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a 100 millimeters of rain. we also know northern sections of nigeria flooding. there has destroyed about 1500 homes, some strong storms moving through southern bali and as we head towards senegal and sierra leone, we can also expect thunderstorms on sunday that your weather update. thanks for your company. ah, he added to the fashion, the success and the popularity, and then he gave it all up for the love of his homeland football rebels. delves into the realm of footballing legend, rashid mac luthey for to the jury and national liberation front. with his feet, rashid mackenzie and the f. l. n. team on al jazeera got one of the boston growing nations in the i won a contract,
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needed to open and develop it into national shipping company to become a team, middle east, and tough or trade and money skillfully enough out 3 key areas of filling up from it connecting the world, connecting the future the cato ca, to gateway to whoa trade. ah ok. welcome back. the main stories now forest fires ravaging parts of southern turkey have killed fix people. president russia type on the cry. disasters are in several
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provinces, underscore for an investigation security forces in tunisia, face prominent judge this year, a crummy on the house arrest, is detention for his present ty site to lead a campaign against corruption. often he dismissed the prime minister and dissolve parliament and african stones, west and city of harasses under intense pressure. from the taliban would be fighting that when we say goods took control of the road to the air force and flight into the 50 feet on wednesday. moving to thailand, now by the governors ordered an additional $10000000.00 pfizer corona virus, vaccines and battles. a 4th wave of infections driven by the delta variance close to $900000.00 new infections were confirmed in the latest 24 hour reporting period, which is yet another day record. tony chang reports from bangkok
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tie health officials set out on october, 19th test and treatment mission. although close to bangkok, some of these areas are only accessible by boat, especially during the rainy season. urban centers has seen the highest infection rates, but increasingly suspected cases of being reported in remote and rural districts and health services being stretched to the breaking point. the new that on a gunbar who is currently i'm worried because we don't have enough health officials to take care of patients. even though case numbers and those are waiting to be cured. keep rising with government services under strain, sometimes taking matters into their own hands. this group of volunteers are going door to door testing oxygen levels for those to show cove at 19 symptoms. with many impoverished communities suffering from high levels of infection. they're learning to look after themselves. one of our friend, ny he couldn't get any help. he couldn't call anyone we don't want that to happen
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to anyone ever again. hospital beds in the ty capital and now so scarce to the hill service, his outfitted a special covey train to transport patients for treatment elsewhere. more than 100 patients can be transported to 7 provincial capitals, where there are still beds available on the transfer of patients. these patients are from bangkok who haven't received treatment in hospitals. we want to bring them to doctors in their own home town. and the traveling process is controlled all through the journey with infections still hitting record highs. many expect tough locked down conditions to come to the last 2 weeks, communities migrant labors like this one behind me have been completely locked down with gods on the gate to make sure no one can get in or out. now many people in bangkok, a concern. those strict measures could be applied. everybody. a domino airport,
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a congo warehouse has been converted into a temporary field hospital, 1800 cardboard beds ready for new cove at 900 patients. with nearly 3000 new infections in the capitol every day. even this when whole back, the tide of the 4th wave, tony chang al jazeera, bank of tens of thousands of people in france are protesting against so called vaccine passports. this is the 3rd consecutive weekend of demonstrations with the government trying to make a health path compulsory bars and restaurants. but activists are against it. they say it amounts to a form of dictatorship for brandon has more. the cobit health passport has been mandatory in france since mid july with visitors to leisure and cultural venues like museums having to prove that they've either been vaccinated. tested negative in the previous 48 hours or recovered from the disease during the previous 6 months . but what brought tens of thousands of demonstrators out on the streets for
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a 3rd successive weekend is the proposal to extend the passport to cover bars and restaurants, and make it compulsory for health care workers to be vaccinated. she to go for it and i'm enough. and i've resigned because i think we mustn't be blackmailed. i also think that we shouldn't be told what to do single. so it's an obstacle to freedom. if now we need a virus pass to fetch groceries, go to the cinema, enjoy life after a grueling job. the past is a real danger for everybody. it's really an empty social thing. it's more so we are creating a segregated society and i think it's unbelievable to be doing this in the country of human rights. i've never protested before in my life, but i think our freedom is in danger. france is in the grip of its 4th wave of covert infections. more than 24000 new cases a day is more than double the number of just when we get with the dial in between
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individual liberty and collective solidarity is particularly challenging here. problems in particular, people read as a violation of important. we are all equal and no one is a 2nd class citizen just because he or she decides against sexy nation. which brings up a problem with solidarity, which is the pillow system because they are risk groups that need to be protected from. those would think it's their personal choice, whether they do something for society or not. there is clear evidence that despite the demonstration to vaccine passport law is having the desired effective driving up fascination race, 3 weeks ago, just 40 percent of french adults were double vaccinated. that's now risen to 52 percent who had both jobs and opinion polls show that 70 percent of voters support the plan for compulsory vaccination of health care workers. the demonstrators on making themselves heard that they are
