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washed, and we use the design that we've come up with, ethical, sustainable, and entirely made in the u. k. it looks like face most to be part of many people's lives, at least in the short term, whatever. calling the way that being urged to consider where it comes from and where it'll end up the. ready this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm marianne newman, the welcome to the news our life from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes, wildfire continue to bun in turkey, consuming forests and threatening villages. several provinces are declared disasters. eyes. a prominent judges put under house arrest in geneva, just days after the president sacks the government. we look at the battle for
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control in afghanistan. government forces that push back as the taliban set it. sites on the western city of harass, back in lockdown and parts of china is the country fight to spread the contagious delta of areas. i'm devin ash, with board captain when this 1st ever goes to making sprint lane comes and runs the 2nd time in history to defend how 100 meter title ah hello, welcome to the news. our top story, deadly 5, tearing through great swathes of turkeys, mediterranean, and g and coastlines. 6 people are confined to have died. some hotels have been evacuated with terrorists, fleeing by boat, while forest fires. a common in turkey at this time of year experts,
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a warning that the extent of this seasons 5 ships of as a warring indication of what climate change could do. the region and the world will talk you 5, have been raging since wednesday to far as 5 were at 245 work as well. the latest to be killed. $98.00 fires broke out across at least 6 provinces. 88 have been brought on the control. the 5 threat has been exacerbated by the wave across southern europe. not being fed by hot air from africa for cost is expect temperatures to push through 40 degrees this weekend, of witching 45, and possibly even 50 degrees by the end of next week. just 2 weeks ago, hundreds were killed as floods swept through germany. the netherlands in belgium. these recent extreme weather changes of height and concerns of mount climate. the united nations is saying that it's that its latest analysis of international climate pledges would still lead to global warming far beyond the one and
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a half degree limit, which is needed to avoid was to fax or so we begin our coverage. now with this report from resume, sorry, who's in on? tell ya in turkey? clear blue skies lost in a haze, and the ones green forest or southwest and turkey had been painted black. the wise fire started on wednesday, across 4 locations in the province of tanya found by strong means discreetly spread to neighboring regions. but soon, 26 provinces, far and wide, began reporting similar fires. several people have been killed and hundreds of others injured. thousands more have had to leave their homes, young ayala, than the blaze spread to the highlands and raised suddenly we had no chance to flee on, but when we were engulfed by slaves, we had to run to the city of man. i've got to have it and then we came back to find
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the house like this. not, not, not the one. i want more than 85. why fire? how broken out is, what is the $74.00 of them are under control, but the course the progress is awesome on. yeah, on top of the messing moolah, and even there are still trying to put out for lames, we are in my now got which along with our 2nd is on 30 as worst hit this rate to fight fighters have been killed during operations here. while many people have been taken to hospital at least 25 willis and this weeks or even created and other if i was in mamma is, has killed at 25 years old woman here who was trying to take lincoln water to the emergency crews. the fire wiped out life stockton area has local stock of to lead her to safety. hundreds of homes have been this voice was heavily damaged. but the turkey for the minister says, how is on the way?
