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tv   [untitled]    August 2, 2021 8:30am-9:01am AST

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made control as part of an organization that lobbied for the band. she sees it as part of a larger push to focus on long term sustainability. all of that would be done not to ship to focus away from accommodating tourism to really fulfilling the needs of the local residents who dip and also the value of a versity of the lagoon. and on the well being of the whole environment. here the venice rose as a commercial power health centuries ago to the great benefit of its people, finding a balance that keeps coffers full and residents from fleeing will take more than banning cruise ships from its waters. adarine al jazeera venice. ah, this is algebra. these are all top stories: afghan forces fighting st battles against the taliban and 3 cities. kandaher airport has been hit by rockets. the runway has been repaired but there are still no flights. the security situation is fragile and laska guard and the taliban
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inside the city center. the army and army reinforcements have been deployed in herat, says to ask for the facing attacks and multiple places. most worrying, i think for the african government, those the fighting continues within the walls of kandahar city in a number of areas in kandahar city, we understand that they've been as strikes that by the african air force overnight. now the african military, we didn't have a response from the taliban saying that 35 taliban were killed over night. the other very worrying figure we have which comes from dr. mir weiss hospital is that 18 people were injured overnight including women and children. 3 dead said the civilian casualties. continue to mount. limp committee says veneration olympian. christina, a teaspoon, as guy is safe in the hands of japanese authorities, who has her lim pick team trying to force her to leave japan. after she publicly
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criticized her coaches. mexicans voted in a referendum which if path could lead to investigations of 5 former presidents. more than 40 percent of registered voters must take part for the results to be binding. thousands of brazilians have been rallying and several cities in support of president javel scenario. backing his proposal for paper ballots replaced electronic voting for next year's election. the speaker of unit is frozen parliament, russia gunners. she has been transferred to a military hospital. the 8 year old of heads of the parliaments, large as party and order. he spends a weekend hospital last month after contracting cove at 19 and the us and u care accusing iran of attacking and israeli oil tanker. they say a drone was used off the coast of amman on thursday, killing 2 people update now with all the headlines, more news here on out to 0 after 11 east. something was going to change as anything
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really changed. this is systemic violin that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a race against the barrier. know what to say. we are all saying we're looking at the world as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the details, the bottom line when i was just there on the for hyper just for, for lies and elicit market for the rich and powerful i was needing special work undercover. just yours investigative unit exposes the inner workings of key players in the murky underbelly of football finance. he's a part you need to sell something in addition, has been said that you can make an innocent disappear. i have many of it takes like the brazen example i've seen the man who so football coming soon on. i just you know with his wife, sand beaches and rolling waves. the tropical island of high none has been dug. china, hawaii, home,
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and sheds your day to the chinese president. he's in ping has a very different vision for the island province and on. so you might see a free trade shopping in business, mecca to rival hong kong. what does the development mean? lived here for generation. i was, i had some other things i went to investigate the transformation of hi me. i the missile below the mainland in china. c,
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hina, new tires protocol, power died in the you lose here in 2007. attracted by the uniform surf teaches as laid back, like i don't know why the direction where i want to go in my journey. she's part of a growing services. community surfing is like the energetic young spirit for high and i'm bringing a lot more personality for tours come here and they will have more things to do as well. i will also help to improve the economy for high 9. i'm low. so if there is more people like to serve, and that means there is more people aware, more about loving our ocean protect our environment. the 10s of millions of tourists now floppy and each year doth. you'd have to
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find secret sports to escape the crowns. you don't want to serve some were those to bring it so this the i just a few kilometers away like to school fishing, port of she took it home to the tucker community, a group known as c no. these days he stated them boats. they live in a schooling or village over the water. i shell have family has lived here the generations, davis. i me the merger. so i do. oh yeah, i know shell rado a $100.00 fine. just to have with me here
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a little hard to message in misses one quarter of a 100 but the counters, ancient way of life is changing. a developing tourism industry is trusting young tuckers like shallow hay away from fishing. daughter your daughter shall have uncle leon and his family are trying to keep the communities traditions alive. he lived with his wife 9 year old mother and 3 grandchildren in this health built over the water leah and used to be a fisherman. but as he got older,
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he could no longer venture out to fish in the thing. we started breeding group 3 years ago. you ah ah, but the last year has been difficult if you can help me on june is the eldest of 3 grandchildren. after school, she helped the grand for dinner. she hoped to get good grains if he
