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taken from their homes and executed under pressure venezuela's defense minister for the me to pay the reno, said the forces were obliged to the friends that come through from irregular groups that added the human rights needed to be respected. and that the events at the border would be investigated. ah, at least 6 people have been killed in wild, 5 burning and southern turkey wearing. ty, villages in coastal results have been evacuated. ah, i'm samuel a than live from the hall. so coming up, a major confrontation between afghan forces and the todd bomb in the western city of head are more southern african troops had to move them big to fight. the non
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group is making humanitarian crisis was on the richardson at the tokyo olympics west stall, gymnast simone biles pulled out of 2 more events in order to focus on her mental welby, ah, emergency crews in turkey is still trying to control the biggest fire in the region which have killed at least 6 people. they've been burning for a 3rd straight day, while dozens of verges and hotels have been evacuated. cruise numbering more than 1000 have been involved in the operation. at least 14 wildfires, the burning and satellite images show the extent of those wild 5 at least 5 planes and 45 helicopters are being used to put out the flames, spreading across more than 1000 sites. the us and e u nations of extended their
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support to turkey. kevin cost center casala reports now deadly terrifying and the throwing everything in their path for the 2nd day firefighters have a bad thing. blazes in the coastal town of marbury homes, hotels in an area popular with taurus, all evacuated as the fires continue to rage in mono. got some 6 to 5 kilometers. is the funds out here in fair? no has been added, that least claiming the lives of an 82 year old men and a married couple who died in their home. dozens of fires at cross 17 provinces have been burning a cross southern turkey in the past few days. stokes, by soaring temperatures and fierce winds, who challenged for the more than 4000 firefighters hoping to engage in the fight to control the flames. aided by international effort,
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use your google to stimulus will were fighting the fires were 45 specialized helicopters, and 5 planes. we brought from russia and ukraine and following a telephone conversation with us by john. i will send another plane that will be very useful and we'll work powerfully and quickly to extinguish fire. drones also being used for reconnaissance officer fe the blazes are gradually being brought under control investigations are now under way into how these disastrous fire started. the authorities have not ruled out sabotaged. the wildfires are one more natural catherine for the country which has already had to contend with drought and marine waste clogging a part so the cost this year and other environmental blow that will require a swift and serious solution. center console 2 ounces. 0 sole side of that is in man. i've got in an talia province joins us from best or sol. thought
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with the situation there with the fires. are they close to bring it under control? well, i mean, it feels far away from being under the control because the reports regarding the new fires erupt in, in the different places. there's us come in just a little bit ago. we got a report in the board room, the tone of both room in the more progress or so there is another fire just iraq today, which is one of the most popular touristic destination in the country. and also, man, i've got know where we are, is also alongside oxygen in this place, districts are the worst heats places, but on the other hand, the most popular touristic destinations as well. so the fords are continuing to extinguish the fire, but it's all around just the in $26.00 provinces in turkey, since when is the 80 more than $85.00 different locations,
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there are reports of the for the fire, for now. so more than 30 a cause and tons of the how to cope there's or continuously getting the water from the mediterranean sea and dropping on the how supports the police that the fire is erupt in. but they have job is quite difficult because the, the, whether it's quite hard, the temperature is very much high and also the humidity so long. and with the help of the fire with the wind, the fire is easier getting spread all around the country. but so far, the reports for the fire not only alongside the cost of cities, even at the center, i'm totally in cities like i said, it could have kind of also that has been for us fire report and so far aware investigations heading now while the
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investigation just started yesterday and there is a coordination between 30 of the intelligence service and ministry of interior. but it's still premature that are not that much of the details to talk about right now because so it's quite new. but on the other hand, the investigation has sort of based on the circumstantial evidence as of the previous years. because in previous years, peter has come in, some of the forest fires and the government is handing to it tends to believe that maybe this is also an organized option that's conducted by the p k. k. so president out, one is not the one i got soon, we expect him to speak. we'll. we'll see if there are more details on the investigation. all right, thanks so much for a so thought about it. there afghans and their families still waiting for special visas to settle in the usa. they're getting increasingly worried about how to bomb advances in some of the laces fighting
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a un office came on the fire in western afghanistan on that shortly. but 1st, jo cast our reports, the more than 200 afghans who arrived in the us state of virginia, the buses carrying former afghan interpreters and their families, including 57 children and 15 babies. arrived at the fort lee military base in virginia on friday morning. this is the 1st place they'll lay their heads in the us safely away from the taliban, possible retribution for having worked with americans now leaving the war in afghanistan is completely like, i mean, starting new life here. mohammed knobby mohammed, he is preparing to welcome his cousin, who was on board the flight and will likely spend a week at the base for final immigration processing. both served as u. s. military translators, enough can stand. in fact, 5 brothers from the mohammed family all signed up for the job. now 3 are in the us while the 2 youngest remain in hiding in cobble. we love to work with the us
