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came prisons and the hunters sole objective was absolute control. one man publicly refused to accept the dictatorship episode for football rebels. explore the life of carlos castle in the football whose personal stories swayed a vote, but altered the history of his country. carlos casserly and the demise of a n day on al jazeera. ah, oh um. this is al jazeera. ah, i don't 1 o'clock. this isn't his life. coming up in the next 60 minutes, the taliban talks amnesty and says at once, women in this government that people adjust to life with the on group in charge. evacuation flights resume bill apple. it's a day off to thousands of people tried to flee to telephone taker, but a different scene along the line border with pakistan populated by ethnic group to
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support the town and makes shelters shattered. people in earthquake, haiti, and now facing flash floods, brought on by tropical storm. i'm john ross, go with the board. has afghanistan's power and pins the 4th to pull out of tokyo also being stuck in the turmoil in couple. ah, so the taliban is trying to ease fears in afghanistan a day after chaos exceeds people desperate to get out. the group is declared an amnesty across the country and is urging women to join his government on the 2nd day of its take over. military evacuations have not resumed at campbell air force. on monday. hundreds of africans run onto the tarmac a couple there for some cleaning to the wings of a u. s. c. 17 military plane. and the you is calling for to create humanitarian
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corridors, to avoid the risk of refugees attempting the dangerous journey to the region. and us president joe biden, he's strongly defended his decision to pull out his trip saying, unless military deployment is no solution, you also said american troops should not be expected to fight. when afghan forces were, are willing to do so themselves. let's get the very latest to go to school and are cross when it was bright robber. so the teller and seemingly suggesting it is going to be different this time run a absolutely. in fact, as you join as a way to go through it encountering a many dustin that's blowing through cobble as though afghanistan didn't have enough to worry about right now. but yes, i mean, after what's been lightening military offensive over recent weeks, this is not quite a charm offensive. be go too far to say that, but this is definitely, i think the taliban going out of its way to try to reassure people. reassure, a very nervous population and others understandably nervous about the possibility
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of reprisals. having worked with foreign foreign development programs, foreign organizations, foreign, military and even working for the previous government in government departments. so the taliban, is it saying that it is safe? because we have seen as the taliban has made these gains in provinces that some more localized taliban groups. they have been. 3 charged with taking out reprisals against certain people. we have seed organizations asking for human rights organizations asking for those to be investigated. and so, and i think the leadership really wants to distance itself from those from those occurrences. and so it is putting out instructions that they shouldn't be any reprisals that taliban should not be entering people's homes without permission that they should be effectively on their best behavior. they're also issuing special phone numbers, amnesty phone numbers that people can phone if they believe they, there's a possibility they might be targeted to try to reassure them on the streets of
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cobble itself. things remain calm. there is a much greater presence of taliban this tuesday around the streets. you see far more people on motor bikes with the taliban flag, etc. more people at roadblocks. interesting. they, one thing they have been doing is cracking down on what seems to be a particular type of crime. here we're seeing that phenomena and especially in the past couple of days with a bowl of the confusion of what's been happening, some gangs, criminal gangs getting together and pretending to be taliban is a way of doing things like carjackings stopping people saying we all the taliban and then confiscating that vehicle, the taliban is very conscious of that. and so one of the things they have been doing it that taliban checkpoints, it's stopping other taliban vehicles just to check that they are genuine. so it all seems to be part of the taliban asserting it's all 30 here to tell people tell i nervous. cobble we are in charge, but you are safe. the city of cobble has experience so much up here
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for decades. and this is another change to get used to, and one that's far from easy to go. most of all of our customers get most of the got the situation from now. it's not, no one can say what's happening at all. the people just lost and confused in the space that want dramatic day life on the streets feels completely different. states is one of the most obvious signs of the transformation that taken place in literally overnight. the whole of the center of cobbled is protected by these 45 checkpoints. concrete blocks, barriers normally guards carrying automatic weapons and ahmed humvees with heavy machine guns. on this morning. nothing. the people have been getting used to the novelty of a new force in charge. the subject of intense curiosity. as taliban take up checkpoint, duties on the roads. just to know yet i don't know the law or whatever used to fear
