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tv   [untitled]    August 1, 2021 2:00am-2:30am AST

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i my dear on august there ah, play an important role protecting human. ringback face in awe . from europe to africa, to the americas fires land slides and floods all of a warning, but time is running out to address climate change. ah, hello and welcome mind, pete. adobe, you are watching al jazeera alive from headquarters here. and also coming up, we report from turkey, where wildfires have forced the evacuation of entire villages and coastal resorts.
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also i'm sitting in the fight and i river in argentina where the government has declared 180 day water emergency. because this river is suffering from a historic drug plaza, major confrontation between afghan forces and the taliban, and the city of corrupt. ah . across nearly every continent, extreme weather and other disasters are bringing. the challenge of climate change into sharp focus in a moment will take you to turkey with deadly fires burning swathes of coastline. 6 people and dead dozens of hotels have been evacuated with tourists, fleeing by boat, almost 100 fires have broken out across the country since wednesday. although some are now under control. 5 conditions have been worse by heat wave across southern
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europe. fed by hot air from africa forecasts to say temperatures could go as high as 50 degrees celsius and is not just happening in europe. more than $60000000.00 americans in several states are under official heat warnings as temperatures that soar to near record levels and an ongoing drought an auction tina threatens to devastate agriculture and trade. the country has declared a water emergency with its largest river at record low levels. more on that situation in south or south america in a moment. first, russell said our reports now from man i've got in southern turkey with a wildfires have been spreading. clear blue sky lost in a haze, and the one's green forest southwest and turkey had been painted black. the wildfire started on wednesday across 4 locations in the province of, and tanya found by strong means the quickly spread to neighboring regions. but soon,
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26 provinces. far and wide began reporting similar fires. several people have been killed and hundreds of others injured. thousands more have had to leave their homes, young yolanda, and the blaze spread to the highlands and raised suddenly, we had no chance to flee on, but when we were engulfed by slaves, we had to run to the city of and i've got to have it and then we came back to find the house like this, not much more than 85 wildfires. how broken out is what is the $74.00 of them are under control, but the course the provinces, dana or some on the on top of the messing mueller. and isn't it? are still trying to put out flames. we are in my now. got which along with i think it is untidy, has worked. his district to firefighters had been killed during the patients here while many people have been taken to hospital at least 25 willis and this weeks or
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. 1 even created and other fi west in mamma is, has killed a 25 years old woman here who was trying to take drinking water to the emergency crews. the fires wiped out livestock area as local saga to lead her to safety. hundreds of homes have been destroyed or heavily damaged, but the turkish for the minister says how it is on the way. cuz me let it buy shipped to yard and i need to buy it and you might get it will stop partial payments to our citizens who have suffered damage to their properties. we have begun transferring a total of $2700000.00 from various institutions and ministries for emergency need and antalya min, i've got district although wildfires are common in turkey, mediterranean, and aging regions during the dry summer months or toward these have yet to determine the cause of this fires some time period we are considering the
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possibility of sabotage and any other sources of the fire starting and we will carry out the investigation to provide answers to these. we will not give up an kill. we have all the answers that are concerned, they may be a stream of attacks targeting the heart of the turkish tourism industry. the extent of the destruction will become clear once the was fires are extinguished. but for doors in the affected regions, it will likely take some to recover and rebuild, press will started. oh my god. well across the other side of the world, argentina declaring 180 day water emergency for the persona river is one of the most important waterways across south america because it connects argentina, paraguay, and brazil. but it is at historically low levels, as theresa bo reports now from argentina's santa fe province. it's
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almost 5000 kilometres in length, making it the 2nd longest river in south america. but now the water in the bottom the river is that it's lowest in almost 80 years due to lack of rainfall. miami now own the camping area on the riverbank. she used to have to use a boat to move around, but not anymore. i mean, unless you go to him during the summer, there was a bit more water so we had more people that you cannot reach this area walking. we don't have a lot of war. the river is crucial for argentina's economy with millions of tons of grain, beef, and other agriculture exports passing through here. this place where i'm standing is in the middle of the river, there's no water left only sand. this is also part of one of the organ. tina's main export woods ships are being forced to leave around 30 percent of their cargo because of lack of water. the main concern for local people here is that the
