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tv   [untitled]    July 31, 2021 11:00am-11:30am AST

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me be the hero, the world needs right now. a washer. ah, ah. at least 4 people have been killed in wild, 5 burning and 7. so if you were in time, village coast results have been evacuated. ah, hello, i'm sam is a. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall, so coming up to new jersey as president moved to reassure the country, he would become a dictator off the empties and officials that detain joe biden hand, said malta,
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come a day after announcing new corona virus rules and restrictions in the u. s. and the remote colombian coastal town that becoming crowded with refugees and migrant travel ah, emergency crews and turkey are still trying to control the biggest fire in the region which have killed at least 4 people. been burning for a 3rd straight day while dozens of villages and hotels have been evacuated. cruise numbering more than 1000 have been involved in the operation. at least 14 wildfires of burning and satellite images show the extent of those wild 5 at least 5 planes and 45 helicopters a being used to put out the flame spreading across more than a 1000 sites. us and you, nations have extended their support to turkey,
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who then who sold low reports that please terrify and the throwing everything in their path for the 2nd day firefighters. have the best thing. blazes in the coastal town of mars homes, hotels in an area popular with taurus, all evacuated as the fires continue to rage in mono. got some 6 to 5 kilometer this. the fans out here in fair no, has been added that lives claiming the lives of an 82 year old men and a married couple who died in their home. dozens of fires at cross 17 provinces have been burning a cross southern turkey in the past few days. stokes, by soaring temperatures and fierce winds, who challenge for the more than 4000 firefighters hoping to engage in the fight to control the flames. it by international effort. you can go to stimulus
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will, were fighting the fires were 45 specialized helicopters, and 5 planes. we brought from russia and ukraine and following a telephone conversation with us by john. they will send another plane that will be very useful and we'll work powerfully and quickly to extinguish fire. drones also being used for reconnaissance officer will say the blazes are gradually being brought under control investigations are now under way into how these disastrous fire started. the authorities have not ruled out to sabotage the wildfires are one more natural catheter row for the country, which has already had to contend with drought and marine waste clogging up parts of the coast this year. and other environmental blow that will require a swift and serious solution seen, i'm console the on 20. when i saw thought of the live for us from and i've gotten antalya province jones's from there are. so let's start with the situation. do emergency cruise, believe they're getting close,
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at least to controlling the blaze. well, sammy, there are 85 different locations that had there been a 4 foot fire, but 74 of them are under the control. but this is just full of surprises. the ground here because the heat is so high and just why do waiting here for lies just in front of us that has been another blaze just fell on the fire and it's, it's just the key right behind us. you can see that the fire still going on. sometimes the places that have been taken under the control and couple of hours later is just starting again and again. and the helicopters are, get into what the, from the mediterranean and just pulling their over these hot zones. so it's too early to say that it is under the control and more than pounds of the locations feel the fires are going on. and we can see that they did that,
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it's really a little bit distress miss, very much security here because that the see it at the tourism season and more than 10 thousands of people are trying to extinguish all of this, this fire houses of people. how being created and hundreds of withers have been created. hundreds of all the people are just in my now got more than 30 more than 273 people are in the hospital. so it's full of the surprises. and we just need to wait and see what's going on, but add $7085.00 different locations spontaneously since one is they, there is a fire for us. and the investigation is also on the way. because in previous years, they have been in cases that the low peak i k have said the fight or some of the forest. and the government has initiated a investigation and seen that the p. k is the usual suspect here
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because the government appears to be that may be, that is a sub with us. that is just the just going on because it's not only added to the, the mediterranean coastal cities, but even at the central anatolia cities like color case, it also has been, there has been the forest fire. so in that sense, regarding this conceptual evidence is the government believes that maybe the p k. k is behind beds, there's the forest fires that is just going on across the country. all right, we'll leave it there. thanks so much for. so start about trying to is trying to contain its most widespread cobra 19 outbreak in month earlier this month. a cluster of infections caused by the highly contagious delta variant. first detected in non ging since then it spread to 6 of the provinces, the capital beijing,
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and one of the world's largest cities. chunking millions of people are being tested in hundreds of thousands around the locked down. the world health organization says current virus infections worldwide have increased by 80 percent in the past month. in parts of africa, the number of deaths has doubled in that period. the w h o is warning countries against the spread of the delta varian, now detected in more than 130 countries for regions on our risk. but none more so than africa. on current trends, nearly 70 percent of african countries will not reach the 10 percent vaccination target by the end of september. around $3500000.00 to $4000000.00 are administered weekly, on the continent, but to meet the september, to get this months tries to $21000000.00 at the very least it week.
