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the o. u zealand. canadian birds are at risk of extinction. in vicious plans to rid the nation of the predators sized them. one of the best guys on out to me this is al jazeera. ah, hello mario new mazda, welcome to the news, our life from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes, i forgot to stop the government on the brink of catastrophe. 50 off to city falls to the taliban with the fighters. now just an hour drive from campbell, but in the capital, a humanitarian crisis is already unfolding
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a thousands of civilian flea. the march of the taliban are coming up from the mediterranean to siberia. the wildfires incinerating forest farmland and hung and nowhere left to go the migrants expelled by the u. s. and left stranded in southern mexico and i'm, we are harding and joe. how with fort p. s g coach murray? feel put your tino confirmed little messy is not ready to make the debut club. and the 1st goal of the new premier league season goes away of promoter sites for 2 cars in mac upset to be an arsenal to know, defended me . hello, welcome to the news out. what the taliban is rapid advance in afghanistan seems almost unstoppable as 50 off the says he falls to the group and share scale of the
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losses looks catastrophic for the government. intelligence reports now suggest caldwell could fall within a month. and a humanitarian crisis seems to be inevitable. in less than 2 weeks, the taliban have seized more than half of afghanistan's provincial capitals. they include some of the country's biggest and most significant cities, places like kandahar, herat and condors. over all the group now controls more than 2 thirds of african territory just weeks before us troops complete that withdrawal. its form to humanitarian disaster. around 400000 civilians have been displaced this year. more than half of them since the month of may. and many now find themselves in kabul, forced to live in the cities parks which are packed, and over crowded people fare, returned to the brutal and repressive rule. taliban was known for the last time. they were in power. more on that in a moment. first, this report from charlotte palace and now the 2 provincial capitals today,
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poly alum provincial capital of logo is just to the self of of carbo about an hour drive from cobble about 65 kilometers. so now they are knocking right on the door of cobbled the telephone, say that the governor actually joined them. how we understand it is that they sent hundreds of spices into the city. and this actually, his compound was to and he was forced to surrender. it is significant because it has gone these harm province and also because it is just so close to the capital. now it is not the only place that cloud today collapsed, which is the proven to capital valvo that just in the last few hours, we've seen video of the governor being escorted by the telephone out of town. very shortly after that, the taliban took over and claimed it as the 18th provincial capital. to put this into context for you, there's only 34 provinces in the country, so they now have control of more than half the provincial capitals. they hadn't had
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control of one in about 5 years and managed to do this all within a week. they've picked up in the last 24 hours, 7 provincial capital. and that includes the 2nd and 3rd biggest cities in afghanistan, kandahar city in the south, which is the herat and the west, and also let chicago and home and so they own a roar. hello bon contact this morning. who said, even they shot at how quickly they are taking control of increasing sense of fear in the capital campbell, where the situation is feeling more and more unstable. thousands of people have fled to campbell, seeking refuge from violence in the provinces. agency say they fair humanitarian disaster. wrong mcbride is that on the northern edge of cobble a fight for bread among people newly arrived at a food distribution that quickly turns into a free for all. this open piece of land has become
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a makeshift camp for people who have nowhere else to go and very little for shelter . obama will not come up, but i don't, i was to go out. that's just, i have 2 children with me. this woman tells us out in the open sun all day got you arrivals are encouraged to take buses to temporary camps for internally displaced people or id peas that already exists from previous phases of this decades long conflict. the makeup of the i d. p. population in kabul reflects the changing states of the conflict beyond the city limits until relatively recently, most of the i d. p would be from the south escaping the ongoing fighting there. but now that being joined by new comers from the west, unlike these people from the north, as the conflict had spread across the country. but from touch on and his family of 10 have been here for 3 days after fleeing the fighting in the northern province of
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backlit. there's much i'm yes, i would say there is no system here and no shelter. there was nothing from the government and i don't know if we'll get help. my name to bull fortunate arrivals can find refuge in most in the grounds. it's this one. there are 37 other people find room with relatives like beg him jam and her husband who escaped the southern city of laska dela, there the head of war tele, there were bombs falling all around my house to the left and to the right. i didn't know what was going on. having worked for both the government and overseas aid organizations, she's afraid she's now a target for the taliban piece and we did out of mind media. we had a good life there. i was thankful to god. i don't know if i can ever go back. i want, as it was, the, it's a di lemme facing many from all parts of afghanistan with the one goal of getting to cobble,