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situation could get even worse. the higher columbo is part of a group of environmental lawyers fighting for the future of the river community might be more less on climate change. whether alteration is extraordinary drought combined with scarce rainfall. we have to put it in context with what has been happening in the region. we're in the heart arch agricultural belt and we know that to has an impact on the environment. the last time the river was this low was in 1944 and many fear a return of the land mean. yeah. phenomenon. weather pattern that generates in 10 storms in some places and routing, others, environmental group say deforestation, and forest fires in argentina. but why? as well as brazil are impacting the river. i love any send you serious fires and deforestation, and the amazon means you're diminishing the amount of vegetation that generates evaporation and puts moisture back into the air. if the situation continues,
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we'll see more sharp changes in the weather. we are concerned about what's happening in brazil because the parents, river and others originate in brazil. the government is urging people to limit their water use as preserving the piano has become a priority for all in big business. and those who live alongside it varies. i will, i'll just see de santa fe argentina. ok. serious situation, wherever you look, all across the planet. let's bring in monkeys and off. he's a climate solutions specialist, and he teaches environmental studies at the university of new south wales. he joins us from sidney. mark, decent of welcome to al jazeera is what we're seeing there in a reporting from turkey and south america. kind of the climate change, new normal is poor people being terribly impacted by this, but it's not just poor people or rural people being moved to move back. they're having to move because they're losing everything. yes,
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that's right. and the climate change is a very important fact. the climate change produces heat waves and droughts, and that produces dr. education. and then all you need is ignition. and very often, most of that ignition is goes by lightning, not by sabotage. and then you have a firestone and in australia without black stomach, eyes of $21920.00. horrendous fires we. we found a large part of eastern australia was on fire and burns and many areas became uninhabitable. waves were seeing around the world increasingly more and more often . now the relevant fire authorities, fire fighting authority, is clearly doing the best job they can. what's the best job that the politicians can do? best job to politicians can do now is to, to respond and mitigate climate change, which is the main driving factor that's increasing the severity and the frequency
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of these wildfires and also floods. so we need action to transition to from fossil fuels, to renewable energy. we need to improve our public transport and our facilities for active transport. we need to transform our industrial heat to renewable electricity . we know what the solutions are, that many politicians are resisting change because they are very close to the vested interest to the fossil build industries that do not wish to change. does it come down to a central dynamic here? and it's this, perhaps it's the wealthy, a country, and wealthy individuals who have a carbon footprint that is too big and that kind of comes together. it's almost like a kind of an in be thing, not in my backyard by default in as much as yes, we're always expecting somebody else to do the right thing. but we,
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if i guess it's human nature, i guess that's what i'm saying. we don't expect the pressure to be put on us as individuals to do the right thing. we expect somebody else to get out of their gas guzzler and cycle to work. we reserve the right to drive our tonka toy car to work . yes, and you're right. it is the, the wealthy countries and the wealthy individuals who are producing the greatest carbon emissions and making the greatest contribution to climate change. and hence, the wildfires and plants that follow. so really it's the rich countries that have to reduce their consumption. we have to reduce our consumption when the rich countries and a lot of our consumption is also involved in buying goods and services from the rapidly developing countries like china and india, and brazil, and mexico and indonesia. and so we buy our consumption in the rich countries are
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increasing greenhouse gas emissions in the rapidly developing countries which then affect the world's climate. so ultimately the changes required and not just technological, but we also, they will see a people, the wealthier countries have to reduce their consumption ultimately. and this is a very, very difficult concept to put across to decision makers. mark this off. it's an important story that needs to be told. thank you so much. your contribution to our coverage today. here on out here. we do appreciate your time. so my please. ok. aniston's, western city of her arts is under intense pressure from the taliban, with heavy fighting across recent days. the arm group took control of the road to the airport and flights into the city ceased on wednesday. charlotte bell as has more now with the latest from cobble on the outskirts of iraq, afghanistan stood biggest city government forces trying to hold off the telephone.