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got out and show him what i think i don't play if i can play down. okay. kelly no. in chandler, i'll just use the in the family. making a living is never easy, but there were even biggest threats ahead for those who remain here. the local government is planning to demolish the floating village to make way for tourism infrastructure. one 3rd of it has already disappeared. don't tell me about, you know, i use hands on his own. i was, i was a woman you me will be with you. well,
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he just want to know who to the door over there with you. this is the only has allowed me to you meet him with leon firmly, faith not only losing their home but their only source of income. the local government posted a demolition notice on the wall several months ago with land and property prices skyrocketing across the island. the future is uncertain. as the hours acting, i bought bold the
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show a hay gave up fishing to fairy tours on large bo was still don't go with those who believe who was going to leave you a little while and open me . ah, he takes tours through restaurants on the water where they can eat 1st thing, food and see the trunk is floating physicians use and i love another good golf. i don't, i don't know if you wanna bug
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you and i don't know if this is the, the tune village is a world away from how the chinese government envisages high as the biggest free trade zone in the world. i the government says the ambitious plan behind being on the scene by president cian ping himself by cutting taxes and towers. the aim is to make heinen a free trade hub. so passing hong kong katy
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chin down. so you'll see who one who what you decide on free trade port is actually designed directed by president. she and it is one of the largest free trade for property in war and southern the largest in china . so i think the plan is to show you a new area of reform and opening up tourism is the most lucrative business on the island. about 65000000 people visited heinen in 2020 another 18000000 are expected this year. tourists not only come here to enjoy the b 2 to show their or knowing your duty free moles to
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choose from, including this one, the largest in the world. more than a 120000 square meters and $350.00 international luxury brand 5 can spend $15000.00 a year on tax 3 days ago. but i also do wanna let you know we're not previously shop as might have trouble to hong kong to store couple luxury goods. but after the quick down on pro democracy protest in the form of british territory, authorities are trying to move them here. 500 kilometers away. another kid don't watch me and she manages the floor with so many people looking for bargains.
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sometimes she has to give a hand serving customers one day the one long since woman. she said, well, why should, how it was the time that the family could help? and then what was that say off you eating the ball now? mom woman the portfolio, not the mental tool of woman. no. my dad home that he's on me and she's been said to go seen some of these fans to shop now. mostly it will occur and who should i don't maybe the son. yeah, the duty free shopping is a golden goose for the economy. chinese tours spent more than $7200000.00 on the island last year with that bigger expected to be smash. this year hina is already
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one of the most profitable judy free zone in the world. 3 more duty free move, afraid to open the doors at the end of the year, injecting millions of dollars more into china as the economy for an investment is also rapidly rising in high entrepreneurs for more than 80 countries have established businesses. here. i will take ron. bye bye. alina is one of them. she fell in love with the island after moving here from siberia, 3 years. we came to hi, non in 2018. we decided to stop here, company focused on hight acknowledges almost as place to know of this complex calculation with medical simulation and development.
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aah! elaine is company located in a major technological part where more than 8000 companies operate, ah, wish to change the company, the costs and channel global local government. they tried to hold on foreign companies. what can make their leave here easier? what can be beneficial for the work for the business on the really serious preferences, concern and tax. yeah, now we are going to the self service area. you can come in space exit on time. you call international schools for not only apartments and
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a low 15 percent tax rate, a just billing to attract entrepreneurs. but there are drawbacks to, as well as the language barrier. many businesses, a poodle by chinese censorship of the internet, the spatial integration of self service sex terminal. unfortunately, ever since you need, we need to come here. we need negotiations. we need more international community. we wish communication in the community because when new companies come, they will not know those already settled down here more international businesses. they do not any part of the paper that you need to sign even to open the company. they all in chinese, and this means that you have nothing to lose but only thrive aah! in the low tax rate is attracting
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a lot of domestic entrepreneurs tune. mr. who owns an automobile company on the mainland, but he's planning to expand his business to hire his wife and daughter moved here 3 years ago. and he visits every couple of months. i believe there was, i'm part of what you're going. i'm and i let ready tongue, but you can jump out of your chunk sanctions. i all say a wash or live or you hunt. you either you showing he john by death. he should say a hot order in the money or what should i do? should i shamrock, be the by the idea has a while i leon. ah, he's want the phone and they don't have ela became permanent residence of high now
