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tv   [untitled]    July 31, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm AST

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the course of us domestic politics, informed opinions, schools, and shelters of been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and they have politics? then their life has been shaped by vitamin in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera ah ah, hello again, be up stories on the algebra news. our deaths whole from wildfire is raging across southern turkey has not risen suspects. this includes 2 firefighters, president reads or play berto has visited one of the affected areas and the cause of the fires will be investigated. it is in judge who have been accused suppressing
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terrorism. the related cases has been placed under house arrest. it follows president crisis. i pledge to lead a campaign against corruption officer. he froze parliament protests against funds to do so called virus houses, are taking place. and from once implemented, people will have to show proof of vaccination or because it's a negative 1900. before they can enter, most venues. wildfires are burning across parts of italy, destroying several homes on the southern island, especially the fires of forest. hundreds of people to leave their homes. the city center of cataneo has been worst head. italy has registered nearly $13000.00 more wildfires than last year. argentina has declared a 180 day water emergency for the parent river. it's one of the most important waterways in south america, connecting argentina, paraguay on brazil,
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but it's suffering historically low levels. terrorism both joining us from argentina. center of a province. there is a tell us more about this. the, well, i'm here in the city over a side in the province of sons fair. this is about 3 hours away from one side, it's hard to feed us capitol, the river that you can see right behind me is it but the river, this is a major are terry for getting around 80 percent of the countries exports leave this country through this river over 4000 best folks like the ones that you can see right behind me, also pass through this area. and the reason why we're here is because this river is hitting a historic low. it's something that's having a major impact on argentinean exports on the generation of energy. and of course on the bar lenses increases the rest. the rest of fire is happening in this part of the country last year. this place where we're at devastating fires destroy mary.
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many of the marshlands around this area, and that's why the government has to care a 180 day water emergency trying to assist those who are affected because of the store and trying to prepare for what is coming next. we went across the river to try to find out what's exactly going on. it's almost 5000 kilometers in length, making it the 2nd longest river in south america. but now the water in the bottom, the river, he said its lowest in almost 80 years due to lack of rainfall. miami now own the camping area on the riverbank. she used to have to use a boat to move around, but not anymore. i mean, unless you go to him during the summer, there was bit more walter. so we had more people, but you cannot reach this area walking. we don't have a lot of war. the river is crucial for argentina's economy with millions of tons of grain, beef, and other agriculture exports passing through here. this place where i'm standing
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is in the middle of the river, there's no water left only sand. this is also part of one of the organ tina main export woods ships are being forced to leave around 30 percent of their cargo because of lack of water. the main concern for local people here is that the situation could get even worse. the file columbo is part of a group of environmental lawyers fighting for the future of the river community might be more less costly on climate change. whether alteration is extraordinary drought combined with scarce rainfall, we have to put it in context with what has been happening in the region. we're in the heart, argentine has agricultural belt and we know that to has an impact on the environment . the last time the river was this low was in 1944 and many fear a return of the land mean. yeah. phenomenon. weather pattern that generates in 10 storms in some places and routing, others, environmental group say deforestation,
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and forest fires in argentina. but why? as well as brazil, i, when passing the river, i love any send you serious fires and deforestation in the amazon means you're diminishing the amount of vegetation that generates evaporation and puts moisture back into the air. if the situation continues, we'll see more sharp changes in the weather. we are concerned about what's happening in brazil because the parents, river and others originate in brazil. the government is urging people to limited their water use as preserving the piano has become a priority for all in big business and those who live alongside it. and all of this is happening at a time when argentina is fighting a condemn. make a fighting a major economic crisis argentina struggling with a rise in poverty, inflation, double digit inflation rate. it's trying to negotiate a foreign debt for over $40000000000.00,
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affording that with the international monetary fund so its desperately needs its exports. argentina is dependent on exporting crops, exporting beef, among other things, and that's why this river is crucial for this country. many of the people we have spoken to say that the situation could get worse in the months ahead and that we could have a much bigger impact on natalie on companies trying to export crops another and other items, but also on those who depend on the river to make a living. ok, thank you so much tourism reporting from argentina. zimbabwe is the latest country in southern africa that is planning to the spot soldiers to help fight an army group and neighboring mozambique. last month, regional leader is agreed to send a stand by fours to the gas rich province of couple delgado in the north. her matessa has more. mm. the bubble is deploying soldiers to neighboring mozambique as part of the southern african development community standby for more
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than 300 trips will help train muslim bix army to fight an armed group affiliated to isolate in north of the country. but swan and africa have already deployed. other countries in the 16 member regional block are considering doing the same. the only cell is primarily the duration of, of the conference and the member states of static will be able to maintain their own forces within the country. and this is exemplified by the data conference. wait, it took longer for it to resolve the conflict within the d. c. but in this instance, it's something that is not that long. and that's the most economical, the capacity to help with the regional states. i'm not the only ones getting involved. portugal the e u and the united states are training muslim. army or wanda already has soldiers on the ground. the east african country says it's killed some fighters and it's
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army is pursuing others. this one is a much bigger and just protecting one or 2 has preference. i think you know, the situation there is much bigger than just one installation. so we are handling the into, you know, we are, we are spitting with the muslim deacon forces to restore order and sunny to in, in a couple they're going to the conflict in kabul. delgado province began in 2017 thousands of diets and been more than a 100000 people had been displaced. human rights workers worry the in the, an extra troops could lead to more. right? so these are the questions i got these morning these if the most of them become government, the more of them become security forces have that shall, is they are unable to distinguish such and from what shows do we have at the stage that they put in a truck or anything from both said they're going to wonder. i have to do that.
