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tv   [untitled]    August 20, 2021 5:30am-6:01am AST

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happy with the whole team, and they also produce an oil kind of butter. what's in the not too distant future, we could be putting on our post or using in our face cream because it's properties or so, but official like coconut oil and breast milk. it's high in laura acid, m hard concedes the flies still have a bad name and that in most western cultures, eating insects is still hard to swallow. but perhaps more important is what these flies eat. using black fly larva to absorb and up cycle or organic waste before it becomes missing gas could potentially turn this still young industry into a much needed game changer. cnu and al jazeera galka chile. ah no, right, let's get a random now the top stories on the death toll from an attack on a military convoy in bettina far so has risen to 80 gunman killed civilians and
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security forces on wednesday. countries across west africa, sal region have been facing regular attacks from on groups linked to al qaeda and i, so that's despite the presence of thousands of un and french troops in the region in neighboring molly, at least 15 soldiers have been killed in an ambush, a car bomb exploded as their convoy drove towards the town of bonney earlier this month. more than 50 people were killed in res on 3 villages by on. cuz of the way, greg, who is a geo politics and security analyst at development reimagined and africa focused think tank. he explains the issues surrounding the site. if we look at it was we did, i think africa is like this sense of what walter or dr is you would use. i have particular is the empty center and that is not but back
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then. so you have a combination of factors. one of them species to loss of poverty on, on the, on that development, then there is the delusion criminality. i'm also awesome. what are the 2 issues to multiply that climate change? if we are going to address this problem, there will be, there is a need for a broad region respond that not focus on security will piece of beauty. at least 2 people have been killed in the african city of us that by doing a rally to mock independence day. they've been scattered demonstrations across the country with the afghan flag flown in an act of defiance against taliban rule. foreign aids finally reaching rural parts of haiti, devastated by an earthquake on saturday. hundreds, i've been waiting for provisions and queued up for handouts from the un. those all the headlines. my idea is, next. is the country about to collapse before the kinds of reform you're talking
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about can take place. we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in. why are we not in the best situation? why has that money been squandered? how did that happen? counting the cost on al jazeera about let me know when will you be in $5.00 or 10 years? what would you be doing? where would you do when you want to be in 5 or 10 years? be careful before you answer. be careful, video of your hand. are you sure you really want to answer? okay. yeah, sure. ok. those 2 of, you know, i'm with the question i'm ups and if you don't get the answer right, if you leave this treating right away, and i'm sorry about that. you know,
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what does this, i don't present it to you. what life will always do. life will try to scare you, but only the bulwark only those were able to kill and all, even when there be threatened. i saw that she was going to put on down by he, i think his mom would talk. now i got to go by myself and as you put it all, and i love the boot and that i see now that is to toot, i want all the people having. one of the questions that i ask anybody viewed is, tell me how your field to before and what you did about it, because i think you might be on the opportunity. my name is ben. gotcha. so i'm a social, interpersonal, i am a secondary told by them initiative nigeria, and i'll walk is focused on young people. the what is the lip lip, lip. right. keep going. people are using the next time contract to see you my own
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mind that one is potential for the all the settlement a makes me laugh is the fact that for many years we basically said all the government, she was the government shoe, i was sure there was that issue, but right now nobody's seen anything up building stuff on their own. i use when i was younger than i'd access to computer and i went out of my wits and then how to use it. and so just is it good by what i do not training young people connect them with opportunities from technologies. news i are getting in touch on this. and this is where the population multiplies. it costs more likely, actually, because you will find people from almost every try to the
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news. i lose. i am saying, i said you can change your life. am i going to school, which is why i got all those, you know, idea and passionately about you. for me, i was told by a teacher i would never use computers because, you know, was really tiny and he was a big man. he said, no, you cannot use the dental like you i cried, i'll not be. i'm of the police. we did not have to your eyes when you get into the cloud because it goes, we'll look at, you know, the mom is boy. so i can i, i to cry between the principal's office on my class. i, you know, when you can, i, you cite the code inside before somebody said something up, okay. you got to the bone until tomorrow and to every 5 of you or you could cry or
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you do want to know. so you try to inside the guy, you don't tell him what to do something i will do it. if you tell me it's impossible. i think it as a challenge like you're seeing or being a conference which i wouldn't do i do when they were told, is it safe? i sure was in there now. good to and we haven't heard one incident and us because what we offer is very simple. we've seen, yes, this community doesn't exactly inspire. but if you go through the several, we process, you will become a room. what else? everyone else in the community. the news
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with all of the lessons that i lent him, i sure, yes or going from the young man who was told he would never want to use computers to become anyone who troubles the war to discuss the same thing called computers. it is, i've learned what it is we put together to start the curriculum, have little training center. if you do a training center, please go back home with life transform incense. what i basically want to communicate to them is once and these 7 weeks will change your life if you allow them to ok, my name is jimmy cher. you might be calling me to print up the
