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the money this year and it goes straight into the coffers of leadership a to power people empower investigation, bureau, $39.00 cache for kim park to on a jazz ah a taste of things to come as wildfires burn around the world, an expert panel gets ready to deliver the largest ever report on climate change. ah, you're watching l 0 like from headquarters in del, high getting obligate. also coming up another 3 provincial capital full and i've gone on. the taliban advanced,
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intensifies a renewed push to pressure in the us government. but only 200 farmers are allowed to protest near parliament against law. they say threatened their livelihood. i'm fit a federal info on how fellows and from haiti, cuba, another country crossing the jungle through panama to make it to the united states . ah, well, the full extent of our impact on earth's climate is about to be laid out in a landmark united nations reports within the next hour. findings from the intergovernmental panel on climate change will be released and it's expected to contain some of the strongest statements yet from un scientists, specifically that governments have been dangerous the slow in addressing climate change, our environments editor, new clerk reports romano got in southern turkey. it is an apocalyptic scene.
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skeletal trees with a fruit shod as they hang. no one has ever seen fires like these before. they came with little warning, leaving people stunned with everything lost. even the dead went sped from the flames. home and half fit now only for demolition. these are the consequences of an overheated world. a children's playground melted by the intense heat. those who played here may well wonder what the future holds in this changing world. this will be the future, say the scientists, unless something is done. and this they say is just a hint of what could be to come. humanity, his lit the fuse and humanity was put it out before it's too late. i talked to 65 year old farmer below couldn't. he tells me the only clothes he has left are the
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ones he standing in has had the air. we lost everything. there is nothing left of our house. if the same folly neighbours 0, the tractor, the ho, the shovel, every tool we had is gone. everything we built up in 70 to 80 years is gone. i have all of it disappeared in 20 minutes. it came and went like a c wave. from turkey to grease its been a furious fight against the fires. extraordinary temperatures, sparking the tragedy in all these regions. wildfires happen every year but never on this scale. it's the same in northern california where fires blazing over hundreds of square kilometers, destroying communities. across the world, extreme weather is building and ferocity just last month, unprecedented floods in germany, in belgian devastated towns and swept away roads. more than 200 were killed with many still missing. and the science shows that fossil fuel emissions that have made
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these events worse. manmade climate change. the truth is, this is a story that people that really want to hear the reality perhaps too much for people to deal with to take in. but what's becoming increasingly clear is that the consequences of doing nothing at all is infinitely worse for everybody lose, john jogan has been helping with the rescue effort. here in southern turkey. he says the fires response after months of drought followed by an intense heat wave. unto lays famous for its long lasting rain. and the last you, there's noise in this year in mos in opera on the may . there was clearly no sign of rain and this is the result. and then just like that, as we're heading back from filming this happens. and the sky opens. a deluge of rain cascades down, dousing apart,
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land the rain just as unpredictable as the fires and 2 weeks too late. while we can bring in mcclark, now he's joining us from southern turkey. that's where wildfire nick have caused widespread destruction. but talk to us about the report to be launched in about an hour's time. what are we expecting? well there are and this will be the most comprehensive report we've ever had on the states of the climate climate. it will be drawing in dates or in projections and all the key issues like rain full patterns, temperature rises, sea level rise and glacial loss. and so forth and thousands of scientists, it being part of the data over the months and years, in fact, to try and come up with this synthesis report that we now have going forward. they use data from land, from see from, from out in space, from satellite data to, and even going back into the historical record 450000000 years back of climate
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records they've, they've looked to try and come up with the information that we got here as you say and run about an hour's time, and one of the key findings is going to be the extreme weather events. like what we just seen here in color. wildfires at sweep through and hid. this is a house right behind me. this is a community with a few 100 people in the fight, just sweat through down here in a matter of minutes and just destroyed everything and it's very little left for people to move ahead with the same stories we're hearing and greece and also in northern california. let me just show you this, despite that rain we just saw. there's still smoke coming up, such with the intense heat, but perhaps we can draw inspiration from this look. 2 weeks ago, the 1st now the green shoots recovery already underway. as i say, perhaps that's something we can draw inspiration from as we look ahead to the release of the report in just under enough. okay. nick, we will cross back to you then. thank you so much. no clark reporting from $730.00
