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tv   [untitled]    July 31, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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last thousands of our program award winning documentaries and get new support. subscribed to you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah. mm turkeys president says authorities are investigating if sabotage calls the wildfires burning across much of his country. ah. what channels is there a lie for my headquarters in time? didn't navigate also coming up. the prominent judge has been put under house arrest in tennessee on just days after the president took control of the government.
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i've got forces are battling to contain rapid taliban advances in this strategically important to us. the regional tara, on the richardson at the tokyo olympics west stall, gymnast simone biles is pulled out of 2 more events in order to focus on her mental welby ah, hello. wildfires are ravaging parts of southern turkey, which is prompted president, russia play berto on to declare a disaster zones in several provinces. at least 6 people have been killed including 2 firefighters. hot weather and strong winds have been fueling doesn't to fires for several days. entire forests have burned down and some villagers have been evacuated. and satellite images show the extent of the wildfires the smoke has now spread as far as cypress, about 100 kilometers away. at least 5 planes and 45 helicopter helicopters are
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being used to put out the flames, spreading across more than a 1000 sites. the u. s. on each nation of extended support to turkey. while the president has visited, one of the towns hit by wildfires, read the paper to onset, the cause will be investigated her to show to g. m. we are considering the possibility of sabotage and any other source of the fire starting and we will carry out the investigation to provide answers to these. we will not give up until we have all the answers. restoral far. there isn't matter facts and, and tell your province with more present outline is just fill in and man i got the and he is having a meeting with, with all the majority of his cabinet here, minister of interior minister for the 3 culture tourism. have been one minister of foreign affairs also was there and he said that of there was, there will be
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a huge package off. the compensation, particularly for those who have suffered from the law says that the houses that have been damaged are going to be rebuilt. the agricultural areas that were under the fire also are going to go through every frustration process the taxes are going to be postponed, but he also man said that more than time active zones are sci fi suffering from the, the forest forest fire. so that the fire is not under the control, but he said there has been remarkable progress since when they, when the 1st report regarding the fire being iraq that came out. so in that doesn't the investigation is quite important here because the government says that maybe the peak i k is behind is our tax is could be an asthma attack. and because the p k in previous years has called the 1st organized arson attacks. the government believes that in to a certain extent, maybe the peak,
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i keep repeating the same tactic. but so far there is the conflict could be the call coordination between the intelligence service, ministry of interior, gender, mondays, and other security apparatus going on into the deep and deeper into the investigation . to find out whether this is an organized, organized event or not. tennessee, a security forces, a place, a judge under house arrest for 40 days. judge monsieur and academy has been in the past accused of sweeping terrorism related cases under the rug and the decision against me follows president places i. it's pledge to head to campaign against, to heat a campaign against corruption after he dismissed the prime minister and for parliament, sire denies leading a coup and it says he doesn't want to return to a dictatorship journalist. some kimball has more from tunis. certain individuals have been targeted in what some are saying, alarming ways that's include can me,
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who's judge placed under house arrest for the next 40 days. mr. ark, me had been accused by some human rights groups and lawyers, groups of, of hiding terrorism related files and making them go away. and these include files related to the high profile, assassination of leftist politicians show, can you believe and mohammed, but me in 2013 this just following the arrests on friday of to parliamentary members. one of them is the independent m p. c. and the co founder of the hope and work movement, who's been an outspoken critic of the actions of president, ty, it saying that his actions amount to a qu, this also includes the rest of the parliamentary and med,
