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she did like we were old suspects. we were all under suspicion struggling to adapt to then you found home out there explored the history of the lebanese community in australia once upon a time and punched on our era. ah, this is al jazeera ah, it's just gone $1300.00, gmc hello, on can all santa maria, welcome to the news, our formality era. at least 6 people have been killed in the wildfires burning in southern turkey where entire villages and coastal resorts have had to be evacuated . major confrontation between africa and forces and the taliban. this is in the
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western region of head. china is cove at 900, right? driven by the delta very, and raises down for other asian pacific countries pursuing the 0 virus strategy. i'm holding a camera and one on clicking on the day life with the on the and we are in kenya where right is a putting, electrified through their paces to see if they can overtake actual power. i'm joining over the needs from the tokyo olympics, where jamaica the lane husband, head up, has just offended her. 100, meet the title in the last few minutes with the 2nd foss. this time in history will be live and take care for reaction like our this is a well large part of southern turkey where wildfires a burning have been declared disaster areas. at least 6 people have been killed as well. these fires burning for days now,
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while dozens of villages and hotels have been evacuated. cruise numbering into the thousands have been involved in the operation with at least 14 wildfires, burning. have a look at these satellite images which show the extent of the wild 5, at least 5 planes and 45 helicopters are being used to put out the flames, spreading across more than a 1000 sites. the us and european union nations have extended their support to turkey, his russell, so he's in mont about in until your province keeping an eye on things there. i believe that president early on is either on his way or has arrived now while press. no one just arrived in my now got then be expecting him to deliver a speech within minutes come out better. the warning reports, particularly by these are coming from the tone of both room in moonlight province. is one of the most popular touristic city in the country. and
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a huge fire is just going on there and very much close to the residential areas. and also there are the reports that there has been a huge explosion as well. close to the residential areas there. now we are here in my now got which alongside with oxygen is on, pelias we here was hit this rate just to fire fighters to they have died here during the during the day probation, and many people have been taken to the hospitals and also today sorry, the one of the, the wanting to your 25 years old will. and he also how be killed and was trying to take the drinking water to the emergency group here. the afford to extinguish the fire, or on the way, more than towards the crabs and how to cope. there's are getting the water from
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tennessee and dropping over to the house support. but the job is quite difficult because so far there has been 85 locations report locations that fire be seen in 26 provinces across the country, particularly starting from the aging course. the fee is made to all alongside the, the course, the line of mediterranean fuel. how type of the cities, how witness the forest fire sofa won't say that it is on the quote through another region. we're not the district as just witnessing the fire erupt in rest. so obviously the focus is on stopping to fire and saving lives. but what about an investigation into how all of this stanford while investigation started yesterday, there is a coordination between the turkish intelligence service and the ministry of interior. so far that hasn't been so much details provided to the media of the
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public, but the government initiated this investigation based on this to come special. i mean, dances because in previous years peter k has claimed some of the forest fires in the country. so based on that, the investigation is going on and during the speech here in my now got, we might hear more about the investigation as well. thank you for those updates, russell. so in until the province in turkey with as wildfires are ongoing me onto their knees enough down a stones, western city of her aunt, which is under intense pressure from the taliban. with heavy fighting and recent days, the on group took control of the road to the airport and flights into the city stopped on wednesday. the supporters from charlotte bellis in kabul. on the outskirts of afghanistan stood biggest city government forces tried to hold off the telephone.
