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the me i us send us gun envoy to don't how to press the how about the stuff it's offensive, and hundreds of families lead to fighting. ah, watching all 0 life for my headquarters in delphi and getting the also coming up a canadian jailed in china loses his appeal against a death sentence, further straining, relations between the 2 countries. i'm seen bas robbie on the north to the abbey
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island in greece were wildfires that have been raging for a week are still burning me with just 2 days to go until john b presidential election. candidates try to persuade voters, they can turn around a struggling economy. ah, thanks for joining us. international pressure is building on the taliban to stop it's offensive across have gone to sun, negotiate a peaceful settlement. urgent talks are underway here. and so how would the u. s. sending its envoy for gone to san domiciled to meet taliban representatives. the group has captured its 6 provincial capital since friday. taliban fighters began their offensive in may as the u. s. began withdrawing the loss of its forces. mahatma jim jim is covering to talk for us and so a lot at stake,
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i suppose when it comes to these talks, tell us we'll be meeting who and what do we expect to happen? well that's right during the fact that these talks are happening right now is really a sign of the huge amount of concern by the international community. really what's at stake here is for these diplomats that are at these property hosted talks to try to formulate some type of international joint plan to attempt to get the inter ap can piece process back on track. and to also come up with a response to the rapidly deteriorating situation in afghanistan. now, as we've mentioned, the past few hours i'm batter is i'll make the wheels out. it was the us special envoy for our kind of stand. he is here at the venue talks have started, they are all happening behind closed doors. also here at this hour or envoy and delegations for the u. k. u china pockets on becca stand. and the you
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in, we were told earlier that the russian delegation had arrived, but it seems they have not yet gotten to these talk. so it's unclear when they will be arriving. also unclear when dr. abdullah, who is the head of afghanistan high council for national reconciliation, and other members of the african governments negotiating team will be arriving here at the venue. they are in the hiv spoken to members of the team. but they are not yet here at these talks which have started today. another bit of lack of clarity at this hour is what role exactly the taliban will be playing. i spoke earlier with a tyler bond spokespeople and they said it was unclear if they were going to be invited. what's interesting about that is the fact that we have seen in statements issued by the office of ambassador for odd that he and others involved in these talks intend to press the taller bond into giving up violence into signing off on some type of a ceasefire. but it's unclear exactly how that's going to happen and if the taller
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bond will be making an appearance at these talks, or if at some point after talks have concluded, members of the delegations here, it will be speaking with them one on one. so there's really a lot at stake at this critical juncture in afghanistan. this is a huge impetus. as i said, these talks hosted by copper, many members of international delegations, many diplomats here already. but what shape this is going to take and how exactly it's going to inform the process going forward? and if it will ultimately be able to get these inter african peace talks back on track. well, that's still very much to be seen. ok, thank you so much. mohammed john june for that update from chatter. while the taliban has taken more territory in recent weeks than it did at any time since it fell from power 20 years ago in may. it controlled about 20 percent off of gone to stan, shaded right there in gray. that's according to the long war journal. but it's us and other foreign troops withdraw. the group has been ramping up its attacks and it's made sweeping gains in the past week alone. it's taken the provincial capitals
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of couldn't do is telecon sarah poll ship or gun is around a now a buck and fighting to control, harass kandahar and helman continues. it's a critical test for the afghan government as the taliban advances and surround the capital capital. here is rob mcbride, with an update from trouble of the fighting continues to be widespread across afghanistan to give you some idea. classes have been reported in 17 of afghanistan's 34 provinces. so that's half the country. obviously, it varies in intensity from place to place. we've seen some of the heavier fighting down in the south of the country around the taliban strongholds of helmand in kandahar overnight, government forces have been holding in as strikes that they take on the taliban in the south of the country also continued fighting in the north of the country, the provincial city of back that was the 6 provincial capital to be claimed by the