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is dede from the canada coalition. and who was released today, and it's unclear whether these arrests are related to previous cases against them. or if it's a political conflict being settled. israel has accused the ron of being responsible for an attack on an oil tanker off the coast of omen, which kill 2 people on board is really operated our v mercer was attacked on thursday and what appears to have been a drone strikes, a british security contract and romanian crew member were reportedly killed us aircraft carrier. the ronald reagan has been helping to hanker is really foreign minister, has called for a harsh response. i've seen shot he is a senior lecture in the middle east politics at the university of bradford. he says that ron is trying to increase its bargaining power, especially as it negotiates the terms of your own nuclear deal with the us. the uranium are very much interested to reach an agreement with the united state
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because the economy, they think a lot of the problem was because, you know, they don't want to economy given to the united states. they tried to call it increase the bargaining by putting more pressure on when the united states is very much similar to what was happening into the 2015 just before reaching an agreement . b g is wrong. try to increase its bargaining hour by creating the instability and security in the region. particularly the situation have changed . it seems that despite the fact that you have the wrong morally, is repeating the same type by targeting very little individual goals and trying to make this ration more. and the reason we, we have a number that you're active basically connected the to i,
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r g c or allies are american forces. in india, i have gone astound western city of harass is under intense pressure from the taliban, with heavy fighting and recent days the r in group to control of the road through the airport and flights into the city seized on wednesday. charlotte bellas has a latest from campbell on the outskirts of afghan. some stood biggest city government forces trying to hold off the telephone. the it's been like this for several days. most of the former we are defending our land. we're not moving forward at this time because we don't want civilians to be killed or injured friday . the road to herat airport to 30 minute drive south of the city taliban fighters and government forces have been battling across the road. that is bridge. the
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commercial flight stopped till wednesday is the front line moved towards the city. so how many kilometers from the city was that 6 or 6 filament united nations regional compound is also on that road. on friday, the un blamed the tele bonds hitting its perimeter with grenades. and gunfire, although the telephone said it was caught in the crossfire, the un secretary general called the attack deplorable. going on a month ago, the majority of her, our province was government controlled or contested. now the taliban is in control of much of the province. her aunt said he, in its surrounding districts of the only thing that stopped the fight who's controlling a 300 kilometers stretch of road east from the iranian border. former governor and merger heading leader is mal hahn,
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has rallied his supporters to protect the city and both the ask and military response. hundreds of his fighters are on the front lines. yesterday the president called me and we spoke on the phone. he said he will send reinforcements last night should have arrived. but the defense ministry hasn't since anyone so far in the city africans carry on like the war is not on the doorstep. many putting their trust in hom spices. yet no more. all in the military and also no plan to fight against either one hand and pushing them or odd, probably in the telephone. say the kill to top africa, a military commander. it's the soldiers and pro government militia still have a chance to live. if they surrender, the government says it's regaining control when sending reinforcements including special forces. charlotte bellis out there
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a cobble and diplomatic editor james base has more on the fighting. importance of herat cannot be under stated, this is the 3rd biggest city in afghanistan to go from herat to the reigning border . it's not that far, but you can't go because the taliban control the border with iran. they control much. well, not much but, but, but plenty of the problems, plenty the districts in the province. and they also now blocked the road between harass city and harass airport. so currently the government in a situation which i'm sure they don't like, well they really have her at almost cut off by the taliban. you also heard that it smell khan. who is the former governor form a camera to administer a long time, which i had dean leader who is obviously fighting on the side of the government. but he is now saying that he's not getting enough resources from the government. he's not getting enough manpower to help him in his fight, and i think this is explained by what's going on elsewhere enough. going to stop
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because the telephone on just fighting and harass it's all current focus. but the fighting continues in the south in kandahar in helmand. fighting continues in the north in places like car. 1 and couldn't do's the taliban attacking in many, many places. so the african forces on paper, they have more soldiers, they have more police, they have special forces and they have power. but i don't think they know where to bring those forces to bad right now, because the taliban are attacking them in many places. many parts of the country still ahead on algae 0. china covered 1000 no break, driven by the delta, a variance raising doubts for other asian countries pursuing as 0 virus strategy. i'm. they have all in the fight and i river in argentina where the government has declared 180 day water emergency. because this river is suffering from a historic drought. ah,