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last year. i wanted to write an exam. the exam is basically on the computer. so the reason why it came to be was just random computational. when the my exam did the opening, you were me because i was thinking people who knew compete very intelligent. i even had to thinking that it is only me with the news out of when i came 15. wow. i was surprised that even if you knew kind of times when just for me hello sir. income don't ot. busy tonight, but could you bring him back again? my friends have money in schools when we are okay. what is the crush me to my parents
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around optimal to go miss career by doing it was very, very will have to goes or the listen even listen, i went to even able to teach you where i wanted. so i just had money, dental dental program in between you and help you over the next year. right. what, what do you see? do you know what the next 2 to 3 years to be okay with you and what he was who is treating people. so how did you have the impression on getting somebody, if it would mean that i left a lie or that so you
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shouldn't have up with something you don't so much about. i mean, no, no son, you know, you think he's unable to new teachers went up like, well, you should be should get some more information. all sorts of people from dc interested to see what they need to get in my life. i mean, even if i'm in the, in there's an up with anything that let's get all that kind of the we're looking for from very, very on the backgrounds who would otherwise be able to afford this kind of training . that's one of the things that if you are selected, you will learn from this program to make money from your school. typical person
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we're looking for is someone who is already on a path to unemployment and to the bottom of it. but we can tell that they just little worn opportunity even to, to make themselves better. because once you have one person, you have that. i mean literally the my name is michael windows. my couldn't about when i was creating a new person and he brought the forms and i was like, man was these. i don't usually believe has been like dead in house was simple that does it please that and your so impact into you without you being a dime was like, wow, is this happening in this place? so i feel care. let me give it a try. i had to call me and i saw it. i saw it on my cell phone. it was really wonderful. yeah,
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there's my home early. there's my mom this elden leaving for and then years in 2004 does. you will make it 11 years and my mom, i my older sister there, sleep on the bed here. my older brother stays on this place. and this year. yeah. and i myself, i sleep here as he isley. so that's my home again and again. forget to day that his troubles as being something else, though some people don't knows me to be to don't really know what have pastures now as one of the, the among those past the that my mom, she nearly wanted to drown his id ocean. but my, my lead to serve been very small,
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so i had to run to hon. dreema tele, warm. you need my code. because i know what she wanted to do. she wanted to get our sales team. ah. the tolling of competitors in institute were different in the sense that our training needs, we're full cost is not even for coastal niceties. so what we see is that i work if i see these plot youth equal, so she's gonna make opportunities. that's why we call it a life program is focused on life skills because there's kids who have been beaten by life. so we basically make them understand, you can actually be something we have to just social, one of the 4 different things to do that a financial readiness and the last part of its entropy ship is busy. we call it showing your i would you something on average, i would tell you to understand what does it mean to open your eyes because that
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opportunities. the reason you can see them is because you don't open your eyes wide enough just yet the the many people in their lives need. there's a chain. if i can come out from that high by worse, if pain could transform my thinking, my mindset, my will reasoning, believe those people out there, the kind of also possible liberal, anything between 15 and 18000000. most of the people you would find young people who just left school and trying to become leaving for themselves every day. does your hair money spent?
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there's a reason why there's always like when i do ivy, they're always like the vocal. yeah. i know some of you just call me to tell you what to do, or if the boss do not with the resources, explain it, are you my point is the life of presentable changes and people will take it in different ways. one opportunity you have right now is the 7 week free and opportunity. i look forward to that one young man or that one young woman who will become the face of this. it needs more mingled kind of people because it is they inspire children. they need so being a creative, constructive thinking intelligence mind. so i can see our far can see the future of come full cause i can have the immense helping show the future. does anybody have these on these are screen the knows what about, you know,
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everybody when you beat the everyone. i good to teach you both the teacher and miss ward and i was just because i want them to impact them. while we're being said, we've got an information for, for us to be ready for you. i don't think you know, definitely what place has been brought down on people seem okay that this is very, very me what we tell everyone when they come for the
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training. you don't only lynn, you also need to spread what you've learned. and it's interesting to see how to like michael and brisco take on the instruction and then turn it into something that actually leave out. and so when i asked them, i wasn't surprised by the way to hear that one of the reasons that dream, that is because they push it, you are going to put that more than that. yeah, that me id project from being being me a me and mine are better among the round my g o.