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cuz me a demo. let it buy ship to the out and i need to buy it and you might tend to get it. we'll start partial payments to our citizens who have suffered damage to their properties. and we have begun transferring a total of $2700000.00 from various institutions and ministries for emergency need . and antelli as min. i've got district and i said it was fires. are common turkeys, mediterranean, and age and regions during the dry summer months. alternatives have yet to determine the cause of this fires. sub shipping, we are considering the possibility of sabotage and any other sources of the fire starter and we will carry out the investigation to provide answers to these. we will not give up and we have all the answers that are concerned. they may be attacks targeting the heart of the turkish tourism industry. the extent of the destruction will become clear once the was fires are extinguished. but for doors in
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the fact that regions it will likely take some to recover, repealed press will started out just 0. my now got argentina has declared a 180 day water emergency now for the parent river. this is one of the most important waterways in south america because it connects argentina bar quiet and brazil. but it is storage lea, low levels. as algeria stories bone, our ports from argentina, as santa fe province. i'm here in the city over the side of the province on sunday for about 3 hours away from the capital. and this river that you can see right behind me is that by an around 80 percent of argentine, us exports leave the country through this river over 4000 ships like mechanical ships that you can see right behind me started through this area. what's happening here? right now is that this river has hit a historic low. it should be 3 meters higher,
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that it is right now. we're told by experts that are around 6000 cubic meters are being lost at this point. every 2nd of the part of the river right now, and this has a huge it back to an argentine of exports or now generation of electricity, among other issues that are happening right now. and that's why the government of america fernandez, has declared the water emergency for a 180 days to assist producers among others of those affected by what's happening in the country. right now we traveled through the pad and now to find out what's exactly going on. it's almost 5000 kilometers in length, making it their 2nd longest river in south america. but now the water in the fight and i river you said its lowest in almost 80 years due to lack of rainfall. miami now own the camping area on the riverbank. she used to have to use a boat to move around, but not anymore. i don't know,
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she will say during the summer there was a bit more walter, so we had more people but you cannot reach this area walking. we don't have a lot of war. the river is crucial for argentina's economy with millions of tons of grain, beef, and other agriculture exports passing through here. this place where i'm standing is in the middle of the river, there's no water left only sand. this is also part of one of the organ tina main export ships are being forced to leave around 30 percent of their cargo because of lack of water. the main concern for local people here is that the situation could get even worse. the file columbo is part of a group of environmental lawyers fighting for the future of the river museum. i think that was at a more less climate change whether alterations, extraordinary drought combined with scarce rainfall. we have to put it in context with what has been happening in the region. we're in the heart, argentine has agricultural belt and we know that to has an impact on the
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environment. the last time the river was this low was in 1944 and many fear a return of the land mean. yeah. phenomenon. weather pattern that generates intense storms in some places and routing, others, environmental group say deforestation, and forest fires in argentina. but i why, as well as brazil, i, when packing the river, i love any send you serious fires and deforestation in the amazon means you're diminishing the amount of vegetation that generates evaporation and puts moisture back into the air. if the situation continues, we'll see more sharp changes in the weather. we are concerned about what's happening in brazil because the parents, river and others originate in brazil. the government is urging people to limited their water use as preserving the piano has become a priority for all in big business and those who live alongside it. and this is happening at a very special time for this country,
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are not totally fighting up. and it's also fighting a massive economic crisis. poverty rates are on the right. inflation is a major concern, a double digit inflation rates. argentina is currently negotiating, performing that with the international monetary fund over $40000000000.00 of flooring debt. so there's a main concern of what's happening to exports in argentina. that's why the government declared that water emergency for a 180 days. and there's not a concern about what could happen in the next 2 months if the water levels do not increase in rainfall. does not increase then this could have certainly an enormous impact. no tony, on exports, but also on those who depend on this river to make a living well more than 60000000 people across 20 us day to subject to official heat warnings. now, as temperatures rise to near record levels of pacific northwest in the southeast of the united states are experiencing temperatures close to 40 degrees. last month,
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the heat wave killed hundreds of people. one recent study says record breaking he waves might become 2 or $2.00 to $7.00 times more frequent, around the world. over the next few decades. the heat we experience read around the 4th of july. we can just before the 4th drive, we can with abnormal, for a couple reasons. one in terms of just the intensity of record breaking heat, but also the duration of it. so probably a big difference between then and now we had about 7 or 8 days worth of 100 degree or nearly a 100 degree days or tomba cars and environmentalists and chairperson of e 3, g, so generation environmentalism enjoyed us now from here in london via skype and tom, i'm, i'm interested to know what goes through your mind. we've just been looking at images of destruction, devastation pretty much everywhere from the us to europe, to parts of asia. i mean, we've seen people losing their lives in india and china,
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and many more people are missing. and then there's also the loss of, of livelihood. what, how much more, how much more volatile or even deadly could these conditions become a lot is short answer. we are now experiencing the effects of a rise in global average temperatures of about 1.2 degrees. if we don't stop burning fossil fuels, then by the middle of a century, we will be living in a world that's well over 2 degrees. and if we continue to burn fossil fuels, beyond that point, the world will go on getting hotter and the kind of phenomena we're saying now. unprecedented, but not completely unexpected phenomena that are going on all over the world, will just become more and more intense. and they're just reaction to people's lives . daily lives will get more and more acute, more of the pictures you've just been showing. why do you say, natalie expected?