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many african countries have prepared well to roll out vaccines. but the buttons have note around the u. s. president is warning further guidelines or rules could be introduced after a surgeon cove. at 900 cases becomes a day after you now type a rules for unvaccinated government employees. joe biden was asked if americans can expect more restrictions. all probability, by the way, we had a good day yesterday, almost a 1000000 people got back about half a 1000000 of those people for the 1st 5 2nd shot. and so i'm hopeful that people are getting to realize how it sent me. nigerian sprinter blessing aka berry has been suspended from the tokyo olympics after failing a drug test. the 32 year old to one long jump silver in 2008 tested positive for
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growth hormone. she had qualified for the 100 meter semi final on friday. 10 track and field athletes were ruled ineligible to compete 3 days ago after failing to meet min and testing requirements go live to correspond an andy richardson and turkey. how big of a deal is this becoming andy? yeah, we got so used to talking about positive coverage. 19 tests is bit of a change to talk about test band substances, but it hints to an underlying problem in nigeria. as you mentioned, 10 athletes that already arrived in tokyo and the build up to these games with hold with very short notice that they wouldn't be allowed to take part in elim fixed because the national federation just hadn't done the required pre competition drug testing. it's a huge blow finance area. 13 of the 25 metals they've ever wanted to know lympics
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with track and field. so not having b 's athletes and not having a cabal. right? taking part is a massive blow fit for their chances of winning any metals. hey, in tokyo test is saying they're going to conduct around $5000.00 tests during the games here in japan. perhaps more importantly in the build up $25000.00 test had taken place in countries all around the world, targeting not just truck and failed, but all of the olympic sports. and it's normally the most pre competition tested to bring more positive cases in the test that actually take place here in japan. of the code 19 has created a lot of challenges for testers. we're talking to the athletics integrity and it's in the build up to the games. and they said at one point during the peak of covered the testing rights with down 75 percent because of difficulties of accessing athletes. but that is now that situation is now improving. also with mentioning for the 1st time at these games,
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it won't be the host nation in charge of the testing operation has been done by an independent body international testing agency. so to the sanctioning that's not being done by the international olympic committee will be done by the court of arbitration for sport. so a huge effort to try and the politicize, the issue of doping and make it as fair as, as possible for all athletes. and the, let's talk about simone biles as well. what's happening with how we're going to see her again, this again, is looking increasingly unlikely. she's pulled out of 2 more finals. there are still 2 more events she could compete in later in the games. the us olympic seems saying they're going to continue to evaluate sir, on a daily basis. she's been active on social media. she was talking to fans in the last 24 hours talking about what's known in gymnast existed, twist these in gulf. they call it the way your mind and body get out of sink. and regardless of what your mind is telling your body to do,
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it will not oblige. and she actually is she put out some footage of her on social media showing her landing on her back when she was mentally landing on his feet coming off the uneven bar. so she clearly doesn't look close to being ready to compete. but she has, once again, brought out this issue of mental health in sport, making it more accessible for pamphlets to talk about it. we've seen today the english international character, ben's folks saying he'll be taking an indefinite bright from the game to focus on his mental well being. and just generally speaking of these games, the athletes have been on the huge pressure. these gang delayed by year upsetting that preparation covered 19 is as many that training plans into complete chaos. and of course, all of them living under that cloud that a, a positive test to cover 19 good and that gold medal hopes at a moment's notice. we'll leave it there. thanks so much. and the richardson now, in the news ahead thailand seems to deliver vaccines to remote regions as it
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battles. the new wave of coven 19 and new documents shed light on donald trump's fruitless effort to reverse his election long. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. hello, good to see you. storm everett certainly left its mark. we thought trees top old transport systems snarled and a top wing us tear the aus is silly. 111 kilometers per hour. so that energy has now crashed into the low countries and southern scandinavian, you know, watch out denmark. we could see some pretty, pretty aggressive rainfall at times on saturday. we are also tracking intensifying energy as we head toward the parent ease and the elves. so come on, let's go in for a closer look and see what's going on here. this is that toward northern section to