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taliban. that was the latest victory. but all eyes are on its neighboring provincial capital. i couldn't do a far more significant strategically city and the north of the country that the government seems determined that it will retake there have been continuing classes on the outskirts of that city. we know that the african special forces are poised. it seems planning some sort of counter attack which seems as though it will come at some point in the future. but that part the taliban seem to be asserting that control in the city itself. the taliban and the so called omit owner, the unit which is the organization that takes care of civil administration, is being telling people that it can be business as usual. and can do is telling people to reopen that business is come back to their stores. busy et cetera. and there have been some indications that in parts of the city normalcy has been returning. but of course, everyone's waiting to see what happens next. and many people are not waiting for
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that. a tool. there has been a steady stream of internally displaced people from conduce and other parts of the north of the country heading south many of them coming here to the capital cobble which for the moment remains tense, but relatively quiet. but we know he's dealing with an increasing population of people trying who escaped the fighting beyond the city limits. while the us in the final weeks of fits withdrawal from augusta, russia and china are preparing for any regional security threats. trying to share the border with bonus dawn and is increasing cooperation with russia and a series of military drills. there is more to their strengthening relationship as adrian brown reports from hong kong. nearly half a century ago, these 2 neighbors fought a brief, portable, but the latest china, russia, military drills showed that hostility is now in the past. in this mock battle, the enemy is unnamed. it's a military partnership that's strengthening,
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thanks in part to both countries, worsening relations with the united states. if you say it's a marriage of convenience that underestimates the depth of their shared interests. and of course, the biggest one is opposing america, and i'm the mining america and the west. and that's extremely importantly in explaining the strength of the current chinese russia relationship. $10000.00 soldiers taking part in the exercise which will last for 5 days. the 30th such wargames since 2003 russia's president vladimir putin and china's leader shooting, paying, recently boasted that their country's relationship was now unbreakable. and moscow in beijing appear to be an agreement on afghanistan. both were highly critical of the decision to withdraw all us troops. my september, with concerns that have canister on which board is china, could again become
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a haven for armed groups like al qaeda. when china is foreign minister, when ye met taliban officials last month, he urged the delegation to distance themselves from what he called terrorist groups . analysts say it's signaled concerns that china and other countries will be left to deal with the fall out of the rapid us withdrawal. why did biden push this so suddenly and so severely and within chinese circle is also russia and some other places. they believe that this was, you know, basically saying, okay, we broke it, but it's not in our backyard, it's in yours. russia, china says sheeka, stan, all the rest of this dance move all games also involving russia. but this time with a force from whose pakistan a joint special forces drill close to the afghan board up preparing for whatever scenario that may unfold from the taliban rising gains in the battlefield. adrian
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brown al jazeera hong kong. a chinese court has rejected an appeal by canadian man sentence to death on drug smuggling charges. robert schellenberg was given a 15 year, a jail term in 2018, but he was re sentence to death 2 months later after a talk chinese tech executive, mangling who was arrested in canada in relation to charges in the us. canada and bassett or to china says it's no coincidence. this verdict is out. while maine's extradition trial is ongoing. katrina you is in beijing with more. he can appeal to the highest court in china, which is the people's court. but it's very unlikely that he'll be able to change his sentence. here in china and 99 percent of all criminal cases are found guilty and big as a tourist lee hard on any drug smuggling crimes. now, schellenberg is not the only canadian who is expected to receive his verdict this week. another canadian michael sparkle, who was try, was tried in
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a separate case under espionage charges, is also expected to receive his verdict. now there's a very strong political element to both of the cases right now. the relationship between china and canada is that an old time lower and it was worse than the earlier this year. when the canadian government described the treatment of the week muslim population and shinji young as genocide, and of course, a major point of contention is the rest of quality executive mon, one. joe was detained in canada and december 2018 and she's currently facing court in canada. fighting expedition to the us. now, beijing denies that there's any link between monk case and the case of these canadians. but the does seem to be appear to be an impact on the cases. for example, schellenberg in 2018. he was actually originally sentenced to 15 years in prison, but after long's arrest this, he was retried and his sentence was changed. execution. and shortly after long was
