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tv   [untitled]    August 17, 2021 11:00am-11:31am AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, al jazeera, when ever, ah, ah, evacuation flights resumed from cobble lab for to day off the thousands of afghans attempted to flee the haughty bond takeover. but a different scene along the line border with pakistan inhabited by ethnic group baton. bon draw support from ah, i'm sammy's aid and this is al, just they're alive from the hall. so coming up,
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joe biden stands his ground. the president says it was the right cold to pull troops from us gamma. stan, i am president of the united states. america and the buck stops with me. i am deeply saddened by the facts you now face. but i do not regret my decision. a tropical depression brings heavy rainfall to haiti, hampering a the rescue efforts of the last week. devastating earthquake. ah. we begin in afghanistan where millions of people have woken up to a 2nd day on the target bon rule and the chaos again to america. the longest war, the situation at cobb lab 4th is stabilizing with mercury evacuation flights now
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resuming it follows scenes of desperation and chaos. on monday, hundreds of afghans ran onto the tarmac some playing on to the wings of a usc 17 minutes replying. the e u is calling for europe to create humanitarian car doors to avoid the risk of refugees attempting the dangerous journey to the region. us president joe biden is strongly defended his decision to pull out his troops, saying an endless military deployment is no solution. they also said american troops should not be expected to fight when african forces were unwilling to do so themselves. we'll have more on that shortly, said go to charlotte, better to live for us from cobbled so charlotte. what is the day after the tale bob take over? looks like is life returning to some kind of normal? well i, i don't think normal is the word you can use for it, but it is quiet, at least. and the majority of the capital, the crisis point, since the taliban has taken over,
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it has been the airport that has been where they have been horrific. dramatic scenes of, of the vehicle just being overwhelmed with a flood of people trying to get out racing onto the tarmac. disrupting will stop and will commercial flights and disrupting these military evacuations. the us simply unable to secure the area incredibly dangerous for being in the taliban. surrounding the entire airport as these thousands of foreign is weighted, unable to take off because of the people on the runway. we were just down there to see if we could get access to see what it is like there this morning. we had permission from the civil aviation hid inside, but the taliban of securing the exterior of the, of what the perimeter. we arrived down there, they were dozens of taliban members, all in what used to be police ranges that they have common views heavily with a number of weapons choosing into the to push crowds back and make sure crowds together
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like they did yesterday. could still say on the security towers or a pockmarks with gunshots from yesterday, would have been shooting, trying to get people to go back. but it certainly much more under control today. but the telephone wouldn't give us access. and we were trying to negotiate that with the leadership to see what it is like and there today, the civil aviation had said that the terminals are pretty damaged. after what played out yesterday. i talked to a us official who was evacuated. he said that yes, actually a number of c 130 and c, 7 teens managed to take off. in the early hours of this morning, were thousands of people getting up, but then still more stuck in the pools. and that's not just american set. is people from all nationalities in charlotte? talk a little bit about the formation of a new government. if you wanted to pick up the phone today and call the new president or leader ahead of state. and i've kind of stan, do we know who you'd call? no,
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we would not. we do not know officially who is in charge. what is their core team? how they plan on running anything day 2 now and we're still waiting on a press conference that was made to happen yesterday with them then names and behold mujahid who is the head of the taliban communications. we do understand that that press conference will take place later today where we hope to get a little bit more information about what is going on behind the scenes and how they plan to operate. they have started taking over some ministries, and when we also information to film at the airport, they said you need to go to g mail, which is what the government used to have as the kind of communications building and hub for journalists. they directed us to the same place, i guess, taking over some of the same buildings and institutions and trying to run things as they were being run previously. i've also talked to the us about how they plan to continue that just released a statement saying that they will continue on, especially with the humanitarian programs that some people that are needed,