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but not knowing what happens after that public bride al jazeera couple. well, i spoke to pushed on his own, my a con dirani executive director of learn afghanistan, which is a non profit group focusing on female empowerment through education. started by asking how women are feeling and kandahar at the moment. and what taliban rule could mean for many afghans who wrote, people are scared about your own life. and about the fact that you know, the fact that we worked for a blood sample 20 years for this identity as an offline for the name of islamic republic of applied to san for the lag. now to be none of that is there. that's not even allowed in, in, in your own home in your own kind us who do people blame for this? i i believe my own government 1st of all because we were the ones who were to cut up to act toward levy to form
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a leadership hor on in order to new battle politics. i mean, like for 100, a strong leader for one of the be should have won the money. i'm should have worked for the people up on it and i would like, you know, kind of been a fighting you and regional actors that behind them. okie. i said that that is true, but we're above the human humanity in crisis right now. whatever the people who doesn't have shed, who don't have food, who don't have anything. and right, what are you doing about them? you're already been looking, your emergency funds to them. 5 years at my own government 1st and then the west, who had every right of the mean to be like you to my, the, the hardy, to pressure the palate, run into stop abusing the human. and they could have done all that. but these stood by their let the on stuff that we're about, the treatment of women in areas that are on the taliban control restrictions that
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have been imposed on their movement. tell me about the forced marriages of young women to taliban fighters. i remember connecting with this lady yesterday, she told me that she got the ice from the power button that you have to eat and many or doctors it was no either they were like your daughter married to this person and then she fled in the night and she wasn't id be, get on as of today. i don't even know what's going to happen to her daughters. so beautiful a lot of uncertainty. there are many that people want except are highlight. but women are the 1st, what comes of this war? and no matter how much we try every time somebody has to make sure that the us. so it's a lot of questions, but there are no certain answers for them, especially for women and their feet and noon at the moment. women and i've kind of on a very passionate about their education. they many of them that i've heard from,
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they want to be doctors. they want to serve their community in any way they can, what happens to their hopes and aspirations. now i didn't want to sound anymore hopeless in my interviews, but i also don't want who hide the fact that the bacteria that he put off on women we sacrificed so much. not that all these 20 years, all the schools were secure. they were still bombed by the time that i, when i go to university attack. so for me personally, thinking about the fact that after all the sacrifices i for the fact that i wanted to be someone posted my graduation. and now it seems like i'm likely to be happening and the thing was for every other good. yes, we can try to see who would. but practically, i don't see any light at the time or i know you've been asked many times over the
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last few days about your fears for the future of your country. tell me how. just tell me how you're feeling at this time. if the taliban managed to consolidate the control of the territory that they have managed to, to gain and establish some sort of administration, would it be similar to the 19th or do you say something? was he i'm going to be honest. i don't feared them. another 3 of them, i thought i few does that, but one government set about the fact that the withstood by when our civilians were abused. when we were abused, i am hopeless about the fact that they come into power. all these good old women that i have work with our future is that steve goes, i speak or, or to speak to for me to be have changed or the fact that they want to be another
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than 90 government. i don't believe that i yes, i want women was, is this back? yes, up one woman will. of course i'm going to be the 1st one who's going to run an underground . i don't have any other option. i want to get. i want to get my good education and i want to do it at any cost that i can. and i was, nothing would stop the guy, but at the same time, for them it pushy me back. they came into the 21st century and this took out except women as like, you know, as equal human beings. that makes me sad. and what about your upbringing? them? one woman will bumps back that, that brochure. of course there is a, a large african diaspora. all around the world we've been hearing from afghans living in india, watching the conflicts in the home 9 very close to many of them saying they are too frightened to return. no, you don't get all of those. i'd never go back home. never. i believe that even if