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distinguish if they aren't able to be dark, could they please explain to the residents of the guard? how can d, e b is secure, then the sure that the fighting that is not going in cub, god will not effect in the conflict, has dropped natural gas projects with billions of dollars. some locals say the failure to distribute vos mineral, and also gas revenues to the local population is fueling tensions until that inequality is addressed. adam the said deploy more troops to northern mozambique is not a long term solution to the crisis. had been tougher out of the little low vod rhone as a senior researcher at the institute for security studies. and she says that additional military deployments will probably make a difference, but also pose risks. the difference on the ground would be to secure some of the
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areas. so the southern forces are still busy arriving the books. one thing on the one is happy laced tjuana and go la. it's sending just 22. but in a cross at this point and south africa is also a 1500 troops and south africa budgeted up to 1000000000 ranch which. ready is about $66000000.00, which is a big off south africa. it's very point. so there's a big investment. we are all concerned that this these various deployments would aggravate the situation rather than improve it in a thing where you have indiscriminate attacks. we, there's a confusion between ruling surgeons and people being accused of being insurgents, often feeling these kind of very complex crisis across the continent. but at this
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point, the great need is to secure security. and of course, they need to be co ordination of the troops, and that is a concern by them be safe than president for anything you see says using charge, that they were to coordinate and they went to lead actually any activity at this point. so that is a big concern. more than 60000000 americans across 20 states are subject to official heat warnings as temperature as rise to near record levels. the pacific northwest on the southeast are experiencing temperatures close to 40 degrees celsius last month, a heat wave last thing several days killed hundreds of people. and one recent studies as record breaking heat waves may become $2.00 to $7.00 times more frequent around the world. in the next few decades,
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the world health organization says corona virus infections worldwide have increased by 80 percent in the past month. in parts of africa, the number of deaths has doubled in that period. the w h o is warning countries about the spread of the delta variance now detected in more than 130 countries for regions on risk. but none morsel than africa. on current trends, nearly 70 percent of african countries will not reach the 10 percent vaccination target by the end of september. around $3500000.00 to $4000000.00 are administered weekly, on the continent, but to mid september, to get this much tries to $21000000.00 at the very least it week. many african countries have prepared well to roll out vaccines. but the buttons
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have not arrived. kenyana is extending its nighttime curfew and batting all public gatherings. its health ministers, warning hospitals are overwhelmed and people who for sake will not get a bed. kenny has been under some form of curfew since march of last year. the country has now recorded more than 200000 cases and at least 3900 deaths. and kenya is due to receive the 1st batch of a shipment of 817000 doses of the astral seneca vaccines from the u. k. and it needs them because vaccination wrote, rates are very low. dr. willis equality is chairman of the can you go over the 1900 vaccine task force? he says the majority of african countries have been caught off guard. one of the big african caught them from the corporate, making them be quite from the beginning is that we have to prioritize production of what they did that i used to prevent or manage infect. you know,
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you've been on the very beginning of the 19 and given us the protective equipment via why don't but now only every country topic, of course, but different. but it's a lot more technology. but what does africa coincidence are maybe number one, we have the money we have to get for technological we can for technological time spot. so i don't know natalie for me, but maybe i'm a lot. but what i know that it's out of much lower country. i'm down for the true extent of them, but they may not be fully known. so i'm not maybe in the next 20. how about maybe just texting african on the african continent, but not needs to be really typically documented motorbike sir,
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and affordable way to get around in many developing countries. and in kenya about 200000 new bikes hit the road every year. nearly all of the run on petrol, but that could be about to change. malcolm web went to the town of homer bay. that's where recently developed electric motor bike is creating a buzz. lots of like use in kenya is exploding. they cost much less to buy and run the car good on the roads. they can carry almost any kind of cargo or about 2000000 bikes on the roads. most of them are used to serve paying customers. the numbers, doubling about every a. yes. with that carbon emissions, it's a similar story in much of the developing world. all right, as we spoke to in this town in western virginia, they tired of coming here to the mechanic. most of the motor bikes made in china
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and india had designed for better roads. the petrol power engines where out fast, these people, i'm not bringing the order. and if you find the, you know, the little bit expensive. so we will go for about she puts on the well not said john on nuka, he's one of a handful of writers here. he's been given an electric motor like for try it as few moving parts requires little maintenance and no fuel got come back in to compare when i used to petrol driven motor bikes. i could save $20.00 a month. now with the electric bike, i can save about $80.00, changing batteries, costs less than half of what i spent on fuel. john says the cost savings make a big difference to him and his family. the buy he's writing comes from this workshop is in the capital nairobi, the sweetest company called opa,
