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all around came final to be brave enough and candid enough in that press conference tried afterwards to not say i had a slight injury, but to say, i'm going to focus on my mental health. it's something that sent us a really positive message to lots of other athletes that these are lympics. and subsequently she has been active in talking to fans on social media about her to get her mind and body back in sync cache. she's also been very visible around the athletes village and the competition venue supporting her other teammates. and now he's, she's back doing what she needs, what she does best winning that bronze medal in what could well be the final olympic performance of her, of her amazing korea. ah, the headlines on al jazeera, off gone, security forces are expected to launch a large scale operation to clear the southern city of las scar golf from taliban fighters. at least 200000 people living in the capital of helman,
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province have been told to leave. the city tells me that they will play and have a message to the honorable people of laska and brothers and sisters. we will be fighting, please evacuate your families from all those houses where taliban are even in the neighbourhood when it will be very hard fighting. we will not leave the taliban alive at any cost. i know it will be very hard for you and it was also a hard decision for me to. i don't want to hurt my people, but i'm fighting for my people. i fight for the brothers and sisters of my homeland and for your future. please forgive us if you get to the place and please evacuate as soon as possible from all those areas where the taliban will come, but we will be targeting all those areas. when the temperature is above 40 degrees celsius, are fighting 7 wildfires in turkey along the mediterranean and a g and coast. at least 8 people have now died in the region in the past week. and in italy, the coastal cities of catania pescadero have been hit by wildfires. resident on
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tourists have been evacuated to safety, but the fires continue to burn. cruise say they face hundreds of flare ups and populated areas during the past few days. a bell, a russian activist who was reported missing, has been found dead in ukraine's capital vitality. she should lead a key of based non profit organization that helps beller, rich and fleeting persecution. the n g o has called his death a planned operation, abraham or e. c. has been officially endorsed as iran next presidents by the supreme later on . if i'm in a, at a ceremony in tech run that you see promise to take steps to lift what he described as tyrannical sanctions imposed by the us. and the u. s. has returned more than 17000 looted treasures to iraq, dating back 4000 years. most of the ancient artifacts were stolen after the us led invasion of iraq in 2003. those are the headlines coming up next to now just 0 is the stream. from talk to al jazeera, we roam,
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did you want the un to take? and his stop to we listen, see the whole infrastructure in guys being totally destroyed. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on our sierra. ah, i am from the okay today on the stream we are going to be talking about via lympics from now through to september, we're going to see some of the best athletes and power athletes in the world. competing in the tokyo 202011 pick games. but there is a dock side to this massive sporting event, and that is where i'm taking you today. have a look at these pictures protestors in tokyo, protesting about what is going on inside the stadium. and we'll be going on for the next couple of weeks. a falling of a growing anti olympics movement, i guess we'll take deeper into this movement and tell us so much more. hello and
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welcome to jewels a mirror and also taylor so great to have you here on the stream to please introduce yourself. tell everybody who do well, i want you to. my name is jules, boy, cough and i teach politics at pacific university in oregon and author of 4 books about the olympic games. most recently. no libyans, inside the strike against capitalists, mega sports in los angeles, tokyo and b on get to have you. hello, and welcome to the stream. introduce yourself type global audience. my name's aaron davis. i'm a assistant professor of history and african american studies at penn state. is that the intersection of race, gender, sports, and politics? i'm submitting my 1st book. how can the metal, the lives in labours of black women athletes in the jim krauss, them also the co host of the feminist sports podcast? burn it all down. so great to have you and i taylor, welcome to the stream. introduce yourself to our us. hi there. my name's taylor car, and i'm an activist in an organizer with no one picks l a and los angeles. all
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right, great to have he guess i just wanted to something just to, to have a look at all 3 of you and see where you stand as far as the limits is concerned. all right, so let me just ask taylor at a mirror. if you could make this to carolyn picks, the very last one. would you taylor in a heartbeat. oh, i didn't even say i was not hobby. i mean if you can like tokyo, 2020 does very know a little bit games. would you? absolutely. as we currently understand it to be the olympics. but i'm more for what can we put in place? interesting, jose if, if you could make this a lympics this current summer lympics the very last one of its kind. would you do that? just like dr. davis, if you have the olympics as they are now, they need to go, no question about it. all right, so let me ask you audience. if you're watching on youtube,
