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tv   [untitled]    August 10, 2021 5:00am-5:30am AST

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hello, the like the society smell object is overpowering. as all just correspondence, that's what we strive to do me ah, a global wake up call world leaders react with alarm to you and report on the scale of the climate emergency. signs of those changes are already visible from greece to serbia on to the us where find the destroying chorus and devastating the lives of millions. i'm seen bas robbie on the north tip of abbey island increase wildfires that have been raging for a week are still burning ah phillips and what you know is there like my headquarters here and also coming up i've got his own citizens. the displays from the homes as the television claims,
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a sick provincial capital. also lucas shank has show of defiance the president of the roof says countries can choke on the sanctions. ah, hello, welcome to the world leaders and environmentalists have reacted with alarm to a un scientific report on the scale of the climate emergency. it says there is no longer any doubt that human activity is warming the planet and warns that some of the impact is irreversible. the un secretary general is calling the study a code read for humanity or environment. anthony clark has more on the report for men of got in turkey where wildfires of calls widespread disruption. it is a bleak picture. this year alone has seen storms, floods, and wildfires. now, according to sciences,
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it is unequivocal. the humans are largely to blame for warming. the oceans land and not miss 5th, drop any of coal, oil and gas. you've been telling us over 3 decades of the dangers of allowing that kind of warm the well listen, but didn't hear the wellness and, but it didn't, us act strongly enough. and as a result, climate change is a problem that is here. now, nobody is safe and it's getting worse. foster about his being repeatedly demonstrated by the reporting that we've been doing here in turkey. and in greece on the devastating wafaa that swept across southern europe. now these wildfires do happen every year, but it is the scale of them and the intensity of them that has taken everybody by surprise this year and that looks set to continue. the 1st you in report issued in 1990, had predicted human cause, climate change would become evident at the time. it couldn't prove with evidence
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that it was happening. that's now changed or nearly every measurement or climate is more extreme. and it's set to get was causing climate change and making extreme weather events more frequent and severe. second, it shows that climate change is affecting every region on our planet. and lastly, it's place that strong, rapid sustain reductions and carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions would be required to limit global warming. right now, it's some of the world's poor countries that feeling the effects that they contribute less to greenhouse gases. there is hope that if the biggest emits is, are able to commit to deliver shop reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, we may see some positive changes. but it would have to happen within the next 20 years. okay, with 1900 demick briefly reduced air pollution. but it did not hold climate change
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damage, it seems already done. some issues like greenland, glassy is melted and sea levels rising, irreversible, and unless, as a dramatic change in human behavior, the world should expect an unsettled an uncertain future. nick lock al jazeera southern turkey revolt is focusing the lines of world leaders on what could be achieved at a crucial un climate summit. in november. us extra said anthony lincoln's, that governments on the private sector must act together with urgency to protect the planet u. k. prime minister boris johnson, whose government is hosting the summit, said the report make fault sobering reading. india described the study as a clarion call for develop nations. it's asking them to take immediate steps towards the compromising their economies. and the european union struck couple hopeful notice deputy climate. she said the report shows, it's not too late to turn the tide. david wallace wells is all through all the
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uninhabitable earth and editor at large at new york magazine. he says, government corporations on individuals face a huge task to reduce emissions in the coming years. we are already in the danger zone. we are already looking at a world that has been utterly transformed the planet is already warmer than it had ever been in the entire history of human civilization. which means that everything we've built on the edifice of that old climate. now we need to reconsider or rebuild or replace in order to live in this new one, which may be getting hotter still in the decades ahead. likely will be getting hotter still in the decades ahead, which is going to be more and more intense impacts almost everywhere you look, we will endure. but it's going to take an enormous amount of us from us to surprise greece's prime minister, hers apologize of failing to properly tackle devastating fires burning across the country than some of the world strong the island of area where hundreds of homes have been lost and thousands of people evacuated, greek officials of bad blame to climate change for the record breaking heat way, feeling the fires. but critics say the government should have been better prepared