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because we've been hearing exactly what might happen from the climate scientists for at least the last 3540 years. what we are seeing now is what they told us 30 years ago. what happened if we didn't take urgent action to keep greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere? and exactly as they forecast were saying the rise in temperature. but what even more alarming is the temperature is pretty much exactly rising as they suggested it would. their models say it would, but the impacts on our lives are much greater, more dramatic than they originally anticipated. so these affects are going to get more unprecedented. but they're certainly not something we didn't know was coming. and a we prepared for that. and for the,
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the consequences of this unprecedented extreme, whether that is like, keep get worse and years from now. no, we're not. and we're not investing enough in 2 things. the most urgent priority is to invest in d carbonite thing our system so that we don't go on making the problem worse. but climate change is happening now. it's not something for the future. and so we also have to invest in upgrading our infrastructure everywhere. so that we can cope with the impacts we're already experiencing. and that means investing more. for instance, in managing dry lands and forest lands that have got to become more vulnerable to fires, it means investing more in the water system so that people can retain access to water both in our cities, but also in our agriculture areas. or we won't be able to grow food, so we have to do an enormous amount to increase the resilience. we have to these
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increasingly shocking events at the same time as we have to invest in stopping burning fossil fuels. we've seen in the flood waters causing such havoc in germany and then these deadly mud slides in india. and then also we see we see droughts and wildfire playing out elsewhere in the u. s. know strayer and now in turkey, and you explain how rising temperatures feed through and to such a different conditions depending on where you are in the world, whether it be very dry conditions in one place or heavier rainfall elsewhere. i can't explain very shortly, but i can say because it's a very complex system that we're perturbing by adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. but what the scientist told us 30 years ago was it was like do that. if we went on doing that, we would make what areas wetter and dry areas dryer. that was the british been
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a very brief summary of some very complicated science, but that's essentially what we're seeing as that warms up as a c warms up, we're seeing changes in the way weather is constructed. as i smell, it changes the way in which temperatures a distributed around the world. and that's what drives are whether the differences in temperature, brittany equator. the poll for instance, is a very important driver of our weather. if you change that temperature balance, you change the distribution of things like floods and droughts, fires, heat or the things we're saying right now has this result head in enough of a shift in language, maybe political culture and sort of mindset and mentality basically is there is that a widespread acceptance that these conditions have being caused,
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or at least exacerbated by human induced climate change. yes, there is an, it's certainly true amongst populations wherever you take the world. you take an opinion poll, you find the public is alert to and aware of the problem. once something done a budget, politicians have been slower. but what we've begun to see recently is pretty well across the board. politicians are beginning to sign up to a commitment to get the world's energy system to net 0 by 2050. but signing up or making a promise is something. politicians are very good at doing, doing the things that actually make a difference that rather less good at doing. and we're not seeing the kind of action from politicians that we need to say if we're going to address these problems successfully. thank you very much. tell her we get to chat again soon. tom back. johnny is there from the 3 g. nathan use our live from
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london. much will still ahead on the program. been a 3rd weekend of anger across francis protective timing vaccine, post post question and liberty saying, sorry, 50 years too late. new zealand to, to apologize for a racist immigration cracked down half a century ago. and superstar gymnast among biles continues to be monitored after pulling out of more events in tokyo games because of mental health concerns. we'll have one that in this for a bit later. ah, well now to denisia web security forces of placed a prominent judge on the house arrest. judge fisher academy has in the past been accused of suppressing terrorism related cases. the rest followed, present sides, pledge to lead a campaign against corruption. after he dismissed the prime minister and dissolve