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it's been like this for several days. a call before making it. we are defending our land. we're not moving forward at this time because we don't want civilians to be killed or injured right. now this is the road to harass airport to 30 minute drive south of pacific taliban fighters and government forces have been battling across the road. that is bridge. the commercial flight stopped till wednesday is the front line moved towards the city. so how many kilometers from the city was that 6 or 6 filament united nations regional compound is also on that road. on friday, the us blamed the tele bond for hitting its perimeter with grenades and gunfire. although the telephone said it was caught in the crossfire, the un secretary general called the attack deplorable, the united nations in the country condemned in the strongest terms today. the
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attack on our main comp, on our main compound, in herat, in which an african police guard was killed and others injured. no, un personnel were hurt in the incident. a month ago, the majority of her, our province was government controlled or contested. now the taliban is in control of much of the province, herat city in its surrounding districts of the only thing that stopped the fight is controlling a 300 kilometers stretch of road east from the iranian border. former governor and marine leader is mal hahn, has rallied his supporters to protect the city and both the ask and military response. hundreds of his fighters are on the front lines. further in the city africans carry on, like the war is not on the doorstep. many putting their trust in hom spices. there is no good moral and military and yet no plan
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to fight against either one hand and pushing them out of the rod, probably in the telephone say the kill to top africa, a military commander. it's the soldiers and pro government militia still have a chance to live. if they surrender, the government says it's regaining control when sending reinforcements including special forces charlotte bellis out there a cobble. and also in cobble is that the magic editor james base, the thing which struck me in that report from charlotte. james is when she said that it's basically been a month, but it's taken for her to go from mostly government control to mostly taliban control. this fighting is so intense and so fast. yes, absolutely. and the importance of herat cannot be under stated. this is the 3rd biggest city in afghanistan. as you heard charlotte say, in her report, to go from herat to the rainy border. it's not that far, but you can't go because the taliban control the border with iran. they control
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much. well, not much but, but, but plenty of the province, plenty of the districts in the province. and they also now a block the road between throughout the city and her at airport. so currently the government in a situation which i'm sure they don't like, well they really have her at almost cuts off by the taliban. you also heard that it's mel. com, who is the former governor, the former campbell administered a long time which i had a leader who is obviously fighting on the side of the government. but he is now saying that he's not getting enough resources from the government. he's not getting enough manpower to help him in his fight, and i think this is explained by what's going on elsewhere enough. going to stop because the tell about just fighting and harass it's all current focus. but the fighting continues in the south in kandahar in helmand. fighting continues in the north in places like car and couldn't dues the taliban attacking in many, many places. so the african forces on paper, they have more soldiers,
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they have more police, they have special forces and they haven't had power. but i don't think they know where to bring those forces to bad right now, because the taliban are attacking them in many places. many parts of the country and just add another element into think, james, i believe it's flooding problems and i'm going to stop flooding problems in numerous don, which is in the east of afghanistan, mountainous areas, and very high death toll wearing 100. 13 people have been announced is dead, but we're also hearing that a dozen still missing problems like shelter under $73.00 houses we believe completely destroyed at this stage, a lack of fresh drinking water, more floods on the way. and then the other aspect of this is what i've just been talking about the conflict because noticed on like so many places enough kind of san is a contest. it province. there are parts of the flooded area under the control of the government, part of the control of the taliban. the afghan red crescent has been the main
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agency that's been on the ground that they have been able to access the un trying to negotiate access. currently, james space with those updates from across that kind of stone. thank you. james will ask dan's and indeed their families still waiting for special visas to settle in the united states. they. they are getting increasingly worried about these taliban advances. remember, more than 200 africans did arrive in the u. s. on friday, and president joe biden says he is committed to protecting those who supported the american lead forces during the war. we'll talk more about this with victoria from town who is a professor of peace studies at the american university of afghanistan on scott from ca below. is nice to talk to you victoria. i know you, you won't be able to speak specifically about what's going on with your colleagues and people at the university, but suffice to say it is really quite a process to get the special immigrant faces. isn't it? absolutely, to the next, the next to shaking the know process. some people that i know have been applying
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for years 3 years and, and even the difficulties of being employed by the united states. you can, it's quite staggering to see that as one has gone through all of the security checks to the united states. one has to go to extensive checks to be given to jesus. and so like a lot of people that are quite anxious at the moment to know what is going to happen to them. and then there's other issues with the fact that you can be a contractor working directly for us. but then she was working for an n g o finance by the us are white then defied. as you, as implementing partner, you don't qualify for the so what 2 people do in the inter and those people who are applying, you just have to wait. and i guess in some cases, people probably have to hide or take some sort of evasive action to protect themselves. absolute, some weight, some hide,