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spain. now in and around barcelona, pushing into the parent. he's on saturday. you know, it's all about the heat toward the bulk and we're in the thick of the heat here. up and hear some of those storms rolling through the l says we head toward austria check republic and slovakia on saturday. hot sunshine, the name of the game for turkey, and this will certainly not help with that firefight east of on talia city in on tale a province. a temperature is locked into the forty's here and some gusty winds at times as well. all about the heavy rain along the gulf of guinea, particularly for northern sections of nigeria flooding. there has destroyed 1500 homes and we've got heavy rain as we head towards center goal and sierra leone on saturday. sponsored cut on airways. when freedom of the press is on the threat, you know, you just because i thought, what about your thoughts towards the bacon government step outside the mainstream?
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there has been a implement here, some of access points, the internet shift, the focus, the pandemic that's turned out to be a handy little pretext. the prime minister to clamp down on the press covering the waves. the news is covered for listening post on the the me welcome back here watching, i'll just time to recap, headline firefighters and turkey is still trying to control 14 forest fires off managing without 70 and asked a few days. at least 4 people have been killed off the wildfire rock through the cross, the g,
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and then another training code in the z as president has rejected accusations of a q and says he will not turn into a dictator. 2 opposition. politicians were detained on friday, off the president pay diet. the vote there in the prosecution. us president joe biden has one further guidelines or restrictions could be introduced, answer a surgeon covered in case it comes a day. off the rules with typing for millions of federal employees. i afghans and their families still waiting for a special visas to settle in the us say they're getting increasingly worried about bon advances and some of the lights is fighting un office came on the fire and west and i'm gonna stance more on that shortly. first heidi joe castro reports on the more than 200 afghans who've arrived in the us state of virginia,
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the buses carrying former afghan interpreters and their families, including 57 children and 15 babies. arrived at the fort lee military base in virginia on friday morning. this is the 1st place they'll lay their heads in the us safely away from the taliban, possible retribution for having worked with americans now leaving the war in afghanistan is completely like, i mean, starting new life here. mohammed knobby mohammed, he is preparing to welcome his cousin, who was on board the flight and will likely spend a week at the base for final immigration process. both served as u. s. military translators, enough kiana's stand. in fact, 5 brothers from the mohammed family all signed up for the job. now 3 are in the us while the 2 youngest remain in hiding in cobble. we love to work with the us government and up can government be low over countries so we wanted to serve or the people, janice, and worry said he feels the same. he worked for 9 years as
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a translator on the front line against the taliban booster. he was granted a special immigrant visa in 2013 and now lives in virginia. all of us, we have a view with luck on our shoulder. and we were fighting further toward you for the flood. and we thought we were american, she, lori is credited with saving the life of his assigned us soldier, army, captain, mat zeller during a fire fight. if he, those reunions take place, makes all of this work worth it. now the seller worries the us will break its promise to save the remaining afghans who helped us troops were not doing what necessary to save his people at every day that we don't do anything as a gift to the taliban because it gives them just that much more time to hot down these people and killed them. reports of taliban killing, come daily. this translator and cobble is afraid to show his face. he says he's been waiting 8 years for an american visa. i'm scared, but you know,
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don't get me the visa. i know one of the target of the bad guys in here, maybe i will or some we're of. so i feel like now at least handed us evacuation twice a day would be required to get all special immigrant visa applicants out of afghanistan before the end of august. those were fighting to get them out here. that time is not on their side. heidi joe castro al jazeera li, virginia. diplomatic as a james bass, joins us now live from cobble. james has been fighting recently and had taken thought, 1st of all, with the situation in the west of the country. having clashes in horizon for several days now, but the intensifying according to local sources,
