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tv   [untitled]    August 4, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm AST

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theater. oh, i welcome back. you're watching the artist even use our own pizza, adobe your top story so far today. i mean, but i love it on the 1st anniversary of the moment. it was devastated by one of the world's biggest non nuclear explosions. the beirut port glass kill $200.00 people, an inch of 6 and a half $1000.00. in the center of a root security forces, use water, cannon and gas on protest is trying to break through barricades near the parliament building. i think 56 people have been injured and one of the story at least 14
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wildfires burning across 6 problem susan, southern turkey, 5 flights of support, 160 others under control since last week. defiance were among the worst in turkish history. ethiopia as ordered 3 humanitarian organizations, including doctors without borders, to stop all work in the war, 2 and region of to grow. the united nations humanitarian chief is also asking for access to, to grow, to allow desperately required aid into the area. but ethiopia, as government has refused, because it says corridors already exist in other areas, un figures show hundreds of thousands of people are already going hungry. we need the should access routes by land as well as of course our own flights going in and out of mckelly. and frankly, we need the water and we need the conflict to stall the needs that have been spoken about. integrate are indeed what they have been advertised, that they are huge,
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they are urgent. they are important. let's bring in samuel guitar, child, he's any c o, p, and based jealousy, joyce's life from a sub about on skype. samuel good to talk to you again. how much of a worry should this be when a country, the sites to in effect kick out 3 international respected agencies. you know, i've been to that region before and even not the beginning and even us in a few weeks ago. and some of the most i should and giving young people belong with this agencies, including m. s, for doctors without borders. they don't just perform the work of a nobel peace prize winning agency, but you see them we need getting involved and you see them at some of the most dangerous part. so that's a great region. and what has happened to their organization is that this appointment,
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and i hope many people are hoping that they will solve the differences and go back to doing what exactly they've been doing. i've seen them in person and they do an excellent job where many organizations aren't able to perform. so many people are hoping this will be feasible and they will go back to doing what they do best. we're talking about tens of thousands of people who are already going hungry. they are, we're being told, edging towards being officially living in a state of famine. is there a viable alternative just when it comes to the basics to keep these people fed and living in shelter? i think there is a uniform like understanding house here. as this fireman has become the threat of this fireman for money off your business. we're older perhaps takes them back to
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the for the feel friend of 984 where 8 organizations were even be denied by different forces into literally saving lives. there are many, many people who are facing who shortage. the un tells us 91 percent of the population are so great in the field. they are still facing emergency aid, close to 1000000 people are starving or facing famine. according to the u. s. this is a cs us it gets unless something is done. people are going to be, we need, we fix it and we're going to be seeing all the major 50. okay. is there another dynamic here? possibly, samuel and i have no desire to put words into your mouth, but it seems to me that if you eject aid agencies and if you stop the relevant united nations agencies getting into any region that's going through what to cry is going through. you also stop word getting out because if those 8 workers go in,
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they sometimes regularly come out with stories of what's really going on inside a region like to grow. to be honest to the credits of the job and government, they have allowed lots of media to go to the great region and have unlimited access . i've been to that part of the field, this a great region with international media. we've been able to interview money plus the wanted and so the creators of the team. but this takes its job as really going to that all you know, where the country was in terms of not being able to feed its citizens. and this has to take an international response who really, really hard to solve, what's happening before i, because people are facing not just food for a short age, but people are really facing fireman. and i think it's not just the job site that needs to. busy you know, give access, i mean they're there,
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i'm sure they're trying their best. but i think all sides need to understand the people are really, really starving. you don't have to go to the villages of the said, right? to understand what's happening, you can also go to mckelly and see lots of people are facing was sort of age. and i think there has to be a beginning of an understanding that unless something is done, an action is taken. we're going back to the old d r, and that's not really the best interest of anyone both in this company that has been going on since november of last year. so i'm you. thank you so much samuel, could touch i there talking to an e. c. o, p and based journalists and i was above ok, let's go back to that other big story coming to send to the state. american politicians have voted to repeal the 2002 in 1991 law that paved the way for the wars in iraq in 19912003. the laws of also been used by the u. s. take further military accident, syria and elsewhere. the us president joe biden,