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100 years with the pass piece, whenever comes off canister, i've done this time, will never be fixed. it has been 45 years of war in afghanistan, and i'm 33 years old. i grew up in it all. i have never known peace junk made a 3rd one. it's been 3 to 4 months and i still have no idea where my mother, father or brother even are. i tried asking my uncle on the phone, but he said their mobile phone isn't working. and the situation in the village is very bad. so i have for you on this news out from london, that would be reporting from bangladesh. why deforestation rates almost double the global average? we also look at how lebanon's economic crisis is plunged. those who once made a healthy living into poverty and in sport, reality bites for barcelona as they prepare for the new season without their large entry golf course. ah,
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all the un is calling for fundamental changes in how countries deal with wildfire as they sweep across europe, north america and north africa, 5 isis in italy as struggling to contain blazes in several regions with a record heat wave expected over the weekend. but the un office for disaster 5 says the focus has to switch to prevention, calling for tough new international laws, including mandatory fire breaks and the regulation of outdoor fires. meanwhile, algerian villages helping firefighters battle blazes had been burning for several days. cruise is still trying to extinguish 51 wildfires across 16 provinces. at least 71 people have died far as he say most of the fire were manmade, but a heat wave linked to climate change of flame sprayed even foster. and then a new blazes broken out on greece's 2nd largest island, or a massive wildfire recently burned down forests and homes. there is
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a bas ravi has been to mountains, north of athens, to meet some of the residents there. the quiet of a life was forest sharp contrast to the violent wildfires that snuffed it out. crystals beat us walks the burned woods looking for injured animals. the forest stood for many years. he says filled with animals. dear wolves, wild boar, whatever anyone can imagine, to find in a forest applicable, interesting, because we started trying to save animals right from the start. and there's a matter of fact a lot of these animals we knew because we were feeding them below . but i want to make ends, unfortunately, we found many of them dead. all living creatures have souls. he says. so they all matter looking at the landscape now. he doesn't know how anything can continue to live here. greece is prime minister has promised to replant every tree and
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rehabilitate every forest that's been effected by these wildfires. but we are talking about vast tracts of land that is spread across the entire country. these are forests that it took generations to grow or cement growth better. he, whoever lives in this area are people who are alive. they live in nature in the forest. they know how to face fires or are brave enough to help the firefighters. not boys isn't going to be the risk. after a 42 year career covering the war in vietnam, as well as conflicts in europe and the middle east. aleck us would set us retired to a house in the woods, a lifetime of photographs, the tools of his trade cameras, computers, all gone. he might have to return to work, but says he doesn't even know where to begin. he is angry, says he could have saved his house himself, but as a safety measure was forcibly removed by people from the civil protection ministry
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. i don't want to have these missed, even though we could have put it out. they cut off our water and they forced us out . these are people who don't know this area. people had nothing to do with fire fighting. it was a mess, and this is the situation. my whole life has been burned. he won't leave even burned to the ground. he says this is his home. he will repair a cott use a brick as a pillow and sleep under open sky. his grit is all he has left is in basra. v o to 0 in greece is pernesa mountains. meanwhile, authorities have expanded a state emergency in russia's coldest and largest region is more than 100 wildfires in gulf. the area, the new should help the government for more firefighting resources into your crew. tia nearly a $120.00 for size of burning across 14000 square kilometers. several villages in the siberian region have been evacuated. smoke from the burning forest is invalid,
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the capital, your goods, which is often referred to as the coldest city on us. and then rescue is in northern turkey is searching for survivors off to flooding and mud slides killed at least 31 people. as many as 300 people is still reportedly missing for coastal provinces on the black sea were hit by torrential rain on friday. at least 21 people are confirm to have died in central china as a result of heavy flooding and who by province with more rain, for constant next week rescue is searching for, for people who are still missing. and then they've been thousands of people displaced in india with rain causing rivers to bus fab banks. more than 1200 villages have been flooded in the northern state of pradesh, with residence move to release shelters. now in approximately the time, it's going to take me to finish this sentence, a patch of rain forest, the size of a football pitch has been destroyed and,