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ah, it's time for the journey. the winter sponsored by cattle airways. hello, good to see you were going to starts on the sub continent, or southwest monsoon, a bit of a breather for the west coast, which as we know has been hit particularly hard. now the monsoon rains are concentrating toward rochester on and much per dash on sunday. next, i want to take you to bangladesh. we know the southern portion of the country just hammered by these monsoon rains. difficult to get around as well as some people using rats to navigate the waters there. and you know what more heavy rain is in the forecasts as we head toward sundays and time you see yellow on our map. those are the heavier pulses of rain with some under storms mixed in there. so we just get buckets of rain falling southeast asia. storms are coming and go in here. we still have rain for lose on island in the philippines impacting manila,
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not falling as heavy as it has though. over the last few days, asia pacific, heavy rain, we can find it toward the southeast corner of china steering into taiwan. also, it's going to be unsettled across the korean peninsula on sunday, and the whole kind of dealing with some showers in the forecast this while we're going to end this weather report in pakistan where we did get some rain for a southern portions of the country. so that reduces the risk of sand and storms that sure weather report. thanks for your company. sponsor cut on airways. coveted beyond round the taken without hesitation. fulton died for the power lines. wow. a lot of new babies were i did not think it's neglected babies to death, people and power invent to gain exposes and questions. they used to be of our
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around the globe on our 0 me the the hello again, the story analogy 0 just told from wildfires raging across southern turkey has risen to sick. this includes 2 firefighters president, rectify berta, one has visited one of the affected areas and says the cause of the fires will be investigated. a citizen judge had been accused of suppressing terrorism, related to places has been placed under house arrest. it follows present to testify its pledge lead a campaign against corruption officer. he froze parliament. israel has accused iran
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are being responsible for an attack on an oil tanker off the coast of oman would kill 2 people on board is really operated our v mercer was attacked on thursday and what appears to have been a tro strike in more protest have been taking place in paris against the french governments, plans to push to push with implementing so called virus passes. the proposal would mean people would have to prove their status such as vaccinated or recovered before they're allowed into restaurants to use transport or even visit public venues. china is racing to contain its worst cove in 1900 breaking months. think fuel by the delta vary in 1st identified in india, which is more contagious. health workers are testing millions of people. priyanka group reports. this is non gene international,
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airport weeks earlier. it was steaming with travelers and an invisible enemy. the highly contagious delta variant of coven 19 china is now trying to prevent a health crisis. from getting worse. the outbreak started launching has spread to 6 provinces, the capital b jane. and now chanting. one of the was biggest cities, b and night. china is doing water, das, best testing tens of millions of people. it is reasons to be concerned, child lead to funds, which was like, the variant is more transmissible without strong prevention and control measures without strong therapeutic and immunization capabilities. the regeneration speed is very fast. earlier within $4.00 to $5.00 days, the viral load increased $2.00 to $3.00 times. but now within 3 days, the viral load may increase $5.00 to $7.00 times. tens of thousands of people have been put under locked down in beaching, an in chunks of province at
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a 1000000 more in the tourist hotspot of the jazz year in hunan. for china, which impose the world 1st lockdown, if strict methods are proven an effective passage high, you have tablets are existing prevention control measures are effective. the conclusion was drawn based on 2 basic understanding. the 1st is the scientific community understanding of the virus. it is still a corona virus at source of infection. transmission route has been basically clear . the 2nd understanding is based on the past practices of our prevention and control. but with researches calling the delta variant, ask contagious us chicken pox. b james tried and tested our snow against the virus may seem out of date, even though in the past when trying to actually do this with steel, then you see oscillating cities. i think the reality is that right now they, they, they, they switched to somebody cities that they will not be able to stop it or to speak