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us. they've now seen them. would you? hygiene and that we are from the soil. i don't want to get down to be destroyed, but there's widespread nervousness about what this view taliban rule will look like . many businesses and shops remain closed that there are signs of life returning to normal money. how about if this piece then everyone will benefit the businesses of the workers? there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic rights in particular for women and girls, despite assurances from the taliban and about a return to cruel punishments for certain crimes. but many still remember life under the previous taliban government being at least crime free for the most part. one of the board with the board the, everybody will be, nobody's kid will be kidnapped again for rent. with the, with a sudden collapse of the african government. the people have cobbled,
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and new leaders have been thrown together faster than any had expected. now, together that feeling their way forward into the new reality is tell us more about the situation at the airport up to the may have moved yesterday. things appear to become a it is better news this tuesday having said that with dust, ironically they probably will impact flight operations at least temporarily go figure. but i guess generally the situation has improved markedly from monday and also sunday evening. we know that flight operations for the military aircraft and also charter cross specially brought in by different countries to get the nationals out. they have resumed. they have finally cleared away the some of the hundreds of people who are on the runway. it seems as though many people simply realize that they weren't going to be any flights. they weren't going to get any access to the united states area of the of the airport. and it's simply gone home. so those
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flights have have resume, dotes also out of the front of the terminal. the taliban is still very much there. a lot of the crowds that had been searching for were trying to get into the term. no, they, it seems, have now been disbursed and the taliban has still been using firing warning shots to make sure that people don't gather once more. so that has been a certain amount of order restore. then i guess for many people looking at the airport, seeing that the military have resume their flights with also i increase in the u. s . detachment that of an extra 1000 troops to help in the evaluation exercise with that order being restored. many people will be anxiously looking to see when commercial flights will be restored because there is still a huge demand from people here in cobble and elsewhere. and i've gotten this. wanted to get all the flights and cobble international airport right now, just seems to be about the only exit route out of afghanistan for people they want
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to take that. all right, that's the latest picture article, this right, thanks for that speech a bit later. joining us now from victorian australia is hashanah must lay who's an independent african unless he's interviewed the taliban and covered the group extensively. it has been welcome to the program. this has been an extraordinary ton of events, isn't it? something that's, that's happened taking everybody by surprise. how did the taliban assume controls that easily? do you think thank you for having me on the show. the thought was surprising to the world to the americans government, and i believe that even it was surprising to tell among themselves the main reasons i believe the taller bond managed to capture most of i'm going to send so fast and so quickly was that there was a seismic shift in the opinion of the other minorities, towards the thought of on mainly due to the government,
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corruption in action. the government had all successive governments not going to so for about 20 years under the wing of america did not perform well. that did not meet the promises that they gave to people of dennis. if you look at the thought up on the success, it began in northern part of hopkins on which is absolutely amazing. it is amazing because 1st one of the call about the emerged in the 1994, they emerged in the heartland of the push to follow up. got it done. that's well there, hotmail. that was the database and from did they move on to the north and east and west. and they had a very, pretty tough to fight to capture the northern part of going to in the late ninety's . however, this time around apollo managed to capture the north faster than anyone could expect. and that's because the population in the north, the project that was mixed on what fed up with the corrupt leaders and the broken
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promises and they shifted towards the cold. ok. ok, so i just want to know if that's been a broken lines in this way and recruited from other ethnic groups, which as you say, they would normally fight against and have done serve in the past. what does that tell us about the likely shape of taliban rule over afghanistan? well, i think it's all about a root is going to be again along party line for, for, for, for the sake of the stability and for the sake that they will talk any sabotaged from within the government. so that's all about will publish, will create a government, the government will be predominantly call upon government. they will have the lion's share of our in the government, and they will be distributing other posts to other groups outside of the fall of one party line. so the 1st positions will be going to ethnic minorities, by the way, the country many might not even the column on brochures are