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you can be part of this show. woo, do you think the olympic should be abolished? a comment section is right there. you can be part of today's discussion. please join us. i mean we're, i am looking on your twitter feed and you are posting about the lympics or you can make page because i'm also posting about the brakes to what's going on here. yeah, no, i'm not conflicted, because for me i always try to center the voices of people athletes active as people on the ground. and the way i hold space for that is to think about how athletes are navigating the institutions that was problem with. and those institutions are the same institutions that were critiquing in terms of displacement. and some of these other claimed that the big spring in so for me, if you're keeping your lighting or fire under the fee of the i o. c or national federation is big governing body is the institutions that are absolutely promoting
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these inequities. then you do that in multiple ways and for me that connection is through both ashley activism, protest, navigating these structures as well as what is being done outside and around and to mobilize against the games. and they think that there's a way that we even economize it when athletes themselves tend to spectrum with well, and i'm all for math if anybody knows me knows and for math in kind of chaos. but i think sometimes you've got to get a little murky to actually deal with some of these hard questions. there was a sign i saw in the protest in tokyo believe it was july. the 21st jewels and lympics kill the poor. can you make a connection between that fine and the reality of what happens to house countries and the places where the lympics are being held to make that sign sound? credible?
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sure, well 1st of all, the sign is credible. the olympics tend to bring out the very best in olympic athletes and at the same time, the very worst in the whole city. and one of the ways that it brings out the worst is the way that the city treats the poor residents of that city as they get ready for the olympic games. and in city after olympic city, the poor folks of the town are marginalized, they're often forcibly evicted from where they live. i've seen it with my own 2 eyes as a researcher in both london around the london, 2012 games. i also lived in rio de janeiro and 20152016 where i worked with for valid communities that were getting forcibly evicted for the game. so there's true to that sign, no question. i'm just looking here. so headline homeless people told they have no place in tokyo and then picks that, that from july, the 22nd. so the, the most latest iteration of what happens to people who are on house,
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they don't have any way to go. so let me just bring you in here from ally because you are being an actress and i lay against the upcoming olympic games. as the pushback i want to hear that from you, but 1st i'm going to talk about l. a. and also atlanta, the experiences from those 2 cities here i commenters and at the end of it, please pick up one of the main reasons. the advocates and activists in los angeles, oppose the olympics, is because of the impact that has on the on house community. we have 60000 and house in los angeles, and the last time the olympics came in, the city use that as a reason to displace to criminalize and to remove people from the street. in preparation for the 96 olympics, nearly 9000 atlanteans were taken off the streets and placed in the atlanta city detention center. we know that this was to make atlanta look like it didn't have
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a homelessness problem. the olympics should be investing, creating long term resources and opportunities for growth inside a post communities, not making existing problems worse. yeah, well unfortunately, to your earlier point about the fine and they went to killing the poor as a activist myself in the on house work that's very necessary here in los angeles, that's kind of hard to no one picks because we started realizing my partner and i but at the apex of all this work is the looming 2020 olympic games. already we see that a lot of real estate speculation and an a ramp up of enforcement of homelessness and stuff like that around the city is being used with the olympics as a bit of a cover. even just this week, city council passed the new ordinance that basically criminalizes existing and public space in any forms with additional caveats that can be voted on and made even more severe by certain counsel persons in certain spaces in their own district
