . torture? no, no, no, no, i wasn't trying to, i was interrogating, has justice now been served for the atrocious crimes committed decades earlier. i do that to you were telling like an investigation into the dark history of argentina, or why didn't they told me in the end 3 wind interrogating a torture on al jazeera we understand the differences, minorities of conscience across the world. are you taking out era or
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bringing the news and current affairs? ah, there are in countries like mine, people have been killed to be when the united states have privatized the ultimate public war, this was a deal with saudi arabia. things were done differently. saudis and other areas when they came to britain to be all to help the moms deals along your rumsfeld was meeting saddam. is it that interesting? there, i am. shadow on al jazeera to know where the fires are and where they are going . greeks look to the skies worrying sign helicopters have been getting close to major towns and cities. this one has just arrested and become much bigger. and if you can see by the trade trucks, the fires climbing up the hill just behind us on the ground,
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this is what the business of fighting fires looks like. holding back, the inevitability of mother nature's fury is dangerous and exhausting. we're down to give whatever we hope is the fire will stop when it runs out of fuel. but for the moment the fuel is everything inside ah, hitting back the u. s. it says it's carried out air strikes against deisel enough janice down following the cobble airport. and i don't know whether my family is my wife or children. we hear from victims of the airport bombing that killed at least 175 people. ah.


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