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government and government, we low over countries, so we wanted to serve or the people, janice, and worry says he feels the same. he worked for 9 years as a translator on the front line against the taliban, whose he was granted as special immigrant visa in 2013 and now lives in virginia. all of us. we have a view with luck on our shoulder. and we were fighting for 2 years for that flood, and we thought we were american. should worry, is credited with saving the life of his assigned us soldier, army, captain, mat zeller during a fire, fight the sea. those reunions take place makes all of this work worth it. now the seller worries the us will break its promise to save the remaining afghans who helped us troops were not doing what necessary to save these people at every day that we don't do anything as a gift to the taliban because it gives them just that much more time to hunt down
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these people and kill them. reports of taliban killing, come daily. this translator in cobble is afraid to show his face. he says he's been waiting 8 years for an american visa. i'm scared, but you know, don't give me the visa. i know one of the target of the bad guys in here, maybe in trouble or some of so i feel that now at least handed us evacuation flights a day would be required to get all special immigrant visa applicants out of afghanistan before the end of august. those were fighting to get them out here. that time is not on their side. heidi joe castro al jazeera or li, virginia. diplomatic candidates a james base has more now from cobble the afghan government. once again saying that
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turning the tide and getting the situation on the control, but the situation of clashes around this key strategic city, the regional capital of the west, the place closest iranian border has gone on now for 3 days and they have not stopped the taliban attacks, we're now hearing from the ministry of interior with africa and special forces have arrived and that the african air force a carrying out as strikes. certainly overnight, the gun military saying that they had killed or injured 100 taliban. but the view from the taliban side is that they are still making progress. in recent hours we've seen much of the fighting on the main road linking, harass city and harass airport. and given that it's all about quite a lot of territory in iraq province, the fact that they could have some considerable time cut the link between the airport and the city effectively cutting off the city of herat, i am sure is very worrying to the government. the tell about also telling us that
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they have killed one important figure. who's one of the army commanders, the head of the far cool colonel abdul hamid and the government now have confirmed that they also tell them and say they severely injure the police chief of engine. that's a district right close to harass city. ah, us gymnastics star simone. biles is pulled out of 2 more finals at the tow. carolyn pig says she focuses on mental health for 24 year old join. some of her c mates on a shopping trip in the host city on saturday. biles has now withdrawn from 4 of her 6 events. she'll be assess daily before deciding whether to compete in the 2 remaining finals coming up next week. and the richardson is in tokyo, where he reports the gymnast simone boughs is brought the important issue of mental
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health to a world stage. i think it looks unlikely now, and possibly unlikely we'll ever see her at another olympics again. i mean, you are still in pic teams saying they all going to continue to evaluate her on a daily basis for their are now any 2 more events in which she can compete. she may not be too active in gymnastics at the moment, but she has been active on social media in the last 24 hours. i talking to fans about what she describes and what gina is described as the twisty, not in gulf, in the ships. i guess it's basically where mind and body nor instinct can, regardless of what the mind tries to tell the body to do that incorporates. and she posted some footage on instagram of her falling flats on her back when she was trying to dismounts and lands on her feet from the uneven ball. so clearly still at the moment. she's not in any physical or mental shape to compete at these games is going to have to change pretty quickly if we are going to see her again. but once again, it is still bringing out that discussion about mental health in sports on. so onto
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a big platform will still have now just kenya is getting much needed extra kind of 19 vaccines in the world health organization. one's an increase in infection taking place across africa. tied and seeks to deliver vaccines to remote regions as if the new way of coven 19. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. hello, asia pacific. here's your weather story rate. now we've seen that heavy rain across southern sections of china over the last little bit and you know hong kong, 55 millimeters of rain, but we're starting to see that heavy rain pole into the east trying to see, but still steering toward taiwan. so intense rain to come there on sunday in time
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it's unsettled across the korean peninsula. heavy rounds of rain toward northern areas of china and some rain also for central areas of on shoot. next we're going to go to indo china because we have been watching some heavier pulses of rain toward northern and southern sections of vietnam. and there is more rain once again on tap for manila, se asia storms really come in and go in. that's going to be the name of the game here, but we will see some sunny spells. these are really daytime heating storms that we will see, flare up on sunday, next toward the sub continent and the west coast, getting a bit of a breather from those monsoon rains. we really see the danger zone now as we head toward rochester, lawn and motto per dash on sundays next fall. and this one off in buckets time where we did get some wind for southern areas of the country. so that's going to reduce the risk of sand and dust storms. that's your weather update. thanks for your company. sponsored cut on airways. something was going