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a vocal minority holborn. and i'll just here now, jim bob boy is the latest country in southern africa, planning to dispatch soldiers to help fights and armed group in neighboring mozambique government to saying that fighters affiliated with iso has been operating in parts of cub delgado, which is a gas rich province in the north, and this has been happening since 2017 and they've been destroying villages and abducting local residents, an armed group locally known as all ship. bob is behind much of that violence, but government security forces have also been accused of great human rights violations of violence, have killed thousands of people and displaced more than 800000. how would tasa brings us this report? me bob way is deploying soldiers to neighboring mozambique as part of the southern african development community standby for more than $300.00 trips will help train
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muslim army to fight an armed group affiliated to isolate in north of the country. but swan and south africa have already deployed. other countries in the 16 member regional block are considering doing the same. the only cell is primarily the duration of, of the concepts and all the member states, acetic would be able to maintain their own forces within the country. and this is exemplified by the d. c. conflict. wait, it took longer for it to resolve the conflict within the d. c. but in this instance, it's something that is not take that long and that there was a leak and the capacity to help with the regional states. i'm not the only ones getting involved. portugal, the e u and the united states are training muslim army or wanda, already has soldiers on the ground, the east african country. it's killed some fighters and it's army is pursuing
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others. mission is much bigger and just protecting one or 2 aspirations. i think, you know, the jewish from there is much bigger than just one installation, so we are handling the into, you know, we're spitting with the muslim the can forces to restore order in, in a couple of the, the, the conflict in kabul delgado province began in 2017 thousands of diets and been more than 800000 people, had been displaced. human rights workers worry seen the extra troops could lead to more. right. so these are the questions. i got these moment these if most of them become government, the muslim become security forces. can challenge, able to distinguish insurgents from celia. and what assurance do we have on the stage that the foot in the trunk hiding from both said they're going to wander
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. i have to do that distinguished. if they are able to be dark, could they please explain as to the residence of cabal gods. how can the be secure, then a sure that the fighting that is not going in cub, god will not effect in the conflict, has just dropped natural gas projects with billions of dollars. some locals say the failure to distribute vos mineral, and also gas revenues to the local population is fueling tensions until that inequality is addressed unless they deploy more troops to northern mozambique is not a long term solution to the crisis. how to totter out of the easy then the prime minister jacinta arden is to make a formal government apology for race based crackdown on visa. those who overstate that visa, nearly 50 years ago, the austin violent degrading police raids,
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targeting pacific island is 50 for taishan, but it didn't include over stays from other parts of the world. rates have had a last thing effect on the zealand pacific island communities as well. hey, reports. the one any cold winter's night unusual in the main city. a taste of more tropical pacific islands can easily be found. oakland is the world's largest polynesian city, with indigenous molly joined by generations of migrants from countries like some or fiji and tongue up. but the vibrancy color and contribution of polynesians haven't always been welcomed here. we were the people that were responsible for the disintegration of the economy and the new zealand dream. the painters were vigilante group sit up in the 1900 seventy's to defend the rights of modi and pacific islanders and to change the racist views held by many white new zealanders . we can educate them,
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they're not used to our way of life. let's keep stuff. one result of that sentiment was an immigration crank down targeting pacific islanders who had been brought here because of labor shortages. the often violent dawn rage which the government has now apologizing for. so police searching homes, businesses and even churches looking for over stairs to deport the sense of injustice is still felt today, mainly because it was only pacific islanders who were targeted, not the majority of overstate who were at the time from the united states or europe . a formal government apology for past injustices is rare in new zealand. it has to meet strict criteria, including the victims being definable as a distinct group that continues to suffer hom, connected to those historic events today. many of those affected feel a sense of shame about what happened and they're reluctant to talk about it even to the families. you would have just felt like you were trampled on in some way emotionally, spiritually, many,
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many ways. and i think that has an energy international. the polynesian pentodes, welcome the apology, which have been campaigning for for decades. and they hope it will help people of the pacific islands move on the alastair proud. because of who we are and achieve the theory. very basic and simple goals for why we even came to this country. that's all we want. they also hope saying, sorry will help build trust between the island communities and the government and into a future generations feel secure in new zealand. even if the apology has taken nearly 15 years, wayne, hey, al jazeera, hawkins. so i had all the news, our molding a camera one on the cleaning, on the day life with the on the a test ride on the new electric motor device, taking kenya by stone. and gold for switzerland and the tennis,
