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tv   [untitled]    July 31, 2021 7:30pm-8:00pm AST

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the on the all right, as we spoke in to see how quickly can these bikes become available? now, let's test the new technology. one of us says it plans to start mass production later this year. malcolm web al jazeera home a bay, kenya. ah, hello again. the headlines on al jazeera, large parts of southern turkey were wildfires are burning, have been declared disaster areas. at least 6 people have been killed, including 2 firefighters on dozens of villagers on hotels have been evacuated. president reggie labor on visited one of the towns effected and says the cause of the fire as will be investigated. hercules showed a t. m. already considering the possibility of sabotage and any other sources of the fire starting. and we will carry out the investigation to provide answers to
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these. we will not give up until we have all the answers. for tennessee and judge had been accused of suppressing terrorism related cases has been placed under house arrest. it follows president clay sy, it's pledge the lead a campaign against corruption after he for parliament. israel has accused iran are being responsible for an attack of an oil tanker off the coast of man, which kill 2 people on board is really operated our v mercer was attacked on thursday and what appears to have been a drone strike, a british security contract or to romanian crew member were reportedly killed august on western city harass is coming under intense pressure from the taliban. a un compound came under attack on friday, killing an after policeman taliban to control of the airport. on wednesday. more protests have taken place in france against plans to implement so called virus passes. the proposal would mean people have to prove their virus or vaccination
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status before they can enter restaurants or cultural venues. parliament is expected to vote on the bill this weekend. china is working to contain its most widespread code 900 outbreak and months earlier this month. the cluster of infections caused by the high, the contagious delta variance were 1st detected and non ging. since then, it's spread to 6 other provinces including beijing. millions of people are being tested on hundreds of thousands are under locked down. the rest gymnastic star simone balls has pulled out of 2 more finals at the tokyo olympics as she focuses on, her mental health bows is now withdrawn from 4 of her 6 events. those are the headlines people in power is up next on al jazeera by me
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the most military regime entities flirtation the democracy in early 2021 is celebrated by killing several 100 anti cooper testers and detaining thousands more. so some activists now thinking beyond street protests, they've joined forces with the ethnic insurgents who have been waging the own on a whole. the firm, he's gentle face. we've been behind the scenes of a secret training camp to find out more. i
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the . ah, it is secret location near me and most chinese border we've gained access to a training camp run by ethnic insurgents. the but the trainees are not hard and gorilla 4 inches. the ordinary young men and women, students activists, some as young as 17 who got themselves organized on social media to come and train
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for a war against the military june to now to know the like. to know now me mon notice that they needed to see and, and as a move them can fit you while young me. oh yeah. and you go the outward. don't you call? don't tell mom. did jonathan are holding not being gather? now? i don't want this. i need us, i love it, being trained by the ethnic nationality could chain independence organization with an army of 8000 and its own de facto government. controlling almost half the kitchen, stating the k i o has been fighting successive fermi regimes since 961
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no longer. so i don't know just, i'm not in so many criminal law. hi nor why not on the coffee table. no from kong alumnus another. so when i was one of the joker's good i so rubbish, which is the same. and when i go i want someone from on where they will go or not. and i send it down with another meal, cook cook, and you will need to come in from one grove lot under didn't. i'm going to solve it. me just one comment and did it to one, but if it was a name on
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february, the 1st, the bernie tell me, abandoned that experiment with a partial democracy and re took power in a moment. hundreds of thousands to, to the streets, to demand, to return to civilian rule. but the only responded with a brutal and bloody crack done at the moment . and i'm not going to do i get the value and they don't even your tv. and so now i'm here and nobody will and who i learned share name a few were kind of one of the protest is now getting training which a farm work from central me. emma. as with many people in this film, his fear of the rest and torture is so great. we've changed his name and hidden his
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identity. well, did me out and i said, i'm new to you. maybe to, to come. i said, i will, i will tell you they might have to do the longer going to be the $100.00, get that volleyball. my next. i will my medicine and get all i don't want to, i don't want long. i don't want them. so to kinda fell on sunday, you know me and i'm going to and i didn't turn it into a dungeon under gilbert and my goal. sure. so we'll go. niners. nothing. if i woke up water comments, you know, 119 year old wind tint volunteered as a medic in the protests. let it be okay. and if you can let on that on entering it and go to here, the diesel engine notified you money to involved on