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me. i don't like. so when i'm in the car, what i do then it'll come up on the media conversation that have happened because i believe that, you know, in this time and age is the least opportunity at home to contribute to the national level of our conversation. that week. again, it's that time of the day it's time will be all you can be right to be $99.00 of them and our special guest being gotcha for the oh, of the social media, the internet. the fact that practically every night june has access to our internet enabled phone. we've seen the level of involvement step up completely. so i said to people that all this, you know, it's interesting about social media and technology for sometime around 2009 by 2013,
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we begun to see citizens use the same platform to see themselves. so somebody else, cancer, your responsibility to put it, put a person online. so we have to see this person sit up us and complain. by 2014, we saw one of the most important ones was bring back our goals, where one tweet from an event was retreated. by someone else and then went all over the world and became a movement and going into 2015. that is the single mention of social media. what me were beginning to seem ok so fantastic. you know what this conversation doesn't and here we know that you are a lot to say, so thank you very much. this is a b or you can be, let's take it offline. so i didn't have one of interest since about redoing niger is that you have more reduce done, you have internet. and so when i get a chance to discuss issues and radio, especially when hosted with technology, i'm excited because then i know i can reach out to more people. those were online and those were offline. yeah. what they do is i think, well on and what was the way
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to mention, what does it say community and i do in listed by easy wash. and so you have a fuel around running. now, take the walk around the up the on my to dump profile. when we 1st few things i had a problem with was the right to the shot description of myself. so it was easy for me to see, you know, i city for development consultant or at the expert. but i also wanted to capture the spirit of the me, the to citizen was the
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good afternoon. my name is ben. gotcha. so i'm one of those who i've done more on line. i'd look at this on line side. we're still here. so as i speak to you today, my wife and i anytime within the next 2 weeks where it's picking up, the 1st baby that's in think of the father is beginning to come down. i can imagine what it will feel like for father. oh, you know, in terms of hearing, initially what i thought was anything that was really tend to technology youth on my job. and the same reason why i got involved with a guess, i could not. that was about young people. it was about niger and only thing i knew
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i knew to do at a time or 2 2nd lodge of the day, or set up a website. i don't recall on i'll do i i i what more me as we've reached we're less than a 1000000 in a country where we need to reach 34000000. not that doesn't help me sleep at night . when you know the, the numbers for poverty levels in agile and literally our work is to make sure that every young person that we train is able to rise not just above the poverty line, but is able to take the tire family above the poverty line. and then our times we
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ask ourselves, what asked us to do this? the me of a, me and my mother. i hope to go deeper into studying more about what i do. what i love doing, like music is something that it, when i get angry, i can go to music and play my guitar. and i come back to myself. my hope in life is ed by goes, greece has god bless me. i'm going to take hours of the country to go and rest and enjoy her because she's, she's done a lot and she's passed a lot of action is the rest. she needs to enjoy life for it, at least before she goes back to go. go and that's the future i as much as was, why do they were being necessary for me? because he said, want striking statements. he said when he was in school and it's,
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it's always call him bus, get connected, but you never knew anything. and then, oh wow. does that mean that way he has kind of a read a has a pass is new only thing that's true because i just said he's a bus get it. and he said he can never be like this. and he goes, it was who had and this now it won't be me. give me an edge. me me me. i think the 1st he me was do i want to it's a child. there were things that i didn't have access to myself because i was rest
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here, but i think it makes me because i want to raise my child in the country. and i also do my job asking me something. now what did you choose to make my job? baton was enough. i've got to see what i did. the me yesterday at 11. am. yeah. right. oh by the way is what is it when to to undo it. we tend to hello world was born on to joan as we all for now. so saying that yeah you,
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this is the great guy this legacy the 1st b, b was, is tough like daddy. so stuff like his daddy tough. i. ready yes we have and the fact that the, the yes ma'am i. ringback mean my name is ben. gotcha. so this is my when i think of my niger, i think of potential and i think of real life action when i think of potential i think of what could be, what is not what i think of real action. i think of young people will literally take the future into the own hands and do something that they can be proud of. and others can also be part of another story.
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ah, me. ah, she does with it very glamorous. it's part of our culture to our very, very special occasion. and for that people who spend money, everything you see on the wall they do is going to be longevity. they don't have to come in and come things alone. my, my on our do, their our coverage of africa is what i'm most proud of. every time i traveled, whether it be still west africa, people stop me and tell me how much they appreciate coverage. and our focus is not
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just on their suffering, but also on the more realistic and inspiring story trust. just to tell them what's happening in their communities in a clear and i'm biased. and as an african, i couldn't be more proud to be autumn, you know, more than 10 years after the global financial crisis, you've taken home more than $480000000.00. your company's now bankrupt our economies in the state of crisis. i have a very casey question. this is their last home the us held responsible. i will be fabulously wealthy and i will not pay any price for it. thank you, lloyd. the man who still worked on al jazeera, the grim consequences of mexico's bloody drug. watch the people around you, mr. governor, you've got people who are with the narco, through the eyes of the journalist. determined to report the truth. your government
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is full of narcan. she said, that's how the article should start. 60 a zone we revisit, the report is still risking their lives in late may bring another outbreak violence of more versus rewind, the deadly beat on our era. ah, the divide guns rally with the national flags to mark independence as a sign of protests against the town of on. the telephone urges asking moms to call for unity during the 1st friday. prayers that ceased cobble. ah, other can vanelle. this is l. g. law from doha also coming up.


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