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the football rebels concludes with the celebration of life and legacy of socrates and the corinthians, democracy movements on al jazeera me the news. this is al jazeera. ah, i'm, how am i doing? this is the al, just the reviews are coming to live at home. coming up in the next 60 minutes told to form a transitional government in afghanistan get under way as the taliban. so political leader arrives in kabul. why are they not getting a sooner to 98 percent of the houses are destroyed. fresh goes on have to find
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minister as little help breaches survivors of earthquakes has killed more than 2000 people. we look into the science behind in vs. i'm the world's 1st dna covert vaccine, which does not meet and these old and abused by i saw no shuns by their own people. we hear the plates of young. yes. the women in iraq whose give enough children born of suffering, non found homos would be a day for playing with fire. more. coven, 19 infections? ahead of the tokyo par lympics. several nations pull out because of the pandemic problems. ah. the cool phones are all the taliban has arrived in kabul for talks to fall and you governments, my brother's presence in the campus will come faster group plans to unveil its
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governing framework. and it's reportedly bringing an experts from us ganna sons, former administration to help with crisis management. it's allen's also promising to hold its members accountable if reports of crimes and atrocities are verified, a spokesman told the voices is agency that its members will be investigated if there find responsible africa and see vantage to navigate the chaos. capital. airports and evacuate are now preparing for their new lives. countries worldwide are temporarily hosting and vacuum for permanent resettlement plans are made. so we can get more on all of this from charlotte, bella. she joins us. they live from chicago. charlotte, let's start with those political developments. certainly with the co founder of the taliban in time. it just looked like the past forward to a new government is accelerating. it does talk the ongoing boulevard.
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he's the political chief. he came to afghanistan earlier this week from door, how he came to can to ha, when to send. he's now in college with a high level delegation as these consultations continue. we also know that enough to connie has also been talking with the former government leaders. like how many cars i for were president search for the ceo of dealer villa this week as they were to what they say will be inclusive government. although taliban made i actually just interviewed a man named ha bulky, who's in the taliban coastal commission? press conference this week. if you remember, he was the english speaker for the taliban in the room. and i asked him about these ongoing consultations. he said that we are very focused on having an inclusive government. it's not clear who will be in the government and who will not be in the government. he said, we don't have a timeframe is nor for the deadline that we have to meet. and we also still haven't decided on the structure at the moment. i also asked him about whether the capital
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would remain in cobble. and he said that that is also part of the consultations as to whether it will be in cobble or kandahar because of course can to high is the birthplace of the telephone and showing all the sites and what happens with the kinds of her and carpool situation. like on the streets because we have seen lots of distressing pictures that has come dying. but the still sporadic reports of gunfire. isn't there what's going on where you are? it's a tailor to the airport remains the flash point in the city. there was an incident this morning when i saw a video with people with the la deed, with unclear whether they were heard and gunfire, or stan paid. but it's still a very dangerous place to be to get to the airport incident. this morning happened at the gate where americans, i mean, to be entering through and also people interpret is also so we understand, but that gate was closed and people are being told to go to other. but it's still a very, very tense situation. i also folky the taliban person from the cultural commission
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about the course and how it's working with the americans and the soup. we're in constant communication and we are working together on the security situation because we're in charge of the security on the exterior vehicles and they are in charge of the security on the interior of the airport. so we have to work together to make sure that the right people are getting through to these evacuation. so quite interesting that the taliban and the us have gone from being enemies to 20 years, to having to collaborate on security at this point that he think he said it's up, it's interests, the americans leave on her and safely and quickly. so we're happy to collaborate in this manner here. also say when i awesome about the thousands of people flooding to the airport, still every day they, they are the one paying the roads around the airport. some people with valid visas, others just giving it a shot. and he said, we wish they didn't, he said with, with issued amnesty for everybody. and he said from the security forces,
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from the very top to the very junior levels, we want them to stay. we're giving them amnesty and, and he said, i hope that i can offer some type of reassurance to people that they don't have to flee. although the trust is hard to come by here. it's been 20 years of war and the people in cobble. this is the 1st time they seeing the taliban. they have negative memories. a lot of people have negative memories from the 90s in the last 20 years and it's hard for them to trust the movement. now that they are in town. okay, charlotte bellis? i bring us the very latest from capital charlotte, thank you. with evacuation efforts in k off campbell's airport, the u. s. president has warns the presence of american troops will be no guarantee of safe passage to by the says he has forces of air lifted around, 13000 people in the past week. my counter reports from washington. the on the grim scenes round couple airport us is continuing to ran puppets efforts