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to change. anything really change? this is systemic violin that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a race against the barrier and know what to say. so we are all saying we're looking at the world as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line, when i was just there, i'm holding the powerful to account as we examine the us, his role in the world on al jazeera. ah, ah, the welcome back here watching out just in time to recap the headline. 5 phases in
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turkey are still trying to control 14 forest fires after managing without more than 70 in the past few days. at least 6 people have been killed as wildfires spread across the g and mediterranean coast. afghanistan's west city of tara is coming under intense pressure from the economy by the un compound came under attack on the friday, killing an african leaf and without a bomb took control of the effort. on wednesday, the us gymnastics staff simone biles is pulled out of 2 more finals at the tokyo olympics. she focuses on mental health, has now withdrawn from all fixed events. zimbabwe is the latest country in south africa that is planning to dispatch sol just to help fight an armed group, and they bring those in big last month regionally. this agreed to send the stand by force to the gas rich province of capital delgado. the north had them to offer as
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more me bob way is deploying soldiers to neighboring mozambique as part of the southern applicant development community. done by for more than 300 trips will help train muslim bits army to fight an armed people affiliated to isolate in north of the country. but swan and thought africa have already deployed. other countries in the 16 member regional block are considering doing the same. the only cell is primarily the duration of, of the conference and the member states, a static will be able to maintain their own forces within the country. and this is exemplified by the d at a see conference. wait too long for fedex to resolve the conflict within the d. c. but in this instance, it's something that is not take that long. and that's the most economical capacity
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to help with the regional states. i'm not the only ones getting involved for to go . the e u and the united states are training muslim leaks. army or wanda already has soldiers on the ground. the east african country says it's killed some fighters and it's army is pursuing others. this one is much bigger than just protecting one or 2 aspirations. i think, you know, the situation there is much bigger than just one installation. so we are handling the into, you know, we are, we're participating with the muslim deacon forces to restore order and sunny to in, in a couple of the, the bundle. the conflict in cobbled delgado province began in 2017 thousands of diets and been more than 800000 people, had been displaced, human rights workers worry seen the, an extra troops could lead to more right to the. so the question that these moment these, if the most of them become government, the more of them become security forces have that challenge,
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they are unable to distinguish such and from what assures do we have at this stage that the fundamental or anything from both said they're going to wonder, i have to do that distinguish if they aren't able to be dark, could they please explain as to the residence of god? how can they be secure then the sure that the fighting that is not going in cub god will not effect in the conflict has disrupted natural gas projects with billions of dollars. some locals save a failure to distribute voss mineral, and also gas revenues to the local population is fueling tensions until that inequality is addressed. adults, they deploy more troops to know the mozambique is not a long term solution to the crisis. had been casa algebra. in
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the world health organization says corona virus infections worldwide have increased by 80 percent in the past month. in parts of africa, the number of deaths has doubled in that period. the w h o is one and countries about the spread of the delta vary and now to take to more than 130 countries for regions on risk, but none more so than africa. on current trends, nearly 70 percent of african countries will not reach the 10 percent vaccination target by the end of september. around 3500000 to 4000000. those are administered weekly, on the continent, but to meet the september to get this month tries to $21000000.00 at the very least it week. many african countries have prepared well to roll out vaccines,
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but the buttons have not arrived. kenya is extending its nighttime curfew and banning all public gatherings. it's health minister is warning, hospitals are overwhelmed, and people who fall sick may not get a bad kenya has been under some form of co few since march last year. the country is now recorded more than 200000 cases and at least 3900 deaths kenya is due to receive the 1st batch of a shipment of 817000 doses of astrazeneca that vaccines from the u. k. and it needs them because vaccination rates are very low. talk to us while they is chairman of the kenya cove at 19 vaccine task force. he says the majority of african countries have been caught off guard. why don't the african concept from corporate 910,
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being quite from the beginning is that we have to prioritize production of and from what they did that i used to prevent or manage infect, you know, if another minute, beginning of the 900, given a personal protective equipment via why don't we have a level now every country has of course, but different, but again, there's a lot more technology, but one of the african continents are maybe number one. we have the money. we have to get for technological we can protect my logical transpired so that you know, not only for me, but maybe i think i'm not non, but what i know that kind of figure it out of much, no other country. i'm the true extent of them. but they may not be fully known. so i'm not maybe in the next 20. how about that may be about us,