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some go to neighboring and tried to go to neighboring countries. but then of course, the process so stops because one needs to be in san for the, for the king. and so it's, it's a waiting game for many and, and as we know, the price of are starting to take place, not just for us going to worked with united states or so for all the need toward countries. and so it's a very anxious time for, for many people to feel the united states dropped the ball on this one. the fact that we've known the state would be coming for a long time. and even though to be fair, there is a real commitment, you know, the senate passed legislation to make things happen further and there is a commitment to these people. it just seems like it's all been so rushed absolutely absolute commitment and denial. however, each should have been present better as a year. one worked with us, one security check hasn't,
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haven't been made. and again, you said you're not including the, the entire amount of people who works for us. interesting. and then, and so there's a lack of preparation. the copays way too narrow and we're talking about more than 20000 people directly. concerned by the victoria fountain is from the american university. i've kind of sounding cop great talking to you. thank you. 40 minutes past the hour. here's what's coming up. trinity, as president moves to reassure the country that he won't be a dictator after m pay them, political officials are detained in the vocal position on the streets of europe. again, the use vaccine part and it's for us, i try to go to the pull again. it includes the word record from one of the big dog
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. joe will have the best of the action from tokyo. i mean, no. i need the security forces in place to judge under house arrest for 40 days. judge bashir i creamy has in the past been accused of sweeping terrorism related cases under the rug. the decision against the creamy follow is the president fades pledge to lead a campaign against corruption. after he dismissed the prime minister and for the parliament side denies leading a cooper and in 50, doesn't want to return to new z at to a dictatorship. sam kimball, covering events for us in june. as he says, he doesn't want to be a dictator, but he wastes no time or opportunity. does he does the president to make big changes and, you know, target certain individuals yeah,
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indeed. certain individuals have been targeted in what some are saying, alarming ways this include can me, who's the judge placed under house arrest for the next 40 days? mr. ark, me had been accused by some human rights group and lawyers, groups of, of hiding terrorism related files and making them go away. and these include files related to the high profile, assassination of leftist politicians show. can you believe aid and mohammed, but me in 2013 this just following the arrests on friday of to parliamentary members. one of them is the independent m. p. seen i yada use the co founder of the hope and work movement. who's been an outspoken critic of the actions of president sy it saying that his actions amount to a qu,
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this also includes the rest of the parliamentarian ned a z dede from the canada coalition who was released today. and it's unclear whether these arrests are related to previous cases against them, or if it's a political conflict being settled somehow the president has come out in response and said that, yeah, go ahead. sorry, i just wanted to ask you how to museums are actually reacting to all of this because i suspect that are a good number of them. who like to see the president taking this sort of decisive action where the enough the party didn't will it's mixed. the leader of the another party and the parliamentarians, the parliamentary spokesman, the rest of the news. he came out with a statement after the arrests yesterday saying that we another are ready for all concessions but warned against the imposition of
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a dictatorship and called and condemned. the arrest of m. p. c, nie yadi. however, there are many on the streets who are supported by the president's actions taken on sunday, which include the dismissal of the prime minister, the freezing of parliament, and the removal of parliamentary immunity. so it's really divided in terms of reaction of supporters and those who oppose the president's actions. and that is sam campbell reporting from the tennessee and capital the latest from the effects. then me while china is racing to contain its worst cove at 19 outbreak in month, it's being fueled again by the delta varying the one 1st thing in india, which is much more contagious. health workers are testing millions of people as a result. priyanka gupta has a report for you,
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and this is non jean international airport weeks earlier. it was steaming with travelers and an invisible enemy. the highly contagious delta variant of coven. 19 china is now trying to prevent a health crisis. from getting worse. the outbreak started launching has spread to 6 provinces, the capital b jane, and now chanting. one of the was biggest cities, day and night. china is doing water, das, best testing tens of millions of people. it is reasons to be concerned. child funds, which was like the variant is more transmissible without strong prevention and control measures without strong therapeutic and immunization capabilities. the regeneration speed is very fast. earlier within $4.00 to $5.00 days, the viral load increased $2.00 to $3.00 times. but now within 3 days, the viral load may increase $5.00 to $7.00 times. tens of thousands of people have
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been put under locked down in beaching, an in chunks of province at a 1000000 more in the tourist hotspot of them here in hunan. for china, which imposed the was 1st lockdown, its strict methods, a proven and effective passage high you had habits are existing prevention control measures are effective. the conclusion was drawn based on 2 basic understanding. the 1st is the scientific community understanding of the virus. it is still a corona virus at source of infection. transmission root has been basically clear. the 2nd understanding is based on the past practices of our prevention and control . but with researches calling the delta variant, ask contagious us chicken pox. basically tried and tested our snow against the virus, me seen out of date, even though in the past when trying to do this, the steel, you see cities, i think the reality is that right now they,
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they switched to somebody cities that they will not be able to stop it more to speak to other cities and then it because it is far more time transmissible the doctor, the lockdown measures will probably not look at them. 2020 china has vaccinated more than half of its people. but with jobs that have laur protection rates, it is one of the was strictest border controls, and has a capacity to increase health services at a short time. but like much of the world, china will now need to come up with effect as measures to tackle this variance. i repeat it's early successes against as far as bronco gupta, alta 0, we haven't really looked at numbers from china in a while. well, quite frankly, even if it was way over 900 came from, it hasn't been part of the news cycle if you like,
