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they catch you later. the news i've been covering all of latin america for most of my career, but no country is alike, and it's my job to shed light on how and why me i this is al jazeera. ah, i know lauren taylor, this is just their news. i live from london coming up the battle for a dentist on taliban fighters say they now control 5 provincial capital, including their strategic city of condos. smoke and ash block out the sun over one of grace's largest island, desperate residents and fire fighters battle wildfires. but
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a forced hundreds from their homes, a refugee crisis, and now diplomatic spat, she don't recall that somebody from ethiopia, a thousands of people, 3 across the border to escape conflict into dry. i'm devin, ashwin sports. it was limping like no other. and now the games are especially over are bring you the best at the final days action from japan. ah, a brutal and rapid defense sued by the taliban, is overwhelming afghan forces for the on group. now claim control of a 50 provincial capital in just 3 days. the city of telecom is the latest to fall the groups, most significant gain has been condos. why fight is seized? most of the city can do is a strategic prize. it's home to 340000 people and provides access to mineral rich, northern regions. and the capital cobble some 300 kilometers away with
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a northern cities of telecom and the sorry pool. the town is also came control of ship again and there hunch, charlotte bennett, reports from campbell got hung up on the sun rising. and what would become a store day in a scan? stone. first the telephone into condos. one of the country's biggest cities and a gateway to the north. i just don't want to. beyond group talk briefly 20152016. the full us special forces pushed in spite is out. no, america cannot stand in the way 3 by 3, the television, and when the city so. so did the entire problem kept it the main square. it's 2 pm on sunday, and the whole area is in our hands. the government is doing close propaganda, saying it hasn't fallen that you can see our flag. the gun air force responded with
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is strikes which lead to fires in the central market. special forces announced they lodged in opperation to reclaim the city. been the taliban took sorrowful, also in the eas telephone fight, whose entering the city's police headquarters. a few hours later attention turned to telecom, the provincial capital of to haul in the northeast. afghan security forces had repelled their attacks. we finally, the taliban broke the front line. residency the fighters were in government buildings, they freed detainees from a prison, the, to the telephone fighters. this is a moment of celebration with each provincial capital they captured. they also got the wider province after 5 years of trying to take control of the province. they have now taken 5 in 3 days. the afghan security forces.
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this is not being planning counter offenses using special forces and africa and us it strikes. if you focused on a given sliver of time at any given moment, a problem may have fallen under the telephone control, but i think the situation remains completely fluid. the telephone spokesman told al jazeera at the armed group naval wanted a war. our response is clear. we want a peaceful solution of the issue that we we waited for for the last one year. but now the taliban has moved into cities. a new stage of urban warfare is on the horizon. if the government wants to take them back, hundreds of thousands of civilians. risk being caught in the crossfire. charlotte bellis. ouch is era cobble? under there is exclusive access behind taliban lines and the southern province of
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helmand fighters control loose to the territory. as i try to take over the regional capital lashonda, eunice, i'd seen reports from the district of garish while there has been fight in lasker god. in the recent days. other parts of the hillman province are firmly under taliban control. i only 20 kilometers, separate the city of kandahar from the stronghold of the taliban, which will plus signs of recent battle. arriving in the town of british, the 20 bon fighter asks us to get out of our car. at 1st sight, things here do not look different from the government control areas, but then you see the tiny ben fighters, the only ones allowed to use radio handsets or escort kill us. there is no
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telephone service or internet for security reasons. in the town you see tiny bar flags everywhere. shopkeepers say it's a sign of their legions to the movement. we noticed a clear chinese before the villagers could not come to the market. now they can on the market is crowded and women can shop and there's nothing to we spoke to one of the shop customers as well. what was that on the 1st before the taliban it was difficult for us to live under the authority of the government. now we are free, our children feed us and we are safe families. throughout our visit were quoted by tommy been presented to the older people we spoke to tend to praise a tiny band and its role in providing security. they will come implementation of a stomach close in the very conservative southern point is done away
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from the camera. some young men did not hide their resentment, absence of telephone and internet services and their fear of a lack of a freedom in the future. at the district hospital, it is business. as usual. in this war, $600.00 babies were born during last month. the period that the taliban has been in control. eventually, since the arrival of the taliban there has been no change in plans. we were received by the health officials and they told me not to change anything. there was a unified health law and we were asked to abide by as of this year. i don't see that a district point and the points like it, the tiny band controls doing this on the ground of why little they are going to government rule the sky and, and why the tiny been phase once and even 16 it's fighters said they are ready for all possibility of the for now they are conducting police and duties. what do you