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encouraging lawmakers to vote to revoke the laws back now to kimberly, how can white house correspondent presidents since 1991 haven't had an issue with this legislation? kimberly, so what's the, what's the big deal for the biden administration? well, the bottom line is that americans are war weary and they're not too happy with the way that this law has been interpreted, interpreted rather by many presidents prior to the current one, joe biden. bottom line is what's been happening just to give you some context and this is important to us president can't declare war. it can't, he can't tell her, she can't. women ultimately may happen just in beta country. and because of what's necessary to the us constitution is for congress to approve that. so what we're talking about here is the authorization of military force by congress. we've got one from 991 and another one from 2002 that many have criticized and argued has
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been interpreted by president the commander in chief very broadly because the laws were written broadly and were not targeted to specific geographical locations. and so that's given presidents kind of a wide swath to be able to do a lot of things that are not really in the spirit of these authorization. so what we've got now is the biden administration tried to change that because as we heard from the us president would now if the withdrawal of us troops in afghanistan, if he wants to end the so called forever wars that have really taken place because of the some abuses if you will of these authorizations so we have a. c one of the members of the bio ministration recently appealing to the senate for relations committee seems they won that argument that look what's needed. moving forward is not only to repeal the current authorizations but also to put in place new ones that are targeted specific to a mission. and it seems that these senators and the 4 relations committee have
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a great to that. and so this is really what we're watching is the 1st step of the biden administration, trying to change how the u. s. military footprint looks moving forward as an adjustment strategy in the sort of post half gather stan realm. knowing now that the threats are as the u. s. president has repeatedly, not just enough data stem, but in other areas of the globe as well. kimberly many things, kimberly, how could they reporting for us again from the white house south of the board, the mexican government suing us gun makers for negligence. after saying at least $17000.00 homicides can be traced back to american weapons. some of the biggest names in guns are being sued, including colton. smith and wesson. the government says the gun makers directly affecting the lives of mexicans. john holeman is correspondent tracking that story for us. this as with mexico city, john. hi there. why is the government bringing this lawsuit against these companies? what, what are they spending accused of what the mexican
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foreign minister says is that these come, these big companies, basically washing their hands once they sell their guns and say we've got no responsibility for where they end up. and the mexican government is claiming that, in fact, they do, it's actually the mexican government and the met, some foreign minister came out and said these companies are actually making guns. the 2 that have features, especially to appeal to met cannot codes in terms of the, the way they work. and even the aesthetic of the guns it says as well that it could be disciplining that, distributers to work out where the guns are going to prevent them. from falling into the hands of makes can criminals, that it should could be doing marketing campaigns of both sides. the border against the illegal arms trade. the word that he repeatedly used and his lawyers was negligence on the, in the hands of these gun makers. they should be doing more to make sure the mexican criminals don't end up with these arms. but even if it works, john,
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will this stop the flow of american made weaponry across the border into mexico? i actually asked that question directly to the met, confirm administer in a briefing that you have just before this announcement came out and he said, well no, this is part of it. it's a big part of it because they cool this and i, and really half a 1000000 guns. they say come to mexico every year. and he says if they try to stop the schools or at least regulated with these companies, so it will have an impact. but there's another part of it and it's something that we've seen we've gone out to investigate. and that's the fact that when you go from the united states into mexico, the checks a minimal that you really that border is incredibly porous and you can quite easily get across without your vehicle even being searched. we've actually talked to alms truck is working for the lower car so that, so you don't really have to hide the guns that much to get them across. or you
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don't even have to bribe a lot of times the mix can migration officials or customs officials to get those guns into mexico. so that has to be part of it. what he said to me is that they're also developing a plan for that in terms of putting drones and other restrictions on the board that they're going to be also talking more about. but he's been saying that for a couple of years now. so let's see what happens, but this step which the mexican government is calling unprecedented, is at least part of an initiative of something that they've been looking to talk and looking to be the united states government as well to tackle for some time. now, john, thanks so much john, home and correspondent, the report in life for the news of mexico city. me and his health ministry says the corona virus pandemic. there is still quotes raging and is far from over. on tuesday, casey is rose by more than 42000. that's a 40 percent increase on the previous day,
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but millions of people do not have health insurance. and they're struggling to pay medical bills. pathname natal reports now from new delhi. hi. find the law sort of shut my recorded this message after spending a month on a ventilator. he needed a medical device to help him, but it was a major milestone in his school by 1900. 32, like however, as his condition improved and he returned home, his family faced another dilemma. paying off the $50000.00 in medical bill. after spending all their savings, they borrowed from friends, family, and the bank. still short bit onto a popular fundraising site and raised $30000.00 since all of a still unable to walk or interact with people. his family has rented a separate home for him with 24 hour care financially medical laws who are financially we lost money because of the medical. we lost our income and had
