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tv   [untitled]    August 1, 2021 1:30am-2:00am AST

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salary will help build trust between the island communities and the government, and ensure future generations feel secure in new zealand. even if the apology has taken nearly 50 years. wayne, hey, al jazeera auckland's more and everything we're covering right here, al jazeera dot com. there's plenty of analysis there that takes you behind the stories that we cover on the program, and then also my streaming there as well. ah, quite look at the main stories now and forest fires ravaging parts of the southern turkey of killed 6 people to fire fighters died on saturday. officials say the fires is spread much further this year with hot weather and strong winds, fanning the flames. entire forests of bun, down and villages the nearby resorts had been evacuated. president, russia type tuan declared disaster zones for several provinces out of school for an
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investigation her to show it to mit. we are considering the possibility of sabotage and any other sources of the fire starting and we will carry out the investigation to provide answers to these. we will not give up until we have all the answers. have been more wrath of high profile individuals in tunisia. the latest is prominent george fisher acro me, who's now under house arrest. several parliamentarians of also been detained in the past couple of days. president chi psi age who sacked the prime minister and dissolved parliament, is pledging to lead a campaign against corruption. china is raising to contain it was covered 19 outbreak in monks earlier in july. a cluster of infections caused by the delta vary was 1st detected in non ging. it soon spread to 6 other provinces, as well as a capital waging and junction, which is one of the world's largest cities elsewhere because of testing millions of
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people and have placed hundreds of thousands on the lockdown. and i just want to, i just want to bring you the latest on protests in malaysia and been calling for the prime minister to resign. over the handling of the pandemic, riley was led by the youth who want bottom it to be recalled. and for that relief, to be extended to those hardest hit, nearly 9000 people have died in the outbreak in malaysia. and then in france, police and protested of clashed off to tens of thousands with demonstrating against so call vaccine passports. in the 3rd consecutive weekend of pro government is trying to make the health pulse compulsory for everyone. but activists say it amounts to a form of dictatorship. football rebels is next, falling, a french international who backs algeria is, struggle for independence. stay without a era for hi,
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lise and elicit market for the rich and powerful i was needing specialist work, undercover. just yours investigative unit exposes the inner workings and key players in the murky underbelly of football finance. he's a part you need to sell. some people in addition, has been said that you can make an elephant disappear. i have many of the exciting brazen example i've seen the men who so football coming soon on i was just, you know, i guess i'm going to, you know, some people the month on the community foot emotional part of the job body divided by the i
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was cues used it whiskey abundantly. i grow, but if i'm going across will be a young boys were not able to show. i mean, i think i'm treat, i should make a copy of it enough company. own pathetic rather be can exist. it. don't go some b ah
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be care why the 2 need make louis care money make you buy me venti food? a bushel. said for to it don't do the story. boscoe city do you put me on the attorneys? well enough for me to keep a center ah, ah, the maker people, moreland, the site goes to football cuz they blew a bus on the bus on the golf. patrick, all and pity to stash. but could preston shuler showed it to the deceased
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with the key and he lost his social and taylor and volunteer for the future and will carry or falsely key. did you tell only you perceive any awful? don't you give me your folly remotely, merle on your g for you bought the song more may sorted, put it easy. may boil oscar see goal fail of? well, what i cannot do it is, for example, do we solid pretty j, bosco's kid, all malibu light, born personal. i think we had people born puzzled l a. build up on the policy. they're much more um, you know, i don't think concept to lose only why you all have it be a moment key even do you know a lot of it in and also for me and they keep us on how to
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be on that day. okay. she may, she avante re basil boscoe motion. get dig usually why last city give it the contact in the vehicle. you know your salvage all of these are the thought the furniture on the bonnie sounds like you know when you sold all comical . funny production the bush best shoot down a should. that should be my man. don't send it. i'd just have to tiredly as a cushion just on, on gaff suki something new york. he's always wanted to go to a new, fussy, gone. she's supposed to be monday. she
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could be with you to see a lot of good luck to you. come some mom. the funny bobby nice job in the valley. when the fact you read local to be because you want to be because what if you want to you to need to get the money from the company to, to screw job this. he thought that level to us as possible. why she showed that you develop each other for to gen, eluded value, that value you most of the bottle, you more or your there's occupant on. now you're solving lube it be. dr. kim