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. and unfortunately, this is just the beginning. i myself, i live in echo park. and this year in april we saw a very violent displacement of a community of about 200 people that were staying in the park. they had established this community with co bid. there were not any evictions or anything like that. and then all of a sudden you know, dozens of l. a. p d officers came in in the middle, the night pulled, amenities, communities, but a big fence and have given them very little place to go, especially not really any permanent place. so yeah, unfortunately it's very present and we're already seeing and happening here in los angeles for the 2028 games and to connect it to atlanta. you know, it's been decades since the atlanta games and we can see the scars on this community still. and the way that those promises for me, i see never really came to bear much fruit. me go to youtube gas and put some of the thoughts from you to comment. as of right to you jose, you take this one, says it's a huge waste of money and time jaws from that one. well,
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there is no question that the olympics have become a massive boon dog all. it, we've seen in a lympics after olympics, where bitter say it's only going to cost x amount of dollars, but when the game's actually roll around, it's why and it's many times that tokyo as a prime example, 7 point $3000000000.00. it was supposed to cost, and now it costs well, probably around $3050.00. what would it be fed at? they also had to deal with a global pandemic. and of course, but i know science, but i take your point. no, but actually yes, that's a great point, but it was already about 28000000000 according to a japanese audit before the pandemic, lacquered on another few bill. yeah. so that. alright, let me put this one to you. this is from evening. it's fine. haven't lympics for the pick committee should or must, which is the expenses about to build new stadiums. could that solve problems?
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i mean that would just be it. that would absolutely just be a band aid, and it's a good gesture, but it's not like part of the infrastructure we're talking about here just to give a little bit of historical context. there was a report that came out from housing equity group in switzerland that estimated that from the 88 games and saw to the 2008 games and losing roughly 2000000 people were displeased. and that's just coming the summer olympics. that is a massive number. it's also about the militarization. it's also about the way that profit is centered over health of communities of athlete of you know, everybody in the infrastructure of these institutions. and so on one hand, yes, you have these macro stadiums, and that's a huge problem. you saw this like you said in the world cup, of course with like soccer stadiums built in places that in min now where people can never get to again. but you also have this about housing,
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you have this in terms of what is left after the games go, especially in terms of policing and those resources that don't just leave that community. and those are the, all the things that makes it so harmful. and i just want to add a point here about why the olympic, why this seems like such a hard question. there's a thing called sport watch sports, a seductive, it draws a thin, you talked about how we're enjoying the olympics because these package narrative. and when you talk about city saying, hey, we want to host the games, right? they're relying on this like fan fair around the romanticism of the olympics to drum up lay support to bring this in line their own pocket. and that's a lot of the reason sport itself that we're having this seeming tension between something people enjoy in something that so destructive taylor. let me show you the new norms. it's a game changer. this is from the international impact committee. it feels like they
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are aware they are, they are not immune to the criticism. they know they are being criticized. they have had scandal off the scandal of the scandal. how we look here, that this is what they are saying. the complexity, the risk, the waste, the cost delivering the limpid games. it's going to be much more value. there's going to be flexibility that we partnership efficiency, sustainability. that's the new norms. it's against change. the i see a very punny here. alright. it's what i want to do here is to take you tailor to the map of brisbin who was really pump top about how the gains when they, when they come to present they're going to be different. they're going to be cheaper. and brisbin can handle age, have listened to the for his van is a place that has been for a lot. it's been for natural disasters in floods. but it always had that determined sphere and ambition. and today it is brisbin time to sean. this is
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a new era for britain, but also a new era for the olympic movement as well. we are so excited with this new model, lower cost game, supervising the benefit is going to be so great for our city region and outside taylor. that may look sincere, i'm sure he believes he sincere. unfortunately, i fear that that determines spirit that he's talking about is probably more in line with the real estate interest in bis brisbin. considering that this bid process was basically a closed bid process. when they came to awarded to paris and to los angeles 420-2428 respectively. even though there weren't really a lot of other competitors, there were many other cities that were willing to bring the limpid games into their environment and the awarding of these games in 20. 32 is setting a new precedent for how far out these games are being awarded and how few people are involved in these bids, especially in the community. in fact,