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while a stream heat and dry winds are fueling several fires. wildfires around the world over in california, the so called dixie fire is now the 2nd largest in the states history. it's one of 11 wildfire is devastating. the states, at least 8 people are now missing as firefighters struggle to contain the widespread flames authorities estimate, they will not be fully extinguished for 2 more weeks. and thousands of people have been forced to abandoned their homes. and at least for huge fires are burning out of control in greece. flames on the island of area having gulf 5 more villages, more than 2000 people have been rescued since last week, ferries are standing by to take more people to safety. sales yourself. now not realize that we leave for the
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fires north of the greek capital and have been contained, but it is feared a heat wave could spark more flare ups. vast areas of forest and dozens of homes have been destroyed in the past week alone. take a look at russia more than $100.00. 50 wildfires are threatening villages and ne siberia. thousands of crews are battling to put them out. trails are being cleared around the dozen communities to stop those fires from spreading and fires. also sweeping across parts of eastern bolivia to towns in the santa cruz region have been destroyed and there are more at risk. thousands of hector as a forest is under threats. strong winds are stoking the fires. extra cruise on helicopters are heading into the area. in other news, a rap is offensive by the taliban is overwhelming afghan forces. the arm group says it's taking control of a 5th provincial capital in just 3 days. the most significant gain is the northern city of condos. the taliban says it's also taken the nearby city of trying to con.
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i'm saudi poll. charlotte bellis reports from couple 100 another soon. rising on what would become a store day in afghan ostomy, 1st the telephone into condos. one of the country's biggest cities and a gateway to the north. i just don't want it. beyond group talk briefly in 20152016. before us special forces pushed in spite is out. now america cannot stand in the way. 3 by street. the taliban took hundreds back and when the said he fell, so did the entire province. we have captured the main square. it's 2 pm on sunday and the whole area is in our hands. the government is doing false propaganda, saying it hasn't fallen, but you can see our flag. the afghan air force responded with is strikes which lead to fires and the central market special forces announced they launched in operation
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to reclaim the city. been the taliban took sorrowful, also in the north east taliban fighters entering the city's police headquarters on a few hours later attention turned to telecom. the provincial capital of to haul in, the northeast afghan security forces had repelled their attacks. we've finally, the taliban broke their frontline residency, the fighters were in government buildings, they free detainees from a prison the to the telephone fighters. this is a moment of celebration with each provincial capital they captured. they also got the wider province after 5 years of trying to take control of the province. they have now taken 5 in 3 days. the afghan security forces. this is not the end lay a plane encounter offences using special forces and africa and us it strikes. if
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you focus on a given sliver of time at any given moment, a problem may have fallen under the telephone control, but i think the situation remains completely fluid. the telephone spokesman told al jazeera, the armed group never wanted a war. our response is clear. we want a peaceful solution of the issue problem that we we waited for for the last one year. but now the taliban has moved into cities. a new stage of urban warfare is on the horizon. if the government wants to take them back, hundreds of thousands of civilians. risk being caught in the crossfire. charlotte bellis, which is era cobble will still ahead on all 0 more on i've gone to start and we have an exclusive report from an area in afghanistan, helman province. that's now under taliban control. it looked like not people that
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are supposed to be like on the victims of violent pick out and dumbbell ahead of this week election. ah hello, good to be with you. let's start with a weather update in turkey. wildfires burning now for nearly 2 weeks. censure. wildfires one disaster going on, but also flooding toward the black sea region. and we've got aggressive rain on tap on monday for areas like our hobby where hundreds of people have been forced from their homes. you know, for the balkans we're starting to see amber alerts pop up again as these temperatures come up to on a 36 degrees. bucharest, 37 on monday. we'll peel out, give you a wider look now at some other weather that we're tracking and you know,