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maybe they can work from home, or they aren't directly involved in the humanitarian. if it's they will be transferred out of country, but the most thought they are going to continue on and working on developing their relationship with the taliban to make sure they can service the needs of africans and such a desperate time on the good reporting there from our correspondent charlotte bennett, and cobble thanks for that. me while i'm on fire is a now patrolling the streets of cobble i'll just as rob mcbride is there with this report. the city of cobble has experience so much upheaval for decades. and this is another change to get used to, and one that's far from easy to go. most of most our customers, most of the got the situation for now. no one can say what's happening or the people just lost and confused. in the space of one romantic day, life on the streets feels completely different. this is one of the most obvious
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signs of the transformation that taken place in literally overnight. the whole of the center of cobbled is protected by these 45 checkpoints, concrete blocks, barriers, normally god carrying automatic weapons, and ahmed humvees with heavy machine guns on this morning. nothing. the people have been getting used to the novelty of a new force in charge. the subject of intense curiosity as taliban take up checkpoint, duties on the roads. cha, to let me know yet i don't know the law or whatever used to fear us. now seen them, would you idea that we are from the soil? i don't want to get down to be destroyed, but there's widespread nervousness about what this view taliban rule will look like on. many businesses and shops remain closed, that there are signs of life returning to normal. and you heard about of if this piece,
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then everyone will benefit the businesses of the workers. there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic rights in particular for women and girls, despite assurances from the taliban and about a return to cruel punishment for certain crimes. but many still remember life under the previous taliban government being at least crime free for the most part of the modem with what everybody will be. nobody's kid will be kidnapped again rand. finally, with a sudden collapse of the afghan government, the hello cobbles and new leaders have been thrown together faster than any had expected. now together that feeling that way forward into the new reality, robert bride al jazeera, cobble. well, that's the scene in cobble, but there are huge parts of the country where the tale bomb do enjoy some level of support from afghan communities. the talk home border crossing along pakistan is
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one such area. it's reopened for business. come on, hider is there? most of the contiguous provinces that border buckets, dawn, all the way from hell mon kunda are coming down to linger harcourt buck, the corner. i predominantly pushed to where the dollar bought and have a lot of support. people are not panicking that is human their business as usual. and although there were the fear that these people were, that people will be coming in large numbers across the linebarger refugees. none of dad, dad happened your gordon key to panic. primarily because the push stones have supported that dollar bond redoubt that support they will not have won the war. and however, and car, well you have people who are helping the medic and they would be seen by the dollar barn and bought as enemies collaborating with the enemy. however, the dollar barton have announced, and i'm saying there will be no retribution. so indeed,
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the situation quite calm on the board as far as budget on is concerned. however, there is a caution word of caution that if that situation and spread it out of control if the p deal is not reached. and if that is fighting order level war like duration, which local increasingly remote now, then you would be hearing people crossing the border. but for the moment it's business. as usual. as the world watched, the fall of us can stand to the taliban at the white house. president joe biden is confronting the biggest crisis of his presidency in his 1st address after the taliban seas cobble by and defended his decision to pull out troops. he blamed the afghan government and military for the crisis from washington. his she have a tendency now. joe biden attempted to keep public opinion focused on a promise kept up to 20 years. the u. s. was finally leaving galveston. i stand squarely behind my decision. after 20 years,
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i've learned the hard way that there was never a good time to withdraw us forces. but neither the president or any administration official has been able to address the chaotic matter of that withdraw. despite biden's proclamation that the buck stopped with him, he lashed out both of the africa military and the african political leadership that fled even saying the u. s. and wanted to evacuate more people earlier, but was stopped by couple. i know there are concerns about why we did not begin evacuating africans civilians sooner. part of the answer is some of the afghan did not want to leave earlier. still hopeful for their country and partner would because the afghan government and his supporters discouraged us some organizing a mass exodus to avoid triggering, as they said, a crisis of confidence at the pentagon officials insisted that they had role played