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to other cities. and then it, because it is far more time transmissible. the docking lockdown message will probably not look at them. what 2020 china has vaccinated, more than half of its people. but with jobs that have lower protection rates, it is one of the was strictest border controls, and has the capacity to increase health services at a short time. but like much of the world, china will now need to come up with effect as measures to tackle this variance. i repeat it's early successes against as far as bronco gotta alter 0. hundreds of people have rallied against malaysian prime minister for his handling the pandemic. they want to know the answer, resign infections of surge despite emergency measures in place. since january,
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nearly 9000 people have died. the protesting qual, i'm poor, was mostly led by young people. they weren't parliament to return an issue. debt, really, for those hardest hit by the pandemic. security has been tightened in australia's largest city sydney to prevent people gathering for an anti locked on protest. nearly a 1000 officers have been deployed cordoning off the downtown area. they want to stop and he repeated the violent scene during last regions, demonstrations and to the nor a suburbs in around the city or brisbin have been put into a snap lockdown. just fix new locally transmitted cove. in 1000 cases have been detected, but the government says it's acting to stamp out larger clusters. people have been told to stay in their homes unless absolutely necessary. a landslide has killed at least 7 people in northern india. it's the latest and a growing number of deaths caused by this years monsoon rains. gordon robson has more within moments. mountain road gives way heavy rain,
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so hit the himalayan region hard, causing flash, flooding and landslides waiting the lives of dozens of people. the national disaster response force and into to bitten by the police are cutting out the rescue operation. so people are still missing and rescuers are looking for them. all roads and bridges swept away in genuine kashmir emergency teams have been called to the scene. it comes with 58 years old and i've never seen such a severe flood in my life. the floods, of course, a lot of destruction. earlier. we did not even have a bridge. now it has been constructed, has washed away by the floods within 7 years. over on the west coast, the country, so more than $58.00 centimeters of rain in just one day residence, forced to flee their homes as authorities release water from nearby dams that are at risk of overflowing the rains are reminiscent of
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a similar catastrophe that struck the region back in 2005, killing more than a 1000, but resident say the tragedy this year is worse. gordon robinson al jazeera wildfires are burning across parts of italy destroying several houses on the southern island sicily, the fires of forest hundreds of people to leave their homes. the city center of catania has been worse hit. italy has registered nearly $13000.00 more wildfires than last year. argentina has declared a 180 day water emergency for the parent river. it's one of the most important rivers in south america, connecting argentina, paraguay on brazil. but it's historically low levels. us to reasonable reports from santa fe province. it's almost 5000 kilometers in length, making it the 2nd longest river in south america. but now the water in the bottom, the river,
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he said it's lowest in almost 80 years. you to lack of rainfall. miami now own the camping area on the riverbank. she used to have to use a boat to move around, but not anymore. i mean, unless you go to him during the summer, there was a bit more water so we had more people, but you cannot reach this area walking. we don't have a lot of war. the river is crucial for argentina's economy with millions of tons of grain, beef, and other agriculture exports passing through here. this place where i'm standing is in the middle of the river, there's no water left only sand. this is also part of one of the organ. tina's main export woods ships are being forced to leave around 30 percent of their cargo because of lack of water. the main concern for local people here is that the situation could get even worse. the file columbo is part of a group of environmental lawyers fighting for the future of the river community might be whether it was at
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a more less climate change. whether alteration is extraordinary drought combined with scarce rainfall. we have to put it in context with what has been happening in the region. we're in the heart, argentine has agricultural belt and we know that to has an impact on the environment. the last time the river was this low, was in 1944 and many fear a return of the land mean. yeah. phenomenon. weather pattern that generates in 10 storms in some places and routing, others, environmental groups, a deforestation, and forest fires in argentina. but why, as well as brazil are impacting the river? i love any send you serious fires and deforestation, and the amazon means you're diminishing the amount of vegetation that generates evaporation and puts moisture back into the air. if the situation continues, we'll see more sharp changes in the weather. we are concerned about what's happening in brazil because the parents, river and others originate in brazil. the government is urging people to limit