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with our analysis in no one picks, we feel like in order for a bid to even get to olympic consideration at this point, there has to be quite a bit of backdoor wheeling and dealing with all sorts of different developers and people that kind of want to carve up these communities in the name of real estate and other really disgustingly moneyed interests. that's why wonder why we say we're no olympics and not like reform olympics. again, these colonel impacts have to be abolished as they are. all right, let me bring in doctor session mark this comment is see you jose. when we're looking at reform dot special mark is skeptical that that even could be possible for the lympics. if she is is long as there are billions of dollars to be made. it's very likely that it's going to be realistic. that might be one of the few tools that could eventually on
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and then becomes a where are the forms and are individual viewers and individual people ready to make those doing sacrifices in order to bring about change. really interesting point there. it actually relates to the new norms because part of the problem is that the international limpid committee does a lot of fancy graphics and a lot of big statements from behind press conference, podium. but the reality doesn't really change that much. they have the do norms, they have the olympic agenda 2020. but the changes that they actually make tend to benefit the international impact committee and don't address the issues that we've been talking about today. so the militarization of public space, the poor treatment of the on how's the forced gentrification displacement of people that live in the city that won't be able to ever afford a ticket to the olympics the over spending the green washing. and so i think that a, possibly a consumer boycott could have some kind of effect. but wow,
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it's really difficult to marshal that kind of support for a consumer boycott, especially when you think about it this way, that the olympians are essentially workers, their worker athletes within an unjust system. and so to abandon the olympics and not to support those athletes is actually to kind of leave them in the cold in a particular way. just one final quick point on this that i think it's important context is that are important study came out from ryerson university that compared the revenues that athletes from places like the national basketball association, the english premier league of soccer football, the national hockey league make compared to olympians in those other leagues, the athletes got between 45 and 60 percent of the revenues olympians. they got 4 point one percent. and so there's a lot of justice to be done for these athletes. and i'm not sure exactly, just boycotting is going to help them in any kind of way. i mean, i am worried that we are leaving the athletes out of this conversation. they're busy right now over there. no one's got time to be on the stream right now,
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but the entire movement for abolishing the games as we know them. where to the athletes come into that conversation though they have to be central to it. is there a limit games? well, i think jewels is right on by talking about labor right to be able to understand athletic labor as labor means that we can have a conversation or we'll talk about workers and guitar, who are building world cup stadiums farewell. shouldn't be there. we can talk about the labor of athletes within the system, then we can connect it instead of talking in silence. i mean, sometimes that will come to a point where it feels like you're working in opposite ways. but i think that one of the things that we know is many athletes. i've talked to many athletes even leading up to these games who wanted to talk about covered concerns and not just about their health and safety. but hearing activists on the ground, i talked to many athletes after rio who said, hey, we saw with our own eyes this, this disruption already. and that's putting them in the position now where they're
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saying who, what do we do from our labor? and how can these federation and how might we collaborate and raise some of these issues? and i think that it's usually intersection or kind of collaboration that feels intuitively like it doesn't work. but i actually think there's a lot of fruitfulness in that intersection because athletes are absolutely some of the people who are pushing the ios, the most on a range of issues. and i'll see me all hands on deck with them for multiple angles . and i think that there is a lot of fruitfulness in the convergence of interest. certainly for many athletes, this remains a place that becomes very important, politically becomes very important, visibly it becomes financially stable for them. but as dr. boy mentioned that is not lucrative for very many people. and part of the concern that they're talking
