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tv   [untitled]    July 31, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm AST

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it was not invented for muslims, and was the whole stockpile unloaded from the ship, the missing amal and it was an all in one way or another membership in an illegal way before join me then for there, for the full report on with you to me . ah hello, i'm marianna m i z and london with a look at the main stories. now. the forest fires ravaging parts of southern turkey of now killed 6 people, including 2 firefighters on saturday. officials say the fire spread much further this year with hot weather and strong winds, fueling the flames. entire forest have been destroyed and villages and nearby resorts evacuated. smoke from the fire is spread as far south as side 1st about 100 kilometers away. president of type one is declared disasters owns for several provinces and is called for an investigation into the cause her to show emma
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considering the possibility of sabotage and any other sources of the fire starting . and we will carry out the investigation to provide answers to these. we will not give up until we have all the answers or, or so, 3rd areas and then i've got in and tell you province with more on this. present one is just silly and my got the and he is having a meeting with with almost mid majority of his cabinet here, minister of interior. and israel for the 3 culture tourism. have been one minister of foreign affairs or so was there. and he said that there was, that will be a huge package off the compensation, particularly for those who have suffered from the law says that the houses that have been damaged are going to be rebuilt. the agricultural areas that we're under
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the fire also are going to go through every 4 station process. the taxes are going to be postponed. but he also said that more than time, active zones are still 5 since suffering from the the forest forest fire. so that the fire is not under the control, but he said there has been remarkable progress since when they, when the 1st reports regarding the fire being erupted, came out. so in that doesn't the investigation is quite important here because the government says that maybe the peak i k is behind is our tax is called the an asthma attack. and because the p k in previous years has called doug the 1st organized arson attacks. the government believes that in to a certain extent, maybe the peak, i keep repeating the same tactics, but so far there is the conflict could be the cause. coordination between the intelligence service minister of interior, gender movies, and other security apparatus going on into deep and deeper into the investigation
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to find out whether this is an organized, organized event or not. more high profile people have been arrested in tunisia, the latest was a prominent george fisher academy is now in the house the rest. several parliamentarians, of course, have been detained in the past couple of days present. hi site who sank, the prime minister in dissolved parliament, is pledging to lead a campaign against corruption in the country. china is rising to contain its was covered 19 outbreaks amongst a cluster of infections caused by the delta varying was 1st attacked in non jing it soon spread to 6 other provinces, a capital waging. and one of the world's largest cities chung ching elf work as a testing millions of people, and they've placed hundreds of thousands in lockdown protested in malaysia. of course, the prime minister to resign over the handling of the pandemic, qual, riley, was led mostly by young people who want parliament to be recalled. they want relief
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to be provided to those who've been hardest hit by the crisis. nearly 9000 people have died in the outbreak in malaysia. meanwhile, police protests have been crashing in france where tens of thousands were demonstrating again. so call vaccine passport. it's the 3rd consecutive, we can, the, this is happened. governments trying to make them health pass compulsory and bars and restaurants that activists say it amount to a form of dictatorship. and while the tories have bring you the u. s. gymnastics simone biles has pulled out of 2 more finals at the tokyo olympics to focus on her mental health, 24 year old join, some of her teammates on a shopping trip in the host city on saturday. she'll be assess daily before deciding whether to compete in the 2 remaining finals next week. as well as next following a car rally through the libyan debt. ah,
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me ah ah, the desert near the southern libyan city of what done. the dunes were buzzing in november. 2018. mm hm. not to be the 10 years before i leave, you had a big international car and buy credit. but the 2011 revolution put us up to that. and federal head had to survive in a war torn country without them or the news
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. you know, i, you know, look at some of, there's no me then in 2013 right. he started up again and in 2018 fans made their way to the what on the 4 feet of car and bike events like this in today's video of fraud with difficulty and the jews. but other than the sort of on how to the how to that there's you know, how to how to do the real them what
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oh, the other 2 wanted people obviously nice getting you didn't i said that this will be cool with fusion equally much so we will be altima with her. i mean, you know, a 100 medina, tpr, my then attorney robbie, who has a lot of 1100 on this thing. kerry how, what should be should be my house i left last year or when will how it to to sharon was wanting to sell happy though he thought obviously cobra had our kid that was to share towards allows him as to where they are. they may not be willing to back out to the wrong ah, this film follows a group of riders and drivers of all ages from surmount in northern libya led by mechanic. but how much isn't that preparation for the rally? journey through hostile territory, to what done and the length they'll go to enjoy the favorite sport,