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a nuclear general general. good ankle there and i see. yeah, my general, the newton county, the new claim. now leave me alone. man. i'll fail and will be at issue hanging ammonia international media will bank on my knowledge and automatic. i got it. okay . i mean, she's not going on. he's a little girl there. and she 3 months the army has reportedly killed over $800.00 unknown for testers, including at least 50 children and arrested thousands more. 1 a men was a civil servant who never been involved in politics before the coo. and in the seni i louis, i mean, i own and then am i be and you dial out to me. i don't know when i be a new mom. you know, if you will, will, who the less you the nebula, mostly, and body under time i try, we are lonely. will a allow the when the same of the old, why would rule pm, you don't want to be and why the for not the lender guy. now, if you get him,
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you don't want to be and why ya may. so when you are on the mom and she, i came on the lease and i, we don't want to go live, we'll do the chase. we're not going to lead a lateral pile. i will do. i don't care like traveling across the front line to insurgent control. territory was a huge personal risk. i'm allow keion or fabian nunez over one lonely real machine . go can i don't, i don't know. do i need a general re, i mean, not going a lot to let him know much or not, or when i'm having him with i'm is and all of them with the banking column when a lot out on the line yet the despite the risks, the volunteers keep coming civilians from the majority burman population
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starting their 3 week training with the ethnic rebels in that. okay. okay. okay. i will no longer call i'm a local local call and i'll be you are being the mileage down there to do like it for me. i'll table for do you like general? am you guys ship? do we need the local by by nathan asian, robina, in this bench there are 400 trainees from you get 10 again saying is just 3 weeks to turn the civilians into soldiers. why? why you are in machines only they don't know what do it and go mean when
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we're doing it and are no longer neutral and pe adopting here is only what anti chinese cornwall gotten? their critical consumer dumped too much on your vehicle. no, not long. normal tongue. john franklin, i'm not saying what in a bit, and i need one over in the newspaper magenta ration that grew up under civilian rule. military life is new and unfamiliar before the protest would knowing run an internet cafe in a provincial town a bit. when i go with a manager been do i know to get a money payment to calculate that might be worth oh or the limited amount of money you mendez?
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you know, you know, she knew dot o dot b o b o l o n. okay? now this is the 3rd group of trainees to come through this camp alone observed to say that could be $10000.00 more in similar camps across the country. yeah, i. a don't know, got for natalia and but when they go on the gym from the lawn live or not and i don't know if you can get lunch longer. oh, no more. no longer translated on their new for a sunday or other, but i want to get around the saw talk to say long i wouldn't have a do you read all to undertake quarter to version that yeah . yeah. online training? amazon, the last one you can do it all. and how did how chinese over my lord allowed
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people not done that by me. oh yeah they, they, well i'm a little tim, i'm older i'm the the training also prepare them for urban warfare that these young men and women with just a few weeks preparation will have to face battle hardened dummy of 300001, all was merely another guy, john hall the me and then he does. i'm a big in my yeah. well, no shame on me. i give you time to call me okay. yeah. but i was in the b o, y, and i don't, i mean i can, i'm, you know,
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i do my mom, i know you're only to find the kids one off and have you do that? did you know, i mean there, she gave all the now you know me out, my name is having that house. all right. and i love watching. are you gonna go down like am i gonna get that by a while or less? no. down in the chinese food. oh this oh i i
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i but the camaraderie of camp life lives the crisis unfolding in the country. ah, there are over a dozen ethnic insurgents. mamma sofa on the most vocal of the john de nick griggs in their support for the pro democracy movement. have been the kitchen independence organization and to the south, the correct national union. oh, i see that resistance has comma to cost. ah me the regime
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launched a campaign of stripes against villages under the control of the kitchen, correct? this was a gold mine, partly owned by decaying me. ah martine trembled into the air strikes nice to me and most correct instead. ah 11 and ending down one kilowatt capital i just want to call it on my lobby. my daughter lydia. queer. me when
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i, when me on, if the law they mail a key to, to let, let me i the korean village of dave, you know, even this school was a target. the students had already evacuated when it was hit. but since the air rates over 20000 children had been in hiding in the forest, unable to return to their lessons ah, her good when the content were drunk or hello, hello. hello no color. hello don't oh no, no, no. i
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mean, what do you prefer doing because you had to get a new to oh, i need to package. you need a 100 connery to call corporate wanna let me know. go for the property in florida for the local lawyer, kind of a new loan. it may be on a monday. let me go look for jenina. sheila, her little man of the blue at the la la la la la, winnie the
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delivery address. do hello. hello. i . according to independent human rights organizations, since the case, dozens of civilians have been killed and injured in air strikes across qur'an and kitchen states. me 70000, to let that home. to hide out in, make sure shelters in the forest. me . with the surveillance drone above them, it was time for the team to leave before more air strikes,
