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escaping deep into the rain forest back to the western world. for the elephant surviving the poacher is a lifelong challenge. now to them without lost or revel militia, elephant, a witness documentary on out to 0. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i am marianne demising. welcome to the news our life from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes, the taliban sweeps through large parts of afghanistan, 3 provincial capitals, full under the groups control in the space of a few hours, while as an attempt to reviving talks and initiate and cease fire. taliban is also
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warned that a military takeover would result in total isolation. also coming off the call to arms from ethiopia as prime minister urging civilians to join the fight against rebels in the north and facing allegations of sexual harassment. new york governor andrew cuomo resigned, but still denies any wrong. i'm john ash and i'll have more than the story that's dominating for the away. that a smile for his newfound little messy has signed for paris salma on a 2 year do me a taliban violent campaign to seize territory and afghan? as dawn, as resulted in 3 more provincial capitals, falling under that control, far as city and the south west, fully homebody the capital, and largest city of babylon, province in the north. and then in the past,
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our confirmation at pfizer about 50 the capital of the ne, him by the sean province was also lost to the armed group. so with these latest developments, the taliban continues to expand its territory and influence a european union. official told reuters that the taliban now controls about 65 percent of afghan territory. meanwhile, that emergency talks in doha us envoys. alma follows our warm attack man that any government which came to power through the use of force would be isolated from the rest of the world. he said a military takeover of cobble would result in the taliban, becoming a global pariah. and in a statement, the un high commissioner for human rights, michelle basha, that said there was a climate of fear and dread across afghanistan with reports of violations that could amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. what were taliban has been seen celebrating in the streets of the newly captured cities? the group success they're serving as a major blow to the government. in compo tab,
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armed forces are inching closer to the afghan capital. taking control of parts of the country's north government forces are still fighting to control, harass kandahar and hell, man provinces. but they are struggling to stop the tyler bands. rapid vans with us troops due to complete that withdrawal by the end of the month. and all this happening on the same day, the emergency talk started in dough hard and effort to try and stop the violence us and we all my little dad and others are hoping to persuade the taliban to return to the negotiating table in the country capital with the afghan government, despite months of little progress and really that the collapse of those talks from hama, jump. jim has more on that side of this story from doha. a long 1st day of talks here in doha, about the situation and afghan sanders ended without any statement being issued and with a lot of uncertainty as to what exactly is supposed to happen next. now,
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throughout the day, you had the us special envoy for afghanistan's. i'll make a little that as well as envoys from the u. k. the, you, the you, when china pakistan was becca stan, and poplar all assembled here. first, they met with a delegation from the afghanistan government led by dr. de la de la. he's the head of the national reconciliation council for afghanistan. those meetings lasted for about 2 hours. not too long after that, you had a separate meeting between the envoys who are assembled here and a delegation from the taliban. it's not clear what was discussed in those meetings, but if you look at a statement that was issued by all my colleagues before he arrived here, i don't how, which stated in several planned rounds of meetings, over 3 days, representatives from countries in the region and beyond as well as for multilateral organizations, will press for a reduction of violence and cease fire and the commitment not to recognize a government imposed by force. that statement seems to indicate that all the
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assembled parties here were trying to convey a message to the taliban that it will be no international recognition of any government that is seized by force by the taliban in afghanistan. as i said, it's unclear what exactly is going to play out over the next 2 days. there was a huge impetus here to try to get something done to get the interest afghan piece process and dialogue back on track. there was a huge push here to respond in a joint fashion, to what is happening and i can attend to a very rapidly deteriorating situation. many of the diplomats here they are not yet speaking on the record. they are not yet speaking on camera. they're not yet sure how exactly this is all going to play out, but there is a huge push to try to get something done so that the situation on the ground in afghanistan can improve. chris alexander served as the canadian ambassador, that gun is done from 2003 to 2005 joined us live via skype from sound a bug in denmark. i've got to stay on as long been the victim of interference from
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its neighbors. and certainly, pakistan has been a big problem for the country and those tensions seem to of grown. now. is this situation in afghanistan right now in the best interests of pockets done? well, i think most pakistani do not know what their own countries policy has been pursuing in afghanistan over the last 40 years. they're not many supporters of the taliban in pakistan. but the fact of the matter is, if you were hinting that pakistan's military and specifically it's intelligence service, the interest services intelligence created the taliban. they put them into play in the ninety's, brought them to power for 6 years before 911. and they've been quietly and then ever more openly maneuvering them back towards what's happening today. another military offensive, an attempt to take power in trouble. is that in pakistan's interest?