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has developed with lights here. lucy miguel is one of a team of engineers who designed them specifically for the rough roads and for the growing motorbike market. the biggest challenge will be making the price is competitive compared to the fucking feel bus. so we know how affordable our spot to really working to us to invest. but making sure that despite a bill here, design engineers over will make the be much cheaper. well, the ride is here, say they want to try the electric bike. the big question is which kind of bike goes faster? and the best way to find out is with a race the, the electric, like, quicker off the line. go much better, extend american and i got to feed the feel, thoughts with them holding a camera well, not playing on the day life with the other, but all of the riders we've spoken to glossy. how quickly can these bikes become
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available? now let's test the new technology. one of us says it plans to start mass production later this. yeah, malcolm web al jazeera home, a bay kenya the lead on the news hour or the 4th. susan cuts far when the 1st for olympic goes, metal action from tokyo, 2020 can coming up just a moment with joe. yes. yes. and i'm on a in 2001 fear, friends around the world. are australians accused of being enemies within and attacking the the way of life were treated like we were old suspects. we were all under suspicion struggling to adapt to the new found home out there. it's history of the lebanese community in australia, once upon
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a time and punched on out era ah, with sandy beaches, juicy cree shopping and low taxes could probably go island of high non become china's new hong kong. 11 east investigate on. i'll just iraq. me you want to help save the world? needs into your own. ah. oh. a for the sports, joe. i
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think 3, let's start with some big news from the to care. limping sledge and make his lane at thompson head. i have successfully defended how one of you, me to title, and she did it with the 2nd fastest time in history, a new electronic record. only american legend flow, joe has run faster and she was recalled back in 1988. there were no fans in attendance because of koby 19 friction correspondent and the rich than what she lives in state by. she was winning $100.00 me to final full of stone names and runners with big reputations. it was one by jamaica elaine thompson ira and she wanted in limpid record time of 10.6. 1 second successfully defending the title. she won in rio in 2016 in 2nd, shelly and phrase, the price also of jamaica. she'd won the previous to olympic gold medals and
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completing it. you make a one to 3, was sharika jackson, spare a thought for mary jones, a tale of ivory coast in full. she finished forth in both the 100 meter and the 2, and you meet the finals in rio as well. going into the fi and all that in avenue time in my head i was, i was trying to execute the best rate. i had a better estimate because i actually had a p b. i wasn't looking at an iran carter and in time as i said. but eventually those time we're serious. i lots of women are coming up rise in so therefore to run this olympic record tonight. i think that's fair though, it's actually not our warning that anything is possible. now on sunday, it's time for the men scout, 100 meters, really story of who isn't in that final these the 1st olympics since 2004 with now you saying bolt the world champion, christian coleman isn't here because of doping offenses. and also me think is no
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eliles the american who said he'd be here to win the 10200. he didn't even qualify for the u. s. team in the 100 meters, a big chance. therefore, the candidate andre degrass literally in the shadow of the same vote for so many years. he's got to create full of silver and bronze medals. this a perfect chance to finally win a major gold. and on sunday, the events that just about everyone here in japan is going to be watching is the final round of the men's go outside of non soccer. one of the biggest stars here in japan is he came out see alma, who early this year became the 1st japanese mild to win a major golf tournament. when he won the masters, is one shut off the lead. going into sundays funnel round a great chance to win and the limpid gold as well. now to the pool where it was a mix day for the usa, kaleb dressel started them off by assessing a world record to win his 3rd gold medal. the 24 year old just beat hungering, kristof may lack in the men 100 meter butterfly in time of 49.45 seconds. no, plenty of switzerland took bronze. but the us team flopped in the new rule full by
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100 meters, mixed medley. relate to man and to him in swim in any order and dress found himself more than a 2nd behind racing against all women in the final leg usa finished the 5th. but it was great brittany cold in a world record time of china and the radio great brit, more successful. another new team events, the travel mixed relay, johnny bromley, who won bronze in london and silver and rio 4 years later, was part of the gold medal winning fulsome who finished 14 seconds ahead of the u. s. with france clenching, bronze. kappa has won its 1st and then pay gold medal wait left us. alba broke the olympic record, lifting a total of $402.00 kilos on the way to victory in the 90 kilo category and tennis world. number one of the joke of which i missed out on a metal altogether. the 3rd,