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. they are both. robbie is on the island. the area with firefighters are struggling to contain the flames. now as you can see, the fire behind me like so many we've seen in the last week. these things move very quickly. they go from this relatively small size to a much larger size. very, very fast. the ground around me is covered in dry vegetation, which is perfect fuel for these fires to grow and spread very, very rapidly. we've been on this location at the north tip of area island for just about 5 or 10 minutes. and we've seen this go from a very, very small group of flames to a much larger fire. and if we look to the right of me, there are more fires burning in that direction. well, along this hiking trail, as it goes deeper into the forest, these fires are burning fast. they are burning hot, and they don't seem to be stopping any time soon. a fire rescue crews that we've
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encountered driving up and down this part of the island for the last day of all of, for the last several hours. they're trying to do the best they can, they're putting out all the fires they come across. but we've been here for a little while now, and there are no fire rescue crews anywhere in sight, which is a worrying concern since relatively speaking, smaller fires like this can become very large, blaze is very quickly under current conditions here in the hill country that the island the lack of rain in parts of brazil is raising phase of another devastating fine season in the state of matter. got also a blaze of scores. 10 square kilometers of the world's largest wetlands and just to days them as well as far as in brazil on monday. but scientists say climate change is making them hard as a control of us. also sweeping across bolivia as east and lowlands, putting a large area known for its rich wildlife risk. fires have devastated to towns in
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the santa cruz region where they've already been through more than a 1000 square close as forests ah thesis invoice. i've got this on the ultimate holism is heading to cancer, to press taliban negotiators to stop the military offensive. the group says it's got to 6 provincial capital on friday. a back is in the northern province of southern guns. the taliban has also been claiming that it's very close to missouri . sharif the city's largest city, north hundreds of thousands off guns of floods. their homes in the group began. it's offensive in may as the us be withdrawing the last of its forces. and many of those in the north had its south to the capital terrible and center drive from the worst of the fighting. well, the taliban has taken more territory in recent weeks than it had at any time since that telephone power 20 years ago. it may controlled about 20 percent of gunnison,
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but it's the u. s. and the foreign troops withdraw. the group has been ramping up its attacks and it's made sweeping gains in the past week. it's taking the provincial capitals of conduce delicate, the saudi, pul, shareable, gun. the ranch and now i back fighting to control harass kandahar held continues. is a critical test for the afghan government as the taliban advances and surrounds the capital. cobble of the afghan interior ministry says government forces of pushback against the taliban in some areas. then they come the come, the ha like how to go on. fortunately, the security situation in kandahar alaska and tara provinces has improved african security for their patrolling the city. the enemy has suffered heavy losses and the plan to capture the cities has been neutralized on those enemy attacks and condos shipper. again, 7 gun and sorry, 2 provinces are ongoing. one i'm, you know, correspond, robert bride has more from cobble. this is the latest victory being claimed by the
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taliban. the city of i back now, this is the city that's a capital of salmon gun, a fairly small province in the north of afghanistan. pictures which have been uploaded by the taliban. which con, independently verify. but they do show fights has been greeted in the streets by towns, people, streets, which we are told them. it's video inside i back. now this, if it's true that this is the 6 provincial a city to be taken in just a few days and it is in this broad sway, the northern afghanistan where we have seen a lot of other fighting and other gains be made by the taliban. like, like back some of those gains are small cities, but it does include, for example, conduce, which is a very big city strategically very important. it is a very significant victory for the taliban that previously they have taken can do about 5 or 6 years ago on 2 separate occasions its fighters occupied, conduce board. as a symbolic gesture, was only very temporary. and then they were, the 4000 withdrew. and we'll retake them by the government forces. now the
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government forces this time have pledged to retake maybe of these areas. it is confirmed that special forces are engaged with taliban inside. couldn't dues, but we are seeing fighting, continuing in the other areas across africa. understand, you know, shocky news and i can research with the institute of world politics in the u. s. c . doesn't believe the government is telling the public, the full story of the conflict. you don't for, for money. i'm going to meet the 6 probably this is already fallen her only what we heard that everything is today's so much taller, one is kills. and so much that happened unfortunately have a negative face in my opinion, including for people who like me and with the most support the government or at least the system is not the pupil who are working for their make it make