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. in 2019 they call it a little power. died the english and my millions and the total come onto that is how it in oh i don't have no knowledge outta angel. someone go for a woman and i still haven't got any i somebody and it's all gone. we are going washer on. i'm not going to us on one clean air was not the only draw card for them to move to high. no, they won't. they daughter to study at an international school and play golf and only sport in china. it's 8 o'clock in the morning. and ela
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is about to play her 1st competition of the year and say, you know, math was judah, o tisha one as well as ego grizzly don't. does it? jessica june, the little kanisha san jewel shuttle. sorry to hear from waiting. huh. yeah, you don't have to call so that that's i don't want to need your sha wilson given class. you can, you can do your friends, parents have flown in from the mainland for a visit. they spend several months here every year that also those back on which account the whole you mama says they've been with or what has been
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conveyed where you thought was so it should work according to official delta. about 4 and a half 1000000 retirees flocked to the island every winter equivalent to half of the local population. many had bought newly built apartment homes. one, jean william was in the union to go who is here. so please don't harder for us. suddenly going to go every week then takes a pair, shopped in the local markets, in the
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local brain, the new arrivals pushing up the cost of living on the island with them. and when i am the, the, the just a few use, the tropical island of high know, has transformed into a bustling metropolis, the driveway in the soothing communities, some moon bay. darcy has seen these changes. it
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hasn't been my initial. i me, ok, don't call it. it has a gold his i make him home. i teach him to the phone. she p n one. there's a long lead time. mother, me all depends on i know you don't want father and she worried about the cost of development to the natural environment. you know, we could no grades were hunting. she ginger from visual mental say 5 minutes in college on young colony coach. and she knows if i can sure what attends when i my uncle later. but the government seems to have the opposite vision already built for artificial island feet high, nan and his planning more including this one called ocean flower. to be the
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most expensive man made island in the world at a cost of $24000000000.00. me back at the floating philly jacinto and june is taking care of the youngest sibling what she wants to stay with her family. ah, why they come in and they give on full in and on. so i will tell you in a while you feel that way and i thought maybe i was gimme. gimme a call at some point in the and i guess
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i don't know what the weight with a little the ah, today's june 1st day of the new semester. after the summer, she's due to start secondary school. but for now, she's not sure where that will be, or even where she'll be living with the sound was it was bundled
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with living in harmony with the thing has always given the tongues people. everything they need, ah, but their way of life is fast becoming a casualty of chinese rush to trans. heinz juerg and her family, the island of the youth will soon be just a memory of a multi $1000000.00 online sex in the philippines is black mailing men from around the world. 11 east uncovered. i was more time syndicate became a terminal empire on al jazeera nature's names. as it
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breaks, the government says how the population will be affected. that includes millions of people who rely on the river for their wants supplies, with detail coverage. not only were residents completely taken by surprise by the flux, they also overwhelmed government surfaces from around the world. this the nation will help us stifle accusations from the global cell. the wealthy nations were holding too many of the vaccines for themselves. a year ago, one of the largest non nuclear blasts in history killed more than 200 people and injured 1000. the victims, families still need answers. we want justice. how did dangerous chemicals end up in baby support? let's be professional. it was not intended for muslim and was the whole stockpile unloaded from the ship? the missing amal and it wasn't. it was in one way or another in italy. good way before join me for their,
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for the full report on when freedom of the press is under threat. you know, you just because i thought, genuinely about your thought toward the making government step outside the mainstream. the has been a implement here just some of the port shift, the focus, the panoramic that's turned out to be a handy little pretext. the prime minister clamped down on the press covering the waves. the news covered, the listing post on the conflict between the if you can government and the regional take, great people with the ration fund has skills 1000 and internally displaced more than 2000000 over the past 7 month. 350000 people in the region are facing famine, according to the united nation, which says that star ration is being used as a weapon for those who managed to cross the border, say it's not because conditions have improved back home. they say it's going to
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continue to be targeted because of their lives. and many properties are being reported. and when they come to taking refuge here last time i and again, i'm not got into how these top stories on al jazeera afghan forces are fighting against the taliban in. and on the outskirts of several cities. kandahar fort was hit by rockets. the runway has been repaired, but there is still no flights and security situation is fragile. and last gar, taliban fighters as being close to the city center, an army reinforcements have been deployed as well in her rats. and these a live pictures coming to us from the comp.


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