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detained in december 2018. 2 other canadians, michael spousal and michael, covered with then arrested and subsequently charged under espionage. now doors to they were trial earlier this year. and their case has really been shrouded in a loader secrecy when they were trial. canadian diplomats were not able to enter the courtroom. they were provided with very little access to their lawyers ahead of time. and if there found guilty, they could face a very lengthy prison sentences themselves. greece as prime minister has apologized for not doing enough to tackle devastating fire across the country. some of the worse or on the islands if ever you were. hundreds of phones have been lost and thousands of people evacuated. greek officials, blame climate change for the record breaking heat, re fueling the fires. but critics say the government should have been better prepared than bas ravi is on the island if you were, firefighters are struggling to contain the flame. no, as you can see, the fire behind me like so many we've seen in the last week. these things move very
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quickly. they go from this relatively small size to a much larger size. very, very fast. the ground around me is covered in dry vegetation, which is perfect fuel for these fires to grow and spread very, very rapidly. we've been on this location of the north tip of area island for just about 5 or 10 minutes. and we've seen this go from a very, very small group of flames to a much larger fire. and if we look to the right of me, there are more fires burning in that direction. well, along this hiking trail, as it goes deeper into the forest, these fires are burning fast. they are burning hot, and they don't seem to be stopping any time soon. a fire rescue crews that we've encountered driving up and down this part of the island for the last day, for all of, for the last several hours. they're trying to do the best they can,
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they're putting out all the fires they come across. but we've been here for a little while now, and there are no fire rescue crews anywhere in sight, which is a worrying concern since relatively speaking, smaller fires like this can become very large. blazes very quickly. under current conditions here in the hill country of the island, emergency crews in northern california have worn to growing wildfire could take weeks to contain the so called dixie fire has been active for more than 3 weeks. and it covers an area larger than new york city. several people are missing in thousands have floods their homes. a lack of rain in parts of brazil was raising fears if another devastating fire season and the state of matter grow so flames of scorch 10 square kilometer is that the world's largest wetlands in just 2 days. most wildfires in brazil are manmade. but scientists say climate change is making them harder to control here without 0 coming out right after the break. we have
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more on the member of the british royal family, being sued in the us for legend, sexual abuse lucas shank of show of defiance the president of the roof says countries can show on their sanction. ah, ah hello, good to see you. we've got our weather assistant swamping across the bike, moving into a pictorial tasmania and just parts of new south wales. but this one is really generating some powerful winds and look at sydney by the way, $24.00 degrees will come back to that in fact, but 1st to those winds upper and could see got 60 kilometers per hour in hobart 75 kilometers per hour. ok. so sidney 24 degrees, you're asking jeff, what's going on? we've got this wing coming down from the interior, helping to ramp up your temperature. look at alice 28 and birds fill. 32. now for
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that disturbed weather across the bite, it will eventually move through the tasman see and impact new zealand. but for now, let's focus on the positive. we've got christ church at 15 degrees with them sunshine and scattering of showers for the north island. next we're going to southeast asia, we were talking about the rain filling in across sumatra. so we did see it for dang, a $123.00 millimeters of rain over the past 24 hours. and i think we're, we'll see really heavy bursts of rain will be, can bodi a on wednesday? also for china, pretty much from the yangtze river valley south to the south, trying to see over the next few days, we could see about 50 to 100 millimeters. of rain, that sure weather update. see you soon. the story that need to be told, find away and demand to be heard. opening the window into another light
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and chanting, perfection, and personal endeavours in epic struggle with the colossal sacrifices in individual journey with new showcases in firing documentaries, the change the way on al jazeera ah the hello. again. the top stories on the international pressure is building on the taliban to stop it defensive across. i've gone to sun urgent talks are under way here. and how would the u. s. sending it's envoy for i've got a sounds on
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a federal job to meet taliban representative. a chinese court has rejected an appeal by canadian man sentenced to death on drug smuggling charges. robert schellenberg was given a 15 year jail term in 2018, but he was re sentence to death. 2 months later, brief the prime minister has apologized for failing to properly tackle devastating fires burning across the country. officials to blame climate change for the record breaking gateway, fueling the destruction britons prince. andrew is being sued in the us for a legit sexual abuse of a woman who says she was trafficked by the late convicted sex offender. jeffrey epstein, virginia jeffrey says, the prince assaulted her when she was 17. the lawsuit filed it in new york court says the abuse happened between 19992002. 1 of those occasions was in london at the home of gillen maxwell. who's also facing charges relating to the abuse of under age girls. prince andrew denies. the accusations and the final payouts have been