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no, because it would destabilize the country, the country's already experiencing serious economic set back. but for the army, this, the small group of strategists who are committed to really an ideology of dominating afghanistan and central asia. it's, it's the holy grail. does it mean there is some prospect of pakistan getting involved or at least trying to kick start a political settlement that will ultimately lead to some sort of power sharing agreement? if the alternative is for that to be a total chaos or a descent into civil war. no, i doubt it. i think pakistan will pretend to go along with this peace process to work towards that kind of settlement. but in reality, they will pursue the military solution. they don't care about military recognize
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the political recognition of a taliban regime. they just want pure naked power in cobble, even if it means misery for the entire african population. and so the question becomes, what will the international community do in response? if this was happening in any other part of the world, one country invading another, using proxies or otherwise, there would be a stiff reaction when vladimir putin invaded ukraine. there were sanction when the soviet invaded afghanistan in 979, there was a stern reaction and sanction if we want to prevent the worst for afghanistan, that needs to be the approach. today we need to look at chapter 7 of the charter and sanctions and other options. the international community could take against pakistan, which is the real aggressive, the real belligerent, who specifically would lead that process, who in the international community. because the indication from the administration
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washington, particularly president joe biden, is that there is out. so, you know, regret about withdrawing forces from afghanistan and certainly from a foreign policy in terms of foreign policy. it seems as though the relationship with pakistan is the priority. well, i don't think the by ministration has, has actually launched coherent policy with regard to pakistan. drove out and hasn't spoken to ron hahn. they know about pakistan's role in banking, terrorist groups, they know how difficult that relationship has been for previous administrations. so where would this initiative come from? and certainly not from joe biden, personally, but perhaps from others in his, his administration, perhaps from those in congress who were scandalized by his decision. and also possibly from allies in europe and elsewhere. who know that that this was the wrong move and that a taliban takeover in cobble would not remain
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a problem only for africans agonising. though this is for $40000000.00 americans, it would be another a new platform for terrorist groups to move against targets around the world. as we saw in the taliban, do that in africa in the middle east, in europe, in north america, in the years before and after 911. thank you very much. joining us on the news, chris alexander. thank you. with the news, our life from london still had on the program and around the club battle against wildfire still binding on the greek island of via a canadian citizen faces the death sentence in china. fears it could be elliptical, revenge, and ins for pass, lena remove lin. l massey's image from the stadium as they for past life. without the captain. ah,
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if you get 5 minutes to be a homage is a general capable civilians to join the fight against rebels and 10 gripe. the government launched an offensive in the northern region last year, but the rebel group has continued to make gains pushing into surrounding areas, fighting into grades for more than 2000000 people from their homes. and more than $50000.00, fled into neighboring don samuel get to choose an independent journalist in ethiopia has the prime minister abbey a is under pressure to do more to tackle the conflicts. it's a 2 page statement here released on his social media page, including twitter, choosing the t p level. once again being a terrorist group that's colliding with enemies. he called them internal and external. without being specific. he said this fight has nothing to do with the people up to grade, but has everything to do as t p i left and the children government was really under pressure to you know,
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the fighting started in november. busy 1000, so people have been up, they said no, the culture has no, it's just within the gray region. it's in the on the flyers. but the conflict again, it's becoming in the national conflict. no longer a conflict that was just within the group region when, when it's begun, at least 42 people have been killed in forest fires in northern algeria and includes 25 soldiers deployed to help put out the flames into the was you for region. east of the capitol, algiers homes have been destroyed in families and now seeking sheltering hotels and university residences. the government says it believes awesomeness were behind this smaller fires and also ravaged forth and at least 16 provinces. since monday, fire fighters and residents of battling to extinguish blazes that raging for an 8th day now on the greek island of elvia. another village has also been ordered to evacuate on tuesday. the greek prime minister says the countries enduring
