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tv   [untitled]    August 14, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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ah, ah, ah, holding the powerful to account as we examine the us, his role in the world on al jazeera ah warnings of high casualties and widespread damage from earthquakes that struck haiti and shock waves across the caribbean. ah, and hasn't think of this is i just hear a live from the holes that coming up. the afghan leader, braces silences fears rise of a tyler bond takeover shop. connie says re mobilizing the military is a top priority. the scale of the devastation is emerging off the floods in turkey.
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44 people have died and it's confirmed that july was the hottest month ever recorded as wildfires, rage in 3 continents. ah, but on the 18th, prime minister says a 7.2 magnitude earthquake has caused enormous damage. authorities have confirmed, at least 29 people have been killed. the epicenter was about 160 kilometers west of the capital for to prince. the countries still recovering from the earthquake in 2010, they killed more than 200000 people live. now to heidi joe castro, who's been following the story for us from washington d. c. so he, what more do we know at this point? has them the 1st government update has just wrapped up from haiti in which they did
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confirm the 29 dead. the prime minister ariel henry has said that medical team have been dispatched to the south and he's declaring a state of emergency for the country for at least one months. now, $29.00 is the death toll, but the fear is that it will grow dramatically. the us geological survey has issued a red alert for the italy saying high number of deaths is probable and that the damage is widespread. now this earthquake hit at 8 30 in the morning, haiti local time, which was about 4 and a half hours ago. so this information is still coming in as we receive images from the local media and a social media of people desperately trying to dig their loved ones out of the rubble. the epa center was petite, tro denique, which is again about 160 kilometers west of the capital. and this was a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, which is larger than the other,
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distract disastrous weight that hit 80 in 2010 that had measured at 7.0, of course. and that disaster, which the country never really did recover from close 230-0000 people, died one and a half 1000000 people lost their homes. and having this happen again is just a catastrophe. that is very difficult to describe, particularly come in. now as haiti still struggles through a political crisis with a new prime minister and still without a president after the countries president was assassinated just 5 weeks ago. alright. her for the moment. how does your cast her life 1st there in washington? thank you. a jeremy duping is a freelance producer of filmmaking. in puerto prince, he told us it is still too early to assess the full extent of the damage district to damage it. it is very,
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very important. it is very early to estimate right now. but on what we are seeing right now. 3 the mean for building collapse the schools we have to sell and, and communication services and some places up our lives and, and very, very limited electricity service that was and that right now. 3 people are, i mean i just call the hotel to reserve a room for myself tonight. of a dead, they were telling me that they have, they don't have ac because they don't have city power. they have the power. this is why they all rely on right now. kennesaw president
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says he won't give up the achievements of the past 20 years as a tyler bon continues its advance shop gone. he says his top priority is to re mobilize the military. in his words, he spoke as a tolerable capture. 3 more provincial capitals, shot on, on as other body in the east are among the latest cities to fall to an accident. i am not going to allow this imposed worn out nation to lead to more bloodshed and to losing the gains of our last 2 decades and damages to our public goods and infrastructure. because of this, i've carried out widespread comprehensive consultations with representatives of the people and leaders by hand without international partner, in consultation to be carried out in a speedy manner. shout, bellis has more from cobble on president ronnie speech. i think he was trying to show that he wasn't isolated and cut off by giving this surgery today the 1st time
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we've seen him speak and about a week now. and in this speech, he tried to offer support to his citizens. he said, i'm trying to avoid that bloodshed, i, he said there are consultations ongoing with local and international leaders. and we understand that when he says i'm trying to avoid bloodshed that involves these negotiations and consultations with, with all these different parties that he's trying to find a way out of this. even though these negotiations very much as we understand and looking at his future specifically and whether he be able to stay on as president taliban certainly don't want him to stay on his president. they have refused to negotiate with the government. with him at the home in the past and they are essentially undermining him today. they had is mel con, come to deliver a message on behalf of the taliban. now he is a very well known leader from harass in the waste is very anti taliban. but when herat fell a couple of days ago,
