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tv   [untitled]    August 1, 2021 2:30am-3:01am AST

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spiritually, many, many ways, and i think that has been answered generational. the polynesian pent is welcome the apology, which have been campaigning for for decades, and they hope it will help people of the pacific islands move on the alastair proud . because of who we are and achieve the very, very basic and simple goals for why we even came to this country. that's all we want. they also hope saying, sorry will help build trust between the island communities and the government and into a future generations feel secure in new zealand. even if the apology has taken nearly 50 years. wayne, hey, al jazeera auckland's ah, recapping you headlines so far. this turkeys president is promising assistance to areas affected by the worst wildfires in recent years. 6 people have been killed.
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most fires have not been contained, a heat waves affecting areas across the mediterranean and the a g and but the government says the fires may have been started deliberately. heritage shot a t. m. a, a. we are considering the possibility of sabotage and any other sources of the fire starting and we will carry out the investigation to provide answers to these. we will not give up until we have all the answers. argentina has declared a 6 month water emergency for the parent river. it's one of the most important waterways connecting the economies of arch and tina paraguay and brazil. address, affecting trade and agriculture. more than 60000000 americans across 20 states, they're under official heat warnings. the pacific northwest on the southeast, a report in temperatures of close to 40 degrees celsius. last month they days, long heat wave kill hundreds of people. again, the stones, 3rd largest city,
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is coming on the intense pressure from the taliban. fighting's ongoing on the outskirts of herat groups also making gains in kandahar alaska. the u. s. is told each and as he and president case i eat it's fans ready to help the nation move towards a democratic future. national security advisor, jim sullivan underscored the need to rapidly form a new government in order to stabilize the economy and battle against the karone of iris pandemic. protests against plans to introduce the so called virus passport system is taking place in france to day once implemented. people will have to show proof of vaccination, all present a negative cobit 19 test before they can insert most venues. hundreds of people have rallied against malays, his prime minister over his handling the pandemic. they want me to seem to resign. infections have searched their despite emergency measures in place as of january and nearly 9000 people have died. the protest and quite a lumper, mostly led by younger people. those are your headlines so far today up next,
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it's witness. we'll have more news for you from the news from in 30 minutes. we'll see that something was going to change. has anything really changed? this is the demick violin that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a race against the barrier and know what to say. we are all say we're looking at the world as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line one, i'll just era after a one year delay, the tokyo olympics are fine. despite growing opposition and spiraling costs, thousands of athletes are completing an empty stadium. amid the corona virus endemic algae, here it will be inside the olympic bubble. bringing you the latest from again, right? no other i been right on top of mine. i'm fairly new.
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i like time power video, sean, look on the magazine. then we need to create as we can we have so many studies.
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nika. how much do you love? well, but we're moving about, but that you know this of me and then i can i wish you love me goodness of love. lasting in some people in the cloak on fire, place people in the country one
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day me as well. all the patient, me all you seem to, we manage all we was nice. yes. was it if you do one the of the glove which we have with the with like the community don't take $25.00 in the room normal. if we now we will pass and we to get,
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we take on development and we probably need to replace our community, then go to the community, go klemmer, you please. no problem. not because of the well, no, on the development end up when i did get to anytime you got up to me, i won't get everything for me. so now when i thought it was on the exam, i ended up and then i would bump. so you got one to send the event and then is, and i will hello will be back from anyone back. i did notice some days
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would you say wednesday? and then i decided i so okay. so that's, that's and i hope i will let you know unless i i yes i mr. shane, this is no problem about on if you want me to inform them. yes, i'll be able to inform them what i'm just wondering. read on the ball and what will happen in the club up at home. don't get an invitation of the club for the d. c. and then we're only allowed 6. monday. we'll have the going to go, what was it was tell us got to put another golf course,
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you know and they took off what you know, what was going another go what don't will not belong. 5 to me i was, i didn't, and i got, i know i'm not 9 years old growing up by local. what do i see? i know by look, i know i do, i me in my my one team. absolutely. and then that would be, i guess, vassal got to the issue of middle, about 2 or more,
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more than that. i mean go do some act without acting well let you go out of the group association. and he said, my question of, he said we may do, he says 50. and as i said, thank you 1. 11 is i would wanna talk like money such as i gotta make the credit coming back and then i could come back and get it on the back. well, if you're not in a body to do what you've been done, i've got a new system that's coming up where you can make music 100 times. it all depends on what to make mister
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wonderland. mister, personally did the money make mistakes because now you discuss brit to talk you know, listen to did it off talk you talk, you'll get your me to you wondering. i think there's a go to dug up and get out of division. does in the water. nobody burger and discipline what not to me. what is reminded me of it. what you don't do. you have somebody i will not disaggregate. what do you suppose you just have to dismiss the plan? i'll be again. if you're not here and i will go look them up as well. that way you don't qualify for that as such a signal was when you get the welcome. it was small as a full fledged member of which will thank you very much for your apology. very much
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yeah, i don't know what to do. i would morning to everybody today, i guess at least national we go and now us the names of people. there we go there for travel. they decide that the following 6 will go to about sport. be the 1st boss in any what up or seen? i don't know. my call it a deputy manager john small child come back
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small. chevy plumber. i got in the executive board meeting. if i decide to to take on one sofa extra. i seem to know it was you know, more made by the make when i way to go it will make when able to present this a lot of with god. bless me on over. i wanna do things now come back
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with a 4 things. we go all the way in which you didn't leave that say, are you not? you know, we'd like to leave for the wheel. i wish i better be careful. i will be here today and make the news when the the the in the all the
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everybody in the oh i oh, i i wow. i'd rather me i
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benjamin, if mazda is over several times. welcome to our web developers, food. thank you. follow up to follow up. i will be with oh, all right. we will
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go back to you simply because i was like, you know, before i was i live very close to the,
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to the beach like rabbit says, contin, it's through and me shave young as well. so you think it's gonna be in the future to do a no no, go ahead. well, you know, so you live and it only with the water. yeah. that's always up and you know, we've got like it in me. you know, like as it does with that, you know, like my mom, she's the final and then i find out to the fast or less i have time to visit
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1111 and then you know up and she says they were, would have to live to get you, even if you sleep in terms of use
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ah, ah, i need to make sure you get that course. well, you sound like you got the quote in the letter in which it would take so they would talk with him, make out the go. what africa if you want it, it will get you what i mean. maybe you know more than happy for me to them.