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its been like this for several days. more call the for me and we are defending. our land were not moving forward at this time because we don't want civilians to be killed or injured friday. this is the road to harass airport to 30 minute drive south of the city. telephone fighters and government forces have been battling across the road. that is bridge the commercial flight stop till wednesday is the front line moved towards the city. so how many kilometers from the city was that 6 or thanks. a lot of the united nations regional compound is also on that road on friday. the un blamed the tele bonds for hitting its perimeter with grenades and gunfire. although the telephone said it was caught in the crossfire, the un secretary general called the attack deplorable. going on
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a month ago, the majority of her aunt province was government controlled or contested. now the taliban is in control of much of the province, herat city in its surrounding districts of the only thing that stopped the fight is controlling a 300 kilometers stretch of road east from the iranian border. former governor and merger heading leader is mal hahn, has rallied his supporters to protect the city and both the ask and military's response. hundreds of his fighters are on the front lines. yesterday, the president called me and we spoke on the phone. he said he will send re horsemen's last night should have arrived, but the defense ministry has and since any one so far in the city, africans carry on like the war is not on their doorstep. many putting their trust in homes vices. there is no good moral and military and also no plan to fight against the side of one hand and pushing them out of
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her rod, probably in the telephone. say that kill to talk, ask a military commander. it's the soldiers and pro government militias still have a chance to live. if they surrender, the government says it's regaining control when sending reinforcements including special forces. charlotte bellis out there a couple. plenty of ground still to capital you here on out to see or including will be live inter because lots of protest to the gathering. the days after the left, as president tedra castillo was sworn into power. we'll take it updates. when we come back, we'll position in the streets of europe will be use vaccine pos ah
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hello carrier headlines for the americas right here. right now we'll talk about a storm system crashing into southern areas of chile that includes so for the southern andes and some fierce winds for the falkland islands. we'll see them with up to about 80 kilometers per our. next we're going to go further north and south america. we did have a cold front punch across, but temperatures are now starting to rebound 24 degrees in rio de janeiro. you know, southern areas of brazil saw snow for the 1st time in about 30 years to give you an idea of just how cold it was off to central america heavy rounds of rain coast to rico rate through panama. our intense rain has backed off as we head toward hunters in nicaragua, on sunday. next for north america, we are tracking energy pretty much from the rockies right through to the mid atlantic. and we've got some stronger pulses in and around washington d. c. it's also been active toward the desert, southwest flash flooding,
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flash flood warnings in play. this is aaron hall now, and it's certainly delivered. this is all influenced by the north american mon soon . we really see these storms flare up and then just drop buckets of rain on sunday . we could see it around the oklahoma panhandle. ok, and we'll finish off the west coast of canada where it is the dry stretch of weather in 35 years. ah. with a bag of energy and change to every part of our universe or small to continue the change all around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity, we can make it work for you and your business. ah
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the me welcome back. you're watching al jazeera, almost 18 minutes past 23 hours. gmc recapping your top stories took his president, promising assistance to areas affected by the worthwhile 5 mission. the 6 people were killed. the most of the fires now have been contained. argentine is declared a 6 month water emergency for the parameter river. it is one of the most important waterways inside america. it connect valentina paraguay, and brazil. afghanistan's 3rd biggest city is coming on, the intense pressure from the taliban. lighting is ongoing. on the outskirts of routes is also making gains in kandahar and lashed the gun through
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new left as president petro castillo is facing antique government process. just days after taking office supporters of his rifle in last month's election, a rallying in the capital, lima area is finance minister, was sworn into the relief of some business leaders. castillo chose a moderate economist petro frankie after peruse, currency and stock index. plummeted live now to lima, and al jazeera correspondent, mariana sanchez. mariana, those demonstrators behind you. they're on our camera shot. what do they want, mr. castillo to? deuce? well, he said they've been pro 50 the testing even before, you know, because these are mainly opposition people. people that voted more take off with the money, but right now they are not processing and per but again, they're mainly on shooting. don't they?
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you know, as the prime minister, you know, the, you know, a questionable person who has been considered more coverage, more than anything a person were given well, of the sign people here are, you don't, apparently, in the government is a memory. there are people families of really terry and many people who really feel rios that have. 7 not and other people in the cabinet up some of the no experience in government for now. the effect of this cars you, this isn't the 1st 3 days of government have been that's changed for rule has fallen. it has lost 70 percent. some companies, even 15 percent of the value of the dollar has not been faces,
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the size of everything off the food, and especially for the poor people who are suffering without jobs. because of the pandemic. of there are other people, the people who voted for many of them are dis, consent. their anger is being shown in there. they're expressing the regular in the social media saying that they did not tell you to help him put extreme. if in the cabinet ramos was moderate in the cabinet, you have them done it in general. so people are processing and they are saying they are saying that they feel the better feel happy for them. so those are the only re de la, sworn in the presidency eager, mariana, many things money that's anxious. john. his lie there from lima. me
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tens of thousands of people in france are once again protesting against so called back scene passports. the government's attempting to make a health pass compulsory in bars and restaurants. activists say it's amounts to a form of dictatorship, is pull brennan. the coven health passport has been mandatory in france since mid july, with visitors to leisure and cultural venues like museums having to prove that they've either been vaccinated. tested negative in the previous 48 hours or recovered from the disease during the previous 6 months. but what's brought tens of thousands of demonstrators out on the streets for a 3rd successive weekend. is the proposal to extend the passport to cover bars and restaurants and make it compulsory for health care workers to be vaccinated? she to go for it in i'm enough and i've resigned because i think we mustn't be blackmailed. i also think that we shouldn't be told what to do. so it's an obstacle to freedom. if now we need a virus pass to fetch groceries,