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social for us difficult because you're not expecting from an government to, to come with and propaganda or red light that you can kind of where if i had actually been a few seconds or minutes the, this information. well, stella had hill knowledge. there are more than a marriage of convenience. we look at what's behind strengthening military ties between china and russia to stay with us here. and there are ah, ah, it's time for the journey to with the sponsored by kettle airways. hello, thank you for tuning in. here's an update on the southwest monsoon. the good news is we're starting to lose those weather alerts for rochester and months of pradesh is that concentrated rain shoves further toward the east. but if it be there as
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well for the west coast of india, the rainbow still be falling just not at the same intensity and areas of sri lanka over the past 24 hours have picked up more than a 100 millimeters of rain. really, the bulk of the energy is shoving toward the himalayas, but a pretty good run of rain through bangladesh on tuesday. okay, next stop or go into his pacific and we're tracking the leftovers of what was tropical storm loop. it. it is impacting hoko and the wrap around winds will be felt in tokyo show that in a sec, but also a pretty solid band of rain across the korean peninsula. promise we would talk about the winds. so here they are for tokyo. got seen to 85 on tuesday, they back off on wednesday. and you know, the name of the game, right? they pick rate back up for thursday, for southern areas around indo china. heavy rain towards the north and the south. and really for that se core door of china still dealing with drenching rain and same goes for the philippines. so we have concern over the american river. it will
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watch that carefully in the days to come. that's it for me season sponsor cut on airways. my name's a place where they can truly call it home groups. thing you know, on to me, you want to know. you'll enjoy paid money. my name is just for us. the prize is plenty here. yes. yes. who every my nigerian on august the ah, ah ah,
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look about kill what you on there with nice the whole rahman reminder, volatile news stories were leaders and environmentalists have reacted with along to a human scientific report on the scale of the climate emergency. it says there's no longer any doubt that human activity is warming, the planet a was that some of that impact is irreversible. wes's prime minister has apologized to, failing to properly tackle devastating fires buddy across the country. officials of blame climate change with the reco break, heat, wave fuel in destruction. the critic say the government should have been better prepared. and the us and vote for the sun is having to cancel to press taliban negotiated to stop the military offensive. tolerance says captured at 6 provincial capital friday as the military struggles to help the groups advances within the us. the final weeks of its withdrawal, russia and china were preparing for any regional security threats. both countries
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share board as it has got a son and are increasing cooperation with a series of military drills. but there is more of the strength and relationship as adrian brown reports are local. nearly half a century ago, these 2 neighbors fought a brief, portable, but the latest china, russia, military drills showed that he still it, he is now in the past, in this mock battle, the enemy is unnamed. it's a military partnership that's strengthening, thanks in part to both countries, worsening relations with the united states. if you say it's a marriage of convenience that underestimates the depth of their shared interests. and of course, the biggest one is opposing america and the mining america and the west. and that's extremely important. in explaining the strength of the current chinese russia relationship, $10000.00 soldiers are taking part in the exercise which will last for 5 days. the 30th such wargames since 2003 russia's president vladimir putin and china's leader
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shooting, paying, recently boasted that their country's relationship was now unbreakable. and moscow in beijing appear to be an agreement on afghanistan. both were highly critical of the decision to withdraw all us troops. my september, with concerns that have canister on which board is china, could again become a haven for arm groups like al qaeda. when china is foreign minister, when he met taliban officials last month, he urged the delegation to distance themselves from what he called terrorist groups . analysts say it's signaled concerns that china and other countries will be left to deal with the fall out of the rapid us withdrawal. why did biden push this so suddenly and so severely and within chinese circle is also russian and some other places. they believe that this was, you know, basically saying, okay, we broke it,
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but it's not in our backyard, it's in yours, russia, china shaker, stand all the rest of the sounds. more ball games also involving russia. but this time with a force from who's beckett's done. a joint special forces drill close to the afghan board up preparing for whatever scenario that may unfold from the taliban rising gains in the battlefield. adrian brown, al jazeera hong kong. the president of beller is as told west, imposed to choke on the sanctions after another round was imposed on his government by the us, canada. and the u. k. targets include the country's national olympic committee, which washington accuses of money laundering. now the move can side with the 1st anniversary of alexander lucas shank is disputed election when under simmons of more, williams, alexander lucas shanks was big conversation event was still going on when the consequences of his actions in the past year started to play out on the world stage,