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who had been aiming to win the olympics and all 4 majors for the golden slab lost his bronze medal match against spain. public had no poster, you'll see, withdrew from the mixed doubles. simone biles has pulled out of 2 more finals as she continues to battle mental health issues. both weren't defend her volt title or contest, the uneven balls, and it's unclear whether she compete in the floor beam finals. we spoke to olympic silver medalists from a michael jamieson, who's struggled with depression. he says it's important for athletes to recognize they need help. you know, there's been an element of comfort, an element of comfort from athletes being comfortable sharing stories. and she had a new journey and share in the bathroom with her own personal mental health. and i think a lot of people have been able to engage for that conversation from own sort of personal reflections. i think the deeper sort of richard, the sure that was the cause of, you know, some other sort of trouble. ours,
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what considered it was, was their own identity. you know, my identity was really deep rooted, the n frantic performance. you know, and i was either a successful or non successful person based on effectively the team on the board and it's from race. and the result from the back of that i think because an athlete you feel that your career is always the very short. i think generally we feel that there's, there's no time to step backwards. and i think, you know, things built up to a level where i was aware of the change and behavior. so i was aware that i was developing some really unhealthy habitual behaviors and thought patterns. and therefore, you know, really recognize the, the need to speak up and get help and effectively treated. you know, those thought patterns as a muscle that needed to be retrained. british sheets, her amber hail, never made it to take care because she tested positive for coven. 19. she spoke to
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al jazeera about her disappointment. i did 10 p. c. i was on the actual flight every day in the lead up to me leaving and all of them were negative. but the night before mentally the faintest of lines came up on my lot like to fly that i needed to take on it in the city. my heart sank, so i followed up with another and another and to be honest, at that point i knew mine and pieces over, i just kind of broke down and then i just always really struggling to get my was out of my money. and then i oversee was, i feel quite thankful that i did catch you there. not just the myself but also the i didn't get into a pain and i didn't affect anybody else's, danny, or that chance to go as well. pos on in any way. i'm ready, thankful that we did capture the also just try not so sorry for myself. like i've done everything physical physically possible to get to the gains and to be on my best form that i could possibly be,
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which is exactly where i was before i was ment. slave. so i really just want to get involved in the game in any way i can. so i've been support in the rest 15 d, b from the sofa. my own event was a bit of a struggle to watch. just because i want to be that bad. the, like i said, i, i do believe everything happens for a reason. i'm not quite sure what this reason is yet that i'm sure life just turns out and we'll get through american b, m x, right. a kind of feels has been moved out of intensive care following his serious crash in the semifinals. he suffered a brain hemorrhage, collapse long and broken ribs. in the incident, c t scan show that there is no additional brain injury and he's unlikely to need surgery away from the games. there was hamilton has taken pole position for sundays, hungarian grown pre mercedes rather be he may maultrie both us to the front of the grade with championship lead a month to stop. and 3rd, hamilton's record of sending 101st home put him in
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a strong position for record extending hundreds when all right, that is for now to rain. thank you so much, joe. back in a moment, more new to 0. ah . news. news. news. news. news on all this on just the united states. it ending its 20 year military presence. enough kind of done with what is new to the country. 11 piece showcases new zealand trailblazing, environmental quality. able to read the country of all present from a 3rd way to the vaccine rollout. the latest development of the corona virus and
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demi continued to spread around the world. witness showcases, award winning documentaries that bring word issues into focus through human stories with political and economic tension. driving down be a hope to the pose as a country to define the future august on a job. when freedom of the press is under threat. you know, you just because i thought genuinely about your thoughts towards the making government step outside the mainstream. the has been a implement here just some of access port shift the focus, the panoramic that's turned out to be a handy little pretext of the prime minister. if it clamped down on the press, covering the way the news is covered, the listing post on, i just gotta teach, you know, you can watch, i'll just say we're english streaming live on. i do 2 channels plus thousands of
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our programs award winning documentaries and get new support. subscribed to you choose dot com, forward slash al jazeera english. ah, me. turkeys president says authorities are investigating if sabotage calls the wildfires burning across much of his country. ah. what channels as they were like from a headquarters in time didn't navigate, also coming up. the prominent judge has been put under house arrest in tennessee on just days after the president took control of the government.
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i've got forces are battling to contain rapid taliban advances in this strategically important for regional tara on the richardson at the.


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