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a symbol of hope, in the ruins of the country, still torn apart by conflict. ah . live local nerd from the hunt in to get in our community. sorry. i couldn't watch it and not even on the senate has had some jo, lucy, those were stony when there's not another shot for the going to them and we'll see that i didn't know, you know, i don't sleep
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a few $100.00. and then one more pessimism, and i'm a pessimist from what we'd love to shouldn't in the way that were hammered was preparing to lead this group on the 600 kilometers journey from silverman to what done. despite all the problems caused by the continued conflict including getting hold of fuel,
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he described this as unbelievable in one of the top 20 all producing countries in the world. then though with a constant violent attacks, of course, on the company, when they have you or you won't be defeated, but whether you're what we do, you know, as well. but if you have a buddy that's how we may be working tomorrow, but it will let me know if you get in touch with some of
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the limit the city of seattle catalyst no lives much comes to me and much more much more. busy love left more money, which tells me mercy is soon as in the way of 2nd phone. money, joy, please. when you come back from them, as i mentioned that management, this is what i want to call up the man. it was a little problem kind of mitchell robinson was
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in the lead up to the trip. well, how much talked a lot about how much she and other libyans had suffered in the past and that they continue to suffer today. before that evolution he said it had been at the hands of the good duffy regina, but now he called it his fragile freedom. they could not move around freely, but only by putting the danger they were in. out of their mind. he said they never knew if did return alive as what is the danger of the trip. some of the group still had mechanical problems. i was hammer. a lot of i would like i said, i was little hello for the right and then i'm available,
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month to month and then it was that has more members, not my bottom from the mac and the mac. the. and i don't want you from going up on my little little by to a loan of the more cool by the number that i'm looking at when it's been a lot below. and that has to be slammed into a movie and i'm a fortune. but fortune and mobile our i'm, i'm out of the mobile, i get a new manager when i didn't know what amount of 30 minutes left of my work, eliminating as i can for the amount of discharge on the line in
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which i look above our most book and double machine and the moment i have both and i've been like, well, had told them as well nobody i'm not really sure about no yeah, yeah. do would then she'll go to try this one on the musician. do you happen to have done friday? and yet the 1st check in, mitchell, i missed you from the book of new to me. i asked her the other,
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the colony and jimmy, unless you possibly can to come, but it will end the on. but if, unless the thought for the, the senate thing should at least meet the roger grievance with some of the, some of the see on him to home. we are, that doesn't mean how many did. one of them put them in the hottest and in a mature, had a leak and fat, and a man to caution. just before aliya motor deli, how do you multiple them w me r t. i wanna know for the stuff that i need with them. if in the imminent name some off on the there are hello looking to have
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an answer from bank of america. roman engine within us live out in like in the problem. and we didn't have to leave you had met it on a month in the career gather model, a killer via had the visually mer math. i consumed in my home some having some way to live in the should be able to come, you know, didn't go with the movie didn't from i'm sure it's going to be doing this. i could follow the lesson party. i'm
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a non don't want to, so let me, let me dental complete dental and then what was that? i'm like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, jenn, me or miss vague about when or not, or sharla fisher may be her mom and thomas morgan manor or fish, math and management. i love, you know, from clinton new mattel upset about i never moran and one of them and i found him
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on the leg now from why you know, took lunch on the i i the plan was to set off on the 600 kilometer trip at don't know how much group of motor sports fans described being excited as they looked forward to meeting friends and taking part in their rally and other driving events. they estimated that the journey toward done would take around 20 hours. the 1st leg was the 67 kilometers from the home town of sir, man to the capital tripoli, which would just take over now the
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aah! on the journey! mohammed talked about how much tripoli meant to him, and many other libya. he remembered the motor rallies held the path and look forward to the city, returning to peace and glory, one day through the internal conflict that followed the revolution. tripoli has been held by the international recognized government and he will get set up in what about us for future them if you would american for our system and ship at the southern them. we didn't mission machine for predict any door pre executive, pre after tripoli,