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savage. all the fuselage on your tv is not even you know, the euro. yeah. la la la la la, shoot. the visual julia is. do you really do you know or can it make a female bottle? didn't know what you thought. you just did. you do measure this to jan. i very important time it was when i kilter i kept a minute but i thought so just a passenger who did make refigured his piece. that could happen because the drug of good news, you don't keep the false. the opposite. so these are a little better you reveal immediately. so both call normal shack i don't close. i feel bad sash shavone shall i lean the last one here. just because it is an over talkers. she but you're coming to this day as you me on the so he's got put all you have to do doesn't you're the same bought them
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combat is we try to sell for both of you nominate propaganda. oh, not bernoulli really responsible. i don't bottle below, you know the meal doors are gasoline is like 62. i was wondering if it would be the coupon. come usually to the z quantity to nice. what is the only turn appeal on de la a positive into for katie water if you see little that my dog, the only one i least know me. yeah. put on it too loud for me. for example. hopefully that came to the bottom of the door. yeah. i love it too. well, you need me. she'll be sure to love you. like what i
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use to make you feel goodness. make them feel who were and what the prescription was in his book, who at a public place on the question is they really there is to do there was a very good hallmarks exhibit to that particular section 8 for non j. yeah, our film, a con jim jimmy le le session to to decide is you don't always get on the support i could get for question. john
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falls in the fall shop. john, do more detail. great. get for sitting on the phone, get. i've only been gtm 22, not phone got d. d football dissented the next measure why year is not on the 2 men see little learn, showy all year off, off. does a party good on the journey. a luxury nekisha, me garcia, kamikaze finance city. may of us, all of the federal doable eat. said the 5th. and if we get to the z of a thank kiki passepartout street sank. literally pop no member rule of it. i guess your day call scene get policies del best on tell based on but, but it's a good deal. the math on what he does and co new way. addition under city be
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care much won't, don't. we're not on the bus or on enough fully to stop to sack on a knocked spot if above 24 kitty politic to lowest mall. no. did did. did we make an o account? sorry. yeah, 15 we did the best. i think that the total amount of content book looks him a 2nd can very promote you. if you think when you do need to call him or just shoot patty avec avi be a care molly of bossa. but that does it say, listen, revealed the city from gallon. thank you. we have it and i'm what you can tell you see where it was. she was of your present the mess. look up on both the pulse of
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korea additional y'all. if you see do of go, if you see the patio, if f one is up to she one because you louis so now you got good news for depart don't on until it probably was dated. but you need to. he book the book. if i know that all the machines that you are to me back because i don't have you put them in a small kill, we don't know. so modular no n g l, bruce, you know, so you keep close a foot board, but i can see that they do more the read about
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he'll do homo. will you said the bar fuzzy to me. i'll took up ethan and mar. budgeted doing it, but you're savvy to city please me need to keep default me sent it again. his plan to be $1550.00. ah ah boy, i don't know. i won't give up on 32
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this year to do, but he will he allow you to keep on up on the st. knows i need to new general 50 units. i sorry i told you now. i do news on fail me to do on 2050. i don't quite yet. you come in in in gone. so doing some dominion you'll see pretty decompose. they told all the political falsity to julia when bonded the o e ski boat well like removed on it to pop one, i'll see a job in the positive policy. i think i do more salty will result for the me on chunk off also to d. r. now, to take a predictable, don't you live with the bullet? it book to take monday, december and going to an abilene. i pre been bid. satilla. well,
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this book alone shows you casual the gym. also. the most peculiar, only keep all de determine the much pop by i'll shoot off your tom rubric out to tell you to keep o'kelly's is, does the tornado. it could be if it we'll just put that on part of the no or not. so don't can 7 associated stuff sick on them. stud key, kept playing also have those who had too many fig. yes. to have full. so that's and on context, different countries. and you guys all have all you have to preview. and if you need more, sit in that it did or did not get back to me
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. this is near this is glen, the julia combat. all the desktop. new the default. yeah. you saw the new human microsoft. no good says assess him. so when you are so new for me, imagine the masters by the kids, you affiliate the study to you want me to walk on, digitize lima. you'll not be giving you a whole week to say shows only to populate by a port congealed little pole. can you leave us?