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he surrendered to the taliban and sent him to cobble with this message. since you trying to get other government leaders to join beam and move away from gandhi. and then he's also facing a heap of pressure as the telephone just steam roll across the country. $21.00 provincial capitals have now fallen and 8 days to the group. controlling about 2 thirds of the country and closing in on cobble or katara is urging the taliban to reduce escalation and accept to cease fun. cut us for mr. met the tyler bond delegation in dallas for a follow up on the talks being held. they're aimed at finding a political settlement to the conflict. how soon are he is assistant professor of law at the american university about canister. and he says, president sharp. connie will have a difficult time negotiating an end to the violence. he's not in control anymore. and it's not a but prison gunny anymore. it's about making the transition as bloodless, the as orderly. and as soon as possible. the fight is at the doors of cobble. i
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mean, you're reporting show that the cobble is being in circle and the time is not on the go. on the government side, the government, the bridge is shrinking and there is heavy fighting and happen happening in missouri. if missouri falls and if cobble falls under pressure, then the all hope for a political settlement, all hopes for a publishing agreement would be lost. these are critical moments. these are moments that will turn up on them into chaos. the capital, the home of more than 5000000 people and houses and up until the people into chaos, lawlessness. and it's going to turn the situation into an organ urban warfare that cornerstone and cobbling particular experience in the ninety's or will have orderly transfer a power where people's live at least will be se people's property will be, will be saved. and the future government, you have to think we have to have foresight here. the future government has to have some sort of list timothy. otherwise, if mil, if upon get to
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a military takeover or they can force the garmen claps without transition a government in place, then we'll have a government that will have come to power by new force. so it will not have international embassy, and it would not be seen as the mate in the eyes of athens. so it just going to prolong this, the cycle of violence and destruction of his growing concern about what the tyler bonds advance means for women and religious minorities. fattano galani is the director of the afghanistan women council. she says many people are worried about the future. i've done it on woman is very, very upset from time cards to be, especially from us go out of money because the take our so just give us guidance on what's on the problem with or not go home and you know lot of time and every where is money to know that not,
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not about i'd like to model what's happening to model and i bought a fugette and many people in many months is coming to come to each places they keep telling of on the people it's coming to cobble. and the sta in the park and the young come that can be good. we have no walk. good. you have no place for sleeping. you have no food. no meg, no, i need most people cheated on and now i caught him on this done. he did take care about them, some people about that going on and be harnessed. and you're going to got a piece, a way to work for peace and to be nice with the people, especially with the woman i could from them to take this thing. very easy
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and because it put in the next, we are looking what to bring with the people. i hope this don't all of his listen to the ask them people and we need to as possible to stop this. what a feel ahead on as also what i was thinking n g o is are increasingly finding themselves target israel's military. for years off the fiance, worse mudslide experts say it could happen again. ah hello there. those hot and dry conditions are expected to continue across much of the middle east and levant, as we go into sunday, temperatures across all of and all where we expect them to be. they have come down slightly across iraq, iran and q weight,
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where the temperatures were touching up to the high forty's. now it is looking rather quiet, but we do have a shamal wind that could blow down from iraq. and that's going to pick up some dust across q weights, car and into saudi arabia. so there'll be plenty of hazy sunshine around. we've got a stronger suddenly when that's bringing temperatures down across coastal areas of oman and yemen. and we're seeing a few showers across those weston mountains of yemen, edging up into saudi arabia. these join up with the most season, showers that we're seeing across that central band of africa. and we have seen flooding in cameroon. we could see more scenes like this as the reins of falling, particularly heavily as we go into next week. not just here, but also in areas of p, r and sudan, stretching all the way through to the gulf of guinea. that was a move farther south. it's a pretty wet picture as well. for areas of south africa, we've seen a bit of a winter re mix across the interior, but temperatures are going to pick up in the coming days. and we plenty of sunshine,
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the frank assessments, by way. it is a lesson freedom, surprising informed opinions. what you saw happening is come on. it was $42.00. there was also put soon as the critical debate. here is not between kula and any other than we have competed here between the 2 years. re running that even people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera oh a
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hello again, you're watching as a reminder of our top stories. this emergency teens in haiti say at least 29 people have been killed by a powerful earthquake. the prime minister says enormous damage has been caused and offered his condolences to the victims. afghans fans, president says he won't give up the achievements of the past 20 years. ronnie said he's in talks with local and international partners to end the conflict time on his capture. 3 more provincial councils in afghanistan, shadonna, and as the body in the east or among the latest cities before we just days off to turkey managed to bring its wildfires under control. there's more devastation flash floods in the north have destroyed entire villages. the death toll is rising, at least $44.00 dead with many more on accounted for. gillian wolf reports. first.