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every eventuality. there wouldn't be drawn whether that included such a swift taliban takeover or whether such a possibility had been communicated to the president. plans are not always perfectly predictive and you as is well known military maximum, that plans don't often survive 1st contact and you have to adjust in real time. depending on says, it expects the $2500.00 us troops and cobbled at the airport to be supplemented within 24 hours. well through a 1000 more and says, an apple operations have resumed. in addition, the u. s. has more than $700.00 africans who are eligible for special immigration. visa had left the country over 48 hours, bringing the total to almost 2000. the president's opponents have been swift to deliver a withering commentary. honestly, ministration looks to me like i couldn't organize a 2 car funeral and maybe it's not too late. i hope not, but the president put in enough troops and around cobble to at least got out
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all the americans. and as many of the afghans as possible, who are our friends, who are interpreters, who rely on home, we were a lot all of age years. it is a sad day, but the united states of america. however, when pressed mcconnell, as with many others in washington, suggested his favorite option was a permanent military presence in afghanistan, which would be against the wishes of a majority of americans by the ministration appears to be hoping that eventually the chaos of the last few days will be forgotten, and instead the president will be seen as the commander in chief who finally brought america's longest war to an ends, jabber times the al jazeera washington. on the diplomatic front, the un security council is held an emergency meeting on a scanner. stan secretary general antonio terrorist called on the con the bond to respect human rights and offer an amnesty diplomat to get it to james space has more on that. the statement calls for immediate cessation of host hostile it is,
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but it also calls for talks for, to reach and let me quote, a new government that is united, inclusive and representative, including the full equal a meaningful participation of women. so their calling for fresh negotiations, an african lead process leading to a new inclusive government. now will the taliban accept that? and what leverage do the security council have of the taliban? certainly with her to from the ambassador of pakistan. he wasn't invited to the security council meeting, became a brief reporters and many of chrome told us that he believes that the taliban are talking about some sort of inclusive government. and he thinks that that is definitely a possibility. what is clear is that there are some of the key political leaders who were allied with the government in cobble, who are still that. i think the only leverage that the international community has of the taliban right now is the whole issue of recognition at the meeting of the
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security council. the african ambassador was the ambassador that was appointed by the government that no longer exists the town. but i'm sure would like to have the seat at the united nations and be recognized by all the countries of the world that i think is the only thing the international community have to try and convince the taliban to broaden government governance and bring in other figures still ahead now just there are hospital treatment on the streets. desperate measures in the philippines as covert 19 wards become overwhelmed and the change of god in zambia after winning an election at that time the new president lays out the vision. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways.
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hello, good to see we had some wild weather roll across europe. so come, let's track this out together. these storm clouds are what produced it, especially toward that northwest corner of germany. reports of a tornado and potentially could be an f 2 on the enhanced fujita scale, which of course goes up to 5. then the czech republic, see these clouds right here toward the south west that dumb, 60 millimeters of rain in a single hour. those are the conditions that lead to flash flooding. now it is all related to this disturbance parked over scandinavia, feeding white and windy weather. we've got storms through the baltic states, southern areas of finland into sweden, and still those winds hammering into germany and denmark. and those winds that was lifting mechanism needed to spark that tornado that we saw in the northwest of germany. so in terms of the winds, we could see them got step to about 60 kilometers per hour. let's talk about the temperatures now. they're starting to slide across siberia, 40 degrees for cordova, and good news for turkey. no real rain to speak of across the country,
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just maybe toward that northeast for our hobby. some scattered showers, but nothing major. well, and in africa, across the gulf of guinea, we've got our storms lighting up through burkina faso, and molly on tuesday. ah, sponsored pay cut on airways, the grim consequences of mexico's bloody drug. watch the people around you, mr. governor, you've got people who are with the narco, through the eyes of the journalist, determined to report the truth. your government is full of knocking. she said, that's how the article should start 60 years own we revisit the report is still risking their lives being another outbreak of violence of more versus rewind, the deadly beat on algebra. me.
