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tv   [untitled]    July 31, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm AST

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watch out, denmark, we could see some pretty aggressive rainfall at times on saturday. we are also tracking intensifying energy as we head toward the parent, ease and the elbow. so come on, let's go in for a closer look and see what's going on here. this is toward northern section to spain now in and around barcelona, pushing into the parent needs on saturday. you know, it's all about the heat toward the balkans. we're in the thick of the heat here up and here some of those storms rolling through the l says we head toward austria check republic and so vacuum on saturday. hot sunshine, the name of the game for turkey. and this will certainly not help with that firefight east of on talia city in on tale a province. a temperature is locked into the forty's here and some gusty winds at times as was all about the heavy rain along the gulf of guinea, particularly for northern sections of nigeria flooding. there has destroyed 1500 homes and we've got heavy rain as we head towards center goal and sierra leone on saturday. the news
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frank assessments is an argument for suggesting that the martin administrations are playing a long game. it's very much of a warm embrace of the iran nuclear deal because of us domestic politics informed opinions, schools and shelters have been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and the politics then, is that a life has been shaped by vitamin the in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera, we're total technology can help tackle the spread of coven 19. but our tech solutions, the best solutions we're starting, something that seems like it's in public health, very quickly becomes about measuring what date is being collected. whereas it's being stored highly re, looks at the limits of time and the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues we face target when tech to go viable result,
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3 of all hail the locked down when i was 0. 0, a news off here at odyssey are these are the top stories find his firefighters in turkey field trying to control 14 forest fires after managing to put out more than 70 over the past few days. at least 6 people who have been killed at the wildfire spread across the g and mediterranean coast and inland areas. i've got tons west and city of head up to coming under intense pressure from the taliban. you and compound came under attack on friday, killing and asked to leave town of and took control of the airport on wednesday.
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and the u. s. domestic dance and involved is pulled out a 2 more finals at the tokyo olympic games as she focuses on. her mental health file has now withdrawn from 4 out of 10 as he is president, has promised not to turn into a dictators to members of parliament, were arrested chi site lifted parliamentary immunity for all members last week when he froze parliament for 30 days. so politicians who had cases against them all were already being investigated and now more vulnerable for arrest. the support from gillian wolf more moves into niecy, a political game of chess president. you say ye dismissing a top foreign ministry official while also ordering the arrest of one of his critics for comments made on social media. said has insisted he won't be a dictator and says a seizure of power was necessary. critics call it a qu, saudi arabia has offered support with a visit on friday by the foreign minister to i couldn't remember sophia,
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the kingdom confirms his confidence in the 2 news you need to ship and its ability to overcome the current conditions in a way that achieves the dignified living and prosperity of our brothers into nazir . one is the north side of the pool. several new york times journalists have been detained, and then released creating fears over free speech. they later met them, insisting on to dedication to openness. but as despite the crosses that 2 nicea is living, it still operates with freedom of expression and with human right. built on the constitution and faced with some difficulties in some areas or with some administration than these are intentional obstacles. the parliament has been suspended for 30 days, which means there is time for deeper divisions or discussions. there are rumors about national dialogue course or rumors that maybe we're heading toward a kind of a change where they are in the next or low. whether it's consistent, whether in part or in, on the,
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in the constitution may be in the upcoming hours or the upcoming days would know the leader of the country's largest political party. and nafta has coal for talk, but says his offer isn't open ended. he will madison, equally with him we are going to try use or peaceful means dialogue, negotiation st. pressure, pressure from organisations, internal and external pressure to bring back democracy. our early goal today is the return of democracy to to his. yeah. and now come many to niecy and seek julian wolf al jazeera. i live to tennis journalist sam kimball to bring us up to date. and it's quite something when a president has to come out and say, look, i promise i won't become a dictator when he has taken all the executive action. indeed, the president coming out and saying, i will not the dictator. all the actions that i've taken over recent days are in
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accordance with the constitution. and i know the constitution well. and also trying to reassure critics by saying that he will protect fundamental rights and freedoms . this comes on the back of 2 notable arrests yesterday. the 1st one of the independent juniors in parliament, parliamentary member, yes. the nie yadi is also the co founder, co founder of the of the hope and work movement in parliament. he's been an outspoken critic of science, calling his moves, a qu, that's referring to president. i cited freezing of parliament dismissal of the prime minister, his m a c c, and removal of parliamentary immunity on sunday night. i yadi had called those moves a coo and had been a well known blogger during and since the 2011 revolution. likewise, there was another arrest of parliamentary member