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record in yeah, these are shifted a long standing sea spot between the regime and the k and you since the k, the regime has also rounded up and arrested dozens of democratically elected politicians . susanna le, so was a national league for democracy, m p, and young gun. she's now living in hiding as a candidate, the military tried to arrest me. and so they, the came to my place, broke the door. so i have to flee from the back door. i even don't have my shoes. i have to flee. and, and some of our friends, the rescue me from pitt area. and then the next day i trouble to ethnic area and escape. so that the experience is so bad. and when,
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if i got arrested, i do know my future. yeah, i my god be kill our torture. i mean, a draper politicians launched the national unity government as an alternative to the military, gunter. formerly a medical doctor, doctor saw it, their spokesman on international affairs. like most national unity, government ministers, he's been forced into hiding in fear for his life. or i believe the change was seeing in the country is realizing of the, the nation's greatest strength, which is, ah, on the diversity of the country of the people, the military. and arose for many the gates have been afraid of the united people,
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me, emma, about i think to be with them. i have showed that we are united regardless of, you know, political parties and we put everything behind. and then our, this is the time for us to put all our differences behind and you know, struggle only for calm on goals and come on publishes, that our children deserve and are roger and in the future. and the new memo the uniting, the mainly berman city based pro democracy movement and the ethnic insurgence may be the key to the throwing the military june to but for some ethnic leaders, the failure of the previous national lake,
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the democracy, government to negotiate peace undermines their statements in support of federalism now put to tad to move is the general secretary of the current national union. the previous times of the government, they have sure their commitment all the federal is very rare to b. c. you know, but only though the verbal commitment. it's difficult to see the commitment in practice. so now we are, we have a chance with some of the entity leaders and in, you know, common ground. he walked together for the past. i think that the urban community did till understand the suffering of ethnic area. they don't understand the feeling all the ethnic area. now the come to know what is
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happening in their alia, because they were caught kill torture, arrested. now we had to come in gould to and the military coup and to have the real democracy, the living alongside the chin, the burn and trainees get a new perspective on the ethnic struggle. actually you know, i don't want all the good i will. when he died. i met him. i would be and i don't think it bought it. he woke up on the job. it was up on the job and not leave a boy. he went to the new t, v dot people, mom and they said that got you got a got a new or would you be able to walk through the the blue dog guy that withdrew or the energy needs dot com. martin id. yes. i think when you pull the switch on the line that you don't mind valley with the medium on the
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mobile mobile team, i don't want be, you know, i do that can be up and down which is not the wheel mom. she be the boy. you been watching me at all? i have on, on the why auto plan got all i need the mileage real my. all the gay linen, the new or june july, the younger. why do you think that the really go or not my you know what and charlotte henderson and i go there was a done an inclusion in johnson that she the wrong a and in the state. then find the rudy michelle. you can rob, we've gone to a min and a so we oh no, i don't show wearing over. there was, it hasn't gone. gone now then, isn't it thought very well comes how i don't assume that we're not. we're not gonna be a real dongle to long short and suckle or lambs are going to long as jamie,
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one of it was the goal. there was it in our 100 woocommerce warned, under can run the pin they was and we didn't was 100 but i've seen him. i don't know what the we put the allegations made in this film to a representative of the birmingham regime, but received no reply. oh no, no. you want to plan with the one that comes out with the hood on the as the trainees graduate, an army join is spotted over the camp and its shut down and relocated to avoid. it strikes me generally at that age and i cannot go to the and the night i'm new to retirement orders and $800.00 to turn out. okay, i'm going i'm in general. good. i mean, you'll,
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when i'm having finished the course dispatch of recruits returns to barracks for the last time a mr. joined a nationwide network of people's defense forces fighting the june to the with just 3 weeks training. no overall leadership, very few weapons. they face an uncertain future. d o m up. how do you lose? i think i thought you don't know jolen on your machine. i don't know who you are. me, diamond l, mom lucian, john the louisiana tomorrow. while the load them, our academy will not be that in the reggie, like all. but he got him on the line, him all blown and below miles will hold on the juggle. no, by. no, not on the don't you where somebody on the
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north korea isolated and heavily sanction yet earning billions around the globe bureau, 39 is involved in everything that makes money for her career to carry different passwords, say, contacts, and the money this year. and it goes straight into the conferences leadership a to park, people empower investigation, bureau, $39.00 cache for kim park, one on a jazeera ah, ah, ah frank assessments,
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schools and shelters of been reduced to rubble. how do you think the shapes, the generation and the politics that life has been shipped by? vitamin some coffee inside story on our jazeera, the searchers president says, authorities are investigating whether wildfires, bernie, across the country were an act of sabotage. ah, you're watching 0 life from headquarters in delphi. i'm jerry navigate also had a permanent judge has been put under house arrest infinity or 2 days after the president took control of the government. the protesters.


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