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ah, the me. watching out just a time to recap on headlines now. the situation of cobbled airport is stabilizing with military evacuation fly now resuming it follows monday scenes of desperation, and cale hundreds of afghans rushed planes on the tarmac on the land border with pakistan where the terrible and enjoy some degree of support from the ethnic groups . things relatively com total from crossing is reopened to business now after it was closed on sunday, when the taliban took control of cobbled us president joe biden is defended. his decision to pull out troops sang and endless military deployment is no solution. he said, american troops should not be expected to fight when i can force is unwilling to do so themselves. survivors of
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a powerful earthquake in haiti and now having to cope with a tropical depression. heavy rain lashed, make shift shelters in the southern city of less guys, one of the worst hit areas. 1400 people are now known to have died in saturdays, quite thousands more. last homeless. many say they are still waiting for a from the government to arrive. john holman, has moved from ball to prince haiti still reeling from subsidies earthquake every day. more bodies have found on the death toll continues to rise. but even in the country, moon, those ready last, another potentially ruinous problem has arise tropical storm grief. with the risk of flash floods, landslide, and yet more obstacles hampering the search the survivors. it's a fresh challenge for the government and aid organizations. rudy struggling to get help with disaster area down the road. gangs battling over view and is allocated
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$8000000.00 to help or humanitarian colleagues are telling us that access to the southern peninsula whether quake hit is challenging because gangs or controlling movements his prime minister did make it to the sea front town of like ty, one of the worst affected cities then even on food. when i arrived in the south of the country, we saw to destruction many houses on straw to rescue teams or working to find victims and survivors in the rubble. one thing i noticed was the dignity of the people despite the situation. they are affected book resilience, they fight survive. but even before the storm, the scenes with desperate football fields, bruce, food survivors, post the shelter with the few belongings they have left. well, debbie, up at the earth quake, i didn't feel well when the football field, our home was destroyed, we can drink the water, and many people are staying here. crisis on top of crisis. last month,
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the country's president was assassinated. gang violence continues, and in the midst of the coven, 19 pandemic papers only just begun it's vaccination campaign. many heroes, so still traumatized by events, the, the but the 2010 of the killed hundreds of thousands of people in for, to print and in the cap. so many people have been sleeping out in the st. worried about the off the shots from this quite well, they're not going to be able to do that now. the, so me to pay to suffering on the bad news. people coming home and how does it up for the for the 1st time, the u. s. is declared a shortage at its largest water reservoir triggering mandate free cuts to some western states like mead on the colorado river of some 40000000 people. farmers in arizona, i expected to see the biggest drop in supply. the region is struggling with a drought and record high temperatures. j learned is co director of the u. c. davis
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center for watershed sciences and a professor of civil and environmental engineering. he says major cities have been preparing. this is one of the worst drought years. we have on record and it's probably one of the most extensive years, extensive geographic, extensive drought years on record as well. in california, the 3rd joyous year and more than 100 years of record in terms of precipitation. it's a 2nd, really dry year in a row. last year was also dry, but not quite as dry as this one. so the reservoir levels are all quite low. temperatures from global warming are much higher than they have been historically. and so both for this drought and for the previous drought, we have much more evaporation of water from the landscape before it can reach the reservoirs, which makes the reservoir is extra low for this low amount of patients. major cities are pretty well prepared for this route. so far they've been invested,
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we have drought here quite often. so we've done our city water supplies and our ground water aquifers, reservoir systems to handle droughts about like this one, maybe for another year or so from, for most of the say where most people, those are most of the economy is the agricultural sector, is the most vulnerable sector in the west and in california. and it is about 3 percent of the, of the regions economy that are, is going to hit much harder. but fortunately, the rest of the economy should be fairly helping. 5 fighters in northern morocco are trying to stop to 5 that have destroyed launch swallow the forest. they started on fact today is a heat wave scorch the country. temperatures of reach $49.00 degrees celsius authority say they've managed to prevent the fire from reaching residential areas
