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said that the field thought that i'm holding a camera well not playing on the day alive with the on the all of the writers we've spoken to glossy. how quickly can these bikes become available? now let's test the new technology. one of us says it plans to start mass production later this. yeah. malcolm web al jazeera home a bay kenya. ah, let's take a look at some of the headlines here now just hearing now, news, he is president is rejected accusations of a coo and says he will not turn into a dictator. 2 opposition. politicians were detained on friday. of the president i cited revokes their immunity us president joe biden is warned further guidelines or restrictions could be introduced after a surgeon cove with 19 cases. it comes
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a day off the rules with typhon for millions of federal employees. the us president, these warning further guidelines or rules could be introduced after a surgeon cove. at 19 cases comes a day off the he announced time to rules for unvaccinated government employees. joe biden was asked if americans can expect more restrictions and all probability, why we had a good day yesterday, almost a 1000000 people got back to maybe about half a 1000000 of those people for the 1st 5 2nd shot. and so i'm hopeful that people are beginning to realize how expensive now kenya is extending its nighttime curve. you and banning all public gatherings. it's health minister is warning, hospitals are overwhelmed. the people who are full sick will not get to bed. kenya has been under some sort of few since march last year. 5 find in turkey is still trying to control 14 forest fires after managing that without more than 70 in the
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past few days. at least 4 people have been killed across the gin and mediterranean hosts. nigerian sprinter blessing about a it's been suspended from the tow carolyn pigs off the fading a drug test. 32 year old who won long john silver in 2002, they tested positive for growth hormone. she had qualified for the 100 meter semi final. on friday, more than $200.00 afghans brought to the united states from cobble on an evacuation flight, begun their re settlement process around $20000.00. a waiting to be relocated, monsoon rains have triggered more land slides and swept away bridges and roads in northern india. the 7 people have been killed in a landslide in him, a child from the state, the full report now. on march 15th 2019 leland sense of
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security, which was 51 people, was shot dead into christ church. another 40 wounded when a gunman began shooting at a christ church, moth with tech worship and attending the friday service. for those who lost loved one finding ways to deal with the trauma. crucial. she game and she asked me, what was mom? i told her mom was with me 4 months later, i feel much quiet and i feel much more calm and really focused with my life. let us love one love doesn't close to lunch and makes your heart happier. my heart, if he doesn't bring any loss for a simple let us practice this. the
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the law. i i the i me the
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i 6 o 8 p. m. august for 2020. that's been a large explosion in lebanon's capital bay. ruth. within the last hour not only heard it, adrian fell in love with the capital. some reports are suggesting that it happens as a route course. i was a lot, but 1st away the glass broke everywhere. d the 2nd so much is destroyed
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baby support is in the heart of the capital, along a busy highway and close to densely populated neighborhoods. the without warning, what is the largest non nuclear glasses in history? kill more than $200.00 people, interest thousands and leaves hundreds of thousands homeless. ah, authority saith the blast was caused by highly exclusive material stored at a warehouse in the in that highly exclusive material was ammonium nitrate at the time authorities problem is that transparent investigation. they promised results in 5 days, but it's been a year, and the lead judge in the case has been facing fierce political backlash as he
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attempts to prosecute some of those beliefs to be responsible for unsafely storing the chemical out the ports. there are still many questions surrounding the ammonium nitrate and how much of it was inside the warehouse. at the time of the block the multiple videos that were taken moments before the blast tell part of the story . there was a fire at warehouse 12 at $554.00 p. m minutes before the explosion. the fire brigade received a call from the police 9 fire fighters and a female paramedic immediately responded the short drive to the port would be their last journey. on board, she said it would be as if it would be the fact that this solid
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been had been chavez, low over capitol, should've been in the heads of how this, how does it love it? and then just see how the, how do i look for so now and how the show what, how does nothing come other show alone? i don't have to, michelle. any my so i'm retirement look and has a lot of seca, hadn't had to do their colleagues. they were sent to their almost certain death. they weren't told about the dangers they weren't prepared and they couldn't protect themselves. some of the firefighters are seen in the photo trying to force open one of the doors of the burning warehouse because no one at the court had the key. that was moment before the explosion. there was a smaller one before a larger blast seconds later,