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parliament. gotcha, lopez for diane reports in tunisia were for now at least uncertainty seems to be the only certainty of popular president continues to reassure the public even as the political crisis deepens. on friday evening, during a meeting with new york times, journalists had been detained briefly earlier in the week, i saw you to promise to respect people's liberty. the middle as despite the cross this, that to nicea is living. it still operates with freedom of expression and was human rights built on the constitution and faced with some difficulties in some areas or with some administrations than these are intentional obstacles on the list of them is are still when news broke earlier in the day that you seen uri, a parliamentarian influential blogger and fierce critic of the president had been imprisoned. many worried a purge may have begun. children, according to tunisia, military judges, though york was jailed in connection with
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a 2018 verdict issued against him for defaming the army. hours later, another member of parliament mahard seed was arrested on saturday. a video posted on line showed him saying he had been liberated. but according to his lawyer as it was later whist away by security forces. and his whereabouts are unknown. president vi it has denied having anything to do with the arrests last week when he suspended parliament for 30 days. he also lifted the immunity of its members, which means the legislators with cases against them can now be arrested. and just a matter of days, the president has sacked, the defense minister acting just as minister and prime minister, who was also serving as acting interior minister only an interim interior minister has been name so far, leading many to speculate when other appointments will be made for the moment zion moved to seize executive control appears to gain widespread supports in asia of
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fragile democracy whose population has grown fatigued by years of corruption, political deadlock and economic stagnation. this year as covert 1900 cases, surge, things have only worsened the head of tenicia. largest party and the governing coalition and after has called for talks and says it's ready for concessions within the framework of the constitution. he will madison, equally with we're going to try use all peaceful means dialogue, negotiation st. pressure pressure from organisations internal and external pressure to bring back democracy. only goal today is the return of democracy to tunisia. by enlarge tunisians hope a roadmap will be created to guide them out of this crisis. and while many politicians profess the same, it's not clear with the roadmap will include, or when it might be complete. castillo, this was a young algebra. now we turn to conflict in afghanistan,
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where rapid advances by groups of taliban fighters in districts across the country is becoming an encroachment on the biggest cities. winds is getting worse around places like lash co, gar besieged capitol of hell. man. province in the south kandahar has long had a taliban presence, not also in the south, but at pushing past their traditional southern strongholds because they are also on the offensive in the north, in the strategically vital kind of province. for example, is a border with a g kissed on taliban has already threat through the western province hirata, which has a crucial border with iran. and now the city of herat itself is on the pressure after an attack on the main un compound that charlotte ballast has the latest on the outskirts of iraq, afghanistan stood, biggest city government forces tried to hold off the tele bomb. it's been like this for several days. most of the former we are defending our land. we're not moving
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forward at this time because we don't want civilians to be killed or injured friday . this is the road to herat airport to 30 minute drive south of the city taliban fighters and government forces have been battling across the road. that is bridge. the commercial flight stopped till wednesday is the front line moved towards the city. so how many kilometers from the city was that 6 or thanks a lot, have a filament united nations regional compound is also on that road. on friday, the un blamed the tele bonds hitting its perimeter with grenades and gunfire. although the telephone said it was caught in the crossfire, the un secretary general called the attack deplorable. thought a month ago, the majority of her, our province was government controlled or contested. now the taliban is in control
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of much of the province, herat city in its surrounding districts of the only thing that stopped the fight who's controlling a 300 kilometer stretch of road east from the iranian border. former governor and merger heading leda is mal hahn, has rallied his supporters to protect the city and both the ask and military response. hundreds of his fighters are on the front lines. yesterday the president called me and we spoke on the phone. he said he will send reinforcements last night should have arrived, but the defense ministry has been sent to anyone so far in the city africans carry on like the war is not on the doorstep. many putting their trust in homes. vices. yeah. there's no good. were all in the military and also no plan to fight against the side of one hand and pushing them both of the heroine province. the telephone, say they killed