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a natural disaster of unprecedented dimensions. same basra v reports from via thought pesky was a quiet seaside town at the northern most point of area now of vital part of the fire fighting operations on the island. helicopters fly in low refill their water bays and head back to the fires. any other year. these beaches would be packed with tourists. now the boardwalk is deserted because the hills are on fire. the terrain on area is uneven. the forest dense roads wind through valleys, between towns and villages where smoke has made visibility. so poor, much of it is to unsafe for aircraft to go and ground crews find themselves in a seemingly endless race against time and my social will. because we're trying to save what can be saying, that's what we're doing, nothing more
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a month. this is our life. this is our home. we're trying to save it. and fortunately, we're losing, we're losing every day. unfortunately, we cannot win because we're fighting alone. it's very difficult, the government left us alone in the beginning of the brought us food. it's best that they take it back. there are not enough people for the task at hand. the few crew there are, can't be everywhere at the same time. we drove the length of the island and came across several fires with no firefighters insight, fear for a lot of fire rescue teams. is that fire like the, the ones they're not able to spot quickly enough? are the ones that continue to burn just as this one is burning now, and they will lead to larger, far as re igniting all over the island. creating the similar scenes that we've been seeing over the last week. many of the fires we saw would continue to burn and spread throughout the night. the villagers in agree vote on
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a live off the forest harvest increase up growing all those selling firewood of diego. this will be a bit is the ordeal. this disaster affects our village. first of all, economically these people will not only be unemployed. they have to leave this place. where are they going to go with? they've been completely destroyed. they have their homes. ok, but do they have food? have work but they have nothing. ferry boats have been a lifeline for people on heavier evacuations happen again. ships along the western coast will be the last resort to get people to safety. climate skeptics may be hard to find in greece these days. environmental devastation once troubles in far off places. now on greece's doorstep to deny or do nothing, no longer seems like an option, but it may not matter. the climate has already changed and there is no going back. is in basra, the old 0 area island increase. in while in the united states,
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this is wildfire, he's in his own pace, it become the worst ever. and it's only just begun. the dixie fire in northern california has been burning for almost a month, destroying dozens of homes out there is john henry and spoke to emergency workers in the town of quincy. after a record breaking 2020 wildfire season american firefighters are battling more and bigger places. this year and it's taking a toll, a lot of times we're on the lines we're, we're very stressed there, but we don't realize when we're back home, we haven't had a chance to really process about 26000 firefighters are battling more than a 100 blazes in 14 states, many of those fighting northern california dixie fire, the largest active blaze in the us live and sleep in its dense smoke often intense, but this isn't a typical you get to go home, sleep in your own bed, kind of deal the very challenging and rewarding career, but it is also
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a very strenuous and tough job and it is not something that everybody can do. and the people that do it really commit themselves and their families to do it, which smoke sometimes grounding the planes and helicopters that drop water and flame retardant. the men and women on the ground often have to go it alone, driving through fire and battling the flames. it does take a special kind of person who runs to the fire, you know, been away. and you know, those are the types of heroes that we meet. they can't save every town. fires fueled by high winds, turn greenville into a chart. ghost town overnight. there are 5000 people battling the dixie fire. they come from federal, state and local fire departments near and far. some were 24 hour shifts and they live in this parking lot. it's a rugged lifestyle, but the ones we've talked to say they have no complaints. you're away from your
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family for quite a few days and it's a lot of hard work. we love doing this so really is something we love doing. the dixie fire his burn for 4 weeks and is now only about one 3rd contained 1st responders say they expect to have it fully contained by august 20th when they can let it burn out in battle. the next blaze in a fire season that can last through november, john hindering al jazeera quincy california. new york governor. andrew cuomo has resigned a week after an inquiry found he sexually harassed several women. comma has been under increasing pressure to step down in recent days, including from us president joe biden investigation found he groped, kissed, or made suggestive comments to women, including current and former government workers. coma has denied any wrong doing his resignation, will take effect in 14 days. i think that given the circumstances, the best way i can help now is if i step aside and let the government get back