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believed to have been caused by the stockpile of ammonium nitrate management board . and i'm wondering my trade can mottled mamma. well, then you hear the fuel as methanol, as if all her daughter alcohols had the most. with my daughter laska, you can see my where my styling had more than was tied up and down and vapors vapors mom, ammonium nitrate, horner. abolish hopper in ammonium nitrate is used as a fertilizer, but it's also a component to make all the photos that have since emerged showed a disaster and waiting a cocktail of flavor. double materials were unsafely stored together. ammonium nitrate? what not? is it not directed? that's not efficient mother, he figured a law as an art by natural ammonium nitrate,
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mechanical trick. either mechanical trigger was a billboard, can filed them on fireworks, the chem center, and the not bellagio allow a firework and mechanical trigger. the pressure actor, ammonium nitrate behind lucille. but what started the fire investigators who have still to find the answer, say it may be hard to find the trigger. the sight of warehouse 12 was pulverized replaced by a large water filled crater the lead judge in the case study baton has been looking into 3 possible theories. the 1st is a mistake in the welding process during repair work that was being done to the
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warehouse. the 2nd is unintentional fire. some have suggested there might have been an attempt to hide evidence of theft. and the 3rd theory is that the explosion was caused by a targeted air rocket attack. this was later downplayed following a report by french investigators. in the days and hours before the blast was pear work was being done on warehouse 12. they were the 1st of their kind to secure the facility. since the ammonium nitrate was confiscated from mal dove and flagged cargo ship and stored there in 2014 lebanon's chief prosecutor on our debt gave the order after state security want about possible theft, not the potentially explosive material stored there. this photo purportedly shows the syrian laborers who were doing the work,
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but they don't appear to be taking any precautions with the materials inside days after the explosion. they were detained along with the owner of the contracting company. there's still no proof. they had a role in starting the fire and our beliefs to have less support and our before. but they're still being held without charge documented surface showing that throughout the years. top officials, politicians, civil servants, military and security officers knew about the dangerous chemicals and did nothing about it. now, me, braxton, the head of the manifest department of support was among those who warned about the potential for disaster. his wife or roar, says mammy has documents that show brock's began warning about the ammonium nitrate
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in 2014, after learning it was being stored in warehouse 12 and the cash inside. out at the oberlin beyond what i want to get at the has it, it will be out of are she interested in that? i will. i find out about tosh. you know, look at what the target it's not me, i don't i don't. lambert fema would want to have your name, but the coffee there for my wife wants to have to stay with the stone. how did you live in charge of it? and what was that? how do i modify the ellen and the whole name of food you have to be much of the must be but my foot and that i pick up my number, my foot on the line you can a kid was potomac or, or says her husband felt compelled to go above his authority to raise the alarm bells. she says he is now paying the price for speaking up. now me brax is being held without charge, along with other ports and customs employees and security officers. and i may but so it has that, or i became a put the one beside miss ali on hire. who come was the mckenzie. i'm with dr. mon
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heck, oxide and heck, my fiance, but adobe i found was sash not cut the fellow here to whom i know i suddenly my love leisure has. i'm an attorney now the cup, the seller have to sell my la fleur joseph in the day. and who will be on the dollar? a low national mom, but a dollar and casual medic, but it keep it a dollar can come and dollar weeks before the explosion. the now caretaker, prime minister, has done dear and the incumbent president michelle and acknowledge received a letter from state security warning about the presence of ammonium nitrate. they said they referred the case to the relevant authorities. the state security report dated july $22020.00, says there was negligence on the part of the port authorities and various stages of stations in securing the warehouse so that the ammonium nitrate will be stolen or catch fire. it also mentions the 2016 correspondence between the army command
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and the customs director. it in which the arm command suggested offering the ammonium nitrate to a local explosive company or sending it back to the country of origin. it was signed by the commander at the time, john was she who was among a number of suspects who could face criminal charges. unfortunately, the army did not take any measures, nothing and containing them and not taking any measures and re exporting them. that's below the $137.00 munition loss that states that the, the, for the, the army is responsible for them. i shall sophie dean is a lawyer who specializes in export compliance. he has analyzed scores of documents and explains why he believes the shipment was not legal from the start. the this