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winds for germany could clip up to 80 kilometers per hour on monday. it's all part of this disturbance impacting the british shells. the low countries and southern scandinavia and you know, hang tight london, your forecast, it's about to change. believe it or not look at there's some sunshine and we'll lock your temperature in to rate of rain where it should be this time of year, which is $23.00 degrees off to africa. we have concern over some big storms falling in the e p. o p. in highlands draining to the blue and white river nile rivers. and so folks in hard to me are on high alert as those water levels rise rapidly. meantime we have our storms moving across the gulf of guinea abidjan a high of 25 degrees on monday. that sure weather update. well, catch you later the, the crime that shook japan or people get killed on one occasion in as bloody a massacre as this was the tracks a lot of report. there was just
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a current drum. the who did it, who did it, who did it? have the conviction that led to the world's longest help desk road frizzy and his sister's 47 year long battle to save him from execution. witness come down. japan's death row on a jazzy oh the me. hello again the morning, i'll just 0. a major un climate change report is due to be released in the next hour. it's expected to paint a late belief picture of a world already living with the consequences of climate change in california,
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the so called fix. the fire is now the 2nd largest in the state of history. it's one, it's 11 wildfires, devastating the space at least 8 people are now missing as firefighters struggles to contain the widespread plane under rapid offense and by the taliban is overwhelming afghan forces. the arm group is now claiming control of a provincial capital in just 3 days. the most significant gain is in the northern city of hundreds. i'll just 0 has gained access to areas under a taliban control in southern hellman, province or correspondence. eunice seen was escorted by itala by representatives in garrison heres his exclusive reports. while there has been fighting in lasker god, in the recent days, other parts of the hillman province are firmly under totally been controlled. only 20 kilometers, separate the city of kandahar from the strongholds of the taliban. we drove past
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signs of recent battle. the arriving in the town of british the tardy ben fighter asks us to get out of our car. i can know at 1st sight things here do not look different from the government control areas. but then you see the tiny bit fighters, the only ones allow to use radio handsets or escort kill us. there is no telephone service or internet for security reasons. in the town you see tiny ban flags everywhere. shopkeepers say it's a sign of their legions to the movement so that we noticed a clear change before the villagers could not come to the market. now they can on the markets, a crowded women can shop and there's nothing to both of them. we spoke to one of
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the shop customers as well. what was that on the 1st before the taliban it was difficult for us to live under the authority of the government. now we are free. our children feed us and we are safe families. throughout our visit were quoted by tommy been presented to the older people we spoke to tend to praise a tiny band and its role in providing security. there will come the implementation of a stomach close in the very conservative southern parties done away from the camera. some young men did not hide their resentment, absence of telephone and internet services and their fear of a lack of a freedom in the future. at the district hospital, it is business. as usual. in this war, $600.00 babies were born during last month. the period that the taliban has been in control. since the arrival of the taliban there has been no change in our plans. we
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were received by the health officials and they told me not to change anything. there was a unified health law and we were asked to abide by. as of this year he added a district point. i'm just points like it. the tiny band controls things on the ground of why little they are going to government rules the sky. and why the tiny been phase it once and even 16 it's fighters said they are ready for all possibility of doing a pick up at the made up for now they are conducting police and duties, but they know and your battle could be low. me was this the, the fact that we prefer that they'd be a peaceful solution to the conflict and the current crisis and have gone to some if the government side insists on fighting and does not commit to reconciliation. the next step will be to attack the state capitals. electricity in the area is provided by this nearby down. built by the soviets and restored by the americans. like