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and bangladesh. deforestation rates almost double the global average. having a devastating impact on the local wildlife and indigenous farmers, tanveer child re reports on this. now from my poor. the motor performance was once a bangladesh of the largest range home to indigenous tribal people and habitat for diverse varieties of white life. but for years now, the forest has been facing destruction. so like, i'm wrong who represents one indigenous group, say so much has been lost. i'm. i did wanted, they also de gus. we are no longer able to find out traditional medicinal plans, through trees and many other vegetation we used to live off. even the wild animals have lost their food source in the forest. we don't want social afforestation, but prefer preservation of the natural forest. according to the us food and agriculture organization than will deforestation rate in bangladesh. at 2.6 percent
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is almost doubled. the global average a large number of the indigenous guerrero and coach tribal people live in clustered villages inside the mother forest. but the traditional way of life has been threatened and recently, or by the depletion of the forest. so illegal logging, land grabbing and commercial projects. and there are concerns. deforestation is only adding to climate change problems. they were listening among others increasing their billy and their so they shut on. forrest is laid on every time is important and costly then for one with the people and the maximum people they play to indian said devoris for industrialized voting because just rope and many things. still we try our level ways to protect our forest. the show their bonds is the world's largest mangrove forest unesco. well heritage site in a delta farm by 3 major rivers in the bay of bingo. it's under threat. so to the
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mix ever green forest in the hills. despite protest by environmental groups, the government is allowing the building of the coal fired power plant and other industries to set up next to the mangrove florida state of next forest. in addition to the very precarious and we have a total of 17 percent of our land as ordered. but the for discovery is only 9 percent. most of the forests are subject to and coachman overall, the situation is actually very sad and video environmental experts, one that overpopulation rapid industrialization, agricultural expansion and illegal logging will continue to degrade forest resources adversely affecting the natural ecosystem. and the climate turn which audrey al jazeera model, poor a quarter of a 1000000, serbians having to ration and drinking water because of
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a severe shortage. a long dry spell means river levels of plummeted and emergency has been declared in central and south western regions of the country. soldiers of distributing water to the affected areas. the u. n. is calling for an immediate end to a new wave of violence. in serious southwestern city of data. thousands of civilians are fled. heavy shelling and ground battles between government troops and rebel forces. un special envoy says local residents, a suffering from shortages of food, fuel, water and medicines. the city was put under a blockade by the government in june after residents refused to surrender their weapons or allow soldiers to search the houses. well now lebanon's worsening, financial crisis has thrown more than half of the population into poverty. the cards these value crushed basic items have become much more expensive. auditory spoke to a mother of 3 children about the struggles she and her family are facing. and the
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amount of has i am human and how's the mother of 3? i am a school teacher in abilene and a contest and that started i used to feel that my job had meaning today and with all due respect. and i feel very unworthy citizen that my salary is very low. i get paid in the town today. it only covers a few basics at the supermarket. most of them a lot. well, the 1st 2000 and my life had dramatically. my said 9, our salaries only over water, expensive gas and fuel burns in. now we don't have water for example, and i have to make the dishes one. did i have to get water? which my son brought up on my can she can she life has changed dramatically. we cannot even secure the basics for the sea yet. and i'm not that i'm alone. yeah. i
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see this is the laundry. it's been in the machine yesterday. i can't wash because the one our electricity we get does not cover the washing cycle. this is the fridge where we are putting the foot that doesn't go across the room at the will. of course, i believe the government and the leaders. all of them means all of them and see that i've been and we're all tired, but take hi, this is how we live. we have nothing to offer them. but when you see the situation but my daughter, but my heart and the movie other i was like, i can provide for her. like before. right groups are criticizing us. policy of flying refugees and migrant stopped at the border. thousands of kilometers south since monday, several days flights of departed for the city of a chula on mexico southern border with guatemala. john holman,