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a major minority. so the push turned on the thought of on the, sorry, the total on that project was my daughter. and they are with latania, but they will be getting most of the posts and they will be representing the ethnic groups in the fall. and then for a new government is more representative of tribal lines. how fragile might that be? one, see the novelty, if you like, of being included in national government is warned off. and might the old tribal frictions come to the fore again, the tunnel, the glue off, that's all a bond is this law. the total on have managed to win over the majority of the country, the scholars, the religious people at the grassroots level. and yes, there are prominent scholars. you're not going to disagree with all of them. but the dominant be in the villages where they're at the grassroots level where the power is exercise is
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a good sized by their religious of the village. they are predominantly tall upon and they will make sure that it's lum supersedes their political differences. an ethnic differences, not all thing is just caution. this is a very idealistic explanation of how the parliament made a rule in the future. but again, i've dentist has had 40 years off the ethnic tribal, as well as for an occupation of traumas. how the tunnel again was going to overcome that remains to be and what do you make of the taliban seemingly trying to lay the fears of the international community? this is proclamation urging women to join the government and this i'm the state. how do you read that? do you believe it? the 1st information i have friends who have pulled me from call them just today. they said to me that they went to some of the ministry of the tolerable under the
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control of tal a bunch. and they asked to, to be recruited to work there. that's all of them told them that people there told them that we have people when we are short, lot of stuff we will call you. so what is something is on the ground and then something out there. there is a disparity between the polar bond lead to see outside the dentist who wants to appease international community and then the color bomb the come from the grass roots traditional beliefs and views from the front lines to football and who are actually calling the shots in the country, the tunnel don't go outside of the country or the political mind. they cannot afford to. grassroots, they cannot. you cannot really make the fighters because that would be catastrophic for the taller bond and put up. because if a tall and split, but it's a tolerable breakup, that will not be good for denison and completely cut off and insecurity. so what i'm going to send, this is possible that if a taller one structure sections a football one, even joint ice,
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it's been updated. so that's something else that the international community does not want. the one thing that one will be very strict on is the issue of women i believe. and the issue office lumnick law, the tunnel bon did not build roads that they did not promise to be going to building roads. we're going to build bridges, the collarbone brought the americans undergo governmental ideological playing field long. this is liberalism. that's where they fall. in the logically they told the people, we will not build bridges. you're not the roads, but it will also not take your women away from you. we will not that liberalism, anarchy is plumbing, idea in the country, right? that what one job a grassroots you not going to write it. it's only a complex web all manner of a potential that comes by the looks of it. mostly thanks very much deed for help us understand this a difficult situation. thank you. well, as we've just been hearing, there are huge parts of the country where the taliban do enjoy some support from
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certain ethnic groups that the talking border long pakistan is one such area. and it's not seeing a rush of people trying to flee off the reopening. eskimo hyder, now explain most of the contiguous provinces that border buckets don, all the way from hell mon kunda are coming down the nigger, har hart buck the corner, are predominantly pushed to where the dollar bought and have a lot of support. ideas. people are not panicking there. did you mean the business that you drew? and although there were there people were that people will be coming in large numbers across the line, borders, refugees, none of that had happened. you jordan key the panic. primarily because the push stones have supported that dollar bond redoubt darcia bought. they will not have won the war. and however, and car you have people who are helping the american day will be seen by the dollar barn and bought as enemies collaborating with the enemy. however,
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the dollar bond have announced, and i'm saying there will be no retribution show. indeed, the situation quite calm on the borders as far as budget on is concerned. however, there is a caution word of caution that if that situation and spread is out of control. if the deal is not reached, and if that is fighting order to very warlike duration, which local increasingly remote now, then you would be paying people crossing border. but for the moment it's business ed usually will take in pakistan and have agreed to work together to help bring stability to afghanistan. a turkey has already taken measures to try and prevent an influx of migrants arriving through iran, including this wall on the border. the foreign minister said the turkish government welcomes these positive messages being given by the taliban and is proposed to meet with the groups leaders for talks. let's cross over to london and jenn hollis standing by for their journey steps. clearly being taken mid concerns about
