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tv   [untitled]    July 31, 2021 9:30pm-10:00pm AST

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dealing with some fairly gusty winds, so that is certainly not going to help with the firefight. they're in these temperatures well above average, central africa, or storms are flaring up, as we head toward ethiopia, south sudan, pushing into the democratic republic of congo. and also the central african republic on sunday, further to the south. this is what your weather story is looking like. a nice stretch of weather. plenty of sunshine for cape town. 17 degrees habit roney 22 degrees below wales. 22 will be the high for you. interest and scattering of showers as we head toward the east coast of madagascar on sunday. that sure weather update. the news my name is my name is on my to we would like to find the beauty of brands to that point. if you can usually just just grab a manager,
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i've only got mine on mine. i do on i'll just use ah the hello again. the story from the news our the whole from wildfires raging cross southern turkey has risen to 6. this includes 2 firefighters president, reggie piper, tuan has visited one of the effected areas and says the cause of the fires will be investigated. a tennessee and judge has been accused of suppressing terrorism
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related cases has been placed under house arrest. it follows president fire pledge to lead a campaign against corruption after he froze. parliament. processed against funds into this so called virus passes, are taking place in france. once implemented, people have to show proof of vaccination or presents and negative code 1910 before they can enter the most value. zimbabwe is the latest country in southern africa, that's planning to dispatch soldiers to help fight in our group and neighboring those on beek take a if we take a closer look at the conflict, the government has fighter is affiliated with iso. have been operating in parts of the gas rich carpet delgado province in 2017 destroying villages on kidnapping locals. an armed group locally known as shut bob is behind much of the violence, but government security forces have also been accused of grave human rights violations. violence has killed thousands of people and displaced more than 800000
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. how much also has more on how other countries in the region and beyond are hoping to quell the violence? mm. the bubble is deploying soldiers to neighboring mozambique as part of the southern african development community. done by for more than 300 trips will help train muslim army to fight an armed group affiliated to isolate in north of the country. but florida and south africa have already deployed. other countries in the, the member regional block are considering doing the same. the only cell is primarily the duration of, of the conference and the member say society will be able to maintain their own forces within those countries. and this is exemplified by the d. c. conflict. wait, it took longer for it to resolve the conflict within the d. c. but in this instance, it's something that is not take that long and that there was
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a leak and the capacity to help with the regional states are not the only ones getting involved. portugal, the e u and the united states are training muslim. the army or wanda already has soldiers on the ground. the east african country says it's killed some fighters and it's army is pursuing others. this one is a much bigger and just protecting one or 2. yes, perfect. i think, you know, the situation there is much bigger than just one installation. so we are handling the into, you know, we're spitting with the muslim the can forces to restore order and sunny to in, in a couple of the, the, the conflict in kabul. delgado province began in 2017 thousands of diets and been more than 800000 people, had been displaced. human rights workers worry seen the an extra troops could lead to more rights of decent. the questions i got these moment these if the more of
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them become government, the muslim becomes security forces. have dutch and they are unable to distinguish the surgeon from celia. and what assurance do we have at the stage that the foot in the truck are hiding from both said they're going to wonder. i have to do that. distinguish if they aren't able to be dark, could they please explain as to the residence of cub god, how can d e b is secure then a sure that the fighting that he's not going in cub, god will not affect him. the conflict has dropped natural gas projects with billions of dollars. some locals say the failure to distribute vos mineral, and also gas revenues to the local population is fueling tensions until that inequality is addressed. atlas they deploy more troops to northern mozambique is
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not a long term solution to the crisis. had been tougher out of the kenya is extending its nighttime curfew and banning all public gatherings. its health ministers, warning hospitals are overwhelmed and people who for sake will not get a bed. kenya has been under some form of curfew since march last year. kenya is due to received the 1st batch of a shipment of 817000 doses of astrazeneca vaccines from the u. k. and it needs them because the vaccination growth rates are very low. dr. willis, a quality is chairman of the kenya cove in 1900 vaccine, tough force. he says the majority of african countries have been caught off guard. why don't they have to get a quote from the corporate 1900. and then being quite from the beginning is that we have to prioritize production of what it is that i use to prevent or manage infect . you know, you've been, i've been married beginning of the 1900 and given
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a personal protective equipment via why don't we are available now. bunch of every country of course, but different, but again, love it a lot more technology. but one of the african continent are number one, we have the money, we have to get for technological we can protect my logical time spot. so i don't know what's not only for me, but maybe i'm a lot. but what i know that kind of figure it out of much, no other country, i'm the true extent of them, but they may not be fully known. so i'm not maybe my how about that, maybe about us, about protecting african from the african continent. but that needs to be really typically documented. the us president has warned further guidelines or