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to evacuated citizens. it's also send more state department officials to kuwait and cutter to process special immigrant fees as president biden has reiterated his commitment to st. b. effectuate every american citizen who wants to leave along with thousands of guns who worked with the us. he's also described the last week as heartbreaking, and warns the mission remains dangerous. make no mistake. this evacuation mission is dangerous and evolve risks to armed forces and has been conducted under difficult circumstances. i cannot promise what the final outcome will be, what it will be that it will be without risk of loss. but as commander in chief, i can assure you that i will mobilize every resource necessary. it didn't take long for the politics of the african crisis to come into play. republican representative
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mike grudges issued a statement accusing vide enough. once again, ignoring reality on a gun is done, he continues. there are thousands of americans and taliban controlled territories around the country. and the biden harris administration cannot provide an accurate accounting of how many americans are left. a pentagon spokesman confirmed that some un troops was still on their way to help secure coupled airport. the total number is slightly right to more than $6000.00. the main focus is on security at the airport and making sure that as the general said, that that air oper should resume and continue as unimpeded as possible. but clearly we will be prepared and postured if, if we had to do something additional. but i won't speculate right now, but still no indication as to hall free passage will be guaranteed. well, those were not able to get through the taliban cordon around the airport. president
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biden has cancelled a plan trip to his home in wilmington and his staying on that the white house through the weekend to continue to monitor the situation. thank you very, very much. and also perhaps to prepare members of his administration for the grilling they are likely to face when congress reconvenes to be brief. next week, mike jazeera washington, let's explore the sound go a little further. now we're joined by scott lucas, the emphasis professor at university of birmingham, and he's joining us from that by skype. great. so have you with us on the news or let's talk about the politics of this. do you think you'll binds his rights in his calculation that americans just looking at those in the usa, they aren't going to be troubled by afghan, asked on, as long as all those americans are a list. because that does seem to be the pragmatic political approach that he's
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taking. i can't tell you if joe biden is right or wrong. what i can do is, as an analyst tell you that joe, by noon is advisors when the age plan this withdrawal and to withdraw quickly from afghanistan this summer. they price $10.00, that there would be a short term shock. they had the intelligence reports that the taliban were going to take over, were likely to take over. i'll be at possibly not as quickly as turned out to be. but they thought that by labor day, this mark or 1st monday in september, in the united states, that attentions would have turned elsewhere for americans back to the economy. to the corona virus pandemic, to the infrastructure plan. the administration had just pushed through to social policies and their $3500000.00 budget. in other words, the new cycle would have moved on. i can say specifically in the last few days that
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they are specifically trying to push the line of taking victory away from defeat in afghanistan. almost a dunkirk moment, if you will, for america in getting americans out of couple and the rest of the country and possibly some napkins as well, whether they're right or wrong remains to be seen. but why? i think what is clear here as this is an america 1st policy and afghans are expendable in the calculations of this administration right now. ok? because it's interesting that it does appear to be america. first, it does appear to be a continuation very much of the trump doctrine. there you talk of the short term show. what are the reverberations likely to be if you'd be from domestically to internationally, you're joining us from the u. k. what kind of effects is this policy decision, the short term short having with america's allies? well, i mean, this is an effect. the 3rd be to american credibility,
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with the idea that america leads and the rest of the world follows. we saw it after the iraq war in 2003 in the disastrous approach. the americans took there. we saw that their failure to protect civilians in 2011 and beyond. in the middle east. and now we see it here. europe and allies are not going to leave nato, they will continue to work with their americans. but the idea that they follow was drug by and put it in january americans back to leave the world that's been damaged . but i think more specifically it's the region. it's, it's the area around us can assume the united states has left the building and handed the keys to the taliban in afghanistan. but now pakistan takes on a key role because they are late with the taliban. have been for years behind pakistan is china. huge investments with pakistan and now app canister, because part possibly, if it is stable or trying to built and wrote initiative, iran will have interest in western afghanistan. the gulf states will have interest