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know and your battle could be low? me? was this the, the, i don't know that we prefer that they'd be a peaceful solution to the conflict and the current crisis and have gone to some if the government side insists on fighting and does not commit to reconciliation. the next step will be to attack the state capital. the electricity in the area is provided by this nearby, done built by the soviets and restored by the americans. like everything else in this town of 70000 people. for now, it's run by the taliban in a city major 0 kilman problems of anytime. or phase of water which and to tell a been ruined parts of afghanistan and will mean for residents, particularly women and children. addison, jewish is women's rights activists. she left off got on at the age of 15 and now lives in canada. i did join us live skype from vancouver. thanks very much need for being with us. i wonder what you're hearing from relatives and friends in areas
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that have been taken over by the taliban? about what life is like than a yeah, thank you. thank you for having me. i am connected to the people back home, especially my peers, my relatives and my friends that i went to school with. and i've been in contact with them and i have been getting updates from them through facebook. and the situation is just worse than they have ever experienced. the, the problem that i am from ne, ganeth on, which is called the heart of the province, has been over overrun by the and searching groups that has been captured by them this past day. and right now everything is under their control. it is truly heartbreaking. women have been hiding and basements and very like holes so that the bellman birth can can protect them from a protection for them. and of course schools have been banned and,
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and there is no option for any woman to even get out of their homes and to, to go and complete their basic needs on it on a daily basis. so it has been a concern for everybody and socially for myself as someone who have experienced war in afghanistan, and also being someone that have experienced like life over this part of the world . it has been a very big concern for myself to, to, to witness my peers experienced this while i'm here living a privileged life. what i mean, you mentioned some of the restrictions, what are the sorts of restrictions are being put in place by the, by the taliban. of course, like the, the current all upon or worse than the, than the pre 9 a lot. and then the pre 911, tall upon as we all know the pre 911 paula bon had band education access to the justice for the woman and dana, son and, and right now, just what was before and even worse, every tullet as a police, a prosecutor and
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a judge himself and a day they can arrest, punish, and kill anyone at any place at any time. of course women being the main victim and they have currently we have stories of women being killed, rapes, and, and forced to marry outside outside her. well, because they to complete her, her religion, which is very, very much against the religion of islam. and of course they can be a completely different picture of it. and so currently women cannot go out and i'm pretty sure many women have prepared and bought that book cause and got ready to, to go outside with the matter. i'm with males rela, 10, and i have people also have women tried to escape from these areas or is it? is that even possible in the station? for some families, my family included my extended family. my relatives have sent their woman to 2
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areas where, which is considered it's not safe, but it's at least outside the city. so into like they're like, hidden in basements and outside. so the male relatives are taking control and are protecting the homes. while women are away at if they can go to couple of course, which is not safe, but it's at least not under the capture of the taliban. and so yeah, they are trying to send their problem members, especially women outside the province than any problems that have been captured by the tele, one right now. i mean the tell about us saying that they didn't want this war that has all the reaction against what the government did because they didn't implement the piece to watch what you was your reaction to that line. they're taking oh, these this terrorists, paula bonds. they did take the terror violence and destruction caused by the tall on the other extremist groups should not be dealt. it's completely. it's not an issue. and honestly, i to me like them saying this,
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like using the name of religion as a way to, to, to, to claim that they're supporting the country and they're bring peace is honestly, it's a joke. it's it, they have no religion. they have that one that i practice and that they practice is completely different. and so them claiming that they are bringing pieces. it's very, very different because we have seen the evidence they have shown as they have provided us so much evidence since 2001 before 2001 what they did. tompkins and what they have been doing in the past decade. so i descended, thank you very much indeed for joining us. thank you. thank you. going, i'll put on 0. this news. our as wildfires scorch, california greece and turkey view and warns extreme weather is only getting worse. take you to a doctor, village saved by a different system in recent floods, but kind of keep up with climate change. and this can, you know, achieve something that hadn't been done in 41 years. general explain more.