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a potential refugee crisis. concerned certainly in europe by chancellor merkle made the point on mondays and she, when she said this is going to occupy us all for a very long time. she was just acknowledging their, the sort of security issues inside the taliban lead galveston. she was talking about refugees. now her turn off is, comes up at the end of next month. her parties hoping for reelection. she was careful not to suggest that europe again open its doors to refugees. but if this exodus does happen, one has to assume that many afghans will not want to languish in camps. for instance, in neighboring countries like pakistan or in turkey. they will instead want to come to europe and i think there is a broad political fear among governments now of a repeat of 2015. when merkle open door policy, drew more than a 1000000 people to europe, mostly fleeing the war in syria. for the moment,
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of course, the focus is on getting foreign nationals out about going to stand along with africa and support staff. some countries in europe are going further, the germans are adding human rights activists. lawyers, other people deem to be at risk from the taliban to their list. all the evacuees. the british government is later due to announce details of an emergency resettlement scheme for those most in need focused in thought on women and girls in afghanistan. but not all countries are going to be quite so willing and eager to help. the greeks have already said this morning, they are not willing again to be a gateway country for refugees making their way from turkey across the water water into europe. austria, for instance, as we speak is still continuing with deportation plans for failed afghan asylum seekers. back to afghanistan as a means of deterrence for new arrivals and doing so with the support of 90 percent of the austrian public. so it's all very well for people like the french president, the manual microphone to stand up as he did on monday and call for joined up
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european approach to ensure the safe passage of p coming if they want to come. but this is an incredibly thorny issue in europe. it's led to the downfall of governments in recent years. it's spawn right quick movements in almost every country, governments i think will certainly be on their god. if not, all of them actively preparing to accommodate what may soon becoming their way or a journey. thanks for that to jehovah in london. well, as well, watch the fall of afghanistan to the taliban at the white house. president joe biden is confronting the biggest crisis of his presidency in his 1st address after the taliban seas couple biden defended his decision to pull out troops and blamed the african government and the military for the crisis from washington as she returns he. joe biden attempted to keep public opinion focused on a promise kept up to 20 years. the u. s. was finally leaving f honest on i stand
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squarely behind my decision. after 20 years, i've learned the hard way that there was never a good time withdraw. us forces but neither the president or any administration official has been able to address the chaotic matter of that withdrawal. despite biden's proclamation that the buck stopped with him, he lashed out both of the africa military and the african political leadership that fled even saying the u. s a wanted to evacuate more people earlier, but was stopped by couple. i know there are concerns about why we did not begin evacuating, atkins civilians sooner. part of the answer is some of the afghans did not want to leave earlier. still hopeful for their country. and part of because the afghan government and his supporters discouraged us some organizing a mass exodus to avoid triggering, as they said, a crisis of confidence at the pentagon officials insisted that they had role played
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every eventuality. that wouldn't be drawn whether that included such as swift taliban takeover, or whether such a possibility had been communicated to the president. plans are not always perfectly predictive and you as is well known military maximum, that plans don't often survive 1st contact and you have to adjust in real time. depending on says, it expects the $2500.00 us troops and cobbled at the airport to be supplemented within 24 hours, up to a 1000 more and says, an apple operations have resumed. in addition, the u. s. has more than $700.00 africans who were eligible for special immigration . visa had left the country over 48 hours, bringing the total to almost 2000. the president's opponents have been swift to deliver a withering commentary. honestly, ministration looks to me like i couldn't organize a 2 car funeral and maybe it's not too late. i hope out for the president to put in enough troops and around cobble do at least get out all the
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americans. and as many of the afghans as possible who are our friends, who are interpreters, who were lot, but on home we were a lot all of age years. it is a sad day. but the united states of america. however, when pressed mccullough, as with many others in washington, suggested his favorite option was a permanent military presence enough kinda stuff which would be against the wishes of a majority of americans. biden administration appears to be hoping that eventually the chaos of the last few days will be forgotten. and instead, the president will be seen as the commander in chief who finally brought america's longest war to an ends. jabber times the al jazeera washington. ah, survivors of a powerful earthquake and haiti having to cope with a tropical storm. heavy rain lashed,
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makes of shelters in the southern city of like one of the west areas. 1400 people known to died and saturdays, quick, thousands more were left homeless. many say that still waiting for aid from the government to arrive at my budget, what's up? the situation is very hard. i have many children and we're in the rain. i don't even have a piece of plastic to cover us to sleep. we are in the rain, we have no place to go to. school shelter is not open. where are the authorities? elliton out from john home and he has more from france. haiti is still reeling from subsidies earthquake. every day, more bodies have found and the death toll continues to rise. but even as the country moons, those ready last, another potentially ruinous problem has arise tropical storm grace with the risk of flash floods, landslide, and yet more obstacles hampering the search for survivors. it's a fresh challenge for the government and 8 organizations. rudy struggling to get helped with disaster area down the road. gangs battling over view and is allocated