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made from a fun created by jeffrey for jeffrey epstein victims more than $120000000.00 in compensation was awarded to nearly a $140.00 claimants. tuesday mark's 2 years and 16 killed himself in a new york jail while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. in a mass vaccination campaign is getting underway for ro, hanging refugees and bangladesh surgeon cove. in 1900 infections are threatening to add more pressure on the health of those living in refugee camps. more than 65000 of the 900000 refugees will be vaccinated and the 1st stage of the campaign agencies on the bangladesh governments are working together to provide the job a u. s. government scientist who is removed after criticizing the trump administration's current virus responses reached a settlement to the department of health. the ver ologist rick bright,
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resisted the president's push to use the anti malarial drug hydroxy corklin as a cure for over 19. he says, that's why he was promoted from an important role. a 2nd complaint is still being investigated by the office of special counsel, which protects the federal whistleblowers. meanwhile, the pentagon is set to make vaccinations mandatory for all its military personnel by september, 15th or white house correspondent, kimberly hockey has more from washington d. c. what we know is that the u. s. president put in place direction that the defense secretary should really look at figuring out how to ensure that the military can continue to operate during the pandemic in the national security would in no better be at risk. and so as a result, he directed the defense secretary to look at implementing this type of a mandate. and now that memo going out to all members of the military in order to
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prepare them for what appears to be an imminent decision and implementation of that . and that is to see math vaccinations of the us military. now, the date is september 15th, but if infections continue to arrive, there is the possibility we understand of moving that date up even sooner. but one of the problems will be given the fact that this is one of the world's largest employers, there are millions of people that will be affected. and as a result, it will take time a video showing over 900 patients lying on hospital floors and even hospital gardens is raising alarm ensure lanka, it's highlighted serious medical shortages during a huge raise and infection on deaths. michelle fernandez reports from colombo, the queues are doing to be made to long case cool with 19 victim. materials are busy and not really holding 2 to 3 time they're supposed to be more than 90 people
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have died every day since friday. the government posed state employee back to work last week and ease some restriction. the association of medical specialist disagreed with that position and says the was is coming in a statement. it said, as medical specialist, we strongly believe that economists and others have to be alive in the 1st place to develop the economy. and no tourists will come to our country unless and until we are a reasonably safe place. this mobile phone footage of hospital overflowing with over 900 patients has gone viral. it shows patient and hospital garden wall and corridors, and i see you flows waiting for treatment. the government has denied hospital overcrowded, but state minister for health doctor john jasmine says the overcrowding in one of the hospitals from the video as the knees where there is visible control is the
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vaccine blades launched by the government. in recent week, dr. show me, say mcgee, had the army medical team supporting the health ministry, trying to vaccinate as many sure lanterns as possible. please guys on a very ambitious than a bow, a teen everybody by end of september. so we are on the track so far. so what we are looking for, the military to search for the vaccine campaign is making record progress with more than $500000.00 people receiving their jobs in a single day. and the 11200000 people, half of the population have now received at least one dose of the cool, with 1900 vaccine, almost 3000000 of fully vaccinated. so everyone who has got one doors should not be complacent. they are still liable on while another book to the us. so people, the immunize, maybe 80, to 90 percent of the. while none of us,
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we are not safe. the head of the call with 1900 to us to has a known people may be required to carry the vaccination cards with them in the future that i think is here the procedures done very well. so yeah, i believe it's really important to specialists here. are watching closely as the number of infections rise with more restrictions and even curfews to be recommended . if things get worse, the numbers are not looking good for sure. lanka, an expert warning the next few week critical people are being urged to follow restriction in order to minimize the number of debts here. fernandez, i'll just the ra, colombo, one person has died in guinea if the marburg virus in west africa, the 1st ever reported case the world health organization describes the virus is a highly infectious life threatening illness. similar to ebola is called by coming