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to governing. and therefore, that's what i'll do. because i work for you and doing the right thing is doing the right thing for you. because as we say, it's not about me. it's about way christians for me telling a story. while the governor was defiant right up through this weekend and even in announcing that he would step down, but the pressure had really been building in the last week. the allegations 1st service months ago in march. when a former aid came out and said that the governor had tried to kiss her and harassed her, that led to other women coming out, making similar claims in an investigation that was launched by the states attorney general. and that was just released over a week ago, a little over
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a week ago. and that found that there was some evidence of this harassment. it was very strong report, said that he had harassed these women, made unwanted sexual comments, touched them inappropriately. and that members of his team had even tried to retaliate 8 against one of the women who came out against him. also adding to the pressure in recent days cause not only from joe biden for him to step down, but members of his own party and allies in state government here in new york who had launched impeachment proceedings against him. it looked all but certain that an impeachment was on the horizon for him. the governor, again has denied that he crossed the line, but he did apologize to the women saying that his actions could have been misconstrued. that in his mind, he had never crossed the line, but he never intended to harass anyone or cross the line,
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attempting to walk this line between apologizing, but not admitting that he had done anything wrong. so he did say that his instinct was to fight, but in the end of the day, he acknowledged that he was not going to be able to govern with all of the accusations and the pressure mounting and linked the legal proceeding and state government to remove him happening or persons prince andrew as being sued in the united states for alleged sexual abuse. virginia geoffrey says the prince assaulted her when she was 17 years old. she says she was trafficked by the lake convicted sex offender. jeffrey epstein pulled brian reports from london. cassandra is the 2nd son of queen elizabeth england 9th in line to the british throne, but his friendship with the convicted sex offender, jeffrey epstein, has destroyed his royal prestige and it could yet get worse for him. virginia jeffrey has previously alleged the 20 years ago. she was the victim of sex trafficking by epstein and his close associate glen maxwell. but now in a 15 page,
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civil lawsuit filed in new york, your frail ledges at prince andrew, sexually assaulted and raped her, knowing that she was still a minor under 18 years old. he knows what he's done and he can attest to that. so in a statement she said, i hope that other victims will see that it is possible not to live in silence and fear, but to reclaim one's life by speaking out and demanding justice. jeffrey epstein had previously been convicted of child prostitution offences in 2008. he was found dead in his new york jail, fell in august 2019 a month after he was arrested on child sex trafficking charges. jeffrey says she was one of those traffics, and that epstein forced her to have sex with his friends and associates, including with prince andrew on 3 occasions in 2001 flight logs, released after epstein's death, appeared to support the claimed that jeffrey was with prince andrew at the time of the alleged assaults. and this now famous photograph shows jeffrey with the prince and glen maxwell in maxwell's london home. and she went on to have sex with you in
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a house, in bell gray via belonging to caroline maxwell, didn't happen in the 2900 interview prince. andrew firmly denied all allegations and said he couldn't recollect having met jeffrey and the aftermath of that controversial television interview. buckingham palace announced that prince andrew would be withdrawing from all public duties and he's now a permanently known active member of the british royal family. no surprised them, that has been no comment from buckingham palace or from prince andrew's representatives. in response to this civil law suit, but withdrawing from public view, does not mean escaping from public scrutiny. and this civil lawsuit only intensifies that pull brennan al jazeera buckingham palace. canada is condemned. the decision of a court in china to reject an appeal of a man sentenced to death for drug smuggling. canadian robert schellenberg was given a 15 year jell, time in 2018, but he was re sentenced to death. 2 months later,
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after top chinese tech executive mang one joe was arrested in canada in relation to charges in the us. canada as ambassador to china, believes the cases a link that calls for clemency to be granted to schellenberg katrina. you have more from beijing. he can appeal one last time to china's highest court. that's the people supreme court. but it's very unlikely that he will be able to reverse this death sentence in china. 99 percent of all criminal cases are found guilty, and beijing has a notoriously hard stance when it comes to any drug related crime. but there is a very important political dimension to all this as well. china, in canada, the bilateral relationship has reached an all time war. and it was worse. and earlier this year, when the canadian government described the treatment of the muslim league of population and she's young as genocide by the chinese government. now, of course, the main sticking point, the main point of contention between the aging and auto is the rest of chinese.