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ah. hundreds of 5 factors are battling for out of control. wildfires across greece. the worst is on the 2nd largest island of evian. flames have cut right across it from coast to coast, and hundreds of people have now fled, said miss robbie is in northern athens. with this report. the island of area has been burning for 6 days. while the fires around athens have subsided, areas inferno is cutting across greece's 2nd largest island, and dividing it into the sky in places is stained, dark and red would be saviors. come from the air with planes and helicopters to douse the flames. and from the ground were firefighters. get as close as they can with the hoses.
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but people have been fleeing their homes. by early sunday, 350. more people were moved from the islands, northern beaches, joining more than a 1000, who've already been ferried away. i left my home, the less my my, my place, my best. nothing will be the same. the next. i am really angry. most people hear this elderly woman walking to safety did what she thought to stop her home from meeting a similar fate. it's not clear though what will be there when she returns
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you close. all the windows will lose at this at the foot the what then? ok, i don't, it's on the outskirts of athens where the flames have recently died down bone dry forest have been left chart and covered in ash, authorities, or warning of the possibility of further flareups. while temperatures continue to sol. everyone has been affected by these fires in some way. those living in the fire zone or near it are feeling the direct impacts, but those living elsewhere are feeling. the indirect impact of these wildfires smoke and pollution warnings have been in effect for days. and ash clouds from ongoing fires across the country are hanging over the capital. in basra b o g 0 athens wild has also broken out. his southern peru, 1500 firefighters battling to extinguish places in the region of costco. a frame of devout more than 10 square kilometres of forest strong winds made it difficult to stop the fires from spring or summer,
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stating wildfires burned across the world. a new un report is expected to show a trouble wherein because of climate change is warning, extreme weather events will continue to get worse, costing billions and spacing millions. our environment has to nick clark reports now from one i've got in southern turkey by recent wildfires or killed at least 8 people. it is an apocalyptic seen skeletal trees with a fruit chard, as they hang. no one has ever seen fires like these before. they came with little warning, leaving people stunned with everything lost. even the dead went sped from the flames. home and half fit now, only for demolition. these are the consequences of an overheated world. a children's playground melted by the intense heat. those who played here may well wonder what the future holds in this changing world. this will be the future,
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say the scientists, unless something is done. and this they say, is just a hint of what could be to come. humanity has lit the fuse and humanity must put it out before it's too late. i talked to 65 year old farmer below couldn't. he tells me the only clothes he has left are the ones he standing in has said, we lost everything there is nothing left of our house. if the same folly neighbors 0, the tractor, the whole, the shovel, every tool we had is gone. everything we built up in 70 to 80 years is gone. i have all of it disappeared in 20 minutes. it came and went like a c wave from turkey to grease its been a furious fight against the fires. extraordinary temperatures sparking the tragedy in all these regions. wildfires happen every year, but never on this scale. it's the same in northern california where fire blazing
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over hundreds of square kilometers, destroying communities across the world, extreme weather is building and ferocity just last month. unprecedented floods in germany and belgian devastated towns and swept away roads. more than 200 were killed, with many, still missing. and the science shows its fossil fuel emissions that have made these events worse. manmade climate change. the truth is, this is a story that people that really want to hear the reality perhaps too much for people to deal with to take in. but what's becoming increasingly clear, is it the consequences of doing nothing at all? is infinitely worse for everybody lose. john jogan has been helping with the rescue effort. here in southern turkey. he says the fires response after months of drought followed by an intense heat wave on to lays famous for its long lasting rain. and these last few there is no, is in this year in mos in opera on the may,