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a new expenses. on top of it. we have interest on low, but it was a very horrible. let me call you. as i talk to you most i have lost my son. i used to feel like i had almost lost my son almost every day. i used to feel that i get the bad news one by that up. what is it all had them and ended up most indians don't have health insurance faced with a mountain of debt. you dakota, $19000.00, sought help online, and have collectively res, nearly $200000000.00. since the pandemic started during the record breaking 2nd wave online donations, increased fulford, this was a collective study empathy, and i only interview. and luckily because of the digital right now in the internet penetration in yet i now to source the media, we become more bad about what is happening in the spends less than 2 percent of its
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g. d p on health care. and as public hospitals became inundated during the peak of the 2nd wave, many people were forced into private care. and the cost of life saving drugs and medical equipment in short supply also shot up for the last 20 years. but definitely not yet. i've been active in markets and i've been being game on the market, but i would be at the beginning, the job later dodging i in a bit to restart the economy, restrictions had east across the country, but the lockdown has pushed millions into poverty with a terrible hardware, moving large, many states have made arrangements to increase hospital bed and improve oxygen supplied. but ex, let's say that even if the next search is my, it's economic and social costs will be disproportionately high 1000. and i'll just
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be around new delhi. while the global pandemic kept many of us, uni consumers, indoors and online shopping for anything and everything that's in itself caused a backlog of items arriving at united states ports up and on both coasts of the u. s. and the price of shipping goods worldwide has gone up as rob reynolds and reports from los angeles. the effects can be felt from the corporate board room to the kitchen table. it's a container ship traffic jam, the twin ports of los angeles in long beach, the biggest in the western hemisphere are hacked with giant ships bringing a flood of consumer goods from asia in terms of the amount of cargo coming in. we have not seen anything like it. we've broken records here, month after month after month. that the port of los angeles ship traffic here is up 50 percent over 2019. and it's not just here in california all around the world
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from rotterdam to singapore. a surgeon export is putting a major strain on global supply chains and it's network of ships and containers. it's crunch time really in the container terminals as they struggle to get imports out when the exports in the reason cove at 19 per month, us consumers or under lockdown, cooped up at home with nowhere to go. so they went online and started buying stuff like crazy. instead of going to the movies or using their just scenary income on travel or airline tickets, vacation, baseball games, americans started spending the spending spree was super charged by trillions and u. s. government payments and there was really a few why this provided by the american politicians to the
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american consumers that the set basically the trans pacific, trailing on fire, people are buying ports are busy economically. that seems like a good thing. but as with everything else in life, there is no such thing as a free lunch. the search has led importers and ex borders to compete with one another for scarce vessels and containers. driving up the price of shipping prices are up 300 to 500 percent across the board. and who do you think will pay in the end? you've probably guessed it. it's really a significant increase in there's going to be a trickle down effect from this price increase into consumer prices. pandemonium in the port and in the supply chain. better get ready for higher prices and scanty, or supplies. rob reynolds al jazeera at the port of los angeles, still ahead here on the to 0 and use the sports news with santa we get some thought
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comes out as the 1st to pick champion of the post. you've seen both era ah, brought to you by accenture, that there be change the use with
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me duties by extension. let there be change. oh. a candidate and a the glass is the limpid 200 meter champion. is the 1st time since 2004 that anyone other than you sam bolt has won the gold medal. the 100 meter bronze med list that was said coming out of the bank. but he, how passed the field to win with the personal best time of 19.62 2nd
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friend to sidney mac laughlin that broke her own 400 meter hurdles. well, the reco setting and new time of 51.46 seconds laughlin says at the speed of the track helped every time you step on the track, there's seems to be some sort of record broken. so it's really cool to be a part of that. and kind of just push the boundaries of what's possible for us. and definitely say it would. it's a fast track. you can feel a difference, you know, being mondo and everything. i don't know how to really describe it. a lot of people talked about the shoes, but i do think it's just one of those tracks. it gives you that energy right back and pushes your policy forward. japan has continued this dominant at the skateboarding with 19 year old, the usa, so me winning goals. and the women 12 year old at 3 made to a quick one here, rocky winning silver host. have one more than half the metals available in the new
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sport, 13 year old, which is favorite tie, brown taken home. bron decide you. i won gold because i enjoyed the competition. i had so much fun. i did all the tricks altogether. the relaxed atmosphere was the key so that you, i won the silver medal because i wasn't nervous. i really enjoyed being here and trying to do all metrics. and same to be here. i mean, sicker like one of my best friends cook. i'm really good friend too. and being on the podium together. is it so? i mean it's, it's so crazy. on a marcella corner of brazil has taken golden. the women san kilometer madison swimming racy, 29 year old finishing and the time of 159 minutes and 50 point. 8 seconds greece half pulled out of the artistic swimming competition off the fall of they're