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you're not gone. julie. lily is told the clothes on his own, and we are now very sick. i'm report form to the family to, to let you know, hopefully don't cash on the front of you don't make you know. so like, let's say i don't, i can, once you do, i thought don't totally keep probably, and that was, you know, i said, i think he does use it. you know, most key key performed keep local people from going down to psyche fee. a sky scheme makes use of the sick linmore seal aleki bell, julie, it to please armed cosette of it. he came to fos, the pieces you la sha walker. clearly not shown on my
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lot was if she still has the ability to go to the moment world de la d l d level the family use it it's been going up. oh, see, and as you pay by yourself for the news that you need to go to the plastic b p less probable pool more. take any condition that you savage, or we can, we can go and talk. you are now. she picked up from
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a disabled law. a was not able to whom i'm i feel she'd love you for another lot of what do you feel jenny, in to tell you, did it keep as i land now? it is just also dollars. janelle different boy lawful, but get you to let not going to particular do if it in less helgrin and i've been, i've been elisa to keep the evil to more boys. we call taylor and he keeps yeah. what do you see on the la bodies or is it usually no bus case of the color? the wireless response? don't think your printer is sick and so but yellow burkett left all that were here early to go so that you're going to job as a group before you do together to do on the on the on do do know the ability to learn. she also ship off to departed for hugo soviet table. so any other stuff,
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i don't know for shoes or for me to the be the much she knew the site, the problem will be on 18. omni, a put of the like, i mean i merely stay means to sample one, not a lambda. so also to zone up to ms. all possible to body assembling. and to me or net to the machine or she mean proceed on the vietnam. key key softie didn't get to leave. all was on taylor pledge area 13 kia v o. c s 27. know me monta. doke laconia joint and i go sit down
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this year, keep false and pick up, sit them as you can. vicky or false line is our super upon the disney. cl do met is sita, where they were to show no on last year to the all the general jup kinsey id no one of that, but to default a one is every book to offer. i don't was a but i fos until you leave the the young you're putting those was a no noticed on the receipt. said the receipt can me to on that on this is all and pickup parts on them. no talk. good for bye. no problem. yeah,
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i don't need to be redone, said die me. knox city, city and joy. him off. may city, your key. kitty put the d. c meeting, but connie clay, but paul just wanted to see if i wanna say he said the monotony. hello. that's about all this whole family goes about joseph now he has a coffee key to come down as a male mentors chappelle glasgow a my man and you bet you are now right as she he, she, you know, he's going to want british really weak, inquisitive, bernoulli is the best offence partial to the will legal on play
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though we do is a about equal to norman. good god, you know, do you want my judy, my opinion? profess your not your thought doctor is on the wall. i was wondering why should you see that it is up to have one of one of the articles or the near prosecutor here and saying call and, and components and causes don't call is fond of dog selling guy. yeah. they should have been below kitty c as political still as good or 20 or false. clerk city i many a good se sick amendment boston are said to pick up a typical sent the source on the read me. it was on the
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deal and she gave me the set dorita sipple. i didn't want to read the book that you would use the status of the journey bluff loop up going to be due to so you well to who i should make a fee. i gotten off the bus to be get us to but as he lost the law, i am a pick disc kit, his boss, a mil ownership technique on is what they need to know quito a little bit. if i said, if anybody to say until it goes to scope has always thought of and just technique molly could see la, only to bleak over. you are all less you get like people asked
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me why she you know, it's not, are you sure you're scheduled? it bell says, or football or that or no be you will never will be used to the bow and that will be louis philip, be also noticed that you can make you feel going on. i've got to really golf joss. yeah. the finish work at the pauper circles hill, so. ready it could be something that you're pushing to compare the 2nd if you could, as i said, to keep the finance cuz you do need me to log on my way, but nobody knew me about it. you know, there was some hi sonya,
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it was always, you know, what others you said about the p i the journey to work can be a challenge on its own. but for some peruvian villages, traversing one of the world's most dangerous way is a risk that comes with the job. we follow the journey of the people as they get to survive, risking it or peruse, elgin's era. it's the u. kay's biggest hospital with eventual capacity for
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4000 covet 19 patients built inside a london conference center. it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites are under way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close, extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than anyone thought. my niger manager is on material to find the beauty of the brand, to the point. if you don't you can usually just we just grab a manager, i've only got mine on mine
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idea on the play an important role protecting human. ringback face in awe, from europe to africa, to the americas fires, landslides and floods all of a warning, but time is running out to address climate change. ah, hello and welcome mind, pete. adobe, you're watching al jazeera alive from headquarters here. and also coming up.


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