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about, what i'll see is the way that it breaks down it exploits their labor. it leaves them for me, for a variety of reasons, very harmed in that harm is what we can center and build off of to talk about the larger harm as well. they're absolutely integral part of the conversation. i don't know if i could just jump in there. yeah. yeah. i think now is the exact moment to have those kind of conversations that dr. davis is pointing about with athletes. because for the tokyo 2020 olympics, all the participating athletes were essentially forced to sign a waiver that said in black and white letters, that if they die of corona virus or from heat exhaustion that they cannot hold olympic organizers liable. tokyo bound to athletes, share that wave with me. well in advance and was like, whoa, this thing is scary. you know, they signed plenty of waivers over the course of their life. but that really jumped out to them that the international committee does not have their interests at heart . and there are so many athletes now that are in that position. and they are
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organizing, there's a group called global athlete. there's a group called the athletics association of track athletes that are independent bodies that are actually organized right now. so that's really exciting for athletes. i agree they need to have a bigger seat at the table. let's abolish the i o. c. and replace them with critical thinking athletes, and we can learn long ways and fixing this marriage. but i'll saying, i'm laughing taylor's off in the i was see that i was going to say that little bit like spector in janesville and a huge organization, an incredibly wealthy. that is a very old james bond reference. let me show you here on my laptop. because i guess we are seeing a lot of comments on youtube about the lympics. it's kind of a waste of money. let's have a look back. a half ends up and spend almost 15000000000 over it's time budget of 1600000 for the 2004 summer lympics. this is the rowing center for it. looks like now ish and show you one more in the pool.
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this is side. it is really sad looking at this. i'm going to try one more idea and share it with you. and it comes from john, have a listen, have a look at so my idea been pushing this around for a number of years now, the hub, a permanent site. now the advantages would be you had to help fix course, you wouldn't need urban renewal every 4 years. and major cities often that involve displacement of population. we saw this in real, we saw this in atlanta, and we saw this in big ging for hundreds of thousands of people were displaced at to provide the room for this. the stadiums which a number of dom continue to languish post olympics o at taylor lympics coming back in 2028. if there was a permanent fight, would you then be pro lympics?
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unfortunately, if the i o c, as they exist is involved in any capacity, i can't really endorse any sort of consistent john, a lot of people to point to athens, which was historically the home of the very original olympic games as a potential me to know that but you could see there's so much devastation there. they went over budget. and honestly, if the i o c was interested in building responsible supporting permanent infrastructure, they would have done so already. that's not really how the, the operates. and unfortunately, the olympic system is such an ongoing, gripped from city to city as they bounce around to the hosting sites. and it's integral that they come to these places. they sort of carve up real estate interest and stuff like that for outside interest. and they, they pull a lot of money out of the cities and again, like if they really wanted to exist somewhere permanently, they probably would have done it already because there's a good chance it would get the l in pics to this much longer. so you've traveled to
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so many olympic house cities, the idea of a permanent home for the lympics is that just fantasy? unfortunately, it is. and it's again because of the international olympic committee, just a few weeks back, i had the good fortune of debating. mano a mano with the longest serving member of the international olympic committee, a gentleman by the name of richard pound, and this very idea came up. it is circulating out there, and mister pound is blew it off, had 0 interest in it whatsoever. the international committee believes spreading the gospel of olympus around the world and that locating the games in a single city would undermine that. so if you want to abolish the i o c 1st, which was kind of be original, suggested that i made, that might get you on the path to perhaps putting them in one city. but like you said, it's not even clear athens would want them after the debacle. last time. some people have suggested allows on switzerland, where the international impact committee is based. that might be a possibility, but still it's a long shot. it's interesting cuz we have rich
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a pound on the stream a couple of weeks ago and he was telling us how safe the olympics were going to be, particularly when we're talking about cov it. so we remember him from, from that show. we also reach out to the i o c to be on this particular discussion about, should we be abolishing rethinking really big games and understandably, they wanted nothing to do with this conversation. all right, taylor, i shouldn't really law rivera and george, thank you so much. instagram. and, and the audience you're watching on youtube, appreciate your questions and your thoughts. i'll see you next time. take everybody ah cruise
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