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laws, as all the nitrate ammonium, they need a lot of administrative process. before thinking of importing them. there is a process by law that should be done before entering them. and what's included in this process is the responsibility of the army, the lebanese army. it's included in this process. so when they entered, they did not get the approval of the army. they just, you know, just took a decision and unloaded the product inside lebanon to find out how the ammonium nitrate ended up inside warehouse 12. a team of investigative journalists have been digging deeper into its origins. what they discovered is that the shipment involved a network of shadow actors, who they say use secretive companies and took advantage of lack government oversight. and the weaknesses in the maritime shipping industry discovered that
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this company was the, was it, it just that in an added ok. that usually is used to just the companies that act, that companies to have to me is an investigative journalist who has been trying to piece together the circumstances that led to the explosion. including the origins of the explosive material. it's believed to have started with a russian vessel called roses, which set sail from the port of a to me and september 2013. while dr. greece, the crew was told to make an unscheduled stop and a route to take on extra cargo to be able to pay for passage through the swiss canal. the dishes and the russia captain boris brokercheck z said the order came for the man who he believed to be the ship's owner. russian businessmen, igor gretsch's skin and you got them one year, we pulled together an international team of journalists in europe and in the middle
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east, and just looked through public documents in registries we found in the mall, doug registry that the roses was in fact earned by panama corporation that was ultimately owned by a business men in cyprus, and that it was being leased by the russian businessman, ego creatures, kim, who had previously been named as the owner of the ship. this photo is purportedly of the supreme businessman shipping magnet cheryl ambrose monopoly. his name has been implicated an offshore finance and money laundering activities. he has admitted that one of his companies once owned the roses, the duck ended in june, 2012. then there's the company that organized the shipment of ammonium nitrate a u. k registered chemical trading firm called civil row,
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which purchase the material from georgia and factory by all appearances. so barbara was acting as a shell company, which has since been de registered, but it shares the same address as the businesses of 3 syrian nationals. george has money and brothers, a mad and medulla, haughty. they've denied links to several, but all 3 have been under sanctions by the u. s. government for eating the government of syrian president bashar asset in 2015 medulla, who was accused of serving as an intermediary for government for attempting to procure a pony nitrate in late 2013. that was with have been question with the chemicals on board. arise in beirut. pseudo said to me, says he has information that links the owner of the roses, the 3 syrian nationals,
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and the supreme bank. that bank was called f b m e, which was lebanese, owned and based in cyprus. so we had the owner of the ship, understand business man, all the acting on the clients of the thing bank, which is by the way, it closed that. i mean, it's not a bank that you can come in and like, put, has to open an account or to take a loan or to take a check book of checks or something. no, it's just a close bank. they to the lights in 2014, the us treasury department sanctioned the bank for alleged money laundering and financing terrorists, including the iranian back. lebanese armed group has bhalla and facilitating the purchase of chemical weapons for the syrian government. it went out of business, not long after f b a means varying atoria bank has been connected to multiple corruptions,
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smuggling sanctions, but in cases around the world it's something that ad bears further investigation. when the ship docked and they report in november 2013, it wasn't able to load heavy cargo because the ship was in a state of disrepair. there was a lengthy legal dispute over port fees and debts, which meant the captain and $3.00 crew were held there for nearly a year. that was until the authorities impounded the ship in 2014. this captain and his crew were allowed to leave the details surrounding the ships. true destination still remain a big question. it wasn't until the 4th explosion that journalists discovered shipping records, which indicated the ammonium nitrate was supposed to be delivered to an explosive company in mozambique. but it never arrived because the roses were stuck in beirut . when the company was contacted,
