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tv   [untitled]    July 31, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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and then he gave it all up for the love of its homeland football rebels. delves into the realm of footballing legend. rashid mac luthey for to the cheery and national liberation front with his feet rashid mackenzie, and the f. l. n. team on al jazeera. oh, i'm sorry, i'm to my z quick look at the main stories now. the forest fires ravaging parts of southern turkey of killed 6 people to fire fighters died on saturday for shall fe the fires is spread much further this year with hot weather and strong wind finding the flames. entire forest has been burned down. villages nearby resorts have also been evacuated. smoke from the fires is also spread as far south as fight pers,
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that's 100 kilometers away. the president type of on is decry disaster zones for several provinces, and as called for an investigation. hurts really show to t. m a. we are considering the possibility of sabotage and any other sources of the fire starting and we will carry out the investigation to provide answers to these. we will not give up until we have all the answers. well, i've been more around of high profile individuals in tunisia, and the latest is a prominent judge fisher academy, who's under house arrest, several parliament terry's also been detained in the past 2 days. president chi side who's sacked, the prime minister and dissolve. parliament is pledging to lead a campaign against corruption. china is raising to contain its worst covered 19 outbreaks a month earlier in july, a cluster of infections caused by the contagious delta volumes. first detected
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a non ging. since then, it spread to fix on the provinces as well as the capital paging and cha ching, which is one of the world's largest cities of work as a testing millions of people, and they've placed hundreds of thousands in lockdown. meanwhile, protested in malaysia of call for the prime minister to resign over his handling of the pandemic, kuala lumpur, riley was glad mostly by the use to want parliament to be recalled and the relief to be extended to those who are hardest hit by. the economic crisis, any 9000 people have died in the malaysian outright with infection spreading rapidly recently. and then police and protests as have been clashing in france, tens of thousands demonstrating against so called back theme passport. this is now the 3rd consecutive, we can, the protest have taken place. government is trying to make a hell of compulsory and bars and restaurants. but actually they say this amount to a form of a to ship warn all those stories in the news out in about half an hour time. i will
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see you then al jazeera world in libya. now continues. he added to the passion, the success and the popularity and then he gave it all up for the love of his homeland football rebels. delves into the realm of footballing legend. rashid mac, luthey for the jury and national liberation front. with his feet, rashid mackenzie, and the f. l. n. team on al jazeera. each and every one of us have about a responsibility to change our person. for the better, the more we could do this experiment and a lot of us could increase just a little bit that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would
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become a magnet, always incredibly recipe for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly here and getting this pick up the collect the segregated sales . the reason this is extremely important service they provide the city we need to take america to try to bring people together trying to deal with people who've been left behind. ah, before the libyan revolution in 2011 visit motor rallies were really popular. here . there was suspended by the violence and the conflict, but have now made a come back in 2018 mohammed for sunny lead,
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a group of drivers from his hometown of sir man in the along the 600 kilometers all the way to what done. unfortunately, one of the team is ready, cars had broken down and some of his best drivers never made it to what done because of isolate tags in the region. ah but he and his friends joined dave and regardless as an escape from olivia's problems, they would take part in some of the many so chose including some of their youngest members
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the the b o. o. and he's going to do more than i'm doing with them. the name of the photo has it should be in the next move about something. give the best fish. good them. if you she had the, when it gets dealership shows, how much, how much the
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ah ah, the news the
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news that it was leaving i was going to be i gotta catch up with the musket and i was in 1900. you know, i'm a little network reluctant to have it would be in no way. you know, my mom i do now to look at the you know, how to flush up real, real know about going to tell you what i'm going to say got
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kind of one of our cologne fish rally. and the such shows were finding the underway in the desert. ah, no, we're quite bike racing against the clock. i hit the challenge for 4 by 4 vehicles. and the main radi. and of course, across that you use each had its own rule set out by the ruddy organizers, but not everyone seem happy with the way they were being informed. ah, how much money got caught up in a dispute that it did not
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of how much more eventually we're going to we're so what about on towards the end of that it was from dealing with what was left with what when what it was? yeah. well, let's look at them as well, but in the gum. yeah. oh, i mean, i didn't have him and i was wondering what was what was that again, that would be a limit on the one that how much they might
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wash it. well, i mean, oh no, i don't know what that almost article ok. what does that look like? one by the way, you can use them. another way to do that you don't know what they're going to do. let me look at the notes. i don't have that, i would like why, why didn't i didn't i didn't want it was like, you know, and i didn't know that dad wanted to tell me, but what was what is going to do what the noise question
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was? what was going on? i mean, what does it, what i was going on? it was somebody from my home. i want that somebody might be other than oh, what does that look look kind of joe's mom. look for us. on the june, the driver spoke of their frustration and of the problem is libyans face trying to race in the big international rally deal regional libya rally founded in 2008 has not become the morocco does a challenge. this driver said he felt like the right equipment and specialist knowledge. he was part of the nissan owners group,
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gearing up for the hilltop job, done with the money. and that's why i didn't leave a message or was it gonna be limited to get
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a deal with it like what was what was down to me which i love that so i didn't i didn't come up there. got it. look up the children with the bus or yeah, i'm looking i'm going to be yeah. and the low she was
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glad to florida for the look of them are going to be what to do with the worse. well, margaret lit up dish away at the moment i should be able to send you the book of that, but the thing is that you have to book the book.