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there in america, moves from the center to being a bystander, as all these various countries make their own calculations regarding the future of f canister in their own national interest. so in terms of america is western allies and thinking of this off courted special relationship between the us and the you came in damaged this error. nate, so clearly very concerns. what impact is the change in americans are going to have for those countries in those organizations, often county don't. america as being the guarantor of security. the global police will this compel, comes by organizations like nato, to, to start working with the americans and future. or are they going to also not going to happen? i don't, that's going to happen. i mean, there are still mutual interests between european countries, canada,
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the united states, for example, is joe biden, highlighted the geneva summit in dealing with the various sorts of russia or russia, which of course has been very active in areas like ukraine. and indeed, an area is like the middle east to and trying to undermine western governments through cyber warfare and election interference. that remains. but i think we come almost full circle from 20 years ago when nato went out of theater. by getting involved in afghanistan, i think it is now highly unlikely the us european alliance will now operate outside of europe in the same way. i don't think if the americans ask for europe to follow, say in the middle east, in central asia, or even against china, that they can necessarily count on getting a yes back from close allies with france and germany and from united kingdom it's dealing with its own shock or bribes and it's very much isolated in the world right now. ok, scotland gates, get your insights that thank you so much for joining us. only use our we appreciate it. thank you. and american air base in germany is being used as
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a transit points for afghan, a vacuum. he's hundreds to the rise at the ranch, dean air base from carter. it can hire is up to 5000 people and move the lights on respect suits. in the coming days, germany has been sending its own planes to evacuate citizen stock in afghanistan. columbia is one of more than a dozen countries have agreed to host afghan asylum seekers. presidents either to k, says afghans awaiting the settlements in the us will be alliance in one group, whereby is columbia, is also joining the group of allied countries that will also support to the united states. for those of con nations who have some of the united states for years, and who are in the process of registering and migrating to that country so that they can stay in columbia temporarily. united states will not only cover or detention costs for these people, but will also speed up all the processes. plenty more has all the news, including china's lead moment. high paging says it's clamping on sexual assaults,
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inappropriate behavior in the workplace, and it's spectacular fear. but even his jump in shipping it's, it's enough to patch some leave. her family will have all the action for you is ah, government is facing growing criticism as it struggles to get a victims of the powerful earthquake has killed more than 2000 people that were desperate scenes in the hard hit city of the k. as people scrambled for supplies, a week on and many in rural areas is still waiting for help on serious john home and spoke to the jones about the crisis in the capital for the prince. patient prime minister on re riding of his 1st press conference in earthquake rit through the country, south west leaving more than 130000 families homeless. we have
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a lot of questions about his government's handling of the disaster, especially why a week later, a still not getting to the many destroyed villages close to the epicenter. one of the regions has been completely flat and this lies in we went to last year and they said they haven't had anyone from the government often made when they took he told them to white to the why are they not getting aid sooner since 98 percent of the houses are destroyed, but the prime minister chose not to answer the question, passing the might to his head of civil protection. we are formulating a response or mechanism is in action. evidently, we have some issues related to security, but we are doing our best to accelerate the process. but it's not just the villages lacking aid. it's the cities too. and we also went to like a, an in the cave as a camp full of people just not even take their just sticks. we've ta pooling, above in the area,
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presumably you can get to but they also said they haven't seen anyone from the government. why haven't they received any help either? like i said, our response is ongoing yesterday. i know there was distribution in the guy using our methodologies. it may happen that you didn't go to where we were distributing but as a huge problem with distribution that the prime minister had so far, only vaguely alluded to. something that we're talking about as a stretch of the road from here to like tie, which is really difficult to get a down because it's controlled by gangs. what is your government doing to try and figure out that road and also to try and stop those gangs? they've also kidnapped an orthopedic surgeon over the last couple of days. what is your government doing about the 1st thing to say is that the southern root is better now. we're working hard to make it permanently safe, so people can circulate without any risk. also the press conference,
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the deputy secretary general of the united nation. what the journalist asked could be done to stop the mistakes made off the monstrous, 2010 quaker when the rebuilding process was flawed. at best. what we had learned different, different things to take the leadership to build the institution, to capacity. i would love to say that there are no gaps. there are. this is a different situation, requires a different response. seeing will be believing for the many watching on those desperate homeless and still waiting for help. your home and i was told to prince melisha, the new prime minister has been sworn in its meals every yucca was formerly appointed on friday after the resignation of my genius scene is the 3rd premier in less than 4 years. the former defense minister will tackle the administration's widely criticized pandemic response to hi profile sexual assault cases of brought china's