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so far. mm. new zealand is moving into a snap, locked down for 3 days after reporting its 1st local covered 19 infection and nearly 6 months. the case with detected in oakland authorities are working to trace its origins. it's still all confirmed whether the latest case is the highly contagious down to very and we have made decisions on the basis that it has be set to start high and go down levels rather than start to load not contain the virus and see it move quickly we've seen the di, consequences of taking too long to act in other countries, not least our neighbors. just as we successfully stayed home and saved lives last year. i'm asking the team of $5000000.00 tonight once more to defeat what is likely to be this more dangerous and transmissible variant of the virus hospitals in the
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philippines around the strain. health authorities reported more than 14000 do infections on sunday. it's 2nd highest daily increase that despite locked down in and around the capital. barnaby low reports from middle hence have sprung up in hospital grounds all over manila and its surrounding suburbs. patients and their relatives are having to wait under the heat to get into emergency room or dirt days in big ship towards coffee 19 is back with a vengeance and is pushing hospitals to the philippines to their limit. the philippine general hospital, the country's largest public health institution has stopped accepting don corbett, 19 patients of the problem if we have a lot of non corporate patients who also are filling up our batch. and so that will demand more nurses and doctors to take care of them. so this rapid increase the
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number of covey. the admissions made us realize that we can serve both the situation at the philippine general hospital reflects what the health department has been reporting daily infections of more than 12000 were nearly a week, and more people die more than half way through a 2 week lockdown. and its capital region. the philippines continues to see a spike in corbett 19 cases. but this current wave of the virus isn't limited to manila. elsewhere in the country. the number of infections is rising as well. carrier, we need doug lee spam and he lives in ken province. more than 100 kilometers south of manila. his father tested positive for covey. 19 before there was even talk up lockdown yet they say it took the 3 days to find him. a hospital that had a bed in one of the hospitals. my dad was just in the parking lot, the hospital staff probably does the job,
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leave the hospital premises and may be try the provincial hospital when we arrived there. the judge, doctor, surprisingly discouraged us to even try re locked their dudley's father, survived. but had he waited a few more days to be admitted doesn't we says the story might have turned out differently. but tough experts, warry, the situation could get worse. it seems like it's not slowing down at all in the past when you do a lockdown or a c q, maybe about a week later you'll see some slowing down, but we have not felt that manila streets aren't as empty as one would imagine. during the lockdown. more businesses are allowed to operate and more people are out and about. but health department officials say it could take weeks before the impact of this walk down a spelt barn to below. i'll just hear manila zambian
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president go. longo conceded defeat on monday officer land slide the election when by opposition leader k in the g. lemme. he now faces the challenge of reviving an economy in turmoil. how the more tasa has more from the capital lusaka and corporation? is it really the final emissions in an address to the nation president edgarland except and he last last week selection to opposition? nita hawkeye, in the lemme room clothes we live on film provision, flip this is transition style. i would therefore love with it to my brother ben, to live his excellency's in the months for becoming cylinder, incumbent president, he to lima. his one of his priorities will be tackling zambia, did crisis,
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the country of more than $12000000000.00 to external companies. and linda, our message, linda is very simple. come to the table. the dead we have is an sustainable some of it was a crude, wrongly incompetent li. but we had dissent. people with this and t o he to lay my defeat is longer by more than a 1000000 votes. in the 6th attempt at winning the presidency is the 3rd time power has shifted peacefully from a governing party to the opposition. suzanne gained the payments from britain in 1900. 64 president was criticized for human rights to be massive. unemployment and corruption, president elect has a into his lima not to manage expectations. meanings, ambien want him to do think differently. the,
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the president elect is promising to turn around the country, fortunes saying it's 5 year term and often will be a new chapter, zambia, non meaning here was to see if you will deliver on his promises the us out to. c me and let's take you through some of the headlines here now just here now the situation cobble and for the stabilizing with military and civilian evacuation flight now resuming it, follows monday scenes of desperation and chaos. hundreds of afghans rushed the plains on the hallmark and then the 10 to flee the tale bad. but on the land border with pakistan where the tale bon enjoy some support from certain ethnic groups, things are relatively calm. talk home crossing is reopened for business now. after


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