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roles could be introduced after surgeon cove. in 1900 cases, researchers say restrictions are the only way to encourage vaccine hesitant people to get the job. but as rob reynolds reports from los angeles, there are some who will likely never get vaccinated in this los angeles park, people are frustrated with the millions of americans who won't get vaccinated. i think they are very selfish and unaware and ignorant in the only thinking about themselves. they don't care if it affects other people. that's the thing. research shows there's a hard core group of anti factors who just won't budge. there's something like 16 to 18 percent of americans who are not knowledgeable, they're recalcitrant. they don't want to get it. and they're in without direct policy, any sort of mandate or something specific. that's a much stronger than in urging. they're going to say unvaccinated until very
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recently, policymakers and public health officials have been relying on the carrot, not to stick to convince hesitant americans to get the vaccine. when you get your 1st dose, you will get a $100.00 incentives, cash payments and other freebies have nudged some procrastinators, but not the most adamant. they tend to be younger. they tend to be less educated, less affluent, and much more republican, the democrats. and so they typically are receiving their information from more conservative news outlets. now more institutions are applying the stick in the form of vaccine mandates to make life a little more difficult for the on backs and well. announcing that 240000 california state government workers will soon be required to get vaccinated, or fe is on earth testing and social distances rules. governor gavin newsom blasted
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right wing t v. networks like fox were exhausted by the right wing echo chamber that has been perpetuating misinformation around the vaccine and its efficacy and safety. more than 600 colleges and universities nationwide, including the half 1000000 students and staff in the university of california system must get jabs before classes begin. google, twitter, and facebook will require all employees to be vaccinated. when offices reopen and there's more planning to take in a broadway show, better get your shots 1st know on vaccinated patrons allowed. how about a cruise? you won't be setting sail on most lines until you're fully vast. research shows that private sector and government mandates do help convince all but the hardest of hard core vaccine resistors. and with the delta variant spreading across the
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country, it seems there will be more mandates in the weeks to come. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles, thailand government has ordered an additional $10000000.00 pfizer vaccines in battles, a 4th wave of infections driven by the delta variance. tony chang reports from bank on time. health officials set out on a coven, 19 test, and treatment mission. although close to bangkok, some of these areas are only accessible by boat, especially during the rainy season. urban centers has seen the highest infection rates, but increasingly suspected cases being reported in remote and rural districts and health services being stretched to breaking point on either anake on bar who is currently i'm worried because we don't have enough health officials to take care of patients even though case numbers and those are waiting here to keep rising with government services under strain, sometimes taking matters into their own hands. this group of volunteers going door
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to door testing oxygen levels for those to show curve at 19 symptoms. with many impoverished communities suffering from high levels of infection, they're learning to look after themselves. one of our friend, ny he couldn't get any help. he couldn't call anyone. we don't want that to happen to anyone ever again. hospital beds in the tie capital and now so scarce, the hill service has outfitted a special covey train to transport patients for treatment. elsewhere. more than a 100 patients can be transported to 7 provincial capitols where there are still beds available on the transfer of patients. these patients are from bangkok who haven't receive treatment in hospitals. we want to bring them to doctors in their own home town. and the traveling process is controlled all through the journey with infections still hitting record highs. many expect tough locked down conditions to
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come to the last 2 weeks, communities migrant labors like this one behind me have been completely locked down with god on the gate to make sure no one can get in or out. now, many people in bangkok concern those strict measures could be applied. everybody a don, the airport, a congo warehouse has been converted into a temporary field hospital, 1800 cardboard beds ready for new cove at 900 patients. with nearly 3000 new infections in the capitol every day, even this went whole back. the tide of the 4th wave, tony cheng al jazeera, bank of tens of thousands of refugees on migrants in the caribbean. non parts of africa are converging on a remote town in columbia there hoping to cross into central america, then go further north. the sea, newman reports, the tiny colombian town, hopefully has few attractions except strategic locations. just to ferry right away
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from the panamanian border on the other side of the gulf exhausted my doings from haiti, cuba, and as far away as the gout, governor and fossil are converging the town by the thousands. when there might be. this is one of the major routes that can be in an african my goods. desperate can be united states like they by matter. we all know now it is my turn to start a new life. and i'm going to do it together with my wife being god, together with these cubans were focus on the same thing with a group of least 2 of human family and many more are coming home. this is not the end. or are we the last? every day more arrived from other south american countries where it's easier to obtain a visa getting a seat on the ferry with a $50.00 ticket control day. but that's the easy part. when to the reach panama, they face a treacherous trip, usually by foot,