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me to movement back into the spotlights. chinese canadian pop star chris wu is under investigation after being accused of rape that falls and i cry over an alleged soul to tech giant alibaba. katrina, you reports from aging. video of a woman protesting in her workplace canteen was viewed hundreds of millions of times on chinese social media. the employee of tech giant alibaba had been silenced after accusing her boss of raping her during business trip. last month. security cameras recorded her supervisor entering her hotel room several times. the woman took the social media after management failed to act. alibaba human resources him or slow and indifferent. they didn't take you to seriously. i was shocked at because alibaba is such a big, famous company, but i'm also used to it because these incidents happen again and again. one public
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outrage around the case prompted a police investigation. alibaba slide the many question, and also several executives from miss handling her complaint. the incident came the week after the arrest of chinese canadian celebrity chris, woot. the pop singer, actor and variety showed judge has been accused of luring under age women for sex. more than a dozen brands, including louis the tall and poor, she has severed ties with ruth, and they have been cause for him to be deported. both incidents have turned to spotlight on cases of sexual assault and misconduct in chinese workplaces. it's also given a bruce to the countries me to movement, which has been stifled by sources in recent years due to concerns of sparking social unrest. the might, sir, is women's rights activist who is detained in 2015 for protesting about sexual harassment on public transport. she says women working for chinese companies often suffer harassment and a force to drink during business events. ali baba has
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a serious problem. i would say there's a culture of hunting women or using women as sexual resources. this phenomenon also exists in many of the big companies state enterprises and even n g o c d 's. in recent years, china has introduced laws dealing with domestic violence and sexual misconduct. that activists say that poorly defined and difficult to enforce. police are often reluctant to interfere with what are traditionally seen as private matters. alibaba says it's reviewing company guidelines and has set up an emergency hotline for employees rights group. say they hope the alibaba and chris were scandals will encourage more victims to come forward. and for employers to change their work cultures, katrina, you all to 0 dating. russia has classified and dependent television outlet as a foreign agents. the editor in chief of tv says that will challenge the decision
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from the opponent, say it's part of a crack. then on government critics ahead of a parliamentary election next month. a year after the poisoning of kremlin krista collection of only the u. k. as imposing sanctions on suspected russian spies. the names of 7 people have been published on the british government. what site of u. k. and the u. s. will freeze their assets. britain says their intelligence operatives involved in poisoning the vomit navarro, and they survived, but has since been arrested and jailed in moscow kremlin denies involvements in the attack. india has approved. what it says is the world's 1st d n. a vaccine against cool, with 19 vaccine maker casual health care says the job has a 67 percent efficacy rate in preventing symptoms. it will be administered in 3 doses without a needle to people over the age of 12. previous cna vaccines have worked well in
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animals, but not in humans. we'll talk to dr. kim is general of the international vaccine institute. he says dna vaccines can be manufactured much faster and conventional ones. the d. n a vaccine technology has a tremendous advantage. it can be made very quickly. so if a new very, or to come up within a few weeks, companies like, like that is, can villa or other dna companies like, you know, you could come up with a sequence to test the vaccine and animals and then rapidly begin to roll out the new various vaccines, so again, d, n a is a fast technology. it has some advantages of global health and that it's storage capabilities are $2.00 to $8.00 degree. so refrigerator temperature, which is very useful and then also the fact that it needed free. so there are some interesting advantages, and i hope that we'll see more of the sex scene made and we'll get important information on how it works outside of a clinical trial. you know, in a clinical trial we control everything. when you introduce of acting into the real
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world, you really need to collect information about how that vaccine is working against the most important things, severe infection, hospitalization, and death. we call that effectiveness and impact, and that's what all vaccines for covert should have. this opens up new opportunities for vaccines in general, as well as a potential preventive measures for cobit. the 2nd reason, the reason it's important is that like the broad holden activated vaccine, this vaccine was developed in india by the indian scientist in an indian company. and could contribute 100000000 or 200000000 doses of vaccine to fight against code 900. now hopefully that amount will increase. yes, regulators are reported to be close to fully improving sizes. corona, virus vaccine emergency approval was granted in december, but full approval involves the review of more clinical data. it could boost the vaccine rule edge by convincing more unvaccinated americans to get the job.