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$8000000.00 to help or humanitarian colleagues are telling us that access to the southern peninsula where the quake hit is challenging because gangs are controlling movements. haiti's prime minister did make it to the sea front town of like ty, one of the worst affected cities, then even on food. when i arrived in the south of the country, resorted destruction. many houses are straight to the rescue. teams are working to find victims and survivors in the rubble. one thing i noticed was the dignity of the people despite the situation. they are affected book resilience, they fight survive. but even before the storm, the scenes with desperate football fields, bruce with survivors, post the shelter with the few belongings they have left. well, debbie, up at the earth quake, i didn't feel well when the football field, our home was destroyed, we can drink the water, and many people are staying here. crisis on top of crisis. last month the country's
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president was assassinated, gang violence continues. and in the midst of the coven, 19 pandemic. eighty's only just begun it's vaccination campaign. many heroes, so still traumatized by events further, but the 2010 of the killed hundreds of thousands of people in for, to prince. and in the cap. so many people have been sleeping out in the street, worried about the off the shots from this quite well, they're not going to be to do that now. the so me here is suffering and the bad news people coming home and how does it for the yes, i think we made very much worse by that tropical storm. let's get more than that with all weather x but just aren't right. so gray slammed into haiti, nick as a tropical depression. it has since re strengthened into tropical storm rate. now it has moved away from haiti, but we want to focus on it because the damage has been done for haiti and some
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spots 10200 millimeters of rain. and we need to remember that this is a mountainous area, so the rain falls high above and then it gushes rate down to the ground. so because of that, there is the very real risk that could see rain induced bud slides anywhere across the country. now the other complication with this is it potentially could impact the arrival of international aid just because of how bad the weather conditions have been. so grace is now i, jamaica will move on from there because it will continue to strengthen. so i want to play this out for you through that you can temple nance aloud. the baby can peachy and then potentially friday into saturday. it could make landfall along that east coast of mexico and look at this strength in into potentially a category one hurricane. so that's one storm are watching. we've also got to talk about tropical storm fred that made by fall toward the florida panhandle today. and these were some of the scenes that we thought we knew that it would be bad. with storm search, we saw the flash flooding parking lot turned into rivers here. and now look at the
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storm. it is. i admire so, which of course we know is a very busy airport, so there could be delays there. nicole, send it back to you. jeff, thanks for that. yes, don't call the real challenges in trouble. i still ahead here and al jazeera, the fight in north america because of the gender as regional leaders. me a quarter 1000000 teachers are on strike in sri lanka. they want to be paid on a part with others in the public sector. soccer breaks down into the 1st complete following mental health concerns. joe will have a hello good to see we had some wild weather roll across europe. so come, let's track this out together. these storm clouds are what produced it,
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especially toward that northwest corner of germany, reports of a tornado, and potentially could be an f 2 on the enhanced fujita scale, which of course goes up to 5. then the czech republic, see these clouds right here toward the south west that dumb, 60 millimeters of rain in a single hour. those are the conditions that lead to flash flooding. now it is all related to this disturbance parked over scandinavia, feeding white and windy weather. we've got storms through the baltic states, southern areas of finland into sweden, and still those winds hammering into germany and denmark. and those winds that was the lifting mechanism needed to spark that tornado that we saw in the northwest of germany. so in terms of the winds, we could see them got step to about 60 kilometers per hour. let's talk about the temperatures now. they're starting to slide across siberia, 40 degrees for cordova, and good news for turkey. no real rain to speak of across the country, just maybe toward that northeast for our hobby. some scattered showers, but nothing major will end in africa across the gulf of guinea. we've got our
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storms lighting up through bertino fast. so and molly, on tuesday the news discover a world of difference determination. i'm coming down, we are moving the freedom plan. so the 16 people corruption and compassion, the al jazeera world, a selection of the best films from across our network of channels. as a research and taliban retakes going on, female activists, journalists and even school goes on to threats. 11 east investigate the fight for stones women on algebra.


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