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but not for roger federer more from the tokyo games coming out with jenna. ah, we were told technology can help tackle the spread of cov 19. but our tech solutions, the best solutions. we're starting something that seems like it's in public health, very quickly becomes about measuring people what day they're being collected. whereas it being for holly re looked at the limits of the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues we face target when tech to go viral, episode 3 of all hail the lockdown analogy. 0 the native names as it breaks the governors that have the population will be affected. that's a millions of people who rely on the river for there was applied with detail coverage not only were residents completely taken by surprise by the flux. they
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also overwhelmed government services. from around the world this, the nation will help us stifle accusation from the global cell. the wealthy nations were holding too many of the vaccines for themselves. ah, the news. and recent week out there has been following groves and popularity of electric vehicles. now latest report, we got most of bikes in kenya about 200000 new bikes, hit the road that every year, nearly all run on petro. but that could be about to change. mark web went to homer bay, where an electric motor bike is creating
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a boss lots of like use in kenya is exploding. the cost much less to buy and run than a car is good on the roads. and they can carry almost any kind of cargo. they're about 2000000 bikes on the roads. most of them are used to serve paying customers. the numbers, doubling about every 8 years with their carbon emissions. it's a similar story in much of the developing world. all right, as we spoke to in this town in western kenya, they did tired of coming here to the mechanic. most of the motor bikes are made in china and india. they're designed for better roads. the petrol power engines where out fast, these people, i'm not bringing the order. and if you find the, you know, the little bit expensive, so we will go for about she puts on the well. but
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not said john, on nuka. he's one of a handful of writers here. he's been given an electric motor bike to try it as few moving parts requires little maintenance and no fuel got come back in a car to compare when i used to petrol driven motor bikes. i could save $20.00 a month now with the electric bike, i can save about $80.00, changing batteries costs less than half of what i spent on fuel. john says the cost savings make a big difference to him and his family. the buy he's writing. comes from this workshop is in the capital, nairobi, the sweetest company called opi bus has developed the blanks here. lucy miguel is one of a team of engineers who designed them specifically for the rough roads. and for the growing motorbike market. the biggest challenge will be making the price is compared to the bus. so we know how affordable our spot to really working to us to invest. but making sure that despite a bill here,
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design engineers just over will make the be much cheaper. all the ride is here say they want to try the electric bike. the big question is which kind of bike goes faster? and the best way to find out is with a race the, the electric like quick off the line and extend american. and as i said, the field thought that i'm holding a camera on the cleaning on the day i live with the other. but all of the riders we've spoken to glossy. how quickly can these bikes become available now and to test? didn't really technology. one of us says it plans to start mass production later this. yeah. malcolm web al jazeera home, a bay kenya jam his hand now with his 4. thank you mary. i'm. we start with a record breaking performance at the take care games lead to making sprint lane.
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thompson harris became the 2nd fastest woman in history. she successfully defended her 100 meter title, and the richardson has more. well, this women's $100.00 mates a final full of stone names and runners with big reputations. it was one bought you make is elaine thompson, ira, and she wanted in an a lympics record time of 10.6. 1 second successfully defending the title. she won in rio in 2016 and 2nd, shelley and phrase a price also of jamaica sheet on the previous to olympic gold medals and completing it. you make a one to 3, was sharika jackson, spare a thought for mary jo, a tale of ivory coast in full. she finished forth in both the 100 meter and the 200 to finally in rio as well. going into the final that in avenue time in my head, i was just trying to execute the best rate if i had a better estimate because i actually had a p b. i wasn't looking at an era card or any time as i said. but eventually those time
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were you raise a lot of women are coming up rise in so therefore to run this olympic regard tonight. i think that send the signal warning that anything is possible. now on sunday, it's time for the men scout, 100 meters, really story of who isn't in that final these the 1st olympics since 2004 with now you saying bolt the world champion, christian coleman isn't here because of doping offenses. and also me think is now a lyles, the american, who said he'd be here to win the 10200. he didn't even qualify for the u. s. team in the 100 meters, a big chance. therefore the candidate andre degrass, literally in the shadow. if you sign vote for so many years, he's got a career full of silver and bronze medals this a perfect chance to finally win a major gold. and on sunday, the events that just about everyone here in japan is going to be watching is the final round of the men's go outside of an army or soccer. one of the biggest stars
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here in japan is he came out see armor, who early this year became the 1st japanese mild to win a major golf tournament. when he won the masters, is one shut off the lead, going into sundays, fun around a great chance to win and eliminate gold as well, and event it just on something that format with number one's roger federer and martina hingis never managed. and that's when the olympics singles. title vantage, b republics, marquez of andries, of a in 3 sets. she's the 1st swiss woman to win a tennis gold medal at the fix and she dedicated her victory to federal anti guess . but mens about number one joke which leads to empty handed, often losing his bronze medal match against pains of public around your booster. the subs temper got the better of him during that defeat, and he later withdrew from the mixed double bronze match fighting a shoulder injury. katara has its 1st elim pick metal and it came in weight, lifting far as abraham added back on them and 96 kilogram category. lifting a total of 400 kilograms to set a new,