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everything else in this town of 70000 people. for now, it's run by the taliban city, teenager 0 gosh, kilman province of connie sun. india's farmers are back on the streets of new delhi and protest against 3 laws. they say will harm their livelihoods. farmers say the laws favour large private retailers, but only $200.00 are being allowed to gather outside parliament. since november, tens of thousands of farmers have camped out on main highways leading to new delhi and let's cross over to poverty motel. joining us from new delhi, so tell us more about why the farmers are outside parliament. yeah, so for the last 2 weeks and, and farmers have been holding a piece for, but higher symbolic filter in the heart of new delhi. now being in the bottom, it is in session and as lawmakers gathered in there to pass laws and,
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and to deliver it. and all those from that fall must have been loading more, find them in session, and they are beating the tree farm laws. that's the more the government for last year and far must have been protesting all last 9 months. you know, nice motors have been going on for just 3 weeks until the final days following the session in the session will be seen on to now is that they are mirroring actually on demand procedures and debating the issues at hand. i think you can see behind me that most people attending the sessions how women know that's what that is the scene for today. you have had female pharma, but you also have women's rights activists. and so those who have attended and participated in of the session for now, what is that the progress on taking place in the middle? not of security please. that's how dr. kids mission has been granted
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only 200 farmers to attend the day. so becoming in the morning there possible, and then they're allowed to hold the sessions. now, these approach and i'll fall off a joe, i'm going to have been going on for money. we probably visited one of the highways where to almost have been camping on for almost 9 months. and we met almost all across the country. this is also the data that they have. they have the vision with that condition. i know they're very, you know, they want the government to be as low as they believe that the law didn't pro corporate disable. big companies, when of, you know, attracted their livelihood. on the other hand, the government beneath the laws will actually benefit follow. you can call them back to negotiate and find a solution to the deadlock has never been wrong with the form of you,
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but the deadline has continued. ok, thank you so much. have him a todd reporting from new delhi was ambia, has deployed soldiers ahead of general elections on thursday. several people have been killed in recent weeks. her mom also spoke to some of the families of the victims in lusaka. yeah, daniel to some good family. got a phone call, telling them to rush to the hospital. when they got the, his body was in the morgue. he supported the ruling patriotic front and was not campaigning for president edgarland go when he was killed. his relatives and friends say he was killed by opposition. supported. i bought, i bought my brother like you've gone. yeah. it's gone. it's gone, but i can feel happy. like in such mom i brought to see my brother. it's been cute in such mom. i can be happy, which is if something didn't look like 200 well justly minutes,
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it can't. it's not supposed to leave like that. people are not supposed to be killed like animals, nor may i condemn, devoted across town. another family is devastated, medium to say, but husband durham belonged to the opposition party. you p n d. he was putting up campaign posters when he was killed with a machete, allegedly by backers of the ruling party. get up the misery stick. it hurts the way he died was cruel. i now have to look after the children by myself. i don't know what i am going to do or how i am going to manage without him. them is no stranger to election violence. political parties often accuse each other of talking tensions and destroying property. they have been incidents of violence by ruling party and opposition. support is across the country. in the run up to the vote. president loom glad order the deployment of the military to try to maintain peace and order. there are 16 presidential candidates, but the men contenders are the incumbent president, edgarland,
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and opposition leader hawkeye, india. he. lemme a business man who has already made several successful presidential runs right now . what we see at what to before us is that one violence is definitely likely to one and also and also what proceeding is also likely to actually bull on this is based on the premise from the fact of a recent happenings in recent elections, especially the 2016 election, 5 years ago legal, natalie defeated teacher lima, the opposition and a voter again. and there was unrest. many here worry that history will repeat itself when the beans go to the polls this week. how to matessa al jazeera was that the troops in mozambique back by rwandan forces say they've recaptured a key town from rebel fighters. the porter most in bo deprive has been