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there was clearly no sign of rain and this is the result. and then just like that, as we're heading back from filming this happens, and the sky opens. a deluge of rain cascades down darcy apart. land the rain just as unpredictable as the 5 and 2 weeks too late. nick clark al jazeera, southern turkey. north korean leader kim jong nurse deployed the military, 2 areas recently hit by heavy rains and concerns over an economic crisis and food shortages. thousands of people have been displaced in the countries north and vast tracts of farmland have been flooded. north korean state to be released this footage, showing submerged houses and destroyed bridges in how you plan to continue to cause havoc and parts of northern india houses have been submerged and that tricity
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supplies cut off with the resident saying it's difficult to find clean water and food india is national disaster response force, says water levels in the ganges river of rich dangerous levels in the state of interpreted floods that hit germany, belgium, and the netherlands last month temporary turned one dutch village into an island. but thanks to a river defense system, as people stayed mostly safe and dry, but a set rustling reports from one munson the low line country may not be spared, so much longer. the river most once again flows calmly through the dutch landscape, only mud colored land, and they bree remain after dangerously high water levels, threatened throbbing towns and villages just 2 weeks ago. those flood waters to the village of out there into an island. once again, the head of our children asked mom does you really want to stay? you really want to do that? yes, you're saying we're not going anywhere. beat bon. yay state. because he feel safe
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behind a new dike that was constructed following the last major flood 25 years ago. as a volunteer he patrol throughout the night to make sure the high water did not cause any correct. it was a close call for people in the south of the netherlands, while hundreds died in germany and belgium. these dikes did what they had to do. they kept the water out. but the question is, can the dodge keep up with the pace at which the climate is changing? climate scientists say the average temperature in the netherlands has risen by one and a half degrees in the past 50 years, causing at least 10 percent more rainfall and more extreme rather patterns. what verse me is that the speed of climate change is large now, and of course we aren't, of course is we article so that's not notified with the speed. so yeah, one and we don't know the future temperature. exactly. it depends much of our behavior across the border in germany and belgium, and equivalent of 18 buckets of water fell in one square meter in 3 days,
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causing destruction on a scale not seen and hears. the southern part of the netherlands avoid that faith. thanks to this flat prevention project. what we did was to create space for the river, so we removed hesitation and revived a 1000 year old river arm of the most villages we protected by building dikes around to this all lowered water level. so it's $35.00 centimeters, which is a lot if you know that a difference of a few centimeters can cause large damage to achieve this, essentially old city hall was demolished and it's our turned into a monument designed to show future generations the interventions made to keep the sound dry, but the extreme rainfall also expose problems in the dutch defenses, which were modeled on flat protections made 4 years ago that led to flooding into tours of falcon birth, which could not be protracted when a small stream turned into a swirling river. but all crowds oscars still big,
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so even so, predictions might have changed. we should finish 1st. what we have promised to make adjustments along the way. even though the river has retreated and the dangerous subsided. he hopes the flats will be a wake up call for the government to take action against the false change in climate steadfast and al jazeera. once him in the south of the netherlands, issued on heavy floods, damaged thousands of homes over all 12000 people across 8 states have been effected, including the capital cartoon floods on a new problem. as you don wrecking properties, infrastructure and crops. last year the government, dakota, state of emergency off to the blue river rose to its highest level since records again. well, she, donna's recall, it's a matter that a neighboring ethiopia after it's offered to mediate in the conflict and to cry was rejected. this is thousands of children. refugees continue to flee to su down. morgan reports from casala in eastern sit on the fly high. lou is preparing to live
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as a refugee incidence eastern casela state. he arrived here 10 days ago from either by if europe is northern region, leaving his wife and children behind. he says the deteriorating situation. 40 grands is what forced him to leave home. you know what, the rat, the m horem militias that came thousands of us to grinds and containers. many were killed and their bodies thrown around. i saw many bodies and had relatives who were arrested. they mostly targeted men because they're afraid that to grind defense forces would recruit them. so i had to leave and i just just fly is one of the few dozens of refugees who have recently arrived to this reception center. less than 5 kilometers from the european border, but not everyone makes it here. last week, dozens of bodies were found floating in the city river, which flows between sedan and if many had their hands tied behind their backs and suffered gunshot wounds. camp authorities, se refugees, this book to have confirmed the identities of the bodies as to grant who try to