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through the daddy in one of the world's most dense jungles. many will be preyed upon by snakes, insects, criminal gangs, and hunger as they make their way north. you are alone estimated 33000 mind goods have passed here on their way to panama. from here they'll had to mexico in equally dangerous journey. in photo, the oil. i me get out today alone. we have seen that approximately 700 people migrated according to the boot operators. the people who provide service on the boats, we see the cues and the large crowds, which draws our attention and we have to report it to the local departmental and national health authorities. so we can address the situation together. at the height of the pandemic and columbia as borders were closed and the flow of undocumented migrants had diminished job for me. but now that measures have been somewhat relaxed. these uncertain journeys are again on the rise planned by even
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worse conditions. these migrants, homeland see and human al jazeera still had on algae 0. i'm holding a camera on the play on the day life with the current. can you to find out if electric bike could soon overtake petrol, power, and gold for switzerland in the tennis, but not for roger federer more from the toaster games coming up with german? who's when freedom of the press is under threat? just because i thought genuinely about your thoughts towards the making government step outside the mainstream, there has been a implement here just some of access port shift the focus, the panoramic that's turned out to be a handy little pretext. the prime minister clamped down on the press covering the
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waves. the news is covered. the listening post on the town, the untold stories. ah, we speak when others don't because of who sign on. no matter where it takes a police fan of your guys or my empower in pasha. we tell your story, we are your voice, your new, your neck out here. ah, ah, ah, ah,
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for the sports news, her jama? ah, we start with a record breaking performance at the take. your games were jamaicans. brenda lane thompson, harold became the 2nd fastest woman in history. as she successfully defended her 100 meter title. she also broke the limpid record which stood for 33 years. and the richest and hospital well this women's 100 makes a final full of stone names and runners with big reputations. it was won by jamaica elaine thompson ira and she wanted an unable, limping record time of $10.00. 1 second successfully defending the title. she won in rio in 2016 in 2nd. shelley and fraser price also of jamaica sheet on the previous to olympic gold medals and completing it your make a $1.00 to $3.00 was sharika jackson. spare a thought for mary jones, a tale of ivory coast in full. she finished falls in both the 100 meter and the 200
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to finally in rio as well. run into the fi and all that and have a new time in my head. i was, i was trying to execute the best rate. i had it based on that because i actually had a p b. i wasn't looking at an iraq carter and in time as i said. but eventually those time we're here is that women are coming up rising. so therefore to run this olympic regarding tonight. i think that's fin though. it's actually not our warning that anything is possible on sunday. it's time for the men scout and 100 meters. really a story of who isn't in that final these the 1st olympics since 2004 with now you saying bolt, the world champion, christian coleman isn't here because of doping offenses. and also me think is now a lyles, the american, who said he'd be here to win the 10200. he didn't even qualify for the u. s. team in the 100 meters, a big chance. therefore, the candidate andre degrass literally in the shadow of the same vote for so many
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years. he's got to create full of silver and bronze medals. this a perfect chance to finally win a major gold. and on sunday, the event just about everyone here in japan is going to be watching is the final round of the men's go outside of an army or soccer. one of the biggest stars here in japan is he came out see alma, who early this year became the 1st japanese mild to win a major golf tournament when he won the master's is one of the lead going into sundays, fun around a great chance to win and eliminate gold as well blend venture just on something that former swiss number one's roger federer and martina hingis never managed. and that's when the olympics singles. title venture to beat check republics. marchesa drew. so in 3 sets. she's the 1st woman to win a tennis gold metal at the olympics, and she dedicates victory to federal hanging. but men's while number one new york which leads to empty handed off losing his bronze medal match against spain's pablo
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corranio booster. the subs, tampa got the better of him and his racket took a beating during the defeat. he's also withdrawn from the mixed doubles of the shoulder injury. gotta have it 1st ever. olympic go. madeleine. it came in weight, lifting far as abraham added back when the men $96.00 in kindergarten category, lifting a total of $400.00 to get a ground to set a new and then pick record. that was a dramatic finish in the men football or to find out between spain and ivory, coast ivory coast. when she went up and stuff in time and looked to be heading to the semi space, immediately got one back to send it into extra time where they school to 3 more to when it 5 to now play host japan. next, after they beat new zealand for to on penalties, defending champions, brazil one, no one has ever egypt to set up a law for much mexico who put 6 that passed south korea so that caleb dresser became only the 2nd man behind fellow american mach spits to win the 100 meter freestyle and butterfly double. the 24 year old and just to be hungry. and christ
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of mil, like in the 100 meter butterfly in a wild reco time of 49.45 seconds to claim his said gold medal of the gang took a world record to win the elliptic final. and i don't think it happens that often the limitations, the pressure that's under all the swimmers here. so i have to guys go to the fastest times in history it's, it's amazing to do that with them right next to me and my 5 that's really special. i think it was really fun to watch combat target case and it actually became the 1st of female semester when 6 individual gold medals. she came the 800 me to freestyle title for the successive olympics. she leaves take a, with an impressive whole to goats and a couple of syllabus you know, coming off of wanda and i was super motivated to kind of prove myself. teresa wasn't just the one hit wonder and you know, my next goal is to break