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the engaging a high gear seemed to work according to the drivers and fans. what don ready was about more than just driving and that doesn't take a little trouble with us or go in there. but mr. bell, i'm a little general opinions about the name of bobby you know, with the media. i'm just going to need another muslim and i was bad luck. yes, i do show me, miss jordan. my mother can get ahold me recently. ah, ah,
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i know what i thought was mckenna sheriff and daughter can miss something moment me. it's not at all, but philip led to that. we're other so that we're not coming to talk about what does kind of the most of us, but then there's a lot of money i'm sending that wouldn't cause me back again. it would be the other
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one you would be getting me about what i got when i got you, but a little you know much i've been, it's been, you know, that kind of went on with a math and the sort of of how to, how to measure that and the bloody how it would be how to do nothing to the real
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governor. that's not what you mean. what what fema somebody will be probably when somebody megan was you know much harder. i me ah me mohammed lonnie brought a group of young boys on this trip. part of his commitment to involve young people as much as he can in his favorite sports. ah,
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ah, ah! on day 3 of the rally, the plan was for the boys to give a display of the quote by writing what they call an exhibition right? ah, walk in charge of them. so that's just you have to talk and we had a job fall in love, right? i the me
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ah ah me in the last
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oh, well today i wanted to head listen, listen, this is good. then we'll get rid of hay and then and then we can get to sleep with us and if it's on us can turn it when it is this bulletin
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to see them homeless. yeah. let me let me do that though. mrs. williamson, i'm sure what i'm looking for all i'm with them. if i don't know if i don't know how to come mean how many changes left? obviously i'm home with the help for when it has it, new lot of people has them to send it to
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me, but i ah ah, at the end of day 3, it was time to load up the car and start heading home. brenda was my husband tanya copy, copy cc developmental piazza hung up. sort of do you have about the yeah, yeah. the amazon them jimmy was yes. be booked for the nurse to be put on the
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room with them. i'm going to put money that you will get you. it is pulling up. lot of you, mckenna, plumbing, suddenly. boy, the boy are the best you can do myself. you know, look, there's no kind of has been a lot of fun, but what dan roger had come to an end, and it was time for good bye. and at the end of the 3 days, mohammed had this to say, we will never forget these beautiful memories. we'll leave a dance, but we hope to meet again in other races, in better circumstance, in a peaceful, unsafe libya. ah
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. a secret agent claimed by both israel and egypt. well, any case officer who receives potential or a double agent will always assume the worst truth or lied fact, or fiction muscle, the documents or 40 people of either of those under ups out there will tells the story of a man of many secrets. i shut my one desk to the super spy on al jazeera news . news, news, news. news, news. hello,
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wiping this white's off your brow. here's why. in hust trailer, we set a new all time july temperature record in al is 31.8, just measuring out that old record. but we know what comes up. let's go down, right? so those temperatures are going to fall. by the time we had to work tuesday just to a high of 19 degrees on to the active weather now and we do have a storm system moving into western australia. this is going to generate strong winds. once again, you've really been locked into that pattern. so for perth, we will expect wind gusts about 75 kilometers per hour. and as we track it out on monday, it's going to move across the byte impact adelaide with some weather and windy conditions as well. and eventually this will make its way to melbourne and hope art . now for new zealand, we've got nights weather on tap as he heads award. sunday for the major city center is christ church. wellington gives been an offline but check out late monday into tuesday. that's when this rain starts to slide in. so that's when our conditions
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will deteriorate. off to the philippines right now and heavy rains have raised water levels as we hit toward the american river, still more rain to count on sunday. and for asia pacific, our heaviest frame will be toward that southeast corner of china and to taiwan. the blue face, most common sight in that he sent his around britain, but as lockdown loose that people will still be wearing masks for months or even years to come. an ongoing nightmare for the environment. this video shows stuff at a wildlife hospital helping a bird that's been caught up in discarded later. it's a face mask made of plastic. now a recent survey found 70 percent of people using disposable marks didn't realize they were using single use prospects. researches at university college london. so if every person in the used one displays almost every day for a year, it would create $124000.00 tons of waste,
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half of which would be and recyclable. this factory, they're trying to provide an alternative financial borrow coaching like other such mosques can be washed and reuse. the design that we've come up with, ethical, sustainable, and entirely made in the u. k. it looks like face most to be part of many people's lives, at least in the short term, whatever. calling the way that being urged to consider where it comes from and where it'll end up the. ready news this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm mariam demise, the welcome to the news our life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. wildfires continue to bun in turkey, consuming forests and threatening villages. several provinces are declared.


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