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but for texting african africa continent but not needs to be really fam, typically documented. now thailand government has ordered an additional $10000005.00 . the current of virus vaccines in battles, a full wave of infections driven by the delta variant, close to 19000 new infections have been confirmed in the past 24 hours yet another daily record. tony check now reports from bangkok tie health officials set out on a cove at 19 test and treatment mission. although close to bangkok, some of these areas are only accessible by boat, especially during the rainy season. urban centers has seen the highest infection rates, but increasingly suspected cases being reported in remote and rural districts and health services being stretched to breaking point. though neither anake on bar who
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is currently i'm worried because we don't have enough health officials to take care of patients. even though case numbers and those are waiting here to keep rising with government services under strain. sometimes it taking matters into their own. this group of volunteers going door to door testing oxygen levels for those to show curve at 900 symptoms. with many impoverished communities suffering from high levels of infection. they're learning to look after themselves. one of our friend, ny he couldn't get any help. he couldn't call anyone, and we don't want that to happen to anyone ever again. hospital beds in the tie capital and now so scarce to the hill service, his outfitted especial covert train to transport patients for treatment elsewhere. more than a 100 patients can be transported to 7 provincial capitals, where there are still beds available on the transfer of patients. these patients
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are from bangkok who haven't received treatment in hospitals. we want to bring them to doctors in their own home town. and the traveling process is controlled all through the journey with infections still hitting record highs. many expect tough locked down conditions to come to the last 2 weeks, communities migrant labors like this one behind me have been completely locked down with gods on the gate to make sure no one can get in or out. now many people in bangkok are concerned those trick measures could be applied. everybody. a don the airport, a congo warehouse has been converted into a temporary field hospital, 1800 cardboard beds ready for new cove at 900 patients. with nearly 3000 new infections in the capitol every day, even this when whole back, the tide of the 4th wave, tony chang al jazeera bank. now in malaysia, hundreds of people rallied against the prime minister for his handling of the
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pandemic. they one must dania seem to resign. infections have surged in recent weeks despite emergency measures in place since january, nearly 9000 people have died there. the protesting column paul was mostly led by young people. they won parliament to return and issue debt for the, for those hardest hit by the pandemic. and pakistan's government is allowing registered african refugees to get koby 19 vaccines. but only half of the 3000000 in the country meet that requirement. unregistered refugees are afraid they'll never receive a jap. carl, hide the reports from a camp and push our budget on it in the grip of a for the rest of the corona. wireless friend dam make delta radians have already been detected across the country. the fear that the forward wave could wreak havoc across budget on most wilder bela got
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a refugee population here, 1000000 refugees here in focus on 1500000 of them have already been registered. the national come on an operation center stage that they really be registered on. we have a lot of people coming to get back to it, who are foreigners and refugees as well for you. read it to the un registered people who are registered can get back to normal mechanism as normal times do and for others who are not registered auditors to ad lexus center. right. and they get the code and they're uploaded details uploaded against foreigners data. so we get them back to any cause and anybody who walks into the center not refuse to any kind of information. however, that still live the significant number of people out. almost 1500000 refugees, as well as 500000. been golly migrant work. good living and roger without many
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austin, there aren't any arrangements for vaccinations for us. our lives are risk to what it costs for you and hcr in the government of pakistan. provide defax issues or refugees living it backs down to migrate. we're good and dogs refugees who are not registered on not coming forward. there are some of the problems that when some of them do not want to show up to get back to it. and we are actually planning to planning as well as we are doing already, that we are sending out our teams to get them vaccinated. everybody like be focused on these foreigners or anybody, or if you just, we are recreating them endorsed as well. and our team of committed to ensure that everyone gets thanks and without any discrimination, the fear that nobody is safe until everybody a save, the government has to come out. where does it go?
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doctor doff in order to be able to write to people. most of the people who are not registered are afraid that lived at a border the charter days back to nature. they maybe, therefore came and gone to a measure of great concern nor judge for the refugee population would still remain in august on, but also for the august sunny public at large. now, more protests all taking place in the french capital against plans to implement. so cold virus passes. the proposal with name, people have to prove that virus or vaccination. faith is before they can enter restaurants or cultural venues. parliament is expected to vote on the bill. this weekend wildfire the burning across parts of italy, destroying several homes on the southern island of sicily, the finds of full hundreds of people to leave the house. the city center of catania has been worth hit. italy has registered nearly $13000.00 more wild 5 than
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last year. more than 60000000 americans across 20 states or under official heat warnings is temperature is sought in the record levels. the pacific northwest and the southeast, south sweltering and close to 40 degrees celsius last month, days long heat wave killed. hundreds of people. one study says record breaking heat waves may become 2 to 7 times more frequent around the world in the next few decades. ah, and let's take you through the headlines here now just hear it now 55.


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