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the rod would take them to miss ryder and grain old potentially dangerous. and then of course, into the desert. during the 2011 revolution, miss ross was a strong hold of opposition to buffy. 9 years later, government troops held off a challenge by the warlord hardy for half the next water whose citizens were forced out by good duffy forces fighting the opposition in the office. it remained goes down until reconciliation with the router in 2018 allows people to finally return home mohammedans group to corrode. 5 pitstop right here. ah,
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the threat to the group's ready success however, came not from a roadside device or factional violence, but from maloof car breaking down. soon after leaving 122 thirds of the way into the journey mohammed anathema were no longer sure if they actually were able to take part in the don t t ready with out of the this year. and she had worked on hold because we can and and her new food upland madam, that no noodle the fish had the seal apple and the name and your me
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i me ah, when but i'm sure let's go on with with any higher offline. when you the fema shaken had to him son yeah. to for she. good them from going to going to miss michelle. you don't miss your there much. i think of them she'll i'm you betty. the work of international give that's going to be what i meant to be a fault with the one circuit with them schmidt industry and she, we had them in a more mobile and mobile. plenty of different show of eddie. all in one place from be sure to go there were people who show bubble was about a month old food was 3, were for the delay apply with the man from the and it's called the be. busy for the finally, well, how much in his group, some sir,
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man reach what don city and the desert can ready for 3 day rally and surrounding event. they said they hoped to meet not only rally drivers and fans from all over libya, but also members of the own group who set off from different locations in libya. and they were supposed to take part in all the rally categor car, motorcycle and 4 wheel club bikes. but because of ice of attacks in the web done region, some of the best drivers couldn't get the added to their own car break down. they would not be able to enter the official rally that have to be content with taking part inside of the league of them
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and have them that we don't need. it can be a lot of money. you need to know how much, how much i know roman doesn't mean that we're not going to know when the i i oh, i don't know . i thought
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i was what i didn't know what, let me let me know. we some of the member number, some people will be something with them is the 1st thing somebody can see over the summer about a shot and i've been with them and
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i've been a bit lit up the money that i did not know, but that was a hop on the bus and i see it. it's about the look when i'm not going to give me a matilda. that if you could give me a call and maybe you had something to say it was, this is not
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a movie left that money us up with the conflict in there isn't the medicine cups and i know it was for the others from other other going to put mr. back what i'm doing and also not mine that i'm with them. and how about well, how much idea of motor sport as a unifying force, welcoming libyans from all over the country,
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regardless of their origins or political affiliation, was shared by many of the fan he met on the blood. we haven't done yet. you had enough copies, general, how do we have a bottle? and so what don ruddy was and running. i got one of the fastest growing nations in the the, on a contract needed to open and develop into national shipping company to become a t middle east and tough for trade and money skillfully enough re key is
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up to about filling up from it, connecting the world connecting the future got cut to gateway to whoa trade for hi. live melissa market for the rich and powerful i was needing specialist work, undercover. just yours investigative unit exposes the inner workings of key players in the murky underbelly of football finance. he's a part you need to sell something like when addition has been said that you can make an elephant disappeared. i have many of the exciting brazen example i've seen the men who so football coming soon on. i just, you know, he added to the fashion, the success and the popularity, and then he gave it all up for the love of his homeland football rebels. delves into the realm of footballing legend. rashid mac luthey for to the jury and
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national liberation front with his feet. rashid mackenzie and the f. l. n team on al jazeera. oh, i'm sorry, i'm the manager. quick look at the main stories now. the forest fires ravaging parts of southern turkey of killed 6 people to 5 fighters died on saturday for shall say the fires is spread much further this year with hot weather and strong wind finding flames. entire forests have been burned down. villages nearby resorts have also been evacuated. smoke from the fire is also spread as far south as site per se. that's 100 kilometers away. the president type of one is declared disasters own.


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