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the latest fighting to the south of the city, the african government say that they are turning the tide. they say that they have made some gains. they say, certainly earlier that they had retaken the road between harass city and the air force. i can tell you that most flights are cancelled. but we have spoken to a journalist who says that there is an african military flight that is going in and out of herat have force at this time. we also are aware of government claims that they have killed or injured $100.00 taliban overnight. bought the tell about and tell a very different story. they say they're on the offensive and making games. they claim that they have severely injured a police chief in jill a district right next to the city and killed several of his body guards. they also say that they have killed one of the army commanders. that is colonel abdul hamid. of these so far corps and i can tell you the government has now confirmed his death
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also also was reporting that mel con, who's a former was dean leda from a cabinet minister and a key figure. some would say the most powerful figure in herat. he's bought his own fighters to the front line on support of the government to try and change the tide of the battle right now. it's clearly very serious for the got the government of iraq. the government of afghanistan, that this major regional city is in some way surrounded and certainly with the airport. not for the operational consulting, at least for now. alright, and that was james phase out the magic editor from cobble tennessee. his president has promised not to turn into a dictator as to members of parliament were arrested. i say it lifted parliamentary immunity nearly a week after season control of the government suffers from the largest political party and nava are also being investigated. gillian wolf reports more,
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moves into niecy, a political game of chess president. can you say ye dismissing a top foreign ministry official while also ordering the arrest of one of his critics for comments made on social media, said has insisted he won't be a dictator and says a seizure of power was necessary. critics call it a qu, saudi arabia has offered its support with a visit on friday by the foreign minister to i couldn't remember that sophia, the kingdom confirms his confidence in the 2 news you need to ship and its ability to overcome the current conditions in a way that achieves the dignified living and prosperity of our brothers into nicea . when it was added to several new york times, journalists had been detained and then released creating fears over free speech. they later met them, insisting on to dedication to openness, the middle as despite the crosses that 2 nicea is living,
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it still operates with freedom of expression and was human right. built on the constitution and faced with some difficulties in some areas or with some administration than these are intentional obstacles. the parliament has been suspended for 30 days, which means there's time for deeper divisions or discussions. there are rumors about national dialogue court. so rumors that maybe we're heading toward a kind of a change, whether in the next or low, whether it's consistent, whether in parts or in, on the, in the constitution may be in the upcoming hours or the upcoming days. we know the leader of the country's largest political party and nafta has called for talk, but says his offer isn't open ended, he will madison. equally with him, we're going to try use all peaceful means dialogue, negotiation st. pressure pressure from organisations internal and external pressure to bring back democracy. our early goal today is the return of democracy to to his
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. yeah. and now come many to niecy and seek julian wolf al jazeera. this reilly's blaming iran for an attack on one of its oil tankers off the coast of magnolia. this week at least 2 people were killed. foreign minister appeared as called for a harsh response, but provided no evidence. iran was responsible. the company that owns the ship described the incident as suspected piracy. highlands government has ordered an additional $10000005.00 vaccines as it baffles a 4th wave of infections driven by the delta variant. close to 900000 new cases have been confirmed in the past 24 hours. yet another daily record. tony chang reports from bangkok tie health officials set out on october, 19th test and treatment mission. although close to bangkok,