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is there and joins us now. first of all, what's going on with these new fights? they're taking migrants into mexico. why is the us doing this well, this started actually before these flights for some include ty, $242.00, which is a decades old health provision. which basically means that anyone showing up in crossing the us border and possibly ask for asylum doesn't necessarily need to be seen. they can be turned straight back because of a health emergency. and president trump's administration started to apply that same that, that applied to the pandemic. to cove it president bite and now is continued that dissenting people across the board or from the us. but what seems to be the case, the administration is worried that they keep coming back. so to stop that from happening, that now flying them here to talk to where we are right now, which is right at the south, submit her next to the board with boston, marla, there also find them to another city on the board or some other code. the most so
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that's the u. s. sort of strategy, a new strategy. it seems to try and stop people repeatedly trying to cross into the united states. why are they doing that? the u. s. seems to be concerned the mon, about over crowding, their board of facilities about a spike in the number of apprehensions and also about new strains of cove it. so that's the justification to this right group, including the un have criticize it. so you're going to give people access to asylum and also you can't fly them straight down to the south, the country where they're not possibly safe and you know, what are the people they're telling you about their experiences in trying to get the united states and then being sent back like this but that's how much they manage to speak to a couple of people last night. they've been sent back home one of those flights. i should say it's not just being sent back to the city of mexico, then the mexican authorities, a busing them actually into guatemala. so it's
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a sort of double deputation yet one step here. and you get bus back a little bit further back on the route and they would basically see the bit show shows. one them would say, i'm not sure what i'm going to do. now. he was a farmer. he paid more than $10000.00 to a people's burglar to get him on that route up to the united states. me said, well now i'm in a lot of that. i'm not quite sure how i'm going to be able to pay that off. that's a very, very common story. if those heading up, a lot of them would have passed a lot of difficulty to get to the us border. even though from guatemala, they still going to travel free mexico. a lot of gang and call tow held territories were really anything can happen if they're coming from further down south in the continent. they've also got to get past a place to live with daddy and got which my colleagues that i suppose been reported on, which is an incredibly lawless error area of land in which, right and robbery, a pretty common place. these people have suffered quite a lot to get up to the united states. then there are being abruptly turned around and place back here in mexico. so i think there's going to be
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a lot of people arriving now of the next few weeks. that sort of maybe don't know what's hit them. thank you very much. tougher sheila john home with all the latest on that story. thanks, john. you still with al jazeera life from london. much want to tell you about on the news, our here gas and rather bullets on the streets of ban call. where a corona, virus crisis response called for the prime minister to step down force to car opening hours. we look at why restaurants and other industries in the netherlands, so short staffed and ins for the field of dreams that became a reality. details coming up later from an historic night in major league baseball . ah hello there. the heat continues to dominate southern europe this weekend and we are
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expecting temperature to fall in spain as it suffers another heat way. we could see a national temperature record set in the coming days. but it's not only here that we have got the red alert. it's also have an areas of to me and we are expecting some of those temperatures to climb across the balkan states. but to the north of this, it is a very wet and windy picture, in particular for the british isles. we're going to see some heavy rain effect pots of island. but for southern england, the sunshine does come through temperatures are where we expect them to be, but things are going to turn a little bit wetter. as we go into sunday, the scandinavia it remains cool and wet as well, with some of the heavy storms affecting some of those balkan states before the really wet weather. we have to move to the southeast. we've got the storm system around the black sea that's chucking lots of rain to northern parts of turkey. we have seen flash flooding here, but it's also georgia that is seen some of that wet weather. it does ease on sunday
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. the heat can be found in the south temperatures here sitting in the high thirty's, but for the i buried peninsula. this is where we're seeing temperatures climb up into the mid forties and we could see a new record come sunday. the on counting the cost of europe paint fund to fight terrorism and counter china and russia in africa. activists say it will provide weapons to big cases. but climate emergency costing billions, displacing 1000000 counting the call call. now just let a gas a breathtaking tropical paradise where it's form or protectors are now wanting to very we follow their journey as they put their lives on the line.


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