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actually tested positive for coroner virus. the entire team were transferred out of the olympic village because of health protocols. poland, 2 time world champion, alexandra slob, has ever women's olympic rec, holding fees, climbing with a time of 6.97 seconds now only missing the world of record italy, men's team pursue that. have sets a new world record. the end develops on world champions. them up couldn't hold on to the early deed and were beating on the line for gold. and george's lasha tele has won a weight lifting gold with a world record breaking display and the plus 109 kilogram cloth. he lifted a total of 488 kilograms of competitors from iran, and syria took silver and bronze respectively alembic, host, the nation to pan, have beaten off rival, south korea. 5 to the semifinals of the olympic baseball. competition depend,
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opened the scoring. and the inning the then book their place and the gold medal game with 3 runs coming the 8th inning. and it was just a report from tokyo. the sport is a national obsession, and hopes are high for a home gold medal. when elim pick organizes since japan, if there were any sports they'd like to add for the tokyo games. facebook was an immediate and obvious answer. it's the most played and watched game here. and it's back in the olympics for the 1st time since 2008, pull them about demoya hardy kids can watch the olympics and then dream about becoming a pro player 10 years on from these games. i think there will be more kids. you want to compete in the lympics off major events like this is so important for boosting the number of children playing baseball. well, it's been difficult to keep playing because the pandemic, but i'm very happy that impacts went ahead. i can't go and watch the baseball,
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but least i can see it on tv. and american teacher 1st introduce baseball to students in tokyo in the late 19th century. japan's own professional teams and lead soon followed a morning trip to the batting cage. it's a way of life for many in japan, the country now produce some of the world's best pictures and he says with many playing north america's majorly baseball competition. but the m o bay has refused to release any players for these. let's take, including japan's biggest star show, hey o tarney o tony's absence is one of the reasons baseball won't be returning for the paris games in 2024. limping bosses won't help players to make themselves available and more global participation. if that happens, the sport could be back to the 202018 pix in los angeles, in the 1990 take o says who key became the 1st japanese to play in the top us women's league. she says it's the perfect sport for any boy or girl to take up nugget that port. betty
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was steady as she daddy, you need to. so catch back run. there's so many elements and so much you need to practice. it's a complex sport. it isn't as popular in europe and not many teams subbing part in diesel, and i hope it will be back to the games. if baseball does catch any more countries, the still a chance these young players will one day get their own shot at an olympic metal. and the richardson al jazeera tokyo, the australian mans rugby 7 fan football teams that could face functions or after spot trashing rooms at the olympic village. then being drunk and disorderly on the fight flight home from tokyo. they were loud and disruptive to other members of the flight and that they failed to respond to requests made for them to do whatever they needed to do on the flight. and then
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there was also the issue of at least one person being sick in the toilet. and leaving that inoperable for the remainder of the flight. i think this appropriate ways to release the unquestionable tension and stress that's involved with the campaign. but it's completely inappropriate to behave that way on the plane negation, into a podium protest by us shot, put a raven on this has been a temporary suspended the following. the death of her mother overnight, saunders broke olympic rules after claiming the silver medal on monday and she formed an ex with her wrist on the podium. she said it was to represent where the oppressed meet and also is what for me, i handed back to pizza. santa thanks so much talk to later, i'm sure, last one, use one of you want to on the website, the address that's out there,
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dot com. mariam is up next from the shop in london for me, pete, adobe, and the evening crew here in the hall. thanks for watching. we'll have another couple of news for you from tomorrow. 15 g p a ah, ah ah ah, ah, the crime that shook japan, or people get killed on one occasion in as bloody a massacre as this was, attracts a lot of report. there was just a current drum. who did it? we did it. we did it. a hasty conviction that led to the world's longest hell, the throw prisoner and his sisters 47 year long battle to save him from execution.
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witness. come out. japan's death row on a jazzy into north korea isolated and heavily sanction yet earning billions around the globe bureau. 39 is involved in everything that makes money for korea. they carry different passwords, say, contacts, and the money this year. and it goes straight into the coffers of leadership, a to park, people empower investigation, bureau, $39.00 cache for kim park, one on jesse era. it's the case biggest hospital with eventual capacity for 4000 covet 19 patients built inside a london conference center. it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites are under way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised
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researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now, trying to close, extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than any one thought. ah, at a day to make the names of more than $200.00 victims are read aloud as bay wrote marks one year since the poor explosion that tool through the heart of lebanon's capital . a tragedy is amplified a deeper economic and social crisis in the country where testers take to the streets to express their fury and anguish. ah, hello, i'm.


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