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mohammed, the med need, excuse me, from the kurama coalition. and it being said that this his lawyer has said that this is in relation to a legal case with him from several years ago that was already settled. and we also spoke to your wife yesterday we sounded very shaken. she said that he had been taken forcefully and violently from his home in the northern suburbs. the tunis, by a group of plain clothes, officers simply calling themselves security. so it's a worrying development for some and likely the reason behind the presidents reassurances. sam came up with that update from tina. thank you. some barbary as the light his country in southern africa planning to dispatch soldiers to help fight an armed group in neighboring mozambique. last month, regional leaders agreed to send a stand by force to the gas rich province of compet, accardo in the north and support from houghton. we tell me the bible is
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deploying soldiers to neighboring mozambique as part of the southern african development community. standby for more than 300 trips will help train muslim beeks army to fight an armed people affiliated to isolate in north of the countries. but swan and south africa have already deployed. other countries in the 16 member regional block are considering doing the same. the only sell it is primarily the duration of, of the concepts and all the member states, acetic would be able to maintain their own forces within the country. and this is exemplified by the d at a see conference. wait. it took longer for it to resolve the conflict within the d . c. but in this instance, it's something that is not that that long and the most that we can be capacity to help with the regional states. i'm not the only ones getting involved. portugal,
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the e u and the united states are training muslim. the army or wanda already has soldiers on the ground. the east african country says it's killed some fighters and it's army is pursuing others. this one is a much bigger and just protecting one or 2 yesterday, and i think you know, the jewish on there is much bigger than just one is the lesson. so we are handling the into, you know, we are, we're spitting with the muslim deacon forces to restore order. 22 in the, in the couple of the they're going to the conflict in kabul. delgado province began in 2017 thousands of diets and been more than 800000 ball, had been displaced. human rights workers worry fin the, an extra troops could lead to more. right. so these are the questions i got this morning. this is the muslim become government, the muslim become security forces, have dutch and they are unable to distinguish insurgents from celia. and
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what assures do we have at the stage that the put in that took that out or anything from both said again the one that i have to do that distinguish if they aren't able to be done today, please explain to the residence of cabal. god, how can d e b is secure, then the sure that the fighting that is now going in cub, god will not effect in the conflict has disrupted natural gas projects with billions of dollars. some locals save a failure to distribute voss mineral, and also gas revenues. to the local population is fueling tensions until that inequality is addressed. atlas they deploy more troops to northern mozambique is not a long term solution to the crisis. how to casa algebra? when it gets a little more information on this conflict in northern mozambique,
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the government says, fight is affiliated with. i still have been operating in parts off compet. i've got a province since 2017 destroying villages and kidnapping locals. and om group, which is locally known as al chabarise, is behind much of the violence that government security forces have also been accused of grave human rights violations. and violence has killed thousands of people and displaced more than 800000 people. these a little voted on his with his now senior research at the institute for security studies in pretoria. she's on scott from johannesburg, south africa today. legal, thank you for your time. so angola, but swanner, south africa and now and bob, we all helping out. do you think it, i mean, this will start to actually make a difference? yes, i think this deployment will make a difference. we've already, as was mentioned in your record feeding the 1000, but wanted to that arrived in early july. they not part of the south to expand by
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force, but i think quick off the mark and apparently announced by the london government folks and they have been attacked. strategic down schools are close to the port, but the prior which is on which is a strategic call would be occupied by these insurgents since august 2020. so for a year now. so they've been even report this morning that you know, we investigated doesn't seem accurate, but they're growing things that they are advancing towards. i liberating the sports my take some time so, so the difference on the ground would be to secure some of the areas. so to
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southern forces are still busy arriving. right. but one thing on the funds i wanna go to is sending just 22, but in a cross at this point and south africa, also a 1500 troops and south africa budgeted up to 1000000000 rand, which is about $66000000.00, which is a big off africa. so there's a big in bass with all this addition of forces from so many countries, is there not a risk here that the humanitarian situation, i 800000 people being displaced can get even worse. yes, i mean that is the risk and one and say from human rights we are all concerned that this these days deployments
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would aggravate the situation rather than improve it in a same way. you have indiscriminate attacks, we have a confusion between wind surgeons and people being accused of being insurgents, often seen in these kind of complex crisis across the continent. but at this point, the great need is to secure security. and of course, they need to be co ordination of the troops, and that is gonna be safe than anything you see the charge that they were to coordinate and that would lead to actually any activity at this point. so that is a big concern, but it's all the major rush. sorry, i'm have to interrupt you. i hate doing this but the, the time which is a little bit limited and i've got to get to some i've been using our sport as well