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cross the border into sudan hunting. we have recorded more than 200 fifties arriving, and then the bodies started showing up in the river. most refugees we have interviewed have come from who mirror. they came with emotional distress. more than 10000 refugees are now here in this center. at least 60000 have let the sudan since the beginning of the conflicts late last year. many refugees here had high hopes. the conflict would come to an end when the to grand different forces took over the capital l a in june. but more people have been arriving from the region in recent weeks. and their stories have raised concerns whether they'll be able to return home anytime soon. the conflict integral is now expanding to include other regions of the united nations. refugee agency says that is causing concern about a potential new refugee and flux. we've had about 200 from july that have arrived. we find this to be quite high because from january to june,
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the numbers have actually been quite low. in some months we've actually had 0 arrivals. we. we continue to advocate with the government for us to, to get the authorization together with the commission for refugees to be able to relocate them to designated camp within that's why says he knows the situation in the camp is not ideal, but at least it's safe. he says he now hopes to find a way to bring his family across the border until the conflict ends and become all returned home. he bill morgan, august 0. hum day it was hello. thousands of pro government supporters in ethiopia have gathered in the capital at a suburb a to denounce the rebels and to cry. they rally didn't mescal, square and purchase what they see is foreign interference. in a few years, affairs government is coming, a strong international criticism over the conflict and digger i, which has killed thousands and pushed the region to the brink of famine. one of the nigerian school girls kidnapped by the group booklet her i'm 7 years ago has been
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re, you know, she with her family roofing glinda who was among more than 200 students. abducted from a school in the northeast and tanisha book in 2014. she was free last week along with a man she sent of married and that her children. over the years, many of the girls have been freed or rescued by the military. but more than 100 missing finishes in east in india say they're spending sleepless nights because they terrified a wild elephants. they've been damaging homes and destroying crops in the district of my a bunge. some people have even been injured. benefits have been driven out of the habitat because of explosives used in inigo, minding mining, a force to seek food and shelter in human settlements. india has a 50 percent to the wells. is the attic elephant population bill to come out there? this news out as current of ours cases, surge in florida, schools become a new frontline in the states war against mosque mandates. as
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a token game is wrap up, displace children in serious last rebel held enclave. take part in the tension and picks and the sockets becomes persons most successful olympian on the final day of the game. that's coming up with sports in sports agenda. ah hello, good to be with you. let's start with a weather update in turkey. wildfires burning now for nearly 2 weeks. censure. wildfires, one disaster going on but also flooding toward the black sea region and we've got aggressive rain on tap on monday for areas like our hobby, where hundreds of people have been force from their homes. you know, for the bulk ins, we're starting to see amber alerts pop up again as these temperatures come up to run a 36 degrees. bucharest, 37 on monday. we'll peel out, give you
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a wider look. now at some other weather that we're tracking in, you know, winds for germany could clip up to 80 kilometers per hour on monday. it's all part of this disturbance impacting the british charles the low countries and southern scandinavia and hang tight london. your forecast, it's about to change, believe it or not, look at there's some sunshine and we'll lock your temperature in to rate of ral where it should be this time of year, which is $23.00 degrees off to africa. we have concern over some big storms falling in the e p. o. p in highlands draining to the blue and white river nile rivers. so folks in hart tomb are on high alert as those water levels rise rapidly. meantime we have our storms moving across the gulf of guinea abidjan a high of 25 degrees on monday that sure weather up. they will catch you later. the freezing winds and rugged terrain and.


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