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it confirmed it ordered the chemicals from silverado, but because it was a convey route that was the end of the transaction. not everyone buys this. let's be professional. it was not invented for muslim big that's my, that's my view of the shipment. why? because these are international laws. even if you want to some these for this product to muslim, be there are lots of administrative processes that didn't happen. you don't have only a bill of lading saying that this shipment is going to mozambique is probably enough for this type of shipment to go ahead. another question, journalists are trying to answer is exactly how much of the chemical compound was inside warehouse 12, at the time of the blast government documents and officials say 2750 tons were offloaded from the ship and stored in that hanger on the ship was,
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was unloaded. there was a document that said that, out of the $1750.00 bag that was unloaded at 1950 bag, which is that 2000 bags was damaged and they could not be used anymore. last, actually we talked to several people who witnessed the whole process. one of them was the driver of that claim, one loaded ship. one of them was the owner of the company that was hired by the port authorities to unload the ship. they doubt that the amount that was removed from the ship was $2750.00. they said they believe it was much less. i'm all ok. and the 11 of the guys who signed the document that says 1950 bag with numbers. he, he said,
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he said clearly that he did not count sign papers. this is not unusual given that many state institutions are riddled with corruption. the way the port operates, leaves room for security lapses and theft. more often than not, the equipment used to scan cargo doesn't work. emily and b, or c, r c dot to modify, and the j is on the gym at it. and i'm the only one that i'm going to do home me lick and she has had them had the the who knew thought, well, but there is little audit and oversight proper inventories are rarely conducted. i believe those 2000 and phone 1000. that to $900.00 they were, they moved from the ship before it was unloaded. the missing amount was there was
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any move in one way or another from the ship in an illegal way. of course, what many experts have said is the size of the blast. indicates that the amount of 2750 tons did not explode the us domestic intelligence agency, the f b i. and french forensic teams provided some technical assistance in the investigation. and even though their findings have not been made public, it's believed the f b, i concluded, the amount that exploded is 500 times the evidence available, so far, just point to incompetence, bureaucratic ineptitude, and endemic corruption. the perfect groundwork for what some call a man made national catastrophe. me. when i select it's very tempting to look for an agent simple solution that this was all
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a big conspiracy and everything. and it was a criminal effort to smuggle ammonium nitrate to syria on the evidence we have right now, we can conclude something like that. what we do see with that, and there was the use of a lot of very typical tricks that a used to hide ownership and to make things complex and buried them underneath. behind this might be criminality. it might also be incompetent, and more likely it's a mix of it, sir. in a country where there has been a culture of impunity, the battle for justice has rarely been one of those in the hospital. and legitimately over, i'm a lead emission of us the possible dimension on, on the higher when the blast happened. lebanon was already
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a broken country, a state close to collapse after decades of corruption and mismanagement by a political class, still in power. it's that correct system that many blame for the failure to respond to the threat. i'm looking for to know for this nitrate came, who kept this nitrate in lebanon, who and now this night. so i'm sure lebanon who knew about it and kept this nitrates here. i mean, we, how we want a whole complete justice. we don't want to partial justice. oh yeah i, we're not there portraits in want to be able to busiest intersections
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reminder that justice is here to be served tonight to short by the worst piece time disaster in a to treat with a turbulent and dark pass. where the truth has often been, ah, talk to al jazeera, we roam, did you want the un to take and who stopped you? we listen, see the whole infrastructure in guys being totally destroyed. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on our sierra
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stories that need to be told find away and demand to be heard. opening the window into another light and challenging perception and personal endeavors in epic struggle with the colossal sacrifices in individual journey witness showcases, inspiring documentary change. the one on al jazeera, when the news breaks come a bond has taken a handful of border crossings and that's kind of some know with, with exclusive entities. and in depth report. nice and ball way is full of hope. i had on the ground. there's no infrastructure to deal with the human way and toxic chemicals to bring you more award winning documentaries and live on air. and don't mind me be the
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hero, the world needs right now. i was ah, the news. ready at least 4 people have been killed in wild, 5 burning and 7. so if you were in time, village in coast results have been evacuated. ah, hello, i'm samuel a. this is al jazeera alive from dell. so coming up to new jersey as president moved to reassure the country, he would become a dictator off the empties and officials that detained joe by.


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