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while way executive mung one. joe, she was arrested in december 2018 and she's currently facing court in canada, fighting extradition to the us. now paging denies that these cases all linked, but the canadian government has described schellenberg just sentence as arbitrary. and it's really important to look here at the timing as well. schellenberg was arrested 1st in 2014, but in 2018. he was initially sentenced to 15 years in prison, but shortly after among wonders rest, he was hurriedly re trial. and then we saw the subsequent change in his sentence to execution. with the news, our life from london still ahead on the program born to be while the biggest crowds in years ignore the rising convent cases to join us motorcycle radi. the highly infectious virus that just claimed it 1st life in west africa. how the w h o
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suggests that should be contained. and in sport we hear from one of the n b a's often coming stars off the sign, a big money contract extension. ah hello, thank you for turning in. we could very well be dealing with some historic heats that cross spain in the days to come cordova, the $43.00 on wednesday. but i want to show you the 3 day forecast. we could match or break our august all time temperature record in cordova. and then our overall high temperature ever recorded on saturday with a high of 47 degrees. we do have red weather alerts in play for the high temperatures across southern areas of italy. and we are seen it hot up again across the bulkheads. you know, for turkey, we have rain falling where we really don't need it toward the black sea region more
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than a 100 millimeters. that's more than a months worth of rain in 24 hours and it is persisting on wednesday as this area tries to recover from devastating flooding now to northwest europe. and okay, if this may look worse than it is across the british chiles, we will have a spell of sunshine for london at $23.00 and still unsettled as we hit toward the baltic states and scandinavia on wednesday. before we end this weather reports, we're going to take you to africa and it's really those storms that were watching across the gulf of guinea, heavy pockets for southern sections of nigeria on wednesday. that's a snapshot of your weather forecast. see you soon? ah, the madagascar, a breathtaking tropical paradise where its former protectors are now under very we followed their journey as they put their lives on the
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line breaking. it's all medical analogy. 01 half go fish and halfway beneath. so diversity is really important to me and i'll just 0 is the most diverse place i've ever worked. we have so many different nationalities and mrs. ease brought together in this one nice organization. and just diversity of perspective is reflected in our coverage, giving a more accurate representation of the world we report on and that's a key strength of answer 0. ah
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the ah main stories now 3 more provincial capital enough. going to start to fall into the taliban. poly home ri, north of cobbled, far as city in the west. and now pfizer bought city capital of the northeast and by sean province, all under the control of the taliban government forces struggled to stop that rapid advance. meanwhile, emergency talks of being held in doha, in an effort to stop the violence with the u. s. envoy from gonna start joining negotiations down the levels that is one that the talent as want to taliban, that any government which comes to power through force would be isolated from the rest of the world. or shot at ballast is in the capital cobble and has more on the story taliban taking 3 provinces. justin tuesday. evening of s going to sons 34, they just picked up. the provincial capital finds
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a bad that symbolic sean in the north east of f. kennesaw. it's actually the 1st time that the group has held by the sean in the history of the movement. they also picked up the provincial capital, poly comrey, which had been battling after 2 days of heavy fighting. that is quite significant because it's the gateway to the north from cobble. so they've affectively managed to cut off most of the north from cobble. now they also picked up far a city, which is the provincial type of far in the south waste. this tonight, picking up these 3 provincial capitals that now got 9. and to put that into context, the last time they held a provincial capital was in 2016, and they only held it briefly because us forces managed to push them out of condos, which they took at that time. so to pick up 9 over least than a week now incredibly significant and showing the amount of momentum they have across the country in the north, the city of missouri sharif which is.


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