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into contact with infected body fluid done tissue. there had been 12 outbreaks of the disease in 1967, mostly in southern and eastern africa. zombie as president at garland google seek, defend off an opposition challenger and elections on thursday with a country facing huge debts and a possible bailout. young voters are likely to play a decisive part in the pull her, which also reports from lusaka. elaine mcknight says, shopping for bass goods has become frustrating. prices keep going up with people salaries stay the same. like mini van bins. she's had to cut back on luxury for herself and her son. i definitely don't go in big ups and buy expensive rents anymore because you definitely have to look at the price difference on what you can afford me going up and him going up. we had more activities when i was like,
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really expensive. plan out like the weekends and where to take him and what not was what was cheaper for me when i was younger is expensive for him now. unemployment hit a 10 year high last year. the local currency, the quarter keeps losing its value. zambia has more than $12000000.00 of external debt, while as an unknown amount of debt to china. and last year became the 1st african states to default on a day during the call with 1910 damage. the presidential candidate are trying to convince voters they have what it takes to turn around the economy. the be incumbent president edgarland who is campaigning on development projects, built by his government and paid for by debt. speaking to his supporters, he condemned the recent election violence that saw him order the deployment of the military. what we have seen happening in the last few days of killing people hacking them like animals cannot be allowed to continue. countries which are broken
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and filled state stuffed like the politically motivated murders we have seen recently must be condemned to the stronger extant, and all culprits must be booked and punished. the lingo is promising more development if he is re elected. but some economists warn against adding to the debt load that the infrastructure development that you actually put must also be spread between social and active. so that the productive one is able to give you a return. even though the social one is not giving you the immediate return and this we didn't do, or the infrastructure that we have done, does not seem to be generating revenue that is required to meet the repayment. and that has been where the shortcoming has been longer, main rival opposition leader. her guy in the he, lima said he's going to tackle them, use huge that his campaign promises include jobs for the unemployed youth by attracting foreign invasive with voting just days away. and the say this election
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is too close to call. how do mcarthur al jazeera, the 2nd, the president bella, rosa told western powers they can choke on their sanctions. after another round was imposed on his government by the u. s. canada and the u. k. the moves coincide with the 1st anniversary of alexander lucas shank has disputed election when andrew simon has more good news. alex and lucas shank because big conversation event was still going on when the consequences of his actions in the past year started to play out on the world stage. new sanctions the u. k. first on out them, his reaction the for that is just where you can choke on those sanctions in the u. k. we haven't had even the faintest idea for a millennia about this great britain. your america's lap dogs. later came new sanctions from the united states and canada as well. because shanker said, the election was free and fair describing the opposition protests. as an attempt
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235000 protest is were arrested 600 opposition supporters are in jail. now the crackdown even reached the olympics in tokyo athlete, christina, similar news gaia had shown descent to her coaches. she was being sent back to bella ruth, but escaped her minders. she's now fled to poland. lucas shanker says she was manipulated by outside forces. then last week, 26 year old activists vitale, she shelf was found dead in the ukrainian capital camps. please say it may have been murder disguised as suicide because shenker denies any involvement to talk to was he from me in for bella luce, in general? okay. only me a president, and i could not know him, but i'm sure that only 3 or 4 people in this room, you him. he was no one to us. what madmen could hang him in bella. ruth, the opposition leader exiled and living in lithuania, says lucas shank. up must be pressured by the west to stand down. no dealing with
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this regime. it's impossible to talk to illegal automated president who keeps power only thanks to violence and torture. and that repressions just if you need to talk to somebody there. representatives in barrows who you can deal with, but not to be the criminals. a year ago, self expression was the weapons of the better route. opposition. now it's a movement living in fear and dependence on foreign support. andrew simmons al jazeera ah again the headlines and al jazeera international pressure is building on the taliban to stop it's offensive across the gun on. urgent talks are under way here. and so how would the u. s. sending its envoy for.


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