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pick. a dramatic finish in the men football or to find out between spain and ivory, coast ivory coast. when to an up and stop each time and look to be heading to the 70s. the spain immediately going back to send it in tax time, where they score to 3 more to when it 5 to they'll play host japan next after they beat new zealand for to on penalties. defending champions, brazil, one they went as over egypt to set up a last format with mexico. you put 6 south korea, so kate of dresser became only the 2nd man behind fellow american mach spits. when the 100 meter freestyle and butterfly double. the 24, he wrote a job that b hungary and christoph moleck. in the 100 meter butterfly in a well reco time of 49.45 seconds to claim his fed. goldman look again took a world record to win the elliptic final. and i don't think it happens that often
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the limitations, the pressure that's under all the swimmers here. so i have to guys go to the fastest times in history it's, it's amazing to do that with them right next to me and my 5 that's really special. i think it was really fun to watch. kirkpatrick katie lackey became the 1st female, so that when 6 individual go metals, she claimed the 800 meter freestyle title for the 3rd successive olympics. she leaves take it with 2 golds and a couple of silver as well. you know, coming off of london, i was super motivated to kind of prove myself true. i wasn't just the one hit wonder and you know, my next goal is to break a world record which i did the following year. and then coming off of rio, i was headed off to stanford to college and only took a quick break after ria. i'm just going to let the said a little bit and enjoy it with family and friends and,
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and really focused in and eventually get back to work. but the us team could only finish 5th in the inaugural 4 by 100 meters mixed mentally relay. great britain took gold and a wild record fine had of china and australia. great berson were also successful in another new team event. the transform mixed relay, johnny bromley, he won brahms in london and silver in 4 years late. that was part of the gold medal winning forces. you finished 14 seconds ahead of the u. s. with from the clenching, bronze potent put off an upset in the 4 by 400 meters mixed relay, another vent making itself pick davy. it was the 1st pick metaphor for teammates, dominican republic, silva, and favorites. the united states have to settle for bronze. his how the metal table looks sent off the day to china out in front with 21 goals, the head of host japan. you have 17. that's one more than the united states with the rational in pick committee and australia. also in double figures with 1110 gold
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respectively. gymnastics to my bibles will continue to be evaluated daily to determine whether she'll compete in the floor. i'm beam finals and files withdrew from the vault and uneven balls events as she continues to battle a mental health issues. the 24 year old has spoken about dealing with what's known as the twist these why she becomes a disorientated during some performances away from the games that louis hamilton will start. the hungarian growing pre from paul position, he qualified for this at the st teammate battery process with championship the the max of staffing in bird. and some of the staff and fans clearly haven't given how much of his collision with the dutchman at the british calling for 2 weeks ago with sections of the crowd and doing him. i mean, i've never booed anything before. and any other score because i can't get my character, but i want one team to win more than other than that but, but i've seen that it's growing up around and we know what it is,
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but we do have to be so careful with without word as as young kids watching in the south africa series with the british and irish lines will go to a decider. that's after the spring box. one, the 2nd test to level things up. one all the lions let at the break. while champions go 21 points in the 2nd half, including 2 tries on the way to a 279 victory is not all to slay for in the final, not to the series on saturday. kind of wait for that game that is useful for me. this evening mario, that's great. thank you very much, john. thank you. oh, that wraps up man. he's out, but i'll be back in a couple of minutes with war on all of our top story. we're looking at wildfires continue to ravage ponce's southern talk. you're going to have a report from an talia on that. and then of course the taliban rapid advance in afghanistan continue to gain more territory in the southern and northern parts of
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the country. i'll bring you the details very shortly. do stay with our 0 bye for now. i me ah, ah. ah, with energy to every part of our universe. more small. to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity.
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we can make it work for you and your business. the fuel, the dry change following the removal of robert new gobby than bob way with the country. bringing with it one journalist set out to record the voice of the people . instead of telling people what to think, how dread that gives them a chance to speak for themselves and captured or haunted. not sure. of the power and fragility of hope. borne free witness on al jazeera in 2001 fear, friends around the world. are australians accused of being enemies within and attacking the way of life? treated like we were all suspects. we were all struggling to adapt to the new found home out there explored the history of the lebanese community and australia once
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upon a time and punched on out his era the revealing eco friendly solution to combat threat to our planet. on al jazeera ah, wildfires continued to burn in turkey, consuming forest and threatening villages. several provinces on declared dissolved designs. ah, hello, i'm mariam demising in london, you're watching al jazeera, also coming off on the program. a prominent charges put on house arrest in tunisia just days on the president sacks, the government.


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