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new sanctions the u. k. first on our them, his reaction, the put that is just where you can choke on those sanctions in the u. k. we haven't had even the faintest idea for millennia about this great britain. your america's lap dogs. later came new sanctions from the united states and canada as well. because shanker said, the election was free and fair describing the opposition protests. as an attempt 235000 protest is were arrested 600 opposition supporters are in jail. now the crackdown even reached the olympics in tokyo athlete, christina, similar news gaia had shown descent to her coaches. she was being sent back to bella ruth, but escaped her minders. she's now fled to poland. lucas shanker says she was manipulated by outside forces. when last week 26 year old activists vitale shelf was found dead,
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the ukrainian capital kiev. please say it may have been murder disguised as suicide . lucas shenker denies any involvement to talk with. who was he from me and for bella luce in general. ok, only me a president and i could not know him, but i'm sure that only 3 or 4 people in this room, you him. he will no one to us. what madman could hang him in bella, ruth, the opposition leader exiled and living in lithuania, says lucas shank up must be pressured by the west to stand down. know dealing with this regime? it's impossible to talk to elisha, to make the president who keeps power only thanks to violence and tortures and the repressions just if you need to talk to somebody. there are representatives in barrows who you can deal with, but not to be the criminal a year ago. self expression was a weapon of the better route of position. now it's a movement living in fear and dependent on foreign support. andrew simmons al
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jazeera in the current of his cases and hospital admissions. across the us of reached a 6 month high fields by the spread of the delta variant. now the number of infections reported has reached 100-0043 days in a row. as a 35 percent arise compared to last week. now this uptake in cases comes as the pentagon is set to make the vaccination mandatory for all us military personnel. by september, the 15th whitehouse correspond, kimberly how kit has moved from washington d. c. what we know is that the us president put in place a direction that the defense secretary should really look at figuring out how to ensure that the military can continue to operate during the pandemic, the national security would in no baby be at risk. and so as a result,
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he directed the defense secretary to look at implementing this type of a mandate. and now that memo going out to all members of the military in order to prepare them for what appears to be an imminent decision and implementation of that . and that is to see math vaccinations of the us military. now, the date is september 15th, but if infections continue to arrive, there is the possibility we understand of moving that date up even sooner. but one of the problems will be given the fact that this is one of the world's largest employers, there are millions of people that will be effected. and as a result, it will take time. us scientists to says he was ousted from the health department for criticizing the government. early crone virus response is to receive compensation verola just rick bright res concerns. last year about the trump administration, pandemic preparedness. heels of resisted the president's push to use an unproven drug. as a cure for coven 19,
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and canada is allowing americans vaccinated against kevin $900.00 to enter the country. it's lifted rules imposed in march last year, which banned non essential travel across the land border restrictions on canadian entering the u. s. remain, she had returns. he has more from detroit. there were long delays at some land border crossings into canada as fully vaccinated us citizens were finally allowed across for the 1st time since march of last year. but given the spread of the delta variance and pounds of the us, some are raising questions about the relaxation of the rules. i'm a little nervous about it because the numbers are going up there so much, never got 100008 day. so why are we exposing herself canada shutting borders to non citizens in march of 2020, for the deeply integrated communities along the 8500 kilometer frontier. the result was devastating. families have been separated. fiance, husband, wife, businesses. it's taken a huge emotional toll. so i'm very excited that the board is opening and we're
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going to have some relief. not only must us citizens be fully vaccinated, but they also need proof of a negative cobit test taken within 72 hours of crossing the border. but although cobit freaking agents have been allowed to fly to the us since the pandemic began for us is keeping its land border with canada close to not a central travel until at least the 21st of august, fighting the risk of it clearly as a contradiction here because fully vaccinated, canadians can't fly into the us, they just can't use the land border. so for example, that's when the ontario, that's detroit michigan. instead of using the one and a half cologne, with a tunnel between the 2 cities, canadians are having to drive 4 hours to toronto and then fly to detroit business lead and say, the reason for the discrepancy is what's happening on the southern border. the bite administration says that opening the northern land border will increase pressure to open its border with mexico. and that's something it does not want to do. i think