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. thank you. so much for your time, i really do appreciate yes, still ahead on this news. jos along to tell you who came out on top of the exciting finish, the 1st mix swimming relayed right to be in. and in a monday i joined the debate. do not have vaccines reaching those who are most of the needs and amplify your voice. it allows a diverse community and how an array of different story know topic it's off the table. it's such a tough ethical debate where there is obvious discrimination in systematic discrimination of the play. people are thursdays for new voices. the stream where a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera award winning programming from international. so make it one quick,
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so it's right on the back side of the global discussion. what guarantee that liberty the right to life giving voice to the voice here in california. it's almost everybody's a paycheck away from being on house program, but hoping you arrive the new toner if you, well today, this is what the picture looks like the the world from a different perspective on out of here. oh, i know. we talked about a little bit earlier. the rest of the news now with joe. ah,
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thanks. come all. let's begin in the pool where it was a mix they for the usa. caleb dressel started them off by setting a world's record when he said gold metal the 24 year old just speak hungarian crystal me like in the mens 100 me the butterfly and the time of 49.45 seconds. no upon c. whitson took from copatrick katy lizette key became the 1st female summit when 6 individual gold medals in her career. she held off a training rival adiana in the 800 me to free sell final. well let's 1st live to correspond at andy richardson in tokyo, andy and other big day in the pool and creating a world record and the new mixed relay. yeah, this is a bit of a mouthful. it was paid for by $100.00, mixed medley. really fine. i've been practicing that old i finished with the sort of extraordinary scene of caleb dressel. he obviously won the 3 gold medals previously desperately trying and failing to win a metal for the united states. he was the only male submit to go out in the final
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leg. every other country chose a female swimmer to finish the rice off for them. and it just shows that in these mixed events, race, management and tactics, all still evolving. there's being 5 mix the events in total today. we also saw the triumph loan. there's been events in shooting judo and later on in truck and field, we'll see the fun of the 4 by 400 meter mix the relief fund on that as well. and it's all part of the seas big push for gender equality. if we think of some of the other sports that's being included in these games, the 1st time we think about things skateboarding sport climbing, one of the big reasons they got the not ahead of some other sports is because of their appeal to both male and female athletes worried about 49 percent in terms of participation for female athletes at these games in the i c by say, by pers 2024. it should be an exact $5050.00 split between men and women taking part in elian pigs. and i'm the medal on the track clay. thank leading one of the
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most eye catching races of any gains, the women's 100 meets a final talk to me. who do we look out for that one? with just up the semi finals and the 3 favorites. we're all looking good, whole go through to the phone. you got shelly on phrase a price. who's the will champion from jamaica? she's also wants who will pick all metals during her career. we've got elaine thompson hara from jamaica. she's the defending champion, and from the ivory coast marriage, i say tale. she finished full invite the $100.00 on the $200.00 in radio, so she'll be desperate to try and win a metal here. i won't fly surprise from great britain. deena smith is out. she will the silver medal at the will championships in the hallway in 2019, but she didn't make it through to the final will also see it. the lights are on the the, the hates for the, for the mens 100 meters. and really it's a case of who's not the 100 meters. it really likes to store quality of the women's
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rights. now you're saying both lympics for the 1st time since 2004. justin gatlin finally, getting a bit too old to run. christian coleman the world champion. he's missing because of a boating offense. no eliles. the to injure me, to run a he failed to even qualify for the the 100 meters for the u. s. team. so perhaps time for somebody else to step up could be canada is andre to grass. he's got a collection of silver and bronze medals from i did championships, could this be the time for him finally? so when a gold medal. yeah, we'll have to wait and see and the thank you very much. well, one woman who will not take part in that 100 me to final is nigerian sprinter, blessing berry. she's out of the tokyo olympics off to failing and drugs test the athletics integrity and it said the 32 year old had tested positive for human growth hormone in an outer competition test. just days before the games began. ok, barry had one long jump silver in beijing and 28 in 2008 was due to race in the 100
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meters semifinals on saturday. simone biles has pulled out of 2 more finals as she continues to battle mental health issues. by all went defend her vote for uneven balls titles, and it's unclear whether she'll compete in the saw or been finals. 24 year old has spoken about dealing with what she call the twisty where she becomes disorientated during some of her performances. while on friday england, cricket, cricket saw ben stokes became the latest high profile athlete, the prioritize, his mental health woke up winning around the announced he was taking a break from cricket. we spoke to a former olympic silver medalist swimmer michael jamison, who also struggled with depression. you know there's been an element of comfort, an element of comfort from athletes being comfortable sharing stories. and she had a new journey and share in the bathroom with their own personal mental health. and i think a lot of people have been able to engage for that conversation from own sort of
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personal reflection. and i think the deeper sort of richard, the sure that was the cause of, you know, some other sort of trouble. ours what consumer was, was their own identity. you know, my identity was really deep. rooted the any frantic performance, you know, and i was either a successful or non successful person based on the fact of the team on the board and it's from race on. on the result from the back of the i think as an athlete, you feel that you know, your career is always the very short. i think generally we feel that there's, there's no time to step backwards. and i think, you know, things build up to a level where i was aware of the change and behavior. so i was aware that i was developing some really unhealthy habitual behaviors and thought patterns. and therefore, you know, really recognize the need to speak up and get help and effectively treated. you know, those thought patterns as