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because it was brought under control. mostly, i want to take you through some of the most recent numbers i just to see how things are starting to changes from our world data as ever looking at the start of the year, january the 1st until today. at this point here, we are now looking at around after the 7 1st, $57.00, an average of $57.00 new cases a day, which doesn't sound like much, especially compared when it was more like a 120, earlier in the year. but as ever, it's about the trends, and as you see, the trend is very much upwards. their debts is one to mention as well, in china, just for the fact that there hasn't been a dance from corona virus since january the 25th. which means we've got this sort of straight line at the top here, where debts plateaued at 4636 at the total number of deaths we've seen in china. but let's focus on what priyanka was talking about in her report. managing with the city. jang sue is the region where there's been this uptake recently. this is looking at the last 30 days from johns hopkins university. 26 is
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the average now every 7 days, the rolling average 26 new case of the day again, doesn't sound like much but trending upwards. and it's that delta variant isn't it . that's the delta varying which is now making its impact across the asia pacific. just a couple of quick ones to look at vietnam, which we don't hear much about, but we should because look at that trend now up to 7700 cases a day. and of course, australia. this is sydney, specifically which is in lockdown 191 is the rolling average of new cases. the day 3000 cases. they're the city, the state in lockdown for the next month. all that delta very again, isn't it? right. i know they swap smith with us now vax and all, just in professor of emerging infectious diseases at a london school of hygiene and tropical medicine on got from the sun and foot today . thank you for your time. doctor coven 19 has never respected boundaries, but it almost feels like the delta variant is even more so. and it's called these
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places in the asia pacific, off guard places, which it always pursued that 0 covert idea. so, so indeed, the delta variance is more transmissible. it has a higher vial node, it probably needs a much shorter contact time to fret from person suppressing. and because of all that, much harder to contain, that may be happening even more tensions. measures like those with the actual nation warranty. and so those countries like australia, new zealand, another one of them, even though cases obviously don't exist there, but who had said were shutting down when not letting on in or out. that has to stay in place. so country that it's me to have a 0 k policy like was the last find an australia and they have to take the pension on the most 10 to measure it all and,
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and continue to focus on reducing or stopping importation from overseas. and we will see that this will be harder to do more expensive measure needs to be taken maybe over all the time periods. so, and this is cannot be, the long term cannot be the same, the ball solution. so the solution remains the same. back to made back then they'd beckoning and they'll bring us back thing coverage rate. and what that is as it's quite high. and then countries like australia can open up because we don't hear the mile inspection. we fear the dash, 2 things i want to ask you about vaccinations. doctor's one is the rate of vaccinations in a place like australia. very much criticized for being too slow. but i mean, surely part of that is the fact that it wasn't an acute need. there initially, they were other parts of the world which needed the vaccine. more and more. and the other quick question on vaccines is a, do you believe they are still working against the delta variance in particular?
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so need to know and kind of like what's failure, where at the time where the many cases might hard to motivate people to get vaccinated. but really clearly the australia ever want to get out of old and locked out. and also, you know, they, they've media restrict trouble if they want to get out of this. they need said she very high vaccine coverage rate. now the back thing continue to be effective also against the data in particular that affects. again, it's preventing severe disease, hospitalization, and i see you admissions and death where we have seen the clear, clear reduction in the vaccine effectiveness is protecting against these and protecting against transmission. so it may pick up the virus and, and, and you can still read it even if you're vaccinated, but you're protected against your dizzy. but if you read it to a press,
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i was not back. the major may develop a severe disease even die. so it works, isn't it dr. annalise? father smith with us from the start to that great talking to you. thank you for your time. oh, turkey president, reject tire, grotto and on your screen. now speaking in southern turkey, where of course, those wildfires have been raging. today's speaking to the media just protects us from all kinds of calamities. that is what disasters are. so let me build big 13 very hard to make up for the losses. so far. citizens and teams are working hard on the to start to damage less than what we call them as soon as possible. them all are relevant ministries and energy, minisey, culture and truly isn't ministry and others working round the clock
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on duty. shitty gosh. or smart god. and show you got the she man, i've got and house on early in sharing it. the 3 citizens who have lost their lives. 334 citizens have been effective one way or the other. because of the fire they have been treated and have been discharged from hospitals already that are just a few citizens still being treated in hospital 60 and neighborhoods have in effect by fire. some neighborhoods have been evacuated and get i can show the smaller but i need shaken to continue based on analysis of the current situation and conditions
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in villages. 320 cannot live on this article on a ton of cattle and 1000. so that brings animals have been lost on base, been because if you're going to 15 then not as year alone, a sort of thousands going to get it. you could, you could because of, as a cultural plan have been effected by finally done based on met her food is provided through it, attention center site and providing food, all the locals for those that need. the electric electricity has already been supplied to most of the areas except for the 12
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neighborhoods. see their prem self and i get that in design. good on that. a optimal as we have all been all they've been doing. but during any other disasters such as earthquakes, we will continue to construct conversation houses for those who left last homeless like a sure people are citizens that they will never let anyone get in to to try to survive them on their own without the help of this you know, go to young, go isn't state lama, take that i standards to areas or month learn are you in the forest. forest areas which have been effected. all burned down by the fires will be
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