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fires then flood, hopes are dwindling in this town. that missing loved ones will still be alive. those who survived the floods and balls curt on the black sea wait anxiously for news. with a population of fewer than 9000, most people will know someone affected by this tragedy. for alias, the devastation is difficult to comprehend. holloman, my aunt is missing her husband is missing her twin grandchildren. a missing the wife of our building manager is missing along with their 2 children. his relative and local business owner to ron describes the moment flood waters rushed in. at the very moment they were paying tribute to his uncle at his funeral. as films in a better than little cover, much people was shouting and screaming and asking others to run away. we looked and saw the flood waters coming our way from the direction of the post office. we flayed up hill running past the bridge to bring ourselves to safety to the flood, described as one of turkey's worst was the 2nd natural disaster to strike the
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country. this month, chaos in the north, just as authorities had declared wildfires in the south had been brought under control. on friday, president ur, one visited the region, declaring 3 disaster zones. he promised to defer a taxes and offered relief for all those affected. the nation's disaster agency has deployed nearly $6000.00 personnel to the hardest hit areas. the almost half a meter of rain has fallen in less than 3 days, causing rivers to overflow. toward the water had been tossing cars, filling streets of debris, and wiping entire houses from their foundation. more than 2000 people have been evacuated from their homes, many with the help of helicopters and boats, som, having fled to their rooftops as a last resort. hundreds of villages are without electricity and people say they
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can't reach their loved ones by phone, volunteers, or doing what they can to deliver aid as rescue to continue to try to save more lives in this town where buildings line the waterfront and rivers con, expand further this disaster experts they is down to humans and climate change. and scientists warn the worst is yet to come. gillian wolf, al jazeera, a fire fighters in algeria are still battling more than 30 wildfires, least 71 people have died so far. in the city of tis use some of those who had to leave their homes are returning to find them destroyed katya lopez, who diane has more thick smoke about these mountains in north central, syria conceals much of the devastation left by the wildfires. this was one of the least turn in and around the city of t 0 who were entire communities were destroyed,
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the delights home. it still standing, but inside everything is gone. his few belongings are scattered, but now looks like an abandoned building. janos on the kitchen is younger, it was a fire like i've never seen before. the fire wasn't moving slowly. it was gusting and we couldn't be in front of it. it was suffocating to get off the door. family is in a similar situation, trying to salvage whatever was spared by the fire. my home. let's just not work when you're given what we've been through. i can't believe or even talking. right? no, not we're alive. it's really a tragedy. something i've never experienced before. 6 the law in other parts of the country, the fires are still burning. the army has been deployed to help, but many team still lack equipment and villagers have joined the fight. c but in
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the morning the morning there was a lack of resources. there are only a few why fi and then we are trying to help. may god help us anger against the government is growing some emergency measures that were passed in 2004. we're never implemented, there are few, sometimes no hydrants available for firefighters to get water to battle the flames . it's a similar story with fire breaks and better access to roads. many face problems now turn to the community rather than the government. what do you think you have to? it's are people cell dirty that try and it is all jury? and so there it is. the citizens that try and then the door family is like many and jury for us to start over with what's left after the fires castillo missile, the young al jazeera or so called mega fire has flared up in northern california. dixie has destroyed several towns near sacramento since mid july. fi is around 30
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percent contained people all be warned to leave their homes. california is now on track to record its worst ever fly season. a russian president vladimir putin has called the scale of the natural disasters that have hit his country this year. absolutely unprecedented. rushes expanded, a state of emergency in siberia. more than a 100 wildfires burning across 14000 square kilometers. people have been evacuated from several villages. smoke from the fire is choking. the capital you could see which in winter is often referred to as the coldest city on us. u. s. government scientists have confirmed july was the world's hottest month ever recorded. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration found the combined land an ocean surface temperature last month was one degrees celsius. above the 20th century average, the data showed july was ages hottest month on record for europe. it was the 2nd warmest and
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a one stop soon last week you and climate science report warned. temperatures are likely to rise by more than the key threshold of 1.5 degrees, making heat waves, much more likely and severe or chandra bush on is ceo of the international forum for environment sustainability and technology. he says, policy makers are not realizing the urgency of climate action. the general pinking in the policy circle is that we have dying. unfortunately, that is not true. we don't have time. if you look at the recent debate in the united nation, united states, it is about reducing the gasoline breath. if you really want to phase out fossil fuel, which is essentially go back a little bit, then you shouldn't be talking about reducing gasoline prices. you should be talking about increasing gas prices and anything renewable energy prices. so that demand is not even in the us right now. whereas your life became president in the u. s. as
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a claim that he would be the most climate friendly president. in that he said history, the fact is b b to hit 1.5 degrees celsius temperature in please visit the on the just by early next to kate and digital mean more extreme brain, fun events more. why fi? psych loan. in fact, things that we thing in greece and you might look like a deep walk in a digit or 2. but the challenge be facing is, is system level system level challenge means that be if you want to really solve climate change, we have to think about and to fossil fuel and in next to predictors. now that kind of systematic change will be required to keep the temperature within $1.00. see if we are not able to do that. unfortunately, this was last, guatemala has declared a new state of emergency and is imposing an overnight curfew from sunday. as corona