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there's a lot of pressure to treat border, the borders, the thing. i don't know that that's 100 percent of the reason, but that's certainly plays it to it. in the meantime, us citizens at least, can finally enter canada from land and sea. canada is expected to looseness, entry restrictions for other countries. on september the 7th she ebert hansie al, jazeera, detroit, michigan. a judge has been chosen to lead the investigation into the assassination of haiti's presence of another louise. but the usual latter has been promised extra security. some court clerk's looking into the assassination have gone into hiding because of death threats. more ease was shot dead after a hit team burst into the presidential residence last month, and the former colombian soldiers and patient americans. amongst those who been arrested at least 51 civilians have been killed in attacks by armed groups and northern molly that's according to the army. it happened in the villages near the
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border with new share. and at least 12 soldiers had been killed and 7 was missing in the tack in northwest and became offensive. this report would be happen near the border with molly. the attack follows the killing of 2 prominent rebel fighters in same area. based on beaks, military says it's taking control of a northern port city that's being a stronghold of fighters linked to isolate the group, use the town to launch a series of attacks across the oil, a mineral rich province of cover delgado. thousands of people have been killed and hundreds of thousands displaced in the last 4 years. catherine, sorry, reports. these are soldiers from was in big and wonder in the port city of may seem what da, prior the region in north and muslim bix capital data province was the last stronghold of an armed group locally known as all the fighters had used it to launch attacks across the province since 201712000 people have been killed and hundreds of
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thousands displaced. the soldiers he r updates. the commander said will now take less than a month to complete the offensive and then tire province the enemy. how about was this most? what they put on as you have seen along there with most of the enemy, our kids. we have kids along the way. so others have disappeared. any 40. we are now planning to bus 2 doors to and me pocket along with them because been struggling to fight against the armed group, which is believed to have ties with. i saw the town of paul, my 80 kilometers away, is a scene of the most recent major a talk fighters laid siege for dave in march, killing several people, and causing many to free from their homes. it was one of several attacks that was planned for me was seen what the prior, so the town falling back into the hands of government forces is a strategic victory. wanda deployed its troops in july to help more than big
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national army. the enemy was estimated to be between the 2008000 but he was put in this model. busy world yeah, so. busy because on in the 4th over the ground, it is very important because it is here to go over the territories. many people i feel afraid to go home and continue to leave rough uncomfortably displace. no, i said i do not that we did not cause the conflict. we are suffering what is without knowing the cause. we are just ordinary citizen and when i was, am becomes in this region rich in oil, gas and other minerals say they want peace, they want to rebuild their towns, and they hope the troops will keep them safe enough to go back home catching, sorry, all to 0 prisons, prince andrew has been sued in the us,
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that lead sexual abuse, a woman who says that she was trafficked by the late finances. geoffrey epstein, virginia jeffrey says, the prince assaulted her when she was 17 lawsuit filed in a new york court says the abuse happened 21999200251 of those occasions was in london of the home of j lane. maxwell, whose also facing charges relating to the views of under age girls, prince andrew denies the accusations. well, final payouts have been made from a friend created for jeff. we have seen victims more than 100. $20000000000.00 in compensation was ordered to the $140.00 claimants. tuesday box 2 years is up, steam killed himself in the new york jail while awaiting trial on sex traffic and charges. something's vice chairman, we released from prison on saw in south greer on friday. after qualifying for parole, j wiley was jail for his role in the corruption scandal that triggered nationwide
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protests. he was convicted of bribing form, a present pumpkin hay and hold onto when government support for a business merger. they served 18 months of a 2 and a half year sentence. ah, your children with me said rom, the reminder, volatile stories were leaders and environmentalists have reacted with alarm to a un scientific report on the scale of the climate emergency. it says there's no longer any out the human activity is warming the planet and was that some of the impact is irreversible. first, it tells us that it is indisputable that you're going to use that causing climate change and making extreme.


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