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go to the cinema, enjoy life after a grueling job. the past is a real danger for everybody. it's really an empty social thing. it's not if it is more or so we are creating a segregated society and i think it's unbelievable to be doing this in the country of human rights. i've never protested before in my life, but i think our freedom is in danger. france is in the grip of its 4th wave of covert infections. more than 24000 new cases a day is more than doubled the number of just when we get the balance between individual liberty and collective solidarity is particularly challenging here. problems in particular, people lead as a violation of important give us, we are all equal and no one is a 2nd class citizen just because he or she decides against explanation. which brings up a problem with solidarity, which is the thought
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n e t pillow system. because they are risk groups that need to be protected from those with being. it's their personal choice, whether they do something for society or not. there is clear evidence that despite the demonstration for vaccine passport law is having the desired effective driving up vaccination rates. 3 weeks ago, just 40 percent of french adults with double vaccinated. that's now risen to 52 percent who had both jobs and opinion polls show that 70 percent of the voters support the plan for compulsory vaccination of health care workers. the demonstrators on making themselves heard that they are a vocal minority holborn, and i'll just say, well, the italian government has also similar plans to the french government that led to protest in the city of milan. the prime minister murray of rugby as urged people to get vaccinated all risk and you locked down with brooklyn who we heard from in polls report there, professor, political sciences, stanford and berlin. he says,
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governments have a responsibility to restrict freedoms. if it guarantees them in the long run, it's good to have something like a european wide strategy. and that is what we call green certificate, that allows europe to travel during the summer when they get a chance to go on vacation. but we see very different problems situations when it comes to call it in the different countries. and we also have very different political culture when it comes to demonstrate for free equality and saudi derek, which of the west system after the french revolution on the one hand, it's of utmost importance that every citizen can make use of his and her freedom, right? which includes the freedom of expression and also the freedom to demonstrate. on the other hand, the state needs to protect itself and its system by restricting those freedoms if it's used against the system. and we see
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a lot of orchestrated forms of trying to undermine the date or to revoke the police, which is why today the demonstration in berlin has been cancelled because it was clear that it was not freedom of expression but to provoke the police. hundreds of people had rallied against my lazy as prime minister over his handling of the pandemic. they want. we didn't seem to resign. infections have surged despite emergency measures in place since january, nearly 9000 people had died. the protest in quite a lumper was mostly led by younger people. the united states has told each and is he in president case said it stands ready to help the nation move towards a secure, prosperous, and democratic future. national security advisor, jim sullivan underscored the need to rapidly form and you government in order to stabilize the economy and battle against the global pandemic. it follows presidencies, pledge to lead a campaign against corruption,
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that after he dismissed the prime minister and froze, the parliament and the site denies his critics claims of being a coo and insists he doesn't want to retention as yet to the dictatorship. israel has accused iran a being responsible for the attack on an oil tanker off the coast of a man was killed, 2 people on board the ship. the israeli operated. avi mercer was attacked on thursday. and what does appear to have been a drone strike? a british security contracts and romanian crew member were reported to killed a us aircraft carrier. the ronald reagan has been helping the tanka, israel's foreign minister is called for a harsh response. in the coming few hours, new zealand prime minister is said to make a formal government apology for a race based crackdown on people who overstayed the visas nearly 50 years ago. the often violent, degrading police raids, target, pacific islanders for deportation, but didn't include overstay as from other parts of the world. the raids have had a lasting effect on the zealand pacific island communities. wayne hay has more from
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oakland, me on any cold winter night unusual in the main city. a taste of more tropical pacific islands can easily be found. oakland is the world's largest polynesian city with indigenous mouldy, joined by generations of migrants from countries like sophomore fiji and tongue up . but the vibrancy color and contribution of polynesians haven't always been welcomed here. we were the people that were responsible for the disintegration of, of the con in the new zealand dream. the painters were vigilante group, set up in the 1970s to defend the rights of modi and pacific islanders and to change the racist views held by many white new zealanders. we can educate them, they're not used to live. let's keep stuff. one result of that sentiment was an immigration crackdown targeting pacific islanders who had been brought here because
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of labor shortages. the often violent dawn rage which the government has now apologizing for, saw police searching homes, businesses, and even churches looking for over stairs to deport. the sense of injustice is still felt to day, mainly because it was only pacific islanders who were targeted, not the majority of over stairs who were at the time from the united states or europe. a formal government apology for past injustices is rare in new zealand. it has to meet strict criteria, including the victims being definable as a distinct group that continues to suffer hom, connected to those historic events. today. many of those affected feel a sense of shame about what happened and reluctant to talk about it, even to their families. you would have just felt like you were trampled on in some way emotionally, spiritually, many, many ways. and i think that has been answered generational. the polynesian pent is welcome the apology, which have been campaigning for for decades. and they hope it will help people of
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the pacific islands move on the alastair and proud because of who we are and achieve the very, very basic and simple goals for why we even came to this country solely was they also hope saying, sorry, will help build trust between the island communities and the government and into a future generations feel secure in new zealand. even if the apology has taken nearly 50 years. wayne hey, al jazeera auckland's ah, recapping your headlines so far, the top tech he's president is promising assistance to areas affected by the worst wildfires in recent. he is sick.


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