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a muscle that needed to be retrained for tissue to amber. hill never made it to tokyo because she tested positive for coven 19 las. she spoke to al jazeera about her disappointments. i did 10 p. c. i was on the actual flight every day in the lead up to me leaving and all of them are negative. but the night before i meant to leave the faintest of lines came up on my last lecture. fly that i needed to take on it in the city. my heart sank, so i followed up with another and another. and to be honest, at that point i knew mine in pieces for i just kind of broke down. and then i just always really struggling get my was out if i'm on a and then i oversee was, i feel quite thankful that i did catch you there. not just the myself but also the i didn't get into a pain and i didn't affect anybody else's, danny, or the chance to go as well, pos on in any way. so i'm really thankful that we did catch it. he also just try not so sorry for myself,
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like i've done everything physical physically possible to get to the gains and to be on my best for the i could possibly be, which is exactly where i was before i was meant slave. so i really just want to get involved in the game in any way i can. so i've been support in the rest 15 d, b from the sofa. my own event was a bit of a struggle to watch. just because i want to be that bad. the, like i said, i, i do believe everything happens for a reason. i'm not quite sure what this reason is yet that i'm sure life just turns out and we'll get through all tennis world. no one of the joke which has missed out on a metal altogether. having lost his semi final, the serve was up against spain's pablo cut an a booster in the bronze medal. much joke which temper got the better of him. and his racket took a beating during the 2 sets to one last, you'll say, withdrew from the makes double. all right, and is your support for now have more later. thank you joe. yes. see you. then 1300 l g m t for next news down. now find the motorbike and affordable way to get around
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and many developing countries in kenya about 200000 new bites hit the road every year. and he all petrol. but maybe that could change. malcolm web has more from home of a low to like use in kenya is exploding because much less to buy and run the car good on the roads. they can carry almost any kind of cargo or about 2000000 bikes on the roads. most of them are used to serve paying customers. the numbers, doubling about every 8. yes. with that carbon emissions. it's a similar story in much of the developing world. all right, as we spoke to in this town in western kenya, they did tired of coming here to the mechanic. most of the motor bikes made in china and india designed for better roads. the petrol power engines where out fast, these people, i'm not bringing the order. and if you find the, you know,
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the little bit expensive. so we will go for about that here on the well, not said john on nuka, he's one of a handful of writers here. he's been given an electric motor like for try it as few moving parts requires little maintenance and no fuse. got come back in my care. when i used to petrol driven motor bikes, i could save $20.00 a month. now with the electric bike, i can save about $80.00, changing batteries, costs less than half of what i spent on fuel. john says the cost savings make a big difference to him in his family. the by his writing comes from this workshop is in the capital nairobi. the swedish company called opi buff, has developed the points here. lucy miguel is one of a team of engineers who designed them specifically for the rough roads. and for the growing most bike market,
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the biggest challenge will be making the price is competitive compared to the fucking feel. so we know how affordable our spot to really wanting to invest, but making sure that despite a bill here design engineers, this overall makes it very much cheaper. well, the ride is here. say they want to try the electric bike. the big question is which kind of bike goes faster? and the best way to find out is with a race the, the electric, like, quicker off the go, much better extend american and i got to feed the field, thoughts with them, holding a camera on the playing on the day life with the all of the riders we spoke last the how quickly can these bikes become available now and to test the new technology? one of us says it plans to start mass production later this. yeah,
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malcolm web al jazeera home, a bay kenya not helmet, malcolm, goodness made, right? that's it from a family that an alarm and just in a in a coveted beyond. well, the taken without hesitation and so forth and died for the power they find out. a lot of new babies where i did not think it's neglected babies to death, people and power investigate, exposes,
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and questions they used to be of our around the globe on out there. the fuel, the dry change following the removal of robert mcguffey than bob way with the country. bringing with it one journalist set out to record the voice of the people . instead of telling people what to think, how dread that give me a chance to speak for themselves and capture the haunting, not sure of the power and fragility of hope. borne free witness on al jazeera, for ramirez and molina families, the pain is unbearable. 4 of their relatives were killed last week, doing a military operation ordered by the venezuelan government. security forces accused him of being part of a colombian rebel group and said they died in combat. neighbors and family members in states. they were innocent,
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taken from their homes and executed under pressure vinnish. well, as the minister by the me to do, you know, said the armed forces were obliged to defend that country from irregular groups that added the human rights needed to be respected. and that the events at the border would be investigated. ah, at least 6 people have been killed in wild, 5 burning and southern turkey wearing tie villages and coastal results have been evacuated. ah, i'm sam is a, than live from the hall. so coming up a major confrontation between afghan forces and the bomb in the city of head.


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