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their water use as preserving the piano has become a priority for all in big business and those who live along cited various i will. i'll defeat the santa fe. i can tina more than 60000000 americans across 20 states or under official heat warnings as temperature stores or near record levels. the pacific northwest and southeast are sweltering and close to 40 degrees celsius. last month, a days long heat wave killed hundreds of people. one study says record breaking heat waves may become 2 to 7 times more frequent around the world in the next few decades. ah, well u. s. domestic star simone bowels has pulled out the 2 more finals at the tokyo olympics as she focuses on her mental health. the 24 year old join, some of her team mates on a shopping trip in the host city. on saturday. bows is now withdrawn from 4 of her
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6 events. she'll be assessed daily before deciding whether to compete and the 2 remaining finals coming up next week. and the richardson is in tokyo here reports that biles has brought the important issue of mental health to a world stage. i think it looks unlikely now, and possibly unlikely we'll ever see her at another olympics again. i mean, you are still in pic teams saying they all going to continue to evaluate her on a daily basis for their are now any 2 more events in which she can compete. she may not be too active in gymnastics at the moment, but she has been active on social media in the last 24 hours. i talking to fans about what she describes and what gina described as the twisty, not in gulf, in the ships. i guess it's basically where mind and body nor instinct can, regardless of what the mind tries to tell the body to do that incorporates. and she posted some footage on instagram of her falling flat on her back when she was trying to dismounts and lands on her feet from the uneven ball. so clearly still at
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the moment. she's not in any physical or mental shape to compete at these games is going to have to change pretty quickly if we are going to see her again. but once again, it is still bringing out that discussion about mental health in sports and so onto a big platform motorbike sir, an affordable way to get around in many developing countries. and in kenya about 200000 new bikes at the road. every year, nearly all run on petrol, that could be about to change out the web went to the town of homer bay, where an electric motor bike is creating a buzz low to like use in kenya is exploding because much less to buy and run the car good on the roads. we can carry almost any kind of cargo or about 2000000 bikes on the roads. most of them are used to serve paying customers. the numbers, doubling about every
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a. yes. with that carbon emissions. it's a similar story in much of the developing world. all right, as we spoke to in this town in western tenure, they tired of coming here to the mechanic. most of the motor bikes are made in china and india. they're designed for better roads. the petro power engines where out fast, these people are not bringing the spare parts. and if you find the, you know, the little bit too expensive. so we will go for about that. i'm the well not for general nuka. he's one of a handful of writers here. he's been given an electric motor like for try it out a few moving parts, a requires little maintenance and no fuel. got come back in my care. when i used to petrol driven motor bikes, i could save $20.00 a month. now with the electric bike, i can save about $80.00, changing batteries costs less than half of what i spent on fuel. john says the cost
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savings make a big difference to him and his family. the buy he's writing comes from this workshop is in the capital, nairobi, the sweetest company called opi birth has developed the points here. lucy miguel is one of a team of engineers who designed them specifically for the rough roads. and for the growing most bike market, the biggest challenge will be making the price is compared to the fucking feel of us. so we know how affordable our but to ideally working to us to invest, but making sure that despite of bills here, design engineers just over all makes it a much cheaper well, the ride is here. say they want to try the electric bike. the big question is which kind of bike goes faster? and the best way to find out is where the race, the, the electric, like, quicker off the song,
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extenuating. and as it got is said that the field thought that i'm holding a camera one on the, on the day life with the on the all of the writers we've spoken to last. how quickly can these bikes become available? now let's test the new technology. one of us says it plans to start mass production later this. yeah. malcolm web al jazeera home a bay kenya. ah, hello again, the headlines on al jazeera, large parts of southern turkey, where wildfires are burning, have been declared disaster areas. at least 6 people have been killed, including 2 firefighters on dozens of villagers on hotels have been evacuated. president reggie labor on visited one of the towns effected and says the cause of the fire as will be investigated.


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