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a strong hold for the group known as bob. the army has been struggling to regain control of the northern cob delgado province, where one of africa's biggest liquefied natural gas project is located. ronda and south africa has sent troops to shore up operations. violence in the region has worse, and since last year, displacing at least 800000 people, the army has been struggling to regain control of northern capital. got a province where one of africa was biggest liquefied natural gas projects is located. a land dispute in charge has led to the deaths of nearly 2 dozen people. indigenous farmers, nomadic herders crossed on saturday in a village about 200 kilometers east of the capital. 22 people were killed and at least 18 injured troops have been deployed through the area. new mexico is reporting its biggest number of current of our cases since the pandemic
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begun. the delta variance is feeling the 3rd, which is getting younger people hard. nearly a quarter of mexico is on the highest level of alert, which requires some non essential businesses to close. 38 percent of the population has received at least one dose of the taxi. and while the philippines reporting its highest daily number of coven, 1900 deaths, in 4 months more than 300 fatalities and 9000 cases were recorded. this coming is the capital. manila observes a 2 week lockdown most the fitz, 13000000 residents are under stay at home orders. and the australian state of new south wales has extended its current of iris lockdown to include another city. the restrictions now apply to town worth because of the fears, the coven. 1900 outbreak in sidney may have spread there to sidney is now in a 7th week of lockdown, driven by a surge of the delta variance while and toto won the bed to host the 2020 olympics organizer said they would be known as the recovery gains and 2011 japan's fukushima
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region was devastated by a nuclear disaster, but hopes of using the event to showcase the reconstruction. haven't been realized as and richard said report the bullet train has been speeding passengers around japan for more than 50 years. also a direct link back when the olympics 1st visited the country's capital. the trains launch coincided with a $960.00 full tokyo gangs at that time selling picks with a perfect platform to highlight japan's political and economic reba. back in 1964 when we had the olympics in tokyo last time it was showing the world that we are now out of the doldrums of the world. we're to and we're starting a new new nation here. we come a 90 minute train, right? north of tokyo is fukushima and areas still synonymous with the nuclear disaster of a decade ago. around $20000.00 people died in the earthquake and c normally cause
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the nuclear meltdown at the folk ashima plant. the healthcare big thing, so the 2020 lympics as the recovery gains in the spirit of 1964, the decision to bring baseball and softball games. the focus shima was aimed showcase in the areas reconstruction efforts. while the lympics did come to focus shima, the world didn't. corona virus meant no funds were allowed to attend any of the sporting action that took place. here koji suzuki has been serving off his coast for 5 decades. the sports is just made it to pick w, and even though the event wasn't held in focus shima, he says the games have played a role in the healing process. after the earthquake, people thought we shouldn't serve here anymore, but i decided to get into the see a few months after this, an army struck. i hope anyone who wanted to serve would fall me. the opening of the olympic games was a great boost, especially as japanese surfers did great in the games. i think young people and
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kids now want to try setting themselves after seeing them in action. washing it, see sheba was working in the nuclear plants on the day of the soon army. 5 members of his family died in the flooding. fields have replaced this part of the town he used to call home who got the local mother. i don't know if this recovery olympics has been effective at all. there's a big gap between the money spent on the games and the reality of the situation here. and there used to be farms and a lot of houses here, but now there's nothing. i don't really feel this was a reconstruction olympics. some level of normality is returning here, but it's the people of this region rather than the olympics, making sure it happens. and the richardson al jazeera fukushima football thoroughly, and l messy has confirmed his talks with paris injure man. he broke down in tears as he said, good bye to barcelona, a club he's been with throughout his 21 year career mess. he says he did everything
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possible to stay at the club. families of those killed in last year at port explore explosion and lebanon have rallied in bay roots for testers, carried fate coffins and pictures of their loved ones to show their anger at the government and demand accountability. more than 200 people were killed and thousands injured when ammonium nitrate stored at the ports exploded. the hello again. the headlines on al jazeera, a major un climate change report is due to be released in the next hour. it's expected to paint a picture of a world already living with the consequences of climate change. it will help set the tone for the un international climate conference in glasgow. later this year, our environments editor and clark has more from an august in southern sources.


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