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hundreds of people have been arrested during anti locked. i'm protests in australia, which turned violence. cases of the highly contagious down to variance of wrongs in there. and you zealand says recorded 21. you infections on the pacific nation of hello. it's reported it 1st call that case priyanka group reports on the deals treaty recorded its highest number of covered 90 infections. thousands of people protested across several cities against locked dance in melbourne, answered me. protest has broke through police lines and fought with officers. millions of people in around some of the country's largest cities have been under locked down for weeks. but cases of the highly contagious delta variant uttered rising, no matter how hard we work and no matter if 99 percent of people are doing the right thing. there's an element of deals that nobody can control. and that is what
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we have to accept and the best way we can protect ourselves the best way we can look forward to freedom ease by making sure that we get vaccinated. the outbreak in australia has scraped knee, bring new zealand that was free of coven 19 for 6 months until tuesday. but it's now under snap. nationwide locked down. no one wants an extended lockdown, and no one wants to see that right of transmission. so the number one thing everyone can do right now is reduce down your context and ensure you stick to your bubble. like new zealand, vietnam had also avoided the worst of the pandemic, but not anymore. 10000000 people in whole human city will be bought from leaving their homes for monday. the government is deploying soldiers to deliver food and aid to people facing the nations office covered 19 restrictions to date. i think well healing the panoramic is getting more and more serious and hold human city many go with 900 patients will have to see piedmont at home. so we are forming
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mobile gl teams to help them at their home hall. and for the 1st time, the pacific nation of palo has reported a coven, 19 infection, losing its status as one of the very few countries to be spared by the pandemic. but with more than 80 percent of his population fully vaccinated, the government says the island is covert safe. bianca gupta, r 0. still ahead on al jazeera, on catholics in sir lanka, are still demanding justice the victims of the 2019 easter bombings. the talks of waste cutting through one of the most scenic regions and its links to organized crime and adult stage in her life. all of the conquer of my we are soccer stones and other help trying to rival cincinnati open. santa will have details for you in ah
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hi, there, hope your weekend is going well. we have outbreaks of rain and thunder. downpours for the republic of ireland and the united kingdom and the u. k. met office has a yellow warning for thunderstorms. so if you do get caught up and some of them there is the potential for flooding. and so because of that, we could see some travel disruptions. so that's saturday. let's track where the weather moves on sunday into the low countries germany rate through to the alps. we'll see some heavy down ports here and brisk winds for the low countries. we have seen fierce winds for southern areas of france. look at the bushes blowing around here. so this is what crews are up against, more than a 1000 firefighters trying to tackle displeased here. we know there have been wildfires in both greece and turkey, so the situation in greece on saturday is some thunderstorms which could produce some hail and also flash flooding. now, for turkey, largely dry,
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it will be breezy through the boss for assist. stumble has a high of 29 degrees on saturdays. we're going to end this weather report in africa where we do have thunderstorms lighting up across the gulf of guinea. but we can really track these toward southern areas of nigeria gonna the ivory coast right into liberia. so john has a high of 25 on saturday that you're weather report see soon the news or chill. you're pretty you in a to the so not so much hutch or the yeah. my i, you know the be a rich and diverse culture explored through its music system. bul.


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