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some of these areas are only accessible by boat, especially during the rainy season. urban centers has seen the highest infection rates, but increasingly suspected cases being reported in remote and rural districts and health services being stretched to the breaking point. the new that anake on bar who is currently i'm worried because we don't have enough health officials to take care of patients. even though case numbers and those a waiting period keep rising with government services under strain, sometimes taking matters into their own hands. this group of volunteers are going door to door testing oxygen levels for those to show curve at 19 symptoms. with many impoverished communities suffering from high levels of infection. they're learning to look after themselves. one of our friend ny he couldn't get any help. you couldn't call anyone. and we don't want that to happen to anyone ever again. hospital beds in the tie capital and now so scarce to the health service has
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outfitted a special covert train to transport patients for treatment elsewhere. more than 100 patients can be transported to 7 provincial capitals, where there are still beds available on the transfer of patients. these patients are from bangkok who haven't received treatment in hospitals. we want to bring them to doctors in their own home town. and the traveling process is controlled all through the journey with infections still hitting record highs. many expect tough locked down conditions to come to the last 2 weeks, communities migrant labors like this one behind me have been completely locked down with gods on the gate to make sure no one can get in or out. now many people in bangkok, a concern. those strick measures could be applied. everybody had done the airport. the congo warehouse has been converted into a temporary field hospital, 1800 cardboard beds ready for new cove at 900 patients. with nearly 3000
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new infections in the capital every day. even this went whole back. the tide of the 4th wave, tony cheng al jazeera, bank of security has been tightened in australia's largest city sydney to prevent people gathering for an anti lock found protest. nearly a 1000 offices have been deployed cordoning off the downtown area. they want to stop any repeat of the violence scene during last weekend's demonstration. documents have emerged revealing donald trump press the justice department to declare the 2020 election cropped off. so he lost 100 notes by the acting deputy attorney general. show the form, the president told top visuals to back his own proven for old claims and in his words, leave the rest to mean the department refuse saying they had no power to challenge the outcome trumps republican allies named in the memo have denied involvement.
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tens of thousands of refugees and migrants from the caribbean and parts of africa are converging on the remote town in columbia baron nikko clee, hoping to cross into central america. then go for the north lasalle. anyone explains the tiny colombian town and hopefully has a few attractions except strategic location. just a fairy right away from the panamanian border on the other side of the gulf of exhausted migrants from haiti, cuba. and as far away as the gout governor and tina fossil are converging the town by the thousands, when there might be, this is one of the major routes for caribbean and african my goods desperate can reach united states like they by my team. and we are now, it is my turn to start a new life and i'm going to do it together with my wife thing got together with
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these cubans where focus on the same thing with a group of least 2 of human family and many more are coming home, this is not the end, or are we the last? every day more arrived from other south american countries where it's easier to obtain a visa getting a seat on the ferry with a $50.00 ticket control day. but that's the easy part. when to the reach panama, they face a treacherous trip, usually by foot, through the daddy in one of the world's most dense jungles. many will be preyed upon by snakes, insects, criminal gangs, and hunger as they make their way north. you are alone. estimated 32000 migrants have passed through here on their way to panama. from here they'll had to mexico an equally dangerous journey. in photo, i'm eager to tell only i've seen that approximately 700 people migrated according to the boot operators. the people who provide service on the boats,
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we see the cues and the large crowds, which draws our attention. and we have to report it to the local departmental and national health authorities, so that we can address the situation together. so the height of the pandemic and columbia's borders were closed and the flow of undocumented migrants had diminished sharply. but now that measures have been somewhat relaxed. these uncertain journeys are again, on the rise planned by even worse conditions. these migrants homeland see in human al jazeera. ah and let's take you through some of the headlines here. now, jesse are now, soon as he is president, has rejected accusations of a coo and says he will not turn into a dictator to.


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