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a world record which i did the following year. and then coming off of rio, i was headed off to stanford to college and only took a quick break after ria. so i'm just going to let the sit a little bit and enjoy it with family and friends and, and really focus in and eventually get back to work. but the us team could only finish fit in the integral of 4 by 100 meters mixed mentally relay. great britain took gold and a wild reco time ahead of china and australia. great britain were also successful in another new team event. the transform mixed relay johnny bradley. he won bronze in london and silver and rio for years late. that was part of the gold medal winning fulsome. we finished 14 seconds ahead of the us with france clenching, bronze and poland pulled off an upset in the 4 by 400 meters mixed relay. another event making itself pick. davy, dominican republic took silva and favorites that the united states have to settle for problems. here's how the middle table looks at off the day, 8 of the games,
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china out in front of 21 goals, the head of high japan, you have 17. that's one more than the united states who a 3rd the russian and then pick committee and australia also in double figures with 11 and 10 goals respectively. gymnast simone bio have pulled out of 2 more vents as she continues to baffle mental health issues. bios why defend her vote, title or contest? the uneven bars? and it's unclear whether she'll compete in the floor or the finals away from the games. lewis hamilton will start the hungarian grown pre from pole position the mercedes drive, a qualified faustus of tea, made fast. we bought half while championship lead max of staff and was fed hamilton's chasing a record, extending 100 victory on sunday. and that is what you'll support for me for now. i'll be back with more a little bit later. ok, we'll see you later. thank you. before we go, take a look at the story from kenya, because motor bikes are an affordable way to get around in many developing countries. and in kenya in particular about $200000.00 new bikes at the road every
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year, nearly all of the run on petrol, but that could be about to change. now some web went to the town of homer bay, were recently developed electric motor bike is creating a bug noted like use in kenya is exploding because much less to buy and run the car good on the roads. and they can carry almost any kind of cargo or about 2000000 bikes on the roads. most of them are used to serve paying customers. the numbers, doubling about every a. yes. with their carbon emissions. it's a similar story in much developing world. all right, as we spoke to in this town in western tenure, they tired of coming here to the mechanic. most of the motor bikes made in china and india had designed for better roads. the petrol power engines where out fast, these people, i'm not bringing the order. and if you find the, you know,
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the little bit expensive, so we will go for about she puts that on the well. but if i could not said john on nuka, he's one of a handful of writers here. he's been given an electric motor like we're try it as few moving parts requires little maintenance and no fuel got come back in to compare when i used to petrol driven motor bikes. i could save $20.00 a month now with the electric bike, i can save about $80.00, changing batteries costs less than half of what i spent on fuel. john says the cost savings make a big difference to him and his family. the buy he's riding. comes from this workshop is in the capital, nairobi, the sweetest company called opi buff has developed with lights here. lucy miguel is one of a team of engineers who designed them specifically for the rough roads. and for the growing most a bike market. the biggest challenge will be making the price is competitive
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compared to the bus. so we know how affordable our spec to ideally working to us to invest, but making sure that despite a bill here, design engineers over will make the much cheaper well, the ride is here. say they want to try the electric bike. the big question is which kind of bike goes faster? and the best way to find out is with a race the, the electric, like, quicker off the song. go back and extend the ration. and as he got said, that the field thought with him holding a camera on the playing on the day life with the on the all of the writers we've spoken to glossy. how quickly can these bikes become available? now let's test the new technology. one of us says it plans to start mass production later this. yeah. malcolm web al jazeera home a bay,
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kenya. thanks for watching. the news are on al jazeera, more news coming. right up to the break over. ah, ah ah ah ah, lo just is speak new libya, but staging car and bike rather here comes with its own particular read club couldn't take part in the 2016, rallied because we were fighting a war and i'll just do a world troubles for the libby and just to see how full on 4 wheel can be a unifying pull water country video,
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a rally for home on al jazeera, he added to the fashion, the success and the popularity. and then he gave it all up for the love of his homeland football rebels. delves into the realm of footballing legend. rashid mac luthey for the jury and national liberation front. with his feet. rashid mackenzie and the f. l. n. team. on al jazeera, the conflict between the government and the regional take. great people with the ration fund has killed thousands and internally displaced more than 2000000 over the past 7 months. 350000 people in the region are facing famine, according to the united nation, which says that our vision is being used as a weapon for those who managed across the border say it's not because they have
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improved back home. they say it's a good continue to be targeted because if they have many problems are being reported and all becomes taken refuge. and here are some ideas on the wildfires continue to burn in turkey, consuming forests and threatening villages. several provinces are declared disaster zones. ah no marianne was in london watching alger 0 coming up on the program. a prominent.


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