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a top african military commander. it's the soldiers and pro government militias still have a chance to live. if they surrender, the government says it's regaining control when sending reinforcements including special forces. charlotte bellis out there, a cobble or china is racing to contain it's west kind of in 1900 outbreak in month . being fueled by the delta vary and 1st identified in india, which is much more contagious. health work as a testing millions of people. and they've placed hundreds of thousands under lockdown brianca group to reports. and this is non jean international airport weeks earlier. it was steaming with travelers and an invisible enemy, the highly contagious delta variant of coven. 19 china is now trying to prevent a health crisis. from getting worse. the outbreak started launching has spread to 6 provinces, the capital b jane, and now chanting, one of the world's biggest cities,
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day and night. china is doing what does best testing tens of millions of people. it is reasons to be concerned, child. the funds, which was like the variant is more transmissible without strong prevention and control measures without strong therapeutic and immunization capabilities. the regeneration spade is very fast and this is earlier within 4 to 5 days. the viral load increased $2.00 to $3.00 times. but now within 3 days, the viral load may increase $5.00 to $7.00 times. tens of thousands of people have been put under locked down in beaching, an in junk food province. at a 1000000 more in the tourist hotspot of the jazz here in hunan. but china, which impose the world's 1st lockdown. it's strict methods are proven and effective . public high, you have habits, are existing prevention control measures are effective. the conclusion was drawn based on 2 basic understanding. the 1st is the scientific community understanding
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of the virus. it is still a corona virus at source of infection. transmission root has been basically clear on the 2nd understanding is based on the past practices of our prevention and control. but with researches calling the delta variant, ask contagious us chicken pox be james tried and tested our snow against the virus may seem out of date. even though in the past when trying to do this with steel, then you see cities. i think the reality is that right now they, they spread some cities that they will not be able to stop it more, just speak to other cities and then it because it is far more time transmissible. the lockdown measures will probably not work. and then what works in 2020 china has vaccinated more than half of its people. but with jobs that have
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laure protection rates, it is one of the world's strictest border controls. and has the capacity to increase health services at a short time. but like much of the world, china will now need to come up with affective measures to tackle this variance and repeat it's only successes against as far as bronco gotta all to 0. with the news, our life from london still ahead answering the call him bob weighs the latest african nations help tackle an armed group in mozambique and in sports or 1st gold medal for caca. i will have the best reaction from tokyo, a bit later this out. ah
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hello, thanks for tuning in. we are tracking a deep area of low pressure for central areas of europe. and you know, when we talk about a deep area of low, just think the deeper the low, the more intense the weather is. so let's go in for a closer book right now. a storms. they're going to rumble through northern areas of italy, switzerland. as we hit toward austria at the czech republic, so vacuum rate into germany. now south of all of this, we're still hanging onto that hot sunshine, bucharest, 39 degrees as we head toward sundays. so heat alerts still widespread across the bulk and also talking about the heat in turkey. we know wildfires burning east of until your city in on talia providence. and unfortunately the weather is not going to cooperate here. that is to say it will remain hot. it will remain dry, and even at points the winds will whip up to about 40 kilometers per hour complicating that's firefights ok off to africa right now. and it's been particularly when it's around the gulf of guinea, conic re scooped up nearly a 100 millimeters of rain. we also know northern sections of nigeria flooding.
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there has destroyed about 1500 homes, some strong storms moving through southern bali. and as we head towards senegal and sierra leone, we can also expect thunderstorms on sunday that your weather update. thanks for your company. ah, he added to the fashion, the success and the popularity. then he gave it all up for the love of his homeland football rebels. delves into the realm of footballing legend, russia mac luthey. before to the jury and national liberation front. with his feet rashid mackenzie, and the f. l. n. team on al jazeera, one of the thought that growing nations in the.


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