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virus infection, serge, the emergency measures will last 30 days and have been brought in to try and control an explosion in delta, very in cases. the country of 17000000 is now reporting 4000 new infections every day. a protest is marching across france against tightened corona virus measures. they're denouncing the compulsory vaccinations. the health care workers and the introduction of health pastors responses have been required since the beginning of the week for cafes, restaurants, and travel. more than half the french population is fully vaccinated with infection rates. now slowing in thailand, protest is angry. over the government handling of the code 900 outbreak have been fighting with police in the capital bank. cock officers fly tick asked to stop. hundreds of demonstrators from marching to the prime minister's residence thailand is struggling to control his biggest wave of cobra. 1900. so falls. the iran is
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going back into a 6 day long locked down for monday. it includes all bazaars and public offices, as well as movie theaters, gyms and restaurants, the countries recording around $40000.00 new cases every day. and 500 death. iran had rejected earlier recommendations to impose the emergency measures lebanon central bank government says no one is running the country as he defended his decision to hold fuel subsidies. the bank had refused to use reserve funds to continue the subsidy, saying it would be illegal to do so. the currency has lost 90 percent of its value since 2019 and half the population now live in poverty. politicians have failed to agree on a new government since prime minister has and the quit last august to the bay root poor lost israeli forces of raid the offices of 5 palestinian organisation since the beginning of the year. 2 of them have been ordered to shut down palestinian n g o. say there is
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a growing israeli campaign to stop them operating in the occupied west bank. neither abraham reports from hebron. the hello car has been able to farm his land with the help of a dutch funded project, but the aide is drawing up. he's been growing heirloom seeds and selling them to a local organisation supporting farmers in the occupied west bank. pastor news have been relying on international aid for developing project that helps a team. they're struggling economy. i knew who said i didn't know the book that was that, that income my work would suffer. a limb said that i grow help other pharmacy can buy expensive seats from israel. last year, the dutch government suspended its funds and opened an investigation, accusing the organisation of having links to a palestinian political party. come, let's continue with the campaign against us is not new. they targeted because we focus our work in areas under is really controlled where most palestinian
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agricultural lands are. farmers are trying to develop the land, but the israelis are trying to take it over and push them out. you'll just miller says, his institute has been urging donors to cut off aid to palestinian and jose he says, some are linked to attacks against israelis. these really security services have increasingly shown that there is a deliberate plot on the part of some palestinian and jose to use money that they've been given for humanitarian aid purposes. and they've heard that towards terrorism. many past indians like had it was more to say the main goal of these campaigns is to back them into a corner. the israeli army rated the officers of defense for children international and july and confiscated the files and computers. and i'm of, you know, the addy few, williamson, there's an increasing awareness in international community regarding the israeli violations. that's why israel is trying to silence us. we've been working for 30 years. it's the 1st time we've had our office rated now. they've read the army,
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ordered the closer of to palestinian organizations, including the health work committee, but agency refused to comply and re open the doors and defiance. later its director was arrested and is now preaching. emily was triumph. palestinians and civil society say the pressure against them is growing and could effect the humanitarian work here and abroad. knew the ever him. al jazeera, the occupied westbank, mozambie and president ed galandes has declared thursday's presidential and parliamentary election. not free and fair. that's off the incidents of violence in 3 provinces. louisville is trailing his main contend kind he. lemme in early results from the electoral commission of 4 years on from sierra zones. shirley owns mudslide disaster. many survivors are still homeless. more than 1100 people lost their lives that day. but the response since then tells
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a broader story of the challenges facing the capital. how many joyce reports from free time ali mommy contest it leaves in the shadow of the sugarloaf mountain. his attachment to the area remained strong despite the much light but killed members of his family. and neighbors. like many displeased persons, he moves his family from one construction site to another, seeking shelter. they live in, in some of the all finished houses in this community. because they can't afford to read more than 1100 people died in the much light the countries worst single day disaster. another $3000.00 remained displeased after 2 days of torrential rains. this face of the sugarloaf mountain broke free in the early hours of august, the 14th 2017 huge rug boulders and mud cascaded down the slopes and swept away
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many homes. while many people were still asleep for his own exploits, say, it's only a matter of time before another disaster strikes. and this is why people continued to building dangerous areas on mountains, in valleys, even war 2 channels. before i switch on to continue, no money and nothing happened, let's pull up and we land any lesson example for these projects. no additional continue to live in a bank. with a steady migration of people comes an increase in demand for shelter and food. an estimated $300.00 tons of refuse is also generated daily by residents of the capital freetown. some of it is dumped in drains while government officials insist much has been done since the disaster,
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they admit that serious challenges remain. we'll walk into a few some of these because we definitely got a test to the fact that the weaknesses in existing legislations experts warn but unless countries like seriously on take further steps to stop unrestrained development, their population will continue to be exposed to disasters similar to the much light of 2017, how many degrees algebra, freetown. ah, this is adriana. let's get a round up of our top stories. emergency teams in haiti say a powerful earthquake has killed at least 29 people. the prime minister says the quakers closed in enormous damage and offered his condolences to the victims. joe castro has moved from washington dc. it's at the center was that petite.


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