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but even listen gentlemen. i mean, in general, when i said people are going to you guys are like robert sport. i mean, you got a, we got a full, a work on the line and will love the stuffing and we want to start all passionately . everyone. the stuffing is, get is going every day and it's something that requires a lot of town. and very few people that are wonderful staffing. we want to file with our bank to buy point 3 and our community people. today we are meeting i was 11, a boy, you know with your nick country and our follow self. and we have no wrong or right, and stephanie, the know is just how you doing. i feel good for you. ah, i want to know what it's going to be. it's i oh, i see. okay. in order to be a member of a government has the knowledge that is put in the country. be
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a member of the i've a, i said the benefit liberia. i've been receiving scholarship for the past 2 years on the eyes. the one is something i educative. i was up with that need to pull him up. well, that's our plan. we need to go to get this started in 7 am. i burned several books thought of something like that. and the west african 7 association, something that we're going to try to unite the entire west africa and i'd have it. and have you not as african separate the that was board is not going to be was boys cheese because now weiss
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all. and if the board are living or the i've been dead and gone. and what, how was this? all right? if they were my people were having with this. all right, we're live here in the marine when, when it came to our sport, they brought on a bush. everybody want to call me do i? but if, when, when, if you're all wrong, grew up to just everybody want to be sure. one of our the one you see, somebody when it was in the value what it will be hot now for a lively yes. and they would carry you go, your hot you, that was one of the will be hard to body when it will be. how did it not time down going to the good job if you want going to you have 1111, many or 51. 11 many. you won't want to go buy a deputy. free on a form of on button are less. we'll get. we'll get what, what a one year, 50,
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very ordinary life. that's our breast johnson abroad in our life. with all these on can you think you're ready? we don't know of or no, or no, no, no, no, no, no, no knowledge on that way above was already when johnson know a president for the 21 or something, it is the what you know more of a now is very when it's no use when you know you're suffering when you're not going to know whether will the use i use it when you're doing in the room and do we don't jump in one leg also don't come to
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the news, not the best of the change in any return back return in playing phone is going to continue to continue prefer you just believe the body symbol and go to several possible minute but left to for the
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the with the it would be a long time for me for that
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for that. 2 well, it will go back in the correct way because that gives you the best of that get to know what it will go and it will give you some minutes of the time when you call it. and when i see him, when i find out it is to that. okay, thank you. really though. thank you diana, who am i? she was happy for go back the
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news the the fuel, the dry change following the removal of robert new gobby than bob way with a country brimming with it. one journalist set out to record the voice of the people. instead of telling people what to think, how dread that give them a chance to speak for themselves and captured a haunting, not sure of the power and fragility of hope. borne free witness on al
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jazeera. ah, ah ah, ah, all this on just the united states ending its 20 year military present enough kind of done with what it means for the country. one of the one piece showcase. if you're dealing trailblazing in the, i meant to call it, aim to rid the country of all predators from a 3rd way to the vaccine will last. the latest developments at the corona virus pandemic continue to spread around the world. witness showcases award winning documentaries that bring work issues into focus through human stories with political and economic tension. writing down be a hope to the pope as
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a country to define the future. august on a job frank assessments, schools and shelters have been reduced to rubble. how do you think the shapes of generation and their politics in life has been shipped by vitamin some conflict inside story on our jazeera ah, from europe to africa, to the americas fires, landslides and floods fall off, or a warning, but time is running out to address climate change ah log in to w watching out to be alive from the also coming up. we report from turkey where
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wildfires for the evacuation of entire villages and coastal resorts also.


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